T-Mobile HD2 Software Update Back Online!

The HTC HD2 update is officially back online and ready for download. Those of you who didn’t grab the update when it first dropped, may now do so at your leisure. Interestingly enough, having pulled the update, T-Mobile blamed “additional issues” as it’s reasoning. Now, as seen in the above pic, they are merely saying it was due to overwhelming demand. Sounds a little odd that they would pull something due to demand instead of increasing server capacity to ensure those who are trying to download it, can. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Grab the update at the link below.

T-Mobile Windows Phone update.

T-Mobile Forums

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  • juan

    i updated to see if they fixed…and is the same thing, with same problems………i feel very disappointed about this.

    • Shawn

      I agree. This phone is awesome, The software on it is just bad. This is whats kills this phone.

  • Chris

    I updated the first time around and am now extremely pleased with the HD2. Coming from an iPhone I was so frustrated with constant freezes on the HD2 stock Rom. After the update I have had nearly zero crashes ( it did get stuck once when I got a call and message at the same time) and think its weird and sucks for you all that are having problems. Glad they didn’t update it again though, pain in the…

    • Shawn

      I agree with Chris. The phone works better than before. The issue i’m having is I lost the responsiveness of the touch screen. I too came from the Iphone and want to go back. Will there ever be a phone that compares?

  • yast

    That’s why I left tmobile and got my self a nice incredible….

    • Riopato
      • yast

        Uuuhhhh… That was the first few units tho. By the way how is the 4 inch screen in your pocket. I tought so. How many people return the incredible vs the hd2. Thought so… Just came back because my boy told me about the 4g. I am not hating its just that got tired of waiting for a super phone at tmobile

      • GlockBuster

        June 19th…

      • Riopato

        @ Yast 4 inch screen is awesome. Only thing that sucks about it is that I have to rerip my dvds to match the resolution. I have the HD2 for a month now and since I changed certain settings to keep the sense ui from crashing, I have no reason to return it. You see, I know how to use windows mobile so I’m not concern about the morons who returned it.

      • Mr Know It All

        The 4 inch screen-in-my-pocket complaint is stupid. That’s the kind of complaint/argument fanboys make cause they have nothing better to pick on. Idiotic. My G1 felt like a brick in my pocket compared to the HD2.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Why pray tell are you still in here posting?

      And be honest, come back here and tell us about problems you have with the Incredible.

      Beautiful phone by the way, albeit I’d like to have seen it with a larger display (isn’t the Incredible screen size 3.7″?) My HD2 has spoiled me and I can’t see going lower than a 4″ display having experienced and got used to the HD2’s 4.3″ screen.

      • Riopato

        My problem with the HD2 is that I have to convert all my videos to the higher res now! Watching Dark Knight on this thing is pure joy!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        It’s well worth the hassle. I convert mine to MPEG4 and each movie is about 500MB. If I want super sharp movies (to where I can read subtitles) I make them about 2GB each.

        Playing full screen is uber cool. Slap on some ear or headphones and it’s like being in a theater.

      • Riopato

        What do you use to make mp4? I’m using Nero recode right now but it takes too long.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Don’t ask me about how to convert videos, I can talk, and talk, and talk about that to where I’d be banned from this site. ;)

        Since 2005 I have been using Super C, but that interface is daunting for the average user.

        So what really works quite well is the Slysoft line of products. They make a DVD unlocking program (AnyDVD) and a conversion program called CloneDVDMobile. (Which is Super C with a shell over it, that makes the program four-click easy to use.)

        The CloneDVDMobile has default device settings for various handsets. It lists the popular handsets and many, like the HD2, are not listed. So you have to experiment with conversions to see which one works best.

        I have done all the work for you. From the list select “Microsoft — Zune (MP4)” That works perfect.

        I own about 300 DVD movies and CloneDVDMobile has made it very easy to convert those movies to whatever format is needed to play on the current handset I am using. (In the past year I have needed formats to play on the G1, BlackBerry 9700 and now HD2.) Oh, on Woot I won a bag o’ crap that included three Sansa 8GB media players. I converted some DVDs to work on that device too. Worked perfect.

        So I recommend Slysoft products to make great DVD video conversions for your HD2. (CloneDVDMobile only converts DVDs. I have another program for converting other formats, such as WMV, AVI, MPEG, and 3GP.)

    • jashk

      Stop feeding the trolls guys. Only a reject would come crawling back to trounce on a phone he probably wanted to keep but couldn’t handle.

    • Joe Pa

      Please. The Incredible is more of a headache.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      A co-worker of mine has the Incredible… I will admit that I love Android, but SenseUI on Android compared to WinMo is an epic fail. My HD2 with a custom ROM, updated radio and customized SenseUI runs circles around the Incredible.

      As for the 4 inch screen complaint… LMFAO!!! Seriously? That’s the best you can do? Ugh, again, epic fail…

  • pimpstrong

    Its a crying shame that such a top notch piece of hardware was doomed to contain WM crapware. I mean seriously, I would have jumped ALL OVER this phone if I didnt own a Touch Pro 2 because I had nothing BUT issues with the stock wm6.1 and it got even worse when I “upgraded” to the later 6.5 edition until I cooked the phone with a highly stable and way better Energyrom version. Thank God WM is on the endangered species list but the evolution into WP7 (although seemingly stable and fast/user friendly) does not seem like a phone anymore really. Kind of like a high teck Jitterbug phone with hugh icons. Fail.

    • Riopato

      The update is for the sense ui software.
      Considering your statements show that you don’t know how to use Windows Mobile, you wouldn’t notice the difference between os or software.
      Mirosoft issues updates to os OTA unless a new revision is available. HTC issues software updates online. Tmobile gives access to those update as a service to it’s subsized phones.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      “Considering your statements show that you don’t know how to use Windows Mobile, you wouldn’t notice the difference between os or software.”

      Couldn’t agree more… WinMo 6.5.5 on the HD2 is running perfectly here. Granted, within 4 hours of getting my HD2, I removed the stock ROM. But, WinMo 6.5.5 has been perfect.

      As for the “Thank God WM is on the endangered species list” statement: Argh… do you people not keep up with current news? WinMo 6.5.x is not going anywhere anytime soon. Microsoft has committed to keeping it updated and actually folding it into the WP7S line, calling it “Windows Mobile Starter Edition”. I really wish WinMo haters would actually do some research on these things BEFORE they spew FUD.

  • Mark

    With the same issues!? Argh!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Wow… that’s disappointing to hear, that you all are having the same issues.

    I say “you” because I installed a cooked ROM that works great (except for tapping the screen, but even touch seems more responsive than on the OEM ROM, the initial release. And touch works far better than on the updated release on the T-Mobile site.

    Bottom line, I really like my currently configured HD2. Especially after spending four hours installing additional apps and tweaks. (For example, last night I installed a 133k app that lets the HD2 operate like the Touch Pro2. When on a phone call place your HD2 face down on a desk, it switches into speaker phone mode. Pick it up, it goes back to headset mode. That’s so cool.)

    What other issues are you having, besides a “slightly laggy” touch screen?

    And yeah, what’s with T-Mobile saying there were “additional issues” on the update and that’s why they took it down, and to now say it was only a server performance issue. Hmmmm.…..

    • Riopato

      I thought the face down to activate speaker phone is already built into the HD2? I need to test that!

      • chevyBoy

        ya its already in the hd2 lols stock

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Aw man it was? I installed a bunch of tweaks on XDA and that was one of them, in the HD2 section.

        I never thought to test it to see if that feature was included in the stock version.

        Was that in the manual? Sheesh… who reads the manual.

  • T

    I am not even going to update my HD2 until they put out an update that fixes the lag and problems with screen responsiveness because I aM not happy with the update that I installed previously!

    • Riopato

      Turn off sense ui to fix the lag and screen issue.

  • Regan

    I bought my HD2 last week and when I just looked at the software version on my phone it already says 2.13.531.1. I have also had the phone freeze up a few times since last week. I’m not sure how bad the freezing problem was before this current update, but I can confirm the freezing still exist.

    • jashk

      I’m really curious. What exactly are you doing when your phone crashes? Yeah, I can crash my TP2. But it’s almost always attributed to something that eats up a boatload of resources (multitasking of many things, usually in conjunction with WVD).

      Is there some pattern to your crashing or is it because like most users, you have no clue how to manage resources?

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        I believe that the crashing and freezing issues are in the stock ROM. On my custom ROM (EnergyROM), I haven’t had a single freeze or random reboot or lockup. This is all with heavy usage (Music all day, sometimes a movie playing, lots of txt, mms, and emails and a few phone calls thrown it). Granted, I’m a very advanced user and have customized my device heavily, but in terms of these issues being in the hardware, I just don’t see it.

        As for the managing of resources, on the HD2, it’s almost impossible to bog this thing down (believe me, I have tried). I can have at least 10 apps open, all at the same time, and still have about 100mb of RAM left over.

        A friend of mine who also has a HD2 with a stock ROM has had a lot of issues in terms of freezing and such until I flashed his phone with the EnergyROM. Since then (as of last weekend), not a single freeze or lock up.

  • Tmo1

    This phone is great, but unfortunatelly runs on an unreliable network, i have so many internet problems and it works whenever it wants to work, T-mobile’s network is so unreliable and i am considering leaving when the new iphone arrives, sure T-mobile is cheaper, but u really get what you pay for. Good bye tmobile, hello i-phone.

    • jashk

      I noticed on my TP2 that when I have 3G and then engage in a voice call, a lot of times, the 3G eventually drops and falls to GPRS, effectively killing my ability to use data while on a voice call unless I hang up, which always restores the 3G momentarily afterwards.

      Any one else experiencing this with any T-Mobile 3G phone? AT&T users? Yeah, I know you AT&T users troll this site as well…

      • Riopato

        I’m in nyc and the 3g drop out has been happening often, but just recently. 3G has been solid before for awhile, I’m blaming the 4g testing they are doing here is causing it.

    • Mr Know It All

      Network issues are different from user to user… nothing anyone can do to help you there except encourage T-mo to provide better service in your area. Just remember that becuase it sucks for you, it doesn’t suck for a lot of other people. But don’t blame you if you’re not getting good service, good luck on At&t.

    • Doug

      And AT&T is any better? LMAO! seriously people all networks have coverage holes in places, it may vary from place to place, but i dont find t-mobile to be any worse off than any other provider in the tampa, fl area.

      Really you guys complaining about coverage, just get a damn iridium phone and enjoy your global coverage at $3 a minute, just dont try to use it indoors. You also get a phone about as stylish as a mid 90’s model LOL

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        “And AT&T is any better? LMAO! seriously people all networks have coverage holes in places, it may vary from place to place, but i dont find t-mobile to be any worse off than any other provider in the tampa, fl area.”

        Could not have said it better… Phoenix, AZ has some glaring holes in coverage (especially on the west side of the valley), but overall, I haven’t had a single issue here.

        It really all boils down to where you are.

  • dhayes

    I literally threw mine in the trash and went to at&t. I couldn’t wait to see who got the iphone. So far at&t hasn’t disappointed. I’ll gladly pay my ETF for two lines to move from two HD2’s to two iPhones.

    • Riopato

      That’s just idiotic! add the ETF on top of the phone which can cost @ $400, it doesn’t make sense!

  • juan

    why people talk about winmo like they know…i know that winmo doesnt have a nice ui and alot apps …but atleast we cant make alot of things more easier than others OS…i use to have a google phone and a iphone and a went back to my winmo…and the only way i go back to a google or iphone is if wp7 doesnt fill my needs.

    • chevyBoy

      couldnt have said it better Juan…

    • Mr Know It All

      Ditto (except for the iPhone part). I like Android, its cool, but I’d rather have a phone that can run the things I need WHEN I need it… not tap an icon and have to wait…load… wait… load… wait…. My G1 was like that unfunny guy everyone knows: By the time he found something funny to say, the moment had passed.


    @ Michael
    My HD2 is still rolling without the new update and when mine is placed face down it goes to speakerphone, I just tried it to be sure. I haven’t updated yet is it worth it? Or did you use the tech 1 update?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Do you mean a cooked ROM? If so, it is well worth it. The one I installed is call Cell Series.

      And installed and used the updated ROM before it was taken down. But I prefer the cooked custom ROM.

      So now I am running a custom ROM, two tweak programs and Cookies Tabs Editor.

      I am going to make a tutorial for YouTube on how to do all this, since it’s simple but still damn confusing on one’s first time. Plus if one installs HardSPL over the wrong OEM SPL you can brick the phone!

      Here’s some pics I took of my various screens. They don’t do justice to how good this ROM looks.


  • Which way is Up?

    Wow, this blows… Anyone searching these forums under HD2 will confirm 2 well known issues after this ROM update, 1. Less responsive display and 2. My account app disabling the speakerphone requiring a soct reset to get your speaker phone back.

    Also, I called into customer care on Monday regarding my a billing discrepancy over a download and the rep took a 5 min survey regarding “any” issues with my HD2. The rep asked me to verify how much available memory my phone had, the ROM version (she actually said software version), when I purchased it and confirmed that the update was removed due to additional issues…

    I do hope they release an update for the update… :/

    • Mr Know It All

      “Anyone searching these forums”… yeah, you know why I never had to search any forums? Cause I don’t have a single problem with my HD2, before or after the update. Yes, you have to take my word for it… but if you see how much I crap on my old G1 in previous comments, then you know I’d have no problem telling you the HD2 sucks… which it does not. Not for me anyway. Sorry it sucks for you… so good luck, don’t buy WinMo next time. Stick to the idiot-proof smartphones, aka iPhone or Android.

      • Which way is Up?

        Clearly, you have the wrong assumption, therefore, I will let you slide with your misdirected comment. Fact is, some HD2’s have known issues, some do not. Just because you fall in the category of those w/out issue does not mean you can dismiss those that do have the issues represented in the forums-Don’t be a moron.

        When I said this blows, I was referring to the same ROM upgrade being released despite all of the feedback of a less responsive screen. WM is WM, this is my 6th WM handset, I’m not new to the OS or its nuances. I never said the phone sucks.

        The HD2 is being marketed as no other WM device ever released, entertainment has been the focuss of the device, not to mention HTC Sense makes for a completely different type of user experience on WM device. However, the phone has lost a lot of charm to the WM neophyte, guys and girls who expect to open the box and use their phone with little to no issues and certainly not have to Reg Edit or install custom Cabs or flash to a new ROM to get their device to work as one would expect a device with the hadware specs of the HD2 on an older OS. Most, including myself (moder and novice to WM) would expect this phone to come out kicking ass and collecting names, not freezing when you have 10 or more text messages, etc. I could understand (somewhat) on a newer platform but WM? C’mon, it has been in use for ever now, not to mention HTC, Microsoft and TMobile working together collectively to bring forth the best product possible, this should not have happened. The biggest issue the Euro version had was a pink hue whilw taking photos! I’ve said it before and I will say it again the HD2 has lost its charm with casual user/ the general public. Only thw die hard WM fanatics will continue to support the HD2. Remember, we knew from long ago W7 would never make it to the HD2 yet we dove head first.

        I feel for casual user sucked in by marketing and can understand why they want to the HD2 because the sucks when really its the stock ROM that sucks.

  • David

    Ok, good thinking.

    • HD2Sufferin

      he didn’t force U to update it you did at your own will

  • Matlock

    Ok, how about this people, instead of waiting to have a stable rom put out by HTC and T-Mobile, why not just put install a cooked rom on your phones. It takes a total of 10mins to do and voila all issues solved and you can actually sit-back, relax and enjoy the damn phone. Running Energy rom on my phone and its absolutely amazing.

    And for all of those that are calling the HD2 a P.o.S. you are all major idiots, and should get yourselves a proper dumbphone like the iphone. This is coming from a N1 and HD2 owner, two proper smartphones.

    And for those that want a superphone on T-mobile, quit being cheap and pay the price for admission and get yourself a damn N1, by the way I have my GF using the N1 right now with T-mobile’s Web2Go, hahahahahah!!!!

  • Matlock

    Ok, how about this people, instead of waiting to have an updated rom put out by HTC and T-Mobile, why not just put install a cooked rom on your phones. It takes a total of 10mins to do and voila all issues solved and you can actually sit-back, relax and enjoy the damn phone. Running Energy rom on my phone and its absolutely amazing.

    And for all of those that are calling the HD2 a P.o.S. you are all major idiots, and should get yourselves a proper dumbphone like the iphone. This is coming from a N1 and HD2 owner, two proper smartphones.

    And for those that want a superphone on T-mobile, quit being cheap and pay the price for admission and get yourself a damn N1, by the way I have my GF using the N1 right now with T-mobile’s Web2Go, hahahahahah!!!!

  • There seems to be a lot of trolling on the comments here. There should be a report or vote up/down feature so the community can police itself. It’s already hard enough being a conscious consumer but when your research leads to people making negative arguments about things they have no real knowledge about it can influence people / cost our provider sales or customers. I know people like to knock T-mo for phones but I’ll trade phone quality for good customer service any day as a former AT&T, Cingular, Verizon customer. At the end of the day if it’s all about great phones, you can buy any unlocked gsm phone or hack or unlock any gsm phone and talk t-mo support into setting your service up on it. Heck, I’ve bought used phones on ebay with no other intent other than getting an unlock code and selling the phone. No other carier is going to do this no questions asked as a service to you as a customer.

    • Matlock

      Yes I agree with you on that, there def needs to be a rating system for comments, so you can either plus or minus the comments, or thumbs up/thumbs down comments.

  • Oh and Matlock. I agree, especially since Froyo, my Nexus One is well worth the $500 I payed for it in January. It’s the first phone I’ve ever owned where I don’t have any complaints or regrets (since Froyo). I will be researching to see if anyone has an app to make it do the “put the phone down and it goes to speaker” trick.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Yeah, that’s what happened. Thanks for the laugh.

  • chrisrj28

    Hey Mike I noticed in your pics that you are using the Manilla TV tab, is that cooked into the Cell rom? Always thought about using it on Energy but didn’t feel like going through the motions to set it up.

  • mike

    Looks like the incredible has some incredible issues as well!!!!

  • Technology1

    NEW UPDATED MultiMedia SuperNova ROM Ver 4, 2.10 Base UZard, Global OnLine TV


    *YES, TMOUSA HD2 MultiMedia SuperNoVa ROM UZard Ver.[4] With Built In “UZard” New Super Fast WEB Browser With Flash Support and has it’s own “MultiMedia Video/Player” Built INTO THE UZard Web browser that auto detects video on all websites that you visit….[ (IE) Internet Explorer Is Still The DeFault Web Browser]…..

    *NEW TMOUSA HD2 2.10 Base Stock MultiMedia SuperNoVa ROM UZard Ver. 4 DOWNLOAD LINKS is HERE: http://www.mobileunderground.info/s…hp?t=704&page=1 located at the top of post # 1, just below the Tech1 UFO icon, “ToMorrows Technology Today”…….

    *All The MultiMedia APPS that were in the TMOUSA HD2 2.13 MultiMedia SuperNoVa ROM Ver [2] Are Still In this new TMOUSA HD2 2.10 Base Stock MultiMedia SuperNova ROM Ver. [4], the WP7 set up is in this ROM also, plus DirecTV NFL….. One thing is for sure, this new 2.10 ROM release is better than the official T-Mobile USA HD2 ROM of last week…… Thanks to Technology1 for this awesome TMOUSA HD2 ROM again…..

  • Lawrence

    me personally i think the stock rom is garbage! if u wanna unleash the full potential of the phone i suggest u flash it…im running the chucky rom and its way smoother and faster than that bs rom t mobile gave us

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As said before, IMHO people buying handsets should not be expecting to also get ROM upgrades with the purchase. If you think back to other handsets the standard in the industry is NOT to include ROM upgrades in the purchase price.

    It’s really just a blog and Net thing, where people post that they want, think they should get or are entitled to an update. The idea catches on then eventually the manufacturer and carrier are deemed a fail because they announce users won’t be getting an upgrade to the newest OS.

    That said, in this situation Samsung needs to put out this fire fast. People are not complaining that the B2 can’t be upgraded, they are mad that Samsung PROMISED the B2 would in fact get the Android upgrade. Samsung messed up, this time around, so they should immediately announce an intent to keep its promise.

    Here is how it should be done:

    I bought a $1800 Toshiba notebook in 2005. The warranty ran out in 2006. Soon thereafter the display died.

    A search on the Net revealed that the unit had a defective graphics chip (would die from heat). Toshiba installed a different chip on subsequent units, that is, on my model.

    I was busy and could not attend to having it checked out so it sat on a shelf until May 2009 when I decided to check around. People on forums said to contact Toshiba directly because they were still fixing units even though at the time mine was four years old and three years beyond warranty.

    I called Toshiba, they sent me a prepaid UPS shipping box, I sent them the unit, and Toshiba returned it to me in five days, with a new motherboard and an upgraded graphics card. All at no charge to me.

    I mention this story because my Toshiba experience is what I use to measure how a company is supposed to deal with problems. Toshiba owned up to the issue and even four years later is still repairing the units (even though they could have reasonably told me that I waited too long to contact the Company).

    What does Samsung do, on its YouTube channel it removes the promo video that contained the promise that B2 owners will get the Android upgrade. And when B2 owners contact Samsung the Company tells them to stop calling.

    The most idiotic thing about Samsung’s conduct is that the damage to its reputation and bottom line far exceeds the money it thinks it is saving by not providing a fair resolution to B2 owners.

    The B2 story is all over the Net now. I question if anyone at Samsung realizes just how bad this is, the bad publicity. For Samsung the problem is NOT that there might be only a few people aware of this problem, it’s that the media, blogs and sophisticated users are aware of it. Those people and entities are relied upon by the masses to approve or diss a product. Samsung cannot afford to have the “experts” telling the masses “Don’t buy Samsung, they don’t keep promises.”

    This is all happening long enough before Samsung’s SGS debut that I suspect the controversy will affect the SGS launch.
    If I was Samsung I would IMMEDIATELY issue a press release telling the world (aka the Net) that the Company will honor its promise made to prospective Behold II purchasers. And if the Behold II cannot be upgraded, then I would announce that B2 owners will get a $200 credit toward the purchase of an SGS. If the B2 owner does not want the SGS, then he or she will get a $100 credit.

    To limit the financial affect of all this, Samsung can require that one must make a “B2 update request” BEFORE the SGS debuts. After that time the deal expires.

    Making good on its promise would not be bad for Samsung since I suspect there’s only a small percentage of B2 owners who are aware of this upgrade issue and/or are fine with the phone as currently configured. And of course, the amount of good will and positive PR to Samsung would be… hate to use the word, but what the hell… priceless.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    My bad… meant to post the balance of my post in the Samsung B2 article. Disregard that part and dole out 20 lashes.

  • ziggy

    just updated and this phone bums along with multiple programs runnings at the same time without breaking a sweat… custom ROM or not this phone is a beast… set to those of you having issues but i love my phone again

  • ziggy

    just updated and this phone hums along with multiple programs runnings at the same time without breaking a sweat… custom ROM or not this phone is a beast… set to those of you having issues but i love my phone again

  • ziggy

    hums* lol

  • ziggy

    hums* sry* lol

  • Wilma Flintstone

    can someone tell me if my hd2 is supposed to have this issue:
    my speaker just stopped working and now the only way I can hear anything is through the headphones. I’m callimg tmobile about it in the morning because I don’t think it’s supposed to do that.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      oh and this is my 2nd hd2. they sent this one as a replacement and now it’s defective.

  • just some dude

    Boy i remember the day when everyone here has saying the HD2 will be the next best thing since sliced bread, LOL. That didn’t work out know did it. Should of gone with an Android phone. Windows Mobile blows.

  • Addicus

    My wife and I received text messages telling us an update is available. Is this the same one as before?

    • blah

      yep yep, wondering the same thing

  • dave fisher

    how exactly do i install a different ROM on my hd2? i have had it since it released and i love the phone…coming from the icrap and the relatively sweet g1, but it has its issues that when not blinded by the cool parts of the phone they glare at you like a child after a spanking…. you know the look….the f*** off and die look lol. the main things that annoy me is the fact that it seems a few contacts on my phone seem to make the phone go into this wtf am i doing phase…where it will either just not dial…or dial and freeze…or dial connect and then not allow you to hang up so that i have to remove the battery to stop. thats really the only thing i have against the phone….and it sucks because it does it to the contacts i use the most…my best friend and my fiancee. any help fellas would be greatly appreciated. i installed the update before they removed it but it didnt really seem to solve any of my issues and the my account thing is crap…i didnt even use it on my g1 that much… i dont really monitor this site that much but if you feel up to passing on the advice and or other friendly help… shoot me a email at jdkzombie@gmail.com.thx fellas….and ladies…

  • Kay

    Soo I upgraded the software and now my phone has completely stopped working … When it did come back on i had two new games .. bubble pop and something else .. Im super pissed b/c i couldn’t call, text, internet or anything … They are sending me another phone now, but today my phone won’t turn on at all .. I really don’t know if i want the phone anymore b/c its having problems… and I miss the droid web .. on the flip side .. I do love the phone, but im like lord … Im not on here as well .. so shoot me an email if you know something i dont .. Venusc_23@yahoo.com


    I’m planning on getting HD2 with windo 6… can someone advice me pls………….. i heard that this phone freeze alot and i really like it.. pls help

    • TMOprophet

      they just got android running decent on it, the most stable version is from the desire with 2.1 Sense, I dunno if android is your thing but heres the link, I think that voice calls are still problelmatic, with issues being with the speaker and mic., but most everything else works from what I have read, otherwise its fine stock with Winmo.


  • Gh0zt36

    Yea anyone who thinks this phone sucks is retarded. seriously , ill admit the wmo 6.5 was insanely boring featureless , stale as month old bread. but that was just a software issue. i also installed the “energy ” custom rom… can we say EPIC FIX ? so much cooler interface and to put the icing on the cake i also because of the custom rom was able to install froyo 2.2 v.3.1.7 fully stable evo 4g android os. so i can now either hang with the wmo ^.5 or if i get bored of that i can then boot to the froyo 2.2 android os this phone is sooooo much cooler than any iphone ….. the ONLY thing IP4 has on this phone is the second cam on the operator side other than that hd2 has bigger screen micro sd port capable of 32gb micro cards uhmm and probably the best feature its not limited by the apple software and can drag n drop any kind of file to or from just like a external hd ….good bye itunes and the lack of ability to transfer music to a friends pc instead of being limited to the home pc itunes like apple hahah this phone is the man woman and child