MyTouch Slide Pricing…In Pictures

Update: While we’ve originally called for the Slide to be released on June 2nd, we’re getting some whispers its been pushed back, to June 16th. We can’t say anything is for sure at this time, but if its June 16th don’t say we didn’t tell you so!

We have pretty much learned all about the MyTouch Slide that we can without a full hands on. The only thing that was missing was the price and that ladies and gents, is no longer an issue. Thanks to one of our super sources, we have solid info that the above pricing is what you can expect to pay out of pocket when this baby launches. With a $149.99 Even More price and a $399.99 Even More Plus price tag, the MyTouch Slide is comfortably in affordable territory. Not that we expected a higher price but “flagship” phones have a way of finding themselves priced usually just a little above what’s expected.

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