MyTouch Slide Pricing…In Pictures

Update: While we’ve originally called for the Slide to be released on June 2nd, we’re getting some whispers its been pushed back, to June 16th. We can’t say anything is for sure at this time, but if its June 16th don’t say we didn’t tell you so!

We have pretty much learned all about the MyTouch Slide that we can without a full hands on. The only thing that was missing was the price and that ladies and gents, is no longer an issue. Thanks to one of our super sources, we have solid info that the above pricing is what you can expect to pay out of pocket when this baby launches. With a $149.99 Even More price and a $399.99 Even More Plus price tag, the MyTouch Slide is comfortably in affordable territory. Not that we expected a higher price but “flagship” phones have a way of finding themselves priced usually just a little above what’s expected.

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  • Matt

    All we need now is confirmation of the release date.

    • David

      I’m updating the post now with a possible release date!

    • The official release date is JUNE 2

  • tato22


  • tato22

    nice its a good price

  • Hurlamania

    Anyone notice a price increase on the Installment plan. 399.99 over 20 months is $20 not $23. I guess the 0% APR is the same they just decided to make a extra $60 through the back door. Or it’s a fake from someone with bad math skills…

    If it is real Let’s not start this game T-Mobile you were doing good.
    seems like something AT&T or Verizon would do…

    • Aston

      maybe the’ye including tax and upgrade fee.

      • Ryan

        its suggesting that you buy 60 dollars worth of accessories too

    • drivethruboy168

      If you read closely, it includes $60 worth of accessories, that’s why it’s $$23 they throw how much it would be with the accessories included in the sale. But $149.99 for a Mytouch Slide is not bad at all! I’ve played with it. The thing run SMOOTH!! Great phone!

    • Ms. Matrix

      I don’t like that installment crap, they trick you into getting the Even More Plus plan telling you “you will save so much money on your bill..” but what they don’t tell you is that you will no longer be eligible for upgrades & discounts in the future. They did that to me and when i hated the phone I got and wanted a new one, it would have had me paying out $500 plus for a Blackberry! I didn’t like that and started to raise hell! So I flipped on them and got them to change my plan back and now I could get my upgrades.

      I think by T-mobile doing installment plans is a way to get more money out of you. Also not to mention the $18 upgrade fee they charge you too…My cousin is on Verizon and he can’t believe that we get charged to upgrade your phone…

      But anyway…why would I want to pay out X amount of $$$ for a phone, when I could get it on a discount. I rather the discount, but I guess for people who wants something new and can’t wait for it will be willing to pay out over time..

      • jon doe

        actually if u had any basic math skills even more plus does save u money in the long run cause ur paying less on ur monthly bill

      • DSB

        Ms Matrix……if you look at the contracted plans vs the no cnotract plans both having data, you pay 20.00/mo less for your service on the no contract plan….if you buy a 400.00 phone on no contract then that is 20.00/mo which means you pay the same price as you would just for the contracted plan not including the cost of the phone….you also do not pay interest on the phone…..and by the way, once you use your discount on a contract you dont get another for anywhere from 11-22 months depending on how long you have been a customer, so even if you get a discount on a phone and you dont like it after a month you will still be paying close to invoice to replace it until you are eligible for a discount again….T-Mobile is the only company that offers this option and it is a great one for people who dont want a contract…..ask your cousing how much more he is paying for his service on Verizon and then ask him if he would rather pay an 18.00 upgrade fee when he buys a phone or pay 200+ more per year on his service…..just because you dont understandt the math doesnt mean that it is not a great option for some people…think about it!!

      • MadProfessor

        You have absolutely no concept of what the Even More Plus plans are. Are you blond by chance?

      • Hurlamania

        Ms. Matrix You save more money in the long run. you pay for that phone either way. cheaper to buy it out right. your bill will be $20.00 more a month for at least 24 months that’s $480 plus the $150 you paid upfront that’s $630 instead of 399.99 paid over 20 months and a cheaper rate plan. Also you’ll continue to pay $20 more a month while in contract or not if you stay on that contract plan. That’s $240 a year plus reduced phone cost if you get a new phone every 2 years.

      • Ktwist

        Just so everyone here knows, there is NO $18 UPGRADE FEE on an Even More Plus account. Since you are paying for the phones at full price, your not taking advantage of the 2yr agreement and therefore no upgrade fee. Oh and if your a student we wave your fee too. Some of the cheapest plans out there with no contract. Only one that beats us is Sprint for 69.99 but that’s not unlimited to landlines or businesses and your signing a 2yr contract. Our Unlimited Everything on the EMP no contract is 79.99 and we give the option on some accounts to break up your phone into payments. Y

  • OOOh, that’s good, just in my price range. Let’s see. That or the Samsung Galaxy S

  • I expected it to be $450, & since it’s basically a upgrade of the MyTouch & G1. This is great, because it didn’t cost more than the 2, it stayed in the same price range. & the MyTouch when it came out was actually retailed @ $450, so this isn’t that bad.

  • Aston


    • Gago


      • phonegeek

        i concur

  • continentalt13

    The extra $60 that’s added is $60.00 in accessories. this is of course optional. its something new that the company is trying out. By the way the my touch slide is an awesome device. I’ve had mine now for about 24 hrs now. There’s a lot more personalization that can be done through this device. Totally new os. it’s a lot better than expected.

    • mikeeeee

      @continentalt, have you taken it to low signal areas?

      • continentalt13

        No I have not taken it in any real low signal areas as of yet. I will say this though, the battery life is not the greatest. I went from a nexus to this and I am still very pleased with its performance so far.

  • Jelc

    Wow T-Mobile actually came through with the pricing and didn’t overprice it at least. I was expecting this to be $179 or higher. I will probably be getting this. Also a lot of people that already have it have liked it a lot.

  • pimpstrong

    So now I Juuuust just just might miiiiight sell my TP2 and buy one for $399. Hold me over till one of these superphones with a KB come to us

  • bryan

    no no no.. please dont push the release date even later.. i cant wait any longer lol

    i still got a sidekick lx lmao

    i need an upgrade badly! lol

    • Matt

      I hear you my 8320 is on its last legs, I can’t wait much longer

      • arcangel7

        Ditto. My 8320 will soon becoming a paper weight or might try blackberry baseball.

    • tomato

      if you think that’s bad, I still have my RAZR!

    • BoomBoomBang


      • bryan

        lmao at aecangel7

        blackberry baseball! i think im going 2 use my sidekick as toilet paper when i buy the myt slide lol

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Wow… this has been a big news day at TMoNews. Good job on all the scoops.

  • spongebob

    Now I just have to decide whether to get this or hold out until the Galaxy S gets released. Decisions, decisions!

  • Kimberly

    Hmmmm June 16th perfect birthday present since that the day of my birthday. Hopefully they don’t delay it any further.

  • Esh

    Since my birthday is tomorrow and I’m currently using a Nokia flip phone. This will be my belated birthday present!!! Yay me!!! :) I used to have a myTouch so the keyboard will take some getting used to.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Awesome price… I have a high feeling I will be picking this up if the price of $149 is true. I honnestly was expecting $179-$199. Which would have been high especially with the phones like the HD2 at the $199 price point. Lets hope this pricing sticks and it stays the same for upgrades as well.

  • jimmy

    i love the pricing on this phone! the nice design and all its features for 399 with no contract! :) i want this allot! please no delay! :)

  • Red

    Why the hell is t-mobile the only carrier that seemingly has issues with releasing a decent cell phone? Every nice phone they prepare to release either gets delayed or they deplete their supply of the product (HD2).

  • BronxBebe

    Will the Froyo 2.2 come with the My Touch Slide?

    • continentalt13

      No it is running 2.1 with HTC sense expresso

  • JBLmobileG1

    I dont care so much is it comes with Android 2.2. The question is and will it ever be upgraded to it and can it handle it without any slowdown. I need my apps2sd…. one very important feature that is missing with Android.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This confirms what I said before. With the economy tanking, a wireless price war going on, and sales being in the decline:

    $100 for the “deluxe” bare bones phone.

    $150 for mid-range.

    $200 for the better to best phones.

    $250 to $300 for the superphones.

    And the most we will ever see for the hottest superphones, without contract, will be $450 to $500. (This range no matter what they are priced in Europe.)

    With the price war maybe even the superphones will be $200 since carriers are now forced to match each other.

    Maybe, just maybe, T-Mobile learned its lesson with the Touch Pro2 pricing, where it sold it for $350 on a two year contract. Soon thereafter competitors sold it for far less and the TMOUS Touch Pro2 did not sell too well.

    I think they did since the HD2 sold for a pleasant $200 and that was with all the extras (16GB chip, nice leather case, two Transformers movies).

    • SpanD

      You mean that nice HTC gel skin “leather case”?

      FYI it did not include a leather case unless you bought it :D

  • BoomBoomBang

    I hope it doesn’t come out June 16th. I wanna show it off at school before I graduate lmao.

  • jabombardier

    Good good! Now I am just waiting for the Nexus one to be sold in stores to do my comparison and then my final decisions. I am getting sick of my G1 with its restarts, freeze ups and laggy performance!

  • Qverse

    Oh Please stop
    T-Mobile’s myTouch 3G Slide, unlike the original myTouch, What Cr@p !

    It has a slide-out physical cheezy keyboard that’s been described as similar to that of the Sidekick range. (wake Up people) It is the same MyTouch hardware with a cheezy keyboard…and android 2.1. Go root your G1 and bring it back into the game. HTCclay superbad G1. Still waiting For something better Tmobile.

    • jabombardier

      wide awake dude. it isn’t the same hardware as the MyTouch 3G. its more powerful when you read the specs. also why would i root my G1 when it even has a hard time carrying out commands without freezing, and restarting? if it is doing this now, then it wouldn’t work any better after being rooted. Plus i don’t have anymore room to install apps that i use all the time. rooting is a waste of time.

      • and yet it’s STILL inferior to phones that other carriers have released ALMOST A YEAR AGO.

        Hey t-mob, you earned your crappy place in the cell wars. I’d rather be on sprint now, at least they have a next gen phone, not release crap like this as a flagship when it’s not even as good as a droid which has already been surpassed.

  • MarkV10

    Oh, snap. I am so jonzing for a new phone but the choices are making me crazy. Played with the HD2 in the store but couldn’t get it because they it was out of stock. Then all the bad press came out on it. Then the early slide reviews came out, yay!. Then the galaxy S, yay, oh wait. And then the HD2 gets a new ROM. Then maybe some android UMA phone is coming. And to top it off the nexuz maybe coming to TMO.

    My head is going to explode! It’s definitely going to the hmmmm HD2!, no Galaxy S, no Nexus, no Slide, OK the HD2 for sure, no maybe….

  • That does sound right, but the color scheme is off on the price it looks like a homemade poster. Sorry this is not official

  • tmorep

    im suprised tmonews hasnt realeased or posted that tmo is going to attach a $50 MIR on all their data phones soon… so people expect to have a mail in rebate on all smart phones soon including the mytouch slide bb 9700 hd2 etc….. BBBOOOOOO To tmo for pulling verizon and att crap….

  • BronxBebe

    Wow funny I made a comment about the Froyo 2.2 about possible being on the My Touch Slide if thats’s one of the reasons for the later date. Disappeared but I’m posting it again.

    • BronxBebe

      The Froyo is coming with free wifi and other uses we can use with and from Google.

    • Matt

      I would think the delay is more with HTC and production issues. Right now they can’t keep the HD2 or the Incredible in stock, and there was an article that it had to do with parts shortages.

  • Hurlamania

    Ms. Matrix You save more money in the long run. you pay for that phone either way. cheaper to buy it out right. your bill will be $20.00 more a month for at least 24 months that’s $480 plus the $150 you paid upfront that’s $630 instead of 399.99 paid over 20 months and a cheaper rate plan. Also you’ll continue to pay $20 more a month while in contract or not if you stay on that contract plan. That’s $240 a year plus reduced phone cost if you get a new phone every 2 years.

  • luffyd

    @Qverse…if you said they have the same hardware..then u need to do some more research on RAM/ROM..its not the same hardware! im digging the price it’ll still sell great!

  • myg1

    nice pricing will definitely grab a full discount coming up

  • Trill

    While I can’t give documents stating it will be a specified date its definitely June 2nd till I’m told otherwise

  • I don’t understand how $150 is a good price when the Droid is going for $130 and the Devour for $70 from Best Buy right now. $150 should be reserved for performance phones, not an entry-level, 600MHz and 480×320 one. $400 unlocked it a good price though.

    • jmon777

      this has more ram and rom than the droid and the same cpu clock speed. but i will give the droids cpu seems to work more efficient and can be over clocked to lot higher. but think twice the ram will make up for it well that and fact that its htc and does not moto blur crap on it….sense in not alot better though

      • JMON, the Droid has a substantially faster CPU and SoC graphics. No amount of RAM will make the 600MHz Qualcomm anywhere close to the Droid. Plus, the Droid has a much higher resolution screen. HTC Sense UI is awesome though, and I would rather be a GSM carrier like T-Mobile than be stuck with even the best CDMA like Verizon.

  • Saviorself

    I’ve been using the mytouch slide for a little over a week now. Had an hd2 before this for less than a month (garbage phone in my honest opinion) and a mytouch 3g (non 3.5 jack) before that. Though I was hoping for a faster processor I can’t say its really needed it. My only performance issue so far has been the new faves program can get quite laggy. I have had no issues with battery life. I can easily make it through the day without recharging. Its fairly comparable to the mytouch 3g. Overall I’ve been very happy with the changes to the interface. The addition of dragon dictation for texting is very cool and works pretty well. Though I am not really sure how much I’m going to use it.

  • Sheriff Shrinkahater

    I laugh at all of the haters who jumped on Ms. Matrix’s azz for doubting the value of the Even More Plus plans. How do you all know that she was not already on the Unlimited Loyalty Offer (which is also 49.99 for the unlimited minutes AND you get contract pricing)….??? Yes, she MIGHT pay $5 more for her text bundle (if unlimited is needed)… but still works out cheaper in the long run. EMP is not cheaper in EVERY situation. Some may save a lot, most will save a little, and some actually lose. ALWAYS consider all options………. Yes Ms. Matrix may have had some flaws in her argument but if you are going to correct someone MAKE SURE YOU ARE RIGHT YOURSELF!

  • $400 is pretty steep for a phone with these specs, I want an upgrade for my G1 but this isn’t much of an upgrade, for that price at least.

    • Kerry

      Buy it, use it for a while, then sell it and use the cash to by the 1GHz phone of your dreams. At least that’s my plan… I can’t take the G1 much longer though so its worth it for me to upgrade.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I was just informed that it will be released on June 2nd and not the 16th. I wish there was more info on it though because its not too far off. Hopefully Tmobile wont sell out like they did with the HD2… and have enough on hand.

  • Fred

    You can get information about the MyTouch Slide at

  • Hurlamania

    T-mobile website has it at $429.99?????????????? not $399.99 What gives and it doesn’t show all the accessories…