T-Mobile Slide Is “The” Summer Phone For Magenta

There is little question that T-Mobile is poised to make the MyTouch Slide the premiere phone for the summer. However, what we didn’t know is that T-Mobile is poised to make the myTouch line the “premiere” line for the carriers handset mix. According to the folks at Engadget who obtained a smorgasbord of bountiful and informative images T-Mobile is really looking to kick start the Slide’s launch with massive advertising campaign (please no B-list celebrities). They are shaping up to give the line top billing with a hopeful result of 8% of all handset sales to be a part of the myTouch set of devices. They will be launching the device in the exact same way as the original myTouch3G, which is with a full line of accessories and goodies to personalize your device, making it truly “my” phone.

Check out the rest of the images below, which contains both informational reading, and pretty pictures of the device. Either way, the countdown to June 2nd has begun.


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  • ricr

    I was looking to buy my first Android device, and was hoping T-Mobile would release something comparable to the HTC Incredible, or HTC EVO, but instead they make this Slide (piece of crap) their premier phone. That’s pathetic. I’m going to have to switch carriers.

    • Dame

      Bye Bye I’m sure you won’t be missed.

    • Alex

      i don’t get how people can call the slide a “piece of crap.” i’m pretty sure the only thing these haters are basing their opinions on is simply the speed of the processor. sure, it’s not the 1ghz snapdragon, but have you actually used this phone? how do you know the 600mhz processor doesn’t suffice? the specs of this phone puts it in the same league as the droid (which sold a crap load of units). so stop hating and do some research

    • cp

      Completely agree. How can a company so consistently be behind the curve on cell phone options? No wonder they are purging subscribers even with the great customer service/pricing they have. Making a switch as soon as our contract is up.

    • tomato

      In that case, why don’t you get the N1?

    • tomato

      Have you forgotten about the N1? Oh, that’s right. Let’s complain instead and see if we can get a reaction.

      Here is one for ya. Bye bye, don’t let the door hit you on the way out :)

    • GDHussak

      I agree with you completely, ricr! I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 7 years, and with this news, it looks like the end of the line for me and my family.

      I was frustrated and upset with T-Mobile prior to the MT3G launch, but their early adoption of Android along with quickly expanding 3G network, had me hopeful. Now, less than a year later, they’ve fallen behind again. Even the original MT3G is lacking greatly.

      Hate it. So frustrated.

  • Mohammad

    I want dell ligtning.

  • Mike

    Egh… Really? I suppose the more specs-oriented among us can hope for a better phone this Summer (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S or similar) that perhaps just won’t be pitched quite as hard (thus, not “premiere”). It makes sense, I suppose, the market for something like this (pretty good, not spectacular, more than good enough for most people, cheaper) is probably much greater than the latest Snapdragon monster.

    Still, if nothing’s on the horizon (and I mean IMMEDIATE horizon) when the Incredible gets back in stock at Verizon, I’ll most likely eat the $100 remaining on my T-Mo ETF and jump over there.

    • Alex

      i’ll laugh when you decide to switch carriers and t-mobile announces what project emerald actually is, which may turn out to be better than any of the other carriers’ phones. then you’ll regret it. it’s called being patient, sheesh. technology flies by quickly anyways. as soon as the big thing is released, it’s already outdated because something else even bigger is right around the corner. so, just be happy with what you got.

      • zazou

        If Project Emerald is anything like Project Dismal, I mean Dark, then they will be more than happy at Verizon.

      • Bobomo

        I’ve been patient for 1.5 years. T-Mo consistently under-delivers.

  • david

    If this is going to be the best that T-Mobile is going to have then I’m done.

  • Mark

    I’m done with T-Mobile if this it – there are like 3 phones on each carrier that are better than this thing. Give me a break T-Mobile.

  • Alejandro

    what happened to the project emerald news…..

    • nell_z


      I wonder if that has ANYTHING to do with Project Emerald….

      • pimpstrong

        the BIG news is the end of their HD2 contest for a phone and trip. u can enter until 6/19/10 google it

  • tmob

    I think this phone is ok, however, I see a couple of problems with this phone. 1. The PRICE. I think the 199 rumored price is way too much for a phone of these specs. It has the same price as the evo and the incredible but the specs are way lower. 2. Making it the premier phone for tmobile. If its the premier phone, then it has compete with the other carriers premier phone I.e. evo/incredible/iphone.

  • Errjo

    I’m soooo disappointed that Tmobile is giving us a rehashed Mytouch as their highend phone. Especially when everyone else is coming out with 1Ghz phones. I thought they would at least bring the nexus one into the fold now that google has decided to close shop. In the mean time I’m over here green with envy because ATT is getting ready to release the dell streak. By the way does anyone know when that phone will hit Tmobile, if at all?

  • zapote21

    Nothing wrong with the phone… But at $179 its a total failure…

    Imagine a disgruntled ATT customer looking at Sprint or TMO.. Comparable plans, 199 for EVO, 179 AMIR for Slide…

    This phone should be $129 or LESS… With no MIR

  • tindola

    read carefully, they didn’t say the MT slide would be the premier phone, they said that “the myTouch line the “premiere” line”. this doesn’t mean that this will be the best phone. I think they are doing what Verizon did, put out a line just for their android phones. no one is saying boo to Verizon for adding the eris and the devour to the droid line even though they are second tier at best, phones. yeah magenta is behind on the top tier phones, but i still think they will do us right.

    • TheLight

      for all of our sake I hope your right..

      I love my plan pricing and my service quality, now Im just waiting for Project Emerald to either blow me away or lack of..

      Come’on Magenta Im Counting on You! All I wasnt is the MT Slide on Steroids! ADD a snapdragon processor, 4.3(or bigger)super amoled screen, (2) 8-10Megapixel Cameras, Dual Mic, HDMI output, simultaneous voice and data, free wireless hot spot, all wrapped in a sexy casing!

      • TheLight

        all I want.. i said wasnt..lol.. I need swype on laptop..hmmmm

      • TheLight

        all I want.. i said wasnt..lol.. I need swype on laptop..hmmmm :)

      • TheLight

        all I want.. i said wasnt..lol.. I need swype on laptop..hmmmm :)

  • fatscooter

    Do you know when the in-store demos might be available? I wanna try it out to see if I would prefer it and it’s lower price-tag to the Nexus One.

    • brandon

      “Champions” already have them, and if one of them is at the store they may show it to you. I was in a store a week ago and a guy was showing his friend the “champions” slide and when I asked to see it, she seemed upset but let me try it out. I felt weird though using someone else’s phone, so I didn’t really check it out. She was also running one of those alternative home app’s and whatever it was, I wasn’t digging it.

  • Kate809

    Should I wait to purchase the Mytouch slide or get the Blackberry 9700, or even the Nexus One? I have never owned a smartphone and don’t know if I should go the Android route or Blackberry route. I am a heavy texter and like to browse the web. The slide seems like an obvious choice but I like the sleek look of the Nexus One but the ease of texting on the blackberry…The slide seems to be a lower end phone in comparison to the Blackberry 9700 and Nexus One…anyone have an opinion? I’m on the Family Plan so I would have to get the Nexus One unlocked and don’t know if it’s worth it.

    • brandon

      If you are looking to browse the internet, then any Android device is better than a Blackberry in my opinion. Especially with Android 2.2 on the horizon and its ability to play flash, you will be better off with Android over Blackberry.

  • bbswany

    LMAO! “The” premiere phone for the Summer…

    Spring: EVO 4g
    AT&T: iPhone HD
    Verizon: Droid Incredible | Motorola Shadow | iPhone HD (Maybe)

    T-Mobile: MyTouch Slide…

    Um.. Compared to the competition, this phone is a joke. At least get the Nexus One into retail channels for a decent Android device.. Looks like the Dell Lightning FTW (even without 3G)!

    • kate809

      Trying to decide on new phone and don’t know if I should wait for the Mytouch slide or get the Blackberry 9700, or even the Nexus One? I have never owned a smartphone and don’t know if I should go the Android route or Blackberry route. I am a heavy texter and like to browse the web. The slide seems like an obvious choice but I like the sleek look of the Nexus One but the ease of texting on the blackberry…The slide seems to be a lower end phone in comparison to the Blackberry 9700 and Nexus One…anyone have an opinion? I’m on the Family Plan so I would have to get the Nexus One unlocked and don’t know if it’s worth it.

      • meeee

        get a mytouch slide. The interface would be muchhhhhh better for your needs than a blackberry (worst internet browsing) and a nexus one may never come out+no keyboard+more expensive. Just get it… if you think it’s bad, return it. doubt you will tho..

      • laphoneuser


        Definitely choose Android over Blackberry. My wife has the Blackberry 9700, and I’m amazed at how much harder it is to figure out over the Android platform. Plus, you said texting and internet, both of which are great on Android phones.

      • kate809

        so mytouch slide or nexus one?

      • bbswany

        DEFINITELY Nexus One. A phone from Google. Updates as they happen, not when T-Mo says. Top of the line specs. Just my opinion..

  • enianen

    This is some sad, sad news. Up until now it was at least possible to hope they had more in the pipeline that we didn’t know about, but…

    The MyTouch Slide doesn’t even try to compete with the best Android phones on the market. It’s a budget phone at nearly full price. It’s clear I’m not the only one that’s disappointed, but T-Mobile can’t seem to figure it out.

    At this point I’m just waiting and watching my ETF shrink. T-Mobile may have nice service, but it does me no good if my friends have already launched their apps, finished what they need to do, and put their phones away while I’m watching mine chug along.

  • MyDixieWrecked

    I think you guys are missing the BIG picture here? Yeah, I can see why T-Mo is making this a flag-ship device. It caters to everyone, and a great price point for those not looking to spend a crap load of money. It also comes with Androind 2.1, and some are saying that it might even ship with 2.2 already installed. Don’t forget that T-mobile is looking to replace the sidekick, and this is the first stab at it. Sidekick was a great selling device for the younger crowd, and the Slide will be aiming at that.

    Do you really think the T-Mo is claiming this a “Super Phone?” I think not! Their looking to push QUANTITY, not QUALITY here. I too am into the badass phone, and I’m sure T-mobile, and HTC has something major up it’s sleeve due within in the next few months.

    Last thing…. Don’t knock it till you try it! I currently own an HD2, and yes I’m very happy with it. Yesterday I went to my local T-Mobile store, and had some one-on-one time with the Slide. I gotta tell you… The phone is sick, and very fun for what it is. Image looks great, keyboard felt fantastic, and the custom UI Sence was top notch! This is a phone that I’ll be picking up on release date! Not to replace the HD2, more of a phone to change things up from time to time.

    • Bobomo

      You lost me at “great price point”.

    • wojax2

      I have to agree. I’ve got an hd2 and I stopped in and played with the slide,at first i was a little skeptical but it really is a good phone!

      • badaphooko01

        Where are you guys seeing the slide at? My Tmo store which by the way is horrible, said they can’t show the device until the release date or they can get in trouble. The lasy told me she was the chosen rep. for the line and it had the same processor as the G1, little did she know I follow Android very closley and knew that indeed it has a faster cpu. She even made mention about G1s being jailbroken Umm! ok its not an iphone its called being rooted and installing custom roms. Anywase thats my rant. This phone looks nice but I too want a power phone. My contract is up in July, I hope something real nice for $200 comes out before then.

    • 30014

      Choosing phones for everyone is exactly why t-mobile is bleeding subscribers. If they want to make the mytouch line their premier line they should start high end and then work their way down. They don’t have any phones that would make people want to change carriers and come to tmo. The mts isn’t that phone either.

  • My2Cents

    I guess T-Mobile is content to lose any edge they once had by being the first in the US with an Android device. Now every carrier has better phones than them (Incredible, EVO, etc). When you add that to their poor coverage (at least in GA) I don’t know why people stay with them. I’d go to Verizon for the Incredible in a heartbeat if my company wasn’t the one providing me with a free T-Mobile phone. T-Mobile just doesn’t seem to get it….

  • Hoff

    N1 is available for TMO, HTC Desire is available (for full retail, but still available AND unlocked). All you have to do is know where to look and BOOM there ya go kids! I’d be happy to give you locations for a much higher end product that is directly in line with EVO 4G/iPhone HD/Droid Incredible and there won’t be any need to leave our beloved Magenta!!!

    • SEFan

      Is there a Desire version with AWS bands for 3G? If not then it’s no more helpful than any other Euro phone you might buy – a cripple unless it’s in WiFi range. As for the Nexus 1, still waiting to see returns that don’t have hideous fees. That’s mandatory for a device I haven’t had opportunity to see in person, play with etc.

    • Except the Desire doesn’t support TMo 3g.

  • Wuna_2021

    im thinkn of changing phones might check this out see how i like it.. i dont mind caughing up a few extra bucks if its worth it

  • justsumguy

    I think all the Tmo “bashers” need to relax a little. This is going to be a mass market phone. They want it to appeal to a broad demographic whether it be a first time smartphone user or a long time Tmo Android fan. Not everyone cares about the processor speed of their phone, especially the family demographic the Tmo is targeting right now. I have had the chance to play with this phone and there is little evidence of it’s lack of a 1Ghz processor. There has already been plenty of evidence showing Tmo will get an Android Superphone(Samsung T-959) so patience will be needed but a 4″ Super AMOLED screen and 1Ghz Hummingbird processor should be worth the wait.

    • SEFan

      Relax? Really, why? I can accept your argument that MyTouch Slide will be more of a mass-market device, and good on ’em for that. I hope it sells like crazy. But there’s a market niche that wants cutting-edge devices. The Win-Mo subset of that got theirs with the HD2, but the Android side still feels out in the cold. N1 is nice and all, but it’s not the same as a T-Mo phone. For one thing I CAN’T see one in the store. We see that T-Mo is targeting the “family demographic”, and that’s fine. We’re the “hot Android” graphic, and what we want to know is whether T-Mobile thinks enough of us to bring US a device we can be proud of.

      We’ve had similar “evidence” of other superphones headed to T-Mobile in the past year. None has panned out. In any case, why is this worth the wait. We’ve BEEN waiting. T-Mobile dropped the first Android set in the world, but they’ve been behind ever since. Patience is running out…

  • Gem


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Maybe I am missing something, but where has T-Mobile said that the Slide is a premiere handset, that is considers it a superphone or that this is the only phone it will debut in terms of smartphones or even superphones?

    While TMoNews and comments have said some of these things, I have not heard T-Mobile say anything close to what some people “accuse” the company of saying.

    You all are also making assumptions and unfounded conclusions.

    You all need to calm down and get a grip. For example, the pricing is right in line with what the typical user expects to pay for a phone of this caliber. So your saying it’s too high or that it should be $100 to $150, well that’s just plain stupid, especially since any price between $150 to $200 is really the same to most people.

    And why compare this to the HD2, Evo or Incredible. Last time I looked those devices did not have a physical keyboard. A handset having one makes a BIG difference to many people.

    Last, but not least, this phone has great specs for a consumer phone. Quit with the thinking that every device is supposed to have the fastest processors, max RAM, largest display and fastest graphics.

    The fact is, those specs cost money. If the Slide had max specs it would not cost what it does. And then it would be priced beyond what the target market is willing to pay.

    • David

      Michael, from what I have heard, its not the only phone launch but is the phone that they will promote the most, its their flagship.

    • SteveBerman

      Couldn’t agree more. If you want a sweet phone, you will likely be on a better carrier and willing to pay a bit more a month for more coverage.

  • sdfsdsf

    sad just sad tmobile. your summer quater back is wack. really how r u going to compete with the evo let along the iphone or droid.

  • Gone

    Verizon has the Incredible for their “mass market” phone. AT&T has the Iphone. Sprint has the EVO. We get this? I’m done

  • da-ku

    wow most of this people havent even try the phone out yet and they’re already bashing the poor thing. i dont blame them cuz i used to think the same way when i saw those specs..but after playing a little with it im definately getting it on june 1 when its available for us employees. ive compare the Mytouch Slide and the HD2 side by side at my store on speed and responsiveness..and let me tell you the mytouch slide had a better response and less laggyness…goes to show you that a 1ghz snapdragon processor isnt needed to have a a fast phone.

    • DLirious

      I’ve owned the Nexus and now have the HD2 both of course have the 1ghz Snapdragon but Ive also played with the slide and I promise that most of you won’t be able to tell the difference in the processor. I am also usually on the bleeding edge of technology but then again I typically push most of my devices to the limit. My point is why complain about specs that you will never fully use? I see people over pay everyday on electronics that are way over their heads. And after owning over a hundred phones, several dozen laptops…bleeding edge gets old after you spend so much to be one of the first. Just get what makes you happy and not jump on band wagons just because of some specs, commercials, my friend wants and so do I.

  • JBLmobileG1

    How much do you wanna bet on June 19th “stay turned this will be Big” they will officially announce froyo 2.2 for the device and state that the phone WILL offer tethering as well as free wiring hotspot use from the device. (I am dreaming of course)

    • pimpstrong

      june 19th is the end of the Big HD2 contest so they will probly announce the winner. i hope its just a coincodence. Tmo didnt block or charge me for tethering with my TP2 so im pretty confident they will allow the Android feature. After all, they wont be charging extra for HSPA+

  • alex

    I hope June 19th is the announcement of a high end My touch with,New Sense UI(Expresso),8mp,1ghz snapdragon,Android 2.2,Comes in white, red, and black,Loads of accessories,4.0 screen Super AMOLED screen with Atmel maXTOUCH sensors,Includes 8/16gb micro SD card expandable to 32gb,16gb,Touch Sensitive track pad like the my touch slide,Promotes t-mobiles Hspa+,3.5mm audio jack,Camera/video takes 720p HD resolution,Xenon Flash,Camera in front 3mp,As slim as the Samsung Galaxy S,Pre-loaded with Flash 10.1,No qwerty keyboard, default on-screen keyboard is swype,My modes,Genius Button,Faves Gallery,7 customizable screen,Nice Flexible, good looking design,Mini HDMI output,more features

    I can dream=)
    I like the design of the My touch slide, but i just don’t want a phone with a qwerty keyboard.

  • Kristjan

    if they labeled Florida as their top division, how in the hell do we not have 3g+ yet? new ceo should fix up that problem real quick.

    • MyDixieWrecked

      Not sure what part of Florida you’re in, but I’m in Miami, and I’ve got it. “H” and “3G” pops up on my phone all the time.

  • Steven G

    I think the MyTouch line is a really solid line of smartphones. I’ve owned them all thus far and have been really happy with them. I’m actually considering this over the Nexus One. It’s simple, it’s nice. It’s not the best of the best out there, but it’s a really solid phone for your midrange consumer. Show them the EVO and they’ll get really worried about how they’d use all of it. I know many people who would be happy as pie to get a phone that does what they want and has a physical keyboard.

  • lev

    I think its great, who wants a 4.3 inch screen, 8mp cam with flash, youtube hd, front facing camera, 1ghz processor, 800X480 resolution screen, 4g capabilities, kickstand for watching movies, record videos in 720 HD, not me, no sir, I want a 3.4 inch screen with 480×320 resolution, and 5mp cam, great keyboard though, though it looks glossy as hell, I can understand they want to release a phone for the masses, thats what they have always done, to me the HD 2 was a failire and 8 months too late because its OS is antiquated. I mean tmo service in my area is good, I want a super phone, the very least they can announce the Nexus One hitting tmo retail stores, guarantee that would be a huge seller, anyone know the retail of the mtslide 3g? I mean it has some cool features, but looks like childs play compared to the EVO 4g, hardware wise, thats my opinion. I just hate how tmo is so secretive with their dates, dont keep us in the dark, just tell us, no more games, I am seriously contemplating going to Sprint to get the EVO

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Why does everyone always mention the N1? If you wanna talk about FAIL, that’s it! That phone was a whack job by google period.

  • D3B0

    I think everyone needs to calm down! I have used this phone (and several others like the HD2 and Nexus 1) and there is NOTHING wrong with these specs. The phone runs astoundingly smoothly. For that matter I don’t hear anyone one whining how “poor” the specs on the iPhone 3GS are and these are slightly better. Same speed processor, but MORE RAM and once it gets Froyo (as HTC has said it will) you can save apps to the SD card and the internal memory will be pretty close.

    But here’s the big point, if you don’t like it DON’T GET IT!

  • tomato

    I looooooove the red one!! :)

  • tomato

    I seriously love the EVO but come on, 8MP camera on a phone you STILL CAN’T F’N SEE IN THE SUN!!! Hahahaha!! LMAO, think about it!

  • Nexi

    I think people just need to give it a chance. It seems the people who are complaining are people who haven’t had their hands on the device. Everyone who has actually used it, all give it high praise. I personally believe good monthly price and service is more important than having my calls dropping with a super smart phone. I know people with the Droid who like the phone but hates the service, so what are you guys willing to give up? I have had the G1 and the Cliq and the slide looks way better than them by a mile. I will def. be picking it up in June.

  • Taaars

    I have had my hands on the device, it is an improvement from the MT3G, but no where near the incredible or EVO, not by a long shot. I also thought a keyboard would have been nice, until I got swype on my MT3G..now I see no need for one (although this phone has swype as well I believe, but why?, once you get used to swype you will type faster with it). Tmobile needs to let us know when they aer giving us the Galaxy S.

    • MyDixieWrecked

      Only a dumbass would compare this phone to the incredible or Evo!

      • Taaars

        Well, This is what T-Mobile is giving its customers as their next big launch,and they are putting it at a pricepoint that is near the Incredicle and EVO. So yes, it seems that Tmobile believes they have a phone on par with these devices and IT FALLS SHORT. Now, if they released the phone at around $100 with no Mail in rebate, then people would not compare it to said devices, because it would be in a different price category. (You cant slap a BMW price tag on a Toyota and not expect people to say “err..but the corolla isnt a series 3, even though you have it priced like one”)

      • MyDixieWrecked


        Then you sir are an idiot! You have no clue about marketing in the least bit. Please tell me how this phone falls short? Might fall short because you’re comparing it to the ones you mention when the slide is not even in the same class. If you’re crying about the price…? Look around some. Most cell phone of today run anywhere from $179.99-$250.00 (Full discount) no matter what it offers.

        Sorry to say, but with my hands on time with the phone it seems to knock the doors off your so called BMW speed wise.

        Ever seen a Toyota beat a BMW?

      • Taaars

        Ahh, name calling, I love it, the true demostration of a two year old. Marketing, thats what your leaning on? You keep missing my point little one, I in no way have either said this is a bad phone, OR directly compared it to the phones mentioned. HOWEVER Tmobile IS by placing the pricepoint were it is directly putting the slide in THE SAME RING with phones that have superior specs all around, and now WAL MART is even offering the Iphone (even though I would never get one) at 97 bucks; Why do you think almost everyone here is comparing this phone to them, not because its a bad phone, but its just not competitevly priced. Oh, just so you can wrap you small intellect around the comparison I was giving, I was talking STOCK cars, not beefed up modified ones. Oh, BTW, im not leaving Tmobile over this, nor I am upset, I still beleive Tmobile will realse a phone that will compete DIRECTLY with the phones everyone here keeps mentioning, but I think the frustration is when?,It seems that TMO USA keeps lagging behind in this department.

  • JBLmobileG1

    This phone is going to be Awesome! I really wish people would look at everything about it… watch videos and see how smooth it runs. It has EVERYTHING that one could possibly want on an Android phone and with Froyo coming to it soon after it will be one of the best Android phones as far as features go. Sure it doesn’t have a 1Ghz processor but it does have plenty of onboard memory. Trust me… this phone is going to be amazing! For anyone looking into replacing their aging G1… this phone may just be what your looking for. I would think my only concern is the fact that the full Flash may not run on it (it does has Flash Lite) It will get Froyo and I know Flash will require Android 2.2 but I also heard a 1Ghz processor or greater may be required as well… so we shall see. Even if full flash doesnt work though I don’t really care because the only reason I’d want flash is for Hulu and I heard they block everything anyways (yes… even on the Nexus One). I am happy that finally Tmobile is releasing something with all the features that I’ve been missing and wanting for the G1. The only thing I do hope that Tmobile will allow is the tethering and mobile wifi hotspot when Froyo does release to the device. My guess is this may be what the BIG deal is on June 19th. Think about it… the entire list of dates is based around the MyTouch… so like I said in a post above, I believe they will be the first Carrier to announce Froyo on their device (the Nexus One wouldn’t count yet) as well as FREE (no extra fees) tethering and protable wifi hotspot. This only, along with the roll out and being compatible with the HSPA+ network, could be a big deal. To offer these features as an added bonus would make it pretty BIG in my eyes. Sure Verizon offered it free with the pre… but with the HSPA+ network you could almost replace your home internet with your phone. It would be the ALL-IN-ONE muti media device one could ever want. For anyone thinking this phone is going to be crap… fine… leave Tmobile. But you will be wishing you would have stayed once you realized that 8MP camera, battery hogging screen, and 1Ghz processor wasn’t worth the switch. BTW a 5mp camera is all you really need on a cell phone… if you want anything bigger get a REAL camera. Also… if you use your phone enough you will find a larger HD screen along with a faster processor will eat up your battery really quick. So… while those who are leaving for Sprint to get an EVO… hopefully we don’t get stuck somewhere together in an emergency. While my phone will be powered and ready to go yours will probably be dead from just turning it on and checking your email (ok… so it won’t die that quickly). One added note… I checked my G1 to see what eats the most out of my battery… and guess what? Its the screen! I don’t even have the brightness turned up even half way and I am using apps.. making calls… going online ALL the time… and the screen is using up most of my power. I can only imagine a bigger HD screen would drain it even quicker. All in all… I don’t think you should hate this phone until you give it a try for yourself or atleast look at the videos of it on youtube. All the reviews for the most part have been positive. So… give it a try!

    • mad dog

      I find it funny that people say tmobile won’t miss people leaving to go to other carriers. I got news, they missed 77k last quarter. If this is the best tmo is offering for the foreseeable future sprint has nothing to worry about.

    • Taaars

      The one thing you metntioned here was a replacement for the G1, and you are right, this is the perfect phone for those who simply cant live without their keyboard. I just disagree with the price point, it simply a tad to high. And that is what the fuss here is all about, I dont think anyone can say this phone sucks, cause it dosent, it is a nice phone, but the price point leads to two things:

      Direct comparison to the Incredible and EVO

      A feeling that Tmobile is not going to release anything better this year, and if they do what price point are the going to put it at, $400, with a 2 year contract after reabte?

  • Kerry

    I’ll be getting a Slide, and I’ll pay full price for it so I can save my upgrade for an expensive 1GHz monster. The phone looks good, and my TMO employee friend says it screams. 1.6 on my G1 is past old, and I look at this phone as a nice step up.

    I’ve heard a lot of hating on this phone simply because it doesn’t have a 1GHz processor… ok, then wait for the phone of your dreams.

    For me, this phone will do what I want and be better than what I have… if its not then it goes back and I’ll keep using my G1.

    • Tokinotabumblb

      I agree. This is marketed to be a family phone, anyway. Not one for power users. They’re probably making it a big deal about it for the summer because MyTouch is T-Mobile’s thing. I don’t think just because it is the “premier phone”, doesn’t mean it is the phone with the best specs T-Mobile will offer. I think this phone has a little bit of everything for everybody. I like the MyTouch 1.2, and I’ve always wanted a MyTouch with a keyboard, boooo!!! For the people who has to have the absolute best specs, I thought the Samsung Galaxy S is coming for us, or maybe even that “Sidekick Twist” phone. Even with a 600mhz processor, I wouldn’t mind getting the slide. I think it will be a nice phone.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Tomato… I Love the red one too… it reminds me of the classic 50s car that I never had. LOL I just wonder if it will be too girly for a guy to own a phone of this color. Its either the red or possibly white for me.

    • Tokinotabumblb

      I don’t see a problem with guys getting the red one. I always love black, so if I were to get this phone, it would be in that color.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Also… I do like the black… but on one of the video reviews (black model) it picked up finger prints like CRAZY! It was almost worse than a Sony Piano Black PSP.

  • Chris

    I think everyone is really under-rating this phone based on the processor. I’ve had the privilege to demo this phone, and I must say that the Dragon voice recognition software built in to the phone is incredible, and in my opinion a real game changer. the voice to text technology and the voice search are nearly flawless. I also got to check out some of the newer high end games that are becoming available in the android market, such as raging thunder 2, the 600mhz processor seems to run these apps perfectly, I did not experience any lagging even with multiple applications running. My point, ultimately, don’t knock it until you try it, half the the things the average person won’t even use a 1ghz snapdragon to it’s full capacity. And for those who need it, there’s always the nexus one!

  • SteveBerman

    T-mobile’s phone selection is terrible. This is hopefully a joke as the being the big news of the summer…

  • Anony Mouse

    People are idiots. T-Mobile is a company that is top notch service, number one in coverage (as rated by independent testers), and better phones than others. People want to complain because they are snowed over by marketing. “Get the iPhone”…why? so you can have an outdated POS that is doing nothing now but copying everyone else. Anroid does video…then iphone does…android does multitask…then iphone (seemingly) is trying to…..android does flash….and iphone cant jump on board so they argue over HTML5 vs Flash…..etc

    If you want to pay 30-50% more for your plan just to get a phone with a slightly faster processor than go for it. I laugh when people say “why is the slide the same price as evo?” …well duh…its because the cost for the plan allows the company to subsidize more. What your doing is being lured in by the shiny marketing so you grease the companies pockets on a monthly basis more.

    I worked for different carriers in the wireless industry….want to know a secret? ATT doesnt like their wireless branch. In fact, they waited over a year to allow cingular to take the name ATT because they saw it as just a failure. They though that the wireless industry was a must have part of telecommunications now, so they bought someone out and let them sit…and run their own show, until they felt they earned the right to be called ATT.

    As for ‘regional’ carriers like Metro PCS and Cricket….did you know that the executives of those companies actually use T-Mobile phones. One cricket executive actually dissed his own company, saying that they do not have the data speeds available for being productive on mobile phones.

    ATT also has a dirty little secret…ok maybe not so much of a secret but it is part of their pulling the wool over the customer’s eyes. They have a policy called “wow the customer”. What this means, and what managers and employees are trained on…is to throw money at the customer. An ATT customer service agent has adjustment levels of 250 bucks. Meaning they can adjust 250 bucks of whatever the heck they want on a customers bill. They do this not to make the customer happy, but because of the fact that the iOCR metric they use to train on (which measures how often the customer called back after 7 days of talking with customer service) and the wave surveys (the ‘independent’ customer satisfaction surveys that come about 3-7 days after contact), along with the after call surveys, are shown to produce higher scores if a customer is just given an adjustment, even if the actual problem is not fixed. ATT could care less if you have to call back next month for the same problem, they just want those metrics to look good. A customer is also more likely to pay his bill if he gets a courtesy adjustment, than some other customers who try to withhold payment until an issue is resolved.

    Verizon ….. well lets just say there are people with contracts extending past their life expentency.

    These are not so shocking things, but they do make a point. Tmobile cares about its customers, and the fact is that not every phone has to be a bulldog in hardware. Not every mytouch has to have a snap dragon processor. Tmobile is focused around families, and as much as I would like to have a 1 gb ram and rom, 1 ghz snap dragon processor, with 5 inch HD super hyper plasma 3d screen and multitouch and flash and 3d cameras with built in projection system and mobile holo emitter……
    The mytouch slide may not be the phone of choice for all people, but it will be a nice phone for families, active people, people who want fun from their phone, and more.
    I have done a lot of playing around with the mytouch slide (a friend had it and I got to play with it for a while), and I will tell you this. I love it. Things run fast, multitouch works great, the only things I do not like is that flash player is not as seamless as it could be. The keyboard is nice, a little flat for my taste, but I have yet to find a keyboard I like. It is a nice phone. While this may not be a beast of a phone that people are looking for, it really is a great phone all around. Ive also played with the droid, the eris, the hd2, the mytouch, the g1, the sidekicks, the iphone, and more. I have used phones from many different carriers and been a customer or employee or different carriers, and tmobile by far as my vote.

    • beth00

      Would you get the slide over the Nexus One?

      • Anony Mouse

        yes I would. The nexus one is nice, and given the choice I may have both (maybe), but the slide has the full keyboard which functions better with some games, even though multitouch is out there I would rather use a keyboard and get faster response to things like emulators…not to mention I do not have to cover part of the screen with my fingers). Also, the slide has things the n1 doesnt have, like the genius button.

  • Mark

    Frankly, I’m losing my patience with T-Mo… Every other carrier had serious news at CTIA and T-Mo had… warmed over network upgrade talk.

    At the rate T-Mo is going, even also ran regional carriers will have better Android handsets.

  • Motivated

    This phone is definitely not worthy of replacing my G1. I don’t want a phone that I will have to root and hack to get the best out of it, and you will most likely have to do that to this phone. Come on T-Mobile get up with the competition, this is just disappointing!

  • Cujo

    All the people whining “wahhh wahh spring has the evo, verizon has the incredible, AT&T has the iPhone” need to grow up. This is a free market by all means leave. Please make us other tmobile customers happy and move the hell on. Less network congestion for us! “and the I’ve been with tmobile for 8 years and this is the last straw crowd” need to go too! Bye!

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think Anony Mouse knows what they are talking about. Infact about the AT&T and the whole wow deal… I just hard a Guy at my work tell me how this Rep over the phone was making all these adjustments to his bill and really for no reason. As for Motivated… its way better than the G1 and with Froyo you wont have to root. I mean the only reason I even came close to rooting my G1 was for apps2sd. Trust me you will think different come the 2nd and once you have played with this phone.

  • tato22

    whats happenm to the sidekick ? samsung galaxy s? nexus one ?

  • Dinlasvegas

    I want the new iPhone on tmobile this year. I have had blackberry and android and still iPhone ranks number 1. I am hoping that they are promoting this phone so they can make the most sales from it before they release the iPhone and sucker everyone into a 2 yr contract w mytouch

  • Wilma Flintstone

    *prays for Project Emerald News and soon*

    • pimpstrong

      tell me about it. Project Emerald and HTC Vision

  • Green Robot

    MT3G Slide to be the T-Mobile flagship device for the summer? Is this another one of Dobson’s brilliant plans? Compete by being firmly behind the competition? I wish he left 2 years ago. As it is he still has until next year to sink the company further with such brilliant plans as this one… Just sad :(

  • mytouch

    .0 i am sick of evryone hating on this phone if u dont have nothin to say dont say it at all

    • Green Robot

      You know, I’m willing to bet that hardly any any of us would have a bad word to say about the Slide if it was priced at about $130 or so and T-Mobile had a high end Android device like Droid Incredible or Evo or Galaxy S in their lineup priced at $200. In such a situation, Slide would be a great phone at a competitive price and targeted at the correct market segment. As it is now, it sucks and I hate it. Period, end of story.

      • john doe

        actually if really knew anything about phones, u would know that the incredible has screen problems and the evo has been delayed a total of 3 times and none of phones have 2.2
        if u want a really high end phone nexus one is at the top of the list.

      • Errjo

        Exactly!!! I couldn’t have said it any better.

      • Ryan

        No wonder Robert Dotson is quitting. If this was the best phone my company could come up with at a $230 price point, I would quit too.

    • jay555

      If you’re so sick of hearing our opinions stop reading our comments. Just keep telling yourself that this is the best phone on the planet and we’re all nuts for questioning TMo’s wisedom.

      Want to know what I hate, that lame argument of “some people don’t want a superphone, they’re perfectly happy with a mediocre mid-range phone”. I could buy that excuse if this phone were priced around $100. And if, on top of that, the monthly plans were significantly cheaper.

      But considering that this phone cost almost the same as an Incredible and you’ll be paying almost the same monthly charges for service, why on Earth wouldn’t you want to go all out and have the best phone possible?

      And before anyone bother’s to ask, no I do not want to switch to Verizon, so don’t bother responding with that.

  • shakarak

    Having used this phone a ton I absolutely love this phone. The phone is amazingly quick even with 80+ apps on it. The genius button is an awesome feature as well as my modes. You guys need to understand this phone doesn’t need a huge processor to be blazing fast. It also has features that other phones don’t like the genius button (dragon dictation voice recognition software, mymodes, and fave gallery)

    • hiwattage

      I have some questions for you. Can this phone be used as a wifi hotspot like the Samsung Galaxy S coming out soon? What is the internal memory that comes with it and what is the total amount that it can be expanded to? Can it be upgraded to Android 2.2 (Froyo) when it comes out? Thanks.

  • aquaitious

    The slide would have been the only other Android phone I would consider had I not gotten a Nexus one.

    The keyboard on the Cliq is really not that special. The G1 keyboard was amazing.

  • Funnyman

    Phone is ok. I’m not a fan of Sense UI. Sometimes its buggy and resets itself. The Friendstream widget lags and sometimes freezes upon refreshes. Using it for about 3 weeks now. There is no way to turn Sense off either. It desperately needs a ROOT and Froyo….i’ve went back to my Nexus and sidelined this.

  • Funnyman

    Phone is ok. I’m not a fan of Sense UI. Sometimes its buggy and resets itself. The Friendstream widget lags and sometimes freezes upon refreshes. Using it for about 3 weeks now. There is no way to turn Sense off either. It desperately needs a ROOT and Froyo….i’ve went back to my Nexus and sidelined this.

  • sami

    that’s not a good sign for the galaxy s, considering how much better the galaxy s is than the slide.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Green Robot… you know at first I said the same thing about the price but after I have seen it in action and what it has to offer my opinions about the price totally changed. While it may not be a Nexus One, Incredible, or an EVO, it does offer things that none of them offer which Shakarak mentioned above. This phone offers a lot more than my G1 and it will be the same price that I paid for my G1 at launch. I don’t see how this phone can suck and you hate it if you’ve never even played with it. I guess you can say to me, “how do I Love it if you never played with it in person” but honnestly I know it will do almost anything that one could want or even need on a phone. Like I said the videos that I’ve seen are good enough. True, I am not sure how good of quality it will be built wise, but I haven’t heard any complaints about it from the Tmobile reps that do have one so I am sure it has a good quality feel to it.

  • MagentaMagic

    I’m using the mt3g slide as a demo phone for my store. I’m not hating it, but I am noticing some timed-out sms and a couple BT call fails. Sometimes I have to force the Friends Feed to update manually. Otherwise, not a bad phone. Love the keyboard AND swype.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Software issues can always be fixed and hopefully will be when Froyo is released for it. Hows the hardware though? Does it feel good? Quality wise what could you compair it to MagentaMagic if anything ?

  • MobileGary

    I’m disappointed that this is the best TMO will have for the summer. According to BGR iphone 4.0 is just around the corner and VZW has the Droid Incredible. Will this phone have decent hardware or will it be another crap processor and slow like the MT3G?

  • alex

    I think I will be getting it on white….Then in the phone, put it to rest and hope the Galaxy S is here or the dell streak, or the htc vision….

  • MikeTheProf

    T-Mo better get the Galaxy S…

  • Curtis

    Anybody notice that the color scheme used in this promotion could be described as “emerald”?

    • Ryan

      Curtis, don’t bring that up. You’re smashing everyone’s hopes and dreams of getting a 1ghz android phone. Without hope… well… people might leave and get an Evo.

  • Jazz

    I have no problems with the phone, and that it’s their “flagship” phone. It will probably appeal to the mass market. But I agree with everyone else, I want something that competes with the Desire, Evo, etc. Yes, the Nexus 1 is out there, but it’s not yet available in stores, when it is, it might be a different story.

    Since I preorded the G1, my 2 year contract is up on 10/22. My hope is that TMo comes out with a top android phone by then. There’s no reason they can’t provide the Mytouch slide to appeal to the mass market, and a Desire like phone to the ones who want a top of the line phone and are willing to pay for it. (Not totally sold on Galaxy S, the phone looks great, but not a fan of Samsung, or their abandonment of the Behold2.)

  • rushmore

    I wonder if Tmo sticks with this strategy now, since Dotson is leaving? They will continue to bleed high margin customers if they do. As QSJ points out, that is their problem.

    MyTouch SLide is a good mid-level device like Verizon has the Ally (MTS seems better, IMO), but Verizon also has Droid and Incredible now.

    Tmo is on a slippery slope with their low-end strategy.

    • rushmore

      Meant WSJ, of course. MTS should have been the G2 last year and the new Desire with keyboard (if true), the G3 for this year. All component tech in the MTS are almost two years old.

  • rushmore

    I wonder if Tmo sticks with this strategy now, since Dotson is leaving? They will continue to bleed high margin customers if they do. As WSJ points out, that is their problem.

    MyTouch SLide is a good mid-level device like Verizon has the Ally (MTS seems better, IMO), but Verizon also has Droid and Incredible now.

    Tmo is on a slippery slope with their low-end strategy.

  • souggie

    just played with the slide today. NO force closes in apps, just as fast as my nexus one, and HD2. Video loading was ok, at the very least better than the original mytouch. processor speed is 667 MHZ,(i read the FULL spec sheet from the tmobile rep from the store)it zips. Guys, really what is the HUGE deal for a 1ghz processor other than to watch movies and stream video, because the processor is only a part of what goes into making the phone fast and responsive. the guys on here saying that they want a 1ghz processor phone, i bet you if you put this up to another 1ghz phone u wouldnt be able to see a diffrence except in video loading time. I can say that because i HAVE a nexus one, and the slide is just as fast, i almost wish i didnt pay the damn $530 for the nexus one. Guys before you complain, i suggest you PLAY WITH THE PHONE FIRST, then form a true opinion, and make an informed decison one which phone you really want to buy. that hd2 i just got is SURELY going back to tmobile, and im gonna get the slide…i like it.

  • Homer

    Great. Make a big deal out of a handset with and outdated OS and sub par specs. Good job. This is what you’re banking on? Really?

  • Logic

    You *could* go to that restaurant and eat steak for $20. Or…. or… you could stay at this restaurant and eat spam for $20… it’ll get you just as full!

    Unbelievable delusions the fanboys are having here

  • souggie


    What makes the phone outdated? what? a processor?, because it seems thats ALL you guys go on now….wake up and see that every phone with a 1ghz processor, is not the see all end all, Jeez, this leads me to believe that you guys obviously dont play with and dissect phones for real, and just go by word of mouth. the phone has 2.1, it has a 5 mp camera which folks have bitched about not having before. It has a flash, which folks bitched about not having before. It has flash lite supprt, which folks bitched about not having before. Froyo has been guaranteed to come to the phone by HTC. IT IS FAST. IT IS SMOOTH. i bet you wouldnt be saying anything if the phone had a 1ghz processor….which if you know phones, is not the SOLE reason a phone zips, if that was the case then the nexus one should have been TWENTY TIMES better than it is with all its vaunted specs, and this phone is just as fast. I had my doubts just like you, but now i know that the damn processor is not the only thing that matters. Come on wake up, its not about fanboyism. its just pure fact im spouting. Dont like the phone because you tried it out, not because it doesnt have a damn 1ghz processor. I HAVE A 1ghz phone, WHOOP DE DAMN DOO!!! theres literally almost no difference IMO(thanks nexus one). what? is live wallpapers a must? are you gonna stream and watch movies ALL the time, as for movie watching i wasnt able to put a file on the MT slide to check, but once i find out, ill let you guys kno for sure. outdated? HARDLY. the only REAL difference to you guys is a processor

  • souggie

    guess what? pretty soon theres gonna be a phone more powerful than the EVO,with a 2 or 3ghz processor, so what happens to your precious 1ghz phones then? will they be CRAP too? come on man, you guys are gonna be waiting for the next best thing FOREVER. TMO is going to have better and better phones soon, be patient…

    • jay555

      I hear what you’re saying but at the same time you’re proving your own point wrong. Yeah pretty soon there’s going to be phones with dual core processors. And yes the snapdragon will be outdated at that point and barely able to keep up. But when that happens, where will the slide be, it’s hardware is obsolete now, so it’ll be as dead as the G1 is today (in the sense that it won’t be officially updated anymore).

      Look, I’m not one of those people that’s always going to be waiting for the next big phone. I just want a phone that’ll be able to hold it’s own a year from now. Phones like the Incredible and N1 probably will, can you say the same about the Slide?

  • Green Robot

    Meanwhile rumors are starting to come out that Verizon is going to get two more Android devices including Shadow:
    Another nail in T-Mobile’s coffin?
    They are simply refusing to compete at this point. How many thousands of customers lost will it take for them to notice that their low to mid-level strategy is a loosing one in today’s market?
    I will stop complaining now and come November I will most likely become part of that thousands of lost customers to make my argument.
    So long T-Mobile and thanks for all the fish….

  • Anony Mouse

    I still laugh a little bit about everyone saying “I wouldnt mind the phone is it was cheaper and plans were cheaper”….I guess these people are short sighted individuals. The truth is that Tmobile has lower monthly plans, so they cannot subsidize the phone cost as much as other carriers. However, in the long run tmobile comes out at a lower net costs. I am sure these short sighted people don’t mind paying 200 bucks for an iphone and then over 100 bucks for individual line service, on top of ATT’s new higher ETF for smartphones. Whereas you can buy a mytouch slide for the same cost but spend less 80 bucks a month for unlimited everything. I would rather spend 40-70 bucks more for a phone and 30 bucks less a month on my price plan. All the same, the phones are still competitively prices. Almost all of T-Mobile’s smartphones are under 200 bucks after discount…can the other carriers say that?

    Want to know a little fact……it takes a wireless carrier between 12-18 months to make back the money they lose on subsidizing a phone. After that 12-18 month period the subscriber becomes profitable. Now on top of that….lets just look at a little disturbing fact…..verizon takes maybe 11-12 months to becomes profitable, ATT and sprint take maybe 12-16 months. T-Mobile takes closer to 18 months. Why is this? Because Verizon, ATT, and Sprint are in it to make the money as quickly as possible. This about why they have higher ETF….because they anticipate people leaving so they want to make sure they get their share of the cash flow…..T-mobile However looks to retain customers by offering better service, at a better cost.

    One other tidbit is aimed at all you “I am switching” people. Jumpers, as they are termed in the wireless industry, are actually considered the lowest form of customers. They are customers that get subsidized handsets, and then jump ship at what to them is “the last straw” but in reality it is just something that to any normal person is insignificant. These are the people that carriers look to avoid, because they cause ghost churn, normal churn, bad figures, etc. They are also the reason etf’s are getting raised by most everyone, except T-Mobile, the reason marketing costs are so high, and the reason that companies like ATT and Verizon charge more for their plans so that they can make back the money they lose from jumpers…thats right…you people on ATT and Verizon and Sprint are paying extra on your monthly bill to help pay off the cost of someone else leaving the company.

    The Mytouch slide is a great phone. It is very well designed…show me another phone that uses sense ui, android 2.1, dragon dictation that even understands slang and curse words, has a specific “driving mode” that will let you answer calls, read text messages, and send text messages, among a ton of other things, all just by using your voice. Not to mention faves gallery, genius button, double twist, qwerty keyboard with home back and menu keys built in, multiple features specific to the phone…and all at the lower monthly service cost as compared to other carriers. Now tell me a carrier and phone that does that.

    As I said in my last posting, the slide is great phone. I am planning on upgrading to it as soon as it comes out. Sure, I would probably be happier if it had a snapdragon processor, but the truth is that the higher cpu would actually do little for the phone. It already runs great, and the only thing the snapdragon would do would be to make some minor speed improvements, but nothing the average user would really notice, and cause lowered battery life…which the average user would notice.

    • Green Robot

      Yeah, I guess T-Mobile did not want those 77 thousand customers they lost last quarter. They were just scammers anyway so why keep them. How many more do you think are bad? How many should leave?
      I am a terrible customer that has been with T-Mobile for now about 9 years. In those 9 years I only got two phones from T-Mobile: my first dumb phone and the G1. All in between I continued buying my own unsubsidized phones from overseas (because frankly T-Mobile has always been behind in phones during those 9 years) while paying my monthly service charges just like anybody else including various data plans needed to take advantage of data capabilities of phones I owned. Hmm…, I am a terrible customer and frankly T-Mobile should just kick me out at this point. I really wish they did in fact so that I didn’t have to wait until November to avoid ETF (and incidentally so that T-Mobile can make few more hundreds of dollars out of having me as their terrible customer). Yes, that makes perfect sense to me.

      • Anony Mouse

        Wow…anyone ever told you that you have an unfortunate knack for being passive aggressive? The truth is that customers who are 9 year old customers are good customers to have around, but why would you be so willing to jump ship at this little thing? Thats like spending 20 years working for a company and then jumping ship to go work for McDonald’s because your company suddenly increased its health care premium by a few dollars.

        I know what your thinking…that because you have been with tmobile for 9 years you must be treated like gold. The truth is that while you have been a tmobile customer for 9 years, tmobile has also provided you with service that you obviously liked enough to stay for 9 years.

        I also never said “jumpers” are “scammers”. In fact a scammer is someone who has planned intentions to scheme and sleaze the company out of money for their own benefit. Jumpers are not those people…jumpers are people who are short sighted and do not understand the benefit they get from long term service, and the money they save in the long run compared to other companies…but obviously you must be a genius to be able to know so much about the impact of specific customers on the wireless industry than every marketing analyst, business analyst, service agent, CEO, etc of the wireless companies. Jumpers is a term used, in some variety, by Verizon, ATT, Sprint, Tmobile, Cricket, Metro PCS, and others.

        Also, just because T-Mobile lost, according to you, 77 thousand customers, does not mean they did not gain any customers or that other companies did not lose more. So I will leave it to you to prove to me just how knowledgeable you really are and tell me…..how does the 77 thousand figure compare to the churn of other companies?…or ill give you partial credit for at least telling me what churn and ghost churn are.

  • souggie

    @Anony Mouse

    Sir, you by far have been THE MOST PRACTICAL AND SENSIBLE person here. Please continue to educate our brethren who would pay $150 for a snapdragon processor phone, and then pay $150 for their phone plan….yet the ones complaining are the very same ones who havent tried the phone out. Thanks for showing folks the truth….

    • Green Robot

      No he isn’t, he’s certifiably deranged in fact.

      • Anony Mouse

        Haha. why? Cause I backup my points with actual fact and information? Whereas other people simply avoid logic altogether and rely on irrational and illogical thought processes to come to their own conclusion? Guess I must be deranged….

    • BronxBebe

      He He I got schooled today thanks Anony Mouse..

  • souggie

    i get the feeling the slide is gonna more successful than the nexus one. BY FAR. my nexus is sooo..meh…now, and playing with the slide was such an enjoyable experience for me personally….so, i’ll get it :)

  • alberto

    if there were no keyboard the price would’ve ranged from 100-130 at the most. Remember people will pay for a physical keyboard. I’ve asked more than enough people if they need one and 7 out of 10, said yes. Since, the g1’s keyboard was one of the best, everyone has been waiting for the next best thing; in my opinion this just might be in for tmobile.

  • Green Robot

    Here’s are some more realistic impressions from tmonews forum user Rushmore:

    “Got to see the MTS in action. Perhaps the store manager had some apps that were bogging it down, but the device did not seem a whole lot faster than the G1 OC’d. It was without a doubt faster, but apps still have the little gray swirly pop up while waiting for things to load and the scrolling was nowhere near as fast as the Nexus, Droid or Inc that have owned or tried. Apps pop up without delay on those devices. Perhaps I was expecting more, based on initial reviews.

    I appreciate those devices have faster chipsets, but the reviews are saying this device is FAST. Seems the device would actually be a lot slower, if it had a 800X480 display. Perhaps this is a reason they went with a 480X320.”

    I think that anybody that is expecting an older generation ARM11 based device to perform on par with devices on current Cortes A8 processors is simply deluding himself/herself. Here’s logic for you…

    • Anony Mouse

      So let me get this straight. You find someone else’s negative review, among hundreds of positive reviews from youtube, forums, multiple blogs, actual users, etc, and then use it to support your point. I can try that, but I would run out of space to post things about the people who are actually using the phone…not just using a demo phone. I get my user impressions from FIRST HAND USE (can you say that) and from people who have been using the phone for over a month now. Sure, there are small problems that pop up, but 90 % of the impression is great. Sure, not everyone is going to like this phone, and some people may have high expectations of it, and I am not saying this phone will blow you away….but the truth is that people who have actually been USING THIS PHONE, NOT JUST A DEMO actually like it. This even comes from phone testers who make it their living to test phones. If you want links and all that I will be happy to provide you with them…

      BTW, next time you want to find a good review to support your info…try finding one that doesnt have the reviewer second guessing themselves in the first paragraph.

  • DaRealistReview

    I have owned a g1 and mytouch. I have played with the cliq, behold 2, and cliq xt since the day they came out and know their features and flaws. I have messed with the nexus one numerous times since it launched up to a froyo version. I now have a mytouch slide. The only reason I would not buy it is if it never got the froyo update and if lack of live wallpapers are a dealbreaker. This phone is great! If your waiting for the best of the best it will always be the next phone, enjoy your wait. I’ll enjoy my phone now and probably another phone next year that blows the evo, incredible, and iphone away.

    Sent from my mytouch 3g slide

  • Anony Mouse

    Nicely put DaRealistReview. I do not claim the phone is the best of the best, but it is a nice phone. It has features others only pretend to have, and while I definitely wish for a larger screen and a snapdragon processor you cannot deny that the phone is a great little phone. I’ll bet that in 6 months (probably less) there will be a phone I will want to get over the slide, but for right now the slide is it. For the techies out there, like me, you have to understand that the next best things is always the NEXT best thing. Get something you will be happy with now, and then get something later when you will happier with that.

    As for the froyo update, I am definitely hoping for it. All signs and sources point to yes, but still time to come. The live wallpapers are not a big thing for me, but for many they can be.

    BTW, I am waiting for some phone to come out with the scorpion processor or better. 1.2 Ghz. See…already something better on the horizon.

  • ttabbal

    I don’t think anyone is saying the Slide isn’t going to be a great device. The bitching is because TMO seems unwilling to offer a HIGH-end device. The Slide is a mid-range device, period. With the recent overclock hacks, I can run my G1 stable 24/7 at 650Mhz. As the architecture of the CPUs is the same (Arm11) the speed is comparable. What people with the G1 want is simple, a HIGH-end device with a decent hardware keyboard sold via TMO so that discounts and financing are available. Not everyone can fork out $600 for a phone, but can get away with $30/mo for 2 years, etc..

    The biggest thing that really needs to come out hardware wise isn’t just the CPU, it’s the RAM. QUIT CHEAPING OUT ON THE RAM!!! Anything less than 512MB of DRAM is retarded in a $600 MSRP smartphone. 1GB would be preferred. The G1 and other older platforms would perform quite well even with 2.2 with more RAM. I’m running 2.1 on a G1 right now, it runs great. But I need swap to keep more than one app running because of the lack of RAM. That slows things down a bit. Flash size is unimportant to me, so long as there is enough to hold the latest OS with room to grow. Allow the SD to be used effectively, and you don’t need as much internal space.

    For a first class smartphone, CPU on par with a Snapdragon and 1G/1G RAM/Flash minimum are required. Larger screen and resolution are also needed. N1/SGS level screens would work well. THAT would be a high-end device. The Slide is an excellent mid-range device being touted as a top of the line device. That last bit is what has people considering switching carriers. Those other carriers are selling much better devices than the Slide, right now. And if TMO really believes the Slide to be the top of the line, they think it might be time to switch to a carrier that offers the sorts of devices they want. Honestly, if TMO were selling a device that could compete at the top end, I doubt anyone complaining about the Slide would be doing so.

    • Green Robot

      I completely 100% agree with you Ttball.

  • Anony Mouse

    Well put ttabbal. The slide is definitely not a snapdragon beast, but it runs just the same. The funny thing is that most of the people talking about how the phone will run are basing it on two things 1. speculation because they have never handled the device and 2. comparisons to older phones that seemingly have been modded or rooted or what not to have seemingly similar speeds.
    Though one thing that keeps coming up is processor power. What about ram, what about the UI, what about the features, what about all the many other things in the phone. I dont see the evo with a nice physical keyboard or the genius button. do you? while it would be nice to have a faster processor in the phone, I hold true to my point that people WHO HAVE ACTUALLY TESTED THE PHONE SIDE BY SIDE WITH 1GHZ SNAPDRAGON PHONES AND NOT JUST SPECULATED ON IT have actually shown it to be very competitive and comparable. In fact, the speed is so insignificant that it seems you would have to be looking for the difference to notice it. however, with the 1ghz snapdragon processor, you would run a significantly shortened battery life, ….which most people will notice even if you are not looking for it…..and to get a better battery life you would need to increase the battery itself, which may very well increase cost…..and before you go saying “other carriers can offer those types of phones at same cost slide is at”….well those carriers also charge you an arm and a leg for the plans to use those phones and make their money back very quickly, where T-Mobile tends to have better service and a better cost… notice I didnt say better service at a better cost, which would mean you get better service for the money but if you pay more than you get even better service with other carriers….no…I say that tmobile is great service compared to other carriers and is also a heck of a lot cheaper. Though, if you want to go buy the evo and pay a lot more for your plan and be with a carrier that cares more about cheapening things out where the can to increase their bottom line … simply because you want a phone that you have convinced yourself is better, but in reality is not all you thought it would be….then be my guest. I wont stop you.

    The truth is this…..the slide may not be the god of phone….but wait until you get the phone before you judge it….done compare it to a rooted g1 which doesnt have nearly the same ram or other compenents…..thats like saying that a pinto with a faster engine can keep up with a stock corvette. … good luck with that one…..

    if after you try the phone…and i do not mean just watch some store manager play with it or see some guy using it as the bus stop….but actually play with it extensively as i have and as many of the positive reviewers have….if after that…you decide you still do not like the phone then I will be more willing to trust your opinion…than the opinion of someone who is basing the performance of the slide on a rooted g1.

    The bottom line….people who have actually used the phone like it. People have done side by side comparisons with it to the nexus 1, the hd2, and other 1ghz phones and found it comparable…some in fact found it better on many points. While this is not a phone for everyone…and give it a few months I am sure the samsung galaxy s or some other “high end phone” will be available too….and the majority of people who argue against the quality of the phone are people who have NEVER used the phone personally. I have. I have done addictinggames.com on it…I have run nintendo emulators on it…i have used the genius button…I have tried to multitouch…..I have done so much on this phone, and the fact of the matter is that this phone is great. Sure it has its flaws….just like any other phone….but I don’t see it as a mid level phone. (BTW, what technical or business qualifications do you have to make that judgement…..I have professional experience in both business and IT…do you?)

    Come back and tell me what you think after you have used the phone for a while (and I mean more than 5 minutes in store demo)….tell me what you think then….if you don’t like it…then fine and move on to a phone you do like…..but I find it hard to believe the review of someone who has never used the phone.

    • Green Robot

      Are you Robert Dotson?

      • Anony Mouse

        haha no. just a well informed and well educated consumer

      • anonomystery

        LMAO, do you really think that he would waste his time on this forum, especially when there are billions of forums just like this one? You crack me up. ROFL.

      • Green Robot

        What he says sounds just like Robert Dotson’s thinking that’s all. Exactly the same kind of thinking that got Dotson fired.

      • anonomystery

        You are such a snob, thinking you know all the secrets to the world. You make me laugh. LOL XD

  • souggie

    @green robot

    I don’t know where you got your source from, but didn’t i JUST STATE that i have put this phone up to my NEXUS ONE, and received excellent results? dude thats one SOMEWHAT negative review for crying out loud, in an OCEAN of positives. dude, I HAVE A NEXUS ONE. and the slide was COMPETING WITH THE NEXUS ONE! Not shouting at you, just want you to understand where im coming from. I think saying that TMO is UNWILLING to make a high end device is a stretch, as we’ve already seen in howard chui’s video, that the samsung sgh T959 aka the galaxy s CLEARLY has TMO applications on it, and ALL TMO’s samsung phones start with a T-something, so you do have something high end to look forward to. But come on man, until YOU YOURSELF play with the phone like I have, its gonna be hard to key your points as valid…dude i cant knock a phone if i havent played with it….the behold 2 was trash in my opinion, but i got to play with it to determine its trashiness. The MT slide is as smooth and as slick as my nexus one, and seems to be slicker than the trashy HD2, which i will be taking back to TMO( I HATE THAT PHONE!!)look all im saying is play with the phone before u pass judgement, we miss out on so much because we dont TRY stuff…try it out then if you dont like it, then you dont gotta keep it, or just play with a store demo, i was able to use one for like two hours at the store i was at because the trainer there was really cool

    • Green Robot

      I don’t need to see the Slide really to know to stay away from it. Just like I didn’t need to see or play with Behold 2 to know to stay a mile away from that one. People were defending Behold 2 as a “good enough” phone too and now they are cursing it. Mark my words, the same fate awaits Slide.

  • souggie


    The trainer at my store showed me the spec sheet of the MT slide’s processor. it runs 667 MHZ, BUT ITS SCALED BACK. If your G1 rooted can run 650 MHZ, imagine what this thing will do rooted, you’re prolly lookin at between 750-850 MHZ or possibly more that the MT slide can put out rooted, so i mean, you can’t really go wrong either way.

    Gotta love cool ass trainers that’ll let you see stuff ahead of time!! :)

    • Anony Mouse

      Very well said souggie. Definitely do have to love that little bit of prelaunch info. Sometimes can be better than the high priced advertising done elsewhere. I got the chance to play with the slide rather extensively, and not given the chance I would be a great deal more timid about buying the phone…so i can understand where people are kind of fearing the worst. However, I have used the phone, and like everyone else who has used the phone first hand, I really like the phone. My wife and I only argue on who gets what color. We think the white looks kind of storm trooperish, and the red looks a bit corvette-ish lol. Well at least in our imaginations.

      Now if only the mytouch slide had a built in air freshner…i just took out the trash, and for some reason it always smells worse after the trash is gone than when it is here. Probably cause things get jostled around lol.

      • anonomystery

        Haha, storm trooper all the way. LMAO. XD

  • Homer

    “What makes the phone outdated? what? a processor?, because it seems thats ALL you guys go on now….wake up and see that every phone with a 1ghz processor, is not the see all end all, Jeez, this leads me to believe that you guys obviously dont play with and dissect phones for real, and just go by word of mouth. the phone has 2.1, it has a 5 mp camera which folks have bitched about not having before. It has a flash, which folks bitched about not having before. It has flash lite supprt, which folks bitched about not having before. Froyo has been guaranteed to come to the phone by HTC. IT IS FAST. IT IS SMOOTH. i bet you wouldnt be saying anything if the phone had a 1ghz processor….which if you know phones, is not the SOLE reason a phone zips, if that was the case then the nexus one should have been TWENTY TIMES better than it is with all its vaunted specs, and this phone is just as fast. I had my doubts just like you, but now i know that the damn processor is not the only thing that matters. Come on wake up, its not about fanboyism. its just pure fact im spouting. Dont like the phone because you tried it out, not because it doesnt have a damn 1ghz processor. I HAVE A 1ghz phone, WHOOP DE DAMN DOO!!! theres literally almost no difference IMO(thanks nexus one). what? is live wallpapers a must? are you gonna stream and watch movies ALL the time, as for movie watching i wasnt able to put a file on the MT slide to check, but once i find out, ill let you guys kno for sure. outdated? HARDLY. the only REAL difference to you guys is a processor”

    I mispoke a bit, the operating system is not outdated yet, Here’s what I meant; To compete in the marketplace you need to compete with your rvials, AT&T, VZW, and, Sprint (bleh)..and in this market a company needs to have something to set itself apart from the others. T-Mobile had that for a short period of time with the G1 but failed to capitalize on it and the novelty quickly wore off. The G1 worked itself into the myTouch, same phone, just no keyboard, and no real improvement. Now here’s where my rub comes in. I’ve owned a lot of smartphones (even the original Shadow) and the myTouch wss hands down one the worst phone I’ve had. Buggy, slow, and an overall poor user experience. I tried to ditch my iPod and rely on the myTouch as my soul music player…after a few system resets before a workout I quickly realized the myTouch wasn’t going to work. This is aside from the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack…really, in the day of the iPhone competetion who leaves out a headphone jack?? Unforgivable. It was simply a first gen phone wrapped in a second gen plastic case.
    It didn’t do Android justice but that’s all well and good. I understand that the first gen phone wouldn’t be perfect. The problem is that this isn’t an isolated incenent. I have plenty of friends who have the same handset and most of them have the same view on the original, not fans. So by word of mouth which one of these people is going to upgrade to this handsets?…let alone recommend it to someone else? Not many, if any at all. I’d rather have and EVO, or Incredible. How does the myTouch Slide compare to these handsets? Sure there’s the HD2 but it’s win6.5 (soon to be obsolete.) This is what I mean by outdated? Your bright, shiney new car is only as awesome as the next bright shiney new model, or worse. The myTouch slide has already been turned into the 96 Accord. Thank you HTC…or thank you T-Mobile purchasing…We get a handset that’s lost its luster out of the box.

    • anonomystery

      Anony Mouse is the only one who makes any sense. I want to hear what you have to say about this. You have totally schooled me on everything.

  • souggie


    I feel you, and i did have some issues with my first gen mytouch as well. What i am sayin is simply TRY the phone out,look i handle phones religiously, and i think i can give honest opinions as long as i play with a device. I was expecting some of the same stuff on the slide like the first mytouch. to my surprise, NONE of that stuff occurred. This is by far tmobile BEST android phone, and a pleasure to have tried out. Green Robot is really losing out on not trying this device. Wish he was a little more open minded to really see. The belief in a more powerful processor is cool, but a tad overrated depending on how the device is made. I put this up to a nexus one, and it SURPRISED me..just try it out and see for yourself guy….

  • souggie

    @anony mouse

    lol give it time, soon these phones are gonna be wipin our asses too! LOLOL

    • Anony Mouse

      lol they will. i remember an old iphone parody commercial when the first iphone came out that showed it as a razor, portable shower, and many other things including a condom lol. I was a little confused on reading your statement due to a little sleepiness so my response may seem a bit odd in my other post haha, but i would rather not have a phone wiping my hind end. That would mean you’d never want to borrow your friends phone without a disinfectant.

    • anonomystery

      Seriously. Lmao!

  • tvphil

    As a G1 user since pre-order days, I really want this phone. No phone is going to be liked by everybody, some have higher expectations than others, nothing wrong with that. I’m just trying to look at the big picture, like Homer. I don’t want a phone that’s obsolete after one year. I don’t think it will, though it certainly will by year 2, that’s ok with me. Most phones are obsolete by year 2 anyway. I have read several news sources that confirm the MT slide and just about any Android phone introduced in the past year will in fact, get Froyo, that should help clear up some of the performance issues the MT Slide has. Finally, what I found most interesting are the comments from those who have tried both pre-production MT Slides and the Nexus One and didn’t see much, if any improvement over the Nexus One. To me, that’s a big endorsement of the MT Slide.

    • Anony Mouse

      Definitely big endorsements to see peoples real first hand usage and side by side comparisons of the phone with the nexus one and others. Also, to point out that the slide doesnt have performance issues. At least none that my extensive usage has brought to light. Though, I am sure something will come up….it always does with every phone ever produced.

      ….and I agree wholeheartedly with tvphil here. No matter what a phone can do or has in hardware or what not. There will be people who will adore the phone, and people that will want to send it to the youtube tv host of “will it blend”. It is all about preference, but do keep in mind that the mytouch slide is by far a better thought out phone than most of the competition and therefore designed to meet those needs and wants that make people adore the phone. I preferrably am looking forward using to the pdf viewer and the office software more extensively on the phone after having bought a couple pdf viewers on the app market including docs2go lol.

  • Anony Mouse

    lol souggie. but I would rather turn them to the light side then make them wipe my hind end lol, …. but either way works.

    so i guess the topic here is comparison of the mytouch slide vs the g1 and first gen mytouch. well the truth is I agree with the obsolete remarks. some of the older phones are getting to the obsolete standard. However, by homer’s standards every android phone without fully functioning froyo is obsolete….and that accounts for the vast majority of them. It also means that every iphone is obsolete since the new iphone has already been revealed…at least prototype revealed, and every windows mobile phone running 6.5 is obsolete. So what are we left with…a few handsets for all carriers in the nation to fight over.

    So…straight comparison. G1 to mytouch. I have owned both of these phones on top of the other android and other smartphones I use. g1 definitely was a first run compared to the newer android phones. mytouh was the g1 without a keyboard and with more memory..cant forget that extra memory. I can store double the apps and many run faster…not to mention the extra memory on top of that for the second generation mytouch and the LE fender. The headphone jack is simply icing on the cake as anyone who uses PDA’s from htc is likely to have a usb to 3.5 adapter. I have like 3 or more in various forms…they can run under a buck on amazon…its more for convenience than it is for performance.

    Now I wont go into details about comparing the mytouch 1st or 2nd gen to the cliq, cliq xt, incredible, or any of those other phones…..but to compare it to the slide…. While I have the mytouch now as my primary phone I have had my share of trouble with it. For the most part it works great, and for the average user it does. Though, I am no average user. i cram apps into it until just the updating alone causes the memory to be marked full (at least when I do not store things to the microsd). I run rhapsody (for what that app is worth) and tons of other streaming apps. I love multitasking…thats for sure. I do my college homework on the phone with docs2go and other apps (im a little old for college but i gotta get back to it after having a family) and I do so much more. I am a heavy user, and I have done a master reset a number of times. It is the sole reason I keep atrackdog on my phone (used to be good for tracking updates until 1.5 came out…now I use it to make a list of all the 450-500+ apps installed on the phone so I can be sure to redownload them after a reset)…and app manager (now called app monster with the slug icon). ……………………………..now to compare it to the mytouch slide. There is really no comparison. It is like comparing a mark 2 phaser with a mark 3 or the enterprise 1701-a refit to the enterprise -d (I had to throw the nerd/geek reference in there for those that would get it)…or I could say in other nerd/geek terms that it is like comparing a single bladed lightsaber (mytouch) to a double bladed lightsaber (mytouch slide) …even though I am not a star wars fan I still wanted to throw that in to go with the stormtrooper comment from a previous post.
    The slide is essentially the mytouch 2, as I look at it. Not the g1 v2 or the g3 or anything. (you dont call platinum “gold v2” or the incredible the “eris v2”.) it is a part of the mytouch lineup. Now I am not saying this is the god of phones…as I have pointed out before, and there is always something better on the horizon and there is always competition. However, the bugs and the glitches and whatever negative experience you have had with the g1 or the mytouch are more or less gone with this phone and should not be used to compare it to other competing phones. The slide runs 2.1 soon to be 2.2, and has a ton of features built in that other phones do not have. Not to mention it is designed to be very user friendly, while other phones are designed to be powerhouses. Think of it this way…would you rather go on a date with a girl names helga who can bench press you and your family…or would you rather date a girl like cameron diaz or angelina jolie or charlize theron (or whoever your passion may be). I would rather a phone that isnt just a list of components that seem good together on paper, but rather a phone that is optimized like the slide…customized to fit the needs of the user…build with not only the latest in android technology, but other technology like sense ui and genius button and dragon speak with the voice dictation and so on. (for the ladies out there..how about we compare it from dating someone like mankind (the wrestler guy) to dating hugh laurie or hugh jackman or johnny depp…or whoever your pleasure may be)

    As for iphone competition. haha. iphone isnt the phone to compete against…iphone is the phone that is competing. Think about it….name one thing the iphone has that another phone doesnt…save for a few specific apps which I can find pretty much the same thing, maybe different skin or UI, on android or another app market. the iphone itself is simply playing catchup now. The only joy I get from an iphone is watching my cousin scrambling with his iphone to download the same apps (or similar ones) that I have so he can try and show me that the iphone is better, when in fact half the time he is spending money on apps i got for free, or finding apps that simply do not work as well. Though. for those that are apple fanboys or simply like the iphone/ipod then all the more power to you. if you like it than enjoy it…thats what it is really about. No matter what others think of the phone it is really about whether you like pulling it out of your pocket and using it. I will give the iphone credit for starting a good deal of the push towards newer and better smartphones….and for its form factor. I like the toned down, sleek glossy look…but thats about all I like about the iphone. the hardware acceleration on it…bleh…the non removable battery….bleh….the non expandable memory……bleh….the closed architexture….bleh…..the lack of multitasking…..bleh……the lack of customization options……bleh…..and on top of a ton of other things….the need to give apple a good deal of money to do things that any other phone will do for free (like hook up a/v cabling to it without either needing the cabling with the proper chip in it or getting an older iphone/ipod that doesnt sport that new ripoff “lets try and thwart third party accessories” feature)…..super bleh.

    So thats my two cents. Maybe not as well laid out in thought process as my prior postings…but I am feeling a bit relaxed from the nice big dinner my wife cooked and feel a bit sleepier than normal…and I still have papers to complete on the IT security project so I have other things on my mind.

  • Anony Mouse

    extra little treat from the little nuggets of info that seem to find their way to the top of my brain…..

    go to http://mobilerumor.blogspot.com/ and have fun downloading.

    • anonomystery

      Thank you Anony Mouse for that website. I swear my Mytouch is now out of room and lagging so bad because of all the games I loaded onto it. I wish I would’ve found that website before I paid for a lot of the games I wanted, lame, lol.

  • Malik A

    I just got informed that I have to pay 316 for this phone. I mean seriouslly, I have had my g1 for a year and was told i could get a smartphone upgrade. Now I’m mad

  • halo16

    Same thing happen to me when I wanted the HD2 that was the only reason, I did not get it.

    You can by the slide now on line. But I want to check it out first.

    I need a new phone, and work by a sprint store that has been trying to get me on there family plan…I just do not not know about that, I live in Los Angeles and it is good coverage with sprint and almost feel like to leave t-mobile would be so weird but need a phone and need to save money, so still thinking it over.

  • souggie

    So guys, i have bought the MT3g slide home yesterday, and put it through its paces, so here’s my personal review:

    In terms of web page loading speed and file downloading speed, the mytouch slide is fast,in fact, faster than the NEXUS ONE. again i repeat. FASTER THAN THE NEXUS ONE. even faster on wifi. the things burns rubber, hauls ass, whatever you wanna call it. period. the end.

    The faves gallery, while cute, is utterly useless in my opinion,

    I got a force close today, because i was purposely trying to do too much with HTC sense (naturally)

    the camera is cool, its not nikon quality, but its good enough.

    widgets are nice, phone is wonderfully responsive to touch. rather powerful unit..

    Battery life sucks if you use the phone heavily, as expected

    internal memory is the only thing that bothered me, because of all the goodies they put into the phone, all those things swallow the memory,and you actually only have 145 MB of storage to dick around with…wasn’t happy about that….

    media player is awesome….flash lite is not bad in itself…although a few pages made it lag for two seconds or so….

    mytouch music is pointless IMO

    wifi RULES on this unit…

    HTC sense seems to be WAY more stable on this unit

    youtube is good

    the genius button IS SO AWESOME!!!! i was thoroughly impressed by this addition, every text i sopke, it picked up clearly and gave back to me one hundred percent correct..love it, grat for when you’re driving!!

    obviously to me, u see more of HTC’s handiwork than tmobile’s with the exception of a few things, but hey its an HTC phone…..

    there’s more to come, but so far i thoroughly enjoy this phone, but that memory thing needs to be worked out…usable memory should b way more than 145 MB

  • pimpstrong

    this is OOONE heavy forum lmao. I think both sides can agree (the people who have used the phone atleast once) (and I havent) that the phone is smooth and fast and has very impressive features from the camera to the KB… But it can also be said that Tmo should provide us with a cometetively larger WVGA screen sized, able to *handle* full flash out of the box (will 2.2 allow full flash on this phone?), HD recording, preferably 5 row QWERTY Android phone right? I could give 2 stihs if it was the Droid processor or the HTC Scorpion lol processor. I feel its not too much to ask for considering those things are happening all around Tmo. I dont want to drop $429.99 on the mT3GS (although its a PERFECT upgrade from my TP2) when I know something with these soon to be common features will soon be coming out. I however don’t think Tmo is acting in any way as if this new “flagship” phone is a “superphone” like the HD2. Our time is coming

  • Tarzanman

    You guys are crazy. Since all of these phones are, in fact running the same software (Android, SenseUI, or Motoblur), then the hardware specs are a very good tool to base the performance of the phone upon.

    The MyTouch Slide is an unworthy upgrade from a G1, or even a Hero. Having lived with a G1 for 1.5 years now (root and unlock and 3rd party ROMs), and having used friends’ Droids… it is pretty clear that HTC is selling the good stuff (Incredible, EVO) to other carriers.

    The high end is where all of the current growth in phones is. I know adults who live at home with their parents, and crap jobs that still own an iPhone. The top 3 carriers and top 6 phone manufacturers are falling over themselves trying to outdo one another (HTC vs Motorola vs Nokia vs Samsung vs SonyEriccson vs Apple) and T-mobile comes out with this weak-sauce line-up.

    The MyTouch Slide was obsolete before it was even announced. Its being introduced about a year too late.

    There’s no reason to pay new-tech prices for an old-tech phone. This isn’t some backwards banana republic where you have to wait for the technology to filter its way down… this is the USA… one of the top 3 cell phone markets in the world.

    If T-mobile doesn’t want to end up becoming a boost or metropcs, then they need to get better at forecasting consumer desires and trends. Being small is supposed to make you more agile, right?