OTA Update For Motorola Cliq Today?


Reports are coming in regarding an anticipated Motorola Cliq OTA update that hopefully addresses a number of lingering issues. Set to improve battery life, touchscreen and Bluetooth response, the Cliq is in need of a fast fix. With yesterday’s reports of less than impressive sales combined with a rumored shift from T-Mobile marketing buzz for the Cliq, Motorola needed to address these issues quickly. And while the Cliq may be overshadowed by the Droid in terms of marketing power right now, as the first phone to show off MotoBlur, we expect Motorola to address concerns in a more than timely manner. We can only hope Cliq users see benefits from today’s update and we’ll report back as we learn more.

More info via Motorola


Cliq 1.1.31 OTA Update released:

Patch notes (summarized):

– Increased battery life when phone is idle or running applications
– New battery management feature, customize battery settings, such as turning data off when phone idle for 30mins
– Improved bluetooth for pairing, audio/call connections
– Improved touchscreen accuracy and reduced inadvertent screen touch pick-ups
– TTY Options
– Better business/corporate connections
– Improved caller connectivity, repairs issues with lingering connections after hanging up a call
– Quick Office 2 added
– Accelerometer Enhancements with responsiveness and accuracy

It’s recommended to download/install with a full battery/plugged in, and with a consistent 3G or Wifi connection active.

Download size: 8mbs

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  • Kickstar13

    Yes! Finally!

  • Chris

    I checked for updates on my CLIQ and there was one available for download. Hopefully the phone runs a lot better because the touchscreen is terrible. I didn’t have much of a battery issue, but we will see how it will last now.

  • Bill48105

    Cool sounding updates but funny a TMo CS rep told me a data package was required on Android phones because the OS is google based & required login to a google account to work and a continuous data connection so when I read that the update can turn off data after 30 minutes to save battery I LOL’d to myself to imagine the no phone no longer functioning to make or receive calls. :D Sometimes I wonder if reps believe the crap they spew or if that is what they are told to say to customers to sell more services. Owell at least most of TMo’s are top notch eh.

    • Chris

      Yeah, well every call could be recorded and they have to say that to people. I know it is not true either and i’m sure the rep does too, it is just that they can get in trouble for that.

      • Bill48105

        Oh I’d love to hear some of my conversations I’ve had. :D Yeah I assumed they were just saying what they were told/made to say but must be tough to keep a straight face doing it. I was like “So you’re telling me this phone will not work at all & I can’t even call 911 if there is no data package? Wow that sounds dangerous!” LOL

    • Zapote21

      whether you use it or not, or if its turned on or off, you are still required to have a data plan…
      What he told you was true.

      • Bill48105

        Well splittin hairs really. Besides the fact required unlimited data plans irks the piss outta me they really shouldn’t twist the truth saying it is needed for the phone to word vs Corp policy to make more money. They sugar coat it to make the poo poo they’re feeding you in increased fees go down a little easier especially if the customer doesn’t know any better and just believes everything they are told. IMO that kind of thing should be criminal but alas there are worse things to worry about eh.

      • Steph

        No TMO rep has ever told me I wouldnt be able to make or receive calls without a data plan. I was actually told the only thing Id be able to use would be the call/text, without the data plan.. there is no data. it has nothing to do with call/text

  • bweb

    Downloading it now.

  • will

    Is this already out? They should update android software to 1.6 or 2.0 too! Where can I get the ota

    • Earn

      Holy crap!!! Someone that thinks like me. My baby has his mytouch 3g and is already at the either 1.6 or 2.0 and absolutely loves the newer faster software. When will the Mighty Motorola do this with the Cliq?

  • Dave

    I really want to know what update this is. My cliq is coming tomorrow and hopefully this fixes a lot of the issues I’ve been hearing about. Maybe they will just go ahead and update to 2.0 :)

    • David

      Dave, all that information is posted!

    • v

      The update fixs minor things touchscreen battery life etc… which by the way I had no problems with my phone yet. Overall its a great phone better than the g1 which I use to have and better than the my touch…

  • devin

    Its true I went to system updates in the settings and there was an update to download. I didn’t get a notification about it though

  • jkraze

    Have the cliq… just got the update.. touch screen is wayyy better. Hoping battery works better now also

  • michael

    i just ran my system update and it found the update, its installing as we speak

  • jason

    so this update is still only based off of android 1.5?

    • timmyjoe42

      Yes. I think it is mostly a hardware compatibility update and not an android one.

  • timmyjoe42

    Awesome. I’m going to get mine tonight when I plug in.

  • Bridget

    Got my update. Still having issues with the screen. I’m disappointed. I love the blur & widgets, but am tired of trying to get used to the things that aren’t working correctly. I was really hoping this update would at least fix the issues it said it was going to. Im ready to go back to the MyTouch.

  • Jose

    I see that somewhere in the battery settings it says that it could turn off data after 3o mins those that mean that I won’t be able to receive phone calls…

  • will

    Just updated. So go to settings>about phone>update

  • Nate

    I got the update at 1 o’clock easten time and finished it by 1:06. The touchscreen is definately more responsive and ill have to test the battery out on a full charge for one day to tell battery issues have been solved. Also they added a battery screeb to choose battery options to prolong life.

  • JTE

    Coming from a G1, and even being a tech user.. I still like this phone better so far. It’s easy to use, it looks good and it has a keyboard. I hope they upgrade the software to 1.6 or 2.0. but even if they don’t I will probably get a new phone next year anyway. By the way, I was lucky enough to get it for 99 bucks :)

  • Gonna be awhile til i get this.

  • TehAndroid


    For people with Cliqs there is a very easy way to force the update.

    Menu->Settings->About Phone->Check for Updates

    download the update and it will prompt you to install. I used wifi and it downloaded in under a minute. Hope this helps everyone.

  • greg harned

    Just got the update. Will keep you updated on performance.

  • Luis

    I really dont like the cliq. Droid seems to be a better deal….but until tmobile releases hd2 i will stick around with my iphone jailbroken and his slow internet for 10 bucks in tmobile. =]

  • Michaelk803

    I am in lax airport and I got my update!

  • Luckout

    I received an update around noon EST. I definitley had bluetooth and battery issues before this update. Will fully charge it overnight and report my finding in a day or two.

  • velazcod

    still no Android 1.6 (n) booooooooooo

  • Ricardo

    o touch screen. How i hated thee. Now, thou art more responsive. I really like this phone and an update could only make it better. I take that back. i just played a game of jewel and i still have to reset it just to get a game in. i only see big improvements in the battery life.

    • rcj

      What happened buddy? You used to always post that you loved your cliq. I guess you came to realize the phone sucks just like everyone has been saying from the begining.

    • phonefan

      when your touchscreen goes out, try pressing the menu key and see if the touch accuracy goes back to normal…

  • Mauro

    W00h00!!! I just checked for an update and saw the update!!! Downloading as we speak :oP~

  • Don

    Can’t see any improvements in the touch screen at all. After the update, it is still inaccurate and prone to not registering touches…hrm.

  • alexdagreat1

    downloaded the update around 10:30 ish and forgot my phone in my room so i havent been able to really see any great improvements on battery, but there is still the rest of the day to go so we will see how that turns out. As for touch screen problems i didnt really have many, but the keyboard(on screen) does feel more accurate now.

  • who cares about MOTOROLA… that company is junk! anyway, what I wanna’ know is, is when the ADROID 2.0 comes out!?

  • menchi

    I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for this! Cliq ftw!

  • matb321

    Touch screen seems to be better.Cant wait for android 2.0.Everyone should contact Motorola and bitch about it.

  • Trill

    T-Mobile isn’t responsible for getting ready 2.0 for The Moto Cliq Motorola is and have to incoporate the changes into motoblur and the custom UI and 2.1 is right around the corner which is more than likey why we haven’t heard about anything regarding the 1gen phones getting it.

  • TmoGuy89

    T-mobile is being smart this time with their android software, they are seeing how well 2.0 is doing with the droid and if their is any software issues , that way TMO can jump on with 2.1 that clears up all the tiny bugs and has the lastest and greatest !

  • Joe


    Nobody is ‘waiting’ to see how 2.0 works in the rest of the market.
    A few weeks ago the Motorola FAQ stated that Motorola had NO plans to update the Android OS for this device, but other software updates would occur.

    Due to complaints, Motorola reworded their Faq to ignore Android, and just state updates for the device would be released as required.

    Summary: They said the same thing without referencing Android as much (hopefully to reduce pissed-off people). Unless Motorola says “We will update the Android OS to a newer major version in the near future for the Cliq”, assume that they will NOT, and you purchased the phone you have today, not one updated tomorrow.

    • timmyjoe42

      Link please.

  • derrickps3

    is there one for the behold 2??

  • Dustin

    Why release the phone with all those problems in the first place? Don’t they test this crap out? Those problems seem like they would be evident from day one!?

    I’m still waiting to find the right phone to switch to. Any good releases before 2010?

    • mmaxsooner

      I would say get the blackberry 9700. Fast, good keyboard, stable. My bet is bb updates the browser to webkit before android 2.0 comes to the cliq.

  • rcj

    The clique sucks. You should all update to a real phone, not wait for updates to make your phone better. Come on get a my touch or bb 9700. They are good phones that actually work without having to wait for an update to hopefully solve your problems. Ha ha ha you shouldn’t ever buy the first of any phone that comes out that’s a rookie mistake.

    • Ronaldo

      Blackberry and mytouch are too have no memory and blackberry played out

  • Josh

    I downloaded the update last night and applied the battery saver mode, as opposed to using the power manager app I downloaded. I’m really amazed because my cliq has now lasted all day without needed a trip to the wall socket. I was very disappointed in the initial battery life of this device, but I’m now going on 14 hours with 37% left…and that is with heavy texting, some browsing and downloading from the android market place with wifi for a little while, and about an hour of actual phone calls, 20 minutes of which via bluetooth. I’m really quite pleased with this phone now. I have found that the battery saver mode, in conjunction with only activating bluetooth, wifi, and gps when those services are needed has worked very well. I also use the free advanced task manager app to nuke unwanted background apps and, in one day, this phone went from something I was going to return to a really awesome device! Bottom line…this update is a must! I hope this helps.

  • Dave

    I just got the phone today and applied the update immediately. I’m actually pleasantly surprised with how fast the phone is, especially considering it’s the same processor that is in most other android phones. So far..i’m really digging the phone. I switched from an iphone 1st gen, sick of not have 3G speed. Hopefully this will hold me over for awhile.

  • sammiithm

    I love my Cliq and I’m hoping this update makes me love it even more! (I will admit that the touchscreen can be frustrating at times.)

  • timmyjoe42

    The update went smoothly for me. The battery is lasting longer and the touch screen is more responsive. (Not perfect, but better.) I really wish this would get Donut, if only for the Google maps navigation.

  • coolfx35

    Just picked up my Motorola Cliq about a week ago. I was trying to decide between MT3G or the CLIQ and I went with the motorolla product. I had an iPhone and shadow previously and figured it is time to abandon HTC even though I have never had their touch screen before. I like the CLIQ for 5MP, voicemail player (no need to dial voicemail to listen to messages), qwerty keyboard (spacious, solid, comfortable after week of use), great interface and believe it or not its weight (i like my phone to be slightly heavier because I like to feel it in my hand). Compared to the MT3G the things I mentioned are not common characteristics for them both. I also like it better than myTouch because it is expandable to 32GBs of storage vs 16GB max for the myTouch which is a huge deal for me because I store a lot of files and music on my devices Smiley. I also like the fact that when you slide it out, the top part in the back has a sexy Moto logo and is lined with some sort of brushed metal I guess…. or w/e that is, but all I know it is metal and adds quality to the phone. The only things I am not happy about is its screen. It is 3.1 and is slightly smaller compared to the MT3G. The newest Motorolla (DROID) for Verizon does come with a bigger screen and the new 2.0 OS.

    But because of all the other specs and parameters it makes CLIQ stand out more in my opinion, opinion based on device capabilities. As far as the OS of course I would like 2.0 or even 1.6 instead of 1.5 better. But I am certain the update will come sooner or later and willing to wait for it. This phone came out 3-4 weeks ago for god’s sake and people need to chillax with some negative comments and other forums online. It will be worth waiting for the update, and some hacks/mods even better, so developers take your time please but deliver quality to me. Find me at http://www.Motorola-Cliq.com I share everything there.

  • joeyvdev

    has anyone one out tested out the battery life now? because i have an iphone 2g and i was thinking about making the switch to this phone but wanted to hear if the new update really did help out the battery life or not?

  • ken

    I love this phone. I switched from an iPhone because i hated not having a solid keyboard. With the update, the screen is more responsive and I saw a big improvement in battery life. Battery life lasts all day with moderate to heavy use. Its definantly the phone I was looking for. For everyone whos trash talking this phone all I can say is give an honest try for yourself.

  • John B

    I got my Cliq in NOv and still haven’t got the upgrade….. WTF is going on?? how the heck is everybody here getting it and my phone keeps saying it’s not available now try later.

  • Earn

    I did this update, and I noticed way way way improved battery performance!!! YES YES YES!!! But please someone tell Moto to fix the blasted touch screen and to have google unlock the true power of bluetooth!!!!

  • Allyson

    I was in a major car accident on December 28 and my moto cliq would NOT CALL 911! I tried calling about 7 times, the phone would display “calling emergency number” but would not ring, and then the call would end! I just spent the past three hours on the phone with t-mobile trying to troubleshoot the issue, my phone will not connect to 911 from ANY location; apparently I can’t call 911 from my cliq unless I switch the connection to GSM instead of 3G. This is a major glitch, I would like to know if ANYONE else is unable to connect to 911 through their cliq. T-Mobile told me call 911 and say I was “calling on behalf of t-mobile as an emergency test.” Cliq owners please try this out and let me know if it works or not!

    Thanks so much!

  • Ronaldo

    My phone called 911. I just want to know where to go to get a free major upgrade. I WANT 2.O OS , WHERE CAN I GO TO GET IT ?

    • fieca

      Jan 28 2010, While routinely checking for system updates, I was surprised to see there is another system update for Cliq, I have the previous update on my phone which was pushed out on Dec 01 2009.

      Any Idea or amy I just doing something wrong..

  • And now, not even 15 years later, we understand, soon enough, you

  • Jose

    Someone help, I don’t get the update, when i press the check for updates button. It says my phone is up to date running the 1.5. Please help, is there a way to download the update?

  • Babyboy

    I received the update, my phone still doesnt support wma files… that was my biggest concern…..

  • Babyboy

    As soon as i downloaded the update, when it rebooted my phone. It was stuck on the “stick together” screen and i had to take out my battery…. i cant tell a difference to be honest….

  • RayRay

    Just did the update. Worked out great! especially the sensitivity with the touchscreen. Charging up my battery to full power to see if they fixed that battery life issue. Thanks Moto! P.S. I really dont know why ppl r having problems with the update. might be just ur phone >D