T-Mobile Stores Opening Early June 19th?

We’re not really sure what to make of this but we doubt its mere coincidence given the earlier information leaked today that had June 19th marked for something big. As it turns out, our sources are telling us that it sounds as though an all hands meeting will be taking place and stores will be open extra early. Its possible this is some kind of extra special kick off of the myTouch Slide, or its possible T-Mobile is holding some kind of sale extravaganza. It’s also entirely possible it’s nothing at all and yet the story becomes somewhat juicier given the earlier leak. June 19th can’t come soon enough.

Before any of you get your hopes up, we have NOTHING that says its in any way shape or form related to an iPhone launch.

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  • frank


    • Devan

      This is an announcement that our company will merge with AT&T.

  • Curious

    Could it be an iphone release???

    • David

      Did you not read what I wrote in the end?

      • bbswany

        True David, but info to managers by June 10th (WWDC ends June 9th). Nothing else on the horizon in terms of launch with an all hands meeting.

        There’s nothing to say this is iPhone related, but there’s nothing that says it isn’t… Sorry, it’s the conspiracy theorist in me.

    • RockTripod

      Sorry I can’t reply directly to you bbswany, but you are so dead wrong it hurts my brain. Your conspiracy theory falls to pieces in the light of FACTS! Have you heard of them? If you need a reference, please look at my other posts. Do you sit at home with an aluminum foil helmet to keep the aliens from reading your thoughts? Do you think that the moon landing was faked? How about JFK? I bet you thought the DaVinci Code was the best book ever written.

  • Tmobile4life

    Curious you are a dumbass…smh

  • Tmobile4life

    Curious you are a dumbass…smh

  • Chelo

    Project Emerald….?

  • alex

    Maybe more.details on project emerald?froyo for slide?new my touch with.specs like the.evo 4g?nexus one to stores ?etc

  • Galen20K

    LOL too funny! I”m sure its nothing, I’m not going to get my hopes up ever again until I see Official papers on ANY NEWS. TOo broken hearted in the past.

  • Mr.Tmobizzle

    More then likely the Mytouch Slide release…

    • David

      Which comes out the 2nd, so why would it be that?

      • Red

        Yeah about that David; what is the other dates for mytouch slide about? June 2nd is when it goes on sale in retail stores, are the later dates for authorized dealers, etc?

  • Ohgami

    My guesses…
    1. MyTouch Slide Rom for Original My Touch
    2. Nexus 1 Release/Announcement/Preorder

  • Bigs12

    I hope the N1 and Samsung Galaxy S

    • Israel!

      Hope so!=D

  • RoyWentz

    Hopefully this is something more worthwhile than Project Dark, which turned into nothing worthwhile. Maybe they’re getting rid of FlexPay . . .

    • umaluver

      nothing worthwhile? dropping my bill $25 bucks a month is pretty dang worthwhile.

  • HungryLion

    Sony Xperia X10 ..

  • HungryLion

    Sony Xperia X10 ..

  • FILA

    N1 Release!! But I doubt they would do that to steal the thunder away from the slide that early cuz its a def win over the slide

  • Juneteenth??

  • Matt

    If this is Project Emerald/Sidekick release then I’m going to be ecstatic. If it is some promotion for the MyTouch Slide, then I’m going to be incredibly disappointed and closer to jumping ship. My contract has been up for a while after buying the G1 when it was launched, and I really want to upgrade soon. The MyTouch looks nice, but the screen is too small and the processor too slow to warrant it in my mind.

  • Cameron


  • Vision77

    If its not the iphone…..I am willing to bet its some sort of kicka$$ promotion to offset iphone 4 release..I just hope T-mobile is not playing checkers when they should be playing chess…But then again if they were playing chess they would have gotten the Evo instead of the HD2….

  • james

    Maybe it the Galaxy S, that would be nice. Need something to compete with the top 3 and the mytouch slide isn’t it.

  • ern-sd

    Mostlikely 2.2 or some special promotion for the slide. Otherwise it would not be in the info for all the slide dates.

    • ern-sd

      Day before fathers day? Prolly a deal for that. BOGO plus something else?

      • Israel!

        As much as i hate to say it, that actually would make sense=P…..(Wake up extra early and go get him that Mytouch Slide/Hd2!)

  • anthony

    why would stores open early for a software upgrade? that makes absolutley no sense at all and it says plain as a day a promotion.

  • Dboy

    Ummm the iphone 3gs was release last year on June 19th and went on sale at 8am. Can we say that t- mobile might be actually be getting the iPhone???

  • Erick
  • dethduck

    Maybe a trade up program for original myTouch 3G owners? That’d be nice.

    • pimpstrong

      I would call this a latteral trade

  • sami

    hope it got something to do with the galaxy s

  • It’s not the iphone…its a huge promotion to get more customers….It’s not phone “release” related….sorry guys.

  • MagentaMagic

    There wouldn’t be store meetings and early openings for OS updates or anything like that. I’m putting my chips in the “secret phone launch” pile.

  • Rick

    In all probability this is to molify the rank and file about the change in CEOs. I’ve seen many an all hands meeting related to changes in senior management.

    • waiting4theiPhone

      i highly doubt the all hands will be for the leadership change that was announced today and won’t go into effect until feb of next year. the all hands day has been in the books for a little bit now. i also doubt it has to do with the myTouch slide as that goes on sale on the 2nd and a full launch the 16th.

      i’m not holding my breath but what if… it was an iPhone launch? little to no money would need to be spent on marketing other than for mr. jobs to announce it on the 7th at his keynote. everyone and their mother knows about the iPhone and if t-mob was getting it on the 19th with at&t the extra hours would be needed to handle demand. (the 19th is a black out day for time off requests that weren’t submitted and approved before it was announced internally last week sometime if i remember correctly)

      having the myTouch slide alongside the iPhone would be great. being an iPhone user since day one i can tell you there are some things i wish my iPhone did that android did. the devices are different enough that i believe they could be sold alongside each other. i think it’s the HD2 that would suffer the most sales wise (which demand has really softened in the market i live in due to the thing being buggy as heck along with poor battery life)

      sorry for the tangent but other senior management has changed recently and that got a lot bigger email to staff so i doubt this all hands has to do with a change 8 months away.

  • I hope it’s the Iphone 4 but that’s wishful thinking on my part. I’m a G1 owner and i use my ipod touch at work and when i travel more than I use my G1 for apps.

  • Adam

    I’m betting the Nexus one is coming to stores June 19th

  • damien

    not sure what it is but we never opened the store early ever before, for just a launch. Some of my managers in my area are thinking a new device of some sort.

  • MyDixieWrecked

    I just don’t see it being Slide related? God knows it has nothing to with the POS Garmin phone! iPhone, I doubt it… Only thing I can think of is that the Galaxy S just got released overseas a few days ago. I know we all saw pics of that phone with TMO icons in it. I’m gonna go with Galaxy S!

  • Kaje

    I bet it has something to do with fathers day on the 20th.

  • chimphappyhour

    I’m not a fan of nor would I hold my breath that it would turn out to be the iPhone but when you think about it, it’s really the only thing that makes sense. There is zero advertising for them opening early. Zero advertising right now for any must have devices. So, it had better be something pretty damn spectacular. Otherwise, by opening up early, you’re throwing a party that no one will really attend.

    As much as I don’t like Apple or the iPhone, when it comes down to it, it is the only device you can drop on short notice and actually have a good reason to open early. The average consumer could care less about the slide or galaxy.

    • pimpstrong

      This is true

  • Hurlamania

    I don’t see it happening over a phone unless it is the iPhone, I think it is more like a one day special pricing offer, super deal of the decade, Unlimited everything 49.99 no contract one day only.

    • soon2TMO

      if that is so… i’ll be there as early as a bird! to get the mytouch slide, then sell it later on for the galaxy s.. haha

  • umaluver

    why would it be a phone launch when mere days before the 19th they are releasing their new flagship device with millions in advertising?

    get a grip people.

  • David

    My guess is this is NOT…and I repeat NOT a iPhone launch. That would be nice, but not realistic. I bet it is another EPIC FAIL from T-Mobile. Unfortunately most of us are becoming used to those.

  • soon2TMO

    ya i wonder what it is..hmmm, maybe a sale day? LOL

    i highly doubt it would be the iphone.. remember the extension of exclusivity to ATT?
    i hope it’s the galaxy S! but why would they need to open earlier than usual for?
    ugh who knows, i hope it is the galaxy S.. crossing 3 fingers LOL

  • Pablo

    They would not have stores open early for a stupid software upgrade, a lame sidekick announcement or because of management changes. It is because tu will be unveiling the latest superphone, the n1. Tmobile stores have just today recieved cases that say they are compatible with the nexus one and gravity 3. Be realistic here. AT&T opened early for iPhone launches. Tmobile will do that for their flagship smartphone. A freaking sidekick successor is not a flagship phone. My guess is 80% chance nexus and 20% chance iPhone.

  • Lady

    Hopefully find out ahead of time and not the day before.

  • KPC21

    Last I heard on the news a few weeks ago, is that AT&T had an exclusive contract still with Apple until 2012. The courts were battling it out because Apple wants to go to other carriers with the iPhone. I doubt the issue has been resolved so quickly.

  • DannyAg

    It’s the “you can return your Garmin Phone Day”

  • Pablo

    I would also be willing to substitute my iPhone guess with thebofficial samsung galaxy announcement

  • Eamon

    I hope it’s a new mytouch phone with no keyboard and N1 specs, that would be totally awesome and over due.

  • Lady

    opening early for a phone that no one has had training on does not seem to realistic to me. Probably a major promo for one day.

  • Whoa

    Man, some of you people must be brand new to this site. Do you not remember Project Dark. Or as it came to be unanimously known…..project letdown or project jump ship. There’s no such thing as, “secret phones” people. Things don’t just “sneek” past the FCC or the countless online mobile phone/tech sites/blogs. Don’t get your hopes up people. More than likely they’ll open up early to hang some new, “phones we crave” posters or inform everyone officially that Dotson left because he himself wanted the iPhone. Maaaaybe it’s to tell employees about a new bathroom policy but whatever it is it’s not a secret phone launch, lol!!!!!!!

  • namo

    HD2!!!!!!! For free for a 2yr contract.

  • Drew

    I’m 90% certain it’s the Nexus One. With Google ending online sales and that 3rd Party site selling it now, and T-Mobile stores getting Nexus One accessories, I’m betting that T-Mobile stores are getting the Nexus One. That and or the Galaxy S.

  • SteveBerman

    It’s gotta be the iphone. If it is. I will be the first in line.

  • AJ

    htc desire perhaps?

  • MadProfessor

    I’ll be at a hot rod car show that morning. Everything I see there will be more exciting than whatever is possibly happening on a Saturday morning at T-Mobile stores. I’m sick of paying too much for my cell phone usage, I want my $30 MyFaves plan back :(

    • RockTripod

      We never had a $30 myfaves plan. Least expensive plan was $39.99 with the faves. Enjoy your imaginary plan.

  • CoolGuy

    4G! 4G! 4G! 4G! 4G! 4G! 4G! 4G! 4G! 4G!

  • tmorep

    MORONS!!! its the launch of HSPA+…… dont know why stores open early but thats what it is….

    • justsomeguy

      *buzz* HSPA+ doesn’t have a true launch date. It is turned on site by site rather than being a “flip of the switch” launch. You start with a handful of sites (around 5) and just turn it on site by site as it become available to that site. Beyond that, even if it was a “flip of the switch” launch it wouldn’t be nationwide on 1 day.

    • TMoEmployee

      Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me?

      An early opening for HSPA+?

      Please change your name. You don’t make much money, do you?

  • foo

    the iphone? lol

  • foo

    the iphone? lol

    with regards to the exclusivity thing yes they signed it till 2012 however we dont know if there are out clauses

  • iPhoneSpeculator

    The proof of an iPhone to T-Mobile switch could be speculated with a lot of examples inside T-Mobile. First, Apple’s Safari web browser now seems to have no issues with rendering T-Mobile’s website (meh – it’s small, but stick with me).

    Second, T-Mobile’s new smartphone data plan prices went up to $30/mo last October, matching those of AT&T’s which Apple stakes $10 of each month. That’s odd for a company that prides itself as being the value leader.

    Third, a CEO changeover, with Philipp Humm who was credited in T-Mobile’s own press release stating, “he was also responsible for the successful market introduction of the iPhone® in Germany in 2007.”

    Fourth, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off with a keynote speech from Steve Jobs on Monday, June 7th in which the iPhone 4th Generation will be announced which is almost two weeks prior to Saturday, June 19th. This gives T-Mobile employees plenty of time to train.

    Fifth, T-Mobile will undergo a MASSIVE remerchandising of their corporate retail stores on Tuesday night, June 15th.

    And sixth – Do you REALLY think that T-Mobile would spend extra labor hours to launch another Android device – or (and did I really read) a new “Sidekick”? Come on. I love Android as much as the rest of you. But the iPhone is the only device that I know of which generates lines around buildings and city blocks. 8AM people. 8… A… M… AT&T stores in the past opened at 8AM for iPhone launches too. Chew on that. And look at the tentative schedule below.

    *myTouch 3G Slide release – June 2nd (complete availability June 16th)
    *GARMINfone release – June 9th
    *Apple WWDC Keynote Speech – June 7th
    *Nokia E73 Launch – June 16h
    *Unknown June 19th “Special Promotion” @ 8AM – iPhone on T-Mobile Launch? (speculated)
    *Samsung T359 “Smile”, T479 “Gravity 3”, T669 “Gravity T” – June 23rd?

    I could be totally wrong about this. But I stand my ground believing that I’m right.

    • nell_z

      Makes A LOT of sense! I mean if it were gonna be a big Android device launch, T-Mobile would’ve done like Verizon and the Droid launch and planned months in advance. I’m not too sure if I like the iPhone OS over Android (I’ve come to like widgets, the notification bar, the overall openness and customization options of Android), but this would be spectacular for T-Mobile. And besides, I really cant see the iPhone going to a CDMA carrier like Verizon or Sprint. It would kill the iPhones ability to talk and and use the internet at the same time, something Apple advertises with the iPhone. OOO cant wait!

    • kinoy

      I’m with you on this … the 1%-ers .. that still believe iphone can be available on T-Mobile this year. :)

    • andy


      I think your 100% right.

    • RockTripod

      Your level of wrong is epic. Look at my other post. T-Mo launches their big summer phone on the 16th, and you think they would launch the iPhone 3 days later? And second, I work for T-Mo. We have NEVER launched a phone on a Saturday. This is a sales promotion for the Slide, that’s it. Stop speculating, you are awful at it.

      • TMoEmployee

        Okay RockTripod…..

        I’m the guy eating popcorn with his eyes wide opened, glued to the two girls about to fight in the parking lot!

        Meaning, all of the speculation is just exciting. Regardless of who’s right or wrong. But, the iphone conspirers have so much going for them.

        But all this brings me to my real comment.

        Who…… In the hell……. is going to stand in a line out the doors (heard in a big wigs meeting about the 19th)…….. for a damn…… MyTouch Slide!!!!

        We’ve been telling everyone about the Slide and I think like, two people got excited.

        Everyone was at least coming around and calling about the HTC HD2, asking about it, weeks before it dropped. Very few people are hyped up about the new Android device.

        Give me a real theory on why I have to get out of my bed at 6AM.
        To sell an average phone (a very good average phone)!!!????

        It better be better then some damn MTSlide!

      • RockTripod


        Since you work for the company, I am shocked you’re surprised that they are having a promo… thing on that Saturday. You are 100% right that we certainly won’t have people beating down the door for the device. T-Mo seriously doesn’t get it when it comes to marketing. Look at the original myTouch ad campaign. We had a perfect opportunity to show off all the apps you can get, and we talk about being able to personalize the device. Whatever promo they do go with on the 19th, it will be a letdown. I love the Slide and will feel very confident selling it, but T-Mo is sorely mistaken about needing us to open 2 hours early. I just get irritated when they keep cutting our hours and then waste the labor budget on something pointless like this.
        As for the iPhone conspiracy theorists, I just can’t let an idea that stupid go unchallenged. Its willful ignorance on a grand scale. It doesn’t seem to matter how many valid points I bring up against an iPhone launch, people seem to stick their heads in the sand and connect wildly unrelated facts to support their theory. So, since they cannot come to a reasonable conclusion given the plethora of facts against them, I call them tards. Which they are.

        • David

          The last paragraph belongs on the blog!

  • foo

    ugh with regards to the exclusivity it was signed till 2012 but we dont know if there were “out clauses”

  • wasup

    hoping for the Galaxy S, but if it’s the iphone, I wouldn’t complain, lol, would prolly still choose the Galaxy S over the iphone, because of froyo’s flash support.

  • irko

    have to agree HSPA+ or nexus in store
    only these 2 make sence

  • I sure hope its the new iphone,nexus one, or some other super smartphone besides some type of promotion for the mytouch slide that would be a total waste of man hours.

  • Watcher

    Here’s the thing for
    1. Tmob has a new CEO who I’m assuming took over because Robbie wasn’t doing his job correctly.
    2. The new CEO pretty much launched the iPhone overseas.
    3. You have All hands meetings right before this date. WWDC also end previous to this date.
    4. YOUR OPENING STORES EARLY…Do you guys REALIZE HOW much payroll that is? I honestly don’t think anyone will be lining up for a Nexus One at 8am and I don’t expect Tmob to think that either.

    This is gonna be big I’m assuming…whatever this is seems like is has been in motion for a while now.

    I honestly think its an iPhone or some variation of it and if it is I give Tmo super props for keeping such a good secret.

    Its either that or HSPA+ but HSPA+ wouldn’t be a reason to open stores early unless they throw in some kind of insane promo with it.

    • RockTripod

      I give you super props for being so right. It is an iPhone launch!! You win a cookie! We’re opening 2 hours early 3 days after the official launch of the Slide so we can let everyone return that phone and get an iPhone! Its the most brilliant business plan in the history of the industry!

  • JBLmobileG1

    I am willing to bet that this is going to be some deal where you pick a family plan with Tmobile and get like all the MyTouch Slide phones in the plan for free. They offer two Nokia Nurons free online with free activation and free shipping when you sign a family plan. Being that this date is on the sheet about the Slide and being at the top of June 19th picture above it mentions BOGO. It also says its some type of promotion. Plus they are selling the slide as a phone for the entire family. Maybe it will be a deal where if you buy one slide and get a family plan you will get up to 4 additional slides for free too… and with free activation.
    Who really knows though what it could be. There still are lots of phones left to be released… but I have a feeling it has to deal with the slide. Maybe there is a new plan that brings MyFavs back to the slide? After all it has some type of face feature right? Maybe unlimited talk and text to those people? Now that would be Awesome and a seller for the phone because doesn’t it hold like 20 people? Maybe add that to the cheapest plan for only $39.99 per month. Who knows though…. could be a phone… but then why release something so soon after a product that is somewhat of a flagship device? We shall see come the 19th I guess.

    • Steve

      NO WAY!!!!!! Would they really put the BOGO slide on the weekend when inevitably the Iphone will launch. NO WAY! How embarrassing would it be to see NO LINE at T-Mobile for a underpowered Android phone. The Incredible didn’t even get that much fan fare it is is an adequately powered Android phone. My $ is on Iphone, i will be in line!!

      • RockTripod

        You will look like a horse’s a$$ waiting outside a T-Mo store for an iPhone on the 19th. I hope its my store so I can laugh at you. And the iPhone 4G won’t launch that day for AT&T anyways.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Face = Fave. Sorry I meant to say Fave feature but this app that I have likes to choose words for me.

  • soon2TMO

    it’s not gonna be the iphone! get over it! LOL, i dont understand why some people here are so desperate for tmobile to get the iphone when it is just right next door over at ATT, cant you people just switch carriers to simply get the thing? oh right, you will lose your “grandfathered” plans.. LOL, hell, if the galaxy s were already available on some carrier, i’d sign-up right away..

    it’s more sensical to think it will be the nexus one,
    HSPA+ is already being rolled out gradually throughout the nation, new york alredy has it..
    whatever it is, let’s hope it will be indeed something big!

  • soon2TMO

    or it could be a special plan or some sale or whatever.. LOL

  • JBLmobileG1

    You know iphonespeculator has some really good points. Hhmmm I wonder if WalMart knows some things that we don’t know. Maybe… just maybe this is why Walmart is selling the iphone 3GS 16gb for only $97 on AT&T. Maybe they know that Tmobile will be caring the iphone so they need to get rid of the AT&T supplys before it sits on their shelves. Maybe that’s why AT&T hasnt followed with a price drop because they will still carry the 3GS as their own? And why call it the iphone 4G when we know AT&T wont be getting 4G until what…. next year? Maybe this IS the launch of HSPA+ a.k.a. 4G to Tmobile and the iphone will be apart of it? Its killing me trying to think of what it could be…. and more than likely its not much of anything. Then again…. they did say it was BIG although when I think of a promotion I think of a limited time type of deal.

    • JAKE


      • Vinchenzo

        Nobody spells Jeneration with a G. Oh… Don’t mind that red squiggly line underneath the word Jeneration. It’s a typo.

    • andy

      Don’t forget that AT&t when’t from hardly any Android phones to a ton. It seems
      like every new gsm android has at&t bands. it seems like att is saying the exclusive relationship is over with apple. Just by adding some many android phones
      just to piss off apple.

  • soon2TMO

    if iphone were to fall into tmobile’s hands, it would’ve been all over the net already! that’s common logic.. june 19 is like 3 weeks from now, are we suppsed to be surprised by a sudden announcement of the iphone tmobile version on a short term period? that is sooooo unlikely!

    get over it people!

  • watbetch

    The myTouch slide screenshot shows something big happening on the 19th related to the myTouch slide “Stay tuned.. this will be big!”. It better be.

  • mr.rashadftw

    Calm down with iphone claims.Do you guys remember that super secret “Project Black” how did that go? Lmao

  • lsxchevelle

    @watbech Exactly, it’s on the sheet about the myTouch Slide so I know it has to do with it. I’m curious what it will be but it is obviously to do with the Slide in some form…

  • slappynoname

    only thing i can think of is froyo. It would makes sense for them to get this on the device asap! I mean the nexus one has it and that could have been used as a test before the slide push out

  • Bigg

    It will be about the mytouch slide, quit dreaming about Iphone on tmo usa already folks. I would like to own a iphone 4g on tmobile as much as the next person but it aint gonna happen. Just get over it.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Sheesh… these dumarses with their guess that it’s the iPhone. Is that all you can every say. You have been saying that since I discovered TmoNews back in July 2009. iPhone this, iPhone that. You have been wrong so many times you would think you would have bought one at AT&T by now.

    I think it’s the Slide. The 19th is on a Saturday, so that’s obviously geared to when shoppers will be out and about. So it’s a phone promo.

    And remember that when the G1 debuted they made it available on a Saturday and the stores were open early.

    (And T-Mobile’s PR people “leaked” info like this to bloggers and the media to build excitement.) I have the UK PR agency’s discussion about how all this went on the G1, if you want to see it.)

    Yes, that’s right, it’s as I said long ago. These “leaks” are intentional. Gets people in a frenzy.

    • ace

      The G1 DID NOT launch on a Saturday. It launched on Wednesday 10/22/08

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I was referring to the UK launch. My bad for not being clear.

  • Jay Antwan

    Did anyone think that the iPhone 4G is coming to T-Mobile? Apple hasn’t sent to the FCC yet.. maybe because of bands and branding.. Jobs may have told T-Mo to mention nothing of it.. not even in writing.. for fear of it being spilled out (like the 4g drama)… T-Mobile is the only other carrier that could handle the phone on GSM…. The Apple Conference is in the beginning of June.. which will give it about 2 weeks of hype.. the iPhone has been speculated to be released in “Early June”… and finally, having the iPhone on another service benefits Apple to compete with all of there carriers having android phones…

    • Jay Antwan

      also could be the reason why T-Mobile is working so hard on HSPA+ and why ATT wants it to be clear that its “not as good as” 4G.. they will both be competing for customers…

      • SteveBerman

        its all starting to make sense

  • some dude

    Lots of dumdums here. It totally makes sense that T-Mobile would launch their signature device of the Summer in their retail stores on the 16th then launch the iPhone 3 days later. Its such a great thing to have all you iPhone speculators here to help make these obvious events clear to the rest of us. Its not like you’ve been wrong about the last 20 supposed iPhone launches or anything.

    • C_M_C

      the slide actually come out on the 2nd, the 16th is when u can actually use th BOGO as both phones, not just the first. Highly doubt its the iphone.

      • C_M_C

        that last sentence wasn’t directed to ur comment, sorry.

      • C_M_C

        that last sentence wasn’t directed at your comment, sorry.

  • scott

    For all those saying its gonna be an iphone launch, since when is that a promotion??! Getting the iphone is a phone launch not a promotion!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I posted that missing Galaxy S video that had indicators that it was T-Mobile’s version.


    • watbetch

      UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE THE INTERNETS!

      saved myself a copy :)

  • Brandon

    I am thinking that it will possibly be just a Father’s Day promotion? Father’s Day is the following day and there is probably just going to be some new activation deal.

  • dethduck

    Current G1/MT3G v1.0 owners trade up your old phones to a MT3G Slide for free, one day only!

    Heh, one can hope, right?

  • Tony

    dethduck says:
    May 27, 2010 at 4:48 am

    Current G1/MT3G v1.0 owners trade up your old phones to a MT3G Slide for free, one day only!

    Heh, one can hope, right

    That’s the only way I’d consider a MyTouch Slide

    • C_M_C

      Thats what i’m hoping for, i like my Mytouch 3g, but if i can get the new version for free, its a no brainer!

  • Reece

    “Before any of you get your hopes up, we have NOTHING that says its in any way shape or form related to an iPhone launch.”

    heh, so I’m really hoping for an iPhone launch even though Android 2.1+ one ups it in sexyness and functionality? what is this, 2008?

  • alex

    This propmotion is all about the moto razr coming with android..Iphone will never come to tmo, PEOPLE GET OVER IT…

    • Mercer One

      “Iphone will never come to tmo” Well yes and no, right? There are those that are running their iphones (and even ipads) on T-Mobile’s service. Plus T-Mobile in other countries have the iphone… but you know that, just being a smart @$$.

  • alex

    Keep in mind, Tmobile annouced that they extended the bogo deals UNTIL the 2oth of June. This is all about the MYTOUCH SLIDE!!!!

  • adam

    I’m hoping this isn’t Project Emerald. I want a decent phone. The specs on this aren’t THAT much better than my G1. They stopped supporting the G1 even before early adopters contracts are up. Midrange phones would be nice if I wasn’t on the hook with it for two years.


    as long as the iphone has been out, anyone on t-mo who wanted one would have switched by now, ya think?

    after playing around with blackberrys for a few months, i’m an android guy.

    i’m happy with the cliqXT right now and i have 2 full upgrades available.

    when they offer a deal i can’t refuse, i won’t refuse it.

  • Curtis

    How about a MyTouch themed Iphone? The MyPhone.

  • curtis jackson

    maybe it a new phone or plan that they gonna offer…

  • ninja

    June would be extremely early for the galaxy s. From what I have heard,o would not count on that being the cause of the early opening. I don’t think it has a solid release date

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I was hoping for a June release of the SGS (to compete with the Evo), but now with the Slide coming out it appears that’s going to be T-Mobile’s main phone for a summer release.

      Assuming T-Mobile will treat the SGS as a BIG deal, it would not release it at same time as the Slide. (IMHO.)

      So that leaves August, the same time when they debuted the Touch Pro2 in 2009.

      Of course there’s other factors to consider when and why it might debut… whenever one might speculate.

      Although Howard Chiu’s video indicates the SGS is ready to debut (he implied it just needed a few more apps installed) perhaps T-Mobile intends for it to be a holiday release.

      If that happens that will force me to have to wait and compare the SGS with all the other superphones that will be debuting.

      Then again, I may look at the Slide and decide to get that to replace my GF’s G1. Then sell my HD2 in September and replace it with a hot new phone.

      Just thinking out loud.

      • Ninja

        I have not had a t-mobile branded one in my hands but I have had an unbranded one. If they released that phone today it would sell like crazy but it would have a high return rate. The touchwiz is still buggy.

  • Bryan

    Is it just me or is T Mobile always planning “something big”?

    It’s rather annoying

    • justsomeguy

      No. It’s more that people get wind of something going on and it gets blown up. T-Mobile is just secretive about everything and people assume its because its “something really big”. If T-Mobile has plans to switch to 2-ply toilet paper, they would give it a name like Project Fluffy. Someone leaks that they heard about this new project, and suddenly it is all over the internet.

      • RockTripod

        Project Fluffy, that’s hysterical.

  • Bubbles

    Everytime they plan something big it never really turns out that way. TMOBILE_USA needs to launch a new high end device to compete with other carriers. I definitly will not be this iphone u speak oh, lol

  • Landon Gonsalves

    In Canada (rogers) they had a free trade up program for Dream (g1) owners who were being left out of the cupcake os update. Now I don’t think g1 owners need a free upgrade (that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t LOVE ONE), but MAYBE this is some new upgrade promo for g1 and mytouch1 users. Maybe a free upgrade with a contract extension or a super discount to get the mytouchSlide. Something to reward the early adopters of Android?? In reality its probably just a family plan/bogo promo that no one will show up for…. but ONE CAN DREAM :-)

  • Alex

    I was yesterday speaking with the manager from a tmo store over at 36th and 5th ave in NYC. According to him, they had a meeting a few weeks back, basically I asked about the Galaxy S-his direct quote-“Tmobile does not want to harm the MTS sales by annoucing this HIGH-END phone. Look for an announcement mid to end of July,followed by a release in the second week of AUGUST”. Take it as you will..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Great point.

      Last year the release of the Touch Pro2 was overshadowed by the debut of the myTouch.

      In July 09 we were wondering why T-Mobile was not promoting the Touch Pro2. All they had was a single press release for it.

      But the myTouch had an ad campaign.

      Eventually someone said that T-Mobile did not want to detract from the myTouch debut with talk about the Touch Pro2.

      So that’s why the Touch Pro2 just showed up one day available for sale, while here in San Francisco there were skydivers landing by the Embarcadero Center and Marina Green waving myTouch banners.


      With the Slide coming out, and that being a big deal to T-Mobile, you are right, we won’t see the SGS until August at the earliest (and that point the “leaks” will start, with the blurry promo sheet, then then a clear pic, then the blurry price list, then a cropped ad, etc.)

  • NiiDiddy

    whatever it is…it better be biggg!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    oh come on guys, we all know it’s a New NBA Street game. They even tell you, EA sports BIG!!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      on a more serious note though, I’m hoping that it’s Project Emerald’s launch but if it was, then that would totally destroy the sales of the upcoming Galaxy S. I would be REALLY disappointed if it’s the iPhone.

  • unknown

    how about this, all smartphone free, with 2 year contract plan…LOL

  • cnote

    I’m not getting my hopes up and neither should any of you. They’ve had so many BIG projects and secrets that were heartbreakers that I’m not believing anything but a mytouch slide promo. I like T-mobile but I don’t know if T-mobile has it in them to do anything BIG. It hurts to say that but they haven’t had anything BIG since the G1, but I guess we can all still hope! I must say though that opening the stores at 8 a.m. should be something really BIG, or it’s gonna leave egg on T-mobile’s face!

  • steve

    It’s probably a commissions promo for myTouch accessories. The target audience for the slide that made the June 19 announcement was TMO employees. What’s big to them isn’t necessarily relevant to the customer.

  • bigbag


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well that T-Mobile VP did say in the video promo that the myTouch would be available in June and that they are going to make sure it’s competitively priced and affordable for families.

      So I think your statement is the most accurate, it’s a family plan promotion.


      And IMHO a free phone of one’s choice, on a Saturday, that will have dads and moms rioting at the store entrances.

      Bonus Advice: If T-Mobile is listening, make sure you have appropriate security at the stores. You don’t want a Wal-Mart incident.


      • TMoEmployee

        Wait, wait, wait…..

        At a huge management meeting these words were leaked or, over heard. “The lines on the 19th are going to be out the door”.

        Speculations or what have you. It’s no damn promotion!

        The only kind of promotion I can see with that is to give G1 owners a free Mytouch Slide for trade. Or a lot of money off for one.

        We did just get a new cell phone recycling bin. I don’t know.

        But, I really don’t think T-Mobile will use up such man hours for a “promotion”.


  • Jerry

    Could def care less about iphone in any sence…they are getting left behind by android and people and devs are seeing this. Yes, i have had iphones and i do know what they do, but its not comparable to android to me. Id like to see galaxy s personally and it by far beats iphone in capabilities and featurs. Apple isnt king aymore..finally!

  • Noel

    It’s Probably When The Nexus One is Coming to Stores Finally.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good guess Noel, but it can’t be that simply because the N1 showing up at stores is not a big deal.

      Besides, the N1 will have been out for six months. It’s not something new or exciting, at least not in terms of marketing. (And not to forget that the N1 has pretty much been deemed a fail.)

  • iPhoneSpeculator

    A lot of you are absolutely right. It is hard to speculate what the 19th will bring. We’ll all get a much better sense after Apple’s WWDC Keynote Speech on June 7th. Right then, they’ll announce another iPhone carrier in the USA. So if T-Mobile USA is going to be part of the iPhone family, Mr. Steve Jobs will say so, and say so first (or else a lawsuit that no one can afford will be slapped on T-Mobile for breaching trade secrets). It’s not going to be leaked by any T-Mobile employee. And if you think a store manager will tell you, they’re just as much in the dark about it as is about 95% of the rest of the company. If you think a store manager told you something, they’re just speculating, and very sure of their predictions. Take it as nothing more than that.

    June 19th is on the roadmap for the myTouch 3G Slide as something “big.” But it also could be a curveball to thwart speculation of an iPhone launch. It’s honestly hard to say. T-Mobile has made their fair share of boneheaded decisions before. So I wouldn’t put it past T-Mobile management to waste labor hours on a myTouch 3G Slide line that will probably generate a total of 8 line campers, and a few others to come in for replacement SIM cards between the hours of 8AM and 10AM. Or, perhaps they’re smart this time around. They know they’ve got the iPhone 4th Gen sealed up. And they know the buzz and draw this device creates, but had to put a placeholder somewhere. If T-Mobile is to get the iPhone, they have to tell retail employees that the store is opening early way in advance for scheduling. But obviously can’t reveal that it’s for the iPhone itself just yet.

    HSPA+ may launch in some markets on the 19th. But only SOME markets. However, that’s simply a service. Not a physical product worth waiting in line or opening early for. Maybe it’s the Galaxy S too (possibly known as the Behold 3 on T-Mobile’s network)? But I doubt such a high end Android device would come out so close to the myTouch 3G Slide to steal its thunder. Or maybe it is a G1 to Slide trade-up? You never know. But, as I said in an earlier comment, the writing is on the wall. I’m 80% sure this thing in the iPhone.

    Apple calls the shots on all things iPhone. If it’s going to come out on June 19th, it’s because Apple says so. The iPhone would be good for T-Mobile’s network, helping to grow its subscriber base and lift T-Mobile out of the #4 spot and into #3 in about a month’s time. I don’t want the iPhone myself. But I definitely see the benefits of it being on the network.

    • reveillazn

      There is no way T-Mobile is getting the Iphone. Think about it, the CEO just resigned. Would he do that knowing that the Iphone was about to be released on his network? I don’t think so. It has to have something to do with the My Touch Slide. It is on the MTS3g launch time line and not a general company newsletter.

    • soon2TMO

      you are so contradicting yourself!.. if you doubt that any high-end device would steal the my touch slide’s fresh release, then how could it be the iphone??
      and if anyone would sue over a simple leak information of a device’s launch on a carrier, that should have occured countless times already as it has been going on over the years..

      is samsung or tmo suing howard chui for hinting a tmo version of the galaxy S (SGH T959)???? big NO!

      • GlockBuster

        T-Mobile is not afraid to launch devices close to each other. If it is the iPhone, they probably already had the myTouch Slide in the works when they finalized the deal for the iPhone. T-Mobile has lost a bunch of customers for the iPhone. If they had a chance to get it, they wouldn’t let the myTouch Slide deter them… and they certainly aren’t going to stop carrying Android devices even if they get the iPhone, so they myTouch Slide is overdue anyways (everyone else has a 2.1 Android phone EXCEPT us)

    • john

      iPhone isnt coming, we have phones that are better now. It was revolutionary, YES. But why should anyone want a phone that people already have. Give me something newer and better. Touchscreens without full keyboards just dont cut it. iPhones are toys, not business phones!

    • RockTripod

      God dammit you are dumb. IT IS NOT AN IPHONE LAUNCH!! How many facts to the contrary do you need to see before you get it? T-Mo is not launching an iPhone. I cannot say this enough. It says clear as day that it is a promotion, not a handset launch. Sweet Jesus I want you to come into my store on the 19th so I can laugh at you. I’d like you to stay for my entire shift so I can laugh until its time for me to leave.

  • I have to say that you definitely put a lot of good points at a possible iPhone launch on the 19th.

    Although everything so far is speculation, I definitely am interested to see what June 19th has in store for T-Mobile. If it’s that rumored Sidekick with the snapdragon processor, etc… or the iPhone I will cry for joy and buy either of them (not a big iPhone fan but anything is better than my Touch Pro 2 now, I think I’m officially done with Windows Mobile).

    • justsomeguy

      You aren’t alone. According to a numbers I saw recently, Windows Mobile phones were only a 5-6% share of the market among all phones sold last quarter on all carriers. Android phones were only at the number in Sept 09. Now they are a 30% share which is just a bit better than the IPhone. Even Blackberry is topping WinMo phones with a 13% share. The Iphone and Android phones are leaving everyone else in the dust.

  • SteveBerman

    Steve Jobs will have one more thing to say on June 7th… “One more thing, T-mobile users won’t have to jailbreak and unlock anymore. The iphone will be available June 19th”

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Can someone search the entirety of TMoNews to see the number of times Apple fanboys have predicted that “it’s the iPhone” and turned out to be wrong.

      And it would be cool to find out who are the people that keep posting those comments. :)

      Query: As another person asked, why do people keep wishing for the iPhone? Why not buy it over at AT&T? The prices are dirt cheap for that outdated POS.

      • SteveBerman

        Hey sorry man. I prefer the iphone, but don’t have good At&t coverage so I’d like it on T-mobile since I do have great coverage with them. I think T-mobiles lineup is terrible though and just doing some wishful thinking. Sorry if that offends you.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Does not offend at all, thanks for explaining. Sorry for your loss.

        I know someone who lives two blocks from Oracle headquarters. It’s on the edge of the San Francisco Bay. So she can’t get a T-Mobile signal.

        I suspect that’s the case for Larry Ellison’s building too, can’t get T-Mobile. Not that they would want to. LOL.

  • Pac-Man

    The little bit of discussion I had with the regional manager in my market its not the I phone… he couldn’t tell me what it was but he said he could tell what it want and that’s the I phone…. hope he is wrong

  • efjay

    If T-Mo’s network can handle it fine but if not the iphone will do more harm than good to T-Mobile.

    • Max

      Actually this is a problem T-mobile would love to have!!!

  • Ktwist

    I thought Verizon was getting the Iphone?

    • GlockBuster

      I thought they were getting an Apple netbook or something, preloaded with a wireless card

  • trife

    Meh. Just another fail from TMO is my guess. I’ve seen far too many of these things pan out to be disappointing. Color me apathetic.

    • GlockBuster

      Normally I would agree. If June 19th was a “Project ___” than I wouldn’t be holding my breath. But if they are opening up all the stores early, it’s something big, and it has to be a phone. And the fact that no one knows (I work for T-Mo and no one seems to know anything) really intrigues me. I still don’t think it is the iPhone, but GOD do I hope I am wrong.

  • newspeak

    this has something to do with the my touch line considering its listed on that timeline a few posts back for the my touch slide release

  • alex

    i dont think anyone is getting the iphone, Appe signed a contract with AT&T which ends in 2012 so i highly doubt im not going to say its impossible, but chances are slim, i believe maybe froyo for the slide, more details on project emerald, nexus one coming to stores, samsung galaxy s official announcement, etc..

    • Nokia N900USER

      Nexus One is not worth opening the store earlier. No Android phone is worth it. Samsung galaxy S is only known by Tech and Spec heavy folks.

    • iPhoneSpeculator

      Provide this proof of contract. And then look to the exclusivity Apple had with O2 in the UK. O2 apparently had the same contract AT&T did. And Apple broke the agreement. Anything can happen.

      Also, I can’t stress the word “apparently” more, as again, it’s only speculation and rumor.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As stated by “BigBag” above, IMHO there’s plenty of indicators that this has to do with a family plan promotion.

    Based on the number of ads on TV with carriers promoting second lines, etc. I can see T-Mobile’s next step in response is having a family plan promo in conjunction with the Slide coming to market.

    There’s other reasons why this is probably a family plan promo:

    — There’s a price war going on between the carriers.

    — The economy sucks for the working man trying to support his family.

    — T-Mobile has been losing customers.

    — Germany is unhappy with the TMOUS operation (although profitable, DT correctly sees profits will decrease, it wants to stop the decline).

    — The richest field from which to mine for customers in this poor economy is families. That’s because for each family signed up you end up with two, three or more lines per activation(technically separate accounts or customers)

    The price war, poor economy, hemorrhaging customers, etc. are why you see T-Mobile repeatedly extending the BOGO promo, pushing the “add a line” concept, constantly tinkering with its plans, and bringing out phones that FAMILIES want and can afford.

    The way to increase customer count is NOT to bring out some hot new superphone (that families could care less about, not understand, and much less afford). It’s by promoting feature-rich, “social friendly” phones that cost less than $180 for the first and gives the family two to three additional data phones for free.

    For carriers phones are like ink jet printers. With ink jet printers manufacturers practically give them away knowing they will make huge profits on the ink cartridges. Same goes for phones. Get them into a family’s hands for free, then make huge profits on monthly data charges.

    And notice that the phones coming out are what I call “socially friendly.” That means handsets are designed to entice those dads and moms to order data plans for everyone.

    Think about the pressure dad is under. His daughter says she needs a Facebook friendly phone just like all her friends have. She is freaking out at the thought that dad is considering getting her a dumb phone, that God forbid only makes calls.

    Then at the dinner table his wife says she needs a data plan so she can keep an eye on what the daughter is doing. Dad says that is a good idea since he saw on the nightly news how Facebook has stalkers preying for girls like his precious daughter.

    Under immense pressure, dad orders four phones, which to the delight of T-Mobile means four data plans.

    • waiting4theiPhone

      a. i agree with almost all you have written here.
      b. tmobile is ahead of the game in pricing. (just saved a customer $150 a month over verizon with the three lines getting data)
      c. i disagree with the comment about growing customers with a hot new smartphone. ask at&t how bringing out a hot new smartphone has worked for them. with the tmobile rate plans i bet you’d see a nice little jump in subscribers if you introduced a hot new smartphone (iPhone) this summer.

    • Electrodyne

      I like this reasoning.

      Samsung Family Phone Day or something similar.

    • pimpstrong

      The iPhone (call it a family phone or not) is a “superphone” and generates I would say, atleast a few of not only subscribers but DATA subscribers. So I can’t really get with the idea people have that superphones coming to Tmo is not a cash crop. What? they are upgrading to 21mbps Data so mom and dad can Tweet at lightning speed and the kids can be social and update their status in real time? Hell no its deeper than that. Only superphones and data cards will take advantage of such speeds and although Data cards use the majority of said speeds, smartphones make up the majority of the sold Data plans. Superphones will be in abundance very soon on Tmo and they will be pushing them like crazy JUST like they tried to do with the Bastard step brother of the EVO, the HD2. Tmo just failed to get the OS correct on that one otherwise it would have been the “champion handset” to beat since March. I’m not claiming that the “family” smartphones aren’t better to reel people in, but avoiding superphones is definently the way to cast them out.

    • TMoEmployee

      I couldn’t even read your dissertation there…LOL! But, the whole fact of the matter is… What will cause T-Mobile to open it’s doors early?

      It damn sure isn’t a family plan promo.

      It wouldn’t even be a free promo for the MTslide.

      Rumor has it, T-Mobile is receiving a demo phone around the 8th or 9th.
      I didn’t do any digging on this, yet.
      We’ve already received our Slides and the demo for it.

      I don’t want to get hype about the iphone possibilities but, everyone in my store feels it is.
      I am a Mac fanatic. So I have to keep it cool.

      I really don’t think it is but….

      So, the product has to be a household name.

      Iphone or Nexus 1. More than likely the Nexus for reality sake.
      But, I hope I’m wrong….

      • David

        Dude, its not the iPhone. Get. Over. It.

      • john

        I wish I knew who you were so I could report your leak, did you read your handbook or do you think your clever. If you work at a store, quit, please!

      • RockTripod

        TMoEmployee, I’m beginning to doubt your employment status. We certainly did not receive any Slide demos. The champs got their Slides, that’s it. Demos will be arriving shortly before the official launch. You are grossly misinformed, and are certainly not helping our company any. As David says, get over it. No iPhone.

  • FanDatHo

    Mang none of ya’ll suckas know a thing about a thing or two. I’m tellin yall mang dat da iphone is iphoney! Dat mytouch slide is bout to do a soft launch on yo behind June 2nd and den it finna be a full all out blast-masta launch on June da 16th. June 19th be dat day that my momma had her phone unlocked and she tired of da bull from mista macintosh johnny apple seed wit all deez rules and what not. Howeva, iPhone will drop on TMO next month fo sho! I got the inside scoop from knick knack patty wack who gave da dog a bone. 1 fish 2 fish red fish jew fish eating fish sticks baby bubba.

    • tato22

      @fandatho wtf

      • obfuscate

        HAHA, that took a while to read. YOU SPREAK ENGRISH?

    • 30014

      @FanDatHo…Are you on drugs?

    • pimpstrong

      Malibu’s Most Wanted. Nice!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Seriously, is that ebonics or gangsta talk? If so, how long did it take to learn how to type it (that is, over just talking).

    • TMoEmployee

      Wow. You sure are country. Please stop. You’re scaring the children…

    • john

      man learn to type, iphone sucks and isnt coming to tmobile

  • jayyoung

    Hey T-mobile what ever happen to the handset you crave that was your slogan when you did the whole changing of your plans.Still you don’t have any handset we crave so hopefully its something better than the Mytouch slide.

    • RockTripod

      Shut up.

  • Juan R

    I think is going to be a big promo for cheap/ free smartphones. If you guys recently saw there was an article that ranked the average revenue per user(ARPU), T-Mobile was lagging behind all major carriers (yes, even behind stinky Sprint).

  • Nokia N900USER

    So I’ve read so many posts and I decided to give my two cents.
    Disclaimer: I won’t bet any penny one it!!!!

    1.) Who will benefit the most from iphone launching on AT&T and T-mobile on June 19th? APPLE!!! The only way for apple to meet and exceed expectations right now is to launch on other carieer. Verizon is CDMA and T-mobile will be the easier one to support.

    2.) There are so many things that has happened that point towards iphone launching on other carieers.
    i. AT&T increased their ETF fee to a whopping $395 on iphone.
    ii. AT&T has stopped using the iphone in their commercials.
    iii. Rumors are running wild for verizon lauch BUT the iphone Gen 4 prototype had a sim slot and AT&T recently agreed to unlocking all phones except the “iphone” due to a court judgement.

    Finally, NO PHONE but iphone is worth the hassle of opening early. As for thos who are saying why would t-mobile spend money on promoting my touch slide, well Apple will also be promoting its iphone with “now available on T-mobile”

    • SteveBerman

      People seem to forget that Apple did most of the advertising for the iphone, not At&t.

    • RockTripod

      Its not happening, at least not on the 19th and certainly no time soon. Get over it.

  • batman26

    it is going to be the HD3!!!

  • I don’t think it’s iPhone related, but with a “Stay tuned – this will be BIG” statement you would have to think it’s hardware related. Who’s going to show up for a family plan?

    It’s probably myTouch Slide related, buy one get one free or something, but I still don’t see the need for early hours for that either.

    If I had to make a guess, I would say maybe the Nexus One is now available on the 19th through T-Mobile stores – with Android 2.2 perhaps. Maybe they start calling that the myTouch2 3G?

    • J-Hop2o6

      Nexus One as the myTouch2 aye? hmm…. interesting… they did have a FREE myTouch3G sale for one weekend.. clearing out stock for the myTouch2 ? interesting.. we’ll see.

  • waiting4theiPhone

    the bogo offer includes the mytouch slide right out of the gate. so as of june 2nd you can get the slide as a buy one get one free through tmobile.

    • iPhoneSpeculator

      Internal documents show that the myTouch 3G Slide will only be the first/paid-for phone in the BOGO offer. But not the second/free phone.

  • Ronald

    I’m sure this is the iPhone 4G, it’s been spreading around the web for months now and June 19th gives it 2 weeks after WWDC ends making T-Mobile employees to get things ready and sell this device. (Hopefully at the APPLE STORE too!) We won’t know until Apple’s WWDC conference 2 weeks from now. I’ve been both an Apple/Android user, and I prefer Apple because they have a huge selection of apps, and when updates comes out it we get to manually install them through iTunes.

  • Darth F en Maul

    It’s going to be completely lame. T-mobile loves mediocrity.

    • TMoEmployee

      LMAO & Then ROFLMAO!!!!

      This is why I won’t get my hopes up.

      We do some of the dumbest *ish for nothing.

      Leave it up to T-Mobile to open early for a phone only some will get.

      All speculation will end on June 7th.

      We will see….

  • Oakley44

    I like T-mobile enough to have kept my BB Pearl forever, waiting for an N1 or similar. Just remember, T-Mobile has never (I mean never) delivered goods on “big” announcements and one shouldn’t expect much of a difference this time around. When they do, it’s usually whispered with sh-t marketing. I can’t imagine Deutsche Telecom would want invest a Verizon-sized amount of cash into it’s Sprint sized market-share in the USA. They will continue to take very slow conservative steps in the right direction – and probably get bought out in the process.

    I still hang on because where else can I get unlimited talk/web and 1000 texts for $82 per month inc. tax??

  • Tmo4eva

    Well it seems the seceret is out on this…..there is a whisper of a new promo free add a lines for two years.

  • Bigg

    No iphone for Tmobile. Give it up already.

  • Voice of Reason…

    Rumor from Tmo corprate says gizmodo iPhone found was a Tmobile Version… Just heard this today from the source…

    • RockTripod

      No. Stop it. It wasn’t.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh, I forgot to post this.

    It’s a pic that T-Mobile just sent to news agencies under the title “HSPA 7.2 Phones.”

    Read from it what you want, maybe it’s a “4G” promotion.


  • kurt

    TMobile isn’t getting the iphone. It’s locked to ATT by contract. Apple got a cozy little deal with ATT for data rates on the iPad, and backtracked on it’s exclusivity. The ATT lock was at a minimum extended a year for the iPad, so there is no way their pretty little phone is getting to another carrier.

    At least make semi-rational wild guesses

  • kurt

    TMobile isn’t getting the iphone. It’s locked to ATT by contract. Apple got a cozy little deal with ATT for data rates on the iPad, and backtracked on it’s exclusivity. The ATT lock was at a minimum extended a year for the iPad, so there is no way their pretty little phone is getting to another carrier.

    At least make semi-rational wild guesses… like samsung galaxy s roll-out with BOGO offer still intact.

    • iPhoneSpeculator

      You have no way of verifying that statement.

      • Sweezy

        ATT technically has exclusitivity until 2012, what is unknown is if that contract has been breached…which NO ONE knows (I’m doubting that since the iPad was just released on ATT)

        any news of t-mo getting the iphone is hype created by you guys


    I’m for one thinking its the nexus one sold through tmo stores as some one else saida bove.

  • Sweezy

    If any carrier gets the iphone it would be verizon

    Come June 19th…or June 9th, all of you that are getting hyped over nothing but speculation that you created yourselves will just be dissapointed

    • Sweezy

      *June 7th

  • Sweezy

    ALSO the info says “promotion” and speaks of BOGO right above

    the iPhone would not be a promotion it’d be a major release

    • soon2TMO

      ^^ agree.. it has to be related to the mytouch slide, must be some kind of sale or whatever promotion they’ll have..

  • Ramsey

    The iPhone could very well be coming our way. Think about the facts… Both at&t and Apple have everything to loose by staying together. Apple has great products but will never take over the USA unless its on more networks. And at&t is getting slammed for bad service with this phone. Letting T-mobile have a crack a it explains why everybody else is getting great 1gh Android phones and T-mobile is super excited about the my touch slide 600mhz POS. I’m giving T-mobile until June 19th to impress my non contracted 2 line ass. :)

    • Sweezy

      well if you seriously do believe it is the iPhone, you’ll find out on the 7th you won’t have to untill the 19th

  • DJK53

    Well if its not the iPhone 4g being released on T-Mobile on June 19th I will be leaving T-Mobile for AT&T for sure! I haven’t renewed my contract specifically in anticipation for the iPhone release. Step up TMO!!

  • Negtne

    If it is fact a iphone, nexus one or the “sidekick slide” I will be there in line. I am a fan of apple, I am a fan of android, and if any of these do come out I will be all over it because I have had a G1, a my touch, a cliq, an hd2 (which I gave back) I love android but to be honest I love the iPhone just as much, just wish I could have full 3G on it…., I am in love with the nexus one, but I cannot justify spending all that money on a phone I cannot warranty or fix through tmobile directly. If any of these phones do come out I will be one of the first in line. I love the price of my family plan, I love how good the tmobile people treat me. I do not want another carrier just a great phone. If none of this is correct, I do see the bogo thing happening with the slide. But to be honest, I am not gonna lie here, I would love to see a 4″ 1ghz WebOS phone. Engadget and gizmodo did say T-mobile will have a WebOS phone by this summer. Could go many ways…….either way I am there and sticking with tmobile.

    • RockTripod

      Negtne, stick around. If any of the rumors about phone launches turn out to be true, we will have a vastly improved lineup before back-to-school. The Galaxy S rumor is getting more and more believable, and there’s even some evidence to back up a Sidekick replacement with Android and a Snapdragon processor. I really want to believe that one, but right now there is nothing solid. Trust me, if you came into my store, you would never guess who I am. I’m as professional as you could imagine.

  • BoomBoomBang

    For some reason, I think this has something to do with the Nexus One =/

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here, I’ll throw you iPhone hopefuls and fanboys a bone, no, strike that, a rat’s pitoot sized treat.

    As you now Phillipp Humm is taking over TMOUS.

    Here is Herr Humm in 2007.

    At least you know his feelings about the iPhone. ;)


    And take a look at this second pic, IMHO he looks the part of a can-do guy. In other words, if HE steps on YOUR foot while walking by, YOU say “oh sorry about that” to him. LOL.


  • belch

    guys guys guys… tmo stores are opening early to show off their awesome new EURO merchandise floor sets, THATS IT! their going to raise some of the shelves, clean floors, perhaps paint the walls, and all employees will have awesome accents… iPhone (silly) family plans (why?)as far new high powered android devices (HELLO?!) their getting the MT3G Slide.. It’s the my touch 3g WITH a S L I D E O U T keyboard :)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oops… made an error… it’s “as you KNOW.” So sue me.

  • Wernda

    OK so we all know ATT has an exclusive on the iPhone forever, but what’s to stop Apple from making a similar but different phone for T-Mo? They could make basically the same thing and call it the ifone or tPhone or something stupid like that. Most manufacturers make multiple handsets, what’s stopping Apple?

  • mrb.

    dont get your hopes up. the day in question is the official launch for marketing for the mytouuch slide. confirmed through a training. and the nytouch slide is the new replacement for the sidekick line. there wont be anymore sidekick branded devices. no other phone, well superphones, are planned so far to be released at that time.

    • TMoEmployee

      Okay, what training did you take?

      I’m not on the, “it’s an iphone”, wagon. But, please be real with your info.

      • David

        Are you asking me what training I took??

  • gardy

    Forget about Iphone, i hope is the Nokia N8 or SE X10.

  • zazou

    I heard from a very good source that Tmo will be releasing the Project Pink Hello Kitty MTS….


  • All the stores are getting a new makeover. Confirmed nothing more exciting except maybe instore warranty with all phones

    • RockTripod

      No we’re not. We’re having some of our stuff “refreshed”. I work in a classic store, not one of those nice playground stores. We’re getting our desks replaced, some ceiling panels fixed, etc. That’s not why we are opening at 8, though. Sweet Jesus in heaven, how do you make that connection?

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Ok, so here’s the info I was able to gater up today at my local TMO store.

    For those wishing that it’s about TMO picking up the iPhone, sorry but get it out of your head that’s not going to happen.

    I was told that June 2nd will be what they call a “soft” Release of the MyTouch Slide, and the 19th could be the official release date for it, or… it could also lead to the intro of the Nexus One.

    Now remember… this is official, and I’m only going by what I was told.

    • yousirareanidiot

      I was at this meeting today and it no way in hell said that the mytouch slide was officially released on the 19. It said the 16th. Get your facts straight. None of us have any idea what will happen on the 19th.

  • Israel!

    (Cough) Maybe a Web OS device? Possibly an Iphone? Its all speculation people but something big will happen weather its a phone or some change in plans, but it will definitely be some substantial event. Everyone just hope for the best!

  • Todd

    maybe its a IPhone?

  • going_home

    Went to look at the 3G Slide today a TMO sales rep had beta testing here at a Tampa area store.
    Looked nice and all but he did say something that perked my ears up a bit.
    He said TMO will be selling the Nexus One in the next couple months !
    This makes me very happy !


    • RockTripod

      Don’t believe him. I would love, love, love to say we’ll have that in store soon. We may… someday. But there is absolutely nothing to back that up. Does it make sense that we would carry it? Yup, but unfortunately that means diddly. Google is going to put the Nexus in retail stores, but that doesn’t mean T-Mo retail stores. Best Buy seems a likely choice, and there’s even an indirect dealer somewhere in the Midwest selling them for $300 on a contract.

  • whispers

    its definitely not the iPhone. T-mob has time and time again dropped the ball when it comes to big surprises. “Project Black” was supposed to be earth shattering and a game changer, while indeed it gave T-mob an edge when it comes to price plans but what else did it do (besides encourage other carriers to reduce their plans)? i recently went into a store and saw plenty of nexus one accessories, why would they start selling the accessories for it if Google’s discontinuing it. Hmmmmm.. just something to ponder on

  • derrickps3

    *prays that it is about the blackberry pearl 3g* amen!

    • TMoEmployee

      Ewww. Really. Weird.

  • ov1

    t was just confrimed on phonestalker.net the meeting will be that Tmo will pick up the iphone running android is. I’m just kidding you guys have a great night

  • Vinchenzo

    OMG@ I just talked to the VP of Marketing and he just told me that we are getting the Apple iDontCare.


    If its a web os device im sold. Its way better than android

  • RockTripod

    OK tards, let me be clear: T-Mo is not launching the iPhone on June 19th, if ever. This is obvious when you look at actual facts.

    1. The first time we saw mention of June 19th from T-Mo, it was on an internal promo sheet for the myTouch Slide. Why would T-Mo talk about the iPhone on a document for another device, especially their flagship phone?

    2. They are officially launching the Slide on the 16th. Why in God’s name would any company launch 2 competing phones 3 days from each other? It would cannibalize sales tremendously.

    3. AT&T has a 5 year exclusivity agreement in the US for the iPhone. This was stated clear as day in 2007 when the iPhone first launched.

    Now, anyone who thinks the iPhone is coming to T-Mo on June 19th, feel free to climb onto the tallest roof you can find, and jump off. You are dropping the average IQ of the human race.

    • CrownCaster

      I know it sounds crazy but I talked to two different reps at two different tmo stores and they both said that tmo was going to put out the iphone this year. i didnt tell them the other had said so. the first guy said it would be in Aug. the second guy about a month later(that was the day that the HTC HD2 came out) said that it would be in june . i dont know and dont really care cause i dont want one i like android better. but it seems kinda odd that 2 guys from tmo said almost the same thing.

      • David

        It sounds crazy because it is crazy, and the odds that two retail reps know this is happening before I do or, or any other tech website on earth is almost impossible.

    • Bob

      The MTS comes out June 2nd dumb a$$ get your facts straight before you start burning people. So you might want to head to that bridge you were talking about…

      • RockTripod

        Ok tard-boy. Let me enlighten your stupid self. It is a SOFT launch on june 2nd. Stores will have very limited quantity. The actual, full on launch date is the 16th. That’s when there will be marketing and advertising. So my point still stands, and now you look stupider than before you posted this.


      • RockTripod

        Oh, and I said roof, not bridge.

    • TMoEmployee

      Okay dude, I don’t think it is either but your attitude stinks. And your facts are good but now perfect. Do some real research. Fill in a few blanks and then get back to us. Good searching….

      • Ted

        “your facts are good but now perfect” I really couldn’t have said it better myself. We aren’t getting the iPhone, and who cares anymore? There are more then a few better devices available.

    • mel

      actually….my uncle works for att at their corporate headquarters and their contract is up….how’s that roof looking up there?

      • RockTripod

        Your uncle. Really. Right…

      • mel

        yes my uncle…did i stutter or do you need dna proof? Which we have an ongoing battle because of the companies we both work for. Do I talk to him on a regular basis NO…every once in awhile and this is one of those occassions. i work for tmobile as a retail senior rep and i heard rumors but nothing confirmed about the iphone. as far as i know not one rep knows what is happening on the 19th. We found the same snapshot in our systems. I am also a Machead and follow Apple and their announcements and rumors.

        why is it people on here, not all, but the few always seem to NOT believe that people actually have relatives or spouses that work for some of the companies a website discusses? Just because you may not have ANY connections to anything you enjoy or follow doesn’t mean other people are like you.

        BUT for the record…….i havent heard anything about what the 19th is about.

      • RockTripod

        I’m going to indulge you against my better judgment. Or maybe I’m a masochist. So is your cousin’s neighbor’s father’s former roommate in charge of Apple/AT&T relations? I’m sorry, but I need more to go on than just that your uncle works for AT&T in their corporate office. He could be the janitor. I’ve read the WSJ article, and then the Engadget article essentially refuting it. I also remember when the iPhone first launched and it was made very clear that there was a 5 year exclusivity. If their contract is up this year, what happened to their original 5 year contract? Even if it is up, I can still say with certainty that we are not launching the iPhone this month, or anytime in the foreseeable future. So no roof for me just yet.

        And yes, DNA proof would be acceptable. Perhaps a family tree. A family coat of arms would suffice.

    • RCJ

      Why the hell would anyone care about a my touch slide promotion? They sold out of HTC HD2 within 2 hours of release with only a simple commercial. Tmobile wouldn’t spend that much money and man power for a stupid promotion get the hell out of hear…your just an idiot that wishes he worked for tmobile. My best friend a senior rep and he told me it has nothing to do with a my touch slide promo.

      • RockTripod

        Your best friend is an idiot, and most likely fictional.

  • lucas

    nexus 1?

  • Seamus

    I would be fairly unhappy if it’s just some discount/promo for the mytouch slide; it wouldn’t feel right to put it on sale three days after the official launch to punish the people that bought it right away.

  • soon2TMO


    ohh please let it be, let it be!!! LOL

    or perhaps it’s the iphone?


  • damien

    Rocktripod said it correctly! T-Mobile is not daying device launch that day, it says promotional launch…Its a Special sale that day, thats why we are opening up early…Its not the Iphone! Its even on the collateral for the MyTouch Slide, where it even says stay tune for JUne 18th….Dont get your hopes up for a phone launch…it is not.

  • Bubbles

    It sounds like tmobile_usa is going to use mytouch as a series like droid on verizon. This could be good if they do it right and not wait forever to launch the next device after slide. As far as the big surprise on june 19th, i cant see it being big at all. Look at tmobile_usa history when it comes to surprises, all hype.

    • rushmore

      That may be true, but the Droid that launched their brand is still three times the device in performance. Tmo has no shame.

  • rushmore

    Whoever posted that the MTS is as fast as the Nexus is whack. Nexus loads apps instantly and scrolls smoothly. MTS shows app loading swirlies with some hangtime on them to boot. Not much better than current 7201 devices and maps and Navigator are MUCH slower.

    This has an arm 11 and it shows. All the people spinning for this device should be ashamed. It is not in any stretch similar in speed to the Nexus or any snapdragon or 3430.

    The 3430 (in Droid) has three times more process power than this 7220 series has. It could be clocked at 1ghz and still be a lot slower than the 3430 at half of this speed.

    Some of you folks have no shame when making wrong statements like, “It is as fast as the Nexus”. Either you folks are spinning to the point of lies or you ate some funny mushrooms and UR tripping ;)

    • mel

      i’ve had the MTS for a month and i will say, although it doesn’t have a snapdragon processor, the phone honestly doesn’t skip a beat. I find it just as fast as my nexus one, but the nexus one feels solid in the hand. The MTS has a plastic feel (somewhat cheap) but performs extremely well. The battery is a HUGE improvement.

  • JmoTmo

    The iPhone exclusivity agreement with AT&T is over in 2010, not 2012, RockTripod was mistaken. So one of the other major cell companies will be getting iPhone, very likely Tmo.

    • David

      That’s not true, your facts are incredibly mistaken.

    • David

      I really want to know where you got this info from. Nobody has reported anything other than original agreement being over in 2012.

    • RockTripod

      Sorry Jmo, but your fact-checking abilities suck donkey you-know-what.

  • eric

    listen when it comes to the iphone you guys need to look over the rainbow tmobile has been selling the iphone since 2007 but not in the u.s. its been in germany and if you think i am talking trash go look up the tmobile website for germany and it says iphone and all sorts of stuff in german so case in point tmobile has always sold them since att has idk what the big deal is it does not even have any type of hd screen not to metion its an ipod with a data and voice plan

    • David

      There is zero relevance to what T-Mobile units overseas and what T-Mobile USA seas. Often they sell completely different devices and thats just the way it is.

      • adc12356789

        listen then y did phonedog say there making an iphone for verizon in december

      • RockTripod


        What does an iPhone for Verizon have to do with T-Mo? I fail to see how your comment even remotely relates to what David said.

  • Brandon

    AT&T has exclusive rights to the name iPhone not the technology. The technology has changed four times already. If Apple were to make an iPhone clone and call it something else it wouldn’t break any agreement. Also, Steve Jobs said that he wouldn’t let android take over its place in phone sales. He plans on showing us something big at the upcoming Apple convention. Do I think that the iPhone will come to T-Mobile on the 19th, no but I don’t think it will be sticking with AT&T for much longer. Also, I believe the MTS goes on sale on the 2nd and the Garminfone on the 9th.

    • What will happen on the 19th of June is speculation at this point. I think the date
      will be related to 4G/Wimax. Sprint has been pushing the EVO and it’s network heavily. Until then we can continue to wonder…

    • just some dude

      Funny you say that Brandon, cuz Android has taken over sales of the iPhone. The new iPhone will not have anything new that the new crop of Androids already have, so the new iPhone is old, and its not even out yet.

  • r.kelly

    T-mobile will not get the iphone. June 19th is on a saturday T-mobile only launches phones on Wednesdays. It is going to be a special promo about the mytouch slide. Being a mytouch slide champion and seeing the calendar it says something on the 19th about mytouch slides.

    • RockTripod

      Thank you r.kelly!! I was beginning to think I was the only other champion on here. The amount of misinformation and mindless theorizing on here is stupefying. I love this phone. It might not be as powerful as a Nexus or an Evo, but it does what it does extremely well. That Genius button is ridonkulous.

      • TMoEmployee

        The champion in my store thinks it’s the iphone. I don’t think so but, he gives a good argument.

        I can’t remember all the points but, he talks about the sudden change with Dotson and Duetch coming to the U.S.

        He mentions the dates being to close and all the secret Project Emerald talk.

        And there was a conversation overheard about there being lines out the door on the 19th. I don’t care if they were giving away the MTSlide for free to all new customers and upgrades. That won’t cause lines out the door. Even with a June 2nd soft launch.

        So in the rumored defense of all who feel it’s the iphone. It does seem so. Again! I feel it’s far fetched but, some things do line up.

        I think he also stated something about the iphone usually being released around the 18th every year or something. You can research that your self. IDK.

        It would be nice. That’s all. We can dream can’t we.

        • David

          There is NOTHING indicating an iPhone launch.

        • phonegeek

          …….its like they just dont get it……

      • RockTripod


        The Champion in your store knows squat. You can say my attitude stinks, but I’m right, and you will know it on June 19th. So stop saying we’re getting the iPhone. We’re not. Nothing lines up about it being an iPhone. Nothing. At all. You are taking wildly disconnected events and trying to make it fit your hope of an iPhone. This does not make you correct. And again, T-Mo mentions June 19th on a promo document for the Slide. Why would they secretively hint towards another device on a document for their flagship phone of the summer?

        • David


        • Pufferfish

          David, are you a high ranking T-mobile employee?

        • David

          Honestly, no…but I own this website so I think I have some weigh to throw around here.

        • Pufferfish

          Don’t you think T-Mobile would benefit if they got the Iphone? See my second post.

        • RockTripod

          I have no problem calling you a moron pufferfish. I feel for David. So when june 19th rolls around with no iPhone, will you still be posting this mindless trash, puffer boy?

        • Anthony

          How do you stomach these beggars who know diddly squat

        • RCJ


          @rocktripod and david. First of all you guys are fn morons.
          1. Iphone is the #1 selling phone for TMobile in Europe since 2007.
          2. Tmobile has devoted an iphone techinical support in call center in the U.S.
          3. Dont believe me call TMOBILE and ask.
          4. The Iphone att contract was over on may 31, 2010 this was all over the wall street journal and several other publications.
          5. The new iphone was leaked online twice and both videos show a sim card. last time I checked only att and tmobile use sim cards.
          6. T mobile USA’s CEO steps down and TMOBILE European’s CEO. May I remind you he was responsible for getting europe magneta the iphone.
          7. June 7th is the day apple reveals the new iphone hd and a new iphone carrier.
          8. All tmobile call centers to hire 400 new employees in june.
          All the signs point to an iphone release on magneta.
          The samsung galaxy s is nothing special neither is the nexus one. thats the whole reason google isn’t selling them because no one was buying them.
          Samsung has never been important enough for stores to open at 8am. and after the behold 2 no one trust samsung anymore. There are the facts. know try and deny all that.

        • RockTripod

          Way to post the same comment twice. Would you like me to re-post my retort?

        • suprtong

          OH SNAP!!

        • lattahavoc


          that’ll be 5 pence to cross the bridge

      • Buggy4

        Actually, we will know on June 7th because Steve Jobs will be conducting the WWDC event

      • RockTripod


        Actually, we know right now. IT WILL NOT BE THE IPHONE!! IT WILL BE A MYTOUCH SLIDE PROMOTION! Good God, get it through your heads.

  • J

    BOGO – MT3G Slide + N1 ( I’m hoping ) w/ Family Plan. Most likely just MT3G Slide only promo.

  • damien

    yup, no Iphone coming to Tmobile…at least for awhile…People cant see,or dont want to see, its a PROMOTIONAL LAUNCH june 19th (its on the Mytouch Slide collateral). June10th the managers will find out what it is. Remember the last time? It was only new rate plans.

  • r.kellu

    Guys there is no point tob fight about a stupid iphone. It won’t be coming to tmobile anytime soon…. tmobile my touch slide is what happening on the 19th

  • Pufferfish

    I think it is an Iphone launch. Last years 3GS went on sale June 19th 2009. I believe it was announced on June 8th 2009. This year it is expected to be announced on June 7th and makes sense that it goes on sale June 19th.

    Here is some other tidbits. AT&T says current iphone customers can upgrade on June 21st 2010. This points to a sale date of the weekend of the 18th thru the 21st.

    Last year At&T stores opened early on June 19th to sell the 3GS and take care of pre-orders. Makes sense that T-Mobile will follow that model. What other big event would prompt T-Mobile to pay extra salary nationwide? It has to be worth it.

    Also, the CEO in Europe Phillip Humm who had the iphone is coming to T-mobile USA.

    T-mobile is the only other major carrier that uses the GSM network, would not be hard for APPLe to tweak the iphone to allow T-Mobile to carry the phone.

    The timing all fits, it is just my opinion.

    • RockTripod

      Your opinion is wrong. Believe what you will, but I guarantee you there will not be an iPhone on T-Mo for a very long time.

      • TMoTechRep

        T-Mobile is definitely not getting an iPhone anytime soon. RockTripod is right to be annoyed by most of the people on here. The iPhone is garbage anyway, especially compared to the Slide. AT&T’s contract goes til 2012, the 2010 rumor started when people wanted to pretend we could get the iPhone this year, but no dice. And T-Mobile is not stupid enough to release the iPhone so close to their flagship device. Do you know how many Buyer’s Remorse returns on the MyTouch Slide we would get if we brought out the iPhone two weeks later? Or any phone comparable to the Slide for that matter. You all sound like conspiracy theorists trying to put pieces together to fit what YOU want, but it’s all bogus. Plus, isn’t Project Emerald the new “we’re calling it a Sidekick even though it has no Sidekick attributes” Twist?

      • Craig

        Seriously RockTripod why do you have to be such a jerk? The only thing I have discovered from your constant ranting and raving at people is that you need to relax. Because of your constant screaming and yelling I wouldn’t trust you about anything, let alone knowledge concerning T-Mobile or the iPhone. Please go drink a beer or go on a date or something because you need to chill.

      • RockTripod


        Stop, you’re going to make me cry.

  • anrhony

    Okay lets use our brains. I say lets assume the 19th is the iPhone. T-Mobile will look like backward asses. The slide will not sell and people who bought it will be screaming.
    I have a N1 for the record and have no desire for the iPhone. The people that don’t know who got the slide and don’t understand android will simply say I want an iPhone. I didn’t know it was coming so soon.
    I think that is something T-Mobile doesn’t need if I’m wrong and they announce the iPhone they need serious leadership.
    I just don’t get why T-Mobile can’t announce a game changer. HTC made N1 to google, desire abroad, incredible to Verizon, evo to sprint. All these phones have 1g snapdragon and are flagship phones.
    T-Mobile slide launches after them and has step down in processor speed. I think that makes little sense. I thought new phones were suppose to be better than the previous not the other way around. T-Mobile is pumping a pooch to you guys and the joke is you can’t wait.
    I am not trying to upset anyone just stating what I feel.
    I am so tired of HTC pumping these phones. The snapdragon phones are all the same bells whistles etc.
    I will not switch phones till the chip doubles in speed. We have all been led like cattle. I am no different.

    • TMoTechRep

      Well we got the HD2, that’s our Snapdragon phone. It just so happens to be the most problematic P.O.S. device T-Mo’s ever carried (*cough WINDOWS MOBILE *cough).

    • Pufferfish

      Well let us think why it might be in T-Mobile’s best interest to get the Iphone. First it is Apple that calls the shots. They determine launch dates and if it makes them look bad because they just launched the MTS, they’ll do it just so they can get the Iphone.

      Now, why is it in T-Mobile’s best interest to get the Iphone? The bottom line is profits. Many current t-Mobile customers will leave T-Mobile to get the Iphone if the Iphone does not come to T-Mobile. I know because I am one of them, and look at the Verizon customer poll. That poll said 17% of their customers would like to have the Iphone. I’ll bet it is the same with T-Mobile customers.

      Another reason is also profit based. Many Many AT&T customers would kill to leave At&T but keep the Iphone. Those customers are frustrated with dropped calls, poor 3G and poor customer service. T-Mobile would pick up many of these customers.

      The Iphone whether you hate it or love it, would be a game changer for T-Mobile. They could reverse the loss of subscribers just by picking up the Iphone.

      This is just my opinion from a big picture point of view.

      • RockTripod

        Your opion sucks. You are wrong. I will say this all day long to anyone who says T-Mo is getting the iPhone anytime soon, especially on the 19th. I hope this site opens a special article on the 19th thats called “I friggin’ told you so, you stupid, small-minded morons.” They won’t, because they are above that. But I am not. I hope they shut down this whole forum. I’ve wasted too much time trying to inform people, and yet they still try their hardest to be stupid and believe wild theories.

      • Anthony

        OK your point is T-Mobile will make the iPhone operate better than att. Dude T-Mobile might be worst

  • SKA

    I agree NO IPHONE, I am curious to what it is and we will soon find out. People just need to relax and be patient, no need to piss each other off. Oh and one more thing yesterday the Cubs beat the Stl Tards 5-0 SHUT OUT!

  • damien

    They dont….even says PROMOTIONAL LAUNCH, not device launch on collateral

  • What ever the promotion is, I hope it is a upgrade to the service to make it faster and better voice quality.

  • iphone_fan

    it is definitely a TMo IPhone…

  • r.kelly

    HD2 is not a snapdragon phone. On june 19 it deff a promo for the mytouch slide. i been with the company for over 6 years. Tmo will no release a iphone right after they release there franchise phone. Tmo is more focused on expanding their android phones.

    • Anthony

      Hd2 is a snap dragon. U work for who?

  • suprtong

    maybe it is the iphone…steve jobs has a big announcement on june 7th and also on june 7th demo devices start to arrive in tmobile stores according to the launch timeline so i really cant see it being the mytouch slide as they should already have them in stock if not they should have demos by than it goes on sale june 2nd so in my opinion the slide is not the phone there referring too….i for one hope its a new htc device.

  • RoyWentz

    I wonder how T-Mobile would feel about one of its “champions” acting like such an ass. If you’re going to be a tool on a public message board, it’s probably not a good idea to do it as a (known) representative of your company.

    • RockTripod

      Ok Roy, come and get me. I’m damned good at what I do. I make sure to know every detail about every product we sell so I can assist my customers as best I can. I have fixed more phones for more customers than most tech reps. I perfectly fit every customer to the right device for them, and support my customers long after they have left my store. You are not my customers. You are mindless conspiracy theorists. You only think I’m acting like an ass because I don’t tolerate stupid. That’s not a character flaw.

      • c-phresh

        I like this rock guy… I’m a champiom myself and I’m 99.99% sure there isn’t gonna be an iphone launch that day… but trying to get to get that point across seems to be like beating a dead horse. Steve Jobs has all these iphone fan boys swinging from his nuts lol

  • androidking

    God i wish these people would get over themselves who wants an iPhone that can’t and will never run flash according to Steve jobs id rather stick with android i have a nexus one an i’m running froyo talk about fast and responsive plus flash who care for the iPhonei’m hyped for gingerbread

    • David

      Dude, you just wrote all of that and I want to do is substitute “android” in every place you wrote “iphone.” Talk about being a fanboy.

  • TMo Boi


  • Pufferfish


    What happens if it is the Iphone? You will be totally discredited.

  • Pufferfish

    RockTripod. look at the quote below and the link below

    “”Ray believes that T-Mobile’s faster speeds could help it peel off customers from its bigger rivals. Over the past several quarters, just the opposite has been happening. T-Mobile has been losing customers, while rivals AT&T and Verizon Wireless have been adding customers.””


    Don’t you think it would be wise for T-Mobile to get the Iphone asap?

    • RockTripod

      Do i think it would be wise? Yes, it probably would in the long run. It would certainly entice new customers and keep existing customers from switching just for that device. That being said, IT IS NOT COMING ANYTIME SOON. It isnt even on the horizon. It is most certainly not coming on June 19th, for every reason I have posted earlier. Please stop trying to imply that just because it would be a good idea, its going to happen.

  • Anthony

    Listen to yourselves. IPhone coming to T-Mobile that’s asinine. The iPhone is old guys android is on fire. I don’t get it if you want an iPhone go get one change carriers stop begging its just a phone. T-Mobile isn’t the best carrier so stop this loyalty crap go get ur iPhone be your own boss for a change.I paid full price for my N1 cause I wanted it waiting for carriers to help you will only lead to procrastinator life

  • Chris

    No word internally on an iPhone. If it is coming, it’s the best kept secret since the Manhattan Project. This just does not seem likely. On the other hand, we do have our Firestarter meeting coming soon. That may shed a little light …

  • TMoRepInAl

    Any moron who works for T-Mobile who says HD2 doesn’t have a 1 GHZ processor is a moron… it even says it on the feature card.. as an employee myself, I think its time to clean house and weed out all of the idiotic employees giving out idiotic information like that

  • TMoRepInAl

    Anyone who works for T-Mobile who says HD2 doesn’t have a 1 GHZ processor is a moron… it even says it on the feature card.. as an employee myself, I think its time to clean house and weed out all of the idiotic employees giving out idiotic information like that

  • Cody

    RockTripod is a hero to this website.

    • RockTripod

      Thanks Cody! I think I’m done tearing into the fools on this forum, but I’m sure the next time T-Mobile mentions a date and a secretive promotion, I’ll be back to debunk more stupidity.

  • cchrono

    I think it might be the iphone i work at a store and our upgrade budget went up 300 handsets that is not an increase that any phone can justify except for the iphone

  • suprtong

    listen everyone…why is it that some of you think it has to do with the slide??????????duh….the slide comes out on june 2nd in the timeline they mention demos arriving in stores on june 7th of some unknown device…5 days after the release of the slide…if this demo device arriving in stores on june 7th has nothing to do with this BIG THING ON JUNE 19TH then why is the arrival of demo devices even listed in the timeline?? think about it for a minute before you start posting about it having to do with the slide!!!!!!

    • David

      Dude, its on the Slide document…it’s pretty obvious WHY people think it MIGHT have something to do with the Slide.

      • RockTripod

        Those demos are the Slide, suprtong. Why don’t you post on here when you open them, and realize they aren’t anything else?

      • suprtong

        David i see your point..but than can you correct me on a few things please..the slide releases on june 2nd..correct…ok if thats right than they should already have demos in the store right? ok if thats correct than what are these demos arriving on the 7th suppose to be? and if they have nothing to do with the 19th than why include it?

      • RockTripod

        Suprtong, it is going to be a soft launch. My store received only a handful of devices. Due to some strange contract with our retail sales partners (e.g., Radio Shack, Best Buy, Walmart, I think Costco still sells our stuff) we can’t advertise it, or even have demo phones on the floor, until June 16th, when they can sell them as well. So it makes absolute perfect sense that T-Mo stores have not received their demo units when you have more of the facts.
        In point of fact, T-Mo wants the Slide champions to leave the phones in store starting the 2nd until demo units arrive. I told my manager he can pry the phone from my cold, dead hands. Actually, I didn’t. I really like my manager, and he didn’t ask for it from me. He just shook his head at the memo saying he should ask for mine.

  • joel

    Sigh. This is very obviously a promotion for the MyTouch 3G Slide. The demo units that start arriving June 9th are MTS’s. There’s info in Streamline telling stores NOT to open up ANY MTS and use it as a demo unit until the demo units arrive June 9th. If people want to see the phone, the official word is to ask the MyTouch Champion in the store to lend their MTS to the store for a week instead of opening another one.

    People who think this June 19th thing might be the iPhone are delusional. The facts are NOT lining up. I doubt T-Mobile USA will ever have it, because by the time the AT&T deal is over, Android will probably be king anyway.

    Keep in mind that this promotion IS GUARANTEED to be MTS-related, folks. The slideshow presentation is ABOUT the MyTouch franchise. Having said that, the more I hear about the anticipated turn out for this MYTOUCH 3G SLIDE promotion, the more interesting it’s sounding. Free MTS’s for all eligible upgrades? Buy 1, get up to 4 free for new family accounts? I would be very pleased if T-Mobile manages to get more people to adopt the MTS. The problems with the HD2 are REALLY starting to piss me off(I’m a PDA rep).

  • fidget

    I agree with RockTripod. Definitely not the iphone. I’m thinking the MTS may be a great phone. It will be my first Android handset (video reviews look promising). I’ll be ditching my 3 year old Blackberry. Hope the 19th isn’t a BOGO on the MTS as I’ll be out of the country. Maybe I can call CustSvc and order that way – or is BOGO strictly in-store?

    RockTripod, my only issue with your commentary is you’re very abrasive. You’re obviously smart, and I feel if you conveyed the same information in a more civil tone you’d be pleasantly surprised at the positive results. Just a thought.

    • RockTripod

      Yeah, you’re probably right. But this is more fun.

      Anywho, the Slide is really nice. I look forward to putting it through its paces when 2.2 eventually launches for it.

  • 007 james bond

    it’s not the iphone or promo for the slide!!! its merger with sprint!! which sucks..

  • Anthony

    Rocktripod if you weren’t here to keep these fools in check ill be selling them magic dust they’ll believe anything .
    Watch this I phone on T-Mobile will cook eggs over easy

  • going_home

    Its either a special 3g Slide BOGO or the Nexus One. The N1 is coming to TMO.


  • RCJ

    @rocktripod and david. First of all you guys are fn morons.
    1. Iphone is the #1 selling phone for TMobile in Europe since 2007.
    2. Tmobile has devoted an iphone techinical support in call center in the U.S.
    3. Dont believe me call TMOBILE and ask.
    4. The Iphone att contract was over on may 31, 2010 this was all over the wall street journal and several other publications.
    5. The new iphone was leaked online twice and both videos show a sim card. last time I checked only att and tmobile use sim cards.
    6. T mobile USA’s CEO steps down and TMOBILE European’s CEO. May I remind you he was responsible for getting europe magneta the iphone.
    7. June 7th is the day apple reveals the new iphone hd and a new iphone carrier.
    8. All tmobile call centers to hire 400 new employees in june.
    All the signs point to an iphone release on magneta.
    The samsung galaxy s is nothing special neither is the nexus one. thats the whole reason google isn’t selling them because no one was buying them.
    Samsung has never been important enough for stores to open at 8am. and after the behold 2 no one trust samsung anymore. There are the facts. know try and deny all that.

    • RockTripod

      Oh, RCJ, you just made yourself my new favorite target. Let’s take it from the top, shall we?
      1. What does T-Mo overseas have to do with T-Mo US? They are two different companies, just owned by the same parent. AT&T has an exclusivity agreement in the US, which means what they do in Europe doesn’t mean anything about US plans and device launches.
      2. That tech support line has been there since iPhones were unlocked.
      3. I don’t have to, I work for them.
      4. That’s the second reference to the Wall Street Journal article. Engadget debunked that. There is some question as to whether or not there were out-clauses or if the deal has been changed, but they are just that. Questions. In all likelihood, it remains a 5 year deal. Here’s the link, and its from May, not the March 29th WSJ article.
      5. Dude, really? Of course it has a SIM, since it is for AT&T. How do you think that’s an argument for the iPhone on T-Mo?
      6. Dotson isn’t stepping down until next year. Read a whole article for God’s sake. I swear people just see headlines. And that’s great Humm got T-Mo overseas the iPhone, but as I have stated, that’s in another country. In the US, which if you didn’t know, is a very different political and legal entity than the UK or Germany or wherever, we’re not getting the iPhone anytime soon.
      7. Please show me where you heard that Apple is announcing a new carrier for the iPhone. I feel like this is another example of people hearing what they want to hear. Just doing some simple Googling, I found no solid reference to your claim. I did see several news articles of dubious journalistic integrity mentioning that “rumors persist” of the iPhone going to another carrier. Not one shred of supported evidence. Rumors do not count as evidence.
      8. Great, T-Mo is opening a new call center. This is news to me, and again, I’d like to see your source. I also want to know how that proves anything, other than T-Mo is opening a new call center.
      None of the signs point to an iPhone release on magenta, at least not any time soon. Certainly not the 19th, as I have stated repeatedly. This is a Slide promotion, that’s why it is mentioned on a Slide promo sheet. Google isn’t selling the Nexus because their business model for online handset sales was flawed, which they admit. The Nexus is most assuredly something special. My co-worker has one running FroYo. I have seen it, and it is good. And the Galaxy S has gotten very positive reviews overseas, and if that rumor proves true, it will be a very nice addition to the lineup. And no one is saying that Samsung is why we are opening at 8am. We are saying that it is a MTS promo since it is mentioned on an MTS promo sheet! Why is that difficult to understand or believe?

  • werker_b

    Word. Free smartphones on June 19th. It will be a “free the family” event looking to bring more customers over from AT&T and Verizon. They’re desperate to turn the ship around and show growth. T-Mo is getting very aggressive with teaming up pricing and HSPA. So, again, no iPhone… but I’ll sell you an MTS with an Apple sticker on the back and call it one. If you are dumb enough not to have unlocked one and tried it on T-Mo like two years ago… then you probably wouldn’t know the difference. Take the free MTS and shut it.

  • Nic

    I’m just glad I’ll be out of town on June 19th so I wont have to be at work for 2 extra hours for nothing. TMobile’s crazy if they think there’s going to be lines out the doors for a stupid promotion.

    As for everyone who believes June 19th will feature an iphone for Tmo, listen to RockTripod cuz he’s right.

  • CallawayBomber

    My money would be on the Nexus One showing up retail…since Google wasted enough time and opportunity with hardly any market presence of a wonderful product.

    I’m sure once a Nexus shows up on another carrier, it will be pitched just like Verizon being the first to launch Android…

  • RonTheGentleman

    What’s a champion? F**k iphone, android and webOS are the future. All of you have strong arguments but I just think is a promo or a kick-ass top secret phone plan that will have people there at 8am…idk call me crazy

  • BDUB

    As much as I would like to be the iphone on tmo, I think it is going to be a promo release just from the simple aspect that Father’s Day is the next day and prob wants to push “a perfect Father’s Day gift.”

  • DannyAg

    I’ve already drafted my “you are an idiot reply” to whoever is wrong. I don’t know if I’m anxiously waiting for June 19th for the secret promotion/launch or just because I’ll be posting my reply that day.

    • RockTripod

      You and me both.

  • Seadoo

    My sources tell me its a massive promotion, like “Everything For Free!” day. They are usually right so I trust them. I believe all phones will be free (after rebates) for new and full upgrade customers.

  • frozengash

    rock might be a bit blunt in his(i assume) posts but they are 100% logical.
    why are we talking about a crappy iphone? this should be about android phones if not only mt3g slide. if you want an iphone go pay more at at&t. i dont want iphone on tmobile because that means EVERYONES rates will go up. all data and talk prices will go up just like with at&t. iphone is popular for at&t but you guys have to remember that they paid/pay for the privilege to sell that turd. htc all the way!
    everyone talking but the samsung galaxy is silly. you’ll love it until samsung drops it a few months after release. just like the behold2 and all their other crap.
    i do have to say that if tmobile carries the nexus one in store on the 19th i would crap myself. although it makes no sense for them to launch to competing phones at the same time….unless slide was sub 100 and nexus was above 2-250.

  • Negtne

    It’s kind of shocking on how all the people on here that say they are tmobile employees and how you are holding yourself up responding to these comments. I know a lot of people think its this or that, and you may disagree and want to say harsh things but your employees of a company in which people are here to talk about, if I was a tmobile employee, I would be holding myself up a little higher than what some of you are doing.

    • RockTripod

      Fine!! I’ll play nice with the children from here on.

  • Giga

    I personally think just about everyone on this Thread needs to chill out and just wait until the 19th comes.

    @RockTripod…..simmer down….get laid or something ;) And I agree with what you say about the 19th but not in such a disgruntled manner :P

    On a different note I wonder what Tmo and Samsung have planned in July….Who knows but I “hope” it’s the Galaxy S.

    • Nic

      It’s definitely the Galaxy S. My Samsung rep told us last week.

      • Nic

        I mean in July not for June 19th.

      • Frank

        Nic, any word on Nexus One coming to stores??

    • RockTripod

      Don’t worry about my love life. My personal life and my tirades on this site are mutually exclusive.

    • RockTripod

      Now that Samsung rumor might prove to be true. On Engadget today, there was an article stating Samsung was ready to ship the Galaxy S to 110 countries this month. I doubt that means a phone launch this month, but possibly July. That is somewhat believable, and I hope it proves true. On the benchmarking tool I used on my Slide, it was only a few steps behind the Nexus for raw computing power. And if the screen is as beautiful as the hype makes it out to be, I might forgive Samsung for the Behold II. That was a P.O.S.

      • Nic

        Like I said earlier. The big Samsung that’s coming out next month is the Galaxy S. That was told to me by our Samsung rep.

        And Frank, no word on the Nexus showing up in stores.

      • T Man

        I dont think its the samsung.Its something bigger, because someone wouldn’t get fired for leaking that, and someone fired for leaking this.

  • Cinful

    I think T-Mobile is leaving the bait out there so all of us who are about to throw our G1s against the wall won’t be so quick to jump on the MTS on 6/2. The inventory might be limited for the soft launch and they may not want their call centers to be bombarded with call after call for the MTS and it’s backordered (imagine all the disappointed/angry customers). I was set on getting the MTS on 6/2 but now I want to wait and see what is in store for us on the 19th. Paying $180 after rebate for the MTS seems a bit much for a mid-range phone… part of me feel that if Verizon can offer the Droid for $199, that $180 for a MTS may seem like a rip-off. T-Mobile also left another bait dangling out there about a big Samsung thing in July. I don’t want to jump so fast in fear that I’ll miss out on something better (i.e. Galaxy S even though it seems like Samsung sucks with their Android support, but that phone looks awesome).


    If Verizon get’s the iphone and Tmobile doesnt I am going to Verizon. I have been with Tmobile for over ten years and never had a good phone except the Blackberry. The G1 was a joke. I have an three unlocked iphones on my family plan. It’s the best phone on the market. If TMOBILE let’s another carrier get the Iphone I AM GONE!!!!!!

  • Pufferfish


    “”This is a Slide promotion, that’s why it is mentioned on a Slide promo sheet”””

    Where on this memo says it is a slide promotion?

    • RockTripod

      Um, really? Its on promo sheet for the Slide. Every date on there is in reference to the Slide. Just because it doesn’t say, “Hey Pufferfish, on June 19th we are having a promotion for the Slide since this is the first weekend the phone has been officially available” you’re going to try and say it isn’t a Slide promo? Dude, you are grasping at some very thin straws.

  • Stroke

    I agree. I am having a hard time understanding T-Mobile’s competitive advantage. I mean, if it is just about price, there are other places I can go. If it’s about the phone selection, there are other places I can go. It feels as if T-Mobile has let the market get away from them.

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer since they first entered the California market a LONG time ago. And although I like the iPhone, I thought I would be happy with the Android phones. But they aren’t the same. (Although both are competitive).

    Unfortunately, I am not happy with the fact that in order to get the latest version of Android I would either need to 1) root my phone (which is easier for the more technically inclined) or 2) buy a new phone. At least with Apple, you know that you’ll get the latest upgrades for at least a year or two before being left behind.

    At this point, I am going to get an iPhone when the new ones are released. If T-Mobile gets it, great, I’ll stick with them as my provider. But if they don’t get it, I’ll jump to another provider. Perhaps the leaders at T-Mobile have figured this out and the early opening on June 19th will bring an unexpected surprise.

  • Pufferfish


    I agree with you, I have been a happy T-Mobile customer since I got the Razr at least 3 years ago maybe it is 4 now. The service has been good, get good connections in my building at work, but I would like to have the IPHONE. I keep hoping that T-Mobile gets it o I can stay with T-Mobile but if they do not get it, I will most likely sign on with AT&T and take my chances with the connections and service.

    • Pufferfish

      Actually I think I have been with T-Mobile for 10 years, I forgot I had other phones with T-Mobile. Prior to that i had a verizon phone and did not get a good signal where I was living at the time.

  • rottensnoopy

    Arent we forgetting the micro sims that att will be bringing out? werent they supposed to be used for the new iphone?

    if tmobile gets the iphone, i’ll proceed to hop onto one of the many flying pigs that will be circling the world. maybe take a sled into hell and slide down a frozen hill.

    • RockTripod

      I like you. I had actually completely forgotten about the micro SIM’s. That makes this seem even less likely. I will post on here if we get a batch of micro SIMs in the next week or two, but again, I can say with 100% certainty that isn’t going to happen.

      • RCJ

        I thought you were actually someone important. your just a store champion. now that you have the title you go around acting like a god. you dont know jack two of my best friend work for tmobile and they said champions are nobody to be giving info. just because we sent them to vegas to pick up some mytouch slides and garmins they think their special. my friends are senior reps and director. they said no my touch slide promo and no samsung device. they said to prove your point by putting up the promo for the slide since you claim to know that is what you say is going to happen. they said all they could say is its what customers have been waiting for. so put up some proof rock. I call your bluff, Tinkerbell. I say your just an anal retintive lil punk.

      • GregP

        If you notice, on the bottom of the most recent SIM cards, the contact spot is the same size as a Micro SIM. All that has to happen at the factory is for them to put a new “stamp” on the machine, and boom, micro SIMs for T-Mobile.

      • RockTripod

        You are incredibly full of it. Senior reps are just reps that have been around for a while. That position doesn’t even exist anymore. Its quasi-replacement would be Sales Lead. Wow. And if you knew a director, you wouldn’t be arguing with me, because he/she would tell you the same thing. And no way in hell am I putting out any company info. I’ll gladly comment on something previously leaked, but I am not a moron. Nice try. At any rate, back to the issue at hand. So when it is a Slide promo, are you still gonna feel the same way? Hmmm, Tinkerbell?

        And BTW, your opinion of me means jack.

  • I will find out what the promotion is on the 10th . You will find out later that day. Maybe

  • Malik A

    I just got informed that I have to pay 316 for my touch slide. I mean seriouslly, I have had my g1 for a year and was told i could get a smartphone upgrade. Now I’m mad

  • rottensnoopy

    heh, i suppose i was the only one who remembered…i was really hoping for a ride on a pig ;]

    steves interview today was kind of toasty though, if anyone happened to read up on it.

  • Eamon

    It’s settled guys, the June 19th promotion has to do with the mytouch slide, T-Mobile twitter account confirms this. Sorry if anyone is disappointed, I know I am.

    “MannieFresh101: @TMobile_USA Hey I found a source online saying Tmobile opening early on June 19th. care to elaborate ? Nexus or Galaxy s ?”

    “TMobile_USA: @MannieFresh101 It’s got to do with the myTouch 3G Slide, but that’s all we know so far! ^PC”

    • Frank

      Maybe buy one get two free lol

  • Sergio

    Its the MyTouch Slide so iPhone folks move along.

  • I prefer not to tell

    Wow, who is pulling this info off of streamline and internal tmobile emails? I hope you lose your job

    • Nic

      Haha I’ve always wondered this too. Hopefully that person isn’t dumb enough to do it from their t-mobile email accounts.

  • damien

    unfortunately it will be these same people that will be complaining and bitching come june 19th when they find out its not the iphone. THough the collateral does state that june 19th is something involving the Mytouch Slide, they are still holding out for hope its the iphone..>I cant wait for all the whining to begin….not!

  • Nokia N900USER

    I AM EATING MY WORDS LOL. Can’t believe Tmobile is really opening early for MT3GS. I guess since its their summer flagship phone, they are trying to push it as hard as possible. I was expecting something BIGGER but I guess not since I just asked a good source and it was confirmed the promo is for My touch slide. Sorry to iPhone folks. T-mobile will be the last to get it. Guess Im sticking to my N900 for a longer time.

  • rottensnoopy

    does anyone remember an article about apple having 2 different prototypes? if anything, that would be a minuscule bit of hope of an iphone on a different carrier…not saying it would be on tmobile. i reiterate the micro SIM situation as well.

    all in all, speculations wont be justified til june 7th. at least aside from the MTS aspect of things.

  • AT&T announced today that they will no longer offer unlimited data plan to new customers. They will charge $25.00 dollars for 2Gigs then $10.00 for each additional gig. I wonder if the early store opening for T-Mobile is related. This does limit the apple product for High data users. The limits from the past have cased the trend of people jail-braking the Iphone and using it on other networks.

  • Najus1

    It’s gonna be a Father’s day sale to promote the MyTouch 3G slide.

  • frozengash

    my only fear is that after i purchase a slide today it will go on some crazy super sale june 19th. what if they have a wizard to make me taller?

  • Japple

    I am so sick and tired of hearing how long people have been t-mobile customers, who cares? the sales reps care more if you are a new customer then an old customer, stop coming into the store telling us how long you have been with us

    • We are trying to keep everyone… This type of attitude would have your butt fired in one of my stores… Let people talk and be happy they are coming to your store, if they don’t you don’t have a job.

    • safetymouse

      “sales reps care more if you are a new customer then an old customer”

      Way to shoot yourself in the foot, the neck and the other foot. Has it occurred to you that this kind of attitude will only serve to prevent new customers from signing up?

  • badblu

    On June 19 the t-mobile stores are gonna open early because that is the actual launch date for the my touch slide. I just got mine this moring and I asked about the 19th and that is what the t-mobile rep told me today was just a soft launch of the phone.

  • Carlos

    its gonna be a prepaid blackberry plan, with a cheap blackberry, maybe the pearl 3G or something at a ridiculous low price…

    something to compete with virgin and boost

  • Cakerz

    Word on the street is it has nothing to do with the iphone or the slide, ya’ll can wait for that $hit. HTC vision is comin to tmo but not yet. However, smart phone fans be ready for june 19 ;)
    No worthless Samsung POS either.
    A worthy successor to my G1 is finally nigh

  • CallawayBomber

    I’m going to add to my speculation based on fact of what I witnessed back a few months ago.

    As the Northeast markets are lighting up HSPA…
    I’m going out on a limb and saying that all 3G current markets will go HSPA by this date.

    My wife’s TP2 lit up with an H indicator back in late Feb/early March in Eastern TN. It lasted for about an hour. When I called CS…They said it was picking up your our home wireless network…It never showed H before when connected…

    T-Mobile….Here me out…Since everyone recognizes the Roadrunner with high speed internet….Why not use Speedy Gonzales in your advertising. In February 2010, New Line Cinema and parent company Warner Bros. Pictures announced that they are planning a live-action/CG-animated combo feature film based on the Looney Tunes character. This is the great chance for advertising on a cross platform that your have never entered before…

    Just like how Tag Heuer and IWC advertise in movies..this would be your chance to just show how fast the network will be with a character that everyone old and young knows…

  • Diego

    Soft launch of the Slide in on the 2nd. Hard launch is on the 16th, and the 19th would be the first Saturday after its official launch. Though it would be very disappointing …

  • SammY TeeZo

    This was posted about an hour ago!!!!!

    “Verizon finally broke the silence about Verizon iPhone today when the wireless company’s Spokesman, John Johnson, said while speaking with Beet.tv that Verizon will not carry iPhone anytime soon.”

    maybe some good news for us??

    read the full article here: http://onlinefounders.com/541/iphone-4g-release-date-and-the-future-of-verizon-iphone/

  • xtmoemployee123

    I can 100% percent GUARANTEE to all of you that neither TMO or VERIZON will be getting the i phone until ATLEAST 2012. Monday Apple will be making a statement. These people that think that TMO has the network that could handle an iphone are not only dumb but, extremely IGNORANT. Man, there network would completely CRASH! Verizon is a little bit more realistic BUT, also not going to happen. I have never been on any of these forums but, this is HILARIOUS. I work for another carrier now none mentioned above :) AND can assure you that their will be many, many frowns on June 19th for those of you that think TMO is getting an iphone. This is interesting, I don’t mean any disrespect in anyway, I just KNOW facts

    • Your momma

      Dude- u have no idea what ur talking about. Tmobile can “handle”any phone inside their network. The speeds may be minimal in areas where only edge is available but it isn’t an issue of crashing a network. If you work for acellular company, u should know this. And speculation may be true about e iPhone considering apple bought out of the contract for a reason. Regardless, with AT&Ts retarded decision to taper Internet amounts, Apple obviously made the right decision. Regardless, the issue is crashing which is dumb. And Tmobile will have something people on this page are anticipating. I can’t say because I’m an employee- but I can say u will all love it. :)

      • Pufferfish

        When you say “all” does that mean Iphone might be part of this “big” day?

  • Paul

    I actually was in my TMo store today and the the woman stated that the MYTouch Slide cannot be advertised by T-Mobile until the 18th and will be available for sale on display in stores on the 19th of June. Walmart and one other store has the exclusive on selling the slide so on the 19th T-Mobile stores will be running the first time they can actually advertise and sell the phone. Makes sense as I was able to buy the phone at the tmo store, but I could not see it, since they are unable to display it yet.

    • MB

      Store models go up on the 16 th

  • listen, it wont be the MyTouch Slide. the slide has already launched and the official launch is the 16th. It has nothing to do with the slide. Whatever it is, its going to be HUGE. Just wait. No other phone or promotion has had us open hours early for anything so it’s going to be something HUGE. NOT A MYTOUCH SLIDE, NOT A SAMSUNG GALAXY, NOT FREE PHONES…STAY TUNED

  • On June 16th they are offering the MyTouch Slide on the Buy One Get One Free promotion for New Contracts and Upgrages. Thats probably what its about. Also they might have another promotion.

  • Jerad McDaniel

    June 19 is my birthday and i have t-mobile service. maybe they will give me their promotion for free!!!!!

  • kevin

    Come on t mobile brings us a T mobile EVO or I’m heading over to sprint!!

  • MB

    I told you all before…why don’t you listen. It is all smart phones free for new accounts on June 19th only….man your all thick headed!

  • Travis

    This morning T-Mobile announced the iPhone will be sold in the UK with a hint it will also be done in the US. Shouldn’t that be a major story here on the site?

  • Scottie

    Y is it that no one has mentioned anything about the HTC Desire…now that would definitely b worthy of Tmobile opening early. Ive personally grown a bit envious of all the other carriers putting out top of the line phones thus the best thing tmobile has to offer is a damn mt3g slide!? SMH. Gimme a break!! All i know is that they better b doin something big on the 19th or they’re gonna start losing a lot of faithful, patient customers.

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  • admitted that new iPhone releases cause a significant loss of customers from Sprint and other carriers. This is T-mobile’s attempt to stem that by taking a loss on a phone to get you into a 2-year contract.