Stop The Presses, Google To Stop Selling Nexus One Online

Honestly, I don’t think anyone is going to be surprised to hear that Google has announced the end of the Nexus One online sales. Instead, they’ll be adopting a global method of selling devices in-stores with partner carriers. The website will shift to promoting the “…variety of Android phones available globally.” Google isn’t too proud to admit that some strategies work and others don’t and that while they are pleased with the adoption of Android, they understand that the hands on experience of buying a phone is something a web store can’t duplicate.

Full press release follows:

Nexus One changes in availability

5/14/2010 09:30:00 AM

We launched Nexus One in January with two goals in mind: to introduce a beacon of innovation among Android handsets, and to make it quick and easy for people to buy an Android phone. We’re very happy with the adoption of Android in general, and the innovation delivered through Nexus One. Already, a lot of the innovation that went into creating Nexus One has found its way into numerous Android handsets, like the HTC Evo 4G from Sprint and the Verizon Droid Incredible by HTC.

But, as with every innovation, some parts worked better than others. While the global adoption of the Android platform has exceeded our expectations, the web store has not. It’s remained a niche channel for early adopters, but it’s clear that many customers like a hands-on experience before buying a phone, and they also want a wide range of service plans to chose from.

So today we’re announcing the following changes:

More retail availability. As we make Nexus One available in more countries we’ll follow the same model we’ve adopted in Europe, where we’re working with partners to offer Nexus One to consumers through existing retail channels. We’ll shift to a similar model globally.

From retail to viewing. Once we have increased the availability of Nexus One devices in stores, we’ll stop selling handsets via the web store, and will instead use it as an online store window to showcase a variety of Android phones available globally.

Innovation requires constant iteration. We believe that the changes we’re announcing today will help get more phones to more people quicker, which is good for the entire Android ecosystem: users, partners and also Google.

Posted by Andy Rubin, VP, Engineering

Android Central via Google Blog


  • Scott

    Wow, this is awesome news. Glad they decided to do this! Will help sales.

    • Jack Chord

      I just hope Google will remember their loyal N1 supporters and offer them the best upgrade option/deal when the N2 is released. They just seem slow about a lot of things…not really with it. Maybe lack of “customer focus” is what I’m looking for….Key word is “hope”.

  • Claude

    Well, you know if I saw one in the stores, got to play with one, and compared it to other phones, I might buy one. But never having seen one in person makes me a little hesitate to buy it over the internet. Videos and pictures are just not enough information to spend that kind of money.



    • namo

      I 2nd that!!!!

  • erik

    So does this mean that we should expect to see the Nexus One in T-Mobile stores across the US?

    • Scott

      more than likely, yes. Possibly part of “Project Emerald”

      • HEMI 922

        YES, I AM 100% WITH YOU!! NO DOUBT..

  • Green Robot

    Well Hallelujah. Maybe we’ll finally see it in T-Mobile stores and we’ll be able to get upgrade pricing on it with family plans.

  • tmogeek

    Now that that business model has met a welcome death, is there any announcement from TMUS?

  • nell_z

    YEAH!!! Nexus One, here I come!

    And the haters can finally stop crying that T-Mobile doesn’t sell a superphone in stores. Now it will be the HD2, Nexus One and Galaxy S, among other smartphones T-Mobile will have. GO T-MO!

    • alex

      I agree.Nexus One is exclusive to tmo in US, so yes Tmo has a super smart phone only for them=), since the big 3 aren’t getting it, and tmo is, AT&T kind of has it, but they don’t really support it, and you must buy it for $530, so techically it’s a tmo exclusive

    • HEMI 922

      YES! I predict that TMO will sell NEXUS II, because HTC offically replace Google Nexus One with TMO NEXUS II in future..

  • rushmore

    Good move by Google.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I would not class this as a “good move” since Google had no choice. It’s more of a desperate move.

  • zmoboss

    It took them THIS long to understand that unless buyers have the capability to compare superphones side by side, not EVERYONE would shell out BIG $$ to buy the phone ? If they price it at 349 unlocked, it would single handedly unseat the phenomenal sales of a certain handset :)

    • clocinnorcal

      By THIS long, do you mean a few months? I guess that would be considered a long time going by Androids calender.

  • Timothy

    so… does this mean we can buy it subsidized even WITH a family plan??

    • irko

      god i hope so and if so
      im comming google baby

  • DannOfThurs

    Google’s online-only policy was a joke and I’m glad they realized it – sadly they should have done this since day 1. Between the Galaxy S and this though I might still buy Galaxy S just to spite them :P

  • 30014

    Since I prefer stock android over the skinned versions I will definitely be heading to my local store once this phone comes in.

  • I’m not surprised, but am disappointed to see Google’s vision of a webstore go away. However, I’m hoping this means that the long-rumored Nexus Two will launch in T-Mobile stores. That would be awesome.

  • artiepants

    wow, you mean people don’t want to buy a $500+ phone sight-unseen? crazy!

  • DayJob

    Nexus One is yesterdays news. Lets get some beefy Android phones over to Tmobile’s network already! TMO stop with the MyTouch reboots, they are plastic toys and not much else (speaking from experience with them).

    • Steve Jobless

      Not necessarily old news. It will be the first to receive any new version released to Android. That is until a new Google Exclusive is unveiled.

    • 2FR35H

      Its already the first phone with Android 2.2

      • clocinnorcal

        Not yet it isnt.

  • trees247


  • Jim

    Make sure all the well documented issues with the Nexus One have been resolved before buying.

    • tmogeek

      So you say you aren’t buying a Toyota anytime soon? I say buy the Nexus One. Despite it’s quirks it’s way better than the HD2 or anything else in TMUS’ current lineup.

      • dan

        I agree with tmogeek 100%. Every product will have it’s issues, some more than other’s. Even though the n1 has a few, not all issues are present in all of them. Some people have even reported having n1s error free.
        Despite of minor nuissances with my n1 I still love the phone and all the cool stuff I am able to do with it MORE than make up for its errors. And BTW the HD2 has a lot of things wrong with compared to the n1. So glad I returned it….

    • MadProfessor


  • SEFan

    OK, liking this. If I can fondle the N1 in an actual store, and have to option to just take it back if it turns out the thing doesn’t work for me, I’d be much more likely to buy one. Keeping a wary eye out for those issues of course…

  • kay

    no family plan , no grandfather plan ,only even more individual 500 plan,that kill the nexus one.if Galaxy S and dell mini 5 for $199 online only with any tmobile plan or upgrade, how can i say no.

  • Mark

    Does this mean we now get to deal with carrier decisions about what is and isn’t included on all future Google phones? Now that they will absolutely need carrier approval to sell the phone in carrier stores, if a company like, AT&T doesn’t want something on the phone, they will have a lot more power to demand the change if Google no longer has an online store to bypass them as they did with the Nexus One. Does this also mean all updates would require carrier approval before being applied to a carrier sold device? Not sure I really like this decision. I like knowing my Nexus One will receive updates as soon as Google finishes them and decides they are ready to release it. If carriers become involved, I fear there will be more delays before updates are approved to be sent out.

    • chh

      That’s kind of what has me wondering and why I’m trying to decide if I should just grab one off of Google while I still can. Heck, I just renewed my contract a couple of months ago, so it isn’t like I’m gunning for a discount. I’m afraid of “at what cost?” once it hits stores. Do you think Tmo will want the tether option to stay in once it hits their shelves? Probably not.

      • Mark

        I don’t know if picking it up now would help. If it’s the same phone as being sold in store at T-Mobile, I would imagine whatever updates go out, will be the same. If it’s the same phone, I don’t see how Google would ship one update to people who bought it online, and a different one for those who bought it in-store. How would the network differentiate between the two? Would they even have the ability to give T-Mobile sold Nexus Ones one version and Google Store sold Nexus Ones a different one? I would suggest buying it now, root it, install Cyanogen on there and don’t worry about what Google and T-Mobile decide to do. Or maybe wait so that you can actually get insurance on it. I wouldn’t mind having insurance on this phone with as much as I paid for it. I guess we won’t know if this is good or bad until the first update is made after T-Mobile starts selling them. Then we can see how T-Mobile handles it, and what Google is and isn’t aloud to include. My biggest fear would be if I was on AT&T and they started selling them. I can see them really screwing this phone up before allowing it in-store.

  • Definitely a good move and smart one by Google…it should do nothing but help their sales (they should have done this from the get go) but hey atleast they learned…

    Better sooner than later…

  • J-Hop2o6

    FINALLY!! im guessin Tmo will have it in Q3.. but i NEED a KB!! hopefully the Nexus Pro/Enterprise/2 (or whatever the KB version will be called) comes soon also.. but phones these days should come with Samsungs new screen tech.. Super AM-OLED!

  • Cybersedan

    My prediction, n1 in tmo stored early summer with android 2.2.

  • Rell

    Now you mytouch haters can shut up. You have a super phone you always wanted. Now if the Nexus 2comes I’m with a keyboard I’m all for it.

    • Ryan

      If you like the MyTouch stuff so much, why not get the slide when it comes out? LOL.

      • clocinnorcal

        Not that I hate the mytouch, I think its a very capable low end android handset, and the MTS should be a great mid range handset. Its just how many threads can you stand to read about a mid range device? Seriously, Ive seen more threads about this phone than any other lately including EVO and Incredible. Yeah, we get it, the mytouch slide is coming.

  • alex

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!Probably will ship to stores with Android 2.2, and its practically a tmo exclusive=) take that sprint, and verizon! Its this, Htc Desire, or Galaxy S. Chances are Nexus One=) Sucks that they needed 4/5 months to realize this

  • Jim

    Good! Google’s business model for the Nexus deserved to fail. It was far to exclusionary, and pissed off more people than it made happy. It drove me straight into the arms of an HD2, when I would have preferred an Android phone. Hope Google has learned it’s lesson.

  • jmts80

    Better late than never!

  • Matt

    Good to hear, but why are people thinking Q3, couldn’t this be in stores in a matter of weeks?

    • alex

      @matt, i hope so=)

    • J-Hop2o6

      Q3= July, Aug, Sept.. its still summertime.. and the mT-Slide comes out in June.. so i doubt Tmo will hinder its mT-Slide sales.. so im guessing July.. but back to school sales starts in Aug.. hmm.. but yea, thats why i say T-Mo might release it in Q3

      • Matt

        Your logic makes sense, I just hope your wrong because I would rather buy one of these than a Slide.

  • mike

    Yay hopefully Tmobile will supply it. If they do they can handle warranty claimsclaims

  • frank

    Project Emerald maybe?

  • Laz

    The 2.2 alone should be a reason why to pick on up! I wonder if TMO will take away the tethering option?

  • JBLmobileG1

    My questions now are when, how much, and can I keep my grandfather plan and still be able to upgrade at a good price? I really wanted this phone but I couldn’t upgrade without losing my grandfathered plan not to mention the price was still a little too high. If I can get this for the same or less than the HD2 price you might have a deal. I say $179 would be the best price point since the phone is older than the HD2 and there are rumors of a Nexus 2. As always… I am sure Tmobile and Google will overpriced it because of the MyTouch Slide coming out and of course the WAY overpriced GarminFone.

  • namo

    IT’s ABOUT TIME!!!

  • Ricardo Sime

    I hope this does not sound crazy but I wonder if Garmin has any deals with Tmobile in regards to selling another phone in store which offers free navigation. If the nexus becomes available in stores i don’t think people will want a Garmin Phone. It all depends what the pricing is between the two.

    • Captain Picard

      This has already happened. G1 and myTouch phones are running Android 1.6 which includes Google Maps with free navigation.

      • dan

        Not to mention the mytouch slide is coming out with android 2.1 which also includes free Google navigation.

  • joe

    If google wants the nexus one to really take of ,how about making it the first cell phone to get 2.2 (froyo) and every other update of the android OS from then on (2.5,3.0 etc)
    How about it google . How about better ads on tv . kinda like the moto droid commercials……. I hate to see a good cell phone go down before its time to shine.

  • namo

    It’s ABOUT TIME!!!!

  • mmaxxsooner

    Hmm, called this on this very forum once sprint and Verizon said no thanks last week. Now for that stock to be in tmobs hands. I do wonder if tmob will junk it up with unwanted software demos and telnav which can seemimgly never be canceled. Please tmob keep it stock.

  • bsanto

    all i know is i have the HD2 AND I LOVE the phone but if the sold this for family plans i would buys this can anyone verify if they will allow family plans

  • ov1

    Did not take the time to read all the comments but has any one addressed the 3g issue or lack there of it. I wonder as well will they except grandfathered accounts, I don’t they can change that. Have u guys heard of the In with the keyboard.

  • Reece

    The one thing about this I hope Google learns from: PLAY NICELY WITH EVERYONE’S CURRENT PLANS!

    The Nexus One not being in (T-Mobile) stores was a big chunk of null sales there, but IMO the phone forcing folks to fork $530 or downgrade their plans for $199 was a BIGGER reason this phone failed sales wise. If Google learns this then they’ll likely thrive as they go carrier to carrier. Otherwise forcing folks to make uncomfortable compromises in their plans outside of a 2 year deal like “Family Plan or dig out 500” is shooting yourself in the foot.

    • Oce

      Amen brother! I didnt mind it being sold online. But having to jump through hula-hoops of fire just to get one at a subsidized price was ridiculous! It was a failure from the start, and everyone but google realized it.

    • mikey_

      i agree 100%. Google’s mistake was introducing this new concept of an online phone store without keeping it familiar to consumers. Once Google added the stipulations regarding the necessary phone plans to own a N1 we [consumers] felt victimized and uncomfortable. These are not emotions that lend themselves to easy adaptation of a new concept. American’s are American’s because of our freedom from dictatorship, this felt too much like one.

      please Google, learn from your mistakes and give us our phone freedom back. “I had a dream, that one day, we could use WHATEVER plan we want with our Nexus Ones.”

  • yast26

    Hahahaha. I am so happy but don’t really care,I just move to verizon today. Got the incredible soooooo good luck guys hope tmo please you guys with a superphone!!!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here’s a cool comparison video of the Evo, Nexus 1 and HD2:

  • Camilo

    Personally, this makes me quite angry for the following reasons… 1. When i went to purchase a new phone because my blackberry broke i looked at the nexus one when it was only available online, and i was assured that it would not be coming to the stores, so i bought the Motorola cliq, which is a great phone, mind you, but thats not the point. T-Mobile has all the existing customers in the palm of their hands, charging them extra when they want to upgrade, not giving us any special plans etc. I love tmobile but i just wish they would stay true to their word. Once the Cliq gets the 2.1 OS update it is going to be a boss, only because of the full keyboard.. Anyone know when that may be?

  • hd2moses

    even though they made alot of sales they should of change the plans. thats the reason i didn’t get one. I’m just saying. and they should have had at least one live product so customers can test it out cuz not everyone buys phones without trying it or if u already know about phones thered no need to try. but that’s how i think they would of out beat the iPhone not only that tmobile could of gotten more customers.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      “Even though they made a lot of sales…”

      Huh, where are you getting your facts, maybe the same place where you learned to write? ;)

  • NysOwn

    Here is a link to the CTIA Video Presentation of the Galaxy S if anyone is interested

  • Jorge

    Would the unlocked version also be sold in stores? I hope they don’t get rid of it…

  • smartypost

    I just went to googles nexus one store and you can still purchase the phone for $529. As of 8:58pm eastern time, you can still buy it with t-mobiles 3g frequency.

    • smartypost

      Im not going to lie and say that im not at all nervous with all this talk. Does it basically mean that all of us Nexus one owners will not receive the new froyo update or anything there after. It would stink to see google take the Apple route and leave out update features with the older devices.

    • smartypost again

      Im not going to lie and say that im not at all nervous with all this talk. Does it basically mean that all of us Nexus one owners will not receive the new froyo update or anything there after. It would stink to see google take the Apple route and leave out update features with the older devices.

  • When I first saw this news (ironically through the news widget on my N1), I was sad. I thought, now the people aren’t gonna get to experience this phone. This is the best phone I’ve every owned and I’ve always bought the latest and greatest I could get with T-mo. Now after reading the whole story, I’m excited. This means that EVERYONE will get the N1 now and not just us priviledged few who could afford it. Now the phone will be in stores for the people who don’t have enough tech savvy to research online, which should mean more accesories and better support for us as more people have the phone in the while.

    To the people worried about the update. Don’t be. Google will update your N1 before the other devices get updates. You can believe that. That’s why I had to go away from my MOTO. Too long waiting for them to update the OS.

    I now feel priviledged to have no contract, an unlocked phone AND unlimited text, web and minutes for $79.99 . The reward of paying full price for the phone and using Even More Plus.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Remember the back story to all this.

    Verizon and Sprint recently decided not to support the Nexus One because they prefer other Android-powered phones! Talk about multiple slaps in Google’s face; not only has the N1 been a failure but when deciding to sell it in stores, Verizon and Sprint said get lost.

    And remember, a few months ago HTC said it would no longer make phones for Google, opting instead to sell only to established carriers. (So there will never be an HTC Nexus 2.) Perhaps HTC saw the writing on the wall.

    So how many disappointments is that? 1. HTC says “no more phones for you, find another manufacturer;” 2) Sprint says “we don’t want it in our stores;” 3) Verizon says “thanks but no thanks;” 4)the N1 flopped, big time; and 5 it’s too late to fix it, the N1/Google brand has been sullied and it will have to compete with the Evo and Incredible.

    Sidenote: While I think that not having the N1 available in stores hurt sales, Google blew it with customer service, an awkward and confusing ordering process, confusion and limited plans, horror stories on lack of support and word all over the Net that the N1 had problems that Google refused to admit existed.

    I feel comfortable in calling the Nexus 1 a complete failure. Yes, it’s a great phone, but a successful handset is comprised of a number of things, not just good looks.

    Support and fixes are critical (like the HD2 fix). If those are missing a phone will flop faster than a hyped-up movie that has big opening weekend numbers, but as word of mouth spreads how terrible the movie is, the movie fails a week later.

    But not being able to touch and feel, yeah, that was the biggest mistake. The only question I want answered, when Google was round tabling the N1 did anyone say to the decision makers “I think this needs to be in stores, people want to touch a phone before buying.” What did the decision makers tell that person, “sit down and shut up.” :)


    Here’s some clips of the two carrier cancellations:

    “The first-ever Google Phone, the Nexus One, was supposed to ‘shake up’ and ‘upend’ the wireless phone industry as we know it.

    But one carrier after another has nixed Google’s Nexus One.

    In late April, Verizon announced that it had changed its mind and decided not to carry the Google Phone.

    Now Sprint has flip-flopped, too. Today, the carrier revealed that it has decided to scrap Google’s “superphone.”

    The reversal is due in part to Sprint’s plans to offer another Android phone, the EVO 4G. According to the Associated Press, ‘A Sprint Nextel spokeswoman says the wireless carrier concluded another new phone called the Evo would be a better choice for its customers.'”


    “Google has scrapped its plan to sell a Nexus One phone that works on Verizon Wireless’ network, the most widely used in the U.S.

    The about-face announced Tuesday shrinks the potential market for the Nexus One, a mobile phone that Google unveiled to much fanfare in early January.

    At that time, Google said a Nexus One compatible with Verizon’s network would be coming in the spring…”

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Have to meet a deadline on an article so need to warm up the writing engines. So bear with on another of my long posts. Don’t read it if it bothers you. ;)

    Based on past conduct by companies with failed products and Google’s business attitude (how to make the most money with the least cost/effort), and other factors (see below) my bet: Google is getting out of the handset business.

    Look at the situation:

    HTC won’t make handsets for Google.

    Verizon and Sprint will not carry Google phones.

    I suspect AT&T because of its cozy relationship with Apple (and maybe contractual) won’t be carrying Nexus phones either. So that leaves one carrier, T-Mobile. (You can imply from that what you want.)

    Sales of the Nexus One were beyond dismal. Because of what will be six months of delays (the time the N1 has been for sale) carriers, including T-Mobile, don’t perceive the N1 as a hot item, instead it’s more like damaged goods. And generally, a six-month-old phone cannot compete with phones like the Evo, Incredible, Galaxy S, and other hot Android super phones.

    The N1 and Google have perception problems and it’s too late to rehabilitate the brand. Now most people in the wireless industry don’t think Google has any business being in hardware sales.

    What about users? The Nexus One as a brand has been blacklisted. Lots of plain old consumers “have heard” it’s not a good phone, that there are problems with it and Google does not support it. (Remember when customer service was non-existent. There was no way to contact Google to ask about the phone so people were calling T-Mobile and getting angered when T-Mobile said hardware issues were to be addressed by Google. What a clown act for Google.)

    Bottom line on sales, it does not matter what geeks think, the only perception that matters is public perception, the buying masses, if you will.

    Will there be a Nexus Two? I doubt it. Looking at the above factors and events I can’t imagine anyone within Google pushing the idea that Google should continue with handset development and hardware sales.

    Even Google employee optimists have to admit that the wireless industry is extremely specialized, made unpredictably complicated by the power of the Net. (A negative comment on a few of the popular, listened-to tech sites can sink a device faster than the Titanic.) So even those people agree that the best course of action is to abandon that ship, the Titanic, to stay in character.

    I suspect Google will get out of this in steps so to save embarrassment and prevent people putting two and two together.

    First announce the phone will be sold in stores or with carriers. (Uh, what carriers?) Then later, after the dust has settled, announce or let people notice, there will be no Nexus Two. Then follow up with a statement that Google is getting out of the cell phone business, make a nice statement that current handsets will continue to be supported and by next year that even support for the N1 will dry up, a device that Google will then-perceive as an unnecessary cash drain.

    I guess all this is not a bad thing since I can’t imagine any company facing so many slaps in the face and disappointing sales to stay upbeat and willing to put more money into a failed project. Chalk it up to being an experiment with a time limit and based on results it’s time to move on to other things.

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    It is about time they wake up and realize what they have been doing wrong. Why do they think the tv infomercials sale their items in stores after the early adaptors? It works for a while but their reputation is going down the drain. Good move. I’ll buy one now

  • Curt

    If they don’t tie the phone to a carrier so customers can get it at a discount, they’ve accomplished nothing in terms of sales. You have AT&T who still sell the ihpone along with tmobile having the mytouch slide about to launch. Good effort but overpaying for a Nexus when there are better phones for less money is just silly.

    • Eric

      I wouldn’t say the Nexus is overpriced because technically if you do the contract it is only $180. Only problem is people not being able to see it. As most customers aren’t techies like those of us that read up on phones on tech blogs, they aren’t very comfortable either paying $530 for a phone or signing a 2 yr subsidized contract for a something they can’t see in person.

    • Rjizzle

      As of right now, nexus one is the king! It might not be the the phone with most sales but with he nexus one phone, it’s as good as it gets until they come out with something better. Bottom line, they don’t have a phone yet that can surpass the nexus one, they might have something as good but not better….

  • mauricio

    Nexus one isn’t overpriced. No phone is better and no other phone will be updated like the nexus.