Just A Few Days Left In The Garminfone Giveaway!!

Garminfone fans, this post is totally and completely for you. T-Mobile is still looking to give away some Garminfone’s for your navigating needs and if you have absolutely no sense of direction like me, this phone will make sure you get wherever you want to go. Qualifying to win is simple, easy and takes only a moment of your time. Hit up the instructions below and get cracking on Twitter, there is less than 48 hours left to win! Seriously, why haven’t you entered, do you have something against free stuff? Ok, you can win and give me the phone, how about that?

Don’t forget to say @TmoNews sent you!

Here are instructions on how to enter:

During the Promotion Period, complete the following steps:
1. Follow @TMobile_USA on Twitter at http://twitter.com/TMobile_USA
2. Send a tweet to @TMobile_USA including the “#needgarminfone” hashtag and we’d love to have you add a story, in 140 characters or less, about a time you were lost without a GPS device.

And here’s a link directly to the application with those instructions and the rest of the official rules.