White BlackBerry Bold Release Date Confirmed, Again

Just two days ago, we got wind that the sought after White BlackBerry Bold 9700 had been scheduled for a May 26th release. Now we can confirm that with the above image and since an image is worth a thousand words, we’ll just say: we told you so!

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  • Hmmm… Blackberry, MyTouch Slide, Samsung Galaxy S. Decisions, Decisions :)

  • Angel

    Finally! I really want this blackberry but i was waiting for the white one and now i will get it, now the next thing would be when t-mobile is going to launch 3G in puerto rico…is the only carrier in the islans without it and we need it!!

  • Lorri

    I am super stoked!!! I’m getting rid of my myTouch for this BB!!! I’m over the Android hype && miss my “adult” phone!! =)