Blackberry 9700 White Edition and Blackberry 8520 Fuchsia Red Announced

T-Mobile has officially announced two summer additions to the Blackberry line, the Blackberry 9700 in White and Blackberry 8520 in Fuchsia Red. Strictly speaking, these are two devices we’ve known about for some time but it’s always worth reminding the Blackberry faithful that they have two new color choices with which to choose. Nothing says I love my phone like something that can match your clothes. The Blackberry 8520 is brilliant Fuchsia Red is available today online and in T-Mobile retail stores for $49.99 with a 2-year agreement. The Blackberry Bold in White, which is just beautiful in its clean white coloring and will be available May 26th for $129.99 with a 2 year agreement. Blackberry 8520 Fuchsia Red


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  • Matt

    Sprint and verizon get 2.1 updates to android while Tmobile works on a fuchsia red blackberry…………. gee how about a flower looking windows mobile phone…… retards.

    I am so close to switching carriers.

    • manus

      so whats the point of having the best phone ever if it doesnt work. sprint sucks

    • randy

      stop whinning. they are working on android 2.1. what r u talking about.

  • Jay

    A friend of mine is already switching over to Sprint when the EVO comes out because his contract is up. And he already has a Nexus…that’s how sad the phone lineup is. This Project Emerald **** better be true about an EVO-like phone for us or else I’ll be pissed. And it better be HSPA+. 4.3″ screen, HDMI, HSPA+, Android 2.1 or higher, 8MP camera and all that good stuff.

    • drivethruboy168

      Just have your friend unlock the EVO and have him use it with TMO!! :-)

      • David

        Sprint is CDMA!

  • Jay

    I have a Nexus btw and won’t really be switching anytime soon. Even if my contract was up I think I’d stick to T-Mo because of the Nexus alone. Love Google and the Nexus, it is the perfect phone. Don’t wanna wait for these other carriers or manufacturers to take a year just to update their **** to 2.2 Froyo, I know I’ll get it ASAP and first on my Sexy Nexy. The phone itself is also a monster, the best phone out there easily imo, so ****in sexy and beautiful too, best looking phone out there. Just sold my HD2 today for $350 too, thank god I got it for free, **** was pure epic garbage. I’m ok with T-Mo but holy cow they really need to step it up for the rest of the people that can’t drop $575 on a brand new Nexus like me…get a legit superphone that people can get for their family plans or get the Nexus in stores quick. And not some stupid **** like the Galaxy S either, get an HD2/EVO with Android or an HD2/EVO with Android and a physical keyboard or get the Nexus in stores quicker because it’s coming to stores eventually anyway with the news last week about it. I’m on a family plan btw and bought my Nexus for full price, it was worth every damn penny and more. I’d pay $600 exact over that $575 just to have it, truly is godly.

    • djdarkknight96

      I Agree every word!! I have a sexy nexus too! Fast as hell and the first stop for froyo!

  • tmorep

    @ jay, typical tmonews reader that my store manager describes, some teenager that wants ridiculously low plans, cutting edge technology, and free phones with no contract extension that claims to have every new phone thats available…. if ur unhappy with the phone just go to another company douchebag….

    tmos lineup for the rest of the year will not disappoint, trust me….. plus hspa+ will kill sprints 4g… just wait and see….

    • getting tired of waiting 4 tmo

      dude tmo does need to step it up, stop being a fanboy

  • BB3gHSPA+

    Bring on some more 9700 Goodness! Great point on Needing more goods of Nexus Performance. 1 + 1 = 2 Add that formula to the Report. Bold Battery Life is a huge plus. 8520 is economical. Maybe 2g BB’s should be offered old school $19.99 BB Web&Email. Might as well since the REQUIRED BB Features are now locked in. Kudos to the new BB Handheld Software!! Go RIMM Go! Just bring me my next BB with slightly bigger keys and old school spacing and a larger screen that will do some YOUTUBE justice or some other Movie Apps. Would even consider a slimmed down combo touch BB Slide machine. Gonna need a bigger screen and soon. App World is Rockn!

  • Robert

    Well, I’m sticking with T-Mobile or either switch to AT&T because sprint and verizon customer service sucks… Used them before and will never go back. I’ve used AT&T and their service is actually pretty good, and with T-Mobile, I’ve been a loyal customer for 10 years.