T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide Now Available

Well, this the the moment you QWERTY loving Android owners have been waiting for. It’s time to finally retire that old G1, and upgrade to something truly worthy. The long awaited myTouch 3G Slide is now available via www.t-mobile.com. As expected, the myTouch 3G Slide will cost you $179.99 after rebate with a 2-year contract, and $429.99 sans contract. And now that you’ve seen all three color variations, hopefully it’ll make choosing a bit easier (your welcome). What are you waiting for? Order your new myTouch 3G Slide NOW!


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  • dethduck

    Still think that’s a bit too privy for a mid tier phone.

  • JaylanPHNX

    I’ll second that. My wife has been looking at getting one of these day one, but has now backed off due to the +$400 price tag. It’s still one of the best T-Mo phones and maybe the best full Qwerty available right now, but $430 is a lot to drop if you have the EvenMorePlus plan. But then the promised Froyo update and the big speed boost that comes with it may make the price easier to swallow.

    • hi!

      agreed, $430 is just too much. What’s with these phone prices? A fully loaded desktop computer costs that much or less :(

      • john

        Good luck carrying that desktop around to make phone calls, anyone bitching on price go to walmart and drop $140 there. The $430 is better than $530 on a droid or $580 on a nexus. I have used the phone for a long time now, and it’s hands down the best tmo android.

  • Ace

    I may get it and watch the news carefully so I can return it

  • spongebob

    I’m personally gonna wait till after the early opening announcement and the samsung hype kicks in. Maybe they will do a price drop for this one.

    • going_home

      I liked the keyboard and the genius button but I’m not pulling the trigger till I see what else is being released. I’ll wait a couple months. The G1 is still holding up fine.


  • Tyler

    I ordered mine! I can’t wait!

  • jabombardier

    i am sold $430 bucks is reasonable. will upgrade very soon. it is 100 dollars cheaper than a nexus one with similar specs and a slower processor that is still smooth and quick. i will go to the store and pick one up. goodbye G1

  • eYe

    I’m hoping to get one for free. Wife’s Cliq is giving her nothing but problems and I’m seek of wiping the thing and sending it back. She is now on her 2nd replacement and it just boot-looped again. I’ll try to get that Slide out of them instead of Cliq this time, have just about have it with the wholo MotoBloat.

  • MrBadAzz

    My local T-MO store was nice enough to call me yesterday to remind me of my pre-order availability. I will be at the store today by 12:45pm to pick mine up @ full price saving my contract renewal for a high end device. I just completed a order on amazon for a 16GB class 6 microSDHC. I’m so freaky ready….

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Be careful with that 16GB chip.

      At about 2:00 am I was working on the 16GB chip that came with my HD2. Dozed off with the chip in my hand when the Ambien kicked in.

      The chip fell to the floor and two weeks later I still can’t find the dang thing. (I have only been looking off and on. Looks like a search party will need to be called.)

      At a dinner I told a SanDisk senior VP that they should make the microSD chips white or orange so they are easy to spot. They won’t do it, I guess so they can sell more chips. What a bunch of deeks.

      • ObsceneJesster

        LOL…my wife always yells at me because she finds my phone in the bed in the morning due to myself playing with it after taking Ambien. Sometimes that stuff kicks in hard and you don’t remember a damn thing from the night prior.

      • MrBadAzz

        I wish you luck on finding your card because they’re not cheap.

  • pimpstrong

    After taxes your looking at just about $470 and thats waaay too much money to spend on a phone that will be outdone even on T-mobile in just a few months time. People who don’t care about specs go get in line, everyone else hold off cuz I GUARANTEE the price of this phone will drop long before the end of the year because you know for a fact that our high end dream phone(s) are coming very soon. HOLD YOUR $$$$

    • MrBadAzz

      The phone is actually 399.99 + 8.875% tax in NYC = $435.49. I know it’s not much of a difference but people like me don’t mine, and besides I can’t deal with my BB 8320 curve anymore.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Valid point for sure but:

      — Right now we don’t know what phones are coming out or when.

      — This has a keyboard, that is a BIG difference between the other Android superphones coming out.

      — And this meets many users’ needs. Most people don’t need or want the fastest processor, largest display or fastest graphics. (It’s somewhat amusing to watch reviewers say “Oh the Slide operates .004 seconds slower than the Nexus One on page flips.” Yeah, that’s what consumers are looking for, the phone that is .004 seconds faster than the competition. After all, we all need bragging rights at the office, eh.)

      The Slide does all an Android smartphone is supposed to do and does it quite well. (At least from what I can determine from the video reviews.)

      As to pricing, get over it. ALL carriers price their mid-range and high-end phones in the $400 to $550 range. Besides, don’t most people buy phones on a contract basis? So $180 is a great deal for a phone of this caliber.

      And those of us on Even More Plus, well that’s the way it goes. The carriers price these phones in the same range so there’s nothing us EMP people can do about that.

      Of course EMP customers enjoy the freedom of not being under contract and can pay for the phone over 20 months, interest free. That’s a nice trade-off for paying a couple hundred extra dollars for a phone.

      Sidenote: Some EMP subscribers have reported being able to negotiate a lower price for the phone, that is, lower from the advertised price.

      One way to do that is to tell the CSR you want to pay for the phone over three months rather than 20 months. T-Mobile will pass on to you the savings it realizes in not carrying the cost of financing. I got $100 knocked off the price of a BlackBerry 9700 by doing that.

  • Dude

    My wife and I our picking up two. In terms of tech, every phone is outdated in 3-4 months now-adays. Because we are super-loyal, we are eligible for upgrades year. Next year with the rate at the which the names are getting longer, we will get the Tmobile mytouch slide hspa pro with google and htc.

    • cellmate

      dude, don’t forget on the 16th you get two for the price of one. call them – i did, and as far as i know this is legit. BOGO!


      • Robert

        Same BOGO terms apply? Need to be on same acct and all?

      • cellmate

        i called my t-mobile store the day the announcement broke on this website – funny – the sales rep had no idea what i was talking about, but when i got the manager on the phone he knew…
        June 16th the mytouch slide will be BOGO w/units 1 and 2.
        this deal will last approx. 4 days – through the 20th.

        visualize whirled peas!

    • pimpstrong

      sure the phones get outdated super fast nowadays but T-mobile doesn’t (themselves) carry an Android Superphone and we will surely have one soon that will BY FAR outdate the mTS. (Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Vision)

    • Sure every phone is outdated in 3-4 months, too bad this phone is outdated on the day it’s released, yet still commands a premium price.

      Speaking of loyalty, my family has been with T-Mobile almost 10 years and I’ve always been very happy with them, but it’s hard for me to ignore stuff like this.

      • fidget

        Robert. Give them a call. Nothing to lose. I’m sure given your loyalty they’ll consider $379/350 and sounds like that is what you were expecting/hoping for. I called this morning and had no problem getting $50 discount. I’m on EvenMorePlus plan. Go on, ditch the G1, if TMO works with you a little on price. We all need new toys from time to time. My 3 year Blackberry has to go.

  • fidget

    I just ordered mine in black. Should be here in a few days. btw, for those of you on Even More Plus plan its worth a phone call to TMO cust care. I’m on the EvenMorePlus plan and about to roll off my old contract in a few months. I asked them for some discount off the $429 price. I explained by investing in a TMO handset it implies I’ll be sticking with TMO a while so they offered me $50 off the price. $379 seems fair for this puppy. Tried to get any info. about the 19th, no go. I have zero interest in iphone or Samsung Galaxy so I’m taking the plunge. If it’s a nexus one….that may give me pause, but based on all the reviews I think I’ll be very happy with the MTS. Battery life is very important to me – and so that is one advantage of this over the 1 GHz/AMOLED models that drain battery faster.

  • kismetj

    The phone does not cost 179 if you are upgrading your account it cost 229.99 Deceiving in advertising that 179 price. it only cost that if you are buying a new phone!

    • userfriendlyme

      Well i ordred mine over the phone this morning and upgraded my line and i got it for the 179.99 price. so the advertisement really wasn’t off for me.

    • Robert

      If upgrading, there is a $50 mail-in rebate that brings it down to $179. Just saw that on the tmo site today.

    • kismetj

      forgive me… after reading your comments. I called tmo up.. Apparently the $50 rebate comes in the mail with the phone. So it is NOT false advertising. The phone is $179.99. Well, now i feel better about myself lol.

      And i got a sweet little Red # to replace my black G1… I’m happy.. for now. ;)

      • kismetj

        just so you know.. if you upgrade your phone online, there is no mention of the $50 rebate when you check out!

  • Archie

    Will hopefully be picking mine up around noon, may not be a superphone but I can’t take my curve anymore.

    • fidget

      my sentiments exactly. I ordered a black on earlier. ships from Georgia and I’m in N. Atlanta so should have it by the weekend. Bye bye Curve 8320. Excited to join the Android ranks and I don’t think its an obsolete phone by any means just because it doesn’t have 1ghz chip.

  • Noeleaser

    @kismetj Yes it is 179.99… 229.99 – 50 rebate = 179.99
    If you’re not getting that pricing, you’re not eligible for a full upgrade yet..

    • bryan

      dont 4get the upgrade fee.. and the tax fee.. thats $40.. the phone wil be $220 after the $50 mail in rebate

    • kismetj

      I called Tmo… when doing the upgrade via online, there is no mention of the $50 rebate in the checkout. But, the rep informed me that the rebate comes in the box. So.. the phone is $179.99. I was elgible for a full upgrade my last phone was the G1 in Oct of 08… I’ll be damned if they shouldn’t be paying ME $179.99 for enduring that horrible battery life for almost 2 years! :) thanks for the info

  • You can also get 35% Bing (Microsoft) cashback on any T-Mobile purchase ;)


    Just search on http://www.bing.com for T mobile and towards the top an ad will be displayed from T-mobile


    This is what I did to get this phone without a contract hehehe

    • Laz

      I don’t see the myTouch Slide on your link…

      • Yo

        But note it only works on even more plus. Also, couldn’t you cancel the contract a couble days later. Anyway you don’t get your money for 60 days so I wouldn’t rely on this since iTw not guaranteed to you

    • Kirbdaddy

      Do you have to order a new line of service or does this apply when buying a new phone for your current plan?

  • Malik A

    I tried to order mine after have my G1 for 13 months and it was 320, i could have did 250, but 320 is a lil too steep for that phone

  • Jmstro04

    You’re welcome*

  • derrickps3

    ouch, that price is a bit much eh?

  • it sucks because i got the cliq when it first came out and now im not eligible for a upgrade

    • hi!

      just curious? how is this phone any different than the Cliq? Why would you want it over the Cliq?

      • Alex

        here are a few key differences that makes this phone MUCH better than the cliq:

        – ships with android 2.1 with htc’s beautiful sense user interface on top (htc sense is a user interface on top of the android operating system just like motoblur is on your cliq. sense is much nicer cosmetically and functionally than motoblur)
        – official word that this phone will be updated to android 2.2 soon (which brings increase phone speed and performance, data tethering, flash support in browser, and much more. (cliq is scheduled to receive android 2.1 by the end of june…the cliq is super behind, currently running the old android 1.5 version)
        – the 5mp camera also has flash, which the cliq doesn’t
        – the slide has more RAM, (512mb on slide vs 256mb on cliq) the increase in ram makes the phone run much smoother
        – more powerful processor (600mhz vs cliq’s 528mhz) this once again makes the slide run much smoother and faster than the cliq
        – with android 2.1, great features are added to the phone such as the ability to download and use the newer version of google maps which supports voice turn navigation, (cliq’s android 1.5 cannot do this)
        – slide has a larger screen, 3.4′ vs cliq’s 3.1

        i feel like these differences alone make the slide a much better phone than the cliq. i highly suggest trading in if you’re still within your remorse period. hope this helped

  • Eric

    Just ordered mine. Already had a chance to play with the phone a few times and it’s really nice. Now bring on the rooting woot

  • $429 is even worse than the $400 I’d feared.

    I’ve been itching to get an upgrade for my G1 for some time but I can’t justify spending that much for a phone that’s middle of the road at best, guess I’m stuck with my G1 for a while.

    • Matt

      That’s funny that you put the same exact post on BGR. If you want killer specs, go get the HD2. I agree that the pricing could be a little lower and the phone could have beefier specs, but it IS a nice phone. If it doesn’t suit you, get something else. It’s only a phone.

      • Not exactly the same as I didn’t cut and paste but it makes sense I would still have the same opinion.

  • kcmo

    Wow, the no contract price is STEEP! I just don’t get how they can charge these exhorbitant prices. Time to talk to customer retention again.

  • Laura

    I just ordered two, one for my husband and one for me. Got them for $129 each, upgrade fee waived and a month of free internet on each making it $104 each plus tax. Our contracts are up end of this month so I did have that “leverage” and called the contract department. Calling tmo cust care is worth it, especially if you have been loyal customers for a while.

  • chris

    Anyone that has a family plan gets 1 full discount per line every 12 months as a part of the family upgrade plan that they do not tell you about. What sucks is that you have to call tmobile customer service and order your phone and have it shipped to you cause they dont offer that in the stores :-)

    • Laura

      I thought they changed their policies on this for smartphones? If you are a smart phone buyer they let you do a full upgrade every 12 months? I could swear that is what a csrep told me a month ago or so but I could be wrong.

      • chris

        they changed the upgrade policy on smartphones again to 22 months for full discount unless you are on a family plan.. I just called them 2 days ago and i cna upgrade all 4 of my lines for full discounts and I did upgrades on them last year.

    • bryan

      It depends on your market, the family upgrade (89.99 or higher and 12 months since last upgrade) is a test program. It replaced the smartphone upgrade at 12 months, at least until the end of the test program. We will see what happens then.

  • tmorep

    how much did people expect the retail to be? $200??? thats the price of a gravity or a comeback…. come one people this phone has everything including the flash on the camera everyone always whines about, the latest version of android AND it is fully compatible with HSPA+….. why are you guys complaining again???

    • This phone should have been ~$150 on contract with no rebate BS and ~$300 off contract.

      It’s not running the latest version of Android, it’s running 2.1 where Google release 2.2 last month.

      • Laura

        It will be getting the 2.2 upgrade though. I got it for less than $150 per phone with upgrade, call tmo cc and you will be surprised at how eager they are to help/go down in price.

      • TBN27

        Android 2.2 hasn’t been released yet. And the specs aren’t middle of the road. The RAM and ROM are the same as a phone with a snapdragon. And it’s HTC who set the price. its up to the phone company on how much they want subsidize for a contract price. If you are looking to spend that little money you request on a smart phone then you should by a Blackberry Curve where one off contract is a little bit over 200 bucks.

      • Daniel

        Robert, quit being a tool, it IS the latest version available. 2.2 hasn’t hit the masses yet. It is an amazing phone and engadget gave it raving reviews.

      • A_O

        You my friend are wrong, Android 2.1 is technically the latest version, because it is the latest one available to the public, 2.2 froyo aint publicly available yet.

        and this one WILL get the update to 2.2 once its available.

      • Buggy4

        What planet are you living on, dude… Tell me what production phone (do you know of) that is running Froyo at this time?

      • “Tell me what production phone (do you know of) that is running Froyo at this time?”

        Nexus One.

    • joe

      What do you mean by “fully compatible with HSPA+”, last I checked it was the same ‘ol 7.2mbps as the G1.

    • 2.2 hasn’t been released yet? Tell that to the Nexus One users who are already running an official 2.2 installation. Now I know that 2.2 is new and I wouldn’t criticize TMO/HTC for releasing with 2.1 but to claim that 2.1 is the “latest” is patently false.

      The specs are absolutely middle of the road, this phone is very similar to a Motorola Droid which came out almost 8 months ago. Having more RAM and ROM only tells me that HTC learned from the mistakes they made with the G1.

      • Mark

        Try reading around and getting the FACTS before remarking. Google employees have confirmed that the release pushed out was a PRE-RELEASE that they pushed out to phones they gave away to the media. That is NOT the official 2.2 build. Is it from Google? Yes. Is it the “official 2.2” NO. I know it can be a pain in the rear, and takes a little time, and takes away a reason for you to bitch, but please find facts before complaining.

      • pimpstrong

        Robert I’m with you for the most part but to say 2.2 is “out” is like saying Iron Man 2 is out on DVD already. A lot of people have a copy in their DVD players right now but its not out.

      • Buggy4

        Then go and buy a Nexus One then… for alot more money and that’s if you can find it… What are you smoking b/c I truly need some of what you got…

      • I’d have gotten a Nexus One months ago if it had a physical keyboard.

      • Byron Jenkins

        Some people have already officially got the 2.2 release according to Phonedog

      • Alex

        i’m glad all of you who picked up this phone today are liking it. after playing with it for a few hours, i can honestly say that this phone is just as snappy as any 1 ghz phone. all you out there who are bagging on this phone just because it doesn’t have a 1 ghz snapdragon processor are simply doing what we all do to people who love the iphone. people love the iphone and it is popular on a large part because of its name and branding (apple), and we bag on these people for this. all you who are dissing the mytouch slide because it has a 600mhz processor are just in love with the term snapdragon. in reality, comparing this phone side by side with a nexus one, i see no major difference in speed (both in opening apps/returning to home screen, and general navigation throughout the phone). get over yourself guys, android 2.1 with espresso, 5 mp cam with flash, 512mb ram, 600mhz processor…specs are comparable to droid. this is a high end phone, stop hating.

  • Mike

    This is ludicrous, T-mobile keeps releasing phones that barely top the G1 in terms of hardware and software whilst other carriers (Sprint) are releasing superphones with 4.3′ screens, newest versions of android, front facing cameras, and kickass processors. They are all excited for that while we’re all excited for…this? If T-mobile doesn’t do something huge *hoping Project Emerald is!* very quickly they are going to a lot of customers including my family

    • hi!

      exactly! I wonder how many people are out of here in 2 days for the EVO. I’d personally be gone if they hadn’t tacked on that, “$10 extra a month” crap

      • Alex

        i’m sorry but i don’t think you know much about hardware/software if you think that the mytouch slide “barely” tops the G1. first off, although technically, the slide only has 72mhz more than the G1 in processor speed, that is a big difference. ever overclocked a mytouch 3g which puts it actually at 528mhz? it runs much faster. also, the slide has over 300mb more RAM than the g1, that results in a huge performance increase. (eg. mytouch 1.2 has 288mb RAM vs original mytouch 192mb RAM. mytouch 1.2 runs MUCH smoother, and that’s with only a 96mb difference!) mytouch slide has a 5mp camera with flash…G1 doesn’t even have flash, takes poor quality pictures. slide runs android 2.1 with sense on top, try running that kinda ROM on a rooted G1, still isn’t as fast/smooth as the slide. common man, stop being a troll and look at the facts.

  • jimbo

    I’ve had this phone for about a month it is worth every penny I got it free but its the best android phone I have got the chance to own and I had them all cliq mytouch g1 even the behold 2 for awhile trust me it does a lot more then you even realize at the moment and you all talking to care you know how difficult you make it for the reps when you try to barter the price its not worth the headach if they say a price that’s what it is I know as a rep we do are best to give you the best deal your eligible for

  • Malik A

    I have a contract and the phone is 320 for me

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    On pricing people need to step back and see the forest through the trees. Slide pricing is no different than industry practice. (Come to think about it, people complaining about pricing is typical. T-Mobile could price this at $300 retail and people will still complain.)


    — ALL carriers have high retail prices. That’s bonehead retailing. Pricing handsets with a high retail price is as common as selling something at $499.99 instead of $500.

    — A high retail price motivates people to sign up for a two year deal.

    — A high retail price causes people to think they got a great deal with the contract price.

    — High retail and low subsidized prices cause people to focus on that instead of penciling out the phone’s true cost, which is the price of the phone AND plan cost over two years. (E.g. in 2007 people getting the iPhone were paying $3,500 over two years to have bragging rights at work.)

    — Carriers make huge extra profits when people sign up for two years (to get the discounted price). Subscribers think that they are bound by the plan price given at the time they buy the phone. People don’t know that they can save hundreds of dollars by switching to lower priced plans during that two years.

    — A high retail price justifies ETF (early termination fees). There was litigation over early termination fees. The legal argument included carriers testifying that because phones are sold at a heavy discount (off the RETAIL price) the carrier suffers a loss if a customer breaches a contract by leaving the carrier before a two year period. The argument goes that the carrier needs to incentivize people to stay and honor the contract.

    Of course this does not address that the subsidized phone price is what the carrier is actually paying for the phone, so THAT ETF argument is bunk. In any event, to remain legally consistent carriers need to keep prices high, in comport with the arguments made to the courts. A wise practice since the lawyers are watching. ;)

    — For us on the Even More Plus plans the retail price has to remain high simply because T-Mobile is letting people pay for handsets interest free for 20 months. If the price is high, that incents us to stay with T-Mobile because we know that if we quit T-Mobile we have to pay the remaining balanced owed on the phone.

    The remaining balance on a phone “financed” through EMP functions as what I call a “soft ETF” (soft because it’s no one calls it an ETF. But not canceling an EMP contract to avoid having to pay the remaining balance functions the same as an ETF.)

    — Can anyone point to a carrier that has low prices for phones of this caliber on a debut date? I can’t recall any.

    — What I recall is that phones like this on product launch day list for about $400 to $480 retail.

    So buy the Slide and quit with the beeching.

    • Anony Mouse

      dude, you must thing the government is putting microchips in the cheese to control your mind too.

      Having worked for different cell carriers, and knowing a little more than the average joe who simply listens to what conspiracy theorists tell him (i.e. you) the truth is that the subsidized price IS NOT what carriers pay for the phone. In fact, cost analysis done not only by the carriers but by independent third parties show that cell phone carriers take 12-18 months for a subscriber to become profitable.
      This is because companies lose money on subsidized handsets. It is like people who say that a text message should cost no more than a penny, when people do not realize that sure it doesnt cost the company much to actually transmit the message, just as it doesnt cost them must to transmit your phone call. However, the towers alone cost about 5,000-10,000+ each. They have to have service agents, IT people, call centers, utilities, buildings, multiple types of towers (there are actually a dozen or so different types of towers depending on the location it is placed) they have EPA regulations to abide by (there are towers built into church steeps, built to look like trees, etc), and more.

      So until you actually are writing out the checks to pay for a shipment of phones, dont try to convince people that you know what a cell company pays for their phones before they subsidize them.

      Also, no interest is charge for the EIP. You are trying to claim the retail cost remains high because it covers interest. So under your same logic a customer paying outright for a phone is also paying interest even though they are not using an EIP. You forget to mention that federal law, and many state laws, require disclosure of any and all interest paid towards installment plans. So by tmobile…”keeping phone retail costs high to compensate for interest” they must be breaking federal and state law.

      Please, check your facts…and not from the latest edition of “Paranoid Consumer Weekly”

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I consider a moron anyone who uses the word “Dude” to address someone.

        So I won’t waste time reading your post and commenting.

    • bryan

      Retail cost is what the carriers pay for phones, just compare retai handset prices from a carrier to buying an unlocked version of the same phone from the manufacturer. Almost always the unlocked phone purchased straight from the manufacturer is more expensive than the carrier retail price of the handset.

      • Anony Mouse

        there definitely is a difference in pricing depending on who you buy from. This is the same for just about anything. I bought my laptop for cheaper at walmart than I would have if I had bought it online from the manufacturer, for example.

    • joel

      Mike, you are such a blowhard jerk. “I’m ignoring you because you called me ‘dude'” … really? You’re pathetic.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Take a look at these prices people. T-Mobile’s Slide pricing is right in line with others in the industry. (And don’t waste time saying something like the Kin or Palm Pre are better phones. They are not.)

    Verizon: http://tinyurl.com/yh4u64f

    Sprint: http://tinyurl.com/284phq6

    • fidget

      I agree the pricing is very fair and right where I expected it. Especially for those of us not on contract/or rolling off contract. Why should the carrier heavily subsidize our phones? Because I am rolling off in a few months I did ask for a discount and they agreed to $379. No haggling necessary, a simple phone call. This phone is packed with features, will definitely be getting Froyo (2.2) when that has been released to carriers (only Nexus 1 right now). Folks, it’s not a bad deal at all. If you feel it’s obsolete, wait until the 19th and you’ll likely have a shot at something higher end – N1, Samsung Galaxy, and I bet they’ll want closer to $450-500 off contract.

  • Andrew

    after bing.com cashback this phone comes out to $280. which is good enough for me to pull the trigger.

    • Y314K

      $280 + Tax… In my case that brings total to $315… Tempting… But no cigar yet… Has Tmobile ever extended the BOGO deal to EvenMore Plus customer’s… Now that would be a deal…

      Samsung S = No Flash = No Sale…

      The Dell Mini will be sold in the US unlocked for $500 in July according PhoneDog…

  • rj

    Why does the tmobile.uk.co site have tons of good andriod phones while us US tmobile customers have to go through our weak selection? I called to ask if I could purchase a phone from the UK site and still get my US benefits (like splitting the cost of the phone on my phone bill) and was told I could only buy unlocked phones.. They have the Desire (HD2 running on Andriod) Blackberry Storm 2… all the good stuff :(

  • Andrew

    when i add the no contract phone to my cart($429.99) and add the $59.99 even more plus plan, theres a mail in rebate form in my cart. does the no contract phones get the $50 mail in rebate too?

  • Andrew

    nevermind, was just told the system automatically throws in that rebate form even though the even more plus plans arent eligible for the rebate. sucks

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Well, I picked mine up at 9am this morning. I grabbed the white one due to the fingerprint magnet the black one is. So, I’ve been playing around, setting things up, and so on… I gotta say that this phone thus far just simply rocks! No lag, it’s super fast, and the image quality is fantastic. Youtube videos on HQ looks great! Not HD2 great, but still great!

    The keyboard does feel kinda odd due to the 4 rows, and all letters, and numbers being the same size, but after awhile you’ll notice you start to adjust. Phone has a nice weight to it, and by no means does it feel cheap.

    This phone is a keeper! For those dogging it… You just have no clue!

    • hi!

      go to a sprint store….play with an EVO…

      it costs about the same as what you just bought…..THAT is why people are complaining

      • Anony Mouse

        it may cost the same UP FRONT, but factor in higher rate plans, higher data plans, higher messaging plans, and more…and you are paying more for it…possible a few thousand more for it….than you think. Short sighted cost analysis is about as effective a buying strategy as seeing if you can fly by jumping off a sky scraper.

    • leslie

      that was very helpful of u to share ur thoughts with us. i ordered mine so i have to wait… cant wait

    • Buggy4

      I second that… that was nice for you to let everyone know your experience!!! Thanks! :-)

  • Lamar

    ^^Yeah i totally agree. Its not that the price is the reason people are complaining, i mean that price is ridiculous imo, but to each their own. My problem is, i look at the Evo/Incredible and then i look at the MT3G Slide, the specs on the evo/incredible are the reason that phone is in the 400+ range. the specs on the slide, not even close, nor does it even offer some of the features that those phones do. So why the hell would i pay 400+ for the slide, when i can get a waaaaaaaaaaaay better phone in the evo/incredible.

    Now dont get my wrong. i want this phone, only because my CLiq XT sucks. I am just going to wait til the 19th to see whats coming out.

  • Lori

    Can you space out your payments on EvenMorePlus and still get the 35% Bing CashBack??

  • Okay so I just went to a T-Mobile store earlier today (I happened to be in the mall) and I wanted to share some things with all of you.

    1) I FINALLY got to use the MyTouch Slide and holy God is that thing SUPER fast. I’ve used a Nexus One and a Droid (on Verizon) and the smoothness, quickness and responsiveness of the MTS beats ALL of these phones hands down (I made sure to use two different handsets that the workers had on them). This phone is an EXCELLENT phone (although talking to one of the employees they said you can NOT turn the HTC Sense UI off, but we’ll see about that as xda and other developers begin to work on it). All in all I would say this phone is a mid TO high end phone (just my personal opinion) but for those of you (I used to be in this category) that were concerned that the processor was slow, I kid you not, it has PLENTY of punch to it and is SUPER fast and responsive (I do, however, wish the screen was bigger).

    2) I brought up June 18th (or 16th, I forget the date) and how T-Mobile stores are opening earlier and the manager of the store was VERY knowledgable about a lot of stuff and he said that today was the “soft release” for the MTS but that day they will go all out and have new pricing cards, promotions, advertisements, etc… We talked a little bit more and I said “so that has nothing to do with Project Emerald and a new handset then”, the MINUTE Project Emerald came out of my mouth the employee closed his lips tightly and shook his head ‘no’. I asked him again if he was sure that it wasn’t Project Emerald he didn’t utter a single WORD and just shook his head ‘no’ but his eyes were saying a lot more than that.

    Now, I know this is speculation but from the research I’ve done, the people I’ve spoken to, and talking to this manager today, it seems like that date is going to be something big and that most employees won’t talk about it. Maybe he thought I was from corporate sine I knew a lot about the phones, specs, etc… and got a little scared when I mentioned Project Emerald so he zipped his mouth. From everything I have read and heard I am more confident that Project Emerald is, in fact, the sidekick successor running Android on it. I’ve heard this from numerous sources and am excited at the prospect of this device (even though the MTS SHOCKED me and if no qwerty Android device comes out in the near future, I will definitely get the MTS on eBay or Craig’s List).

    Anyways, I just wanted to share this with everyone. Sorry for writing such a long post (never done this before) but felt like I should share this with you all.


    • BoomBoomBang

      …….WOW! LOL.
      Its amazing how the Rep was talking to perfectly fine until you mentioned Emerald.
      He went into ” Oh shxt. Dont say a word. Dont say a word. ” mode haha.
      They know something we dont.
      Is this super awesome Sidekick coming out sooner than we think =/

      • haha you should have seen this rep’s face, seriously, it was like somebody had stitched his mouth shut and he wanted to say something but he couldn’t.

        I think, whatever it is, it’s more than just a push to sell the MTS. I think it’s the announcement of a big phone that may help push T-Mobile up the ranks (or atleast help get them more customers).

        All in all, I can’t wait to find out what it is and I hope we aren’t disappointed…

    • Jerry

      No it is not super fast. Why are people lying about this phone? Yes it is a decent phoone, I played with it for a little while today but then played with my Nexus One and the Mytouch Slide is not great compared to the Nexus One by any means.

      And to the person saying that the Evo will cost more than a T-Mobile phone in the long run because of the plans….um, the Sprint Simply Everything + $10 Extra Wimax plan is the same price as the T-Mobile Even More and Even More Plus plans.

      This site has a lot of fanboys who don’t deal in reality.

      • soon2TMO

        tell me about it!

        im gonna be a new tmobile subscriber soon and tmo’s plans are more expensive than sprint.. it the fact!

        evo = 80/mnth .. that’s understandable knowing you have a high-spec’d phone, but their mid-ranged smartphones are just 70/mnth..

        tmobile = 80/mnth regardless of what smartphone they are… LOL

        ughh if it wasnt for the galaxy S!.. hehe

  • Dalton

    You’re. But anyway, phone is waaay over priced and I won’t be getting it for $450. I’ll pass. If I’m gonna spend that much, why not get the N1?
    Other than a keyboard of course…

    • Dalton

      $430 *

      • I agree that the price is steep (espeially buying it off of contract) but I must say that the phone packs a VERY powerful punch. It didn’t lag at all when I was going between the different homescreens, opening programs, and most importantly when I was surfing the internet it was very fast and no lag was there to be found.

        I was one of the complainers for the out of contract price, but 300-500 is pretty standard for smart phones. I think that if this phone was $350 it would be much more reasonable and I would probably buy the phone outright from a T-Mobile store. But at the same time, this phone just came out today so the price will be pretty high in the beginning (it should come down in a few months, atleast I hope so).

        And for some people (like me) a qwerty keyboard is very usefule (although I do wish it had 4 rows with a dedicated number row like the TP2 and not 3 rows) but this is an EXCELLENT mid tier phone (I would definitely say the best in its class).

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      To the typical user the Evo and Slide function the same in terms of speed. Only geeks look at performance and would buy on the basis that one phone is 1/10th of a second faster than the other.

      And a physical keyboard is a major reason why someone would want the Slide over the Evo.

      Besides, who says that the Slide is T-Mobile’s response to the Evo? It’s not. That’s comparing two totally different phones.

      Last but not least, which carrier has which phone does make a difference to many shoppers.

      When I was switching to Sprint a few weeks ago they were going to give me two free Evos. But I checked around to see if Sprint had really cleaned up its act. On finding out their customer service still sucked I canceled the order.

  • kcmo

    Can someone explain how this bing.com cashback thing works? I’d like to buy the phone outright (not up for an upgrade at this time) but don’t want to pay $430.


  • ls9freek

    you know what everyone should do .?

    I would wait 2-3 months to see if it has any bugs or problems and what the majority of people think and say about the phone.. just my thought

    or i would get it then be aware of the 14 returning days adn return it if have any probs or dont like it

  • Green Robot

    Where is the sign up for presale of Galaxy S?

    • andrew

      theres no pre order.

    • soon2TMO

      and i will be the first to pre-order!!!! LOL

      let’s hope it will be launched this july..a b-day present for myself! yehey!

      or sooner like end of this month!.. hehe

  • joshua

    I went to the store today. The phone is heavier, thicker and the rep told me the battery was lasting 1/2 a day. It is way to pricey for a mid phoen with just a .2 inch larger screen . If Tmobile does not come out with a Super smartphoen they may be losing me.

    • john

      They are misinformed, I have had mine off charger for about 2 1/2 days at a time since the last update I got.

  • By the way if anyone is interested there are TWO My Touch Slides on eBay (one is at $380 and one is at $400) both with free shipping so if you’re interested I’m sure you can get it on there for cheaper than what T-Mobile is offering.

  • sandpaperback

    I placed an order this morning, then waffled back and forth this afternoon. Even tried to cancel the order at one point. I just spoke with someone at TMO again (who confirmed my order was not able to get cancelled after my attempt) and he said that the phone is already on back order (this is the white version, not sure about others). So it sounds like TMO had a good day.

  • ronthegentleman

    Picked up mine today, I was surprise that the tmobile store had it in stock. The phone is great, but I’m having some lag in the android market, idk might be my connection, other than that its great. I was about to throw my cliq off a bridge

  • SoUnStatusQuo

    I just ordered mine!!!!!!! Yall keep hatin on this phone lol. I’ll enjoy it all by myself. *POW*

  • Laz

    The Dell Streak will be available next month direct from Dell for $500 and will be loaded with 2.1, I think I will go with the Streak instead of this…

  • just me

    I asked tmobile on twitter: is this new “sidekick” I am reading about on the internet true?
    And they replied:Um no comment…lol all we can say is we are always looking at expanding our product line-up, stay tuned right here for all the latest.
    I think this is the biggest hint ever on this new sidekick

  • just me

    I asked tmobile on twitter: is this new “sidekick” I am reading about on the internet true?
    And they replied:Um no comment…lol all we can say is we are always looking at expanding our product line-up, stay tuned right here for all the latest.
    I think this is the biggest hint ever on this new sidekick…

    • Anony Mouse

      I’ve been trying to find the tweet you commented about but can’t. When was it?

  • Vlad

    And the EVO 4G comes out when?? Lolz

    • Green Robot

      Friday I think. Wonder what it means?

  • Robert

    If I don’t currently have a data plan, and upgrade my acct online, it says I may need to log back in and add a data plan. Does anyone know if this will happen automatically, or will the data plan activate only after I add it on the my tmobile site (or calling Cust Supp of course)?

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Man, I’ve gotta tell you…. This phone runs flash sites really smooth! I just love this damn phone! Oh, and by the way my HD2 is on CList for sale. lol

    One thing I just don’t get yet is how to store anything on my SD card? If anyone knows how, please reply me. Thanks!

    • blablabla

      you can’t store to the SD card until it’s updated to 2.2

      • dk

        How do you update it?

    • john

      If saving say a pic from the web, just hold your finger on it until it says save. Same for most other things, and going from pc is easy, just touch mount then its drag and drop.

      • MyDixieWrecked

        Yeah, I know about that. Even when doing that everything still saves on phone, and not SD Card. Guess I just need to wait for 2.2?

    • Jerry

      how are you running flash sites? Flash is not available on android 2.1

      • Anony Mouse

        Yes it is. The Mytouch slide runs flash 9.1.

      • Byron Jenkins

        I got the phone today and it does not run flash at all

      • Ace

        I see flash on mine i think it’s flash lite

      • If you are having issues with flash, check your browser settings and make sure flash is enabled. You also may want to disable the mobile web setting.

      • john

        Download skyfire from the market, that’ll help with flash.

    • go download linda file manager and you can move files around on your sd card without a pc. of if you want, root the device and get root explorer!!

      • Anony Mouse

        Astro and OI File Manager are my preferred choices. No need to root to be able to manage files.

  • Pmello

    The slide is an updated version of the g1 and it is excellent. I cam care less about iphone hd, evo 4g, and incredible

    • Anony Mouse

      It is an updated version of the mytouch, not the g1. though, I agree with you on caring less about iphone lol. If I had the money I would buy an iPhone simply to use for target practice. Thats about all its good for.

  • JBLmobileG1

    You know I almost upgraded to the Slide… and I think I would have been happy if I did. It does seem like a great phone however I gave in early and picked up the Nexus One which is Amazing! I know I have the option to get Froyo early but I’d rather wait for OTA. I know the Slide should be getting Froyo soon (my guess is on the 19th) so I hope the Nexus One will get it around that time too if not sooner.

    • Mike

      What makes you think the MyTouch Slide is getting Froyo on the 19th? Is there any proof in your statement, or a link or something to prove this? The heavily modified UI means it will probably be some time before it gets it, probably a long time, remember Cliq owners are still on 1.5 with no release date for the 2.1 android update. So I wouldn’t hope for a 2.2 release this month.

      • jabombardier

        The custom UI is 2.2 ready as it was mentioned that HTC will update this phone OTA soon. Source was ebgadget if I recollect.

  • steveo1996

    this is a g1 upgrade dont fool yourself. hence the stopping of the g1 from shelves and i believe they wont even be made anymore.

    • Anony Mouse

      The G1 was taken down for normal reasons. Not because this phone was coming out. Just because a company is going to be “upgrading: to a new version of a phone, does not mean they take the old version down. Think Moto Cliq to Moto Cliq XT. …besides the G1 is still available for some new activations.

  • BL@Z3

    This phone is so hot

  • Alex

    i’m glad all of you who picked up this phone today are liking it. after playing with it for a few hours, i can honestly say that this phone is just as snappy as any 1 ghz phone. all you out there who are bagging on this phone just because it doesn’t have a 1 ghz snapdragon processor are simply doing what we all do to people who love the iphone. people love the iphone and it is popular on a large part because of its name and branding (apple), and we bag on these people for this. all you who are dissing the mytouch slide because it has a 600mhz processor are just in love with the term snapdragon. in reality, comparing this phone side by side with a nexus one, i see no major difference in speed (both in opening apps/returning to home screen, and general navigation throughout the phone). get over yourself guys, android 2.1 with espresso, 5 mp cam with flash, 512mb ram, 600mhz processor…specs are comparable to droid. this is a high end phone, stop hating.

    • Frank

      True!! I was just in a TMO store yesterday because my friends picked one up and it is pretty dam quick & snappy. I was surprised it even seemed faster than my overclocked mytouch and now I’m thinking about getting this phone. Sure it’s not the Nexus One, or Desire, etc but this is a good mid range phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, ready to hit the hay after writing a massive paper all day.

    I wanna share my Slide story.

    First off, does anyone else when they call T-Mobile get put on hold for a long time? This is the second time I have called 611 in a month and both times I have been on hold for about 10 minutes before someone answers. Never used to be like that.

    Second, this is the second time I get someone who is obviously a foreigner. From the accents of both women they sound European, not Indian or from Manila in the Far East. Anyone else getting furriners with thick accents on the line when you call T-Mobile?

    Third, so I call T-Mobile to order the Slide. It’s a great phone and I would be giving it to my GF to replace our G1.

    Fourth, things went OK at first except I could tell the CSR was reading from the screen, she did not stray far from the script. When I said I was on Even More Plus that confused her for a minute then she correctly said which line was eligible for the 20 month “financing.” (My other line’s credit limit was used up on the HD2).

    She also competently looked at supplies and said the Slide in any color was not back ordered. She said that when someone else posted that on TMoNews that they may have been out for a few minutes, but T-Mobile releases more for sale depending on how sales go. (Never heard that before).

    She even said which colors would be her favorite, as a female (saying, for example, that white will go with any outfit and red says “look at me” for someone who wants to be noticed).

    Fifth, things went south when I asked for the $50 discount that two people in here said they got by simply asking (and as I know one can do since I have received discounts by asking for them).

    She checked the rebates available and said sorry, there were none. I told her I was not looking for a rebate but simply a loyal customer discount that I have received before. She then repeated the “sorry no rebates.”

    I then asked if a supervisor was around since that is how I got discounts before. She became hesitant at that point but then said she would go find one. She politely asked if I could stay on hold and I said sure.

    But after five minutes on hold I concluded that if a supervisor was aware of my call, and the reason I was on hold, I was probably the lowest of priorities. Or they were waiting for me to simply hang up.

    So that is what I did, after about seven minutes total I said to heck with it and hung up. Funny thing was, I was not mad or frustrated, mostly because I was working on something while on hold.

    I figured someone “up there” (or could be the devil for all I know) did not want me to get the Slide. Probably because they know a better phone is coming out and they want to be sure I get that instead. :)

    In the end, yeah, I could have got the Slide ordered, in about five minutes tops. But I read those posts where two people got the $50 off and they were Even More Plus customers like me. So then it became a challenge. If THEY got $50 off, by God I am going to too.

    Well at least she was competent and very professional.

    I tried. Oh well.

    • stop being lazy and calling them, just goto the store and buy one, geez!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I put in 20 hours straight writing to meet a deadline and did not have time to take 2 hours going to the store and buying a phone. But based on your “lazy” one-finger typing manner I would not expect you to understand that. ;)

        Besides, supervisors on the phone typically will do a lot more in terms of discounts that T-Mobile in-store personnel will not or cannot give.

      • Anony Mouse

        Michael. You sir are so misinformed. I would say idiot, but I do not want to insult here.

        The EIP credit lines are not per subscriber line but per account.
        Supervisors give credits subjectively. Honestly, T-mobile loves it’s long time customers, but customers, like you, who ask frequently for credits (as you have said you have done) do not always get them. Thats like your buddy coming to you every few weeks and saying “dude, can I like borrow 50 bucks?”.
        Also, CSRs put customers on hold for long times for two reasons: supervisor is busy, or discussing it with the supervisor. 5 minutes really is not that long of time when you are trying to review stuff on a customer’s account. Payment history, credit score, prior adjustments, prior credits (they are different than adjustments), and more. The agent should have checked back with you after a couple minutes to let you know what was taking so long, but if you are going to be asking for something outside the box, you have to be willing to be patient, and 7 minutes is not patient no matter what you think, 7 minutes for 50 bucks is worth it.

      • Anony Mouse

        Side note: Supervisors do not have any more ability to credit than a CSR. In fact, T-Mobile execs and managers tell tmobile customer service agents to make their own judgements, and only if they feel unsure about their judgement should they be consult a supervisor. They do not have less power to adjust, they simply may prefer to consult with a supervisor to decide if it is something they should do. I know you are going to dispute me here, but when you work in the wireless industry for as long as I do and for as many companies I have then you can try and dispute my knowledge.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Thanks for not insulting Mouse. It’s good to see there’s still courteous people in here.

        Permit me to do as you do and return the courtesy. After all, on reading your posts I’d would say you are a sheet for brains but just like you I too don’t want to insult here, so I won’t. ;)

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        By the way Mouse, your comment got me curious to look up my call history to see how long the call was to T-Mobile. Says “Duration 31:41.”

        See pic: http://www.bullpooper.com/T-MobileCallOrderSlide.jpg

        Most of that time was spent on hold. Anyway you want to slice it, IMHO 32 minutes to order a phone and to have yet to get to actually ordering it, that’s way too long especially if one is on hold most of that time.

        So my on-hold estimates were too low.

        Some may think such hold times are OK, but to me being on hold that long indicates there’s a problem somewhere in the system. I don’t think it’s because of call volume or people mulling over what to do with my request for a $50 discount. (I think it’s safe to say that making a decision over $50 on a $430 purchase is that big a deal to T-Mobile.)

    • jabombardier

      I wouldn’t think they would give a rebate on an even more plus plan. 1) it’s a new handset. 2) it is plain as day specified on the website that the phone is 429 or 21.50 per month. Nothing said about rebates. I for one don’t care for rebates as for they take too long to come back (2 months) so I bought mine out right via EIP. I think it is straight forward and to the point not having a rebate. And if one has the extra cash to pay it off, then customer service can handle that. So far, my experience with the mytouch is beyond great. It has proved me right that is fast as an incrdible or a nexus one and smother than an HD2. It’s a “midrange” phone with “high end” guts sans snapdragon. the snapdragon no longer seems important after playing with this phone.

    • B

      So after all of that, you didn’t even get the phone? What was the point of this little story? What do you mean oh well ‘i tried??’ What does your massive paper have to do with anything? Is there any reason that you had to buy the phone that day and only that day? After all you’ve said, you just sound like another person in the already saturated market of people who feel they are entitled to something.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Sheesh… some of you sound like you forgot to take your anti-envy meds. LOL.

        I mentioned the paper I was writing in retort to the other asshat SFB who called me lazy for not going to a store to get the Slide.

    • t3chboii

      wow dude i feel you EVERYTIME i call t-mobile i end up tal;king to a foreigner, and 90% of the time their not helpful… It makes me wanna leave the company becaus ethey are so stubborn…

  • Max

    Trust me, when the bg Samsung and T mobile announcement next month, you won’t be missing anything.As a matter of fact take that experience you had on the phone as a blessing

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I think you are right Max. Thanks.

      Sidenote: I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. So I did in fact really think at the end of the call that that phone was not meant to be.

      Consider this small point, for example. I was going to get the red Slide because in 2007 my GF commented positively about the Pearl coming out in red. So last night I said to the CSR I wanted the red Slide.

      After ending the call last night I asked my GF to confirm what color phone she had wanted. She said “well not red, I’d like black.” So had that order gone through I would have bought her the wrong color.

      • Anony Mouse

        Things do happen for a reason. Maybe not a divine reason or a good reason, but a reason. At least this time you did not tick off the woman.

  • Nadia

    Yeah so, I bought the slide. I absolutely love it. For about a month when I found out it was coming out I was hesitant because I had just bought the MyTouch in November and was currently on my second one due to the first one being bad. My second MyTouch was also a piece of crap, so I finally decided I would buy the Slide. Mostly because it has a physical keyboard, and I know the phone has Swype but honestly, I just prefer to have more options. Like last night I wrote a 3 paragraph email and wasn’t freaking frustrated with my keyboard. So who doesn’t like options? Its like DSG for cars, automatic or manual? Why not both? How can people complain about having more options? Everyone saying its clunky is a liar. The phone doesn’t honestly feel any bigger or clunkier than any other phone I’ve held. IMO, the DROID is clunky and large. The Slide is super fast, I haven’t been able to bog it down like on the original MyTouch that seems to be only thing that phone could do was freeze, reboot, and lock up. Widgets are great, everything you needed an app for before you don’t need an app now. Like beautiful widgets, the messages are nice, so no more handcent for me anyways, expandable 7 screens, music widget, and friend steam that will update you statuses to different places.

    Only cons I see:

    Screen could be larger.

    I’ve only had it for a day now and I honestly can’t find much wrong with it.

    • lev

      Very nice, unfortunately I am unable to actually play with the phone because tmobile told me the actual launch is the 16th, I have no full upgrades, and was considering getting the evo by cancelling tmobile, however tmobile offered me the phone for $300, no upgrade fee, free shipping, a payment plan, and lowered my data plan to $29.99, do u think thats worth it without trying out the phone?

      • Kerry

        Yes it is, I bought one yesterday and love it. It’s quick and Swype works pretty good. I only use the soft keyboard for short e-mails, I prefer the HW keyboard for longer ones.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I’d snap that up.

        I assume you are on Even More Plus. Is that the payment plan you are mentioning?

        If so, at that price it’s a sweet deal.

        Let me know since I like to keep track of deals T-Mobile is capable of making. That’s a substantial discount if you are on EMP. Makes that $50 discount seem trivial.

        I know that if I threaten to cancel my accounts and get transferred to retentions that I could get a good deal but I hate doing that as a bargaining tactic (and at some point they probably enter on the computer “always threatens to cancel account, so let him. He is bluffing.” T-Mobile CSRs probably have a term for people who threaten to cancel accounts. :) )

        Buying the Slide sight unseen? No problem IMHO. Remember, you can always return the phone in 14 days (30 in California).

        So try it out.

  • Khurt

    Picked mines up yesterday right after work. I must say this phone is really quick, nice design, and everything runs smoothly. havent had anything freeze at all and using swype is a blast as well as a nice change from the physical keyboard. I was pretty hesitant about this phone after reading alot of comments on this site but I am more than happy with my purchase. Battery life is also pretty good, i have been txtn, using facebook, and running pandora all using 3G, since 6:30am this morning at work and it is now 11:10 and i still have 50% of my battery left and im sure this will get even better when 2.2 is released. Do not overlook this phone!

  • SEFan

    Nice to hear that the initial impressions are good. The review on Engadget.com was surpringly positive, Phonescoop.com less so. Guess I should get my sorry butt out of my cubie and go actually look at the phone…

  • Nice follow up to the G1 that I loved for almost 2 years since day 1 of it coming out. Currently have A HD2 and TP2 but it is nice to have an Android phone to play with again. Guess the TP2 goes up for sale! Really loving this Mytouch Slide …….

  • jabombardier

    CNET raved about it also. I really don’t look at phonescoop because I don’t find them thorough in their reviews. I am glad I got mine. G1 was getting on my last nerve.

  • Let’s get real. People who are saying they are getting $100 off just for asking must have something else going on. Think about it, this is the newest, hottest thing on the market, just like the HD2 which can’t even be kept in stock. You think they are going to give you a discount just because you ask? Maybe if it was a 2 year old phone that was on clearance but not this one. Maybe those people have been customers for 10 years and paid ten thousand dollars and deserve a discount due to that. But, just because you ask for the hottest thing on the market at a discount, come on.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Valid point Rammn… but I believe them. In 2007 we qualified for only one upgrade when we went from the Pearl to the Curve. I talked to a supervisor, she noted that we were good customers and she gave us the second one at the full discount. That saved me about $300. (Or maybe $250, I can’t recall exactly).

      And when I got my Touch Pro2 the supervisor said that he felt bad about all of us being misled on the retail price. So mine should have been $450 on a one year contract but he gave it to me for $329 on a one year deal.

      Supervisors and retentions have that kind of authority, to give BIG discounts. The line employees can’t, normally you have to go through retentions.

      A few weeks back I was going to switch to Sprint. They were salivating at getting a six year T-Mobile customer to switch so they were going to give me two free Evos to sign up. I did sign up, but on finding out they were still creeps in the custo service area I canceled the order.

      Bottom line, I believe these people saying they are getting $50 to $100 off the Slide. T-Mobile does not want to keep losing customers. Besides, why come on here and tell lies. I don’t see how someone can get pleasure from that.

    • Tmoloyal

      Hey what Tmobile doesn’t have in phones they definitely do make up for in top notch customer service. They’ll bend over backwards for most people, no matter how long.

  • JaylanPHNX

    My wife went to get one, but we can’t find it in red anywhere in stores. I guess she’ll have to order online to get red. Anyone know what’s up with the red shortage?

    • Jabombardier

      I was told they didn’t get them in yet. Only blac kl and white is available.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s another reason why I order on the phone (it’s not because as that one person said, that I am too lazy to go into a store).

      The CSRs on the phone have access to larger inventories than in the stores. E.g., when I ordered my HD2 on the phone people were saying they ran out in the stores.

      When I called last night to order the Slide the CSR said they had red in stock. So give em a call.

  • I really like the new phone. Loved the previous Android phones and they just keep getting better. I like that it is not as big as the G1, but has a larger screen, every feature you could ever want, the marketplace of course, and is plenty fast for me. I haven’t been able to slow it up yet. I am not a techie for sure, but it does everything I want it to and more.

  • cscorbin

    Well I had the slide for a day and already returned it.
    It just doesn’t have the features I was looking for and is def not as fast as a 1ghz phone.
    I’ll keep hoping for something better from TMO in the next few months – otherwise I’m jumping ship for a better phone.

    • D.C.

      cscorbin you are such a lier man I own this phone and there is no hells way it is slow I don’t even think you purchased it cause I was second guessing this phone listening to people like you ,I’m typing this on my slide now , go join the wagon rolling down the hill with no driver hope you don’t go over that cliff silly world (unloyayal) tmo don’t need customers like you be gone man

  • T337

    I heard the red ones got recalled before the release.

    • Jabombardier

      If the red ones were recalled, then none would be released. Makes no sense.

  • android envy

    Saw the MT3GS in the stole and it looked OK, not great but OK. I have no need for all the facebook/twitter stuff so I am straddling the fence… I need to see the N1.

  • flgirll_99

    There’s a nice review of phone on youtube!


    I’m not completely sold yet until I get to test it out for myself but from the looks of it in the review, it’s not bad.

  • Taaars

    I played with it in the store, I have a rooted MT3G (stock speed though), not much difference. I would say the Slide is a tad faster and smoother, but not near as much as the incredible, especially at the price, wal mart has a better price point for this level of device. Next!

  • william

    the red and white slide is on backorder..they cant even stock enough for employees let alone customers..guess they didn’t learn from the hd2

  • Taaars

    I just read taht HTC is releasing a 1.5ghz device, for sprint or verizon, so by that time we maybe will see the leftover 1ghz units for tmo…so there is hope.

  • Misha

    Has anyone tried to use the t-zones / web2go with the MyTouch Slide? Does it give you full internet access? Any special APN settings?

    Also how does the Outlook sync work?

  • bigmanolo

    I love this phone but why doesn’t it support live wallpaper? If it has android 2.1

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s interesting Big… if anything I would think that HTC Sense would include the animated weather. That’s one of the best features in HTC Sense, animated weather.

      So the Slide’s HTC Sense does not include animated weather? That’s a super drag if it does not.

      For those who don’t know what I am talking about, here is a demo I made, on my Touch Pro2.


      Sidenote: I wonder if someone will make a custom ROM for the Slide to where HTC Sense will have animated wallpaper and weather.

      • Taaars

        As far as i know the weatehr animation is there, it may need to be turned on in the settings

      • Khurt

        Yea the weather is animated, i didnt have to turn anything on, when the forecast shows rain even a little wiper blade comes out and wipes the screen, pretty kool feature.

    • Taaars

      Simply put, they probably disabled it because it does not have enough horsepower to make the phone run smoothly overall. I CAN have animated wallpaper on my rooted MT3G (in fact some G1 users run it as well) but it slows down the phone, I keep mine off cause I rather have my phone more responsive. I see people here comenting how this phone is just as fast as a 1ghz, and yes that is true for basic use; but when you start loading apps, widgets, live wallpaper, flash, multiple tasks, etc..you WILL see a major difference when they run this all at once. So don’t expect this phone to be equal by any means to a 1ghz model, it isn’t.

      • Alex

        in you’re basic everyday use, that is not the scenario. that scenario is based on the most extreme case where you completely stress the phone. most users don’t run a bunch of apps without killing some. lots of people prefer to not use live wallpapers and put bunch of widgets on their screens because they like their phones to be more responsive as opposed to flashy…even nexus one owners do this. i have an hd2 and i don’t even make use of the weather wallpapers. in conclusion, in reality, the slide is just as fast as any 1ghz phone, under normal everyday use conditions. silly.

      • Taaars

        I must be talking to some really die hard tmo fanboys here,listen (read) dont make replys that I already know and confirmed, you have simply look “silly” doing it. I said that under BASIC (or normal use) the phone is snappy and more respnsive than earlier tmo andoid devices. I have used this device, loaded up about the same amount of widgets and items I USE on a day to day basis, and the phone started to show signs of slow down. People here ask about live wallpaper, I gave them a REAL response, TMO and HTC know this phone will have issues trying to run that, apps, and live widgets together, so they disabled it to keep it running smothly. I am 100% positive that XDA will root this thing and add the ability to do more things on it, and I am sure its a capable unit, to an extent. BUT in the end if I were to put the slide next to a 1ghz model it will not hold a candle to it when you want to multitask, have wallpaper and such. But I am not complaining about it, the problem is TMO is not giving its customers cutting edge android devices, tehy are giving us the leftovers, I mean, METRO is gettinga similiar unit soon to the slide soon. And Dont get em started on the HD2, that is a windows based unit with no chance of upgrades, thats not hardware failure, but software.(XDA is in the works to getting that thing rooted as well, and if they get it done it will be sweet day for HD2 owners)

      • Taaars

        yes, I am aware of the typos, damn, still getting used to swype

      • D.C.

        and sorry that is a negative I own the phone mr.taars and I have already cramped this phone loaded with stuff just to see if the little sucker would fall on its face or choke ,but it refused this is an actual genuine powerful device it has the guts of these other high ends don’t shoot it down so early

  • Tony

    Could anyone tell me about sd card which going with this cell, whats the capacity?

    • Kickstar13

      Comes with an 8GB microSD card.

  • onemangang

    I ordred mine last night.
    I had the HD2 when it came out, I also returned it due to constant freezing and could not make calls.
    I complained to a Supervisor, and she noted my account, that the next time I ordered a phone I would receive the full discount price. Even despite the fact that I am on the Even More Plus Plan. I could not wait any longer so I ordred last night. The cost was $199. What they did was charge my account the full price, but then credited back the difference. Should be hear Tues. So believe me they have the power to do whatever they want. You just need to be persistant and talkv to a Supervisor.

  • djbrandn

    I went to a Tmo Store yesterday , played with it for 2 mins and right away was dissappointed. Come on Tmo. If Verizon is testing a 1.5ghz processor now, then this is phone is already dead.

  • James

    Hey folks. I tested the MT3GS at a T-Mobile store yesterday and went back with my wife again today. I sincerely like the phone a lot. It seems really wonderful and super smooth. I do have a question about the sound quality for anyone who actually owns the device… do you find the audio quality to be poor? I made a quick voice note, both talking and singing, and also recorded a short video – the audio quality was shockingly awful on both the voice note and the video. (Video LOOKED great, by the way. Just the sound was really bad.) I’m wondering if it was just the unit I’m testing, or are you early adopters also noticing poor audio quality from either the voice notes app or the video recording app?? Any feedback is sincerely appreciated, as I would LOVE to get a MT3GS for both my wife and I in a couple weeks, but RECORDING audio quality is fairly important to me. Thanks in advance!!

  • fidget

    My new black slide arrived yesterday. Loving it. Not laggy at all. Absolutely love the interface. I ditched Blackberry but also have ipod touch so this is comparable (better) than the Apple UI. Sooooooooooooooooo glad I got this with the slide keyboard – I knewfrom my ipod touch experience I’m just one of those that struggles with touch keyboard. Got my ISP email accounts and corporate Exchange account up and running wih no probs. Easy to configure wifi. One annoying thing in browser it keeps reverting to web2go as home page even though I reset/saved to something else. Any ideas?

    Another challenge is international roaming. Trip to London in a week or so. Blackberry has all you can eat email for $19.99 month. TMO Cust Care told me yesterday Android phone model is different and you pay $15/MB. She told me to turn off network when I’m there and just turn on to sync ocassionally otherwise I’ll end up with bill for hundreds of extra dollars. I don’t understand this. If I switch all my syncs to manual and remove any live widgets why will there be a lot of network traffic? New to Android so forgive my ignorance.

    • kcmo

      I’ve used a BB for years and am also considering switching to the MT3GS….BUT, I think I’m going to hold on to my BB for international travel instead of selling it as I’d originally planned. Just makes sense with the $19.99/mo unlimited email. I don’t leave the country often so it’s not a big deal for me…..not sure how much you travel, but why not just take the BB for peace of mind? Otherwise I’d stick to using WIFI on the MT3GS. Good luck!

      • fidget

        THANKS. Great idea. I don’t travel too much. I may do just that. On one hand I want to show of my MT3GS but being practical, maybe I’ll stick it in the drawer for a week and reluctantly put the SIM back in the trusty blackberry. I wish/wonder if some of the other phones will offer a similar biz model at some point.

  • Command Dot Com

    Hello all.. Im currently using a sidekick 09 (yes I know out-dated) but I would like to upgrade to the MT slide .. But im not really techy I know I want an android and to me this seems like the best when I read feedback .. so when everyone started discussing some of the I was a bit lost.. So can someone help me tell me thepros and cons.. I use my phone 24/7.. But mostly for instant messaging, texting, pic.s, and web access.. And how is the android market thing.. Also what’s the batt. Life on it for someone like me you think..? Please people help.. And please forgive my ignorance on the whole matter..!

    • fidget

      Go for it, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve only had it a few days and in the house on wifi it seems faster than my 3rd gen ipod touch. I’ve been playing with it constantly and no battery problems whatsoever and I’m doing a lot of frequent syncs on corporate/personal email accounts, social networks, weather widgets, etc. and no issues.

      I actually like the form factor too. Some of these phones are edging up beyond the limits of a phone I feel. 4.3 – 5 inches. This is perfect. I got my ruler out earlier and measured the display portion of the screen and literally identical to ipod touch/iphone.

      Even though I’m addicted to a physical keyboard (Blackberry user for too long!) I’m liking Swype too. It will take some practice but makes touch keyboard more viable.

  • john

    I just got one at sams club for 75.oo also the g1 is discontinued it is a lot better than than the hd2 I had the hd2 and 5 minutes of use the phone froze up 3 times

  • Nasnan

    For all of the commenters that in support of this phone,
    What about customers that want a smartphone that DOES NOT have a separate keyboard?
    I prefer not to have something on my phone that slides out, swivels of flips, because the probability for
    those pieces to malfunction or break is quite significant. However, I complete my contractual obligation at the end of June and T-mobile currently offer me a choice that runs at least 2.1 Android, constucted as one solid
    unit and that I can try out in the store before I make a purchase (unlike the Nexus One).
    I have been a T-mobile customer for almost a decade (VoiceStream) and would really like to stay with the company because of their great plan rates and customer service. Nevertheless, if I am going to ” lock” myself into another 2 year contract (yes, you should interpret this statement to mean that I am not interested in purchasing an unlocked phone outright), I would like to purchase a phone that has high level specs comparable to the high end offerings of other carriers.
    Therefore, in my opinion, the MTS does not meet my cuurently needs. In fact, none of the current offerings do so.
    I have been consistently reading and researching information about new phones, hoping I could get some solid information about a phone that will arrive at t-mobile stores that would meet my needs ( the reason why I am on this blog). But I am concerned that I may not have a solid option that will be available within my preferred timeframe in the next couple of months

    • fidget

      Nasnan, I believe very shortly, before the end of summer, you’ll have your wish. I’ve been monitoring the blogs and talking to TMO reps and all indications are there are some higher-end phones just around the corner. Probably see the N1 in stores before too long and Samsung Galaxy even sooner. VERY INTERESTING your comment about physical keyboard. I’m on the other end of the spectrum where I had convinced myself I can not survive without one. However, my MTS arrived Friday evening and here we are on Sunday morning and I can tell you Swype is phenomenal. It’s been very intuitive and I’m loving using the touch keyboard instead of the slide out. So much so that I’m now contemplating returning the MTS within the next few days and ordering a Nexus1 instead. Need to do more research though. Little worried about the size of some of these latest phones. I don’t want to be carrying around a brick. I think the N1 is 4.3 inch display. Like you, I wish I could see this before purchasing. Good luck with your purchase decision.

      • lev

        The N1 is 3.7, and is a great phone, I am actually getting my Slide tomorrow and will reserve judgment till then, I did play with the Evo today, and will say the screen blew me away, wow, a lot of people said it was washed out, if it is, I need my eyes checked cuz it looked amazing, and is very fast, people who say it is too big are crazy, its a little bigger then the iphone, but its built like a champ, and has that nice soft finish, overall I would give it a 9.5/10, sound also sounded rich and deep through the speakers, voice search worked flawlessly, and quickly. I think 3.7-4.3 will be the norm for now on, anything below will be considered low to mid range. I will post an unboxing and review of the Slide tomorrow, I heard its pretty quick, so we shall see

  • Jonathan

    Here’s an interesting story:

    I called Customer Care two days ago and was informed that though I was migrated from Even More to Even More Plus, I’m still bound by contract. Naturally, this infuriated me because I was misled by the representative and even more so because I was eligible for a upgrade at the time of migration and was told that it was lost. I insisted that I speak to someone “higher” and was transferred to what I guess was the Loyalty Department. The rep said there was nothing he could do about getting me back to Even More BUT he could honor the upgrade. I thought it over for a second and he said he’d give me whatever phone I want at the discounted price. The phone I got? The myTouch Slide for $129.99 and free shipping plus the price was added on to my EIP. All in all, I think I am going to be happy with the Slide for that price. Anyone have any advice before it arrives this week?

  • Peter

    Im a recovering blackberry user. This phone is amazing. My only concern is that it canot sync with our exchange server. I had our IT guy set everything up and it did not work. It kept saying “error”. Low and behold we cannot sync with it. We can sync with WinMo and Blacberry devices but not this one. Looks like im going to get the HTC HD2. But its an awesome phone.

    • fidget

      Peter, I’m syncing with my corporate exchange server without any problem. Maybe the IT guy had the wrong server name. Our company forces us to use a PIN to lock the phone when it is idle. The only downside. set my idle to 2 minutes because I have noticed the battery use is higher than the Blackberry (I expected that). Anyway, I used my Windows login credentials, server name, and our company requires SSL connection. Working like a charm. Have your IT guy check server name. It was different than the servername I see when I sync inside the firewall from my laptop. Should be something like mobile.companydomain.com. Good luck. It definitely works on Android phones just as well as WinMo and BB.

  • CalBears

    Is there any way of getting the slide without having to get the $30 data plan or paying the full $440?

  • lev

    I got my slide today around 4ish, and my first impressions are it is a pretty good phone, feels good in the hand, has a good weight to it keyboard seems good, the screen looks a lot better then I thought, bright and crisp. it is pretty quick too, no lag really, only time i notice lag is when I am playing a game like “basketball”, or “Homerun 3d battle”, I remember when I had the Nexus One it was a lot smoother, call quality seems good, signal is descent, sound from the speaker is better then the mt3g, louder and clearer. The genius button is overrated, tried using it, but it did not get what i said, its hit and miss, overall I give the phone 8.7/10 Only the Nexus one is better

  • Butzacooky

    Just saw my first commercial on tv of the mytouch slide :)
    It was from radioshack about father’s day