G1 Price Drop


Well here is some good news for those wishing to switch to the G1, or just Android.  T-Mobile has decided to lower the price of the first Android phone to $129.99 on contract.  Saying that that this is the same price as the Samsung Comeback, and twenty dollars cheaper than the Samsung Highlight, I would definitely recommend going Android.  It seems like they are trying to clear the shelves for something (Cliq maybe? Wait, is that even a question?).  So for those who want to switch to Android a little early, go get yourself a G1.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

T-Mobile via Phandroid

  • the G1 is the ugliest phone i have ever seen and its a brick.. go buy a G2 (mytouch)…… leave the G1 to go to the landfills.. haha

  • eYe

    Cmon tmo, it’s $99 @ walmart

  • tato22

    wooow like 10 to 20 bucks please go to wal mart is alot cheaper

  • There is a reason its that cheap at walmart its because 1 at walmart you have to be completely out of contract
    2. Its kinda like those free bb on amazon and wirefly you have hidden fees and stipulations that come with the phone.

  • thegoodson

    The ugliest phone is the g1? Gimme a break, take a look @the og tmobile sda. Also the mytouch is NOT the g2, try again

  • teh android

    Go to Walmart and get the phone for cheaper but don’t cry when you need a warranty exchange and its not under warranty. Because Walmart sold you a used phone. I have had to deal with that so many times.

  • I got mines at walmart nevver returned it and only payed 99.00 no hidden fees or anyhing now I’m upgrading to the mytouch

  • roots

    G1 is a mans fone. Mt3g is a womans fone. Plus you get the same thing. Tmo usa mt3g 32b has the same specs as a g1. The g1 has a keyboard. 1st post is just mad he had to pay full price for his mt3g and thought it was koo

  • timmyjoe42

    I would say the ugliest phone is the sidekick because it is almost as big as a laptop.

  • JBLmobileG1

    First off… it is cheaper at WalMart… HOWEVER like some people mentioned being used… well that just isn’t true. WalMart doesn’t sell used or refurbished phones like I have heard so many times. True you must be out of your contract to get it at the $99 price but then again I am sure it would be the same with Tmobile at the $129 (must be out of your contract). Also Walmart’s return policy is 15 days Tmobiles is 14 days so if something is wrong with it after that period then yeah you must deal with HTC. Walmart atleast gives you an extra day.

  • Redwoodflyer

    How can you find the G1 for $129? Is that with an upgrade? I have a line that’s eligible for a full-subsidy upgrade in December, but when I go to look for a G1 w/2 year contract extension, it’s still coming up to be $359. If they only decreased the upgrade price to $129, that seems pointless, since the MyTouch is only $20 more…

  • its $99.99 now…