Has The myTouch Marketing Campaign Begun?

Thanks to one of our eagle-eyed readers we see the myTouch Slide “massive” marketing campaign has begun, with billboards in the NYC Subway. I might add, I saw the very same poster just this morning driving in the Ft Lauderdale area here in South Florida.

While we know that the official launch of the myTouch Slide doesn’t kick off till June 16th, we hope that they blanket cities with billboards such as the one above. Anything T-Mobile, anything but those awful B-list celebrity myTouch 3G commercial. As much as I love Phil Jackson, I’ll never buy anything from Whoopi Goldberg. Seriously, I’m standing by that, don’t put her in another commercial, ever. Here is to hoping that the campaign is a resounding access.


  • jgar

    Yes, I have seen these posters everywhere, and I am in Chicago. They are all over the ‘L’ system and subway.

    • bakaruru

      I saw one of these posters in the tunnel that connects the blue line and red line at jackson.

      • Rosario

        Same here, I work right there at the Garretts on Jackson and I think they have been there going on a week. Plus there all over the CTA buses. I havent seen anything commercials yet, thats the one thing Im waiting on.

    • J-Hop2o6

      wussup with that lime green fill-in on the left side of the ear speaker??

      • Alek YO

        notification light…

  • Reece


    the faster T-Mo can go rah rah rah over this phone the faster it’ll fade behind the spotlight & make way for a superdroid.

    which means it’ll be no sooner then middle of July before a possible rumored leak shows up :(

    • Jay Antwan


    • pimpstrong


  • Andy G

    Whoopi Rocks!!! David might not buy it but others would… Including Me!!! lol

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I must say that that I too think Whoopi Rocks!! even though her days on The View alongside those other 3 broads have lessened her coolness factor. She was Awesome in Little Rascals! I bet David would buy an iPhone if Whoopi was selling the (hope this never happens) Tmobile version. D. Wade is cool too while not as cool as Charles Barkley by a looong shot.

      I REALLY hope Maggy releases more Project Emerald info soon because they are about to get left in the dust again by the competition if they don’t soon.

    • David

      I didn’t say I wouldn’t buy it, I said I wouldn’t buy it because Whoopi said so.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Nooo nooo noo, don’t change your words now because iPhone’s involved. Haaa!!! Just messin with ya David.

  • nell_z

    Im SOO tired of hearing about this phone. Now that the iPhone 4 has been announced, all I wanna hear about is either the Sidekick Twist or the Samsung Galaxy S. This phones incompetent. Why are you still hearing about it? :(

    • john

      Because, like it or not, it is tmo’s phone of the day. Who cares about the all glass iphone4? I’d personally pay $800 to be able to tee off on one like tosh.0 did the free ipad they were sent. Actually that by itself was awesome, seeing as how they got theirs from apple directly, at no cost. FORE!!!!

    • Jabombardier

      Because it’s not incompetent.

    • joe

      are you serious? why is this phone incompetent? have you used it? have you even seen in being used? give me one good reason besides not having a snapdragon processor which if you had ever used the phone you would know that even without it it runs like a champ no lag no slowness whatsoever when using anything on the phone

      • jay555

        Looking at the phone as a whole it just seems incompetent. For starters, yes there is the weak process. Fact is, the only reason this phone runs well at all is because HTC went out of it’s way to optimiize the Expresso UI (which is hideous anyways) for the hardware. I can’t wait till someone roots this phone and tries to put stock Froyo on it. I’ll bet every last $ I got in the bank that I’ll run like crap without those optimizations in place.

        But beyond that, the screen is too small (3.4″) and it’s not even AMOLED – it’s TFT LCD which makes it look drab in comparison. And on top that the resolution is lower too – 320 x 480 pixels.

        It’s way too bulky thanks to the hardware keyboard (if they had to include one they could have at least tried to make it thinner). The camera is only 5 MP, it should be 8 MP.

        I could go on and on but you get the point – these specs would have been good a year ago when the competition was the Palm Pre, HTC Hero, the Droid, and iPhone 3GS.

        But compared to the EVO, Incredible, iPhone 4G, and even the Nexus One, this phone is already obsolete. You Slide/T-Mo fanboys can argue with me all you want. But in 6 months, when this phone’s obsolescence is even more apparent, you’ll be wishing you waited for something better.

      • Cyberpyr8

        Jay555, I have the MT3G Fender and I have it rooted and running 2.1. It runs better with 2.1 than it did on 1.6. So you can just make that check out to cash and sign it over! :)

        Since rooting it and upgrading it is like a completely different device. I won’t say it is nearly as fast as a Nexus One but it runs really well now. I like this phone and it does way more than most smart phones can do without buying a lot of apps. I use it as a wifi hot spot for my laptop, I use the navigation on it, play music and can do FB, Twitter and other social apps like every other smart phone. So how is it incompetent again? Doesn’t have a guy in a turtle neck introducing “features” that Android has had for a while and hyping it like it is the best phone ever? Locking me into one inferior carrier? No thanks. I like that I can load mods on my phone and that I don’t have Steve Jobs telling me which apps I can use. It might not be the fastest or fanciest phone but it does everything pretty well for an old phone!

        And by the way, in 6 months everyone will be looking at the newer phones thinking the same thing as you are about the lack of current features. It happens all of the time. I bought my phone and my co-worker with the original MT3G was jealous because mine had more RAM and a 16GB MicroSD card. That’s what happens all of the time with technology.

      • jay555

        Cyberpyr8, relax dude, I never once claimed to be an Apple fanboy so why r u throwing them in my face. I totally agree with everything you said about Steve Jobs, Apple and ATT. I will never own an iPhone and can’t understand why so many people here want it to come to TMo. People who love Apple so much deserve to be stuck with ATT. Anyway, now that I got that off my chest…

        A friend of mine also has an MT3G (he’s always messing around w/ it – putting in a new rom every week). I’ve seen 2.1 running on it myself and while I agree that it runs better than 1.6, you can tell that the hardware does struggle to keep up with it compared w/ the Nexus One.

        But like a lot of people here have said, why are you only focusing on the processor? I mentioned a lot of other things about this phone that make it feel outdated (or at the very least midrange). I don’t see you disputing those at all.

        In the end, we’ll agree to disagree I guess. If you think this phone is good enough to be considered the flagship phone for a carrier, I won’t argue with you. But try to understand that a lot of us want to stay with TMo but want something that can match the other flagship phones out there (not just w/ the processor but w/ all it’s specs put together).

    • D.C.

      Yo you are rediculous you have to own the phone to make that judgement ,this phone is powerful as hell even though it doesn’t have the specs like the other competitor but it doesn’t need it I have so much stuff on it and it fails to trip or choke it is crazy fast ,don’t make that comment and you don’t even own the phone tired of people under rating

  • Dude

    I have this phone, and I love it. Swype, awesome. Genius Button, Awesome. Screen Beautiful. Customization, awesome. Photos and video, great. Try the retro camera ap with the camera. And you can download extra themes. And the keyboard is fantastic. And Froyo will only make it faster! So what if it doesn’t have 4.3 inch screen. I want a phone, not a tablet pc.

    • cellmate

      werd, duder…tha’s me too…

      • D.C.

        Agreed man this phone is great I own one also and I’m on it all day

  • tmowizard

    on a side note my battery wont last 12 hours any ideas or apps i can get

    • No apps, or moderate settings changes will make up for the fact that once again HTC strapped a crap battery to this awesome device, as they did with the mytouch 3G. Sorry, I love android and I wielded my mytouch with pride, but the garbage they call a battery is the reason I’m not typing this via blackberry.

  • jonathan

    I’m seeing billboards here in Houston, TX.

  • Alex

    All the people I know that have it, say its a sweet android device. Still would have liked to see a much bigger screen. TMO, why did you not add a 3.7in one?

    • pimpstrong

      Exactly. If this phone had a competetive 3.7″ screen then the bitching would litterally be cut in half and the sales would follow suit. I say this because while the phone is cool fast and probably worth buying, there is without a doubt better yes BETTER phones out. I would say “Oh well they dumbed it down to keep the cost down” but we’re talking a mere $19.99 difference between this and the EVO. TWENTY DOLLARS!! A 3.7″ WVGA would have made a world of difference can I get an Amen?

      • Robert

        True dat!

      • Jabombardier

        I would give an amen but I played with both the evo and mytouch slide and they are both of equal performance. And I don’t like the evo because I find it to be a bit too big. The evo has high resolution but I didn’t see the quality difference in watching a youtube video as for the mytouch slide was just as high quality as the evo. So at the end of the day 3.7 inches and a snapdragon didn’t make a difference.

      • WhatdoIknow

        It will make a difference when you want to use the HDMI out and you start adding a few apps and notice that the Slide maybe isn’t as fast as when it was new out of the box. I think people would easily pay the $20 difference for that.

      • pimpstrong

        @ Jabombadier HD on a 42″ tv looks as good as ED on a 32″ does as well. That said, a wvga on the Slide wont be a lot diff than its current than its current hvga but if u move to a 3.7 (like most people would truelylike to have) then a WVGA becomes more neccessary. Furthermore, my primary issue was the screen size not the processor, to be a better middleground between midrange and super. this phone is obviously on the highest end of midrange and could do DROID like numbers for Tmo with a bigger screen.

  • enianen

    Honestly, who cares? T-Mobile should put this behind them as fast as possible. They’re making a big splash about launching last years phone now? The timing couldn’t be worse given the iPhone 4 launch, a device with the same size screen and twice the resolution in each direction, literally four times the pixels.

    T-Mobile needs to find themselves some phones that compete with the rest of the world, stat. Even smaller regional carriers are launching better handsets at this point.

  • SteveBerman

    If I didn’t use so much data I would switch to At&t for the newest iphone. T-mobile has severely dropped the ball on new phones. MyTouch Slide? FAIL FAIL FAIL!

  • T-Mobile Guy

    in all honestly, im not concerned with all the hype of the iphone 4…i mean how many times has anyone gone into a cell phone srote and said “i need a phone with a huge screen, a camera, oh and the most pixels i cram into a “phone”” remember people they are phones first, data devices second…having an entire app store of soundboards and springboards doesnt impress me…its still att, and as logn as att has the iphone they’ll jus be selling more expensive handsets with the same data bog downs semi-monthly…people see the HD2 and say “thats too big” but the mytouch slide give u a screen size larger than the originaly MyTouch but small enough to still be comfortable in the pocket and the hand…for all you “biphone” fan boys out there you need to open your eyes…the iphone was released 3 times without a functional mms setup, when the moto razrs came with it standard…apple is screwing people, because watever isnt on it this year, will be on it next year..lol so go nuts u little apple bags :) (steps down from soapbox) lol

    • lev

      I agree 100%

    • pimpstrong

      Sooo because its a voice communication divice, that means I cant ask for a bunch of high end features? Sell that BS somewhere else. The technology is here so why not take advantage of it??

    • Sorry but you are completely wrong! I see people in stores everyday and they are asking for “the biggest screen, the best apps, the best camera, etc…” We also see people EVERYDAY who come in and say “What do you have that is like the iPhone?” To me the gadgets sell now because they all make phone calls…

  • timmyjoe42

    Really? You didn’t want to purchase a Jesse James phone?

    • David

      Well not anymore man, who can break Sandra Bullocks heart! She’s America’s sweetheart!

  • these are all over the 6 line and 4 line (Bronx)

  • raymond

    t mobile needs to step it up i still have hope that the project emerald phone will be around june-july :(

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Whoopi Goldberg? T-Mobile does not care about that. This is what T-Mobile wants people to forget, at minute marker 0:13


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Maybe that ad in New York should be changed:

    “When Jesse cheats, she’ll know.”

    Sorry Sandra, could not resist.

    • Hahahahahaha , Poor Sandra though…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    And they can run the Jesse James commercial on the program “Cheaters.”

    And that’s all I have to say about targeting your market.

  • WhatdoIknow

    Ever notice how Tmobile never shows the UI on any of the MyTouch phones in their commercials or ads? It’s always a picture or video, or some stupid cartoon face. What’s up with that?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Most carriers do that because the iPhone icons, all in a pretty row, are not memorable. No one can relate to a user interface.

      Moreover, if everyone put their user interfaces on ads then the phones would not look any different.

      Lastly, people relate to multi-media, not operating systems. (And that’s why you never see ads that mention “ROM” “RAM” “AMOLED” or other tech jargon.

      To be sure, plain ol’ users would not get the same pleasure I do seeing Engadget’s superphone/smartphone comparison chart.


      On looking at such billboards prospective T-Mobile customers’ eyes would close as people decide their time is better spent checking for cracks in their eyelids.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Most carriers do that because the iPhone icons, all in a pretty row, are not memorable. No one can relate to a user interface.

      Moreover, if everyone put their user interfaces on ads then the phones would not look any different.

      Lastly, people relate to multi-media, not operating systems. (And that’s why you never see ads that mention “ROM” “RAM” “AMOLED” or other tech jargon.

      To be sure, plain ol’ users would not get the same pleasure I do seeing Engadget’s superphone/smartphone comparison chart.


  • ali

    What type of stupid ad is this ” When dad fibs you know ” ????? Are their corporate meetings held at a zoo ? And this is supposed to be t-mobiles flagship android device ! Seriously, they might as well quit now while they can. I hope a foreign Telecom takes over and shows them how its done. This is ridiculous. Its like t-mobile goes to the manufacturers and says ” Do you have a phone that no one else wanted? Oh and it has to be cheap, real cheap ! ” and behold — behold 2, mytouch slide, cliq xt.

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Yup, they’re starting to pop up here in Miami, Fl. as well. Hope the campaign works, because it’s truly a great phone. I’ve been enjoying mine so much, that I even ran out yesterday, and bought my wife the red one.

  • OneManGang

    People should not speak from ignorance. I have had a Wing, G1, Cliq, and HD2(Which I returned). I now have the Slide and can say this is the best of them all. It might have a slower processor, but it is so finely tuned that it does not make a difference. If you were to live with this phone for a couple of days I guarantee you would love it too.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well said One Man… but people will always diss a device without having held and used it.

      For example, my HD2 by TMOUS never gets mentioned as a high-end handset, but it is. But it’s fashionable for people who have not even held the handset to diss the HD2, Microsoft and WinMo. I just tune out those people.

      The Slide is in the same boat as my HD2. There’s the FEW in here who will diss the phone simply because they don’t like the look, it does not have superphone specs or they errantly are comparing it to competitor devices like the Evo, Incredible or other high-end phones.

      Fortunately T-Mobile simply tunes out those idiots. Fact is there’s a huge market for mid-level Android-based handsets. And there’s also a big market for Android handsets with a physical keyboard.

      The Slide precisely satisfies most users’ needs. It’s attractively priced, works fast and error free, does all the social networking one could want, and it looks good.

      And perceptively T-Mobile marketing is emphasizing the social interaction aspects of the phone, which is currently the rage for all handset users. (Surely Apple fans noticed that even Jobs’ keynote emphasized the social networking aspects of the new iPhone.)

      • WhatdoIknow

        The original MyTouch 3g ran great out of the box also. A month later…. not so much. I say wait a while and this will probably be the same case. I can almost guarantee it will start to lag and reboot.

      • pimpstrong

        dude Im 10 months into this TP2 and I can NOT stand WM even after its been flashed with Energyrom. As everybody knows WM has so many bugs that the phone is sometimes inoperable. While the HD2 is a true superhardware’d phone, the OS flushes all greatness out the window. I would love to see the sales numbers of the HD2 & EVO.

      • D.C.

        @ whatdoiknow that is a negative ,my slide is packed down with everything in the book and the phone refuse to choke also don’t forget the froyo it will be receiving that other high end devices in other carriers won’t experience

    • D.C.

      Man it is so true and people are speaking from ignorance I own one also ,(white) and its great I also compared it to another higher end device and there was no difference makes me mad how it gets so underated ,samthing happened to g1 and it bcame the big gun all a sudden ,these companies give actual good phones and what do you do (throw it in there face)

  • ali

    I heard deutsche telecom was going to sell out a while back but unfortunately no one took the bait

  • Jayyoung05

    This bin in nyc train station for aleast a week

  • dieali

    Ali u r a dumb whore. Go get AIDs and die. Stupid wench. Waste of life. Rotting gash.

  • This poster got me thinking about june 19. Wasnt their a rumor about a dad Special on that day. now we see posters saying “when dad fibs, You know!” Hmmm….. ?

  • sopa

    i have not seen any posters around here but i have seen a commercial earlier this morning.

  • J-Hop2o6

    wussup with that lime green fill-in on the left side of the ear speaker?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s the notification light, for e-mail, calls, signal, etc. Or so I thought.

      • J-Hop2o6

        that area is too big to be an LED light.. i seen it in person with it blinking.. it wouldn’t cover that whole hole.. plus the LED is a darker green.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I assume that they intensified it for the billboard. Is that where it is on the actual phone?

  • rell

    Ima say this again you people that think everyone wants a super phone is so out of touch and very stupid. Seriously Most of the public doesn’t care about which phone has the highest specs. I work at best buy mobile section in Time Square yes a lot of phone geeks come in to buy the biggest and the best specs but the majority of the people don’t care. Honesty yes the Iphone does wonder and yes the Nexus is great and so is Evo but is it me or do you people realize the the general public doesn’t know or even care. The only reason the HD2 is doing so well is it look like a bigger screen Iphone. The Evo is getting this hype because of 4g do you honestly think most people know what 4g actually is? Put it like this you people are Marvel and Dc fans the general public only watches the movies and the cartoons.
    Seriously yes the Droid did wonders but do you know why? Please don’t say something like the specs nope not at all. The reason is because it was marketed as the Anti-Iphone. The reason the Palm Pre did bad is because well the form factor and the marketing. Seriously People the general public only cares for design, UI and marketing. They don’t know what the specs are. The the slide will do great numbers. Now on the other hand will the Evo I think it will start off well but fail because it’s to many issues with that phone. The Incredible is ok but crashes so much. The slide will do well because one it runs smooth, ok battery, very customizable and 3 most of t-mobile’s customer base prefer slide out keyboard’s. Seriously watch The Evo you pay $10 extra for something you don’t have. The Iphone well you are missing features and you get them when you wait 20 years. Also AT&T doesn’t get unlimited data any longer. Verizon well they are ok but to high of a bill. Just wait Longer t-mobile is getting 3 super phones. Most careers will only get 2. One is the Nexus, the sidekick twist and the third well a t-mobile rep told me it’s a variant of the Galaxy. So shut the hell up about your not being listen to. Hell most Android user’s aren’t being listen to most of them prefer keyboards not all touch.

    • WhatdoIknow

      You have some valid points. But, I do think the general public is getting smarter about what kind of hardware is put into phones. Let’s face it, smart phones are the next laptop to a growing number of people. People know enough to check the specs when they are buying a computer so it doesn’t get bogged down and become obsolete 3 weeks after you buy it. The world of cell phones is changing. Verizon and Sprint seem to get it. Tmobile…. I’m not so sure. We will see about these “super phones”. So far, every time there is a rumor of something great coming from Tmobile, it turns out to be just mediocre.

    • Green Robot

      Hmm…, if what you say is true and people don’t care, than who bought out all the Incredibles and EVOs that were available. You are holding on to an old no longer true way of thinking. The same way of thinking that got Dotson fired it seems.

    • D.C.

      @whatdoiknow everything rell just said couldn’t be anymore true ,I have spoke with many people about specs and all the junk cause I am a phone guru ,they look at me like I had two heads people care about that stuff but sure aren’t anal or ignorant about it when I walked in tmo for my slide a lot of people briught back there hd2 for the slide and a lot of people I know that were with other carriers came to tmo for this phone and they are so much more reasonable hey man what do you know

  • luis

    I would assume just by looking at this picture that the june 19th thing is about this phone and father’s day. Just saying cuz father’s day is the 20th and the mystery opening is the 19th??? Like i said the picture is about keeping your dad in check so… Just my input

  • alex

    Do you need my faves to use the faves gallery on the my touch slide?

  • ken

    Tmobile mytouch slide is available for sale and on display at wal-mart already isn’t it funny that they get a display model up before even t-mobile stores do??

  • fidget

    So far I’m loving the slide. I’ve had to tinker with some settings and the power control widget to keep the battery going strong all day. When I’m in the office I turn wifi off. I work for an IT company and a bunch of different wireless networks in our building. It keeps polling and hopping between wifi spots….and well yes, draining the battery. Of course wifi is a batt drain anywhere, but not an issue at home with charger close by and no hopping. I’m doing auto-sync and background data sync and syncing email accounts real-time, no “every 15 minutes.” Today the battery was great. Tons of SMS, emails, with haptic feedback. Checking of friendstream, and lots of Swyping. Got home from work and battery was still more than 50%. Way better than previous days. I did turn off weather widget. Disabling wifi and setting idle screensaver to 2 minutes (from 10) seemed to do the trick. Anyway, worth playing with the settings and permutations thereof.

    I’ve said in another post I think the form factor is great. Not all of us want to carry around a big slab of a phone. In fact, it got lots of oohs and ahhs at the office today – including from the iphone/ipad contingent. I don’t consider this a mediocre phone by any stretch of the imagination. Ok, not as high end as Evo or Incredible but folks comparing that is only $20 are using false economy. Overall, you’ll pay more at Spring/Verizon for the same services TMO offers. I’m on EvenMorePlus so should have paid $429 but got it for $379 cust loyalty. A fair price.

    Here’s the most astounding thing that’s happened since I got the phone on Friday evening – I’ve been loving Swype, it’s absolutely changed my opinion about the need for a physical keyboard. And, I’m one of those die-hard folks that said I would never buy a phone without a physical keyboard. I’ve maybe used it 2-3 times. I’m hooked….addicted to Swype. So much so, I considered returning the MTS and getting the NexusOne instead. However, did a bit of research on that phone, and Swype not preinstalled. Some have installed it but its been a bit buggy. Also, it seems battery life on the N1 is even more challenging than on other smartphones including MTS. So, for now, I feel confident I’ll keep the MTS. I believe for the average business user it will meet/exceed expectations. It makes my Blackberry Curve look so retro.

    Everyone goes on and on about the 1 ghz snapdragon/hummingbird processors but those same folks will be dissing those in 6 months and saying why doesn’t TMO have the 1.2 Ghz or 1.4 Ghz phone. Technology marches on, so do we. Just take the plunge and don’t over-analyze the purchase decision around a smartphone. Lots of good choices, and more to come. Price is a factor, but even if you like to change your phone every year, you can sell the older model on ebay and recoup 30-50% of your investment.

    In summary, I think this phone is a gem and it will be great to see how it runs with FroYo.

    • Tony

      Fidget, thanks for the mini-review. I’m really excited about the MT3GS. Do you mind my asking what kind of tweaks and adjustments you did to prolong the battery life? Battery life is very important to me, and I wanna make sure this thing goes strong through a full day.

      Also, I’ve seen in various reviews and previews that the phone comes with Quick Office. Is it the full version of Quick Office, or just the read-only version? If I can edit Word docs on the go, it’ll be the perfect replacement for my Nokia E-series phone.

      • fidget


        You should be excited. It’s a great phone. Main batt tweaks were disabling wifi when not necessary, and reducing idle time. In settings you can go to About Phone..Battery..Battery Use. It will show you where the juice is going. Overwhelmingly Display and then Wifi. I wish there were an option on the screensaver between 2 minutes and 10 minutes. The reason I had 10 minutes initially is our corporate security policy enforces us to put in a PIN to unlock the phone when idle – only required if you’re syncing Exchange Server email and only if your company requires this. This is a bit of a drag so I only wanted to do it once every 10 minutes. However, this was a big batt drain having display on for that long. The next option is 2 minutes. Great for saving the batt, but I’m constantly re-entering that PIN during the day. Not a biggie! I plan on further tweaking. I think I can probably disable background data sync and just keep auto-sync and I bet my phone can go well over a day without charging. Read a few articles, seems like data sync is the superset and auto-sync is a subset and email will be fine on auto-sync, ditto for facebook. Twitter apparently needs data sync as do some of the live widgets. I need to do a bit more research. I also read a batt saver article for the HTC Desire. Same principles. They also suggested checking which services are running and disble those you don’t need (like Windows Services almost). I found Google had started Google Talk which I have no plans of ever using so I disabled.

        I have no docs on my SD card yet so unable to answer your QuickOffice question. I’m sure someone will jump in. One other thing I wanted to mention is it’s 3.4 inch screen and iphone is 3.5 (I verified, I have ipod touch). So, barely any difference and I think the HVGA looks fabulous. Some of this chatter on the blogs reminds me of audiophiles who go on about bit rates when the average person will never be able to differentiate. Sure, some displays are going to be better, but the display actually got rave reviews in the office today.

        Good luck, you won’t be disappointed with the MTS.

  • blablabla

    seriously guys stop looking at the hardware specs as a reason to nag about this phone. If you haven’t had any experience playing with the phone why are you even complaining? It’s a great phone and it’s super responsive. It still packs 512 ram and rom. So it doesn’t have a snapdragon but I bet if you played with it you wouldn’t even notice the difference. And the phone’s not bulky either. If you want bulky look at the motorola droid. It might not have a 3.7 inch screen but I think screens that large are way too big for a phone with a physical keyboard. 3.4 just seems perfect. Not too big and not too small and it keeps the phone relatively compact. It’s running a skinned version of sense but overall it’s still a lot like your tradition htc sense. friendstream, leap, animated weather. It’s all there. The display is also very nice and vibrant for what it is. Stop acting so spoiled and judging something before you’ve even tried it. The MT3g Slide is a great device and it’s certainly better than the iphone and motorola droid for sure. Also, why are some of you complaining about the 5mp camera? The iphone 4 is coming out in a few weeks and what does it have? 5 mp lol. And honestly megapixels don’t determine picture quality whatsoever. Either way a cell phone camera no matter how many pixels is never gonna beat your traditional stand alone.

  • going_home

    Got a 3G Slide last thursday off contract ( $429.00 ) .
    What amazes me is TMO has had almost two years after releasing the G1 and this is the best they can come up with ?

    The Slide is barely (if at all) an upgrade over the G1.

    The Slide is going back for a refund as soon as I get a beater off Craigslist to use while I’m waiting on the Nexus One (gave my G1 away).


    • blablabla

      how is it barely an upgrade? it has android 2.1 with htc sense runs 100x smoother then the g1 and more functionality. I’ve played with my friend’s g1 so many times and it doesn’t even compare to the slide whatsoever. You sound like another snapdragon whore. listen to Noah about this phone. It’s a great device.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I suspect some of these people make up stories, such as they got the phone last Thursday and made a decision to return it three days later.

        If that is true the person is a fool, moron and idiot. What kind of person buys a phone at full retail then after only three days has figured out they don’t like the phone.

        That’s like the person who posted in here, while dissing the HD2, that he bought it new from T-Mo and determined he did not like it after using it a few hours. He said he was tossing it in a drawer and getting something else. Yeah right, why wouldn’t he just return it for a refund.

        These people are clearly mentally imbalanced.

  • Dude

    Got the slide. Love it. Camera is great. Video is good. If you want great camera pics, download the retro camera app from the market. It makes taking pictures even more fun!

  • Tony

    Fidget, thanks for the quick reply. Regarding Quick Office, you wouldn’t even need to load up any docs on your SD card. If your Quick Office allows you to create new Word docs on the MT3GS, then that’s just as good and means it’s the full version. If you or anybody could answer whether or not the Quick Office included is the full version, I’d really appreciate it!

    One other minor concern, does the MT3GS have a little hole at the bottom for a cell phone strap? I know it’s not the most popular phone accessory, but when I get a nice phone like this, I appreciate the extra security and piece of mind of a wrist strap. Thanks!

    • fidget

      Tony, it must be read only then. When I launch the app it says no files found on SD card. Then I go to the menu options and there are only two. Sort and Search. Drats. I’m sure you can buy an app for a few bucks though. Sorry, no hole for a phone strap. They already have the two piece hard cases in the store. I don’t like those. I prefer the gel skins. They won’t have those in stores until official launch day on the 16th. Let’s hope so. I leave for London on the 17th and it would be nice to have something for protection.

      • Tony

        Bummer and… bummer. Was really looking forward to built-in docs editing for on-the-go productivity. And too bad on the strap hole too. Probably means we’d have to buy a case/skin with a hole and strap, kinda like the skins they currently sell for the original Mt3g. Thanks for the update though, I really appreciate it!

      • D.C.

        It does have the hole they all do I own one its in the same place just like mt3g

    • fidget


      Just saw this on Phandroid today, new release of QuickOffice Connect $15. Seems reasonable.



  • Genesis

    How is the reception on this device compared to the N1 or myTouch 3G?

    I’ve had issues with both bouncing back and forth between EDGE and 3G when I didn’t want them too or hanging on to a 3G signal so weak that it wouldn’t work.

  • Barry

    since everyone is ranting about specs lol Since the “mytouch” seems to be tmos exclusive name like vzw with the “droid” will they startvslapping that Mytouch branding to their exclusive phones like MyTouch Scorpion or MyTouch Nexus 2for example or will the keep reinventing the same phone like the iPhone and sidekick. idk this just popped in my head and I went with it I’m going to bed lol

  • raymond

    rell your so wrong the public is changing -_- are did you not hear of the evo selling out world wide even the most simple person loves gadets now adays times are changing

    soon grandmas will be walking around with evo 4g

  • Matt

    Saw a Radio Shack commercial last night with it, good commercial Excaliber like.

  • rell

    Did you actually read what I wrote I said yes the Evo is selling out well but it is being returned at alarming rates. What does that tell you? Also of course it will sell well when it looks like a bigger version of the Iphone. Hell I sold 20 yesterday and I bet you half will be returned by the end of the week. Seriously the general public doesn’t care or understand about specs they just want something that looks nice and has a few great features. If you are right then why does the general public still buys Plasma screen tv oppose to only Omled and LCD TV’s? The reason why it looks nice. Also when it comes to Phone yes a super phone would be great but like I said t-mobile never does something when others do it they always bid their time. Like I said before you will get the nexus in stores, the Galaxy S the new sk and some other mysterious superphone so what are you all complaining about? T-mobile will have 2 or 3 when everyone else only has 1 or 2 superphones.

  • ItsMichaelnotMike, just a question you had mentioned in other threads about switching tmo data plans from device to device andro>winmo>sidekick, my plan include unlimited text messaging, do you think I meet that same eligibility to swap from my current data plan with-out updating to current pricing?

  • Travis

    I have the mt3g slide and it runs quite well. I wouldn’t crap all over this phone, it actually runs incredibly well.

    Is it as awesome as an EVO [on the crap sprint network] or the Droid Incredible or the overrated Nexus One? No, it’s not, are they or have they ever claimed it would? No..no they haven’t.

    This phone is directed towards a specific audience and it’s quite nice.

    I love the EVO, but not enough to switch over to Sprint [their coverage is horrible in my area]. I considered switching to Verizon and getting the Incredible as it’s an amazing phone, but…again…too much money to switch over etc. etc.

    I disagree this phone will be “obsolete” in 6 months, especially considering how well it runs on 2.2 [you can find info if you dig] and runs amazing on 2.1.

    If you’re looking for a OMG SUPERMEGAULTRAFASTPHONEOFDOOM, yeah, definitely not the phone for you, but for people that only browse the internet, check e-mail, and text on their phone, this phone accomplishes all of that and quite well.

    Why people want all this extra bullsh*t on their phone “just to have it” is beyond me.

    I’m quite happy with the phone, it’s adequate, gets the job done. No way in hell am I going to wait until July to pick up the Samsung phone they’re releasing as Samsung phones are mediocre at best and notorious for getting incredibly slow updates, if they even get one at all.

    So until my contract is up, in about a year, I’ll be using this phone while people use their POS phone waiting for an “amazing” android phone to come out on tmo…have fun holding your breath ;)

  • Jack-in-the-box

    I have the My-touch slide which I traded for up from my G1. Ill admit that there is nothing wrong with it. With that being said everyone keeps going on and on about the target audience for this phone, and t-mobiles target is NEW CUSTOMERS. Thats right people T-mobile wants to add people to there network, not just keep the ones that they have ( which tmobile has the highest Churn rate of almost any of the companys so they have a hard time doing ). If we look at the mytouch slide and offer it to any of the tmobile customers who have an android device Im sure they would all want it, why? well its going to be a big upgrade for what ever piece of junk they are using, but if you are outside of tmobile looking in does it draw you to it, and in most cases the answer is no…. why is that…. SIMPLE, all the other companys already have something just as good if not better, the Slide my match other phones but does not beat any of the flagships in any area, People are still going to come from other companys to tmobile but usually its to save money on the rate plans and they take that phone because its the best that we have, but I as an employee have yet to have a single customer call in and switch to tmobile simply because of the SLIDE, I have had many that have called in and wanted to leave because of the IPHONE, DROID, EVO

    This phone is fine for a middle weight phone, It will keep most of the current customers happy but has very little grabing power, and t-mobile does not have a true Heavy weight champion, once again they release a phone right before a mega launch from one of the other companys which completely overshadows anything tmobile has