Android UMA Phones Coming Soon?

We’ve long heard Android owners cries for a UMA enabled Android device, and it looks like those tears just might have paid off. According to the folks over at BoyGenius, Magenta will be testing UMA calling on Android device starting Q3 of this year (Its about time). For those that don’t know what UMA is, Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) is a technology that allows a UMA capable mobile phone to seamlessly switch back and forth between mobile phone networks and local wireless WiFi networks. So if you’re in a spotty coverage area (or if you don’t have the best coverage indoors), you would be able to make calls over your WiFi connection. Pretty cool right?  We’re working on confirming this with our sources, so until further notice, please take this with a grain of salt.

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  • ORLY?

    Other than battery life, UMA calling is the one thing I miss about my BB. Hope this happens.

    • Michael

      I am with you 100% The UMA feature on my old Blackberry is the one thing I miss the most.

      In my office the reception is horrible and miss calls more than I recive. lol

      Bring on the UMA!

  • Liam

    Oh thank god! That’s what I’m missing from my Blackberry as well. I love all the features of Android, but UMA just tops it especially when I’m at my friends place which T-Mobile’s frequency just can’t penetrate the building the walls.

  • Tiberiu

    Would this be for current android phones or other ones that are going to be released?

    • Kickstar13

      Future Android devices.

  • namo

    Iphone6 will have UMA and live wall papers

    • Chris

      There is no Iphone 6

      • Matt_TX

        And just like Iphone 2 it will be years to late

    • kai

      whats an iphone6?

  • Nice. I have to admit, I wasn’t 100% sure what UMA technology was all about but after reading some articles about it online, I am definitely excited.

    If T-Mobile comes out with a snapdragon processing, sleek, 5+MP camera, qwerty keyboard, capacitive screen running the newest Android OS and with UMA capabilities…yeah well I just drooled all over my keyboard just thinking about it…

    Hopefully my dream phone comes soon. But regardless, this step towards implementing UMA in the future Android devices is definitely a good sign for TMO…

  • timmyjoe42

    Viva le UMA!!!

  • Andy

    They should have uma on all handsets. It wold be a great selling point.

  • Mingilicious

    I’m still waiting for T-Mobile to launch a device as sexy as the HD2 with Android on it… UMA would be a fantastic addition. After returning my HD2, I’ve been longing for something comparable in aesthetic and hardware on TMo. *sigh*

    (And before anyone directs me toward the Nexus One, thanks, but I am not interested; I want to use the EIP to purchase the phone without signing a contract, and I don’t like the aesthetic of the N1.)

  • K

    I love UMA! This is why I have Blackberry. My indoor coverage stinks.

    I’m really excited that it should be coming to future Android devices. This may be the push I need to move to Android.

    • DavidJAX

      This is why I still have my bb 8900!!!
      Yay I’m excites

  • wasup

    UMA is really an awesome feature that tmo offers,especially when over seas or in basements, you just need a wifi connection and its as if you’re standing next to a tmo tower, hehe, this is great news.

    • wasup

      only problem is what if tmo offers a super phone this summer, do I wait ?,hmmm

  • kathi17

    This is exactly what is needed in rural areas like where I live! I’m using UMA on a Samsung. I’d love it on an Android device!

  • abe

    oh you have got to be kidding me! i just got the hd2! well lets see what happens

  • MagentaMagic

    UMA and Android — can’t be beat!

  • Ron TheGentleman

    using tmo to test uma out on android…im not mad about that

  • mahogany1

    This sounds kool but will TMO allow someone else to take this idea and be better at it? Android for instance…..

  • thguy

    not only is UMA coming back they are going to use Femtocell technology and repeaters and signal boosters in places that dont have service. finally someone in corporate is listening.

  • thguy

    also got to play with the samsung galaxy s and to be honest its the best touch screen device looks, feel, weight, and screen clarity i have ever seen. it doesnt have snapdragon but 2 500mhz processors they cal it dual core. camera was great and the screen was very responsive. Android 2.1 was buggy though.

  • Ignacio

    Glad to learn about this feature on Android; it vastly improves voice calls in bad signal areas. I would like to see it in all or most of T-Mo phones.

  • Vinny

    UMA has saved me tons of money. I still have the feature for $10.00 a month you can make any UMA call anywhere for zip. How the hell can you beat that. That is no longer available, I have that grandfathered for a long time and will never give it up. T-Mobile takes allot of hits on some forums but if you are in their area you can’t beat them. The best thing is their 3G is only getting better, much better. Now let’s bring in some knock out phones.

  • beastly

    Best. Idea. Ever.

  • beastly

    Still may not make me leave my beloved 9700, but it makes Android seem like a possibility.

  • bubbles says this

    This is great, now all T mobile needs is a good Android handset to go with it. Lets see we have 4 Mytouch versions, I guess by the time they get to the 5th or 6th it may have a good processor.

  • Bonnie

    So I take it that only T-Mobile branded Android phones will have this feature?

    I say this because a special chipset has to be installed on the hardware.

    Either way it’s cool as long as we have a hot selection of devices to choose from.

    • mikeeeee


      not a chipset.

      truphone offers it now but it aint the best.

      used it on my g-1 for a while.

  • mike

    UMA is the best thing tmobile has ever come up with, it should be standard on every one of their phones

  • jaythe01

    Its not so much a phone as it will be an app so ALL Android TMo phones including N1 will have access to it. Read a memo today stating that….but I think Tmo will take it a step further. Project Emerald anyone???

  • Danny Thai

    Thank goodness!

    I thought UMA was dead since T-Mobile wasn’t really doing much about it, pretty much effectively killing UMA.

    I don’t personally use Android, so I hope Windows Mobile devices get the treatment. I know the Shadow 2009 has it, but that’s not enough.

    Go T-Mobile! Thanks for listening to us!

  • mikeeeee


    aint dead, just the former head of marketing was clueless.

    in order for t-mo to survive, it has to be different than all the rest.

    i’ve has hotspot@home since the getgo and love it.

    i got 2 full handset upgrades and would love 2.1 and UMA together.

  • NiiDiddy

    good to hear UMA is coming to Android! Love it on past BBs that I have owned. This will be great.

  • DannOfThurs

    Great, now I need to wait and see if I want to get a phone without it or with it…LOL

  • mailman13877

    That’s cool but im more happy that they will be bringing Apps2SD in Froyo.I have received confirmation via email through a conversation with the google employer who recently posted they are working on the google code site(Engadget post that article a couple weeks ago).He confirmed it to me that it will be in Froyo. David or KickStar13 if you want a copy of the convo so you can post an article about it just email me.

  • manus

    I thought tmobile was gettin sued for this technology a while back

  • JBLmobileG1

    Add UMA to an Android phone then have Google Voice to work with it and you’ll get unlimited calling for free without using Minutes…. am I right? Doesn’t Tmobile charge $9.99 a month for unlimited UMA calling and without the $9.99 it just uses your minutes?

  • germini

    Thanks Kickstar13 for explaining what UMA stands for. I am one of those readers that love this website/forum,but do not have the knowledge of all the technical terms and get frustrated at times.I might be a fairly old lady but I love technology.:-))

  • ManoloDF

    I have been waiting for a non BB UMA phone for a long time, I would have taken iPhone, Android or even Winmo7 as long as it has 3G, GPS, UMA. Tho i would prefer it to be an iPhone at this point due to the capabilities of the phone and not limited to apps not on storage media etc like android.

  • Midnight Raver

    Don’t forget that the G1 & MyTouch list UMA in the FCC docs. So it has always been in the phones’ chipset. I don’t know about the Motorola and Samsung phones though…

    I believe in the theory that the current 3G implementation they were on didn’t play nice with UMA. I know someone with a BB 9700 who had to turn off 3G because UMA would not hand-off to 3G when he’d leave his office. The phone would go to voice mail for a good five minutes each time. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the 9700 is getting an upgrade that supposedly fixes that issue…

  • Joe Daniels

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this is TRUE! UMA + ANDROID would be unstoppable!

  • Abraxias

    if you want UMA on Android, vote for it at:

  • dolphinlover

    Oh please tell me its true! After @#@ ATT kicked t-mobile off the tower by me. I have to use UMA..

    I have been patiently waiting for Tmobile for a year now to put up a tower. all I get is empty promises and I have been a loyal customer for 6 years. I think they should send me this for free for putting up with all their BS.

    I hope this time I can get a UMA touch screen phone! I know BB storm 2 is UMA capable, but verizon has exclusive to that one.

  • dmans

    The only thing stopping me from getting an Andriod phone is the missing UMA support. I don’t get service from any provider at my house and this is a MUST for me. I’ve been using UMA with T-Mobile on a cheap old Samsung for 2 to 3 years now and the fact that they have made supporting UMA in nthe Android such a low priority is shocking.

  • Musa

    I am going to switch to Verizon soon if T-mobile does not come out with an android with UMA. I sick and tired of dropped calls and no reception. I can not upgrade to new phones because they lack UMA and I have no reception at home I route my call through the internet.

  • Eric Anderson

    UMA would be great, but found a work around. Get, Vonage Mobile for free on your Android phone. It will allow you to make and receive calls over wifi with your existing number. It works great and its Free.

  • Does anyone have any knowledge about where T-Mobile is going? It would be wonderful if we could buy Adroids that support UMA. But I see so many signs that T-Mobile is losing interest in supporting it. The sales folks at the local T-Mobile store don’t know what it is!

    If TMO drops it, I will drop TMO!

  • Mark R

    I had to give up my Android phone for a Blackberry 9700 because of the UMA. I have no service at home right by the Hollywood sign in CA and at my friends house overlooking the 405 freeway. They either need to get some more sites working or get the UMA working on Android and quick. I think the UMA is a cheaper alternative for them.


    I am holding on to my old phone waiting for UMA on android (for about a year).. I have been with t-mobile for 10+ years

    If it does not happen soon I will switch to Verizon.


    I’m the biggest fan of UMA and please please please bring UMA to android so that I can get rid of my bb 8120…


    I created a facebook fan page for T-Mobile UMA. Come and become and fan! Hopefully T-Mobile can bring this great invention to all Android phones!

  • Josh

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let this be true!

  • Daniel

    I very much agree I don’t know why TMO dropped the sales, they seem to have the habit of pouring huge advert bucks out, then if something doesn’t generate sales over the top, they drop it instead of persisting, these could web sites certainly tell the story: many, many want the UMA, and they would like it on the droid not BB. My son doesn’t have coverage in his home, he could sure use UMA.

  • Pdiddy

    UMA is the bomb! Once it’s paired with Android, it’s bye-bye Blackberry, fo’ shizzle!

  • BubbleHead

    UMA was never correctly marketed. If it was, then T-Mobile’s customer base would be much, much larger. I still find it amusing when I tell all the yuppy iPhone users around me what I can do on with my BB9700 and UMA, and they are amazed that such a feature even exists. Hello, if the vast majority of the cell phone market doesn’t even know about your exclusive cutting-edge feature, then you as a company are F-ing up. UMA is the number one reason I have stayed with T-Mobile (their top-notch customer service is a close second, as it certainly wasn’t their cellular coverage). That being said, The day UMA hits Android phones is the day I will say bye bye to BB, as UMA is the only thing keeping me with RIM as well. I have wanted an Android phone for a long while now, but am not willing to give up my UMA. Part of me thought there might have been some exclusivity drug deal between RIM and T-Mobile to refrain from releasing a UMA-enable Android device, since RIM certainly has a lot of customers to lose (myself included), should the UMA migrate over to Android.

    In short, its about F-ing time!!!

  • Mrbloojeans

    any updates????

  • Mrbloojeans

    any updates????

  • Mrbloojeans

    any updates????