Samsung Gravity T and Smile Make Their On Camera Debut

So while the worlds attention may be focused on the next generation iPhone launching tomorrow, we present shots of the Samsung Gravity T and Samsung Smile in the wild. There isn’t much to see with these shots, but pre-release pictures are just plain fun. Just a friendly reminder here that the Gravity T comes sporting a 2.0 megapixel camera, is 3G friendly and has a full qwerty keyboard! The Samsung Smile and I really mean all kidding aside here, is just a ridiculous name. However, its also 3G friendly with a 1.3 megapixel camera and a Qwerty keyboard. The good news is that these phones make phone calls, receive messages and that’s something the current generation iPhone can’t say it does, at least well. So take that iPhone!

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  • quilvio

    nice phones

  • The gravity T has a nasty looking keyboard…

    But hopefully these low end phones will be good for those people looking for cheaper phones with a keyboard for typing.

  • J510

    So cool more teen crap phones

    • me

      im eighteen and i think these look like crap also

  • Mohammad

    Any idea on how much they’ll be priced as?

    • ibrahim

      tops like 39.99 i guess

    • eva

      Probably $199.99 on a 2 year contract like the majority of T-Mobile phones

      • pimpstrong


    • probably between 50 and 85 because if they where 100 to 200 they would most likely be a smart phone, which they are not

  • watbetch

    Not the Samsung’s I wanted to see but they’re ok.

    Any chance of them having better reception than Samsung phones of past? Probably not..

  • alex

    quiet loser.there are other demographics out there besides smartphone users

    • 2FR35H

      There are other demographics out besides low end users! and tmobile hasn’t catered to them enough! Tmobile caters too much too low end users. Come on high end! hopefully the new CEO can bring in some higher end devices.

      • tortionist

        T-Mobile also caters to mid level users as well. In fact, if you look at it from a sales viewpoint, most users,anywhere between 80-90% of cellphone users are lower level to mid level users. I personally think that high end users take up between 10 and 20% of the cellphone/smartphone users out there. So, T-Mobile is playing it pretty smart, not perfect, but pretty smart.

      • 2FR35H


        Im looking at it from a sales view and sales wise and high end devices brings up moves more than low end look at Nexus one for example moves 60,000 devices on average a day. Only problem its not sold through tmobile. 60,000 devices a day means 60,000 activations a day which = $2,100,000 a day! if the activation cost for each user is $35 not to mention the $180 it costs on the plan that would be $10,800,000 and add that to the $2,100,000 for activation that equals $12.9 Million Dollars a day on one device! Now say if T-mobile had like 2 or 3 more variants of this device they would b raking in much more money than now. Now tell me which is smarter 60K devices a day or maybe 1k low end devices that prolly will go for free as in practically no commission. Plus not to mention its not smart to upgrade to upgrade towers and have no devices able to make use of them.

      • J


        I think I misunderstood something here. You are saying the Nexus one averages 60,000 a day? That is not even close to being accurate. The only time you would see that many phones sold is on a phones first release. You would probably be surprised at how few Nexus ones are actually out there. I’ve seen the number and it is no where near what you must think it is.

    • pimpstrong

      @ 2FR35H “Plus not to mention its not smart to upgrade to upgrade towers and have no devices able to make use of them.” Yeah this is my issue too. It’s not like they need 99mbps data speeds to tweet and update your status or share photos and watch youtube. The big pipes gotta be for big phones (figuratively speaking) like the EVO. I suppose the SGS will be our big thing for now but I most definently expect to see serious HTC competitior by the end of the summer at the latest and an HSPA+ phone by christmas. Booyow

      • Davidohio

        60,000 per day? Where do you get your figures from?? Many people from many carriers all over the world bought that phone not just t-mobile customers. T-mobile only had a small percentage of the nexus one users over all.

  • AndroidMaster

    I spy TouchWiz…

  • Mohammad

    Samsung smile is not touchscreen is it?

    • AndroidMaster

      No, it isn’t.

  • I swear we get the cutest phones.

    • BoomBoomBang

      Hahahaha! +5 for that one.

      • BronxBebe

        I actually agree there, lol.. really look at other carriers low enders and it’s like eww..
        Tmobile are getting better looking ones and not everyone wants to use data but also the deaf community can use these too.
        There’s a plastic cover on the Gravity T keyboard, oh BTW Samsung is in 1st over all cell makers.

  • iron

    what are the possibilities of somebody cooking up a android rom for each of these.
    that would be funny as hell.

  • iron

    nvm didn’t know the smile wasn’t a touch screen. now that’s a complete fail.. keyboard looks nice. yikes.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Samsung Gravty S reminds me the Samsung Bigfoot MONTHS back:

    • J-Hop2o6


      damn we need an EDIT BUTTON! lol come on David!

  • raymond

    almost got excited -_- shld have knew it wldnt be anything were gonna be full of low end tech

  • Max

    Meh!!!Thinking about getting the my touch slide…but gotta fight temptation

    • tortionist

      Don’t fight it. The MyTouch Slide is a great mid level user phone. Unless you can create your own ROMs and Apps for Android, the MyTouch Slide will be good enough. It is nice. I have it and am impressed by it. It blows away the BBs as well as the I-Phone. I’ve played with them. It’s also much better than the HD2, which I played with and was not impressed with, due to lagginess. The HTC Sense rocks. There’s only 512M of RAM, but my 40+ apps don’t even slow it down. Something to think about.

  • badaphooko01

    not related to this topic because, who cares? But can someone develop an Android App for Tmonews? It would be nice to launch this site as an app because it takes forever too load on my G1 even with 3g.

  • just some dude

    Holly crap these look like joy buzzers.

  • Logic

    The phones you crave!

    • hi!

      lol, this comment for the win

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Awww come on guys, Stick Together…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    gravi WHAT?!? Tmobile has dirty minds. HAAAA!!!

  • getting tired of waiting 4 tmo

    Are you serious tmo?

    Well so much for the super duper samsung unveiling announced a few days back.

  • andrew

    if only any android

  • Bubbles

    Does tmobile_usa take all the crap phones no other carrier wants, jusr found out my contract is up next month,helo verizon.

  • Mike

    Do you think it will have threaded text messaging?

  • going_home

    Seriously ?
    These arent MetroPCS phones they’re TMO Phones ?
    No, you’re kidding right ?

    After Samsung’s Behold/Android 1.6 fiasco who would be interested in buying even a superphone from them let alone dime store phones like these two ?


  • raymond

    this is a sad sad day for t mobile users everywhere

  • This is a real joke. Two more crap phones to add to a collection of larger crap phones. Seriously, all other carriers are bringing in great phones and SELLING them T-Mobile. What is your business plan? It sure isn’t selling phones that is a guarantee. Come on, If T-Mobile doesn’t bring in a killer Android phone by the end of June I am gone and won’t be back. I have put up with a 9700 that drops calls like a drunk in a bar, I’m not waiting much longer. (The My Touch Slide isn’t my idea of a top notch Android phone) I’m disgusted with a bunch of 5 & dime phones. I am not the only one either, the forums are loaded with T-Mobile customers that have patiently waited for a killer Android to be brought to T-Mobile, it sure isn’t because there isn’t any great phones to be had. What a Joke. Disgusted.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Oh please. More crap comments to add to the other crap comments.

      You do realize that each carrier has perhaps 30 or more low end phones, to cater to the millions of people who don’t want even a mid-level phone. Do you hang over at those sites dissing their “crap phones.”

      What do you propose, that carriers only have high end phones or phones that only you would buy? LOL.

      Sheesh there’s some real morons in here, dissing phones that they have no interest in and would never buy.

      There’s also a segment of society who cannot afford even a $100 phone. They get depressed when they can’t buy a phone that looks cool at work or out on the town. So these fill a need for those people who don’t have to be embarrassed when using their phones. (That’s why these phones are made to look like “fancy” expensive touch screen phones, and even the Palm Pre.

      And there’s people like my tech challenged parents who just need a phone that dials like their land line phones.

      If these are teen phones, great. If you are the type who would buy your kid a $500 smartphone, good for you, but most parents prefer to get their kids phones like these.

      • The Truth

        wow, Very good point, 100% agreed. Read it after my post

      • Steve-o

        You would have a good point IF….T-Mobile actually released something every once in a while for their HIGH END USERS. To explain just in case I’m not clear. It’s good to have low end phones because a higher percentage of users are not going to want or need high end devices. This is where your point fails though…if the majority of T-Mobile customers don’t care about phones, then why keep releasing all of these low end devices? If I don’t care about technology and just want something that works, I will just keep my phone til it falls apart and get another free phone (2 or more years past the contract…have a family member that is currently doing this). I’m not going to care about 50,000 other low end devices that are coming out for T-Mobile. Why? Because I’m a low end user and I don’t care about the latest and greatest…even if that means the latest and greatest low end devices. On the other hand, there are your high end users. The high end users know that they are not the majority but they are STILL customers. Where are the high end devices for the people who actually do care about technology? No one ever thanks about that but always bashes someone for complaining. Since the G1 came out, please name a worthy successor to it..I know you’re going to say the HD2…you will have a point but then you will fail again because what’s hot right now? Android….(I’m in no way dissing WM. I’ve never used it before but I’m talking about it from a business standpoint. Android is hot right now and will bring in the money if T-Mobile brings in the devices.)If I’m being loyal to a company and they keep selling me repackaged PS2’s while everyone else is getting PS3’s, I would be upset too. End rant. Lol.

      • tortionist

        Amen Mike. You are the man. I completely agree. About 80% to 90% of cell/smart phone users are mid level to low level users who don’t care about snapdragon processors. I’m a mid level user and i’m satisfied with T-Mobile’s current offerings. The MyTouch Slide with it’s HTC Sense rocks.

      • eYe

        I’ve been fighting the temptation to reply but I feel like I have to.
        I’ve seen this argument so many times…. “Majority of people don’t care for high-end phones”…. Ok. T-mobile is “playing it smart” and releasing low-end and mid-end devices. Guess what… T-mobile is #4 out of 4 players. Verizon playing it “dumb” I guess by releasing the Incredible, Moto Droid and another 3-4 devices in the works. Oh wait… they’re #1. Sprint is playing it “dumb” by releasing Evo. Oh wait they’re ahead of T-mobile as well. I’m not even going to comment on deathstar and their crap phone.
        You see, there’s market for all devices there, not just the affordable ones. This is why Verizon can get away with their expensive data rates and Spring can get away with “extra” $10 “premium web” charge for the Evo.
        In any case, T-mobile is in business to make money. The only way to do it is to cater to all of their customers… including the ones that want a high-end Android phones. If magenta doesn’t realize that soon – quite a few people will leave for other companies.
        Here’s another good point: usually the tech-savvy people handle cell-phone stuff in the family. If they’re not happy – they will leave and take their less-savvy spouses/kids with them (like I intend to).

        I’m done, start your flaming now.

    • Mikey P

      ummmm what bout the N1 moron, that was the phone that started the super phone craze and its the first with froyo 2.2 on it. t mob has always done me good and the mytouch slide is off the hook numbers wise

    • updog

      I assume you updated the software?

  • The Truth

    wow, these phones sure look good for low end phones. Something for mom and dad to condsider for the kids. I bet you anything even adults will go for this especially if they don’t want 30 dollar web or any web at all. Good job Samsung

  • The Truth

    wow, these phones sure look good for low end phones. Something for mom and dad to consider for the kids. I bet you anything even adults will go for this especially if they don’t want 30 dollar web or any web at all. Good job Samsung

  • raymond

    well micheal you make a good point if t mobile had atleast 1 high tech phone to call their own right now they are over catering to the low end spectrum -_- we have our right to complain we don’t diss other people for what they like unlike you -_-

    • Steve-o

      @ Raymond:

      Thank you bro…That’s what I was saying in response to Michael’s comment. If they want to release low end devices…I’m all in for them to do that but don’t forget about your high end users either.

  • SnapDragin

    I have pics of the gravity III if you want them.

  • analog spirit

    These phones look OK, for what they’re designed to be. They’re not something I’d buy, but I can see how they’d be fine for someone who either can’t afford, doesn’t want, or doesn’t need a fully-featured smartphone. They’d be fine for someone who just wants a basic phone that also has some of the features and functionality of a smartphone, without the smartphone price.
    The one on the right (the Smile?) looks like a mini-BB 9800 Bold Slider (of the same basic vertical slider + full-QWERTY keyboard configuration).
    There’s also way too much glare in those pictures!

    • BronxBebe

      I like your spirit!

      • analog spirit

        @BronxBebe: Thanks! :)

        I want the high-end phones to come to T-Mo too, but let’s consider the big picture, and be careful what we wish for; I think T-Mo should prioritize expanding both the range and quality of their coverage first, before they drop a bunch of über-bad-ass smartphones that would bog down their network and wouldn’t even work properly. Even the highest-end phone is only as good as the carrier/network it’s on.
        That said, I think the only way T-Mo will rise above 4th place within the foreseeable future will be if & when they bring us that über-bad-ass smartphone that’ll attract a lot more customers, that’s at least comparable to the EVO 4G, the next iPhone, the Droid Incredible, etc.

  • 2FR35H


  • 2FR35H


    • mj

      hahha you won’t buy their high end either because you complain. you don’t buy.

      • 2FR35H

        I actually might buy their galaxy s regardless of the crappyness with their updates it sounds drool worthy with their specs. I do buy but depends.

  • drivethruboy168

    All you frickin retards gettin all butt hurt because it’s not a smartphone or super android smartphone, read the comments, there needs to be devices geared towards the hard core texters and the people that are not technologically savvy like we are, and trust me, there are more people then you think that just want a phone they can just send or receive phone calls on, maybe even start texting. They don’t want a smartphone and pay $30 extra dollars a month. So go head and take your stupid a** to Verizon idiot and go cry over there for all there low end devices! Little b****!

    • 2FR35H

      and what in the H3LL do you think blackberry’s do??!?!?!?!?! There are more people than you think that who would love some high end devices! Tmobile caters to the low end crowd too d4mn much! Why the h3ll do you think tmobile is in last place when it comes to carriers?

      • drivethruboy168

        You don’t even know half the story the front line reps deal with when it comes down to phones that the consumer want. I agree that we don’t have an AWESOME selection of smartphones, but, not everyone wants a smartphone, and people want phones that are touchscreen and keyboard that don’t require $30 web. Or a more selection of text messaging phones. There are more people wanting messaging phones rather then smartphones! There is a plethora of smartphones coming out this year! Especially Android. Don’t get all angry just because these phones aren’t smartphones.

      • Jabombardier

        It is not in last place because of the phones it carries. It is in last place it is the smallest of the nationwide carriers via its network. Example, t-Mobile is not located in Vermont, nor can you get service. In the west end of the grand Canyon, it switches to AT&T for some coverage. The same for the Carolinas until they bought up Sun Com. As it is a nationwide provider, it is not everywhere like the other three. That’s why it is 4th not for devices. Now comparing t-Mobile to the other carriers, the amount of smart phones and snaodragon phones are about the same in terms of range availability. And like T-Mobile, the majority of subscribers on the other networks use “dumb phones” than “smart phones”. So yes they all have phones for people that. Mostly just want to talk all they want or text all they want and not worried about surfing the web or a snapdragon. This is an upto this day is what most people want. Nerd group who wants snapdragons is just a fringe group. All cell phone carriers were. Just to base service on all nay sayers who want snapdragons then they would go out of business.

    • Matt_TX

      Boo hoo hoo well horay for the friken low end user… The mobile business is about money, the Iphone, Droid and Evo make money. Sounds like a 4th place attitude you got there fella.

  • mj

    posters here think everybody spends $200 on a phone and adds a $30 data plan on top. they know stuff….

  • Mikey P

    im with you drivethruboy let them all leave if they dont like what tmob got

  • Jose Medina

    I dont want a high end smartphone I want better data and call reception im tired of my phone dropping calls and dropping to edge data. Whats the point of releasing a high end phone if service sucks. your just going to have a nice small tablet you can browse the web over wifi. My reception has been horrible in L.A

    • analog spirit

      Good point. My T-Mo reception used to be horrible too, until about a year ago; then it started gradually improving, to where nowadays it’s generally pretty decent. Dropped and failed calls are rare for me now, at least in my area.

  • raymond

    times are changing people high end technology is the thing everyone upgrades sooner are later -_- what we keep saying over and over is tmob already has low end cellphones -_- they have already catered to low end users

    now its time to cater to us “geeks”

  • raymond

    jose i understand you on service where i stay i have to put my cellphone on a solid position to talk on it lmao cant pick it up

  • werker_b

    Ah yes, glad to see the ol’ superphone vs. Dumbphone debate hasn’t slowed down at all. And suprised to see the argument turn more toward microscoping T-Mobile’s sales strategy and labeling it as either effective or non-effective. There are good points made on both sides (minus the garbled sounding comments fron the nut munching superphone groupies.) The insight shown in “eYe’s” comment that the tech savvy family member is. usually the one that makes the cell phone decision is true. In my experience its not generally the checkbook conscious one that moves the family from ATT or VZ to save money. Its generally the tech savvy guy/girl that can’t contain their love for said smartphone and turns their passion to influence and convinces the rest of the family to come along. Besides, the other members are generally the indifferent ones. The ones that are happy they can change the color of their phone by switching with companies with their savvier cell phone clan member. Thank you “eYe” for chiming in and offering an assertive insight.

    My opinion is that T-Mo has to understand that the game has changed and will continue to be highly affected by the influence (and viral word of mouth) from early adopters. Early adopters are the new fanatics. Remember “frothing customer fanatics?” They aren’t oozing over JD Power or lowest price like they used to be- although still important to dominate that arena. The point would be that T-Mo CAN become MORE competitive by speaking directly to early adopters and offering MORE highest-end/available devices (the groupies can still pi$$ off.) Their current campaign is “helping families stick together” so let’s deliver by helping our technology junky family members break the cycle of numbness caused by repetitive bill shock because they “love” their iPhone, Droid, or god help me Evo and unite the family under one carrier that liberates family funds by helping families save on average 30% of the greenbacks allocated toward paying the family cellular bill? I for one wouldn’t complain about the sales or having another device to further diversify the handset lineup. Afterall, it can only help with right-fitting each individual. I don’t want my “Droid loving” early adopter to get stuck with a BB 9700 he will be depressed over! Let’s give him an Incredible type device and blow his mind with a fair bill to boot. That mofo will go crazy and he’ll be so stoked his coworkers will sign-up too just to say “I know, I know… we’re already Magenta” and shut him up!

    Superphones aren’t bad. They are expensive for the company to acquire and I just don’t wanna see the company MOVE tons of funds from one area like customer service or employee services to chase superphone groupies all over town. Have one per quarter. It really can’t be that difficult. One per year ain’t gonna cut it too much longer. We need to invest in the consumers that are moving up in the world as much as the ones that are maintaining or downgrading their lifestyle due to tough times.

    My math says 10% early adopters times 180 some million ATT/Verizon customers = 18 million customers+family that could use T-Mo as another option. Its compelling… come on… really it is… word to the all knowing “eYe” for getting my mind going.

    • pimpstrong

      1 per year most def won’t cut it. I always wonder what it costs to offer an EVO caliber phone in the store. I guess the manufacturer has a quota to reach if they build a Tmo specific phone and Tmo probly doesnt have enough customers to meet it? I dunno. VZW sure has enough customers to sell what like 8 different Androids by July. You ask for one per quarter but we just want ATLEAST one (Android Superphone) in the store period ffs!

  • werker_b

    Ps Gravity T is definitely a touchscreen. Notice there is no directional keys when the device is closed? Def. The new touchwiz… its like the highlight with slide out keyboard. We may be spotting a trend here folks cause the MTS is a myTouch *gasp* with a slide out keyboard… lol.

  • Muna N

    I’m a TMO fan but, damn, these 2 are embarrasing.
    Btw, iPhone 4G Keynote today… Just thought i’d let y’all know…

  • Bubbles

    Tmobile_usa has enough low end devices. High end devices do sell,look at the droid or the EVO. Tmobile_usa just doesnt get it and that is why they are and always be in last place.

    • pimpstrong

      lets call it 4th place shall we?

    • Starbucksfanatic19

      u are supid iwant gravity t bad!

  • Cujo

    Gawd why don’t you cry babies just crawl somewhere and dissapear! If tmobile pisses you off so much because they don’t have good enough high end phones, THEN LEAVE! Simple as that. We don’t need an annoucement that you are leaving, just go! Tmobile already said they are going to come out with more high end devices by years end. But guess what!? If you don’t want to continue waiting, then there are 3 other carriers you can trot over too!

  • rj

    So Tmobile is just under the top 3 that makes them last? What about US Cellular? Alltel?? Ya they are under tmobile..

    • UzukiC

      Alltel was acquired by Verizon about a year ago, fyi, but you’re entirely right – go chat with MetroPCS or USCellular about how the branding works. Why is it the big four carriers, anyways – who put the limit on there being four on top?

  • raymond

    cujo if you feed the cry babies what does that make you my good sir -_- should i fix your adult bottle my mature cry baby

  • myg1

    tmobiles got a nexus one..isnt that high end enough?..n dont tell me cuz google selling it thats why its not tmobiles..

    • analog spirit

      Well, technically, T-Mo don’t officially “have” the N1 (yet), tho of course they do provide service for it. So they might as well have it. It would be wise for them to work out a deal with Google as to it being marketed by T-Mo and sold in their retail stores ASAP, ‘cos there are a lot of people who still want it… So yeah, you’re correct in that the N1 is high-end enough for a lot of people, tho apparently not everyone in here. It’s certainly high-end enough for me. I would’ve gotten one back in Jan. if it weren’t for all its issues that I just couldn’t live with, and Google’s lack of adequate support for it.

    • Dave

      A few phones that a lot of people talked about for each carrier. No data to back this up, just the ones that seemed to get a lot of media attention through ads, articles, and blogs.

      Sprint: Palm Pre and HTC Evo.

      VZW: Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Incredible, Palm Pixi/Pre, and all those Blackberries

      AT&T: Do I even need to mention it? Along with the Palm Pixi/Pre.

      T-Mo: HTC G1 (over a year ago), Google Nexus 1 (but not through T-Mo retail).

      To those complaining that some of us complain because of the lack of high-end phones, it’s OK for Magenta to cater largely to low-end users, but there should be a balance. A year-old G1 to a tech-enthusiast is not equal to a Droid Incredible. Yes, you shouldn’t compare an older phone to one recently-released, but besides the N1, there’s nothing to use for comparison in terms of Android devices. And with Android being the huge craze these days, there should be a greater focus on those devices (focus not meaning finding some mid-level phone made for budget-people or pre-teens).

      Also, for those who say “well T-Mobile caters to a larger public that don’t want to spend $200 on a phone”, how are the other carriers selling theirs like hotcakes? Even if a majority of consumers buy low-end phones (free or less than $100), there’s clearly money to be made since VZW just released another $200 phone, with more planned by the end of the year. Sprint, even if they serve a lot of businesses, manages to consistently hold a $200 phone in their line-up nearly year-round. And let’s all take a gander at that little fruit-flavored phone over at the Deathstar.

      • analog spirit

        @Dave: Exactly. “Balance” is just the word I was looking for (but didn’t think of at the time).

  • raymond

    dave thats what i have basically been trying to say yep “balance” right now its over run with low end tech the google nexus i won’t count that phone until i see it in a t mobile store

  • TMOGUY89



    • BronxBebe


  • solidus433

    ok, didnt read all the posts, but i had to respond. i have a mt3g, the original one, and im typing this post on my very first t-mo phone, the original t-mobile dash, running windows 6.5. would i love to see t-mobile release a super high end, blow away the competition phone? yes. If they dont will i leave to another carrier? NO! And here is why. T-mo might be number 4 out of 4, but can sprint, verizon, or at&t claim to have the best customer service? NO. Can they promote having the best rates? NO. Maybe they have better coverage in some places, hell maybe in most places. but think about it, were talking about phones here, key word being PHONE. I enjoy being able to do all the things i can do on my phone, but releasing phones like the slide and hd2 and these samsung offerings wont change my mind on who to sign a contract with. the people who are crying on ALL of these topics about wanting a better phone are the people who think that if its not the biggest, baddest, coolest thing around, then its no good.

    • UzukiC

      Let’s be honest, we’re slaves to marketing, and a good number of people with smartphones today that simply will not utilize the full capabilities of their devices – Just ask someone in Europe, and they’ll tell you pretty quickly that the iPhone is as much about image as it is about actual function. Ten key apps, occasional web browsing, and perhaps convenient access to music and youtube/facebook/other media sites is a reasonable expectation for most people, yes? A Nokia Nuron could do that and be entirely within the capability of someone. So could a Kin, and it might even have a nicer form factor and come with a camera, but when it starts costing an extra $30 a month? It would be an entirely ridiculous premise… if it weren’t for skillful advertising – Not that the Kin is a fantastic example of prime marketing, but one could bet that there are more Kins than Nurons in the US today and feel pretty comfortable… Or perhaps you’ll go ahead and purchase the Evo/HD2/iPhone/Incredible, just to be confident that your device can handle all of the things you won’t be using it for.

      For the impulse buyer, the current phone market is a minefield – smart buyers benefit from our good friend Tmo, but the smart buyers rely on the impulsers in order to keep the system going and get the better deal. On a business standpoint, I’m not sure how well tmo benefits from attracting smart buyers to their service, but I sure hope it pans out well.

  • raymond

    solidsu433 can at&t say it sales more then tmobile YES!!!
    can sprint say it sales more then tmobile YEs!!!!!
    can verizon say it sales more then tmobile YES!!!

    im not asking for the baddest thing around im asking for a smart phone so i dont have to change contracts -_-

    just because i want to upgrade doesnt mean i want the baddest thing around it means im tired of having the same phone for 5 years :|

  • thainese

    more lame phones n’ MORE LAME PHONES FROM T-HOMO!!….nuff said

  • PatrickJ

    Screen size?

  • Ejay

    T mobile has something incommon with bad phone selection! BAD PHONE NAMES!!!

  • I wonder if we’ll be able to install 3rd party apps on these guys. If we can at least do Opera Mini and Google Maps, I’ll be happy and might actually pick up a T.

  • chrisrj28

    You know the interesting thing is that I read a lot of the comments about phone releases here and one comment that I found to be fairly true and I agree with is the one about the fact that Tmo’s low end phones are better overall in appearance and functionality than other carriers. A lot of people on this site get upset b/c T-Mo hasn’t released a superphone like other carriers (although I think the HD2 qualifies as such, nix to the WinMo haters) but us power users make up a very small percentage of Tmo customers. Tmo markets to mid-range, famil types and their offerings fit that target perfectly.

    I am looking to get the Gravity T for my son as he has the Gravity 2 currently, I am excited about this phone and about the MTS, it may not be a snapdragon competitor for Incredible or EVO but it’s still a great phone that will not only appeal to mid range families that want a nice device with a keyboard, but it will bring in new users to Android who may one day trade up to a power device. But it will increase Android market share that much more. Tmo is on the right track and those that complain about the lack of a Powerhouse Android device, consider how many people will actually buy one versus how many people will look at mid range for their families.

    • steven

      I would give the Gravity T a little time to ripen before buying. the Gravity 2 seems to be a good phone, but Samsung really stumbled with the Behold and the original Gravity. They dont have a good track record with their first gen handsets. And while the name is the same, the Gravity T is a first gen.

      • SoFla

        What was wrong with original Gravity?

  • mary

    i have had bad luck with sprint and verizon in the past, and ive been with tmobile for 8yrs and have had really good luck with them. give tmo a break and stop cutting them down. im looking forward to the new samsung phones coming out.

  • Laura

    when will this phone be released to stores?

    • elijah

      i was talking to a guy from t-mobile and he thinks it comes out aroung the 24th

      • Sara

        Actually they are released tomorrow

  • Julio

    T-mobile 5 new phones will be available on June 23/2010 also check the new samsumg galaxy S for t-mobile check you tube (Samsung Galaxy S – Official Demo) is better tan the Evo from Sprint, and tomorrow 06/18/2010 all T-Mobile phones are free for new clients and adding a new line to your existing plan. New things are cooming soon for T-mobile you’ll se.

  • Mike

    Tired of all you tmobile haters…I have NEVER met anyone who has been happy with Sprint’s SUPPOSED coverage–Boston area here—I have been a Tmo customer since it was voicestream and couldnt be happier all around–my Bold 9700 is fantastic–never had a billing issue, customer service kicks BUTT—picking up the Gravity T for both of my kids as I had a chance to try it in the store–have lots of friends with Verizon–their coverage isnt any better than mine either, plus they all complain about the horrible customer service they get when they have a problem….TMO all the way baby!!

  • brandi

    for those looking for the smartphones, have you checked out the new my touch slide or the hd-2??? they don’t get any smarter than that….and puuullllease tell me which company has better customer service than t-mobile. they bend over backwards to make sure their customers are well taken care. what’s funny….t-mobile has never claimed to be the best cellular company out there, but that is their goal.

  • Danny

    The ‘samsung gravity t’ is amazing but i can’t find any covers or screen protectors…

    • JRando

      they have a bunch on

  • i love my new phone it rocks

  • i crazy about it i LOVE it yay

  • Miranda

    The Smile SUCKS Big time I was a customer with T mobile for 4 years went in for the Smile… In 5 days I returned the phone 3 times because the phone dropped calls, not only did it drop calls but the phone would make loud screeching sounds and cut off the only way to get it to stop making the loud screeching and or static noise would to be to take out the battery and reboot the entire phone. I bough this to the attention of T mobile. And all they wanted to do was replace the phone with the same phone HELLO I HAVE ALREADY HAD 3 FLIPPIN PHONES THE SAME PHONE I DONT WANT ANOTHER PIECE OF CRAP. So I wanted to get a different phone offered to pay only the difference in price NOPE they wouldn’t do it. In fact they wanted me to pay a restocking fee for the smile and pay for the other “new” phone that I was looking at. So here it is the break down… I paid for the phone (The Smile) was supposed to get a rebate (Guess what? 2 Months later I am still waiting for it) Asked T Mobile they claim they know nothing about it. So not I have 139 vested into the phone. Want to get a new phone all together STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE REBATE… 139 for the CRAP SMILE…. But the New phone is going to Cost me another 149 OH WAIT MIRANDA BUT YOU GET A 100 DOLLAR REBATE HELLO I DIDNT GET MY FIRST ONE BACK AND NOW YOU WANT ME TO PAY ANOTHER 149 I DONT THINK SO THE FREAKIN PHONE IS CRAP JUST REPLACE IT FOR EQUAL VALUE!!! Guess what?? 4 years a customer never a problem never a late bill nothing.. Needless to say THANK YOU JUAN AT VERIZON FOR SETTING ME UP WITH MY BLACKBERRY CURVE I LOVE IT BEST PHONE I HAVE EVER HAD!!! AND THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING AND HELPING ME AND GETTING ME ALL THE NECESSARY DISCOUNTS AND WHATEVER I NEEDED TO BECOME A NEW LOYAL CUSTOMER TO VERIZON!!!

    • Codyfarnum

      Miranda I have a smiley and there is nothing wrong with and I droped three times. So if you hate that’s fine but I love mine