T-Mobile Smartphone BOGO Extended Through June 20th

T-Mobile is certainly looking to take this Smartphone BOGO and ride it all the way to the bank. They have again extended the offer, this time through June 20th. Currently, the Garminfone and HTC HD2 are only available as the first phone and cannot be used as the free device. The myTouch Slide will release under the same guidelines, however, after Jun 16th, it can be used for both the first AND second phone. While there is a chance T-Mobile may again extend this offer, its high time you take advantage of it if you already haven’t, it won’t last forever you know!

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  • Josh

    Hopefully this will still apply when we get the Samsung Galaxy S.

    • Agreed. We can only hope that they will get this phone so us t-mobile supporters will have something to be proud of. A phone with a amazing screen that beats the crap out of the iphone!

  • Robert

    Question for you all who may know…

    Do the phones have to be on a related acct (i.e. lines on a family plan)? Or is it possible for the lines to be two unrelated lines (i.e. two individual plans) and still apply the BOGO?

    • Same account and two full discounts available.

    • Kickstar13

      Both lines that are taking advantage of the BOGO offer have to be on the same account.

    • Robert

      Thanks a bunch for the help!

    • drivethruboy168

      They have to be on the same account. So if you have 2 individual plans on 1 account, you can do it as long as both lines are eligible for upgrades. Or maybe a possibility to combine both lines and do the upgrade first, but you gotta ask customer care if the bogo will apply since you will be combining the 2 lines. The Bogo has to be on 1 transaction. Hope this helps!

  • Jay Antwan

    i feel that T-Mo wont release their ‘high-powered’ Android phone until they clear out some inventory A.K.A. BOGO deals.. so im hoping that when the sale is over we should hear an announcement..

    but thats not to be bitter.. its a great deal to anyone looking to sign up or extend their contracts!

  • Licious

    Upgrades too?

    • Kickstar13

      Yes, I believe Upgrades are included as well.

    • Dashi

      They Are Included Yes 100% As Long As They’re The Full Upgrades And Not That Partial BS

      • Joe

        “That Partial BS”? Really? A few months ago they were offering full upgrades at 1 year into a 2 year contract and magically changed it right before the release of the HD2. What’s BS is screwing over long time customers because their phones all aren’t on the same upgrade timeframe.

  • Max

    I think they are trying to get rid of some extra inventory they have.Hopefully for some better things to come

  • barman

    Anyone thinking about getting 2 slides wit this then sell them both when a new phone comes out like galaxy s can sell two for at least 650 im thinking

  • sym

    Their bogo is not a real bogo. I was offered mytouch and cliqxt for $99, Then they offered the bogo at $279 with a $100 mail-in. So now were looking at $90 a phone! How is this bogo?

  • Vinny

    The new slide looks like a descent phone but I’m looking for a phone with some power. Android OS with snapdragon processor, great camera, plenty of memory, great screen and of course all the bells and whistles. Must be able to support the new 3G+ signal for T-Mobile. Samsung Galaxy, Dell 5, New HSP phones with the snapdragon processor, SE X10, the list is long to pick from. T-Mobile has a long list of great hones that will work on their 1700 3G frequency, why do they grab at these midle of the road phones when IMO today’s customer is looking for a phone with power and great features. I know that is what I want.

    • The MyTouch Slide actually moves really fast, they worked the OS, & the software to work with the processor really well, so it can move just as fast & swift as the highest end phones. But, yeah I get where you’re going. I want the Sidekick Twist, but I need a confirmation date now.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      It’s simple really, customers don’t want all that you list. Most customers don’t use 1/10th of the power or features of smart or super phones.

      I know people who have smartphones and they think they are being high tech by taking pictures with their phones. They don’t play music, rarely access the Net, and think it too complicated to set up their phones to work with social media (hence the carriers coming out with phones that have social media set up for them, out of the box).

      The biggest problem for carriers nowadays is to convince consumers that they need a data plan. Carriers could care less about selling them a smartphone. The real money is in data because it’s so cheap to provide (the infrastructure is already in place, the towers, etc.)

      The path to massive profits is not through phone sales or featuring superphones. Nope, it’s by selling data services. You can be sure that T-Mobile and others are watching the growth of Facebook and YouTube while rubbing their hands together in anticipation of selling those 500 million Facebook members a phone that will give them access to all their friends and relatives.

      To sell data plans carriers don’t need the Evo or Galaxy S, they need phones like the Slide, Droid and Cliq.

      Yes, there is a market for superphones and geeks with data plans are a profit center, but the big money is made by catering to the Slide customer, so to speak.

  • Max

    They must be wanting to get rid of the extra inventory they have so bad!! Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come…

  • Ace

    I called T-Mobile and this offer is only for Retail Locations Not Phone Or Online

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    In extending this promotion I don’t think T-Mobile is intending anything except continuing it because its competitors are doing the same.

    Airlines match each other during fare wars, wireless carriers are doing the same.

    I think it is as simple as that.

  • MW

    T-Mobile needs to get some high end Android phones to go with the low/mid end phones. They started the Android Revolution and have ever since watched the big boys take all the good phones.

    Stand up T-Mobile

  • Mista

    HTCHD2 software update back again on t-mobile website

  • Mista
  • andrew

    ill get the hd2 and the mytouch slide

  • Chris

    Lowest rate plan with unlimted texting that u can get with boGO is 139.99 for only 750 mins shared betweeen two lines. And since all data phones have increased by 50 dollars (u have to wait for the rebate now) you arent really getting the second phone free you still have to pay 50 dollars for it and wait for a 50 dollar rebate in the mail.

    Im a rep and i think ive only done two BOGO deals its not that great of a deal at all.

    • phonegeek

      so lets say i want to get the hd2 and the mts3g i have two lines both available for FULL upgrade can i get them both ONLY on one line or does it HAVE to be both lines cuz honestly i know the other person on my line is fully content with their phone i really want to get both phones and i kno by the 16th ill have the funds for this event… anyone who has correct knowlegde about this PLEASE help me out

    • Jess

      Yeah — people seem to be missing the point that this deal requires a new two-year contract on BOTH phones, and since the contract plans are more expensive than the no-contract plans.. you end up spending so much more in the long run.

      Smartest idea — suck it up and buy the phone at full cost.

  • Kristen

    Does anyone know exactly *how* to get this deal? My husband and I went into a T-Mobile store this weekend, and I asked about any deals they have going on. This one was not mentioned at all. Actually, the only “deal” they said they had right now is the $5 add a line on the EM+ plans.

  • mike

    I thought all phones free on June 19th?? why have BOGO go thru 20th? If you can get 2 free on 19th?