Just A Few Days Left In The Garminfone Giveaway!!

Garminfone fans, this post is totally and completely for you. T-Mobile is still looking to give away some Garminfone’s for your navigating needs and if you have absolutely no sense of direction like me, this phone will make sure you get wherever you want to go. Qualifying to win is simple, easy and takes only a moment of your time. Hit up the instructions below and get cracking on Twitter, there is less than 48 hours left to win! Seriously, why haven’t you entered, do you have something against free stuff? Ok, you can win and give me the phone, how about that?

Don’t forget to say @TmoNews sent you!

Here are instructions on how to enter:

During the Promotion Period, complete the following steps:
1. Follow @TMobile_USA on Twitter at http://twitter.com/TMobile_USA
2. Send a tweet to @TMobile_USA including the “#needgarminfone” hashtag and we’d love to have you add a story, in 140 characters or less, about a time you were lost without a GPS device.

And here’s a link directly to the application with those instructions and the rest of the official rules.



  • Mohammad

    I don’t have twitter!

    • mmaxxsooner

      Ill never have twitter what a joke!

  • Green Robot

    I think that T-Mobile should give away all of the Garminfones that they have. There will be precious few who will pay for them anyway…

    • WhatdoIknow

      No thank you. Not even if you give it to me.

      • WhatdoIknow

        This phone reminds me of an episode of Flight of the Concords. They glue a phone and a camera together and call it a camera phone. Some exec somewhere was like “I have this GREAT idea! Let’s combine a smartphone and a GPS unit!” “What? Android phones already have GPS?” “Oh well, let’s make it anyway… we’ll sell it through Tmobile. Their customers will by anything if you put some chrome accents on it and tell them it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

  • zmoboss

    +100 greenrobot !

  • raymond

    woot woot t mobile keep dropping those smart phones we will be sure to look and not purchase ;)

  • MikeTheProf

    What a bad phone…

  • going_home

    All these techy/phone sites (phonedog gizmoto phandroid tmonews etc.) think everyone is all a twitter with the glorious social media.

    Facebook myspace twitter etc etc. are nothing but mind numbingly juvenile and idiotic.

    I wouldnt tweet you for a million dollars. Its just idiotic.

    Thats what I think of a contest that doesnt allow email entrants .


    • WhatdoIknow

      Save your tweet and your stamp.

    • Tres

      What are you, 80?

  • bubbles says this

    Wow that is a great smart phone, I can use it on my trip to the safari next summer.

  • Steve Jobs

    This looks like the typical T Mobile USA device. How many retarded devices can they launch? Instead of getting better they just keep getting worse and worse. Welcome to last place T mobile.

    • wojax

      WOW!!! I laughed so hard ,I nearly peed on myself!.. I’ve got my hd2, but man its hard looking at it when I go pay my wifes sprint bill and the reps(who I know well) keep trying to get me to jump on my wifes contract-because she has a new line option. She wants me to be on sprint with her but.. i just got bamboozled into jumping on a t-mo contract for the hd2!( was on flexpay for almost an year). I like my hd2 but, man this thing is buggy!!!.Frustrating at the least. Anyways, t-mob needs to step up thier cellphone game ,because a brother like me is fighting that evo 4g temptation-but I hate sprint!!but I love my wife..why lord !, why !

  • Max

    They can keep them!!!

  • Logic

    This promotion is overshadowing the launch of the EVO and iphone4!

  • raymond

    this may just be the spec worthy beast t mobile needs we are on the right track this is the iphone killer judgement day hath cometh

    • 30014

      I hope you’re being sarcastic. This phone will be an epic fail for tmo.

  • Marcus

    Ive played around with the Garminfone. At first, I was skeptical but honestly it is a decent device. I thought it would be an absolute POS but it was not. I’m one that is very critical about phones too….

  • mad dog

    I wouldn’t want this phone for free, and judging by the comments no one else does either.

  • ali

    This phone looks like its following another T-mobile Giant , The Behold 2 and we all know how well that went. Just wait until 1wk after its launches and fails, then garmin will start calling people at home and handing and give it away for free.

    • wojax

      T-mobile ..don’t aim to high now..wouldn’t want you to disrupt the iphone 4g and sprint evo’s success by introducing this phone the same week as those phones. I mean I don’t want your activation servers to overload because of the overflow of new subscribers. This phone is the real iphone killer!!.of the iphone 2g that is…

  • Ned Flanders

    Man, either this awesome high end device or the Iphone 4g or the EVO, this device will really make customers choose T Mobile USA instead of the others. I was going to get the EVO but man, now that I saw this awesome piece of hardware and software, I cant resist.

  • SteveBerman

    I entered. Hopefully I win and can sell my laggy CLIQ

  • johnny C

    T-Mobile this is why you will only be 4th place in carriers

    You release phones no one cares about att iPhone4 sprint Evo verizon The Incredible and good ol tmobile has what? The Garminfone ? Seriously guys this is the bes you Can do!!!!!! Soon as my contract is up I’m anywhere but here!!!! This carrier should be shut down and be bought out by verizon and call it a day

  • ag

    I called t-mobile yesterday and told them I was jumping ship. I have to pay a $100.00 early termination feel but it will be so worth it. I just cannot take having my g1 anymore. I bought my wife the mytouch slide and that’s perfect for her but I want more and I am just not getting it here. The rep kept telling me to get a HD2 (I told him it didn’t have Android), then he said there’s this new Garminfone coming and I wanted to laugh but he was being really serious. I will still keep t-mobile for her phone but I need something else and if the Nexus One every makes it to stores it will be a little outdated in my opinion, compared to everything else and the high rate of phones being released. At least Apple gives you one every year. They wont include everything on the new phone but at least I know something better won’t be out until a year from now. Unlike Android, where better phones are popping up every few weeks.

    The one thing that has kept me with T-Mobile for the past 7 years is great customer service and best plans available. And for those that don’t like twitter, @tmobile_usa is really great at answering questions, directly or through tweets.

  • raymond

    i feel like us users on this site are on a island maybe t mobile is doing something right by offering low end phones they aure as hell are ignoring us -_-

  • mahogany1

    This is an example of what i keep saying about TMobile’s phone buyer. Just DUMB why would you buy this phone when most of the phones now have GPS. If you are using an Android phone there is Google Maps. I think the Garminphone is an android phone right?

  • raymond

    i believe so mahongany lmao t mobile just keeps mocking its customers -_-

  • hondavic

    i’ll never have twitter either. who the hell would want to follow me? i’m broke! i’m not doin g anything interesting. my tweet would be the follow, “walking by the bank, that’s all i could do with a -$79.95 on my account.”

  • The Hammer

    Why is everyone hating on this phone? I have an N1 and love it but would love to have Garmin Nav on it. I know i have google maps and its awesome but i want maps on my sd card so if i dont have service i can use the nav. I travel alot out in the middle of the boonies and right now i travel with my N1 and a garmin. Not saying i’m getting rid of my nexus cos the thing is awesome with froyo.

  • beth

    I played with the garminfone, and all i can say is that once I tried it, I wanted it. Unlike any of the other droid phones,with their confusing ui, this garminfone has class. Its super fast, the processor is like lightning speed, and even though I own an iphone and have the grandfathered tzones, which are like gold, I couldn’t wait to buy this phone. This is by far the most exciting phone I’ve touched. Navigation is so deeply embedded in the applications that its a pleasure to use. No more going to google to do a search first then finding the google app, waiting for it to launch, waiting for the maps to load, and if u are out of signal, u are out of luck. You have to recognize a winner when u see one!

    • kathy

      So the garminfone will work with t-zones?? If so, that’s awesome!
      Every time I ask a t-mobile rep, they tell me t-zones is being discontinued and they are surprised it works with my current blackberry. I’ve been afraid to change phones because I don’t want to give up the cheap t-zones.