Samsung Galaxy S Confirmed For T-Mobile?

Well, what do we have here? Howard Chui of fame was lucky enough to get his hands on a Samsung Galaxy S and out of his video, rumors are flying that it’s a T-Mobile variant. The most obvious cause for rumor is the “Media Server Name” with the designation T-959. Phones produced by Samsung for T-Mobile are always designated T-XX9. The last digit is usually a pretty clear indicator that the device is heading the magenta way. Now of course, the “viewers” of this video who we shall lovingly call the T-Mobile “CSI” team have found what they believe is other evidence of this device running T-Mobile software. We’ve included some of the images below that has given at least a few readers consideration that this device may very well be a T-Mobile based device, minus of course the actual phone branding. It’s entirely possible the phone is running a pre-release software version headed for T-Mobile and not including the branding could have been done for obvious reasons. Perhaps Samsung isn’t ready to announce the phone, or deals with all the carriers haven’t been solidified and they don’t want one backing out because another has already come on board. It could be something and it could be nothing, perhaps we are all just being duped, mis-lead or our eyes are playing tricks on us. The flipside is we’ve known T-Mobile, among the other carriers have been rumored to carry this device almost from the get go and its announcement at CTIA. One thing is for sure, we’ll be finding out soon enough!

Thanks to Michael with the screen shots and everyone else who sent this in!

See the original video on YouTube here!

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  • daniel

    First….. and now all you T-Mobile haters can shut up. A phone as good or better than the evo without the $10 extra per month for the internet.

    • pimpstrong

      I wanna agree with you but its not HSPA+ which would seal that deal.

      • nell_z

        Every Android device is HSPA+ capable.

      • drivethruboy168

        Any new smartphone coming out from T-Mobile, either just recently or in the near future is HSPA+ compatible! I’ve been told first hand by higher end T-Mobile employees, and that this Samsung Galaxy S is indeed HSPA+ compatible. Why would they not make it compatible with a network that they are currently launching in different cities around the country right now! Think people…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      no it’s not better than the EVO. What makes you think that it is?

      • ObsceneJesster

        Um….lets see here. The screen is better and the processor is faster. It can also render graphics 3 times faster than a Evo. Do your research!

    • Laz

      Sir, I appreciate your excitement but you should know that the extra $10 is for unlimited 4G (no cap) data. I hope this one will be able to take advantage of TMO’s HSPA+ that will be up to par with WiMAXX or better…

      • 2FR35H


        The “unlimited” isn’t so unlimited its 5gb and after you hit 5gb they will slow your data down…

      • autoadhd

        there is no cap on smartphones and all devices as of mytouch 3g refresh ar hsdpa plus

    • 30014

      Who says “first” anymore? Sorry but unless it’s hspa+ compatible it’s not better than the Evo. LOL, “first”. Grow up.

      • J-Hop2o6

        HSPA+ (21+mbps) WILL be faster than WiMax (~6mbps?).. and there are no HSPA+ “PHONES” so far.. only USB data sticks.. they said there “should” be a HSPA+ “Android” phone by the holiday season.

      • J-Hop2o6

        so since most of of Tmo’s smartphones are 7.2 max.. you’ll still benefit from the upgrade cuhz you’ll get up to 7.2mbps DL speeds (and i think 2mbps UP)

    • steven

      It’s less aesthetically pleasing however. Samsung has poor taste in font and color choices.

      • J-Hop2o6

        has anyone flashed a Samsung phone to Vanilla (or SenseUI) Android? i know HTC phones can.. and xda only/mainly has HTC phones on their site (i have a HTC TP2 right now).


        Yes, While not as popular, xda also has ROMs for Samsung devices. Your selection will not be as good as HTC though.

    • andrew

      tmobile is getting better and the haters are starting to be a part of tmobile

  • Pythagoras

    that would be a major win for t-mobile if it is true

    let’s hope the wondering doesn’t drag on forever

  • Parrmani

    MyAccount needs to be pointed to as well, this is def coming to T-Mobile.

    • pimpstrong

      yeah I thought the little kid holding the phone was an HTC icon but I guess it IS a Tmo one. Looks like Magenta’s first superphone but I want the Galaxy S PRO!

      • Laz

        I have been reading that Sprint is the only carrier getting the Galaxy S Pro and AT&T will have the only Galaxy S with a flash for the camera…

      • Laz

        from what I’ve been reading is that Sprint will be the only carrier with the Galaxy S Pro and AT&T will be the only carrier to have a camera flash for their Galaxy S…

      • 2FR35H


        Well obviously you have heard wrong after looking at these pics there is no doubt that will be receiving it… No other carrier uses that voice mail icon but

      • 2FR35H


        Well obviously you have heard wrong because after having seen the voice mail icon its most definitely going to only use s that icon

      • soon2TMO were only speculating that Sprint will get the Pro version , while ATnT will get the Camera flash version… these were just their predictions, and not confirmed which i highly doubt, samsung has not announced or demo’ed any samsung galaxy S with LED flash.

      • soon2TMO

        just a little correction**

        what i really meant to say was, that androindandme was speculating that only ATnT wont get the flash w/ camera version..! but the rest of the carriers will… let us all hope so!!!

      • soon2TMO

        and i meant***

        agghhh.. LOL

    • dqnny

      There is another screenshot that has the “audio postcard” icon. That is T-Mobiles also. Remember they introduced that on the original shadow.

  • Green Robot

    I would be all over that if it is actually available from T-Mobile. Finally something worth the upgrade and signing up for another 2 years. Make it happen T-Mobile because we all know that you need it.

  • Phace

    Looks like its model name is Supersonic in that video!

    • Vinchenzo

      YES!!! That’s it! I couldn’t remember the name that the Samsung rep told me but that’s it!! I kept on thinking it was called Superior or something like that.

  • not4sakn

    As long as its not as bad as the behold 2. That was the worst android released to date. Great hardware but ruined by samsungs extra software they added on.

    • urafool

      The Behold 2 is an excellent device if you know how to properly use an android. You see, there’s this little thing called the market. In this market there’s an app called open home. Put that on the Behold 2 and voila! no more laggy touchwiz. You fools that talk the crap, how many phones have you actually used or even read about in detail? Like virgins pretending they know.

      • mikey_

        buyers shouldn’t have to purchase an aftermarket app to make their device manageable. you don’t buy a car without power locks, windows, or a cd player just to add all of these things later and THEN brag about how many features your car has.
        these people your criticizing for being naive toward the details of phones are posting on a cell phone blog site…keep your desperate search for criticism to yourself until you find something worthwhile and adequate.
        after reading your post, your name becomes way less cool and more and more ironic. like a virgin, you project your feelings of inferiority (and foolishness) onto others.

  • yast26

    Here we go again backwards, no flash….good looking phone, sexy but after behold 2, no thanks. I really like htc. Its a favorite

  • NiiDiddy

    This is great. No cons…all pros! Great screen size and technology, great processor speed, great phone response/feedback, great new Samsung OS over Android unlike the nasty TouchWiz [not sure if its a new version of touchwiz]. It had the T-Mobile “My Account” icon on there so it’s definitely coming to T-Mobile. For me the only thing I wished it had was a flash on the camera.

    I have always hated Samsung phone…this might be what they need to reel folks like me in. Great job Samsung; Great job T-Mobile for picking it up.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      no flash = con. It does have a secondary camera though (one of the MAIN things I wish the HD2 had).

      • Vinchenzo

        A lot of phones from overseas have secondary cameras that never get used. Do you think that with a second camera, that you will be teleconferencing with everyone or is a little mirror to show you what you will look like in a self portrait too simple?

  • Woofdah

    What is the verification that it is not HSPA+. Also, with such a strong phone why no flash???

  • eYe

    Yeah,I was hoping for an HTC phone…not a huge fan of Samsungs. Oh well, I’ll have to check it out once it comes out.

  • spongebob

    Also in the video from Phonescoop they mention “my favs” so it’s for sure Tmo. Now how much would you pay? That’s the big question along with release date.

    • Bobomo

      He misspoke. The icon actually said “My Files”.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Well, I guess we know what Project Emerald is now.

  • kathi17

    I was hoping for HTC too. I’ve never had a Samsung that I liked. I will wait a while and see the reviews once it’s released. I’ll also wait to see if there are a lot of devs for it.

  • that guy

    am i the only one that sees an Iphone clone?….way to be original

    • Laz

      @ that guy,
      I think Sammy is trying to lure eyefone users to android with like icons…

    • Cybersedan

      You are right, it does look a little too iphony for my tastes, but oh well.

  • Padre

    Also, check out the absence of a flash. that cant be the official tmo version as we know that at&t is the only carrier getting the flash’less galaxy.

  • Jazz

    I’m pretty torn. I like it, and could use my upgrade for it, but I don’t love it. I too would rather have an HTC over samsung, and I’d rather have Sense, or stock android over touchwiz. So now I have to decide, use my upgrade on a phone I like, or wait for a phone I love.

    I guess if I really hate touchwiz, I could add one of the home programs in the market.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      If you are comfortable with eBay, you can always sell the phone on it.

      I have been doing that since 2006 and my Pearl days. I always get about $100 less than I paid and that’s for about one year’s use.

      That works out to less than $10 a month for using the hottest phones of the time. And because we have two lines, that’s two phones at all times.

      Have my HD2 and love it, especially with the “TMoNews update” that went live last night. But I will be selling that in Sept-Nov. to get what’s hot.

      But to replace our aging G1 we will be getting this. That screen is just too much to pass up. And HD recording? I will use that for sure.

      This is a bad ass phone. We will have it and the HD2 at the same time. Take that EVO, Incredible or whatever.

      Yeah, you can nitpick about details, and your wants and what’s important to YOU are valid and important. But let’s accept reality, no phone out there has everything you or I want.

      For example, on my HD2 I’d like a something as insignificant to others as a lanyard/strap hole. I’d really love a tilt screen and physical keyboard. And how about dual boot capability, where I could run Android or WinMo, or a forward facing camera for making Skype video calls, oh man, that’s the stuff dreams are made of.

      But no one would buy new phones if a single phone came out with everything we wanted. LOL. So this is what we are going to see, phones with features debuted bit by bit. (And some manufacturers don’t own the patents of the various technologies, so they can’t include all the stuff we want or see on other devices.)

      It’s all a matter of opinion anyway, isn’t it. For example, I never use a flash when shooting video or taking pics. The output just looks like crap. Nevertheless there are others who say “no flash, no deal.”

      Sidenote: personally my HD2 does just fine without flash. Check out this video I made with just a single 100 watt bulb for lighting. I think this is good evidence that flash is not needed. Moreover, the SGS has to have even better low light capability, I suspect. So I don’t care if it has a flash or not.

  • kevin

    hey t mobile! we want the EVO

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Kevin… valid enough, but I have to say, gimme a break. Good grief, has the EVO taken the place of the iPhone?

      With every phone T-Mobile debuts it’s some people post “Bring the iPhone, we want the iPhone, it ain’t no iPhone.”

      Now it’s the EVO.

      Hey, I love the EVO too, but I hate Sprint and will never go back to them. (Remember when Sprint was canceling customer accounts of people they considered a pain in the butt to deal with? What a fine company, to intentionally make a list of customers they don’t like and then cancel their accounts.)

      Besides, I know myself. There is no phone that I covet, mainly because I tire of a phone after about three to four months use (albeit I used my Touch Pro2 for about six months before I sold it on eBay, so I could get the HD2. When I sold the Touch Pro2 I was not tired of it. In fact that was one of the best phones I have ever had, in terms of liking it).

      So embrace the SGS. It’s a beautiful phone that will bring you MONTHS of pleasure.

      • nell_z

        AMEN!!! I feel the same way about Sprint. And the phone. Yeah I was mad when we got the HD2 and Sprint got confirmation that they were getting the EVO. But at the same time, I for damn sure wasn’t about to go back to Sprint. Glad I was patient, I loved the SGS ever since I layed eyes on it. It will either be this or the Palm device to replace my Cliq.

    • Gago

      GO to SPRINT!

  • chris

    this phone is the bomb. but i still like my nexus better. i will be getting this for my wife.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You are the envy of many in here, two lines, two great phones. Same here and it is a great position to be in.

      But I will be using the SGS, the girlfriend gets my HD2. :)

  • DannOfThurs

    Hope it has Flash on the camera :) I would finally upgrade with this phone!

    • J.C.

      I hate to brake it to you but, the Galaxy “S” does not have flash. I hoping The Emerald Project was going to be the HTC Desire. Unfortunately NOT! This phone does not even have a secondary camera. :-(
      My point here is, why does that T-Mobile always gets the worst of the manufacture phones, in other words, dated.
      HELLO…T-Mobile, how about being ahead of the pack for once. I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for ten years now and if T-Mobile does not come out with something similar to HTC Incredible, Nexus One or EVO; I will cancel and move on to a carrier that has state of the art phones.
      Unlike you Michael, I keep my phone longer than a year.

      • soon2TMO

        i dont get it… just because you arent satisfied with what this phone have or dont have, it doesn’t mean it is a bad phone… for the record , it does have a front facing camera and that will be usable for video conferencing but you will be charged extra, just like the Evo..

        IMO this is better than the incredible and nexus…

        SGS has better processor which is the hummingbird
        better screen
        better color,crisp
        90 million triangles
        super amoled screen for outdoor viewing
        front facing camera
        more internal memory 8 gb/ 16 gb

        i hope it has good battery life though..

    • J.C.

      I hate to brake it to you but, the Galaxy “S” does not have flash. I hoping The Emerald Project was going to be the HTC Desire. Unfortunately NOT! This phone does not even have a secondary camera. :-(
      My point here is, why does T-Mobile always gets the worst of the manufacture phones, in other words, dated.
      HELLO…T-Mobile, how about being ahead of the pack for once. I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for ten years now and if T-Mobile does not come out with something similar to HTC Incredible, Nexus One or EVO; I will cancel and move on to a carrier that has state of the art phones.
      Unlike you Michael, I keep my phone longer than a year.

  • Reece

    meh @ the ugly ass icons on the bottom, they annoy me.

    with that said, this might meet the minimum requirements to shut me up. I guess the cosmetic crap can be weeded out upon rooting this thing so it’s a pain i could probably deal with for alittle if it means having a high-end Android in my hands

    ..but the longer the wait the more I’m gonna be looking at HSPA+ as an extra “GIMMIE!!”

    • Nick

      Hell, a replacement home screen would get rid of it..

      If only you could turn off the silly gradient fills on everything..

  • alex

    Finally,I want an Htc Desire,its a race which ever comes to tmobile first,unless Project Emerald is an android phone better than both of them then ill get that if not depends what comes out first

  • Mercer One

    This is great news. More evidence that T-Mo will be getting this phone! It makes sense; earlier TMONEWS reported that 3 low end Samsung phones were being released on T-Mo this summer- at first I was upset to no end; but with this phone, it makes now. T-Mo and Samsung are working out a plan that will help them both get what they want.

    This phone will cost quite a bit, even with a contract (it has a ridiculious price tag in Europe, from what I hear- or it will from rumors I’ve heard), so a family walks into a T-Mo store, probably one family member will get this phone (most likely dad or mom); then what Samsung and T-Mo are hoping is that they’ll add their family ($5 a piece not including data) on their free (with contract) low end Samsung phones. So, Samsung will sell more phones and T-Mo will gain more customers- win-win situation for everyone (and Google too).

    That is the way I see it. I have the iphone 3GS now and looking to make to switch because I think Apple has its head way too far up its own arse at the moment and they need to take a step back. I love Apple and all, but torn they still have this AT&T agreement. Let the consumer decide which carrier to use, not the other way around. I have the 3GS running on AT&T, but I also have the Edge iphone running on T-Mobile’s network- guess which phone get’s fewer dropped calls?

    • Mercer One

      Of course, this what I hope; again it makes sense to me. If not, I’ll probably get the Nexus One. That phone is still a beast!

  • Dana White

    HTC > ‘Sung

    • Mercer One

      Your HTC badge is showing, Dana. >: )

  • dqnny

    Everyone needs to youtube “touchwiz 3.0” . It looks amazing, I think it will be a totally new experience when compared to earlier versions. I actually prefer it to sense. A lot of people think its gonna be the same experience as the behold 2. I’m sure Samsung learned their lesson.

  • frank

    I hope this phone is not part of project emerald everyone is talking about…

  • Sounds like a Deal. Either this or the MyTouch 3G Slide.

    • BoomBoomBang

      I just can’t deal with a full touch phone.
      I don’t see myself with one.
      I need buttons. I LIKE BUTTONS! lol.

      • I’m kinda like that. But, I mean… I can’t keep waiting for them to hand me the perfect phone. I am just gonna have to make a few compromises. & as long as it works & the touchscreen is responsive, I can deal.

  • mike

    what kind of hardware is this phone packing?

    • alex

      To start off it has 2models 8gb/16gb internal memory,with a micro sd card cpmbatible.with 32gb, which is a lot of memory,at least that’s.what I read

    • Elsydeon

      its a 1Gig ARM Processor Called Hummingbird. Supposedly its 3x more efficient in graphic processing than the snap dragon. 8gig or 16gig internal memory models. The galaxy S that was mentioned is supposed to have a Front Facing Cam and a regular 5 Megapixle camera.

  • Alejandro

    It really looks like the samsung galaxy S is pretty much confirmed for tmobile but I would’ve preferred the htc desire. I really want an upgrade and who knows when an htc superphone is going to come to tmobile.

  • gabe

    Just saw the video and I think I’m going to use my upgrade on this unless htc comes out with something better

  • chris

    YES!!!There IS a GOD!!!I’ve been praying for this phone!

    • soon2TMO

      hahhahahah DITTO!


    bye bye nexus one

  • jmts80

    I really hope this is not just another rumor. I really like this phone except for 2 things, no camera flash and touchwiz.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I found another give away on the 3rd picture. Look at the MyAccount widget. Now I am not 100% sure all carriers use this same picture… but I know the MyAccount widget that I have looks exactly the same and its a Tmobile released app. Now I will need to look into this phone a little further. I want a good Android phone but not sure if the times right to sign up for another 2 years or wait it out and hope my dream phone arrives.

  • Melissa

    This phone would’ve been perfect if it had a physical keyboard, flash, and like an 8 MP camera. I love HTC, so I’m kind of iffy on getting this phone. It reminds me of the iphonre, which I hate, so I might hang onto my myTouch until I’m a year into my contract so I don’t have to pay full price for a phone. Who knows what kind of Android phone will be out for the Magenta in March 2011? But the Samsung. Galaxy S does look nice.

  • Flgirll99

    Awesome!! Hope its true!! I really like this phone and even though I’m a loyal HTC fan, this phone looks amazing in all the videos I have seen online so I think it will be my next upgrade.. I really want the Samsung Galaxy S Pro that’s rumored to follow but I would be just as happy with this phone. :-)

    I hope the rumors are true!!

  • Frankie

    It will have been even better if it has a front view camera.
    And may be support for the super fast HSPA+, which will be rolling out this year.
    Me personally i love this phone and i think it will be a great competition between the a t-mobile HSPA+ galaxy S and a sprint 4G Evo to see which one will win. i was thinking about switching to sprint but if t-mo is getting the Samsung galaxy S then am staying. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve being with t mobile for 6 yrs and counting. And what i seen is that, they always fall short in terms of phone line ups or network upgrade, but if they lands with this phone, i believe that most loyal t-mo customers like me will be happy…….


    The Galaxy S will be on all carriers by end of 2010. This year Samsung plans to go on a Android marketing blitz for all of their upcoming phones. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • Jazz

    Finally, with the announcement that the Nexus 1 will be available in stores, I’m actually torn on what to get, the Nexus 1 or Galaxy S

    • Nick

      Same. I’m thinking the Galaxy S for the screen though.

  • NoZMaN

    Man all this talk about all this phones where the talk for the dell mini 5 we need that in t-mobiel.

    • Sweezy

      I believe the Mini 5 is going to ATT :(

  • Captain Picard

    Make it so…!

    • MAC

      The video has been removed might this be a confirmation that we almost figured it out?

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        No, it is confirmation that WE FIGURED IT OUT. (Not almost.)

        Think about it, why would there be a device with T-Mobile’s “fingerprints” all over it if it was not a T-Mobile device.

        This in conjunction with the leaked Project Emerald (a green emerald) and that the SGS at CTIA had green menus, I mean if this was a murder case, we have the suspect all but standing in front of a firing squad.

        And yeah, pulling down the video confirms absolutely 110% that the SGS is coming to T-Mobile, I suspect in June.

        I suspect what happened is that Howard was testing the unit or given one to review and post a video. But it was carelessly done to where I was able to pause the video and get the screen captures showing the T-Mobile trail.

        I bet that won’t happen again. ;)

        Sidenote: The hilarious thing was that I looked at the video at 2:00 am and I had taken two sleeping pills (natural herbs). So I was really bleary eyed when sending the stuff to the blogs and news sites. So what does T-Mobile say to Howard?

        “Jesus Christ Howard… even a doped up moron figured this out. Be more careful next time we give you a phone to review. And didn’t you read the e-mail. We told you to WAIT until June to post the video. You fool!”

  • Taaars

    The video was removed, think the guy from howard forums got a nasty gram from tmobile or samsung?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike


      • Nick


  • soon2TMO

    i cant wait to get this phone, this is definitely coming to TMO it’s all ovbious now.

    will they charge extra for video conferncing on that front facing camera?
    i heard they do that on the EVO. or can we just use it like a webcam? like let’s say on yahoo messenger and no extra charges? i hope so. =)
    by the way, in my humble opinion, the EVO may be a great phone and all, but not everyone can take advantage of its 4G network as it is not available everywhere yet, you still get 3G with that anyway.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I was the one who discovered all this and notified the blogs about the T-Mobile connection. I suspect Howard was not thinking when he posted the video, that we would be able to put two and two together.

    What I did was pause the video and take super large screen captures of the pages you see in here. But if you simply watched the video you would not have seen all that I saw.

    Now that this made the Net (lots of Google News hits) T-Mobile found out and is disappointed.

    This happened with the HD2 when a few tech sites posted video reviews and T-Mobile contacted two of them and said take them down, which they did.

    Now it’s the SGS’s turn. LOL. I suspect that T-Mobile said to take it down until they are ready to announce it, Howard ruined T-Mobile’s surprise.

    If there is any interest in it, I downloaded it in HD format. I can post it on my server. Yee haw!

    • Bobomo

      No offense Mikeal but you’re not the only one who saw that stuff. We all have eyeballs and brains – I saw TMO Contact the first time I watched the video, two days ago. Congrats on taking screencaps and sending them to blogs, but it’s not like you’re Moses with the 10 Commandments here.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well I was simply recounting what happened, not trying to trumpet.

        And well… you should have posted the info instead of sitting on it. ;)

  • soon2TMO

    ^ thanks mike for being so vigilant! hahaha

    at least we now know what to expect, that it is coming to tmobile!


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Thanks. Like I said, I think it’s significant that once the connection was posted the video was taken down.

      Of course that old saying applies here, you can’t unring a bell. I am not too sure what T-Mobile hoped to accomplish by having the video taken down. It had been viewed about 17,000 times, which is a lot for about three days.

      Bonus Comment: Maybe someone reposted it, enjoy it while it’s still up.

      • HEMI 922

        Again, user did shut it down!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh, on why it was taken down, it very well could have been Howard’s choice. I say this because there were a few comments in the video where the people were poking fun at Howard’s presentation, his voice and delivery style. Some insulted him.

    Perhapds he took offense, said “to heck with you as#hol*s,” and took it down.

    Or he could have done what I do at times. On looking at a video I am displeased with I take it down and start over.

    So maybe I am reading too much into this and T-Mobile didn’t say anything.

    Just saying another possibility.

    • Bobomo

      That would be sad. I found Howard’s presentation to be just fine. His voice isn’t as annoying as lot of the more prominent cell-phone bloggers. I like how he shoots the videos and then edits them together with a voiceover, rather than just “ummmm-ing” and “uhhhh-ing” his way through a live demonstration.

  • ObsceneJesster

    The Galaxy S is the most powerful phone being released this year.

    It’s a 1ghz ARM Cortex A8 processor paired with a Hummingbird GPU chipset. This phone can render graphics 3 times faster than any phone available right now. Lastly I think this is the first phone in the states that will have a Super AMOLED display. I’m not sure about that though.

    In the end, if the phone is that powerful, I really don’t care about a camera flash. That’s what I have a digital camera for.

  • Cybersedan

    I agree, at first I was a little skeptical thinking of upgrading from my N1 to this phone, but with those specs and the screen being 4″, I think I might go for it and keep my N1 on the side.

  • Vlad

    Eww… TouchWiz

    • HEMI 922

      what is TouchWiz ? :o)

      • ObsceneJesster

        It’s Samsung’s UI they place over Android just like HTC places Sense UI over there Android phones.

        The old TouchWiz UI’s looked nasty and they bogged down the phone. However after playing with the Galaxy S I can assure you, the new TouchWiz is a big improvement to what it used to be. It’s very streamline and very snappy.

  • Marcelo L

    Well folks, I don’t know about you, but I was a GO with this phone until I read that they swapped the Hummingbird for the Snapdragon. Now, I know that the Snapdragon is no slouch, but having included the Hummingbird would’ve SOoooo made up for any perceived inadequacies ( no forward facing camera, etc. ).

    I can’t see moving to Sprint quite just yet, as my area doesn’t have WiMax. But once it has such coverage…..TMo…..get yourself a phone that is TIER 1….or it’s adios. I haven’t been on a contract with TMo ( or one of it’s antecedent encarnations ) in almost a decade. For me it was a “good enough” proposition. But nowadays I’m more connected than ever, but if I’m going to be “contracted down” to a carrier, I want to make sure it’s the right choice for me. The inability to do voice and data with WiMax concerns me for 4G technologies because LTE is almost considerable a “software variation” on the same tech WiMax is built on ( different algorithms for stuffing the bits into the channel down the pipe ).

    The summer will certainly be interesting……iPhone HD, HTC EVO 4G, HTC Incredible…. TMo better be ready with some better or at minimum comparable handsets.

  • Ungibbed

    Been using my Behold II along with a Moto Cliq (switching back and forth every so often) but bought the Behold II near it’s release. There is just something about the Behold II that I just can’t let go of. The camera is wonderful and it’s flash does make quite a difference. The Behold II feels like a proper phone with a slim profile and a great display. Sure it’s stuck in Cupcake land in it’s official form, but has the most RAM if it were ever to get a official 2.1 update.

    I really want an upgrade from these two phones, but none seem to be really “perfect” in a sense. If the HD2 was an Android device, I’d be out today to pick one up.

    For those moaning about T-Wiz, if you learn how to use it and work with it, it really isn’t that much of a problem. Sure I’d love plain vanilla Android on my Behold II, but I would lose the enhanced camera features and stumble upon other issues.

    Focusing on the Galaxy S, I am not impressed with this phone at all. It looks at first impression that it really wants to be an iPhone with it’s boxed icon grid. I’m sure Apple will have the legal team jumping out of helicopters and such to claim all of these before they hit the shelves.

    That being said, I love Samsung’s hardware, but their software really needs work. The perfect blend would be vanilla Android with only minor tweaks for camera enhancements like those on the Behold 2. Not an entire UI replacement.

  • ObsceneJesster

    Mercelo, just because you read on that they swapped out the Hummingbird chip for the Snapdragon chip doesnt mean it’s true. Why would Samsung swap out a chip that they manufacture (the ARM Cortex A8) for a processor they DON’t manufacture (Snapdragon). Think about it.

  • Dave O

    it’s going to be hummingbird for sure~!!!! i just have a little hunch… but this phone is going to be great!!!! the best android for ever!!! cliq, and mytouch sucks mytouch slide is too slow 600mhz?? come on~~~ behold 2 is pretty good as long as you root it and flash it with different rom!! i really wanted to see the video but it’s removed

  • Ich

    Me – i will wait on android 2.2
    Than – it’s great
    bevore it sucks.

  • Sami

    As of right now, i’m waiting on the MyTouch 3G Slide to come out. If this phone has a confirmed release date, and a confirmation on whether it will have a camera flash or not by the time that the MyTouch Slide comes out, then i’ll get the SGS. However, i am a person with no patience, and i have been using a crappy t-mobile flip phone just waiting for the mytouch slide to come out.It’s good that i heard about this phone before the slide came out though so now i can actually decide. Bottom line: if this phone is getting an LED flash for the camera, and the price doesn’t exceed $200 with 2 year contract, then i’m sold.

  • Gilbert Galvan

    If the phone does have LED flash then I will buy it.

  • teesquared

    T-Mobile can steal some of Sprint’s EVO thunder with the right marketing. I’m out of contract right now but when/if this phone is released I’ll be signing a new contract!!

  • mike

    i work at tmobile and i have samsung update meeting next week. maybe some light will be shed on this device, if so ill update you all

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Uber cool of you. Make sure you do or you will be banned to the end of the internet. ;)

    • Alex

      I sincerely hope your not lying. While you at it. let those Tmo executives k ow how much a sizable contingent is willing to leave if they do not release this soon. Me personally, I won’t, but many are…..

      • Mr. T

        Nothing is revealed to T-Mobile employees before regular folks on the internet…

        This is how something works…
        1. Robert Dotson and board knows something.
        2. They tell major national T-Mobile executives this thing.
        3. These major executives hold meetings for the regions, but don’t tell any regional managers anything…unless one of these regional managers are really good friends with the major account executive.
        4. If one of these regional guys gets wind of what something is, they will leak it on the internet to feel powerful.
        5. All employees below regional managers (i.e everyone) find out about this new thing on the internet.
        6. 5 days later after everyone in the world now already knows out about it, the regional managers begin to hold meetings for territory and district managers, who then hold meetings for field executive managers and who then hold meetings for retail store managers, who then hold meetings for their part time minions in the retail outlets.
        7. T-Mobile officially announces either day before the meetings, same day, or day after.

        I mean I understand why T-Mobile just doesn’t want to go around telling everyone secret cool news, the more you tell the more chance you have of it leaking…but they really don’t care who you are. You can work at the company for over 5 years, be in a VERY high managerial position which is over a few states even and still left in the dark on most crap except the REAL name of a project…

      • tmo-emp

        i am a tmo employee and although the time frame can sometimes be looser/tighter, mr t speaks the truth.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I am curious about something. Is a camera flash so important to some people in here that you would actually not buy a phone because it is perfect in all ways except it does not have a flash?

    Personally I have never liked cell phone flashes. They don’t illuminate all that much, except if in total darkness, which is never for me. In low light situations my HD2 (that has a double LED flash) does not work all that well.

    Maybe I don’t get it. I was wrong on the HTC Touch Pro2 that came without a 3.5mm audio port. I rallied in support of HTC’s USB all-in-one port that included audio.

    I dissed all those who complained about the lack of a 3.5mm audio port.

    But a few months into using my Touch Pro2 I totally hated not having a 3.5 port, albeit the rest of the phone was fantastic (best phone I ever had, up to that point). To do over again I would not have bought the Touch Pro2 because of the missing 3.5 port.

    A camera flash, however, I don’t miss that at all and on my HD2 I turn it off at all times. So I just can’t see missing out on the SGS because of it having no flash.

    Just wondering.

  • soon2TMO

    … i think a t-mobile version of galaxy S will have LED flash.

    i think so.


  • shawn1224

    So is there any truth to the Galaxy S being downgraded to a qualcomm chip? While making the device more affordable, this could have serious implications on device sales. At least for me it would be a major selling point to have a hummingbird chip.

    • ObsceneJesster

      @Shawn1224….I only heard this one place ( I don’t believe it one bit. Why would Samsung remove a chip they manufacture (ARM Cortex A8 w/ Hummingbird Chipset) for a chip they don’t (Snapdragon). The device will be cheaper if they use there own CPU’s. Right?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I posted that missing Galaxy S video that had indicators it was T-Mobile’s version.

  • This phone looks awesome, I would love to get more of the specs.
    In reply to ObsceneJesster: the rumors may or may not be true but your reasoning for proving that its false is incorrect. Its a fact that leasing technology from other manufacturers is cheaper because you save on the cost of research and development.

  • paul s.

    And just what is T-Mobile thinking by removing the front camera???
    THAT’S a deal-breaker for me.
    I’ll hold on to my Nexus One, thank-you.