More Proof T-mobile Rules In Wireless Customer Service


As wireless customers we put an unusually high amount of reliance in our cell phones and for good reason: portability is a key factor in our lives. When the cell phone stops working, it’s almost as if life slows down to a crawl along with it. That being said, among the four major carriers, which survives the real world test of customer service? No JD power awards to be given here–just real world testing under real world conditions, and the winner won’t surprise any readers of this website.

The good folks over at Laptopmag did some legwork for the rest of us and came up with some interesting conclusions on what life is like for the average customer. What happens if you go into the store with a question? What is the experience like when you call in to customer service? It is understood that we have all, at one point or another, had both great and less than great customer service experiences with wireless carriers, T-mobile included. Thankfully however, when put to the test, T-mobile came out on top with the most precise answers. While the T-mobile experience for Laptopmag was not perfect, it came out above the competition thanks to better-than-the-rest awareness of what the phones could or could not do.

It’s a short read and one that is definitely worth taking a glance at!



  • Santiago

    T-Mobile Is The BEST =)

  • Galen20K

    I have Always loved T-Mobile. I have been with them since their INception and will continue to be with them for as long as they are around, which I hope is Forever! I would just KILL myself if I ever had to walk into an ATT store and sign a contract with them…. *SHUDDER***.

    Keep on Rockin’ TMob, you’ve won our hearts and data plans! ; D

  • FILA

    I will agree T-Mobile has the best customer support out there. Other then some billing questions I had in the past, Im my own customer support. Not to be cocky, but recent visits in the T-Mob stores, I know more then they do, and yet T-Mobile still wont hire me, that really pisses me off

  • Joe

    Who cares????

    Best customer support, yea if you like being talked to like your an idiot on the truman show……If your the type of person that needs to be buttered up on the phone with “hows your day” etc. I am going to sprint cheaper plans better 3g sprint tv etc. I mean what does tmobile have? They suck thats why they had to get salma hayek to sell there stuff. tmobile puts sugar on shit and serves it as pancakes…….So grateful i get to leave them w/o etf… i come HERO

  • Scuzzy19

    Salma Hayek? really? try again and you’re way off… and Enjoy sprint while you can I cant see them being around very long. Yeah theyve been maing strides but its gonna be hard to see them being around for much longer. T-mobile has cheaper plans great phones, and soon to be 21mbs umts providers