myTouch 3G 3.5mm & Behold II Price Cut

Looking to step up to the Android OS? Beginning June 2nd, Magenta will be offering the Samsung Behold 2 (currently $149.99 with a 2-year contract after rebate) for $99.99 after rebate. Additionally, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G w/3.5mm jack will also be available for $99.99 with a 2 year contract, down from the current $149.99 pricing. This discounted pricing will be available both in T-Mobile retail stores and via for both upgrades and new activations.

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  • Long Ding Dong

    Who in the hell would want a Samsung after just learning that they lied! Phuck them!

    • andrew

      some people are going to sue samsung for not bring android 2.0 and up

  • going_home

    Its already known that this will only get 1.6. My almost two year old G1 has 1.6. Why would anyone buy this phone ?


    • Ls9freek

      behold 2 is better than g1 hardware wise

  • FILA

    awwww Torrey is a little bitch. Not the site for you then, neither is the internet

  • b.fam

    sprint gets the Evo, and tmo get the small ugly mytouch 3g. tmobile doing big things.


      The Mytouch came out a long time ago smart one. The Evo isn’t even out yet.

    • Seamus

      the mytouch line isn’t met to compete with the EVO (et al). As hard as it is to believe the average consumer isn’t at all like us and is perfectly okay with a mid-range smart phone. If you want to compare something to the EVO wait to see what this rumored “project emerald” is and see if the next-gen Sidekick turns out to be as good as rumored.

  • mj

    they didn’t lower the no contract price. see they are still trying to sell contracts!!

  • hi!

    wow! awesome news!

    The new iphone is being announced in one week, the EVO 4G is being delivered by Jesus himself in just a couple days and we get the Behold 2 (arguably the worst cellular telephone of all time) for ONLY a hundred bucks! Where’s the line start?!

    • b.fam

      lol funny

    • Ls9freek

      you my friend is over exagerating .
      the behold 2 aint all that bad.

      i got a behold 2 right now with 1.6 galaxy rom BH_man’s and it runs better and feels better when you use it .

      A bad Phone is something like a MOTOROLA razor!!
      exc. nokia brick phone.
      you know something not running anrdroid in tmobiles line up.
      anyways you get the point . stop throwing soo much dirt.

      yes maybe the dam g1 gots drivers for it to be updated to 2.1 or 2.0 by a root but a behold 2 is better than a g1 !

      behold 2 gots a 3.5mm jack
      5mp camera with flash
      same screen 3.2inch
      behold 2 >g1

  • DannOfThurs

    wow..just wow. This ‘price cut’ is really more of an insult.

  • mad dog

    Stop sucking ass Torrey.

  • 30014

    Wow Torrey, you have a lot of bitch in you. If you don’t like how the site is run you don’t have to come back.

  • Makes perfect sense. MyTouch Slide 3G > MyTouch 3G . Samsung Galaxy S > Samsung Behold II. So they replaced the older models w/ the new ones, by lower the price of the old models

    • going_home

      I wouldnt buy a Samsung Android phone for one reason. You dont know if you will be getting and Android updates or not. Samsung thinks customers dont care about Android updates. HTC and Motorola have both proven they listen to their customers.


      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I have HTC products and love them all. I also think that HTC is the hottest handset maker on the planet, at this time.

        But HTC listens to its customers regarding updates?

        The G1, can’t be upgraded beyond a certain point.

        Touch Pro2 – Cannot be upgraded to WP7.

        HD2 – Cannot be upgraded to WP7.

        I own all these phones. I remember the uproar when we found out the flagship Touch Pro2 would not be upgradeable to WP7.

        I remember the uproar when we found out the flagship HD2 would not be upgradeable to WP7.

        On both those devices people said they were not going to ever buy HTC products again.

        Of course since a carrier can get phones configured however they want, I question if it’s T-Mobile who ordered the Touch Pro2 and HD2 with WinMo instead of Android and/or could not get Microsoft and HTC to make those premium handsets upgradeable to Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

        Bottom line, I don’t get the impression that T-Mobile and HTC listen that much to the geeks.



        The G1 is old, and newer versions of its operating system would slow it down. The Touch pro 2 and hd2 aren’t getting upgraded, 1 because of hardware, and 2 because Microsoft said so.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Noted PhoneFreak. Not sure what you are saying different from what I said (see where I say a device “cannot” be upgraded.)

        I was simply responding to the OP saying that “HTC listens.” As your post further indicates, there’s no evidence that HTC is listening to us.

        They, like Microsoft, T-Mobile and others do what they do for all kinds of reasons (e.g., what I say and what you posted). It’s not because they are listening to people complaining about not getting upgrades, etc.

      • Gizmalien


        I would wager a guess that the HD2 and Touch Pro 2 were more than likely both designed and finished long before Microsoft announced WP7 and what the requirements would be for it.

  • Zhukov

    So if the no-contract price for the MT3G is $399, then will the MyTouch Slide retail for $449 or more when it releases on June 2nd? I’ve seen the slide that says it’s $399 also, but that doesn’t add up if the older phone stays at $399.

    • going_home

      Yeah if the 3g Slide is more than $350.00 I will wait for a better phone before replacing the G1.


      • Zhukov

        I’ll buy the MT Slide at $399, and I’ve been scouring the web constantly to look for confirmation. Haven’t heard anything yet though. Any higher than that, and T-Mobile can kiss my butt; they’d be approaching Nexus territory with a $4xx price tag.

  • whatthehell?

    no one wants behold 2 since that happen to them no 2.0 lol mytouch 3g 3.5 mm yes ha

  • En2Mente

    Oh wow there were offerening the mytouch for free with 2yr for a period of time and they weren’t seling. What makes them think they’ll sale for 99?

    • Seamus

      retail stores seldom get as aggressive promos as the short-lived (? is it still going on?) free online mytouch.

  • En2Mente


  • tato22

    torrey why dont u go and get the fck out of here with this sht u dont belong on the site David needs to block your fck ass

  • Kyle

    Please tell me where it says INTERNAL ONLY. I see it nowhere. Oh, and I agree with FILA and the rest of these repliers.

  • werker_b

    The slide will retail at corporate for $449.99 without contract. Seems T-Mo pays more attention to how cool THEY think their product should be rather than what people say it should be and bases their price around that. They should do some competition shopping. What is ultimate at T-Mo is really not what’s ultimate across the board, lol.

    • lev

      I thought it was $399.99, has this been confirmed by tmobile?

  • JBLmobileG1

    I don’t get it…. the MyTouch with the 3.5 Jack was just free not even that long ago and now its $100? What a rip… I’d save for the Slide if I wanted a MyTouch branded phone. As for the Behold 2…. ha! What a joke… they should be giving that a way for free and with accessories too! Heck they should pay you extra just to take it off their hands. Too bad the Galaxy S will not sell well because of what Samsung did with the Behold. I myself was going to upgrade to a Slide (it is an awesome phone) however I went straight for the best and bought a Nexus One outright. I can’t wait to get it tomorrow and test it out… its going to be the last phone I will probably ever need for atleast the next 4 years… maybe even longer. Even after its been out for a while nothing still really comes close to it… it as if its in its own class. Plus I believe Google will be updating it for quite a while with the newest versions of Android unlike my G1. What do you know… tomorrow just became today. Within the next 13 hours the Nexus One will be mine! LOL

  • Ls9freek

    dumb the behold 2 used to cost 450 then dropped to 400 then eventually wound up to 380 but that was months ago i dont know why there barely bringing this up . how ridiculous. i guess they dont have anything else to talk about . how lame

    f.y.i i bought this behold 2 for $200 brand new .shoot i aint gonna pay NO $380 including taxes and theres also no point in adding 2 more years to your contract for a behold 2 . might as well get it without a contract for a cheaper price on the internet . i mean. C’mon really.

    AND QUIT IT WITH THE freeekin mytouch its soo annoying already .

    #1.mytouch 3g
    #2.mytouch 3g 1.5
    #3. mytouch (fender ) limited edition
    #4.mytouch slide

    REALLY?!! Why soo much mytouches?
    You know the mytouch aint all that .

  • God

    if we all relied on TMO’s non-existant marketing to let people know about pricing changes, you’d be out of a freaking job.

    Get over yourself and get back to selling phones.

  • Zhukov

    I just called a T-Mobile store, and they said it will be $450 and will release Wednesday. That’s nuts – I was so excited to get it, but I will NOT pay $450 for this phone.

    • Zhukov

      Follow-up: I just called most of the other stores in town, and they don’t know. One guy went so far as to look on his internal website, and he said they’re usually not told until after the store closes on the day before the release. So HOPEFULLY the first store I called just pulled a number out of thin air.

    • lev

      I agree bro, $399.99 was pushing it, hell I can cancel my account and pay the etf and still pay less for the Evo 4g, how can they price that phone like that, its not a high end phone, epic fail!

  • lev

    I called a few tmo stores in NY, and got 2 different answers, one was June 3rd and the other was june 4th, now I just spoke with tmobile customer care and she told me it is coming out tomorrow, however certain stores will get it, others it will release on the 16th, you can def order it online tomorrow, as far as retail stores, she said some may not have it yet, she did tell me it will mostlikely be priced like the mt3g last year, which means between $399- $499, I am going to guess $449.99 because the mt3g 3.5 jack is $399.99, so we shall see

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well if you do a Google search the majority of the Net says it goes on sale on June 2.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    “Just preordered my Behold 2. Can’t Wait!!!” Remember those days guys?

  • dethduck

    I’ve an email from Tmo themselves saying June 2nd.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well this should end the June 2 / 4 debate:

  • ItsMichaelNotMike
  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    That article on the Slide June 2 availability says:

    “The phone itself can be yours for $179.99 after $50 rebate and contract, which doesn’t really help it when competing with the EVO 4G that will have a lot more features for $20 more.”

    If I was calling the shots at T-Mobile I would announce the following:

    “Are you considering the Evo 4G? If so say these exact words to a T-Mobile Customer Service Rep: ‘I was thinking about getting the Evo.’

    On mentioning the this secret phrase T-Mobile will sell you the Slide for $79 instead of the $179 debut price. Two year commitment and data plan required.”

    T-Mobile’s “Secret Phrase” promo would make the news and a lot of people would opt for the Slide over the Evo.

    Just an idea.

  • derrickps3

    they might as well discontinue the behold 2, samsung made a mistake in creating it.

  • psm321

    Does anybody know if they’ll do an adjustment for somebody who got the phone a week before the price cut? (not me, a coworker)

  • arizdegenerate
  • Germs

    It’s just a shame that T-Mobile didn’t decide to get the HD2 in the android OS instead of the windows mobile. It’s also a shame that samsung and T-Mobile doesn’t really want to support the Behold 2 customers the 1.6 update is an insult because 1.6 has been out for how long??? They are only doing this is to try to shut the Behold 2 user up and say here you go and now go away cause we gave this to you out of the kindness of our hearts.

    I would go over to sprint or verison but I like having a sim-card since I travel and like to keep my contacts and have a local #.