Lafayette, LA Goes 3G


T-Mobile continues its 3G madness, with yet another city joining the 3G club. The lucky folks of Lafayette, LA, welcome to 3G! Congratulations! Enjoy the faster data speeds and better voice quality, I know you guys have been waiting a very long time for this. So rev up those 3G handsets and start taking advantage of T-Mobile 3G!

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  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Many congrats to Lafayette, LA! (-:

    Still, the 17 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

    Louisville, KY
    Tulsa, OK
    Cincinnati, OH
    Lexington, KY
    Anchorage, AK
    Lincoln, NE
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Madison, WI
    Boise, ID
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Mobile, AL
    Little Rock, AR
    Fayetteville, NC
    Jackson, MS
    Tallahassee, FL
    Springfield, MO
    Sioux Falls, SD

    I saw some posts in the TMO forums today that suggest Louisville could get 3G some time this week and Cinci could get it by Christmas. (-:

    • mmaxsooner

      Knew you would be on it Parr! Now let’s whittle that 17 largest citied down a couple. Like Tulsa and Boise or heck louisville if u must.

    • Add Erie, PA to this list. Fourth largest city with 100,000+ people still no 3G

      • *in Pennsylvania

      • tdiggitydog

        ugh Grand Rapids, MI is the 2nd largest city in MI, (detroit being the first), and we still don’t have it. Lansing has it, and Ann Arbor has it too. So frustrating! I was in Lansing today and the 3G was amazing. Just fantastic.

    • Sunnyb

      Why 17? Can you round the list up to 20 or 25?

      • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

        Why ask why? Just joking! (-:
        Ever since I heard that the first Google phone (which turned out to be the G1) was coming to TMO, I’ve been following the TMO 3G rollout closely. I’ve been especially very eager for my city, Boise to be graced with the 3G love. When I saw the listings throughout this past year of which cities were getting 3G I wondered how Boise compared in size to them, and found a list of cities here:
        So, on my own, I kept track of what cities were getting 3G, and how they compared in size to Boise. I noticed that both larger and smaller cities were getting 3G. Then I noticed on various blogging sites, when they posted what cities were getting 3G, they asked what the largest cities were that still needed 3G. Since I was keeping track already, I thought I’d just start posting my list on tmonews. My list used to be longer, but since TMO has been adding 3G cities, my list has gotten shorter, and is now at 17. Why did I stop at Sioux Falls, SD and not list smaller cities, like Erin’s Erie, PA? Well, if you look at the Wikipedia list, you’ll see Sioux Falls is at a nice even number of ranking (150), which is 50 cities smaller than mine, so I just picked that city. (-:
        If Sunnyb or Erin want to make the list longer, go for it! (-:
        I personally think TMO was premature to say they have a “nationwide” 3G network, when so many large cities don’t have 3G yet, and that also motivates me to keep posting my list. (-:

  • kershon

    Congrats to Lafayette! Keep’em comin’ tmo!

  • Paul B

    It would be nice if Grand Rapids gets 3G by Christmas

  • Ed

    Louisville service has been going in and out of EDGE and GSM for two days. Hope this is a preamble to a 3G switch!

    • kershon

      It did the same thing in my area back in September. Then the 3G lights came on. Even the edge signal has been stronger.

      • RuleNumber1

        @Ed & kershon:

        Where approx are you each located? I live in J-Town, about 2 miles from the pilot tower on blankenbaker in the industrial park. I’ve noticed the edge signal being stonger, not to mention faster, but it could just be my imagination. About a month ago I drove to the test tower and sat directly beneath it for about 10 mins and my phone switched to 3G. Went back last week, nothing but edge.

      • Tdiggitydog

        Have you found that places that were once GRPS switched to 3G? Or did only the Edge areas upgrade. My office is in an Edge area so it will be nice to get 3G here in Grand Rapids cause i’m downtown. But my home gets the “GRPS” signal and i’m fearful i won’t get 3G at home. (Good thing i got wifi).

  • Trill

    Is it that the cities or area’s don’t have coverage that everyone points out? This is going to take time and 3G emits a weaker signal therefore doesn’t cover as much as CDMA, GPRS or 2G so relax it will come and T-Mobile will expand on what’s already there clearing spectrums, weather conditions and those darn birds amongst other things can’t halt or delay progression and I would never thought my small town would get 3G but surprise and just because your city or area specifically wasn’t announced doesn’t mean a thing its trianglated so one cell site might get updated but your not in range or simply not connected to that specific one.

  • 30014

    Enjoy the 3g guys. When it came to Atlanta I was giddy, but I soon realized its a battery hog. Now I mostly use edge unless I’m web surfing. I craved 3g, but now that I have it I don’t use it that much. Its awesome to have the option to choose if I want to use edge or 3g.

  • billybob

    I just checked and yep we got 3g in Lafayette. Mspeed test 600k. Nice.

  • Carl

    I love the 3G loving, enjoy the 3G!

  • Trill

    I get 1.80mbps down max but only in one area that they seem to be working on but its very impressive and when I download a file its usually at 300kbps vs 120kbps I normally get.

  • jmts80

    I am glad T-mo is doing a good job of spreading 3G goodness in a pretty quick manner. Lately i have not had much good to say about Magenta but this helps a bit. Thanx for the bit of good news guys,

  • WildOnePhx

    T-Mobile customer service is hit and miss…. Being with magenta since 2005 it all depends on who you get on the phone. I have had the best and the worst service there is. Being in customer service myself it is a shame there is no consistency with T-mo….

  • WildOnePhx

    Does anybody really care about what market is getting 3G? Really? Come on guys….

    • David

      I think the people in the markets that are getting 3G care, it could affect the buying decision so yeah, I think you might be a little wrong thinking nobody cares.

    • Sigh

      Does anyone care???? I can tell you that the people in markets like mine (Jackson, MS) definitely care since we don’t have it yet. AT&T, Verizon, and even Cellular South all currently support 3G in the area, but we’ve been waiting forever and still don’t have it. Makes it very difficult to stay with Tmo, especially since the handset selections at other carriers are so much better. All my friends have Iphones, Droids, Heros, etc with 3G, and I have an overpriced substandard 3G handset that I can’t even utilize to it’s full potential, and that’s frustrating as hell. As a customer, I don’t care what the reason for the delay is, I just know that every other carrier in my area has 3G and better network coverage, so it is what it is.

  • Reading, PA just got 3G turned on, on Monday December 1st around 6pm. T-mobile nor Tmonews announced it.

  • touchworks

    I called TMO store in Fairview Heights, IL and they told me that the whole 270, 255 loop will get 3G by December 28. To be specific this is the date given to them by TMO. So this will include cities like Fairview Heights, Collinsville, Maryville, Glen Carbon, Edwardsville, Troy, Granite City etc…These are the cities in St. Louis, MO suburb (on the Illinois side)

    Any information that you guys have on this?

    • phoneking13

      Does that include Alton as well?

      • touchworks

        I believe most part of Alton already have 3G ….

  • soxfanmike

    3G just went live today in Bristol, CT (Home of ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports).

  • Max

    Welp, I just called customer support at tmobile and according to them Louisville is not on any upgrade schedule for 3G, I don’t know when this changed because I had heard last month, then this week, now its never. Why did I switch to Tmobile again?

    • watbetch

      Why are you listening to customer care reps? They know nothing

      • kershon

        I agree. You will get information sooner on T-Mo News and other blogs before the cs reps even get a hint of what’s upcoming.

  • sneakn

    i think its funny that alot of the little towns or places that are in the middle of nowhere have 3g but the places that are large cities or in more significant regions dont have it.. ie: yakima and walla walla washington have it and silverdale and bremerton dont or tallahassee and various others listed above..