MyTouch Slide Delayed Till June?


While we’re pretty confident that the MyTouch Slide will be a big success for T-Mobile, you might have to wait just a little longer to get your hands on one.  A solid source has come through and said that while the reasons are unknown, the MyTouch Slide has been delayed until June 2nd.  We’re working to confirm this but, considering our source, we’re running with the new date of June 2nd.  We can only hope the date is being pushed back to avoid any inventory “setbacks” like those that have befallen the HTC HD2.  Realistically, its only another two weeks so we don’t think it’ll be that bad a wait!


  • Bryan

    wut!!! y??? i cant wait that long for a phone i want lol

  • Tate

    Well…I have no problem with waiting a bit longer for this

    • jaron

      Hi mrs.tate


    I would hope they are rethinking that processor

    • Matt

      There not, the phone is in production, it’s a done deal. Either they ran into problems or they wanna make sure there no supply issues like the HD2

      • TRILL

        Maybe I should have put a lol at the end but I’m aware of that but we can all dream buddy

    • claudio

      exactly my thought when i read this…another thought is that they are working the lag out of the rundown version of sense! :( grrr, come on TMObile, put a better processor there

      • Ryan


  • Tower

    I think that a delay on an underpowered phone till June when you have these behemoths of androids. Is just another nail in the coffin that is T-mobile When it comes to android phones (Nexus one does not count as it not offered through t-mobile).

  • Gina

    So they plan to offer this around the time that the new iPhone and the EVO are launching?

    That’s product suicide.

    • 30014

      Agreed. Tmobile is bringing a knife to a gun fight.


        Ever heard of MID RANGE DEVICES? This is not meant to compete with those products (Iphone, EVO, Incredible…) You know the Legend (Sucessor to the hero) Sprints getting that, which is what this device competes against. Thus the 600mhz processor (HTC’s midrange)

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Spot on Phone Freak… people in here apparently think that all phones should have the same specs.

        That’s deficient thinking on their part. Have they noticed, for example, that car companies (GM, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, etc.) all have models to appeal to every taste and pocketbook. By the way these people think, they criticize the BMW base model because it does not have the same power and appointments as the BMW 7 Series. :)

        And these people apparently don’t bother to look at all the other carriers. AFAIK they too have el cheapo, mid range and high-end phones. Do they go on those sites and say “Oh, this is not like the EVO, oh it’s a bad device, it’s so underpowered.”

        T-Mobile is like any other carrier, you have a handset line that appeals to the broadest range of TASTES and DESIRES. For example, I like a big display, but I know people who would not buy an HD2 because it’s too big.
        For those people there’s the myTouch and other touch-screen devices.

        These people are just as stupid when they post that every phone should have Android, if it does not, they call T-Mobile stupid for not doing so and they call the phones pieces of crap.

        And they also make assumptions. For example, they assume the myTouch Slide is T-Mobile’s response to the EVO and Incredible. Oh please.

        It’s comical because these people think they have all the answers and T-Mobile is a ship of fools who don’t know which way is up when it comes to handsets.

        Well in 2009 T-Mobile US had $17 billion in revenues. They obviously know how to run a wireless company. Of course those dissing the company and its products will simply say that T-Mobile is just lucky to still be in business.

        When this phone debuts it will be to appeal to those who want a lower priced mid-range device, that’s small, sexy and cool.

        I assume people in here at least understand that not everyone is willing to shell out the money for an EVO or Incredible. In these hard times a phone buying decision can turn on a phone costing $50 more than a different low-end model.

        Moreover, does anyone know what Sprint will be charging for 4G? I can’t imagine it will be all that cheap.

        Lastly, people apparently do not understand that when carriers price these phones, they look at every detail and component and try to save money where it can. Let’s say the alleged “under powered” processor is $10 less than the latest Snapdragon. Well, times that by 1 million handsets sold, T-Mobile has saved $10 million in product costs. Do that with other components and other handsets, T-Mobile might save $1 billion annually on what it’s paying for handsets.

        When the end user of a mid-range phone does not know the difference between RAM, ROM and a microSD chip, ordering the handset with a supposed “underpowered” processor is smart business.

        Oh, if you don’t think this is how carriers operate, think back and ask yourself why on some handsets T-Mobile includes a microSD chip and on other models they don’t.

        Why do some handsets come with a really nice leather case while others don’t come with a case. Or look at the HD2. Because one gets a 16GB chip and two movies, T-Mobile tosses in an el cheapo rubber case. I submit that was to keep the costs down.

      • Ryan

        @Phone Freak, you’re totally right. I think a lot of people would rather get a phone from 2 years ago and save $25 rather than pay up the $25 and get something that’s cutting edge. $25 is A LOT to some people and T-Mobile gets it, just like you and Mike.

  • gmartinez830

    Please tell me that this phone is goin to have a headphones jack!

    • Jelc

      It does, haven’t you seen the pictures?

    • Alex, Editor

      It’s going to have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Refer to this article
      for images of the jack:

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      It does.

      HTC’s USB audio port was a disaster (and failed experiment).

      I was victim to it, having bought a G1 and a Touch Pro2 back in August. I was very receptive to trying it out, but even though I love HTC handsets, eventually I was saying that USB audio port sucked big time. That was difficult for me because I wanted to think it was a great idea.

      I don’t think HTC will ever again produce another handset with USB audio, only. :)

  • tomato

    Awwwwwwwwwww… Another month from today?!!! *sigh*

    I don’t know if I can hang that long *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

  • Alex

    Maybe tmo has listened to all the chatter…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You talking about the posts from people in here calling T-Mobile stupid, a bunch of idiots, and posts that say “fcuk this, shi*t that, shi*ty phone, Android rules, etc.” ;)

      I think it has to do with either a minor technical issue or marketing plans. Or it could simply be that some phones are on backorder from Taiwan.

      In any event my understanding is that the phones are ready for shipping, if not already in the U.S. If that’s the status, no one is going to be delaying the order to make a significant change in the device and especially not because of people criticizing it, those who have not seen nor understand the device.

  • dude

    Maybe they figured out they need a better processor to run Froyo, as froyo will have flash integrated. Or maybe it will launch with Froyo?

  • manusmanusmanus

    Does anyone know what the processor is capable of when overclocked.

    • Bobomo

      Getting hot and wasting batteries.

      • manus

        true but in mhz

      • Ryan


  • JBLmobileG1

    I am hoping they are rethinking the processor. While it may be to help inventory levels I also think companies do the low inventory on purpose to raise the demand. At my work the HD2 has been selling like hotcakes. While we only get a few at a time they sell really quicky but we always seem to get a few more in once the others are sold. While the phone may already be in production how hard is it to really update and replace the processor? Another idea is that maybe there is a newer Android o/s coming out and Tmobile just wants us to have the lastest and greatest. (Maybe since we were the first to have Android we will be the first to have the newest O/S…. nah… now that’s dreaming… LOL)

  • BoomBoomBang


    White or Red .. hmmm

    • 2FR35H


  • Yes I agree: T-Mobile should be smart and put a faster Processor on their own myTouch Slide (aka HTC Espresso), just make it happen some how.

    Come on T-Mobile gives us some love for your own sake!
    Would ya?

  • newspeak

    this phone is dead on arrival looks like tmo is only commited to releasing low end android phones and everything winmo….if they didn’t have me on contract they would lose me in june when the evo comes out …i keep waiting for something that i see now will never come ….its really really frustrating

    why can’t more of these phones just be multi carrier

    • claudio

      i thought i was the only person with these feelings

  • Ted C.

    It’s as if TMo has abandoned seriously competing in the Android marketplace. After taking the lead, TMo hasn’t released a leading Android phone since the original MyTouch 3G. And we haven’t heard a credible announcement of one in the near future. At some point I’m going to be up on contract in a couple of months as are a lot of G1 owners and if TMo hasn’t released a leading Android handset by then it’s likely to be bye-bye for me. I’d be sorry to go too, but TMo seems to have abandoned us Android users.

    • jabombardier

      I don’t think so. Plus I think it is too early to tell because a processor isn’t a snapdragon. I know the phone will be better than the G1 but I don’t think its going to be a slouch of a phone. My ownly question is will the onboard storage space substantial for downloading apps.

  • THAT DUDE!!!!

    remember guys, tmobile doesnt make the phones. they have some say but HTC’s babies right now are the HD2, Nexus One, & EVO. Every other phone at this time will else will get minimal support as far as processing wise. BUT that 600mz processor actually may do the trick for this phone with the new version of sense. Time will tell I guess.

    • 2FR35H

      While T-Mobile not making the phones may be true, what have they been doing to show that they want more android phones?

  • Rudeboy

    Well, I hope to at least get my hands on one soon so I can at least check it out. Im almost done with this Cliq…

  • Alex

    I too echo the sentiments of many frustrated android users. Tmo unleashed android on the world and have choosen the road of middle-tier handsets. At this point, its clear the manafacturers will just keep giving them low end garbage.

  • Mooch

    Personally, I think it would be hilarious if this phone never saw the light of day. It seems anymore that T-Mobile has now dedicated itself to only releasing high end Winmo phones (HD2, Dell Lightning) while spitting out a few repackaged Android phones. After reading that the Dell Thunder will make be on AT&T, I think it’s pretty safe to say we’re left with table scraps.

    Thanks for being the test market!

  • rushmore

    I hope you are wrong and this device fails. It would send a clear message to Tmo that the customers they take for granted are now wise to their pushing old tech on consumers, while other carriers get better devices. Even HD2 is a laggy mess with WM 6.5 and Sense bolted on top. Tmo marketing are either clueless or think Tmo customers are chumps.

    • rushmore

      The chipset is not as much an issue as the 480X320 res on a 3.5″ display. Even Apple is getting away from this. Either the chipset is an overclocked arm 11 or a half pint snapdragon 7227. There are tech points that suggest this is simply and overclocked arm 11 in cortex 8 clothing. Chipset is dirt cheap, so I know where I would place my bet ;)

  • Fred

    There’s gonna be a mass exodus of subscribers this Fall when G1 contracts expire. Instead of releasing a true, much anticipated G1 sequel, T-mobile is repackaging the same Arm 11 processor and releasing the same phone. Why are they making a product to compete with the Cliq? Their focus should be on updating their catalog to include a high-end android phone. That’s seems to be what the majority of android users are asking for. T-mobile’s strategy is releasing a plethora of low-mid range phones to compete with each other is gonna keep them in fourth place.

  • Trill

    None of you know anything for sure so instead of already pending it as a fail wait and see plus the mytouch slide ROM is running great on my G1 ;-) This isn’t to compete with other high end phones as many have stated plus it could be a newer 7221 processor and not ARM11.

    I gotta say I’m really like some of the changes and I thought the bar at the bottom was a bit stupid but its not bad just different but serves the same purpose. The feed/RSS intergration is amazing but this is an alpha level rom I’m running so can’t comment yet on to much.

  • manus

    we all have to understand that 90% of the people who buy these phones know nothing about arm 11 processors. hell i dont even know what that is people will buy it because the looks not whats under the hood.

  • El Nene

    What Tmo needs to do is ………STOP……THINK>>>>and Fking Provide LOYAL to the CORE CUSTOMERS(that gave GOOgle/Android/HTC a chance to shine) a Good device that will seriously contend with other carriers…..Seriously T-Mobile If any of your big shots is reading this…….STOP…..Think……..Why not compensate the Folks(US…Loyal Ones)who gave you the chance spread your wings……a Hell of a PHONE…..don’t be ungrateful any more…!

  • Matt_TX

    Delayed? How about just trashed, at this point it is TMO giving Android a bad name with their under clocked second rate phones. So sad to see a waisted opportunity, but I have come to expect no less from TMO.

  • yor PAPI

    actually its t-crap fault there putting in there bs all over that phone cuz once they get a hold of it an add there SHIT the phone is SHIT cmon u know that havnt yall learned yor lesson yet freaking IDIOTS

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This should get some flames…

    Sorry guys, if you think T-Mobile is listening, or will ever listen, to people who post comments that include swear words and indicate they flunked 8Th grade English and dropped out of high school, wake up and smell the coffee.

    And I’m curious, why is it only the Android fanboys in here who have horrible writing skills and say “fcik this, sheet that” and I guess actually believe that it’s T-Mobile who are the idiots. :)

    Let the hatred and flames begin. (And try to come up with something more original than “Your so gay.” Yes, you will type “your” not “you’re.”)

  • mendel


    Do what I did, buy an Xperia X10i off ebay for $600.00 !! and have an amazing device to use I love this phone and it works AMAZINGLY fast with tmobile 3G!!! You might think its a lot of money but its almost the same!! I sold my G1 for $140.00 on Ebay. And usually you pay $199.00 when buying a phone on contract. So thats $340.00 and in reality i paid $240.00 extra to get the G1 (follow the math)

    Also!! i bought a G1 when it came out! I am still under contract until october but Tmo gives you the option to get off contract and get on the “even more plus” plan. For me and my wife I pay 139.99$ for 2 lines with web/data/messaging (unlimited that is).

    I use to pay $170.00 a month now I pay $30.00 less assuming I stay in two years i save $720.00 .

    So buying an Xperia X10 is the way to go if you dont like the Nexus because the buggy issues and want a bigger resolution/screen! This device is amazing I love it!! its so slick :)

    Do yourself a favor buy a nice device like the Xperia off contract. Show it off to everyone (its not even in the US yet) enjoy it and if….IF something better comes out on Tmobile sell it online for $450.00 and buy yourself a new phone then!

    DONT SUFFER!! :)

  • mendel

    If you buy one online justmake sure it has the tmobile band. You have to buy the XPERIA X10i not the X10a (the one Roger in canada sells works on ATT 3G bands only)

  • UzukiC

    I would love to hear what the long term plan is for TMo, but obviously that’s a little beyond our scope even in a website that promotes leaking. We know they’re working on HSPA+, doesn’t it make sense that they wait until the data rollout to shell the extra money on A-line devices that maximize the new opportunity HSPA+ provides?

    Either way, this is definitely still going to be an improvement over the G1, but not quite the phone for early adopters… I imagine that will come out right around October (when our contracts are all about to expire). But does it bother anyone that the keyboard letters utilize the same font as Sprint’s ads? I know it’s been on my mind.

  • @ItsMichaelNotMike

    that was the best post i’ve read in about 5 yrs no lie lol. Good job .

  • shawn1224

    Releasing a middling device June 2nd when everyone else has their big guns loaded is just plain stupid.

    By the time TMO gets a front runner device, mankind would have perfected teleportation and time traveling.

  • mike

    these specs are pretty good sure its a arm 11 but the leaked specs could be wrong and dont forget there is overclock!
    these are pretty high end specs as of ram and since it plays raging thunder 2 well it may have a snapdragon cortex A8 etc…

    i hope for the best!!!!

  • solidus433

    A lot of good and bad comments on here. I don’t think that tmo is holding off releasing the mt3g slide to compete with the super power phones others are releasing. Think about it people, the hd2 has been in and out of stock since its release. They have projections on how this phone will sell, and seeing as how they are a company trying to make as much money as possible, they are probably waiting to build up stock. As far as tmo changing the hardware of the device…no. htc develops and builds these devices. Yeah I’m sure in the beginning stages of development tmo has input into what goes into a device, but not at this point. The phone is built. Like a lot have said, tmo is marketing this phone towards people who don’t want to or simply can’t spend $400+ on a cell phone. I have had the original mt3g since its debut and love it. Personally I can’t wait for the slide. I wount care if it was exactly the same as the original, the keyboard is gonna sell. Keep in mind, there is most likely no more sidekicks coming to tmo so they could be gearing a device towards that audience. And another thing that has to be considered, who has tmo? More younger kids/teenagers have tmo than adults do, at least from what I have seen. Another thing is this…tmo has always been, in my eyes the most affordable carrier, with their service and phones. Yeah they drop a big one here and there, but it has never really been tmo’s style to consistantly drop the industry shaking device.

    • BoomBoomBang

      Amen to you.

  • THAT DUDE!!!!

    ItsMichaelNotMike, u hit it right on the head bro. People, again, we can’t just think that every single device right now has to have a 1gig processor or the best screen on the market. There has to be a median for ALL customers. Not just all of the the “tech savvy” people in this blog. My 71 yr old mom was waiting for a mytouch slide for a long time simply because of the slide keyboard. She hated the G1 design & the cliq keyboard so she waited. She doesn’t wanna phone with a HUGE screen & to be honest, a lot of consumers want a pocket size device. TMO is doing a FANTASTIC job at being the #1 carrier for android devices as they are about to hit the double digits as to the amount they have which NO OTHER PROVIDER CAN CLAIM.

    & what the heck is wrong with a 600mhz processor for a phone? WOW, this isnt fast enough for you? Cmon, seriously? Gotta come up with a better complaint than that. NEXUS ONE has a 1gig & a bunch of problems. I’d rather take a phone with less of a processor & none of the problems that the NEXUS has. Do the math here. YOU PAY FOR SERVICE, NOT THE PROCESSOR!!!!!

  • Alex

    Well said THAT DUDE..Here is something I found at

    We previously reported that several hundred myTouch 3G Slide phones were gifted to select T-Mobile employees last week in Las Vegas. These units were handed out early in a joint effort by T-Mobile and HTC so users could test out the phones and provide their feedback before launch. One of our sources was lucky enough to receive this phone and they were nice enough to provide us with a 30 minute virtual hands on.

    First off, we are being told the final name for the phone is the myTouch 3G Slide. No launch date has been provided, but it sounds like the device will launch in May. The phones given out are using the final hardware, but the software is still in beta as T-Mobile works with HTC to tweak it.

    The following are some quick notes I jotted down during my tour of the phone. No spec sheets were provided with the devices, but we were able to discover most of the major specs.

    Display: It is hard to tell from the leaked pictures, but the Slide will feature a larger display than the original MT3G. Our source compared the display with an iPhone 3G S (3.5 in) and said they were the same size. I was unable to determine if the display was AMOLED or not.

    Camera: The Slide features a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and autofocus. This is an improvement over the MT3G which had 3 MP and no flash.

    Processor: We don’t know the exact model number, but I did confirm it has a 600 MHz ARM11 processor. This could be the Qualcomm MSM7227 or MSM7627.

    Memory: From what we can tell the Slide features the same 512 MB ROM / 512 MB RAM as seen in the HTC Nexus One. The phone should ship with an 8 GB microSD card.

    HSPA+: The source claimed the Slide will be used by T-Mobile to promote their HSPA+ network, but I do not think it supports the full HSPA+ speeds. Instead I believe it supports HSPA 7.2 which is compatible with the new HSPA+ network. Qualcomm just started to sample some of their HSPA+ chipsets (MSM8260, MSM8660 and MSM8270), but those have a 1.2 GHz Scorpion processor which is faster than what is used in the Slide.

    Battery: 1300 mAh as reported earlier.

    Operating system: This was already known, but the Slide has the latest Android 2.1 firmware (still kernel 2.6.29) and HTC’s new Sense UI. All of the latest Sense UI features like Leap are included, but the UI has been tweaked to T-Mobile’s liking. It is the same UI as the leaked Espresso ROM that was revealed earlier this year. Users can select between 5-7 home screens.

    Hardware extras: The Slide features a proximity and light sensor. The external speaker is much louder than the original MT3G. An optical trackpad is used in place of the trackball.

    Multitouch: The Browser, Gallery, and Maps applications all support pinch zoom.

    Live Wallpapers: Sorry, these are not supported. This is not that big a surprise considering the processor is ARM11 based.

    Accounts & sync: Since the device is Android 2.1, it supports multi accounts. There were a few new additions not seen on my Nexus One. Flickr is now an integrated account you can sync. There is also the option to sync your T-Mobile account so they can store your photos.

    Software extras: Lots of T-Mobile bundled apps like AppPack, My Account, and more. There is a myTouch Music app which is a semi-clone of Pandora. Quick Office is included along with some games like Abduction. None of the bundled apps can be removed at this time. Swype is the default virtual keyboard, but users can switch to the HTC keyboard or a new one called Dragon Dictionary.

    Gaming: Our unofficial gaming benchmark for mid-range Android phones has become Raging Thunder 2. The game was designed for high-end phones like the Droid and N1, but the source claims it plays at an acceptable frame rate on the Slide. This is a surprise because we tried the game in our Motorola Devour review (also 600 MHz ARM11) and it was not playable. The additional RAM found in the Slide could be the reason for the performance boost.

    Overall impressions: Our source claims they were extremely satisfied with the Slide (and they came from the G1). The phone is slimmer than the G1 which is nice for those considering an upgrade. The performance of the Sense UI was great and no lag was experienced on the home screen. The battery life is typical of any Android phone and got them through the day.

    Later on after 3pm eastern time, I will be posting pics, maybe a video of the phone. If anyone is in NYC, there is a rep at 36th and 8th ave. who has the slide already. I will see if he will let take it for a test run.

  • Alex

    The worker did not show up. Sorry to let everyone down.

  • ac0582

    seriously, tmobile, stop giving us the short end of the stick when it comes to android, enough with these low end phones, this wouldve been fine mid to late last year, not anymore. please. other than the nexus one which doesn’t really count since you cant go into a store and buy it and family planners arent even eligible to a partial discount… all you have is g1, mt3g cliq and cliqxt… all the 15 year olds have em, give something to the power users.. please.. we need snapdragon + physical keyboard + 2.x

  • Alex

    speaking with a few tmo reps and managers, they all echo our sentiments. Tmo will continue to focus on families on budgets. They want, them to put out super android phone.

  • Ted J

    ItsMichaelNotMike – it’s thinking like yours that has lead to T-Mobile posting 4 consecutive disappointing fiscal quarters including one in which they lost customers (and 3 others with very low growth and only prepay keeping the numbers from going in the red). T-Mobile is failing and the general public is staying away. They need some better phones period.

  • Vinny

    Most all smart customers today would rather spend a few bucks more and buy a top end device with great performance rather then a slow past tense phone before it is even made the market place. T-Mobile needs to get high end devices, if they do that I guarantee they will start catching the top carriers. Quality always brings customers.