4G v HSPA+ (Hint: GO T-MOBILE)

Unless you have been living under a rock, there is a pretty good chance that you have heard something about this HTC EVO 4G thing.  It’s kind of a big deal, being Sprint’s first 4G phone and basically being a beast hardware wise.  Is it really that big of a deal though?  The guys over at PhoneScoop wanted to put the latest networks to the test, and it was a war.  The truth is, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is simply better than Sprint’s WiMax 4G offerings, on a download, upload and latency basis.  It should be said, though, that these speeds are still relatively close, and actual results may vary.  On a related side note, T-Mobile’s HSPA 7.2 Mbps network wasn’t much slower than HSPA+ or 21 Mbps.  So it all comes down to this, real world speeds on both of these networks is crazy fast, but T-Mobile has more phones, and a wider and ever expanding area of customers, that can use the network.  So, I will say it again, GO T-MOBILE!!!  Make sure to read the test yourself, it is pretty interesting in a bland, stuff you never really need to know, kind of way.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!



  • redman12

    T-Mobile needs to advertise 4G speed like a BEAST!!

    • mmaxxsooner

      Agreed advertise like crazy! Because something is up in tmo land specifically where I live in Tulsa. I do speed tests all the time and its the usual 700_down and 450 up. But the last few days Wow wtf 3000 to 4200 down and 700 to 1200 up. Can anyone verify whats up? Cause I have tested and tested and those speeds are for REAL! NOW TMOB, bring the killer phone and you might see some Growth!

      • mmaxxsooner

        Ha my avatar looks stoNed, however I am not.

      • Laphoneuser

        I’m in Los Angeles, and have also noticed a speed bump in the past few days. Not the speeds you’re achieving, but a nice improvement nonetheless.

  • uscmed

    if only we had a beast of a phone like the Evo/Iphone/Incredible to take advantage of the super fast network….

    • Garet

      NEXUS ONE?!?!?!?

      • DayJob

        Nexus what? Have you ever played with it or seen it in person? How about its limited or non-existing support and hardware issues that are no longer being fixed? Also if I recall the memory in the Nexus one is still a ton lower than the EVO. TMO needs some beast phones of its own already!!

      • Reece

        Nexus One #1 doesn’t take advantage of the 21mbps limits of HSPA+, it’s limited to “just” 7.2

        #2. Doesn’t play well enough with current t-mobile plans to buy @ a discount to be mentioned as a real t-mobile option for folks who does not have 500 bucks of wiggle room.

        Good for those who can make it rain $500 bucks though & enjoy the one beastly Android phone that’s rocking Froyo

      • B

        DayJob, I have a Nexus One right in front of me, and I don’t know what limited or non-existing support you’re referring to. Actually I get the benefit of getting EXTRA support, being that it’s directly from Google. I’m running Android version 2.2 right now, running faster than ever and I love it. I don’t know where all the Nexus One hate came from, but I suspect it to be a trickle effect from everyone’s favorite internet site exaggerating whatever issues may have been spoken about.

        Reece, T-Mobile doesn’t get customer service awards year after year for nothing. They were more than happy to work with me in regards to plans when I bought the phone. I even canceled the line I had of 6 years so I could open a new line and get the subsidized price for the Nexus.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        maybe you haven’t seen all the problems that the nexus one has because you may actually be in the small percentile that actually have a working phone. Oh and maybe you should reread the reviews for customer service again. Tmobile did not do too hot this time around and was close to last place.

      • Spencer

        Agreed!!!!!!! I’ve got the Nexus and IT IS A BEAST!!!! Never needed support because it never has glitches or breaks since I’ve gotten it (when it came out), the issues were only with .1% of users, look it up almost no one had any issues at all. The Nexus’ RAM (what you actually get to use) is 512mb, THE EXACY SAME as the Evo. The Nexus’ ROM is also 512mb, the Evo is 1gb, not a lot more and the extra is only needed because of sense. Sense hogs up the memory, speed, and a lot of other resources, I much prefer stock android (especially 2.2, ’cause its a beast at speed). The Evo’s gonna have to wait probably a few months before it gets to taste 2.2 and when that happens the Nexus is gonna already be Gingerbread. Until you actually use the phone or experience it, don’t judge it. You gave a bunch of faulty misleading info.

      • uscmed

        if i could buy a nexus one in a tmobile store can keep my same plan i would be all over it but sadly that isnt the case yet. walked by a sprint store randomly this morning in pasadena and there were a ton of peeps crammed in their waiting to buy an Evo. I played with it and it is an amazing device and makes me look at my G1 with some dissapointment. just hoping for the galaxy s or an HTC device in the next few months when my contract is up…..

      • B

        @Wilma Flintstone

        I’m aware of the problems that have been noted on various websites, as I already stated. I had some issues myself. The point I was making is that the reply I was responding to is making it out to be CURRENT issues with the phone. The Nexus got it’s own update for fixes, which cleaned up the most prevalent issues, and after updating to 2.2, I don’t have any problems, but I’m not saying everyone is me. I’m saying that I was one of the users that had some issues when the phone came out, just like every other phone that is released, but people blow things out of proportion all the time.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Definitely agree that all phones have problems and that people usually do blow things out of proportion. I’m also glad that you aren’t one of those Nexus One nuts that think that the Nexus One is the Ultimate phone and has never had and never will experience any problems.

      • B

        Yea well I was never a fan of the term “superphone” to begin with. I don’t know if it was Google that termed it or just media hype, but there will never be the perfect smartphone. Something will always be “better” or someone will always find fault with any device in question. I love the Nexus for what it is though, and I definitely feel it’s the best T-Mobile has to offer, if you consider it a T-Mobile phone.

    • mingkee

      No N900 love?!
      It’s more like a Linux pocket netbook than a phone.

      • Reece

        The N900 is not a phone, it is just awesomeness

    • kai

      hd2 supports hspa as well… with a 1ghz behind the wheel..

    • Jabombardier

      Well so far with the mytouch slide I have is surfing the web with lightning speeds. Mobile sites pop up in miliseconds and full sites pop up in average of 10 seconds.

      • Chris

        this phone flies,even with just the the 600mhz processor. I don’t think the slide is getting the credit it deserves. The Dragon Voice recognition works amazing as well.

  • FILA

    thats what im talking about. Now T-mobile needs some HSPA+ phones, which I believe the Slide is? am I wrong? But this is all good for now UNTIL Sprint boosts up the WiMAX speeds then leave T in the dust

    • Nokia N900USER

      There are phones but not cheap:

      1.) Nokia N900
      2.) Nexus One
      3. ) HTC HD2

    • Fred

      The mt slide and all smart phones to date are hspa 7.2 capable, so… kinda but not really

      • J-Hop2o6

        there are a couple (like the N900) of phones that are 10.2mbps capable on AWS (Tmo 3G)

    • Tokinotabumblb

      Yes, MyTouch Slide is HSPA+ compatible, but you think current TMo smartphones are, also?

    • Reece

      Everything out now is gonna get the benefit of having an upper limit of 7.2

      However HSPA+ compatability would shatter that limit onwards to 21. Something NO T-Mobile handset is flirting with at the moment.

  • Woot go tmo. Myfave Magenta pulls through, now just spread that hspa+ network a little faster! And what’s up with these download speeds…

    Sprint= >1000kbps, 3000kbps, 3000kbps, 3000kbps, 4000kbps, and 5000kbps
    Consistently getting around 3mbps

    Tmo: >1000kbps, 1000kbps, 2000kbps, 3000kbps, 4000kbps, and 5000kbps
    Consistently bipolar

  • Washout

    7.2MBbps Is plenty for a phone. t-mobile needs to focus on expanding 3G coverage and backhaul. I don’t believe the Nexus 1 and HD2 are capable of anything higher then 7.2Mbps.

    • Tokinotabumblb

      Agreed. When I go to Puerto Rico, I only have EDGE. They don’t have 3G anywhere in the island, so I can’t use my phone to it’s full potential.

    • gruv2ths

      You are 100% correct. I would be so thrilled if we just had seamless 3G in No. Dallas. I can not stream music for more than a few miles with out it buffer under running. All the networks need to stop with the 4G crap until the 3G is perfect.

      If you think your service is fast and stable, i recommend you play some streaming music and drive around. You will be bummed!

      • Jabombardier

        I did and it never buffers. Except in some buildings where I only get edge

    • Marco

      Exactly. I live in San Diego and the 3G speed is creeping, if I have reception:-( Often enough it switches constantly between 3G and EDGE. Hello t-mobile San Diego is one of the biggest cities in the US. Peinlich peinlich:-)

  • hi!

    for the last time, if people cared about network speeds we wouldn’t be in last place. LAST PLACE!!!!

    The iPhone has been absolutely revolutionary and CHANGED EVERYTHING. It comes to us on AT&T and EVERYONE knows/talks about how awful the network is. Yet still, AT&T has left us in the dust.

    For god’s sake, release a good telephone, haha. If we get an EVO THEN, maybe, MAYBE it’s worth bringing up things like network speeds

    • analog spirit

      I hear you, and I agree; T-Mo really needs to get some better phones, ASAP. Just out of curiosity, I went to my local Sprint shop this morning to see what the EVO 4G was all about; I wanted to see what I was missing. That thing is amazing! It has all the capabilities I’ve ever wanted in a phone, and then some.
      But… it’s not really usable outside the US, which is an automatic disqualifier for me (that, and it being only on Sprint). I want to be able to swap SIM cards if need be. I don’t want to have to buy a whole different phone. I’m no tech wiz, but I’m guessing that it’s got something to do with the limitations of CDMA phones. I find that really ironic; Sprint has the EVO, arguably the best high-end Android phone to date, and yet it’s not even a world phone. My pathetically obsolete BB 8320 (old Curve) can be used overseas (at least in the GSM realm). So all my interest in the EVO pretty much evaporated at that point. If I can’t use a phone internationally, it’s pretty much useless to me.
      So, the EM+ plan, the increased network speeds, international compatibility, and T-Mo’s generally good coverage in my area (So. Cal) are the main reasons I’m not giving up on T-Mo. They’d have to either go out of business, or do something really intolerable for me to leave them after my 2 1/2 years of being with them, and I don’t see that happening, at least not in the foreseeable future.
      But yeah, you’re right; people usually don’t care about speed as much as being able to get some really high-end phone on their network, e.g. EVO, Droid Incredible, iPhone, etc. I mean, of course they want speed too, but they probably wouldn’t even be on the carrier they’re on if that carrier didn’t have a phone that they really wanted. How many people do you know who went to AT&T just for the iPhone? I know a lot. But I’d never switch carriers just for a phone.
      If T-Mo USA don’t get some really good phones really quickly, they’re going to lose even more customers to the other 3 major carriers than they already have. But they won’t lose me, as I’m still happy with their service and my EM+ plan; just not their current line-up of phones.

  • stephan brubaker

    you all cry about getting a really great phone but none of you seem to think about at what cost that comes. do you really think that these other carriers just get them because they ask nicely. I don’t think so, they have the cash flow to grab them before T-mo can and why can’t our beloved Magenta? because they are trying to keep the costs down for us, so which do you want more, an incredible phone or and reasonable prices because in a capitalist society you can’t have both.

    • oakie

      hardware costs are passed directly on to the consumer. em+ plans would just see higher retail phone prices while the subsidized contracts more than make up the retail difference. your explanation lacks logic.

    • Steve

      Do you see anything that looks like the MyTouch Slide? Do you realize Tmobile paid HTC to make this “custom phone” for them? Carriers keep costs down by buying something the phone mfg already makes. ie: the MT3G is just an HTC Magic, the Evo is just an upgraded HD2, etc..

      Tmobile thought to themselves “Hmmm… let’s build a custom phone” and HTC said “for that budget, we can only give you 600mhz. Are you sure you don’t want a non-customized 1ghz phone like everyone else?”. Tmobile said “we don’t care because our consumers are too dumb to know what that means… just make us a slider”.

      Why do you think Dotson got his ass fired? I promise you, Tmobile’s churn rate will be through the roof for the 2nd and 3rd quarters. I was at the sprint store today and 2 other people besides me were checking out the Evo.

      For 69.99 you can have an Evo, 500 minutes, 7pm N&W, unlimited data/text, and UNLIMITED MOBILE TO MOBILE. That’s cheaper than tmobile and only $20 more than a MyTouch Slide.

      • Marc

        Slight correction, I agree with most of what you said, but you have to add 10 bucks to sprints plan.

      • steve

        69.99 is the EPRP deal that anyone can get by just searching the web. It includes the $10/mo EVO tax


    • g1-and-only

      nicely said my friend..and yea the nexus is all you need at the moment, mine is great no problems and im in maryland

  • htowndj

    t-mobile wouldnt be in last place if at&t and cingular didnt combine, and if sprint never got together with nextel. fcc favoritism, its amazing how so many mergers get approved.

  • thelazzyone

    I am feeling the speed boost in the DC Area. I posted my speed test below. I never got speeds over 1.5 before:


    3.40 Mb/s Download
    1.21 Mb/s Upload

  • jrperiod

    All Tmo needs to worry about is it’s coverage. It’s no point in having a great phone if the only way to get 7.2Mbps speeds is if you standing right next to a tower.

  • Steve-o

    Sweet!!!!!! I’m STILL stuck on EDGE in Florida’s capital. So sad when my small hometown has 3G and I’m in the capital of the state stuck on EDGE. Thank goodness for wifi. Lol. Having fast speeds in a few states is not gonna cut it T-Mobile…Get 3G out to everyone then you can talk. Lol.

    • Fujitsujeff

      lol, i know exactly what you mean. Not sure y Tally keeps getting left behind. That’s my hometown, but i moved all the way over to Fresno, CA, and even they’re rocking 3G. All we need r the phones. HD2 is a step in the nice direction. Not sure y people keep saying T-mobile is offering the Nexus 1. Not an accurate statement …

      • Brandon

        Hey! I live in Fresno, and its only going to get better. HSPA+ by the end of summer!

  • David

    I’m as pro T-mobile as they come but tmonews needs to step away from the refreshment table. They are clearly drunk off the kool-Aid Tmobile is offering. 3g is not 4g. The T-mobile slide is not an awesome device. We need less cheerleading and more impartiality with these articles. Just my opinion.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Not very nice, but true. And only because the site does have the word “news” in the name. So that implies impartiality.

      Misnomers aside, I think the Site does fine. It’s “reporting” has been fair and balanced (as Fox likes to say) and any cheer leading is identified as such.

      Also notice that the Site does not block ads from competitors (I see Google ads for Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon, and for their handsets). That’s pretty neutral in my book.

    • Jabombardier

      Respect your opinion but I bought the mytouch slide is pretty much a super phone in the way it performs. Web surfing is lightning fast, and the amount of features on it is amazing. Everything runs smooth. After running through testing phones like the incredible, nexus one, and HD2, it is a fact that having a snapdragon processor and an AMOLED screen making it a “superphone” is a total farce. The mytouch slide proved so.

      • Chris

        people don’t realize that most things they will use the phone for won’t even come close to clocking in at 600 mhz, let alone 1ghz. The slide is perfect for the average smartphone user, and that is who t-mobile is targeting.

  • ThreeFourSeven

    The only thing that’s holding T-Mobile is coverage. I know they will deliver on the phones sooner or later.

  • ObsceneJesster

    @DayJob and the rest that want a high end smartphone. Be a little more patient as we will be the first to get the most powerful Android phone poised to release this year. The Galaxy S. Don’t worry about it not being upgraded either because Samsung is making this there Flagship phone releasing it to 115 Country’s. There not going to leave this Monster hanging with 2.1.

    Also I just read on some other blog’s that the myTouch Slide just beat the Evo and Nexus One in all of the Benchmark tests so I guess it makes it a high end Android phone. Right?

    Here is the article I am referring to:

    • oakie

      “the myTouch Slide just beat the Evo and Nexus One in all of the Benchmark tests”

      no, it beat them in gpu benchmarks. but if you understand anything about gpu’s and graphics performance, it’s because the same gpu is driving 800×480 pixels in the WVGA equipped phones of its competitors, while the HVGA (320×480) mTS has less than 1/2 the screen resolution, thus less than 1/2 the pixels.

      to equate, it’s like running a game like Crysis at 800×600 res vs. 1600×1200 with the same graphics card… it will run slower at higher res since there are more total pixels to push.

      in other words, their comparison, and the mTS’s higher frame per second benchmark scores, are worthless due to the screen’s resolution being less than half its competition. the scores, if tested at the same resolution on all devices, would all post nearly identical scores, if not less for the mTS due to it’s lower memory and CPU, exactly as would be expected.

    • ryan

      Wow really? At 320×240 it can get higher GPU benchmarks than something at 480×800? Do you wanna do some math or should I do it for you?

      320×480 = 153,600 pixels
      480×800 = 384,000 pixels

      So the Slide can push 40% of the pixels faster? Wow I’m so shocked that something can do less than half the task marginally faster.

      LMAO, no wonder Tmobile will sell a bunch of slides, we have people like you to buy them.

      • ObsceneJesster

        @oakie…I understand how graphics work. I know that the MTS has a lower res but the fact still stands. It gets a high frame-rate than the EVO or Nexus One. At that point the customer makes the decision whether they want better resolution or better FPS.

        @ryan…No I will not buy the MTS..I am waiting on the Galaxy S w/ the Hummingbird chipset which is 3 times faster than the Evo or Nexus One at the same resolution on a better display.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Jesster is correct. The plain ol’ consumer does not know squat about terms you all are bouncing around. All they know is that the Slide “sure works fast.”

      All the people I know start yawning when they make the mistake of asking me for advice on which phone he or she should buy. That’s because I start talking about how the phones they are considering do not have the upcoming Bluetooth Core Specification version 4.0 or a mini HDMI port.

      They just want a phone that works with a wireless headset and plays YouTube videos.

  • rahul

    HAHA been a tmo customer for 10 years and just moved to SPRINT today!! go 4G! theres a reason t-mob is the 4th us carrier!! lol yeah their new hspa network may be fast but their phone quality and selection is….yeah…
    mt slide as the best phone for tmo? not even close compared to the droid incredible evo and iphone. i was so faithful with tmo but enough is enough. EVO HERE I COME.

    • mmaxxsooner

      Enjoy that horible service from all angles and en
      joy the hidden fees coming your way!

      • rahul

        hahahahahaha guess what homie? i already got them to take off 15% off the monthly bill and i made up a bs reason and their taking an additional 10% ! 25% off my entire bill with the htc evo 4g? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA THANK YOU SPRINT.

    • watbetch

      I’m so sad to see you leave, you’re actually somebody!


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Rahul… I switched to Sprint for a day, then canceled the order, where they were going to give me two free Evos to switch from T-Mobile to Sprint.

      Reason I canceled the order is that I saw a lot of complaints on the Net about Sprint’s still-lousy customer service.

      One of the more frequent complaints were people saying Sprint made promises about plan pricing, similar in nature to what your were promised, and later when the pricing was not reflected on their bills, Sprint denied making the promises. (Some people said they wish they had recorded the calls.)

      So make sure you have it writing the promises that the CSR made to you.

      (Seems a common tactic, make promises, deny making them later. I had Comcast Cable make me a number of promises but later multiple CSRs said they had no record of any such deals.)

      • rahul

        O wow, now i’m genuinely concerned. Do you know anyone else who has had this problem or issue? Because i did this student saver discount where i ordered online and they gave me 15% off my entire bill ( i printed the receipt) so i don’t think they won’t give me that discount, because it says so on the receipt. But is their customer service that bad? I’m honestly concerned, thank you.

      • steve

        ItsMichaelNotMike is a liar… don’t listen to him. His story doesn’t even make sense. 2 free evo’s for switching? Why would they give out free evos? There’s a 10 person waiting list at my local sprint for an Evo. I’m pretty sure they don’t need to give them out for free when there’s already a line out the door.

      • watbetch

        Sprint does lie about things like this, I don’t take what everyone on the internet says as a fact but Sprint has a history of lying about bill credits for switching and etc.

  • raymond

    samsung galaxy r project emeraldhuryyyyyyyyy

  • oakie

    there is one significant difference aside from coverage that ends this race before it began… data cap.

    WiMax has no bandwidth cap. T-Mobile does; a 5GB softcap that results in throttling once reached. as long as T-Mobile has that cap, their offering doesnt compete in the same market segment as WiMax. Clear/Sprint targets both mobile AND home users with WiMax due to being unlimited, while T-Mobile is for mobiles only with limited appeal for laptops, and nil for home users.

    Based on my own usage, which consists of a lot of video conferencing, multimedia, software transfers back and forth through revisions (programmer), high resolution photos (photographer), all on top of the basic document transfers, website updates, etc. i tear through 5GB in a month rather quickly when i’m on the road. my Clear account has truly saved my butt more than a few times when my T-Mobile account reached its cap and free wifi wasnt available. obviously Clear isnt everywhere i go, thus i do spend more than my fair share for wifi when Boingo Wireless wasnt accepted.

    The bottom line: T-Mobile’s service only provides you the ability to reach your cap faster. for many of us business travelers, T-Mobile’s 5GB service is nice for it’s speed, but is useless for anything more than e-mail, document transfers, web surfing, and light multimedia, like youtube videos… but nothing really serious for those in the graphic design/photography/programming fields who need to go mobile occasionally or need to video conference for meetings.

    but i for one would really like to have a single provider solution to get rid of my patchwork solution for mobile connectivity. preferably T-Mobile since i trust and have a long history with them… i keep hoping for them to remove the cap, offer a reasonable per MB overage charge, or offer a 20GB service plan for $80-100 per month.

  • Jeff

    I never see those speeds with tmo. Even in philly, phoenix and ca. Average for me on cliq is 760kbps down. And that’s when I can find 3G and that is the problem with tmo

  • SteveBerman


  • tecjunkie

    St.Louis is getting constant 3 meg downloads. Which is great. The sad part is I live in Illinois just a few miles out the area(Shiloh) and I get 1 meg Download at the most. Turn it up just a hair T-Mobile! I know you got it in you. :)

  • Mike

    Stevo, TM0 had to wait for their spectrum to be cleared……..and it HAS now been cleared. You’ll be getting 3G in your area this month dude. Yes, I work for TMO.

  • jeff

    mike, tmo is always telling me next month. when will my house in tucson get 3G and when will the speeds increase??? it’s all around me but not in my hood!!! plaese

  • jeff

    ray, is this the same samsung leaving their customers hanging with android 1.5? lol

  • going_home

    This is exciting stuff ! Glad TMO is stepping up to the plate !
    Well I broke down and picked up off contract a 3G Slide.
    Moms been eying my G1 so I gave it to her and I’ve spent the last two evenings attempting to teach a senior citizen how to use a G1. :(
    All the while trying to figure out some of the 3G Slide stuff.
    I do really like the Swype app and the Genius button but I will probably
    get a Nexus One in October when I can re-up my contract.


  • The Nexus One is still the best Android device out there. The best thing about the Nexus One is Google will always push out the upgrades OTA right away to all Nexus One devices. Always current and at the top. Will handle all the new speeds and is blazing fast. No more 3G problems since the last update. So if you don’t know what you are talking about don’t speel out wrong imfo. The Nexus One is the BEST DEVICE OUT THERE.

    • soon2TMO

      sorry to burst your bubble here, but the only thing that makes the nexus one better is the fact that it gets updated consistently in such a timely manner, well ovbiously because it is a google phone..and google will always make an android version compaltible for their baby , that’s at least for the time being… the software merely makes the N1 a prominent device but its hardware seems almost outdated already, the trackball alone is already outdated so to speak… but sure, it is a google’s phone after all..

      but spec wise, it is not better than the galaxy S minus the LED flash..

      • soon2TMO


        i meant, most of the android devices are compatible with android OS, but the nexus one’s main advantage is the consistent OS updates..

      • B

        The galaxy doesn’t have a flash??

      • soon2TMO

        no it does not have led flash! weird right? LOL

        but nexus one is indeed a great device.. the best? not in my book..

      • soon2TMO

        im itching to get a nice high-end phone soon, but if dont hear anything by this month or in july.. i d k..
        at first i wanted the slide, but i realized i dont want a keyboard..

      • 2FR35H


        Actually we don’t know if it will have led flash yet. only videos available are european versions and promo version so it could have it by the time it hit us market.

  • myg1

    yeah good luck to some of u guys going to sprint and tacked on that extra $10 and their horrible customer service..(check out jdpowers.com) and were not saying 3g is 4g why do peoples keep bringing that up.? were talking about 3g speeds thats equal or faster than sprints wimax….nobody called tmobiles 3g a 4g network!..get it rite

    • myg1

      jdpower.com my bad

  • bk1

    does anyone find it humerous that there is a sprint 4g add below the leave your reply here box…. so freakin ironic

  • Ducter

    Look..lets be honest here, T-Mobile phone offerings suck, no way around that. I purchased myself a Nexus from Google and am happy with it, outside of T-Mobiles network which daily provides me with blazing fast..errm..well ok just EDGE, sometimes 3g but mainly EDGE. I know some people will say its the Nexus thats at fault, not the network but its the same issues with my wifes mytouch slide, my sons Nexus, my other sons Dash 3g and my daughters Nuron,,its not the Nexus, its the network. Now oddly enough my 3g speeds have more than doubled going from just under a meg to 2.5-3 unfortunately coverage didnt improve.

    Without going back into details, I switched us all to Sprint for the Evo and Sprints customer service couldnt even last 1 week for us to get the Evo. It was all lies on their end, so much so that it was going to end up costing me $500 more off the bat. I just couldnt imagine 2 years with Sprint so I ran back to T-Mobile.

    Sprint has IMO better phones, better plans, in my area better coverage as it would have been 4g but when you take the human factor into the equation T-Mobile mops em up and tosses em out back. I went for the customer service over the better phones/coverage/cost as phones/coverage/cost can change but when you have people working for you that will straight out lie to me..you lost me as a customer.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I can’t blame you for that.Lying is something that customer service just shouldn’t do like before I got the HD2, I was on the line with a Tmo rep and he told me that I could get full HTML browsing for $10. Before that, I didn’t know he was talking about phone first wep only internet so I asked him would it be the full internet and he was like “oh yeah, you’llget the full internet” I had it recorded just for the purpose that I didn’t trust him and sure enough, I called Tmo back and they said that was limited internet. I played the clip back for the rep to hear and they couldn’t believe this guy lied to me like that.

      • Mohammad

        It is illegal to record phone conversation without the explicit consent of both parties in NYS.

    • watbetch

      4G doesn’t equal better coverage. If you think T-Mobile is spotty you’ve never had Sprint 4G.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    “Tmobile has more phones”? I think you meant to say “Tmobile has more Low End phones that don’t take advantage of HSPA+”. This article is about as headstrung as they come. Sure you’ll see this chart on a Tmo site but they probably have the same chart on Sprint’s site with the names switched around. instead of working on boosting speed, Tmo needs to be working on broadening and keeping constant the 3g network they already have. What good is HSPA+ when only 5% of Tmo’s customers can use it? I’m glad Tmo is getting HSPA+ and all and as it seems that very few people actually are witnessing these speeds but until it’s able to be used by the masses and is constant, I wouldn’t boast. Just my opinion.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Hello. I am reporting this from my new Nexus One here in Henderson Nevada which is near Las Vegas Nevada. I ran the speedtest.net app from the market and I received 3.21Mbps down, 1.28 up, and a ping of only 85. I wasn’t getting ANYTHING near this with my G1. The only thing that bothers me about this phone is the fluctuations in the 3g to edge. 8 know its a known problem that hopefully can be fixed wih Froyo.

    • B

      The fluctuation hasn’t been a problem for me since they upgraded the 3G/HSDPA backbone in my area of NYC/North Jersey, so if you’re in an area where 3G signal is weak, it may very well be T-Mobile’s network and not the Nexus. You can also try forcing 3G (WCDMA only) and see if it helps.

  • Jose

    T mobile needs to get their act together. Hell They still haven’t even released 3G in Puerto Rico and now they talking about 4G.

  • Ian

    What alternate reality were these tests run in? Where I live there are two places I get more than 512 kbps.

    All the folks tabbing about 7.2 being enough for a phone don’t seem to get that even standing under a cell tower you’ll be lucky to see a thirdbof that, and that’s only if the connection from the tower to the net has enough bandwidth for all the connected users, which they rarely do. 7.2 mbps? LOL.

    As to the N1 hate: whatever. N1 on Cyanogen rocks, period.

    • jeff

      ian, that’s what i’m saying. are people misreading the the test. M instead of k? the only Mbps i get is from my home wifi, which does read 5Mbps. so am i doing something wrong that i never get fast 3g?

    • B

      Alternate reality? This was a HSPA+ test, was it not? Anyway, I just got 2038kbps on my Nexus One, and I get very spotty 3G signal in my house. Outside my front door I can get twice that speed, and almost 3 times that in the next town. I don’t understand why so many people make statements like the one you just did about being lucky to get xx-speeds even next to a cell tower. IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR AREA. There are hundreds of variables that do not exist in another part of the country or even after a 15 minute drive. I consistently get 5mbps in the town next door.

      And I’m someone who would agree that 7.2mbps is fast enough for a phone. The vast majority of smartphones are not made for real web browsing, and only in very recent times have apps matured to the point that faster speeds have become standard. This is why we see reports of data being used more than voice on cell phones, and also the reason why 4G and LTE and being thrown around.

  • Hell Ya

    Sprint has great coverage I would prefer them over any phone company and they are the cheapest. t-mobile was great back in 2008 but hte totally dropped the ball with their sucky plans $85 is way too much for 500 mins, unlimited text, and unlimited web especially considering there horrible coverage and customer service…

  • hmm

    Check out CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/mobile/06/04/wired.4g.wireless.explained/index.html?hpt=C2

    I know that T-mo is promoting their speeds at higher than 4G or as fast, but unless they really promote it, they’ll be losing customers again. Since the “average” customer sees “Oh, 4G is better than 3G and that’s what I see on tv, I don’t know what hspa+ is so I’ll go with Srint”. Again T-Mo is failing itself when it does not or will not, and I’m leaning towards “will not”, promote it’s positives in an agressive manner like ATT, Verizon, and Sprint.

    • hmm

      Oops, sorry for the typo of Srint instead of Sprint

      • Anony Mouse

        So you want T-Mobile to up its marketing budget, and be more corporate and commercial like sprint and att and verizon. I definitely agree that tmobile needs to get the word out more, but I would rather not be spending more on my monthly plan for them to do so. What doesnt help though are people like in these comments that tout other companies successes over tmobile when in fact they are just misinformed. Like people saying that sprint has better coverage, when in fact independent studies showed verizon and tmobile have better and more reliable networks. People saying sprint has better plans…sure if all you do is call to mobile phones and want to pay the same price for that service as you would for more minutes and better service with tmobile. etc.

        The problem here is the anti-marketing. 90% of people who HAVE used the slide say its a great phone…..90% of people who HAVE NOT used the slide say it sucks. Yet people still get influence by the people who do not know what they are talking about.

    • Anony Mouse

      I read the article. Many CNN is so misinformed. Not just about 4g, but about a good deal of what is in that article. It is like they read wikipedia and just went with what was there.

  • raymond

    at this point jeff if tmoble offers any high tech phone i jump -_-

    • jeff

      ray i hear ya. that is why i was laughing. i was hoping for that high end samsung, then read the article about them never doing updates. ugh, if it was not for the great customer service and cheap plans!!!

  • BoomBoomBang

    I just think that T-Mobile is, well not scared, but iffy about carrying HIGH END phones.
    I mean, having got the HD2, that should tell them ” Hey T-Mobile, we, your customers, LIKE THESE HIGH END PHONES! BRING OUT MORE! WE’LL BUY THEM! STOP LETTING VERIZON TAKE OVER! ”
    T-Mobile could be on top with Verizon & Sprint.
    Just like the LG phone AT&T is getting. T-Mobile can do the same!

    T-Mobile, please. Give your loyal customers something to be loyal about.
    I’m tired of hearing how Sprint & Verizon are getting all these off the wall Android phones.
    You were the FIRST Android carrier.
    Climb back up and be competition to these other carriers.
    We wanna brag about our T-Mobile Android phones just as much as Verizon customers do.

    • analog spirit

      Amen to that! That Samsung Galaxy S is going to be another step in the right direction, too. I’m just not that big on Samsung, so I’m probably not going to get one, unless the Galaxy S really impresses me somehow. The HD2, I think, will finally reach its full potential once Android 2.2 gets ported to it; most likely by the XDA Developers, or maybe Cyanogen, or someone like that. Those guys are amazing. It’s just a matter of time before someone figures out how to put Windows Phone 7 on it, too.
      But yeah, as it stands right now, if you want a truly high-end phone on T-Mo (at least in the US), you have to bring your own; e.g. unlocked iPhone, Nokia N900, Nexus 1, et al, whatever you fancy. “Bring your own phone,” basically.
      And that’s not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, I like the fact that T-Mo USA will apparently support any unlocked GSM phone from any other carrier that you switched from. It’s sweet that if you have an unlocked iPhone that you brought with you from AT&T, T-Mo will support it (even tho you’ll only be on EDGE speeds, as their 3G frequency is different). And I think the better phones will come in time; I just pray it’s sooner rather than later. ‘Cos T-Mo USA are going to have to start cranking things up a few notches if they want to stay competitive.
      Maybe this new guy Philippe Humm (sp?) can help us out and hook us up with some of the phones T-Mo already has in Europe (like the iPhone & several ohers). It probably won’t happen for a while (like maybe with the next 6 months to a year or so), but it will happen. It has to, otherwise T-Mo will just keep losing even more business than they already have.
      I’m off to work now; gotta go. Later…

  • DayJob get a clue, you have no idea or knowledge of what you’re speaking of – just shut your mouth.

  • Ducter

    Wilma, if you havent gave up on that web2go on the hd2 all you need to do is add another apn for it, then its full net.

    T-Mobile can very easily get back in the race, continue expanding 3g instead of upping it in locations that have it…or hell, do both but they must expand, and fast. This is going to sound retarded lol, but the other day I was stuck in traffic and right next to me was a billboard for Verizon, it had their 3g coverage on it now I had seen the coverage map before and didnt think much of it, maybe it was because it was on a billboard right in front of me but it was impressive. I just couldnt stop looking at it lol.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Its funny because the test that I did using the speedtest.net app from the market… it showed that in my house I was getting over 3Mbps download and over 1Mbps upload along with a really low ping (on one test it was 85). However I did a test down the street and didn’t even get over 1Mbps up or down. No I am not using wifi and yes I did the test more than once and while it wasn’t always the same speeds the speeds in my house did reach between 2 and 3 Mbps down and above 1Mbps up. My ping was also between 85 and 110 or so. So it makes me wonder why its not the same right down the street. Hopefully these speeds will reach all across the Las Vegas and Henderson area.

    • watbetch

      Because they’re giving priority to towers suffering the most.. you can’t tell me that T-Mobile’s 3G can be pathetically slow in crowded areas where it hasn’t been upgraded. So towers that see the most traffic get the Ethernet backhaul link first, and then it will trickle down to all of them.. T-Mobile is popular in Vegas and it really showed when the HD2/Nexus One launched and the 3G network was brought to a crippling 150Kbps on 3G.

  • Joe R.

    Well.. The test results don’t say much, because we do not know if Phonescoop was in a WiMax or HSPA+ coverage area. The test could simply be testing Sprints 3G vs. T-Mobiles 3G. I live in Orange County, California, and not to boast, but CONSISTANTLY recieve over 5000 Kbps or 5 Mbps, Which is WAY more then the 4G test results. Theoretically HSDPA or 3.5G, which my test device (HD2) was running on, is capable of 7.2 Mbps but even seeing 5 Mbps in real world testing is simply amazing, and the reason I stay with T-Mobile.

    • Washout

      If you checkout the full article on phonescoop it says that they were in philly where both networks had publically launched. HSPA+ VS WiMAX

  • BoomBoomBang

    So I left a comment on T-Mobile’s Facebook…this is the convo.

    My favorite carrier of all.
    What gives on those high-end android phones buddy?
    I refuse to leave you guys, but I do wish we could get those awesome phones.
    Im tired of hearing about Verizon this, Verizon that.
    I brag about you guys all the time.
    Loyal customer for 11 years.
    When will we be able to brag about our awesome android phones?

    Jay, we have new phone coming out all the time. A number of phones have come out in the past few weeks with a number of other phones were announced. At this time none of them are the high end Android. Am hoping we’ll have something soon. When we do we’ll annouce it here on our Facebook page, as well on Twitter and our forums http://forums.t-mobile.com/

    What are you looking for in an Android phone?

    • BoomBoomBang

      I said.
      If you give us a Android phone with the specs of the Nexus One with a 5-row physical keyboard we’ll be drooling.

      • 2FR35H


        speak for your self I hate physical keyboards they only add to the size of it and I rather not have a huge brick in my pocket. keyboards are good for nothing. virtual is the way to go.

    • Ronthegentleman

      I love the qwerty keyboard too, but since having the mts I have fell in love with swype, so I say T-Mobile bring us an evo with froyo and swype asap!! But knowing tmobile this won’t happen til late 2011, always behind :(

  • raymond

    i like t mobile to it just feela right to be with them -_- hopefully we get the new sidekick and sgs around july so i have a choice woot woot

  • BoomBoomBang

    I do want the MyTouch Slide.
    But I do want to see what’s coming in July with this whole Emerald thing going on.
    Ughhh, idk whether to wait…or just get the Slide.
    Times of the Sidekick are wearing down on me..

  • Mike C

    We’re still waiting on T-Mobile 3G up here (Mendocino County in Northwestern California) ;)

  • A number of phones have come out in the past few weeks with a number of other phones were announced. At this time none of them are the high end Android

    • BoomBoomBang

      That broke my heart.

  • acesauce

    I say keep expanding the network,I have a moto cliq xt…and my service jumps from
    Edge to 3g way to much,if the network worked to keep me connected to just 3g,I would be a much happier person…I live in NewJersey by the way 15 minutes from NYC

    • joe

      Install AnyCut, create a link to Activity ‘Phone Status’. Here, at the bottom, you can chose for 3G only instead of preferred.

    • watbetch

      Actually with 1.5 just going under network setting will give you the option to select 2G, 3G or both. It will completely remove the 3G/EDGE switching.

  • Jay Kidd

    Can someone please send me a good speed test page for mobile?

  • Brian

    T-mobiles regular 3G is very, VERY slow (AND I’M IN A MAJOR CITY). HSPA+ is only in what? THREE cities right now ???

    • watbetch

      Relax, I’m tired of telling you simpletons that it’s not something that is done overnight across the entire network.

  • raymond

    true watbetch i don’t no much about expanding but i bet its a very long process that involves alot of people -_- i can wait for speed i just wld love to have a high tech device in my hands about now >.< im shaking like a drug addict ahh i need my high tech fix O.o

  • rks

    I understand it’s fast, faster than 3g, 4g whatever other G that maybe next bottom line outside of any major metrocity, coverage is lousy with 3g/4g and 7 times out of 10 your on EDGE. Unless t-mobile actually spends the money and builds an HSPA+ network that works equally well as a slower 3g verizon network or any other carriers network it’s a lost cause! They’ve upped their data rates to $30 made it a requirement but most of the day you sit @ EDGE and their 3g/HSPA speeds are horrific, I get better download consistency with EDGE . With Verizon I’ve noticed yes I don’t have flaming fast speeds as 4G or HSPA+ but it’s consistent and reliable no matter where I am.

    **3G speed experience may vary depending on location** just my experience before I left t-mobile

  • murble

    Im about 45min away from tmo 3g coverage, and only have GPRS with Edge off of one tower in town. :( Higher speeds in high pop areas is really fantastic, but I wish they would help some of their customers out in low pop areas as well.

  • S. G.

    I wonder how this compares to “the nation’s fastest network” AT&T.

  • hineschr

    When I am in 3g at my house(most of the time) I get speeds around 4mb down and .5mb up. Never seen upload speeds even close to that fast. Guess I don’t really have hspa+

  • golfreak

    T-mobile should be focusing on solidfying their 3G coverage instead of worrying about their HSPA+.
    I’ve been a Sprint customer for many years before jumpin over to Tmobile for the HD2.
    I live in Orlando and the 3G here is attrocious. It is so spotty.
    Trying to surf the net from time to time is a PITA.
    When I had Sprint, I would tether to my laptop driving up and down Fla and the signal was just fine even when driving in remote areas.
    I haven’t tried doing that with Tmobile but I can imagine I won’t even get a signal in those areas.
    I’ll be paying my ETF and jump back to Sprint very soon.
    Seriously, forget the 4G talk. Just impreove 3G and thats enough for most people.

    • I agree with you to an extent…I travel to Miami Florida with some riders (morticycles) and ESPECIALLY Orlando and other areas of Fl. and many areas that are the boonys and would think I shouldn’t have reception is pretty darn good. I’m not sure what you’re talking about buddy…but it sounds to me that it’s the phone. Just because we purchase PDA’s and Smart phones doesn’t mean that each one will have optimum performance and be exactly alike. I have users who use Verizon phones (who claim to have the best service of them all) and have chucked their phones right on the road because it was that bad. But me in Florida I have a ball with my phone and hardly any problems…downtown Orlando with my phones have been on point…to name the phones I’ve used with t-mobile Sidekick3 & LX, and my G1…its funny a phone you buy today could be the worse, buy a new but same model and works fine….so if I were you, instead of wasting your money on switching, purchasing the phone, and then your “ETF”…just find a retailer that you like the most and stick with them…if you’re phone sucks, buy a new one or different one…these complanies are going to be competing for a long time and though it wasn’t all that successful it’s still a great phone (Nexus one) it made people think otherwise (selling an unlock phone, with no contract online)so stick with Sprint and wait for more and new better phones like Nexus One to come out that are unlocked…because soon people like HTC aren’t going to gear there work to just one retailer…theres less profit in that….so pick one and stick with it….

      • golfreak

        Ummm…if you read my post, you’ll see exactly what phone I have.
        So you’re saying my HD2 sucks ??
        Its the only reason why I switched to Tmobile.
        I live in the UCF areas.
        Don’t tell me what my experience should be.
        Its exactly how I explained it.
        I’m not here to bash Tmobile…just my 2 months experience with it.
        If you have great reception with T-mobile, thats good for you. I hate it.


        It could always be a unit defect

    • Rubinz

      Completely agree with you. I’m smack dab in the middle of a huge “3G” zone and my BB 9700 and Nexus One can’t get a download faster than 330kbps. “Go T-Mobile” my ass.

      • Jack Chord

        I thought my phone was defective as well. Using tmo 3g? I get download of 476kbps & upload at 419kbps. That was using speedtest.net application. Then by wifi was able to get 2237kbps download & 1913kbps upload with a ping of 146ms. That was using Brighouse cable. Then I visit a friend who has Verizon fiber and by wifi got 8039kbps download & 4159kbps upload with a ping of 118ms. I think my phone is working properly. Right? Using a Nexus One. Any help would be appreciated.

      • B

        I get ~2000kbps down and ~1000kbps up on my Nexus One when at home through the speedtest app, much faster outside my house. On Wifi with Optimum Online, I get ~11500kbps down and ~2200kbps up. I would assume your phone is working correctly, but as I said several times before, people are giong to get different results in different areas.

    • watbetch

      You guys need to stfu about coverage. Speed needs to come now or network quality will deteriorate into the gutter. 3G fill-in is coming

  • DUB

    Can’t wait until HSPA+ hits Okc :)

  • Carajean

    I have to agree with some of you that are saying that tmo needs to improve 3g coverage. Sure they can say all they want that they have this new “4g” like service but the average user on their network cant get it or use it. I live in the middle of what the say is suppose to be 3g coverage and I can barely surf the web or stream 2 songs from slacker. I also have the new hd2 ( actually my replacement phone will be here 6/9 ) having the best of the best does not mean better coverage.

    If tmobile could just all the time give me what im paying for all the time I would be happy. Tmobile in my opinion needs to either buy someone or be bought out. Its like they have great priced plans and great customer service but you will sacrifice every where else.

  • and since T-Mobile’s network is only the 4th largest and not one of the top 2, it’s network is constantly overloaded or plagued by dropped calls. At least until everyone catches on and leaves Verizon and AT&T

    • Welllllll…

      I beg to differ. I’ve been a customer for 6+ years and the only trouble I have with dropped calls is situations like when I drive through an especially bad area of many power lines. The coverage map for T-Mobile + partners is very comparable to Verizon and AT&T – they all have gaps in the same places, for the same reasons.

  • Welllllll…

    HSPA+ is not 4G but it is the fastest thing around, works on many of their existing phones instead of requiring you to buy a new one and – as you can see in multiple other posts on this site – is rolling out to new locations constantly. If you want to learn about real 4G – which NOBODY HAS – see this wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4g

  • After 5 years of relationship, I left T-Mobile. The reason? Sprint HTC EVO. Let me tell you, this phone is a beast!!!! Service good so far, no problems ( yet, n I hope none ) I used to own HTC HD2 let me tell you IT SUCKS!!!! BIG TIME!!!!! Compared to EVO, EVO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! All of you who always wish for a HD2 with Android here it is. Do your selfs a favor and try the EVO. you wouldn’t regret it. By the way, I live in Greensboro, NC Great 4G coverage!!!!! You have 30 days to try Sprint service, if you don’t like it just take it back . ( you will not ) I bet ya!!!!!!
    And again, HTC EVO FREAKING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Wow, I like this film much. I hope everybody that watches this film enjoys it absolutely as much as I did. I was really touched by the movie and the way the actors were telling the motion picture to me…

  • ZEE

    Well you can settle for what you want or you can get what you want. your choice.
    evo was nice but after using it for 4 days i feel the os is not solid on it. maybe it needs a update or maybe it was rushed. i have about 60 apps, which might explain….. but after watching this video im thinking about returning my phone and sticking with tmobile….. here is the video if you want to see it.


  • ZEE

    i was using a hd2 prior to switching…… its not a bad phone. its quite nice. exept for ending all task all the time… but let me know what you guys think about the video… it kind of makes you feel can it get any better.

  • Trill

    There future proofing there network and going forth everything will be HSPA+ so why do all that extra work so wether you want to hear it are not they are making the right moves aside from phones cause I actually resorted to getting a Nexus One and not looking back. I get great speeds and so do others but I would say if your not happy and getting bad coverage or just want more then switch and try tmobile again later.

    Im impartial and can talk about either company but its mostly personal preference and whats best for the customer.

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  • I am one of these people who puts their entire life on their own cell phone so I got a Centro way back when and loved it- so personalized (color coding things like calendar appointments is a MUST for me) and effortless to use. The Pre came out and I was loving it… but… well… it simply lacked some ‘me’ things. So, when I saw all that Android could do…. well I was extremely excited. I was blessed to have discovered 1 cell phone left in stock at a Radio Shack 40 miles away last weekend and I’ve been playing and customizing ever since.

  • stephen

    forget 4g, forget 3g. I can’t go a single day without at least two dropped calls. and NO it is not a handset defect.

  • I live in city of st.louis and tmo coverage in my are is supposed to be excellent.
    Inside my house I’m lucky to get edge with 2 bars and outside in the middle of the street I get edge with 3 bars on all phones that I have used so far (mytouch 3g,tmobile wing, tmobile dash,tmobile sda and htc hd2).3g coverage in my area sucks and according to tmo coverage map it is supposed to be the best….I like hspa speeds when I’m downtown or in park but most of the time I can not enjoy those speeds because of lack of coverage.

  • m4f1050

    UCF area here, with HTC HD2, on Simple Mobile ($60 a month)

    I get 2.59Mb download and .30Mb upload all day long. On an HTC Ozone my speeds are different, slower, but the phone is a 528mhz not a Snapdragon, not sure if that contributes, but I have a feeling it does.

  • Still true to this dayy. : )