Motorola Sholes Tablet Sneak Peak


Its been a while since we’ve heard anything regarding the infamous Motorola Sholes/ Sholes Tablet, that according to the leak we released appears to be coming to T-Mobile USA. Note this is still classified as a rumor. Courtesy of the folks over at Mobile Android China, we can finally put a face to this mysterious MotoBlur powered handset. Well maybe not a face but a glimpse of it. So far the  specs look pretty impressive, the Sholes Tablet is rumored to pack a 550MHz OMAP TI 3430 processor (identical to that of the Motorola Droid’s), a 3.7? touch screen, 800 x 480 resolution, HDMI port, 3.5mm headset jack, UMTS/HSPA, and an  8 megapixel camera with  xenon flash to top it off. The Sholes Tablet will come with Android OS 2.0 but by the time this bad boy hits the shelves it might already come preloaded with the yet to be released Android OS 2.1. Larger image after the jump! Don’t forget to express your thoughts in the comments!

BoyGenius Via Mobile Android China


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  • Jr

    I hope this is an early prototype. I dont like the blue color and it kinda looks more like a toy than a phone. I wish it were the all metal black like the Droid. Thats what makes it looks so sexy. This weird blue stuff just looks weird. and the whole under the camera sems strange. the8.0 megapixel logo also mees to be odly large.

    • J

      Agreed. It probably is. The cliq was sporting horrible colors as a prototype too

  • umaluver

    At this point, if the specs are correct, and it comes to TMO, then I’d probably get it no matter what color it is. I really just want to stay with TMO AND have an advanced touchscreen multimedia device.

    • theBIGmack

      I agree completely. I have had the G1 since it came out and am also looking to upgrade, sadly TMo has nothing better to offer so I’m stuck waiting until my contract is up. The minimal amount of info is still enough to keep me waiting but honestly, I want a new phone right now!
      Anyways, this seems to be the phone that’ll hold me over for another year or so hahhahaha.

  • SD

    Ick, that blue is horrid. I also hope that this is just a prototype and the real color will be better. It looks amazing otherwise. The color would keep me from buying it.

  • Rocko

    @ umalover: AMEN brutha!

  • Remember the Motorola Morrison also had a blue finish prototype. Could we infer unreleased blue phones go to Magenta?

  • JD

    I’m buying this no matter what…if it’s T-mobile bound. I need to upgrade my g1, but don’t want to leave the friendly confines of magenta.

    Any rumors on release time frame?

  • AntInPhilly

    Quarter 1 2010 Release Date

  • NiiDiddy

    I must say I’d also have to keep an eye on this one. If it drops to T-Mobile I am getting it – no ifs, ends or buts. This would be the kind of Android device I have been preaching all along. Might start preparing my myTouch3G for ebay in case it drops here…lol. ;)

  • dboy

    sounds too good to be true!! lets hope it lands on tmobile….

  • TehAndroid

    This is coming to Tmobile my friend was testing it and he says its a great phone. Has Blur but he said he thought it only had 1.5.

  • FILA

    sounds like a phone to me

    • FILA

      but still has a shitty processor in it, 550, come on, yea a step up from the 528, but not a huge difference

      • umaluver

        its the same processor in the Droid and it IS a huge difference. There is a lot more than mhz to this particular processor.

  • Ryan

    Just bought a used g1 to keep me going for a while. I would sign on to a contract if they could bring a fast android device soon.

  • Omg another phone for me to toy with…

  • Honestly can’t imagine this phone coming to TMo…

  • jose

    I just find it kinda of weird that there is no motorola logo on some of the pics and the phone looks thicker than the current droid even thought it doesn’t have a full qwerty keyboard ill believe it when I actually see a full shot of the phone itself

  • andrew

    I wish it would like a soft touch and omled display motorola phone have good battery life wish it would come the tmobile and it would for $200 or 250. Maybe motoblur

  • abi

    the lies have to stop….. this wont be on tmo and that leaked thing about it coming to tmobile that crap looked fake…….. tmobile is getting left behind again its pissing me off cuz i love tmobile and wish it the best but seriously we need flat out truth not rumors or anything like that. WE NEED A POWER HOUSE ANDROID PHONE thats really going to hit tmobile not rumors

  • abi

    that phones going across the pond to uk watch just like the dragon/passion here in the states vzw and the gsm version to uk

  • abi

    its funny cuz if u look at that document it shows the droid coming to tmobile also with the one up top

  • John

    i don’t think that phone is blue, maybe is just the way the images turned out. But anyway, it is possible for such a nice device to come to t-mo….but it is hard to believe thanks to the latest phones acquired by the magenta.
    Anyway, i’m getting this even if its pink!

  • -ray

    IF this comes to Tmo then they will need to price it at $199.00 but somehow I don’t think they will. I would not mind the blue, just don’t make it that baby sh*t brown that Tmo seems so fond of.

    • jose

      There is no way it will be priced at 199 look at the behold they’re charging 249 for it I see it in a price range from 249 to 349

      • -ray

        And that is really sad.. What if Tmo gets the Iphone? Are they going to charge more for it than AT&T because Tmo does not know how to subsidize phones? BTW: The Behold II should only be about 79.00 and that is pushing it..

  • JBLmobileG1

    Tmobile really needs to step it up in the phone department and fast. The sad thing is there is no real phones to wow over until next year and even then will they be wow worthy. Where is the N900… the HD2… heck are we or are we not getting the iphone. Tmobile wants to step it up… its not the plans that customers want (they already had those) its the phones. Here me Tmobile??? PHONES… what you use on your network.

  • RUkidding

    Hey Ray, lets get real about price. The behold ll for $79.00. Yeah and I should get a Samsung LED 50 in TV for $799.00. But then again I am probably talking to someone who owns a Vizio. Engage brain before placing fingers in gear.

    • BKJames

      Uhmm yeah $79.00 sounds about right for the Behold 2..I just cant get over that price. I do think Tmo just doesnt know how to subsidize phones..I mean joking aside the Behold 2 shouldnt be more than $129 (the moto Cliq by the way should have been $99-$119)

  • Kirbdaddy

    Why is it called a “tablet”??? Does that mean there is no physical keyboard? If that’s the case then NO THANKS!!! (the DROID’s keyboard looks sketchy to me anyway)

  • BKJames

    Fingers crossed, but this looks great..but then again how much will Tmo sell it for? Tmo sucks at subsides it seems so dont expect $199…$299 or more I figure. I mean the Behold 2 is $229..meanwhile the samsung Omnia 2 is $199 on Verizon, besides having winmo, it blows away the behold 2 specwise and is cheaper?? Smh at Tmo. I see people talking about buying this device at all costs..not me..yes I want it but I refuse to pay more than $199 for smartphone. Why? the iPhone of course. Now im a Android fanatic, but if AT&T can offer the iPhone for that much than Tmo should be able to offer there lastest phones for that much. Please dont tell me anything about Verizon and AT&T being bigger and can afford to sudsidize phones. Last time I check Tmo is a billion dollar company too. Look at the’s still overpriced under Tmo. Anyway once again hopefully this lands at Tmo, but im not paying a arm and leg for it, especially since whatever HTC comes out with may blow this out the water. One more thing..NO MOTOBLUR pleaseeee

    • beastly

      My understanding of phone subsidies is that they are based on how much money the company expects to make on inflated rates for the 24 more months you will be locked into your contract. Verizon sells you a Droid for $200, and expects to recoup the $300 they lost on the deal by inflating the rates you’ll be paying over the next 24 months. Since T-Mobile’s Even More rates are (generally) slightly less inflated than Verizon’s, they can afford to subsidize a smaller portion of your phone. Basically, they can expect to recoup less of that cost from you over the length of your contract.

      Frankly, now that Even More Plus plans are available with the option of buying a pricey phone in payments, I don’t see why anyone would bother with T-Mobile’s contract plans anymore. If you do the math, it always comes out as the better deal, and it frees you up to buy your phone off Amazon or eBay, without paying for a subsidy you never receive.

      • Grr

        Thats pretty much it. But you actually can even look at it a little deeper. Lets say consumer A and consumer B both go to Verizon. One guy gets the free phone because he doesn’t want to pay much for a phone. The other guy gets the Droid at $99. Both get the same plan and are paying $75 a month for a 2 year contract. Genrally speaking, consumer A’s free phone subsidizing is less than consumer B’s $99 Droid. So consumer A is sort of getting shafted.

        T-Mobile subsidizes phones less and makes plans cheaper instead. Personally i prefer the cheaper plans and monthly payments on a phone. There are still people out there that use a phone for more than 2 years. Its not really fair to make them pay the same monthly rate as someone who is constantly having a phone subsidized. I would like to see subsidizing done away with completely and go the monthly payment route. Thats on my same list of things I want along with a la carte services. I’d like to go up and say “I want 1524 minutes and 352 MBs of data. How much?”

  • Inhuman

    Here is an interesting pic i came across somewhere…
    Could this be a better picture of the sholes tablet?

    • Grr

      My eyes are a little fuzzy, but the pic you linked to seems to show a 5 megapixel camera whereas the one here shows 8. I would say probably different phones.

  • beastly

    With all respect to you Android fans, I finally picked up my Blackberry 9700, and I think I’m in love. Couldn’t be less interested in the Sholes Tablet. Nothing big to report, but they’ve done all the little things right. Also, battery life is incredible. Battery lasts all day long with continuous heavy use over a combination of 3G and WiFi.

    • branon

      Totally agree with beastly. I am in awe of the bold 9700. I have had the iphone, the G1 and even the n900 (for three days). I played also with the Droid for half an hour in the Verizon store. But man, the bold 9700 is a smartphone on steroids. While other phones “lag” the trackball of this phone is out of the world. And the battery last more than two days!
      And you can sync with itunes!

      • branon

        umm trackpad not trackball sorry…

    • kershon

      I love mine too. I just tried typing on my kid’s gravity with the slider keyboard. That was really wierd. It is a long reach to the keys from what I am used to. I even sent myself a text message just to see how it worked. No way I am ever giving up my 9700. What you note is absolutely true. It is fast and very smooth. Just love it. And next year we get an updated browser with flash.

  • Tim

    Dammit! Can’t we just get a nice, high end device, WITHOUT all that manufacturer crap (motoblur, touchwiz, etc)?? That stuff adds no value, in some cases drains the battery, and puts you at the mercy of the manufacturer for future updates of Android. I just want the phone and the OS, I’ll customize it myself thanks. :(

    • beastly

      There’s something to that, but Motoblur is actually pretty cool. I wasn’t too into the happenings widget, but the automatic contact sync with cloud backup is neat, and in theory so is remote wipe.

      • Tim

        You have a good point… Motoblur is pretty cool, for some people. But it would be ideal if Moto would make it an optional package you can add to your Motorola phone, and lock it to their series of IMEI numbers or something. That way you get it if you want it, but there’s flexibility built in for those of us who want powerful high-end stuff, but still wish to keep it simple.

  • jose
  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Interesting phone. I have the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 and love it.

    The only phone I am waiting for and I will buy instantly as if by magic is the HTC HD2.

    End discussion.

  • chris

    A motorola rep confirmed with me that this phone will have 1080p video capture along with a 1080p resolution screen, and is fairly confident this phone will end up on T-mobile some time in the fall or right before Christmas.
    They did say T-mobile IS definitely planning a big launch consistant with the timeframe of the SHOLES