T-mobile Wins At Customer Service Again


While T-mobile may be fluttering in fourth place in the wireless market, they aren’t sitting on their laurels when it comes to customer service. Winning yet another JD power award T-mobile is again applauded for ranking high in customer satisfaction.

“T-Mobile ranks highest in customer satisfaction among major wireless carrier-owned retail stores with a score of 729, performing well in all four factors that drive satisfaction. Alltel (721) and Verizon Wireless (714) follow T-Mobile in the rankings.”

For those who might be wondering, in order of importance, those four factors are:  sales staff (49%); price and promotion (27%); store facility (14%); and display (10%).

T-mobile continues to score in the customer service department year after year and continues to be a model of excellence in the wireless industry. With the competitive landscape increasing and pressure rising to add customers in a time of market saturation, customer service will continue to be a major factor in driving customer growth. Now if T-mobile could leverage this fact via marketing, they just might be able to pick up some of the made as hell at AT&T iPhone users who are fed up with the inability to even properly disclose network problems. Sprint, while you’re still bleeding customers suffering from the stigma of poor customer service, T-mobile can appeal to you with similar savings over Verizon and AT&T and customer service that sets the bar.

MWD via JD Powers

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  • Joe

    better get ready Tmobile!!! Pocket smart wireless is gonna sweep u off ur feet for the JD power !!!!!

    go pocket !!


  • Kickstar13

    Not if they barely have service in New England.

  • I am one of their satisfied customer’s and I must say their Cust.Service is really great.

    Great Article David!.

  • Kershon

    I wish T-Mobile would get their marketing act together. I have only been a T-Mo customer since February of this year. Imo T-Mo is the best carrier of them all and I have in the past had every carrier in my area except Att. If T-Mo would up their marketing game and promote all the plusses they have to offer over the other carriers, subs would increase dramatically imho. I dread the thought of the major shareholders doing something drastic to our beloved Magenta.

  • Christine

    This past weekend, my fiance and I took a trip up the coast of Washington. On our way back down the coast, we saw a car drive over an embankment…the car was going about 60. It literally flew off the road, flipped over, and landed in some brush.

    Immediately, we stopped the car and jumped out to help. While my fiance was running down the hill to help the family in the car, I was trying to call 911 for help. To my utter amazement-I had NO cell phone service. We were not in a major city when this happened, but, we were not in the middle of the country, either. We were in an area that, according to T-Mobile’s website, should’ve had cell service. (Both my fiance and I have T-Mobile service).

    The driver of the car that flew off the road was able to get out of the car and move/walk around. He got out and tried using his cell phone as well; unfortunately, his cell service was through T-Mobile as well. We were terrified because there was at least 1 serious injury as a result of this accident and no way for us to get help. All the while, the young woman in the car with the worst injuries was going in and out of consciousness, asking “when can I get out…when is help coming?”

    Luckily, 2 more cars saw us outside car, and stopped to help. A woman and her husband from California stopped, and tried their cell phone. They were able to get through to 911 to get police and an ambulance on the way. Their service was through AT&T. All I can say is THANK GOD for AT&T, or we would’ve been stranded, with no way to care for the injured. Had my fiance and I not stopped on the side of the road, no one would’ve known there was a car accident. The car that flew off the road was far enough down the embankment that you couldn’t see it just driving past. There was no visible sign of a car accident from the road.

    I’m sharing this story because I hope it makes you think twice about what carrier you want to go with. Don’t just go with the cheapest, because they may not be there when you need them the most. I would’ve paid $1000 dollars a minute to get through to 911 on my cell phone when this happened, heck..I would’ve paid more than that…there is really no price I can put on it. T-Mobile was not there when I needed them…when that family needed them.

    AT&T and Verizon, even Sprint, all have better service than T-Mobile, I can attest to this (not only from what happened over the weekend, but after having their service for a year). My fiance and I are switching carrier’s immediately, because we do not want to end up in a situation like this ever again.

    Had the other people not stopped, and been able to get through to the police, minutes…hours could’ve gone by before help arrived.

    Please pass this story along to anyone who may have T-Mobile service, or who may be considering switching to T-Mobile. What’s good cell service worth to you…what’s it worth to be able to make a phone call when you need to the most…

  • notsurprised

    I’m not surprised at the result. Sadly, their dedication to their customers obviously isn’t enough for the struggling carrier. Customers will come when you can answer the question “Where’s the hot phone?” Let’s be honest, how many phones are really driving business? G1, myTouch and….. that’s about it. They lack a variety of quality choices. No 3G Blackberry for the longest time, how many sub-$50 texting phones do they have? T349, Flip Pearl, and Gravity 1. And suretype keypads aren’t exactly flying off the shelves. Now, AT&T? 6, all with full keyboards. Your customer service will keep customers. Your pricing, products, and promotion will bring them in. Step your game up T-Mobile or continue to spin your wheels

  • J


    There is one problem with your story, though I do not doubt what you are saying. The problem is, even when you do not have T-Mobile service you can dial 911 as long as there is a GSM carrier in the area. AT&T is a GSM carrier. So, if you had AT&T coverage on a T-Mobile phone you can dial 911. If did not see a “SOS” on your phone, your phone did not see AT&T’s network. The truth of the matter is, you do not even need to pay for the cell service to be able to dial 911. You can dial 911 from a phone with no SIM in it. You can have one CDMA phone (which would work on Verizon and Sprint) and one GSM phone (which is AT&T and T-Moble) kept in your vehicle and would be able to dial 911 if any network is available.

    I would also like to say your information about T-Mobile’s coverage being the worst may be accurate in your area, but that is not true nationwide. I work int he business and I see 3rd party drive tests yearly for my area and T-Mobile is usually one of the top 2. Again, I would always keep one GSM phone and one CDMA phone in my vehicle in case of emergencies. You never know which carrier will cover you in rural areas and 911 can be called without purchasing cell service.

  • jamz111

    “sales staff (49%); price and promotion (27%); store facility (14%); and display (10%)”

    I think that this statistical research is biased because they did not include the –customer service technical support–.

    I would not be surprised if a sales person is extremely nice because he needs to sell but I noticed that many companies, not just Tmo forgets about the customer dedication part after the sales transaction is done and the contract (jail time) is signed.

  • Angry

    T-mobile’s customer service sucks

  • SHAK

    It’s funny because the people who rate tmobile high, arent the usual tmobile trolls online. They are normal people.

  • Bryce

    So what? Go look on the BBB. They may win some award, but I just had a very unsatisfactory experience with them. Awful. F on the BBB, by the way. Worst out of US carriers. This JD Powers BS needs to end. It’s corporate crap.

  • watbetch

    Christine is full of shit, sorry to say girlfriend but you failed at trolling.

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  • J

    The problem with the BBB is you can complain about anything to them. Some people have the idea that the BBB is some government institute where it is not. A lot of these complaints against T-Mobile is stuff like “T-Mobile built a tower in my community and I don’t like the looks of it”. At the same time, you get complaints about lack of coverage in BF, Egpyt. Heck, if you pay BBB dues they automaticly improve your grade for being a member. The BBB is basicly a large-scale food critic. It is not a survey of customers, but rather an opinion of a singular entity. If you play there game, they give you a better review.

  • Alexis

    Being a T-Mobile customer since before Catherine Zeta-Jones, I would have to agree that while the plans are a bit more affordable without those silly fees for silly things, the carrier is slacking a bit. The choice of phones is poor and the signal strength isn’t the greatest. If it weren’t for my entire family being with T-Mobile I’d probably would’ve left a while back.
    Now that I’m away at school in Smallville USA (Albany Georgia) I’ve notice that customer service isn’t a top priority for the company. T-Mobile is the ONLY carrier not represented here. Sprint and AT&T have 2 locations each. True, there is a kiosk in the mall but being that my home area is Atlanta (3 hours away), I can’t pay my bills there, upgrade my phone there, or even get technical help there. Everything must be done over the phone or on the net. The nearest stores are at least 1.5 hours away in any direction. Thanks a lot Magenta!!!!

  • Eddie

    Posted: 2009-10-07 by Ire

    Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes
    Company information:
    Oak Lawn, Illinois
    United States

    T-Mobil supervisor Sanford, #8474633, stated that we canceled our text messaging, when in fact all that was canceled was the ring tone service, and an attempt to cancel the internet. They knew we had always had Text family plan, yet they refuse to credit $700+ in text messages. They tell me I can get a payment plan, to pay the $800. phone bill. They must be insane. The call was made to cancel the internet off phone, only to find out that the phone in question, must use the internet in order to make and receive calls. I WAS NEVER INFORMED THAT I WOULD REQUIRE THE INTERNET FOR THE LIFE OF THE PHONE. This is their error, yet they refuse to do anything about it. Other than contacting BBB, Attorney General’s Office what other options do I have? Please help. If I cancel the phones, that’s an additional $400.

  • Navi

    i am on hold for tmobile’s great customer service. it is 20min 32sec and counting…

  • greyfoxzero

    T-Mobile has great customer service, the thing is they are leaving the company in droves. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who works there that isn’t in management or corporate. They are making the job unbelievably difficult for the customer care reps. The ones that have any sense know what to do and the ones left are the newbies that are still under the brain washing effects of the 2 month training. And being friendly isn’t going to help when the Customer care rep forgot to make changes and fails to memo the account properly and your bill goes through the roof. Trust me, that friendly tone goes away real quick when the supervisor gets on and is pissed you wanted to talk to them. Its what they call an escalation and all they will do is tell you when the tree falls in the Tmobile forest and no one was around to memo it your screwed. Tmobile cant see the forest through the trees lol.

  • ED

    @ Christine

    I agree with J he is right n i have tested it myself i had a same issue n i was able to get 911 on my cell been with tmobile since 1999 n i m happy with there service . Thanks Tmobile