Second Analyst Predicts T-Mobile iPhone


While the first article this week was met with indifference and laughter from the fine folks who run the gadget blogosphere, a second analyst has now stated that T-Mobile is a prime candidate for the iPhone. I can appreciate the arguments that without Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint are the only logical choices, but those obvious facts aren’t what is truly important. The opportunity for consumer choice, and the removal of the iPhone from the mighty AT&T’s death grip is the real issue here and if T-Mobile gets the iPhone, great. If they do not, that’s just fine as well as any carrier will have inevitable success, but more importantly, consumers will have more choice. With all this in mind, our forums have proven to be a battleground for what is the finer OS, Android or iPhone? Even if you don’t fall into one of those corners, the argument sure is fun to watch.

All that being said, Kaufman Bros. analyst was the second this week to predict the iPhone possibly winding up on magenta. “While we believe VZ is likely inevitable at some point when 4G technology rolls out in 2012 or so, we believe Sprint and/or T-Mobile are more willing partners for Apple in helping maintain margins and customer controls,” he said. “From a technology perspective, we believe T-Mobile may have an advantage with a similar 3G UMTS/WCDMA network as AT&T.” Nothing is for certain and surely this will be met with a collective sigh from most of the blogosphere as just rumor mongering with no factual evidence and in that sense, they are absolutely right. Still, the iPhone on T-Mobile is a prospect that should be considered, regardless of whether or not it will drive Android fanboys crazy.


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  • Rocko

    HSPA+ please and then I’ll consider it.

  • ali

    It seems like the side effects of crack show up more and more the closer we get to the holidays.

  • Russell

    this would definitely boost tmo sales and customers. they NEED the iphone to stay afloat with VZ and ATT. their android phones are slacking so this might be their savior. plus, if they HSPA+ rolls out like they predict, the iphone 4G will overcome ATT!!

  • skatr24flip

    I believe as well that the Iphone on t mobile would be good for atleast one thing….CHOICE! That’s what people want. I’m a huge Android “fanboy” myspelf and would never own the IPhone, but the sad truth is that some people are so mezmerized by it that t mobile would make some mad profit off of it and be able to expand the 3G goodness to smaller towns for my android phones.

  • trife

    I’d buy one on TMO with the quickness. The only reasons I’m not rocking with one now is that ATT sucks (see overpriced) and not being able to utilize 3G with an unlocked one is pointless to me.

    Make it happen Magenta.

  • It would be smart for iApple to consider opening the device to all networks. It would obviously boost their sales. Checkout this article that shows iPhone sales doubling after O2 exclusivity deal ends:

    • T

      I think the only reason they aren’t doing that in the US is because people would be complaning:
      •The 3G banding doesn’t support all carriers
      •There are only two GSM choices
      •Apple would be receiving calls left and right from T-Mobile customers complaining they only get EDGE service

      —Maybe after 2 years of Apple listening to those complaints they would add in T-Mobile banding, but I don’t understand why T-Mobile couldn’t just use the same bands as T-Mobile UK!


    Let’s not kid ourselves with this analyst’s speculation. Do you really think Apple is going to hand over the iPhone to T-Mobile without some huge monetary incentives….money that T-Mobile doesn’t appear to have judging from their marketing campaigns and current stable of phones. Apple has suffered enough embarrassment from AT&T’s horrible 3G network and loading the iPhone on the ever so absent 3G network like T-Mobile’s would be a disaster. Seriously, there can’t be anyone here with half a brain that beleives Apple is going to settle for a #4 ranked carrier over a #1 or #3.

    In case you all haven’t been paying attention Qualcomm has been in talks with Apple in becoming the supplier of chips for the next iPhone(s). Qualcomm has also developed a hybrid chip that is capable of running all carrier technologies as well as the future LTE standard. This is where the analysts have missed the mark. If Qualcomm can seal the deal with Apple then it’s a slam dunk for a Verizon CMDA/LTE iPhone to exist. I’m not saying that there can’t be a T-Mo one as well but that’s less likely. It’s all in the chip but money talks. It’s about who’s willing to dish out the cash – I’ve got my money on Verizon. T-Mobile is a cheapstake bastard child in this game.

    T-Mobile fans should really stop getting your hopes up about rumors and speculations. There have been no word of any sort coming from top execs as they are to embroiled in keeping with tradition of keeping you all in the ‘Dark’.

    I’m not believing anything until I hear it on the news or see an official statement from the T-Mo camp.

    • watbetch

      You’re a fool

      • MAXIMUS

        I guess there’s no excuse for you being an idiot.

      • MAXIMUS

        What’s your excuse for being an idiot?

      • watbetch

        They have absolutely no problem charging $350 for the Touch Pro 2. The new 9700 is the same as what AT&T is charging. They will let you finance devices, AND the iPhone 3G is being sold for dirt cheap over at AT&T.

        T-Mobile’s new AWS network will not have problems in nearly the same multitude as AT&T’s overstressed and starved network.

        What’s your excuse for being so ignorant? People will flock to T-Mobile if the picked up the iPhone. PERIOD.

      • watbetch

        The pricing over at AT&T is $99, $199 at T-Mobile would be totally inline.

    • Rstar

      I will believe it when I see it. I agree with maximus, Tmobile will never get the Iphone, because Tmobile only focuses on cheapy services, and cheesy handsets for the people with bad credit.

      • MAXIMUS

        Watbetch – What you fail to ignore is that AT&T has money…..T-Mobile’s purse isn’t nearly as large. AT&T paid a nice chunk of change to lock up the exclusive deal for so long….now Apple wants to test the waters on another carrier. Here in the US that would be the other larger carrier….one that has some market relevance – Verizon. T-Mobile hasn’t put their best foot forward in remaining a relevant contender in the US market. If it wasn’t true there wouldn’t be such disapproval from Deutsch Telecom. T-Mobile has been relegated to the likes of Boost, Amp, MetroPCS. That’s the playground they’re playing in at the moment. AMP is dead right?

        We all hear the talk about this HSPA+ network…sounds great but where is it? Still being meshed together. No one really knows how well it’s really going to run because there’s not a lot of areas it exists or devices on it to gauge it’s reliability. If T-Mobile could get the iPhone today I would be certain the network would suffer similar problems AT&T experienced and we’d be hearing some excuses about tuning or deployment issues. Things look great on paper until they’re actually put through the tests.

        Let’s wait until T-Mo has a good portion of the network functional first…maybe Apple will give them a shot.

      • Dougee

        Maximus, please shut ur mouth. Obvioulsy you don’t understand the fact the DT is the parent company for T-Mobile USA, and they finance all operations if in need. Do your homework.

      • watbetch


        Agreed. You have to understand WHY AT&T has the problems it has first before you want to make up some claim about how network reliability will crumble under the pressure of an iPhone.

      • beastly

        Well, you’re both right in a way. Maximus is right that if only one other US wireless company is getting the iPhone, it won’t be T-Mobile. Apple wouldn’t bother. Honestly, I think it would be foolish for Apple to go exclusive with Verizon either, but if they’re going exclusive again, Verizon is the obvious choice.

        However, we *do* know how an HSPA+ network will work because it already exists in a lot of places, including Australia, where it has been running 21 Mbps since 2008. (I have also heard that Australia’s ready to throw the switch on every last one of their 3G towers and bump data speeds up to 42 Mbps by the end of the year. As it was explained to me, this requires no field hardware upgrades, and will literally be rolled out with the push of a button.)

        Anyway, meshing CDMA and GSM technology is clearly possible: witness all the “world phones” sold by Verizon that run on CDMA, but can take a SIM card for overseas trips. (They never seem to support North American frequencies, as I discovered when I tried to take my Verizon BlackBerry to T-Mobile, but I think that’s more a business decision than a technical problem.)

        The financial stuff is anyone’s guess, and I really have no idea how wireless companies and phone manufacturers make their deals. But it seems logical to me for Apple to do what every other company is doing and sell their product through all of the Big Four. I’d also like to see Apple selling the iPhone with combined technology as a “use anywhere” phone, but that seems less likely to me, somehow. In any case, the iPhone has already mostly saturated the GSM market, and I can’t see an exclusive deal between AT&T and T-Mobile benefiting anyone.

      • T

        I say the U.S. Should go all GSM!

  • Corey

    Wonder how much the iPhone would go for on the Even More Plus plan? $600…. $800… Would they even sell the phone without a contract?

    My thoughts… The iPhone has already had its 10 minutes of fame and is on it’s way out. (remember the Motorola MOTORAZR?)


      With the money Apple wants per unit T-Mobile wouldn’t be able to sell the phones with out recouping through lengthy contracts. Notice how AT&T runs things….you can’t buy a phone and skate without being charged for a contract. Same will go for T-Mobile.

  • rushmore

    ATM, AT&T and Verizon HATE each other. Verizon would love to be first out with the iPhone and take AT&T and take some marketshare with it.

    Just like Droid, iPhone will be a high interest target for Verizon. Tmo will be second in line if it is a “one at a time” adopation process by Apple.

    iPhone has some great games, but the premise and single tasking sucks.

    • RevenG

      I don’t agree with that. T-Mobile will not be second in line. T-Mobile has a better relationship with Apple than Verizon does, considering they now have them in all of their Euro markets and before that had exclusivity with them in some of their Euro markets.

      • BBSwany

        @RevenG, but Verizon’s parent company is Vodafone who will be carrying the 3GS soon. So Euro markets may play a factor but know that Verizon’s parent company is involved as well.

  • J

    To add fuel to the fire (I previously believed this to be false), tmobile has posted these stories on their internal news site. If they were false, would they spread it o employees? It has me rethinking. Here is something else for you. Tmobile IT personnel are being trained in Apple related software though the company does not have any Apple equipment. Not even a Mac laptop. Those two things are kind of unrelated but possibly linked to something bigger.

    • beastly

      Wow. Any idea when it will happen? iPhone on T-Mobile would break AT&T.

  • WXman

    People want choice, is that what I’m hearing? Then run from the iPhone like it has swine flu. Because Apple is all about taking your “choice” away, and forcing you to come back to them for every little thing. Hell, you still can’t even get a new battery for the iPhone. You have to mail it to Apple. Can you finally send MMS from iPhone? What a joke…iPhone is the biggest underacheiver of the decade.

    • J

      I’m not an iphone Guy, but underachiever? That is ridiculous. The phone redefined cellular phones. It outdoor every phone out there. It may be the greatest electronic device of the decade based on popularity.

      • J

        That should be outsold. Mytouch autocorrect stinks.

  • joel

    Hey J, where have you seen this on T-Mobile’s “Internal News Site?”

    I haven’t seen it anywhere. Granted, today is my day off, but I surely would have noticed it in Streamline yesterday. Only place I didn’t check yesterday was Onevoice. And why would it be posted there? Don’t get me wrong, I would actually be pretty excited if this where the case, but I don’t think it is.

    • joel

      Also, just as a side note, I’ve noticed an increase in calls from people needing the internet/MMS settings for iPhone. Spoke to a really nice lady yesterday who told me she had brought over 3 iPhones from AT&T specifically because of the Even More ads on TV. She said that she was saving over $200 PER MONTH by switching to us. Yeah, those claims of “half the price” of AT&T would go VERY nicely with us offering the iPhone. Talk all the crap you want about it, it’s a very consumer-friendly device and would be a huge success on our network :)

    • J

      Posted today on Onevoice

    • Adam

      If you look in OneVoice, there is a news item there…I tend to agree with many of the posts here…I am not sure how well the iPhone would work with T-Mobile. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% sure that AT&T would be worried if T-Mobile got it, I mean look at all the roadblocks they (both Apple and AT&T) have put in place to prevent people from jailbreaking their iPhone to use on T-Mobile. As far as the EM and EM plus pricing, lets look at some of the phones that T-Mobile has now. The TP2 is over 500.00, the MyTouch/Cliq/G1 are all the same price, and I can’t even count how many I have sold since EM plus came out. So, pricing wouldn’t be a block for T-Mobile. Plus, Apple and T-Mobile UK/Germany already have the iPhone, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for us to get it. The only fear I have is selling the iPhone next to the MyTouch and seeing which the bulk of the customers go for. Most people want the iPhone for the name, not because they actually need/know how to use the phone. I could see VZW getting the iPhone because of the market share that they have. That doesn’t take a lot of thought. BUT, I would not be shocked to see T-Mobile get it. Yes, our 3G network is still in the ramp up phase, however, in areas that has it running it is running circles around AT&T.

      Oh, and Maximus, don’t be a troll.

  • Dominick

    I agree with MAXIMUS, I dont want the iPhone on Tmo because I dont think the network will be able to handle the influx of new and already current people with the iPhone. I love my dear Magenta but I think this would strain the network and possibly give everyone one terrible web experiences unless Tmo does some hardcore network upgrades. Plus I feel the iPhone is played out Android all day baby. My rooted G1 is the legendary iPhone Killer ;)

    • J

      I work in engineering and I couldn’t disagree more. There are already thousands of iphones on the edge network. Tmobile’s hspa+ plan for the next few years is great. Tmobile will have the ability to increase bandwidth quickly and at a great cost. Added coverage will take time, but data rates are covered. With added customers the coverage will expand much more quickly.

      • MAXIMUS

        Listen to what you just said – Edge. Your dinosaur. An influx of 3G capable iPhone would drop your network to its knees…maybe even on its face. Don’t attempt to make a comparison of Egde to HSPA…it’s not even apples to apples.

        Your network would suffer greatly. T-Mobile needs at least until mid-2010 (we hope) to handle the type of data traffic generated by iPhone users.

      • J

        No. You’re wrong. I understand the difference between edge and 3g. I work on both every day. Our 3g network was installed ready for a larger customer base. At&T’s wasn’t. They have to do equipment upgrades to get 7.2mb/s. We had the equipment since day 1. While At&t are installing their 7.2 this year, we are connecting up our 21mb/s equipment. Our network will have the bandwidth. If you want to talk coverage, you will have a point. If you are talking about data rates, you are wrong. You said you have a friend in engineering. Ask him about what AAV is.

      • watbetch

        J is making sense, do you really think they would be able to turn on 7.2mbps and 21mbps HSPA if the network wasn’t built for the bandwidth? iPhones are already ON T-Mobile DESPITE not having 3G!

      • Dominick

        That’s great to hear cause I was worried with all the new android phones that it would strain the network. Here is a hopeful question for you, will Tmo roll out HSPA at the end of the year?

      • J

        You’d be surprised how much hspa is out there now. Mostly, they just need to get more circuits to site now. Hspa will be shortlived in most areas because hspa+ makes adding bandwidth much easier and faster. I’m typing on an hspa enabled site now.

      • J-Hop2o6

        J.. is it true that Tmo will flip the switch to 7.2 HSPA on existing UMTS/3G around Christmas time??

      • J

        There is no ‘flip of the switch’ hspa coming. It is a misunderstood rumor. There will likely be hspa capability added before Christmas, but that does not mean you will have 7.2mb/s. In order for that to happen, your covering cell site needs 4 circuits installed. If there currently are only 1 or 2 it wont matter if hspa is turned on. You will only get 1 to 2mb/s. You could be on an hspa enabled site right now and not know it. Its all about how much bandwidth is going into the site you are on. With the upcoming projects you will have a large bandwidth to play with. Its not there yet. You aren’t going to see a lot of 7.2 in most areas because 21 is coming fast.

      • J-Hop2o6

        oh ok,, i see.. but about a month ago, i called tmousa tech support and they told me there was gonna be some “work” done in my area around nov. 10th.. he said there’s no details in his computer about the specific “work”, but he knew it was dealing with data tho.. so does that mean that should be the engineers adding more circuits? if u can, do u have ANY info on Burien, WA (SouthWest Seattle)

  • RevenG

    Back in Feb. of 08, T-Mobile CEO Akhavan said he wanted iPhone on ALL markets. So now that Europe’s exclusivity is over, and AT&T’s is getting close, I can pretty sure T-Mobile already has a deal with Apple to get the iPhone.

  • employee

    What I dont understand Joel, is why you are talking about streamline, or onevoice on the internet. With the times that are tough, and the economy in recession. I would think that you would appreciate your job, and not talk about programs that are related to your job that is confidential. But than again, I dont know.

    • J

      There is nothing stated that is confidential. Its a reposted article from an external website. it is still a guessing game. If there was an official statement, you would have a point. There is also an article about an app to lose weight. Not exactly top secret information there. If tmobile wants to keep something secret it doesn’t go on onevoice. Streamline is a different matter.

    • joel

      Uh, I’ve never revealed anything that was in onevoice and Streamline. Just mentioned them. Also, it’s extremely funny that you’re on tmonews and criticizing me for just mentioning those internal sites. I’ve found that tmonews is often a quicker way to find out what’s happening with T-Mobile than reading Streamline anyway. There are sources leaking stuff before it even hits Streamline OR Onevoice, so I’m not too worried about just mentioning them in passing. Thanks for your “concern,” though :P

  • Apple would have to be out of their minds not to let T-Mobile co-sell with AT&T. Just cause T-Mobile doesn’t have twice as many customers, doesn’t spell doom for Apple. They can continue to work with AT&T, but not exclusively.

    T-Mobile would be fools to pass on Apple’s extended hand to them. T-Mobile knows how many customers they lost and continue to lose to AT&T and Apple, because they lack the iphone, that has been exclusively locked to AT&T.



    just give me a UMA android.

    what can a iphone do better than that?

    my g-1 goes toe to toe with my samsung katalyst as far as holding a signal out here in the boonies.

    the way people whine about the iphone’s ability in fringe areas why bother?

    for the zillionth time……..

    i’m not buying any more hardware until i get exactly what i want think i’m alone?

    UMA/ANDROID and i don’t care who makes it.

    • J

      You will be waiting awhile because carriers do not want to do this. The fear is an app that gives you voice calls using the data network. This would result in people having data only plans but getting voice free.

      • beastly

        Fascinating. What are nanocells and picocells? The advantage of UMA was always the ubiquity of WiFi networks, and the ease of in-home installation. Will these ittybittycells have those advantages too?

        I’ve always been somewhat disappointed in the way the Android phones were nerfed by excluding UMA and Bluetooth object exchange capabilities. One reason is that my personal computer is a Mac, and I can’t get music to my phone via USB. It’s Bluetooth or nothing, and with the G1, it’s nothing. Also, when I travel overseas, it’s nice to tap into the hotel’s WiFi and call home without getting skewered with the roaming charges when I get home.


      UMA is another issues. T-Mobile faithfuls and T-Mobile have become so accustomed to UMA to crutch voice coverage along I’m sure there would be expectation for Apple to include UMA. I’m sure Apple won’t bother with it. No other carrier relies on it why should they make an exception for T-Mobile?

      • J

        They don’t offer image but they have similar products to extend coverage. Even Verizon offers a device to extend indoor coverage. uma is being replaced by nanocells or picocells. Its a better solution.

  • Bob

    T-mobile has experience with the iphone already over in Europe. They have had it for sale for some time now over there so I do believe they know what to expect.

  • AgDon

    I’d like to get the iphone if it makes it to TMO

  • Kickstar13

    If we do end up getting the iPhone, it will most likely be HSPA+ compatible. And isn’t HSPA+ supposed to roll out in mid 2010 (June). The iPhone is usually released June/July so is this just a coincidence?

  • MLB1906

    Well all I can add to this conversation is “I’d buy one.”

  • FILA

    T dont need i. They need to concentrate on Android good and hard, iPhone is looking pretty beat and old nowadays, with Android on 3 carriers now, come on, free navigation, Google knows what there doing, and it will take no time to beat iPhone out the ring. come on T-Mobile ditch the iPhone thoughts, let apple hang with no provider to sign then Android wins!! Fuck the Macfan boys, shit sucks anyways.

    G1v2 in the near future

  • Dalton

    I’ll believe it when i see it. It’s not going to happen. We can dream though. Would be fantastic news for Tmo, but not gonna happen. Guarantee. Tmo can’t even get half the good phones Verizon, or Sprint, or AT&T get. They get the “ehh, somewhat ok” phones. What makes you think they could get the iPhone? pfftt.

  • John


    Thanks for the engineering insight to the network. That was my biggest concern as to a T-Mo iPhone.

    I will say it again but I really think that we will see the iPhone 4.0. It will have 21 Mb/s speeds, an upgrade OS to match the missing features that come standard with Android, and it will be sold on both AT&T AND T-Mobile. People realize something. It’s about selling units, not if T-Mobile get’s it or not or even if T-Mobile is the sole carrier. All the carriers will get it; it’s just a matter of time. The real challenge to a T-Mobile iPhone is AT&T and if they can negotiate an extension. That would give Qualcomm enough time to get their dual GSM/CDMA chip ready and then everyone would get the iPhone at the same time. It wouldn’t just be the GSM crowd alone. You can throw in the chance that LTE MIGHT be ready by then and a 3 carrier distribution would be possible but that’s a BIG if.

    One last thing, Apple values winning relationships above all others. T-Mobile DE has had a great one with Apple and they continue to sell a ton of units. And think back a long time ago, T-Mobile USA CEO said that he never could really comment about the USA iPhone because their parent company sells it. It’s 50/50 if they knew then but it’s got to be coming. They probably just lost out on the US market because the Feds took so long getting off the spectrum. I’m very excited for June/July and when we will hopefuly see Magenta on stage at the WDCC with Jobs unveiling the new iPhone 4.0.

    Thanks again J – love to hear more about when we should expect to see our 7.2 Mb/s Christmas present and if you get wind of anything else.

  • joe

    good news if it happens. i dunno, android is nice but it lacks a certain polish, at least many of it’s apps do and I know from playing with it. Better developing done on the some of the stuff on the iPhone even if you have to pay for it. Plus, new customers means possible reinvesting in coverage.

  • TmoAsian

    OK, T mobile NEEDS the iPhone, but more importantly, T mobile either needs more phones, or VZ AND ATT need to lower their prices. The way things are going right now is kinda unfair.


    We could argue til we’re all blue in the face. The likelihood of T-Mobile sealing an agreement with Apple for the iPhone is a hope and a prayer. Judging from T-Mobile’s track record they couldn’t sell boots at an ass kicking contest let alone secure an iPhone deal. Keeping hoping you’ll just end up utterly disappointed as always.

    Want an example of how great T-Mobile is….their competitors will be releasing new phones all the way through the holiday season, T-Mobile is done for the year. Nothing great slated for next year either. Guess phase 2 of Dark is in effect.


    Gosh T-Mobile…impress me just once. That’s all I ask. I’m gunning for you to do better….just tired of being disappointed.


    J – BTW I have an ‘engineering’ friend at T-Mo….information is not that hard for me to confirm.

    • ali

      @Maximus: ” Guess phase 2 of Dark is in effect ” — I couldn’t have said it better. LOL

      Seriously, I always wonder who comes up with these pipe dreams. Worst of all, the die hard t-mobile fans want it to be true so bad they just turn off the logic centers and they start joining the ‘delusioned’ in their alternate reality dreams.

      The cold truth is that t-mob 3g network will not have coverage close to what at&t or verizon have for atleast 1 more year, if not more. At&t values their relationship with apple and would have to be crazy to let go of their exclusive agreement. The only remote possibility is that after apple starts losing enough of its customer base to android [which will happen by mid to the end of 2010], they may just prostitute their phones and make an cdma and aws compatible too [ in addition to the normal one].

      • ctk

        and at&t’s network is all that extensive? i believe that there is one other cellular service provider that is hammering at&t over the head about their own 3g coverage.

        your average consumer doesn’t give a damn if their phone has 3g or not. what they do give a damn about is the fact that it’s an iphone, it has billions of apps, you can use it like your ipod, and its popular. and until someone develops the next killer phone, the iphone is still king. everyone knows it. ebay is loaded with pathetic iphone knockoffs for years. i also don’t expect to see any droid enabled knockoffs in the future either, because its similar to the iphone. and people would rather have the real mccoy than not. i would rather t-mobile have the iphone than not.

        3g is not a dealbreaker for most tmo users. i can tell because they are selling 3g enabled phones in the top markets withOUT tmo 3g and have been for some time now. i can tell because there are how-to guides about getting your iphone to work on t-mobile. i bought an iphone from the internet and went to the tmo store the same day it came in the mail. it wasn’t that hard of a decision. when compared to all of at&t’s plans, NONE of them could match what i wanted, specifically a data only plan. with what i do, every one of at&t’s iphone plans is too expensive. t-mobile has a plan for exactly what i want at a reasonable price, which is what i think drove many people to tmo. and guess what, edge speeds is good enough for me.

        should tmo sign a deal with apple for an iphone, i would expect a data only plan for the iphone (one that includes text, similar to the sidekick plan), cheaper than at&t and a flood of at&t customers either bringing their old units onto tmo and a flood of customers who balked at getting an iphone because of at&t’s exorbitant and unreasonable iphone plans.

        plus i also agree that at&t’s problem with their network regarding the iphone has a lot more to do with shoehorning everyone into one frequency 3g capabilities or not than the volume of people using the network.

    • 30014

      If I’m not mistaken, didn’t u leave tmo for vz? With that being said your opinion is neither wanted nor needed. Go find a verizon blog to rant on. If tmo wants to grow their subscriber base they really have no choice but to get the iphone. Whoever doesn’t want one won’t be forced to get one, but there are many people that do want the iphone.

      • MAXIMUS

        Uh yeah. I took my number off T-Mobile and bolted to VZW but I still have 2 other lines with T-Mo so I still have a right to voice my complaints. Even if I didn’t have a line with T-Mo I’m entitled to rant.

        I’m not regretting my decision to leave….I’ve been enjoying the Droid immensely and find it to be an awesome display of Android’s maturity and potential. I had a G1 and I don’t recall having a fraction of the enjoyment I have with my Droid. Verizon did the right thing by waiting for the platform to develop given that T-Mobile didn’t do Android any justice with practically zero marketing. Say what you will…marketing a product generates sales of the product. $100 million was a small price for Verizon to pay to have a successful flagship Android device.

        People….I know technology comes and goes like babies and diapers but when a device as good as the Droid comes along don’t hate. Learn to appreciate its features. It’s a top-tier device….a ‘Hero’ device by T-Mobile’s standards. T-Mobile is definitely in need of a device that rightfully competes with the Droid, iPhone, Storm 2 and Pre. They’ve got nothing but second and third rate devices and they’re trying to charge top tier prices. That’s downright embarrassing.

        Stop being so delusional about a company that’s in desperate need of a corporate makeover inside and out. You do a disservice to yourself by blindly trumping T-Mobile as being something it’s not. If they were half the company you claim they’d be in the #2 or #3 spot here in the US. 4th place doesn’t win races. Gold, Silver Bronze. I guess Copper could be #4.

  • WXman

    Why the hell would Tmo work so hard and invest so much to be the first to carry Android…and then pay $$$ to bring in it’s biggest competitor, the iPhone? That would make zero sense.

    • ctk

      when was android introduced?

      how much time was left on the exclusive deal and how likely was the iphone coming to another carrier at that time?

      yeah. that’s why. a year ago the iphone and at&t seemed like a marriage that would last forever. every other carrier had to do something to try to steal some iphone thunder. we all are just fairly lucky apple has in the last year allowed for multiple carriers in one country to have the device combined with at&t’s “stellar” customer service and verizon’s attack strategy of at&t through the iphone and we are in a good position.

      better to hedge your bets and make an attempt to get it than not try at all.

  • Rocko

    Maximus, there’s a way to explain everything you said without being a complete and utter dickhead about it, which is exactly what you are.

    First, don’t paint us as some chumps clamoring on our knees for a phone that isn’t all that to begin with. The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars on the road today, that doesn’t necessarily make it the best, nicest, powerful or most luxurious car on the market. All people have said here in the comments is to the effect of, “Well, IF it ever happens, we’ll probably get one”. You’re the one who tossed in all the hyperbole about pipe dreams and wishes.
    Because the truth is this: If I felt that the iPhone was all that, I’d ditch T-mo and jump to At&t in a heartbeat.

    So because Apple is in talks q/ Qualcomm about LTE, that means that suddenly Apple is going to ditch all their GSM iPhones? How about you pay attention that the ***THEORY*** here is if Apple is ALREADY making GSM iPhones, then the COST of bringing it to T-mobile is negligible, making T-mo the PERFECT dumping ground for any leftover 3GS. Yeah, its totally speculation and nothing to get excited about at all, but it makes sense and just as speculative as any of the dickish comments you’ve made. It would be absolutely more cost effective and cheaper for Apple to bring the iPhone to T-mo over developing a CDMA version for VZW.

    I fully believe that in the end, what Apple wants is for every person on the planet to be holding one of their over-hyped handsets. They know that they will never accomplish this via one lone carrier, or two for that matter. Whoever pointed out the Moto Razr had it dead on. Give it a couple of years, and the iphone is going to be a cheap handset they give away on every carrier. Once they come out w/ the CDMA one, it’s only time before it makes its way to Sprint. VZW might lock up some exclusivity on the CDMA version, but not forever.

    Once Apple breaks away from At&t, it would be counter-productive at that point to keep it exclusive. They might ‘test the waters’ first, but the floodgates will open soon thereafter.

    And since you’re too busy listening to the sound of your own voice: My comment about HSPA+ was actually a slight against the iPhone. We know there’s not going to be any HSPA+ iPhone anytime soon on ANY carrier… so what does my comment tell you about me getting an iphone, even if it hit Tmobile?

    @WXman… uh. I think you’ve invested too much into thinking carriers support specific brands and OS. T-mo’s competitors are AT&T, VZW and Sprint… not Apple, MicroSoft or RIM. And if anything, T-mo’s strategy of quantity over quality is killing Android because all they’ve successfully done is put out mediocre hardware running a great OS. Well if the hardware kind-of, sort-of, sucks, people aren’t going to buy another Android handset again. I have a rooted G1, love the OS, hate the hardware and with no real promise of a true Android ‘upgrade’ anytime soon, am thinking about going back to WinMo or giving a Blackberry a spin.

    • WXman

      I understand the difference between a manufacturer and a carrier. But the fact is, AT&Ts exclusive iPhone has made the iPhone become their representative. Therefore, the other carriers needed a similar representative to fight against it…and Android was it. Therefore it became Android vs. iPhone, moreso than AT&T vs. Tmo or whatever. The war has become about the devices.

      I do agree with you 1000% though…the G1 rocked when new but it’s showing it’s age hardware-wise already. TMo needs better hardware to run Android on now and they need it fast. Case in point…there are still people who think the Droid is an all new thing and it’s the only Android phone out there. How can you let that happen Tmo??? How?? Embarrassing to have to explain to them that Tmo has had Android for a year now, and still falls behind the brand new Droid.


      I will respond to some of your points while keeping with my tradition of being a dick in your book. But as soon as you grow balls I know a parking lot where I could put my best foot forward…like in your ass. But seriously…I don’t think you want that. Stay behind the keyboard like a good lil bastard you are. See I’m still a dick.

      First. I never implied any of us should be clamoring for the iPhone. It would be a huge step up for T-Mobile if they could acquire a deal with Apple. I’m just stating the obvious….it’s not going to happen. As much as you’d like it to and many others, T-Mobile doesn’t have the corporate leverage to make such a deal possible.

      Apple is a very fine tuned engine and when they let the iPhone out the gate AT&T was in much better shape as well. They fell on their face by underestimating the influx a traffic the iPhone would create on their network. They definitely needed a larger network footprint and terms of bandwidth.

      It’s apparent that exclusivity deals like that of the iPhone are very anti-competitive but creates tremendous buzz for a product….especially one as great as the iPhone. Apple has seen from the precendence made in France that a deal continues deal with AT&T would eventually be dismantled. Only in the US do we get royally screwed by exclusivity deals. That’s soon to change. I hope.

      In regards to LTE, Qualcomm and Apple. The point that you seem to miss is if Qualcomm is producing a single multi-carrier chip it doesn’t exclude T-Mobile from possible getting the iPhone. They certainly couldn’t do it now since their phones all need to have a chip specific to their AWS bands. You should read up on the Qualcomm ship…it’s a good deal for all us once that chip catches on.

      A personal observation. You should learn how to stop being so damn offended about such petty things as an open discussion as this. Calling me a dick makes you look like the bigger idiot.
      I have no hard feelings about people disagreeing with me. I don’t claim to be right….I happen to know a bit about the industry and I’m a subscriber so I have a right. Chill kiddo.

      • MAXIMUS

        The above message is a response to you Rocko

        What kinda name is that? You must be a stinkin’ New Yorker.

        I kid.

  • just some dude

    I could care less, its still all about android for me. The iPhone has gotten i little old.


      Rocko I won’t even begin to comment to your baby babble. Safe it for some other person. You want to have a intelligent debate…..go get a hug from mommy and come back.

  • SeanConnery

    It’s just a phone people calm down or it’s time outs for all of you :)

  • Random Guy

    Have we all forgot the sidekick is still the best selling device to date?…


  • T

    T-Mobile needs more of a selection than just Android! All you guys want is for T-Mobile to have Android phones… This is T-Mobile not Android-Mobile… I think they should have the best of both worlds Apples iPhone on one side, and Googles Android on the other! That would make T-Mobile a lot more popular.

  • TheBitterOne

    Hey MAXIMUS,

    Aren’t you very opinionated! I think you should make use of a dictionary, but first…hold on to these NUTS and take a bite! Now that you have a mouth full try to relax. Your points are hard as well as others, in the game of what carrier gets what phone its always a 50/50 chance. These deals are much bigger than you. Take a seat and let the executives decide.

    You can now loosen you jaw! Bite down again if you need to! Remember, please don’t use any hands.

    Lol…btw welcome to New York!