Motorola Cliq Running Android 2.1 Spotted In Wild?

For the moment we’re chalking up this screenshot of a Motorola Cliq running Android 2.1 is as rare as the White Unicorn. This image, courtesy of those fine folks at AndroidCommunity is about as stumped as we are and as they say “have information to give you about this.” Of course the model number is MB200 aka the Motorola Cliq and the phone is clearly running on T-Mobile US but that’s about all we can surmise from this image. We don’t know if its fake or a demo or someone wanting to tease the masses because he may be the only person on earth running the Cliq on that software version. Rest assured that its likely every Android loving website on earth is attempting to track down the origin of this image. Regardless, we can only hope that Motorola is ready to make good on its Android 2.1 promise for Cliq users everywhere.


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  • jankycliq

    I call fake …

    • mmaxxsooner

      Must be a fake it’s showing full battery

      • Johnny

        well he has a usb plugged in so maybe just maybe its been on there for a long time and charged his better 100% lol

        im tired of 1.5 on my cliq!! i NEED 2.1 NOW!!!!!

  • BPRhythm

    There is so much uproar on the Cliq support forums regarding the update. I think someone is ready to kill if they don’t get the 2.x update soon.

    • kyle

      im holding my hamster hostage if they dont.

  • DisKO

    Can’t wait til mine looks like that! Only about a month & a week left until the end of the Qtr…

  • ricky

    I thought all the 2.1 version phones say “About Phone” in a grey bar on top and not “Phone Status”?

    • RockTripod

      Yeah, I just noticed that. my guess is that its a fake. Honestly, and I really do hate to say this, I highly doubt Moto will live up to its promise here. They’ve been dangling 2.1 in front of us for too long.

    • DannyO

      Just looked at my Cliq, and if you scroll down, it looks exactly like the screen shot – About Phone scrolls away and you just see “Phone Status”.

    • watbetch

      It’s got MOTOBLUR overlaid so that’s why it’s not gray and that could be why it doesn’t say “About Phone”. Actually with my CLIQ it has “About Phone” below phone status..

    • Johnny

      idk i just compared the screenshot to my cliq and it looks identical besides that its on 2.1 and a few numbers change here and there. i think its real!

      cant wait

  • Wilma Flintstone

    hulk want project emerald device details or hulk SMASH!!!

    • phonegeek

      becareful tmo might pull an iron man and ship you to another planet lol jk jk ( some nerd talk) but anyway na yo they need to get the update soon ive been hearing it long enough i mean im getting the slide an already have a mytouch but still they’ve been waiting too long

      • sorandkairi

        Planet Hulk…..priceless….

  • The Observer

    looks like a rooted rom. i can tell cause of the USB debuggin icon on the notification bar. and it says 2.1-update1. wouldnt it just be 2.1? cyanogen rom got the 2.1-update label also

  • adam

    No that the update 2.1 os update 1 to all phone included nexus one that not rooted

    The Observer says:
    May 19, 2010 at 7:49 pm
    looks like a rooted rom. i can tell cause of the USB debuggin icon on the notification bar. and it says 2.1-update1. wouldnt it just be 2.1? cyanogen rom got the 2.1-update label also

  • TaroPsyche

    Hopefully this means they will put it out early or on time. :: hope ::

  • Shawn

    Come on Motorola. Give us ALL the 2.1 update already

  • watbetch

    I like how they revised the bars. I’d prefer having 10 though.

    I’m itching for 2.1 even though I’m mostly content with 1.5.. I need root access however.. that’s why I’m not anxiously awaiting 2.1

  • sofaires

    It could be fake but its not a rooted rom there is no rom for the cliq except for 2 that are 1.5

  • adam

    exactly sofaires the cliq u cant root it yet . I totally think this is real…

  • alex

    hopefully this applies to the CLIQ XT as well, please let it be real=)

  • Brandon

    I would say this is a true image. I myself have seen 2.1 on a Cliq. A Motorola rep came into my store and showed it to me but I wasnt allowed to take pictures because he was still testing it before release. He did assure me that they were still on track for a release before the end of the quarter.

    • Jay

      So PLEASE tell us Cliq users what the 2.1 MotoBlur interface looked like! ! !….You had to have spent some time with it if you talked to the Motorola rep so give us some details to hold us over! ! !

  • jkspike3

    FAKE! or rooted!

  • DannOfThurs

    If it’s true, enjoy it b/c the 2.x firmware will probably be the last…anything higher will probably need more, as what occurred with the G1 :(

    Great little intro phone though! I generally recommend that or the Slide to newbs!

  • Lt havok

    Can you even root the Cliq Xt?

  • Ungibbed

    This is a good sign, looks like a far better future than I had with my Sammy Behold II.

    • kilari

      Well I hate to tell you this. But Samsung is known for making phones then ditching them and never releasing updates. That’s why I won’t ever buy another Samsung phone, Android or otherwise. I’m hoping to get the 2.1 update for my Cliq XT, I only have two reasons for wanting it. Gesture Search, and Google Navigation. Otherwise Motoblur makes up for all the shortcomings of the UI that I had in my G1.

  • Could be a fake, because on a rooted rom it’s easy to change System Version and Firmware version to whatever you like by just editing build.prop file in /system.

    Though you can’t change Kernel version the same way (afaik it show the exact kernel version from the running kernel), and I don’t know of any 2.6.29 kernel publicly released for Cliq yet, just 2.6.27. So this indicates it could be a true snapshot.

    Icons are from Motoblur, not stock eclair. doesn’t mean anything to me…

    Another strange thing is that the baseband version showed is 1.4.8 radio/baseband version. Latest Tmo OTA all came with radio upgrade, and I’d be surprised 2.1 wouldn’t come with another radio upgrade.

  • J. Edgar Hoover

    Project Emerald = Mytouch Slide.

  • Cameron

    They are supposively shipping Motorola Motoroi with 2.1 and blur to UK, so a 2.1 Blur should exist.

  • adam

    You guys from what i heard motorola will update the cliq 2.2 os in sept with every 2.2 os feature expect adobe flash player

    • jkspike3


  • D’Sjonaun

    If this is real, the upgrade also comes with a motoblur update. See its running MotoBlur 2.0.1 when the latest update is 1.4.8. I hope the “update with the upgrade” will bring better UI and interaction according to Android 2.1. I hope it is a full blown 2.1 and not watered down.

  • Mani

    Adam where did you hear about Android 2.2 coming to Cliq in September? You can’t just say something like that without a source!

  • beholder

    I have a behold II and i am running 2.1 and its unrooted. and what you said about samsung is not true because the moment just got the 2.1 release

  • cliqchoppa

    why does it take so damn long for motorola to get the freakin 2.1 update this is freakin bullstuff the droid has it and we dont and now there bout to upgrade to 2.2 and we still dont have 2.1 aw yeah and its a fake just look at yoyour signal bars on your phone it way different

  • slideordies14

    i agree…this is bunk…everyone else is going to enjoy the ice cold smoothness and speed of froyo, but we are just now, possibly, maybe……….hopefully about to upgrade to 2.1….MOTOROLA, WAKE UP! YOU ARE PIS*ING YOUR CUSTOMERS OFF!

  • Randy

    I got tired of waiting for these updates I’m getting sick of the lack of attention tmobile is giving to us android users I finally cut the cord and traded my cliq for a iPhone 3g 8gig to someone and let me just say I’m glad I did I hate saying that chase the cliq has been one of my favorite devices yet but tmo/moto need to get there act together not for just the cliq but all android devices otherwise I can see alot of people leaving… Just my 2 cents I love all that is android and I have always hated anything apples but I gave it a try and really like the device I would love to see android running on the iPhone

  • Tmo Tech

    I can tell you from the mouth of a Motorola rep during a Cliq meeting/training that you WILL see 2.1 on the Cliq and Cliq XT as well as an additional update to the motoblur software (AMEN OR THAT) from 1.0 to the new and improved Motoblur software 1.5 .

  • rhynoboy

    I have motoblur 2.1 on my phone,i just got it early this morning.WOO!

  • DogFacedRaneMan

    It is a MyTouch Slide port… mytouch slide 2 motorola cliq port….shows the same version…the slide originally came with the same 2.1 update 1

  • ill

    You can update the cliq (not cliq xt) to 2.1 manualy without root.

  • nickd

    I have the t-mobile 2.1 update on my cliq. this is a fake because, in the gery bar it says “phone staus” when it should say about phone. my phone is not rooted or anything like that and it works great.

  • Mark_maywalall

    hey guys this is not fake, i have my motorola cliq and it is not rooted and im running 2.1 by manually upgrading it from motorolas website…its simple all u have to do is: open google an type in ‘motorola cliq update’ then clik on the first link an then follow instructions…..its free safe and simple…