Motorola Cliq Running Android 2.1 Spotted In Wild?

For the moment we’re chalking up this screenshot of a Motorola Cliq running Android 2.1 is as rare as the White Unicorn. This image, courtesy of those fine folks at AndroidCommunity is about as stumped as we are and as they say “have information to give you about this.” Of course the model number is MB200 aka the Motorola Cliq and the phone is clearly running on T-Mobile US but that’s about all we can surmise from this image. We don’t know if its fake or a demo or someone wanting to tease the masses because he may be the only person on earth running the Cliq on that software version. Rest assured that its likely every Android loving website on earth is attempting to track down the origin of this image. Regardless, we can only hope that Motorola is ready to make good on its Android 2.1 promise for Cliq users everywhere.


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