T-Mobile Nexus One Unavailable For Purchase?

Update: Nevermind, its back up for sale, must have been an inventory refresh!

We can’t really explain what’s causing this “Sorry, this item is temporarily not available,” message currently found on the Google Phone store. Is it the beginning of the end having already decided to shutter the model for Google? Or is just a temporary thing and stock will be back shortly? What’s really on everyone’s minds is just when we can expect to find the Nexus One sold in T-Mobile stores, if ever. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one but for the moment, we’re just scratching our heads.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  • rahul

    i gave tmo so many chances. stayed with them for 10 years. got the g1, it was cool but then hoped for a smartphone like every other carrier had, i mean a superphone. tmo just doesnt get it. low end phones will not satisfy those who want the high end specs like me. im happy to say i jumped ship to the evo and it is indeed flawless. plus sprint gives so many discounts on their bill im getting 25% off my entire bill for nothing! When is tmo finally gonna catch up with the rest and just release or at least give consumers an idea of a smartphone they may be launching. i just don’t get it.

    • Ann

      I agree with you, I have only been with them shy of 2yrs now and I also have the g1 but I have never had so many problems with a company or a phone ever since I left sprint after 10yrs. Now I wish I would have stayed with them. Tmo customer service if really nice, but what is a thank you going to do for me when my phone keeps acting up and your not getting any new smart phones to keep up with the masses.

      • Steve Jobless

        Keep up with the masses? The masses use low and mid-range phones. So, T-mobile is the masses.

      • WhatdoIknow

        Well the “masses” are in fourth place.

    • lev

      did you pay the etf, or was ya contract expired? hows the call quality with the Evo and coverage compared to tomobile

    • watbetch

      Can we stop replying to this pathetic troll?

      Ann, what does T-Mobile have to do with your phone? Seriously.

      • rahul

        im not a troll, and certainly not pathetic. in-fact, im still open to returning to tmo if they do something, rather anything, to improve their high-end smartphones because sprint does offer 30 day return service. there is a reason why tmob is 4th and users are fed up, so why bash me? im just as frustrated as the thousands of tmo loyalists. your the pathetic one.

    • They made up the term “Superphone” to describe the Nexus One, which was available in January for T-Mobile, so they got their superphone before anyone else.

  • cj

    I just bought one on Friday. Should arrive today. They got it out extremely fast, ordered at 9am and it was shipped by 1pm.

  • frank

    Dam I just bought a Mytouch I knew I should have waited lol

  • Angel_Devil_boy

    I knew it, T-Mobile was Google’s Android starter wife and now that they’ve found greener pastures on other carriers we get the low end products or even get nothing more. Truth be told the MyTouch Slide 3G is about 6 months too late, and I’m honestly thinking of jumping ship to the EVO or the new iPhone whenever it comes out.

    • jay555

      I think you mean more like 12 months too late, the MTS3G would have been a decent enough contender last year against the Palm Pre, the Hero/Eris, and iPhone 3GS. A year from now, people who got this crap-phone will bitching about why it can’t handle the latest version of Android. Why??? Cuz it’s Expresso UI was heavily optimized to keep it’s low-end hardware from choking on it.

  • Robert

    Google’s not selling the Nexus 1 directly anymore because they’re just shipping all their Nexus phone inventory out to TMo Retail Stores now… getting ready for the June 19th promo-deal-super-fire-sale-better-than-BOGO-madness!!!

    • SEFan

      I like the way this guy thinks.

  • Jake

    I’m also pretty bummed out about the Low Low End Smartphones that T-Mobile comes out with, I’m excited about the mytouch slide until i heard it didn’t have a snapdragon processor. When I look at my comnputer specs I don’t like to buy one that offers a slower processor I like one with a faster processor, It’s a mental thing.

    • I could easily forgive the MyTouch 3G Slide not having the snapdragon, not every new phone has to be state of the art.

      The problem is it’s priced as if it were state of the art even though it’s middle of the road.

  • xgerman

    When I went to the Tmo store a few days back they said the Nexus would be come to their store. So I guess they are just migrating the phone to Tmo’s web site…

  • Scythe

    Uhh, this happened to the AT&T model last week. It’ll come back up, I’m sure they’re just replenishing stocks.

    • WhatdoIknow

      Seriously? You think enough people are buying this off Google’s website that they have to replenish their stock. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      • Scythe

        Yes, I do. They’re shipping phones off to brick-and-mortar stores, so they’re moving large amounts of them. That might not be due to the purchases from the site, but being that all the units are stored in Google’s warehouse it impacts what’s available to purchase from their site.

        Also, based on this thread alone it looks like there’s a lot of them actually being purchased. Now continue on your way, troll.

      • WhatdoIknow

        They are probably taking doing this so people, that would have ordered, aren’t upset when Tmo starts giving them away on the 19th.

      • WhatdoIknow

        Scratch “taking” out of that last post. Not a troll. Just pointing out the fact that online sales of the phone were pretty much a failure. I am really hoping Tmobile sells this in their stores. I have a feeling that is part of what’s happening on the 19th. The funny part is that it took Google this long to realize that people actually like to see a phone in person before shelling out a bunch of money for it.

      • 2FR35H


        Google sells 60k of these devices a day on average but let’s just hope that this means it’s coming to tmo retail stores

      • It’s possible, ignoring the drain on the supply chain that distributing phones to T-Mobile retail stores would have I think a lot of people were waiting to see the MyTouch 3G Slide announcement, since that one was a disappointment to just about everyone (too low end for people who want a “superphone” & too expensive for people willing to purchase a mid-range phone) I think people jumped off the fence.

  • Closetoupgrade

    Is the Nexus 1 worth it though? Is it still having all the issues with the network? Last I read support completely blew, and 3g connections were spotty as hell. Atleast that’s why I’m patiently waiting a Galaxy S release over the N1.

    • Absolutely worth it. I bought mine a couple months after launch and LOVE it. I’m not having network issues, the phone is amazing, and the stock ROM is a million times better than the HTC Sense UI.

    • It’s an amazing phone, if I could live without a keyboard I would have gotten one months ago.

  • casualrepartee

    I just ordered Thursday and it arrived this am. On it now…amazing! Just waiting for the froyo update…

  • geminiosiris

    I just ordered a T-Mobile Nexus One on their site on Saturday. I wonder if I will get it?

    I hope so! I have been saving for it and just now could afford it.

  • ALEX

    Honestly speaking, this is the phione to get. Will have all the updates as soon as Google releases them, on top of that, its gets rooted rather easily as well. I do love the Samsung GS, but I am leaning more towards an N1.

  • Mike

    Oh dear God!!! This just adds more fuel to the fire reguarding the 19th. As much as I’d like to see th2 N1 in stores that day, I don’t see it happening. This is T-Mobile, the kings of all bark and no bite. Their the 4th largest carrier for a reason!!

    • rj

      They are the 4th largest because ummm how long has verizon/at&t/sprint been around? lol…

      • Hmm

        I know we’re not in Europe but how big is T-Mobile in Europe? Hmmm, pretty big I think. Just that the business model in the US is a little different. But I digress, T-mo continues to fail at coming out with a real “bang” to draw in customers. Obviously, it’s not just about rate plans since they did have the cheapest for a long time. Phones? Eh, again they fail there. They are always 6-12 months behind the others. Or when they get a good phone, HD2, then Sprint comes out with their model the EVO and presto 200,000 supposedly sold over the weekend? Marketing marketing marketing. Word of mouth goes only so far in this world of being connected to the hip of technology.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I recently purchased a Nexus One outright and its been worth every penny. I can’t wait for Froyo and I hope it starts to officially roll out soon. My guess this whole out of stock thing is because Tmobile may FINALLY be getting it in stores… we shall see soon. If its because they are starting to sell really well hopefully they will keep the online store open as well as sell he phone in actual stores.

  • mikeeeee

    just went on nexus site and looked to me like they were available.

  • lev

    The N1 is a great phone, I had it rooted, really fast, only thing I did not like about it was it had no sense ui, some people hate it, I love it, it just looks better to me, and like how it integrates your social networking. I had it rooted with the Desire rom, but it was too unstable, but overall tmobiles best phone, and I am sure on the 19th, thats the big news, and it will release with Froyo, my guess anyways, and I understand peoples dislike for tmobile, they seem to be very secretive even when they have a big phone on the pipeline, I had Sprint for 2 years, for the most part, good service, this was back in 2006, seems they come out with game changing type phones, the Instinct(at the time it was game changing for them) The Palm pre, and now the Evo, we came out with the G1, which at the time was great, but it seems tmobile let everyone else catch up to them, and now they are in the drivers seat

  • Adrienne

    I think T-Mobile is done with this phone. I think they are getting ready to release a better phone soon. I still have hope that T-Mobile has sense.

  • Myg1

    So tell me why do you guts want a snap dragon phone so much that yur dissing the slide.now don’t go google what it can do and what justs just reply here after you read this..is it the speed? Obviously you haven’t owned a slide and just wan’t something that had a nice ring to it..ohhh snap dragon…

    • WhatdoIknow

      Well it’s obvious there is a large segment of people out there frustrated that Tmobile can’t get their hands on a “Super Android” phone when everyone else has an Incredible or an Evo. Slide is fine for what it’s meant to be (mid-range android targeted to newbies). But I recall the MT3G running pretty snappy for the first few weeks, also. I think people are worried that it can’t handle what’s coming in the future. That’s not a worry if you have a snapdragon. And don’t give me the argument that the slide is meant to appeal to the masses and the average person doesn’t care about processors. Verizon and Sprint can’t keep the Incredible and the Evo in stock for their masses. If that isn’t a wake up call to what people want, I don’t know what is.

      • laphoneuser

        “Sprint can’t keep the Incredible and the Evo in stock for their masses. If that isn’t a wake up call to what people want, I don’t know what is.”

        Well said, and let’s not forget the problems that TMO had keeping the HD2 in stock.

        “If you build it, they will come.”

    • eYe

      I can explain both and then some:

      I want a phone with SnapDragon processor because it will be sufficient for a long time to come, unlike Arm11 found in Slide. It is also rumored that Flash 10.1 will require a phone with SnapDragon processor 1Ghz or better.

      I specificaly want N1 because I enjoy fiddling with my gadgets and ATM it’s the most open phone (even if it means voiding the warranty)

      I do NOT want slide because I think (and it’s only MY personal opinion) that T-mobile’s version of Sense is butt-ugly, loaded with bloat, can and will take forever to update to future versions of Android.

      I made a mistake once, when I bought a Cliq for my wife. I will not make that mistake again. I want plain vanilla version of Android. If it to look like Espresso – guess what….there’s a dozen or so replacement homes in the Anroid Market that can make it look pretty and not add a boat-load-of-bloat.

      Hopefully that explains MY point of view. Other’s opinion may differ.

      With that said, I sure hope T-mobile will get N1 in the store and I can upgrade couple lines of my family plan for $179 or even $229 each. If that happens – I will be a happy camper for the next 2 years.

      • eYe

        Grrr.. need “Edit” button.

        Previous statement should read “If I want it to look like Espresso….”

    • I do not want a Slide because it has Sense UI.

      • To each their own but besides the price the Sense UI is the second biggest reason I don’t have one, give me the stock Android UI any day of the week.

      • Oops I misread your post I guess we agree :D

  • Bought mine Saturday morning and waiting for it now. This is the best Android device in the market right now. I had a chance to purchase any phone I wanted and went with the Nexus One on T-Mobile’s fast internet. Live in Boston suburb and we are next in line for the service upgrade. Using a BB 9700 and the speed I currently get is great. The area I live we get full 5 bars of 3G power all the time. Come on 3+G, lightning fast. T-Mobile will rule the internet.
    PS- They need to upgrade their Android devices to some of the great phones that are coming available. It would be great if they could put the Nexus on their regular product line. That would put them over the top.

  • marcus

    i swear tmobile will not step it up, ive had tmobile for years, from the wing, to the g1, cliq, hd2 ive had it all. i couldnt take it any more. besides my service with tmobile has been very patchy in sacramento, so i decided to try sprint and get the evo, this phone is killin the hd2, the internet is faster although i know 4g isnt better than hspa and the phone seems to respond better as well, a lot faster, and i havent had not one issue with service so far, i was going to keep tmobile to see if they released a phone comparable so i could keep my unlimited min but with the evo impressing me so much n the lack n tmobiles efforts i cant deal with them ne longer, tmobile step it up please.

  • Regular Guy

    All of you who are thinking of jumping ship to get the EVO, I say good riddance lol, you’ll find out how whack that phone is once you get it. I copped it for my girlfriend over the weekend, I speed tested it against my nexus one it was a joke.
    I switched it to k/s. Hers was 50k/s download 70k/s upload, this has been consistent for days now. Mine is consistently 430+ k/s download 170+ k/s upload.

    All the live long day while she’s paying an extra 10 bucks for non existent 4g, and 3g that closely resembles back in the day edge speeds LOL! She already called to complain and they were like “nothing we can do about that”

    kyuck kyuck……. TMO 3G > SPRINT 4G

    Imagine when I get HSPA+ it’s gonna dookie all over that evo’s netz.. har har

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The Evo had an issue on its debut date. One could not save data to the microSD chip.

      Sprint came out with a fix immediately, but the point is, this kind of sheet happens to all carriers. The solution is NOT to switch carriers and buy another phone.


      I recall people dissing the HD2 and we defended it. (But no phone, especially on a launch, can afford to have problems. E.g., recall the Nexus One issues.)

      So people’s comments are silly, those saying they are tired of T-Mobile and going to the Evo (implying the Evo won’t have problems).

      Sidenote: And it was interesting that even though my area does not have 4G, on ordering the Evo they were still going to charge me that $10 monthly. Huh? Pay $10 for something I was not getting. The CSR said that was because it was a “special data plan” tied to the Evo, not the 4G service. Huh?… again.

    • dvd03

      yeah the tmobile just did the upgrade where i live and all i can say is wow i went from 700 kbs 200kbs up on avg, to 2000-3000 kbs and 200-300 up, last night i tested it and got 4600 kbs down

  • ricr

    I ordered one 2 weeks ago and been playing with it for about 6 days now. Personally I’m glad I didn’t get rid of my HD2. Phone itself has a nice build quality, and I’m not experiencing any of the build issues I had read about (at least not yet). Android itself feels like an unfinished product. It has hung for several minutes four times on me, and the browser loses the ability to pinch-to-zoom constantly. I’ve have tried a couple programs (iheartradio in particular) that will crash it constantly. It lacks the basic tools you would expect to be included with any OS (file manager, task manager, etc.). Hate to say it, but it feels like the early releases of Windows Mobile before 6.5. And NO I’m not trying to start a flame war, these are just my observations after 6 days with Android. Since Windows Mobile is basically dead, and I hate the iPhone, I’ll have to get used to Android.

  • stephan brubaker

    @Ricr – that’s why there is the market. they aren’t just going to shove some stock File Manager or task manager down your throat and boy am I glad. I have tried many flavors or both of those and let me tell you choice is a blessing to have.

    I have a friend with an HD2 and he had to do a battery pull at minimum once a day to ensure it runs smoothly.

  • stephan brubaker

    oh and i would speculate also that it is probably moving to the stores on the 19th. i mean look how they sneaked it into that affiliate store out in the mid-west under people’s noses.

    what a good ploy it would be to announce something big on a mt3g promotion to hide what it really is.

    maybe they are finally wising up.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I said about a month ago that IMHO there won’t be a Nexus Two since Google has learned its lesson on getting into the hardware business.

    But this is not the start of that. I think they are just out of stock or something simple.

    On a more important note, I am watching Jobs and crew talking about the iPhone.


    For example, right now he is trumpeting the new iPhone’s 720p HD recording. Uh… the Evo and SGS do that.

    He said the LED flash can stay on during video recording. Uh… my HD2 does that.

    So these big announcements are simply things already out on the market (may be a first for Apple, but yawn).

    Point: Quit with all the “wish we had the iPhone” posts.

    Clearly T-Mobile’s handsets (including the upcoming models) compete fine with anything out there.

    Now bring on the SGS T-Mobile. And also a phone with an HDMI port. :)

    Super Bonus Comment: Jobs tried to demo the phone’s net speed by logging on to NY Times.

    THE DEMO CRASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I know some of you will come up with nice explanations, but if that happened during a T-Mobile keynote you would diss T-Mobile the company until next year. Here is the play by play on what happened. Starts at the bottom.


    10:44 am Steve concludes demo.
    10:44 am Someone shouts, “Try Verizon.”
    10:43 am Asks Scott for any suggestions.
    10:43 am Steve apologizing again.
    10:43 am iPhone 4 slowly barely loads NY Times.
    10:43 am Difference is fairly amazing.
    10:42 am Steve goes back to showing photos.
    10:42 am iPhone 4 now on AT&T, all kinds of error messages about not being connected to the internet popping up on iPhone 4.
    10:41 am Switching to backups.
    10:41 am NY Times still not loading on iPhone 4.
    10:41 am Steve asks everyone to get off WiFi to help him out, audience laughs.
    10:41 am Loading slowly, “networks in here always unpredictable.”
    10:40 am Loading up NY Times next.
    10:40 am Zoomed in difference looking at home screen is remarkable. Apple had to get special projectors to show just how good this screen is.
    10:39 am Firing up both phones.

  • Mike

    I hope we get more info about the HTC Vision before the N1 becomes available in store (and hopefully available for subsidized pricing on EM family plans).

  • Andrew

    The Demo crashed because 500+ people are on the wifi connection they are using. Stop hating on Apple.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You miss the point Andrew. I know WHY the demo crashed. But if that happened during a T-Mobile keynote all kinds of “hate” (as you say) would be heaped on T-Mobile.

      Does not matter the reason, just watch the news tonight. That demo failure will be mentioned. And you can bet AT&T won’t appreciate the bad publicity either.

      • Tmoloyal

        Well I hope people watching that will be smarter than you and know that AT&T doesn’t have anything to do with a WiFi connection.

    • Robert

      You’d think they’d be wise enough to bring in a dedicated connection/access point for just the demo phones….

    • getting tired of waiting 4 tmo

      buddy, you can have a million people on the same wi-fi connection and that would not affect the device, it would only make the connection extremely slow.

    • I thought the issue was hat there were so many devices that the interference prevented the WiFi from working. I’m sure the demo had it’s own dedicated WiFi network but there are only so many frequencies and several of the WiFi channels overlap.

  • Bubbles

    Tmobile_usa will not be getting any high end devices ,maybe nexus in house. The mytouch slide is thier summer device. So stop waiting or widhing, I moving to new carrier due to been waiting to long for tmobile_usa to play catch up. They started with g1 and they should of kept it going, but they didnt,fail

  • stephan brubaker

    @ Bubbles – so if you are moving away from tmobile why do you keep checking out this “new’s” spot. apparently you are still holding out hope for something. god go spread your disdain to the unfortunate carrier who is going to receive you as a customer.

    • Mike


  • Aggiegal

    TMobile rep in the Austin store stated that they will carry the Nexus One beginning 6/19. BOO. I guess I gotta leave TMobile to get a good phone

    • Corejam

      Why “BOO”? This seems like a very good thing to me. N1 is definitely a great phone, comparable with EVO and Incredible.

    • Corejam

      Why “BOO?” This seems like a great thing to me if the information is accurate. N1 is definitely a good phone, comparable with the EVO and Incredible.

    • 2FR35H

      Austin tx you say?I think I may take a lil drive down to Austin and get this device or hopefully it’s the same for San Antonio tx

  • I guess everyone forgot about reports that the N1 was gonna no longer be sold in stores and no longer online. I’m glad I got mine when I did since the shipping was crazy fast (even on the accesories I ordered). The T-mo stores are so few and far between that even in my metro of over 2 million, the closest T-mo store is 20 mins away. I’d rather order sight unseen than have to drive 20 mins and wait in line and then wait longer while the sales associate processes the sale.

  • Maryam

    I just bought the T-Mobile Nexus One last week, and I am so glad I did! Didn’t think it would be gone this fast.

  • larseo

    If it does appear on T-Mobile, it better not have those plan restrictions. Cutting off those in family plans was a huge mistake.

    • I’m sure it will be able to be added to any plan like any other phone, but you really are doing yourself a disservice by going for the subsidized phone price, even at the outrageously high MSRP that these phones have you can save quite a bit of money paying full price and going with an Even More Plus plan.

  • JP

    Mannn. TMO better get their ass moving on some handsets.

  • waitingandwaiting

    Google has decided to shut down the online store site as it was not selling as well as they thought. It will be available for sale by independent wireless stores. Already being sold by iwireless in the midwest for tmobile. there was a press release about this 2 weeks ago.

  • dvd03

    why do all these people complain about tmobile not keeping up with high end smart phones? Right now tmobile phone line up isnt that bad you got the hd2, nexus one, mytouch slide, mytouch, couple of nice black berrys. And if rumors r true you got the samsung galaxy s coming out which is a dam beast of a phone….

  • Tab

    Lets stop talking about the “slide” I could have bought the Fender same phone just no Key board 6 months ago….If T-Mobil want to keep it’s customers it better move fast smart phones(Android or Apple)are going to be a basic phone for consumers in one year and if they don’t stay up you will go away…………..

  • SteveBerman

    They likely saw the new iphone and just gave up

    • Tmoloyal


  • watbetch

    I will have a hard time choosing between this and the Galaxy S.

  • Tab

    100hrs stand by??? 40hrs music, front and back camera,who has it first ATT crapy network and probably 1 million or more sold in just a weekend…how many of those new customers….how many T=mobil customers???????

  • dvd03

    cnet just got a press release today from samsung about the samsung galaxy s , it was a ufo usb speaker , saying the phone was gonna be landing very soon! tmobile has something planned very soon to, i hope its this phone, i want!

  • Anthony

    This is cool and all, but it would have been a hell of a lot cooler if it happened 6 months ago. Now if we get it on a 2 year contract it will be nearly 3 years old by the end. Give me a break.

  • matt

    A Google employee on the Nexus support forum has replied that he would post when it is available again, implying that this is just a temporary shortage.

  • Its only down for the release in the stores… give it about two weeks and find out for yourself.

  • kai

    i understand that tmob is a little behind when it comes to smartphones….but what i dont understand is why the hd2 gets no love for being that high end phone that everybody wants…..i realize its not android but still….its quite capable of holding its own ground…..anyway, SGS will be here soon…. can’t wait til it gets rooted…

    • Green Robot

      We got couple trial HD2’s at work since we have T-Mobile as our corporate provider. After spending a couple of day with it, I can some up my experience with it as an exercise in frustration – I’m glad it went to the next victim to “try” out. T-Mobile really needs to do something soon about their phone lineup. I’m really curious about their second quarter results but I cannot imagine they’ll be any better than Q1.

    • laphoneuser

      “but what i dont understand is why the hd2 gets no love for being that high end phone that everybody wants”

      The answer is very simple: “Windows Mobile 6.5”.

      I owned one for a few weeks, and while the hardware was awesome (high end, for sure), the phone froze on me daily. In addition, WM is antiquated, and the exceptional hardware can’t overcome that fact for many people.

  • Jordan

    I say that this is because on June 19th when t-mobile is opening stores early nationwide, the Nexus one will be available in store for 179 for upgrading customers. In the mean time, google doesn’t want to sell it online because if people bought it now, they’d be pissed when they see that it comes out for cheaper on June 19th???

  • raymond

    we want a super phone we are tired of mid range and low end cellphones -_- htc hd2 could have been the evo but it lacks the os to take advantage of its power -_-

    t mobile is like so behind its sad -_- they hide what they do have coming out -_-

    tmobile your in 4th place you do not get the luxury of keeping secrets we need some solid high end phones atleast 2 or 3 -_-

    • doug

      The phone’s available again! Check the website. Just a temporary glitch!!!

      • me

        but was it just a glitch?

  • socalfrank

    Have a N1 since January. It’s rooted and running Froyo. Like it a lot. My biggest gripe is with T-Mobile which I’ve always loved until I got the N1. Their data speeds in my area are 30-50% of the speeds of the other carriers. So, I picked up an EVO on Friday to try out. Love the phone, hate the pricing plan. Sprint network is better in my area, but TMO promises HSPA+ by year end, so I have a lot of thinking to do over this free month trial with Sprint…

    • lev

      did u cancel tmobile, or just get another line with Sprint?

      • socalfrank

        I got a line with Sprint and if I keep it, will port 1 of my 3 TMO lines over.

  • soon2TMO

    well nexus one is available again on google online store… it is back..

    samsung galaxy S has TV out by the way via 3.5mm jack, but its now hdmi though, still nice to have it..

  • X-MAN

    Goodbye T-Mo. I surely will miss you. It’s been fun, but I can stand your disappointments no more. I will always have love for you though. We just need to go our separate ways. I’ve met someone else. I’m sorry.

  • frozengash

    it’s funny when people say ‘fourth place’ like it’s a bad thing. being a successful business doesn’t always mean being top dog. does tmobile pull a profit with their current business plan? i assume having the cheapest rates will contunue to pull the same. people come and go with services like this. anyone switch between dsl/cable providers in the last few years? anyway i’m sure the same comments are being made over at a sprint forum or at&t.

  • negtne

    I have been the biggest supporter of tmobile, but after watching the apple liveblog I am at a crossroads! I am giving tmobile till august to come out with something good or I might just have to say bye bye. I love you tmobile but its like owning a nice house next to a sewage plant you may be saving a couple of bucks but in the end your still smelling crap. And if the 19th is the official day for the slide and or they announce a samsung I am gone! Its like your the poor kid who has a jenga and all your friends have rocket bikes.

  • drhonk

    N1 is available again …

  • Adam

    Well said

  • Ned Flanders

    7/23/10 is when my contract is up. Once that date hits if they dont change things I will go elsewhere.

  • JP

    Man…..TMO better get their ass moving on some handsets. I have a feeling with all the news of these new handsets, if they don’t act fast, they’re going to see a lot of their customer base take off.

  • Ramsey

    I feel like I have to explain myself to people when they ask me what cell phone company I have. I think it was great to be the first company to offer an andriod phone… but seriously… I have money burning a hole in my pocket next to my G1 and I want to give it to you! Please for the love of god… give us a phone that we can brag about that is stocked in your stores. T-Mobile please do not make it all about the mytouch slide… Please!

  • Negtne

    I was fixing an issue with my fiancés mytouch slide and I was trying to get what the 19th is out of them and he would not say he said he is not aloud to talk about it and all he can say is “yes” I was like what the hell does that mean? Yes to a new phone cause that was the question I was asking but he said that’s all he can say. So they are being secretive about something. I said promo and he said promo for the slide will be on the 16th. A little curious he said that he can say we will get the iPhone in nov-dec for Christmas time! I asked how the hell is that possible with the iPhone 4 not having tmobile USA bands he said that only certain bands were hooked up for FCC approval! I was like ok whatever fixed my fiancés email (q.com sucks for android devices) and left a little more puzzled then when I got on the phone. So I take it bogo for mytouch slide 16th new handset 19th and who the hell knows after that!!!!!

  • raymond

    19th new phone whew im so excited i dont want a iphone i want a andriod iphone r to lackluster it be a smart move for t mobile but i still leave if thats there best draw -_-

  • brandon

    they just updated the website i think. i just checked the google site and now you’re able to upgrade for 279$ with any plan eligible for upgrade.

  • Negtne

    Well not everyone

    Not eligible for Nexus One upgrade pricing:

    Customers with FlexPay, SmartAccess, FamilyTime, corporate discounts, government or business accounts are not eligible
    Customers on a 2 year contract qualify for a partial discount after 11 months; however this partial upgrade eligibility is not applicable to the Nexus One

    • brandon

      Please note, the Google Phone Webstore will automatically check your new or upgraded service plan eligibility if you choose to purchase your phone with service. You must be fully upgrade eligible in order to get the Nexus One at a discount. Upgrade eligibility is for individual lines of service only. We’ve listed a summary below.

      Not eligible for Nexus One upgrade pricing:

      Customers with FlexPay, SmartAccess, FamilyTime, corporate discounts, government or business accounts are not eligible
      Customers on a 2 year contract qualify for a partial discount after 11 months; however this partial upgrade eligibility is not applicable to the Nexus One
      Eligible for Nexus One upgrade pricing:

      Customers with individual lines of service who purchased a discounted device with a 1-year contract are eligible after 11 months
      Customers with individual lines of service who purchased a discounted device with a 2-year contract are eligible after 22 months

      For details about your qualifications for upgrading to the Nexus One, please contact T-Mobile directly.

      next time before you go make yourself look like an idiot make sure to read the whole page…

  • Rob

    So much for this, it’s back up for sale

  • k23s

    look all in all there are 5 phones better or at the same quality as the iphone and plus t-mobile has great handsets and continue to keep getting more, the only other provider i would say has awesome handsets is Sprint