T-Mobile Ranks Second In Customer Service According To Consumer Reports

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One of the T-Mobile claims to fame has always been outstanding customer service in an industry known for anything but that. A JD Power favorite, T-Mobile has seen an increased need for outstanding customer service support with the Sidekick debacle and outage that caused widespread anger against T-Mobile for being so quiet regarding the issue. Either way, Appleinsider points out that T-Mobile, while scoring behind Verizon, was found to be superior to that of AT&T and Sprint, surprise surprise. T-Mobile has terrific customer service; there is plenty of evidence to support that as this article shows, however it’s time to roll that same focus and determination over to marketing ensuring customers see the benefits of the new Even More, Even More Plus plans. T-Mobile, are you listening?


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  • VDubb

    According to the link, the people surveyed believed T-Mobile had superior customer service vs. the others. This is an OVERALL rating (Customer service, network quality, etc.) and not solely customer service like your article is implying.

  • Chris

    I can never get through to customer service? Can you guys? Seems like a hour hold every time.

    • Bill48105

      Wow what time are you calling geesh cuz I’ve called or chatted literally 20x in last 2 months & almost every time talked to a person within 5 minutes if not immediately on many occasions.. The times I had issues were when the Sidekick & network outages hit but that is to be expected otherwise I will give TMo 5 1/2 stars out of 5 on that. Definitely must be when you’re calling though.. Or you are trying to call while they are helping me & I’m rambling on about required data plans or complaining about coverage. LOL

      • NiiDiddy

        LOL – You are just like me, Bill. You probably have one CS on the phone and I am chatting up the other next to her about the same stuff! ;) I have been with T-Mobile since before T-Mobile, and I must say that I have never called CS ever…and had to wait more than 4-5 minutes to speak with someone, if not immediately…so I am with you on that one, Bill. I must however add that I have caleld T-Mobile CS at all kinds and times of the day with the same consistent results. I don’t know what Chris is doing…

      • Bill48105

        @NiiDiddy HEHE I swear I hear a CS rep in the background say Diddy was on the line but I assumed it was P Diddy. :D

        Yeah same here, I have called at all times of day but not sure what else Chris could be doing besides calling 911 instead of 611 cuz then he might have to wait hours. lol But around the time of the Sidekick stuff TMo was CRAZY with calls & I was ‘on hold’ like an hour via chat and got the dreaded fast busy or “all circuits are busy” for hours the day of the national outage but otherwise same here, just a couple minutes waiting & usually less time than the recording estimates. Certainly one of the best of any company I’ve dealt with and as many can imagine I definitely test CS reps. :D

    • Broke

      I agree Chris. Not quite an hour but still a loooong time even in the late-late hours. A few months back, average was 35-50 minutes hold.

      And, I stand by my long held belief that I’d really like to speak to some native speakers who I can understand and who can understand me.

      I am not on Flexpay or anything else. And, I cannot call from a Lan line which others have suggested.

      They are plummeting fast with me. Fortunately unless a tech problem comes up, I’ll be set with my plan for a while.

      Gal on chat the other day didn’t even want to credit me back for charges I was being double charged for. I promptly disconnected and waited out the phone call :(

      I give them a 3 out of 5. I’ve had to call them way too many times this year and those are hours I’ll never get back.

    • codered22

      use the online chat way easier.

  • dboy

    Boooring!!!! When is tmobile getting new hot phones!?

    • jmts80

      Yeah I feel the exact same way! WTF happened to “the phones you crave”???

  • gigi s

    About time their service overall is bad now

  • kershon

    What I want to know is how did T-Mobile score BEHIND Verizon? I had Vz at one time and the customer service reps either by phone or in the store were arrogant and most acted like they were doing you a favor to talk to you. I have had every carrier in my area except the death star and T-Mobile’s customer service is far superior to any. The only exception is US Cellular and they were not bad at all. Not as good as T-Mo but close. Now about the waiting times to talk to cs. I have called customer service several times in the last week. One time it took 26 minutes to get answered, and one time it was 27. Both of these times I spoke with someone that had a hard time speaking english that I could understand. So I tried a new tactic. When I called and got the computer menu, I said new phone. It did’nt take any time at all to talk to someone. So I asked the girl what was going on and she told me with the Christmas rush they were getting some help from other sources so I guess the wait times are just temporary. Now, T-Mobile, get your marketing game in gear and get us some high end phones to go with it and the new plans.

    • Bill48105

      I think V has customers brainwashed by all the cutesy commercials, just like Apple. Marketing is like crack to some and they can’t say no. Me, I figure the more they push something the less I want it unless it is something I would have went for anyway.

      BINGO! I forgot about the menus, wait time & who you talk to can depend on which menu options you pick.. I always say English then Representative & not bother with the menus because a few times when I did I ended up in auto attendant hell & to people who said I was in the wrong place. Plus yeah they could be really busy recently with Thanksgiving sales & holiday sales in general. Maybe the people who handle primarily the Spanish calls were filling in for the English ones. :D One time I called at like 9pm and got someone who was hard to understand but I figured off peak hours were handled either by a skeleton crew or sub’d out. He was helpful & very friendly though, just had to concentrate on wth he was saying. lol

      • kershon

        Well Bill, if you got someone speaking with a Spanish accent you were lucky. One guy I got I think had a turban on his head and was smoking crack. I could hardly understand him but he was pleasant a mellow. ha ha. I had to call back later to get someone I could understand a little better. lol On another note, if what all the cs reps (the ones I can understand) are telling me is true, business is picking up and Q4 should see significant improvement. We hope. And ya, saying english then representative got me to the dark side of hell as far as wait time.

      • Bill48105

        @kershon LOL I was trying to be nice cuz I didn’t want to stir up anything if it appeared I was bashing TMo, people commenting on this site can be rough. :D You must have been sent to 3rd or 4th string CS reps cuz the others were busy or on a bathroom break. :)

        Yeah I bet a lot could be new business but a lot is definitely people changing stuff up. A few reps I talked to said they had TONS of people switching to the new EM plans (they claimed most saved a lot of $ from their existing plans) and but from my experience there was a HUGE learning curve for them. A few times it was really sad because I seemed to know more about the plans than they did. :o

        Bummer on what happened to you that’s for sure but I would just hang up & call back or try a different menu if it told me a super long wait time, or just use the call back option which is handy.

  • Paul

    Forget Marketing and Customer Service…I’d like to have coverage when I get off the interstate in Georgia as well as a strong signal at my home right in the middle of Atlanta. Everyone I’ve known that has left T-Mobile was because of poor coverage.

  • mb00

    I dunno guys…ever since they’ve changed their plans, they’ve gotten kinda snooty. I had to call a couple of times last month and both times I got very under whelming service. I was very disappointed.

  • 30014

    Customer service has gotten to the point that it’s just good, no longer great. I’ve recently dealt with to many cs reps that didn’t know what they were talking about.

  • I totally disagree, T-Mobile CS SUCKS and I am not afraid to say it. Every time I call I am disappointed with the CS Rep lack of knowledge and lack of help. Yes they are polite, but they cant DO anything for you, they cant work with you to solve an issue and their knowledge of product is dismal. How they rank at all is beyond me. 99.9% of my ‘problems’ are solved out side of T-Mobile, I find more help through forums and blogs then I do on the phone with CS.

    I remember how it WAS, 5 years ago the CS Reps were on the ball, not anymore.

    Oh well, it is what it is

  • Carl

    I’m not surprised by this, I remember when my brother was applying to be CSR, he said they were very rigorous and picky on what they wanted. Let’s hope this shows T-Mobile while it’s good they are looking into getting new hero phones, and expanding 3G service, let them not forget about what they are best known for!

  • IWantToKnow

    How did we manage to get 2nd place in customer service when everytime i get on the phone with a rep its always an indian guy/forieng person who you cant pronounce their name and you have to make them repeat everything 10 times just so you can understand that he is trying to say what is your mobile number


  • Robert

    Yeah I’m sorry but lately their customer service has been horrible. They’ll probably always be ahead of AT&T because they are just flat bad… but it wouldn’t surprise me to see them fall even behind Sprint who has ramped up efforts to be more customer satisfying lately, while all I’ve had over the past few months has been absolute horrible customer service problems with T-Mobile.

    • dim dim

      not getting what you want doesnt equal bad customer service..people call with ridiculous request all day long like where do you people live? Example: I cant use my phone for 5 minutes so I want a month free?? People need to get a clue. T-Mobile customers are spoil so when they hear the word NO they freak out and say omg there customer service is horrible. The company is in business to make $$ so if they give it all away they wouldnt be here.

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I know this is way off topic but I work at Best Buy and I ran across the most interesting item today. I saw the European HTC Hero invisishield and cases. I asked the mobile guys if they knew if we were getting the phones anytime soon and he said he didn’t know. I stay in Texas and that’s a long way for something of a great anticipation to just show up in inventory. At any rate, I’ll have to save my pennies for another upgrade if this phone really comes to America or T-Mobile.

  • crazyguy

    well as a tmobille CSR i would like to say that t-mobile is not only a great cell phone company, but also a great company to work for! I really cannot believe that it would take anyone so long to get help. they must have really messed up in the menu! its funny to hear all the people complain about this and that. i use the SIVR (speech integrated voice recognition) to make payments, check usage, and yes, ask for a representative, and i have NEVER had a problem! EVER!!! if anyone has to wait an hour for a rep to get on the line then i would most def call it user error!!
    And being a bi-lingual representative i do agree that sometimes when the english call volumes are to high and the spanish volumes are not so high, we get some english calls. some people in bilingual speak with a bit of an accent but i assure you that they are trying to help you, so put youre ignorance aside and help them help you! its not like theyre speaking cantonese!
    p.s english>billing>representative will always be the quickest way to get a person on the phone!!!even if you wanna talk about the weather!!lol

    • kershon

      The next time I call cs I will try the english-billing-representative formula. So you are saying that using english-representative-representative is user error and being ignorant?? How much intelligence does it take to get someone on the line that is able to speak english clearly enough for people to understand them? Yes they are trying to help and I’m sure they are doing their best but if T-Mobile is going to hire cs reps they should be able to speak english well enough for people to understand them. Or hire someone else.

      • Bill48105

        I think what crazyguy was trying to say is that the primarily Spanish-speaking CS’s take some overflow from the English side figuring you’d rather talk someone willing to try & help vs sitting on hold longer.. I’m sure they TRY to figure how many reps they need at a given time without having too many sitting there idle. Perhaps they should have a “I’d rather wait for English” menu option? :D I bet if you could politely ask them to put you back on hold. lol

      • dim dim

        having an accent doesnt mean people cant speak english. Americans are so ignorant.

  • David

    I had this problem several months ago. Whenever I called 611 with mu Tmobile device I would be on hold for over half an hour to an hour and always end up speaking to someone in India or something! BUT when I called Tmobile from a land line via their 800 number I got an American CSR in like a minute. I complained about this management on several occasion. I even called them on a land line and with them on the line with me, I called 611 with my handset to prove how long I was being put on hold. It also wasn’t related to the time of day I called. I had tried calling at different times throughout the day. Then one day, it all went back to normal. Weird…

  • kershon

    Well I am on hold right now waiting on a cs rep. Called the 800 number and just like Crazyguy said to do I said english-billing-representative. Right now I just went over 38 minutes. So wtf is going on with tmo cs?? I have never in my life waited so long. And David, I too have called at different times of day and makes no difference. I think I will hang up and try 611 and see what happens. This is really getting under my skin. 42 min and counting.

    • Bill48105

      I just called & got someone in 3 min & they said no they’re not super busy. hehe They have caller ID & know yew callin! LOL Dunno I think I’d hang up & call back if the system told me wait time was over 10 minutes..

      • kershon

        Well pop my bubble! Bill48105 you are one lucky guy. I did hang up and when I called back I said representative-activate a line. I got someone in about 3 minutes. Then this person could not help me and transferred me to another rep. Well that one couldn’t get’r done either, so hold about 2 minutes and got Kayla.. Very nice girl. And very helpful. She knew her stuff. I talked to her quite a while. And got my issue resolved very quick. In all I spent 2 hours either on hold or talking to somebody. Wow! I have never had that happen before, but at least when I got to the right cs rep it didn’t take long at all. They say they are very busy-lots of contract customers switching over to em or em+. Quite a few new subs too. Good thing I got a full bottle of tylenol cause I got a headache. lol lol. If this ever happens again I’m going to break out the holliday cheer bottle a little early.

      • Bill48105

        @kershon If I was lucky I’d win one of those phones already! lol That sux on the time you spent.. I wonder if there is a problem with their system or what.

        I highly doubt they base it on caller ID because if that was the case they’d NEVER answer my calls! :D

    • dim dim

      why dont select the option for a call back so that you dont have to wait on hold for 42 minutes? When its your turn in line the system will call you back

      • kershon

        Because I had the clock running and I wanted to see just how long it would take to talk to somebody. Next time I probably will use the callback.

  • Pritpaul

    Wow, I am surprised about all the people complaining about wait times and unknowledgable reps. I have called T-Mobile many times and never had more than a few minutes wait if any, and the reps usually are pretty smart and even know how to work the system to get things outside of the standard setups to work.

  • kershon

    And ya they probably have caller ID and when they see my number they think what’s that sob want this time? We just gonna ignore him and make him suffer. ha hahahaha

  • crazyguy

    kershon i didnt mean that people are ignorant because of the choices they make from the menu options; although i really do not understand why its so hard for some people. i deal with people all the time who are supposedly having all sorts of issues from not being able to make a payment, to not being able to set up easy pay. i dont know if i just have the magic stick or something, but miraculousy, when i conference them in and show them how to do it, 60% of the time it works everytime. lol just kidding. but serioulsy, i conference people in all the time and i do it for them and it always works! im not saying that its the greatest IVR ever but i am saying that its really a pretty good system! once you use it a couple of times you should be able to get to any dept without much ado! youre right tho, i dont think that people are ignorant because they think that someone has an accent, but english in the US has lots of different accents depending on which part of the country you live. its not easier or harder than talking to someone who was born in another country and has a different accent! its just weird that the US has probably the most diverse population of any other country in the world and everyone is expected to sound exactly the same.
    p.s i work with british people and i REALLY cannot understand them sometimes, but i never hear any one complain about british accents or french accents. its always spanish or middle-eastern. hmmm.

    • kershon

      Crazyguy the next time I call customer service I am going to ask for you. ha ha. I really don’t mind if someone has an accent. I know T-Mo hires people from all walks of life. I was not trying to imply and predjudice against them, It is just that when I speak with someone that has a very strong accent, I cannot understand them. I was just thinking that those that they do hire should be able to speak with an accent which is not so pronounced. I always use a headset when I talk on the phone as it helps me to hear more clearly and I have my hands free to take notes or whatever. The one individual I spoke with was almost impossible for me to understand because of his heavy accent. He was a pleasant fellow and tried his best to help me. I’m still gonna ask for you when I call though. HAHAHAHAHA AND MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY.

      • Bill48105

        “Yeah I’d like to speak to crazyguy please..”
        “Umm what do you mean there is nobody there by that name? He said I could call any time, even just to talk about the weather!”

        hehe would love to hear that recording :D

  • kershon

    yuk yuk yuk. Good one Bill. Good one.

    • Bill48105

      I know, don’t quit my day job eh. :D

      • kershon

        Or you could audition at the comedy club. he he he

      • Bill48105

        Yeah so you can heckle me & throw tomatoes, no way! :P

  • crazyguy

    ha ha, merry x-mas to every one!!! lol. Youd be surprise what people call in about! when tmo was open 24 hrs a day and i was working the grave-yard shift we use to get calls from a person who we lovingly called the “do it guy”. he would call in and ask for the most ridiculous stuff and always say: “cmon i know you can do it, do it! he would ask to speak with like the CEO or get 6 months free or something! it was hilarious!! i got to speak with him a couple times and i always thought i would end up hearing myself on crank-yankers or something!! lol

  • crazyguy

    and someone should really call and ask to talk to crazyguy! i wonder how another rep would re-act??? lol

  • Sergio

    I’m a T-mobile customer for 7 years. Customer Service is a Hell indeed and their web site is not better. They don’t allow to register a credit card for easy pay and then don’t take recurrent payment by phone. The only way to pay them is by check or don’t pay at all – they will call you and then you can finally apy, but from time to time they will suspend your sevice. Is it a customer service??? It’s anty-customer service. The only reason I stay with them is the price. If I could find the same price somewhere else I would change them long time ago. But I guess you get what you pay for and please don’t tell me they’re second to best…

    • Bill48105

      Sergio, we’ve been on EasyPay since day 1.. They take credit card info ONCE & auto bill us on the due date every month.. That’s about as simple & automated as it gets. Either you’re on a weird system I’ve not used or need to figure out how to use it. :)

  • Dj

    F…T-mobile the worst customer service every with shit$$ty phones and dumb mexicans who dont speak english, cant wait til my contract is over.

  • luis

    customer service…WAS…WAS good before…..now the wait to get an agent is way to long from 30 to 45 minutes wait to talk to an agent.

    that makes customer service about the CRAPIEST on the market this days…i stay with t mobile because of their price…..i am sure they will loose clients with wherever change they made that the wait is so long now…..did they outsource it to like india or something?

    so yes customer service SUCKS big time…due to the wait