Samsung Galaxy S Confirmed For T-Mobile?

Well, what do we have here? Howard Chui of fame was lucky enough to get his hands on a Samsung Galaxy S and out of his video, rumors are flying that it’s a T-Mobile variant. The most obvious cause for rumor is the “Media Server Name” with the designation T-959. Phones produced by Samsung for T-Mobile are always designated T-XX9. The last digit is usually a pretty clear indicator that the device is heading the magenta way. Now of course, the “viewers” of this video who we shall lovingly call the T-Mobile “CSI” team have found what they believe is other evidence of this device running T-Mobile software. We’ve included some of the images below that has given at least a few readers consideration that this device may very well be a T-Mobile based device, minus of course the actual phone branding. It’s entirely possible the phone is running a pre-release software version headed for T-Mobile and not including the branding could have been done for obvious reasons. Perhaps Samsung isn’t ready to announce the phone, or deals with all the carriers haven’t been solidified and they don’t want one backing out because another has already come on board. It could be something and it could be nothing, perhaps we are all just being duped, mis-lead or our eyes are playing tricks on us. The flipside is we’ve known T-Mobile, among the other carriers have been rumored to carry this device almost from the get go and its announcement at CTIA. One thing is for sure, we’ll be finding out soon enough!

Thanks to Michael with the screen shots and everyone else who sent this in!

See the original video on YouTube here!

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