T-Mobile HD2 Software Update Temporarily Removed

A few days ago T-Mobile officially released a software update for the HTC HD2 and shortly after the download link had been posted, we received quite a few complaints that the update caused additonal issues for HD2 owners. As it turns out, Magenta has acknowledged the issues and has temporarily removed the update from their website. T-Mobile assures us that their support teams are working to resolve the issues and will re-post the software update on www.t-mobile.com/wmupgrade. In the meantime, customers that have already downloaded the update should continue to use their devices normally. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more!

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  • mike

    Dave did you get my email about this? ?

  • Ruufus

    What are the issues?

    • redman12

      yea, what are the issues?

      • Ryan

        it was a broken link

      • Ryan

        broken link

  • going_home

    That Microsoft for you. Should have bought an Android based phone ! :-D

    • Bryan

      Completely agree!

      • Eric

        I was totally going to buy a HD2 the week it came out. I was really excited about it, too.

        I don’t mean to rub it in anyone’s face, but I am so glad that instead I decided to buy a Nexus One the weekend before the HD2 was released.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        You don’t mean to rub it in anyone’s face but then you do. Thanks for the laugh.

        Let me respond in kind.

        I don’t mean to say bad things about your Nexus One, but it is a big fail and Google knows it. I pity anyone who got suckered into buying the Ford Edsel of handsets.


        Even HTC abandoned the thing and told Google it will no longer make phones for Google.

        Add to that that Verizon and Sprint have passed on carrying the Nexus.

        I am so glad I did not buy the Nexus One. ;)

      • Riopato

        @maddog wow you are a dick

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well I don’t think it’s a Microsoft or WinMo issue, it’s an HTC hardware/software set of problems.

      Unless you have used WinMo for years and started using HTC phones back when they first came out with HTC Sense, comments dissing Microsoft are irrelevant. You are just echoing bashing comments because it’s the cool thing to do.

      I remember similar “bashing echoes” when Android users were livid that applications for one version of Android would not work with others, all within the period of a few months between versions.

      With my G1 I recall reading about a cool app in Market, only to see in the dev’s writeup that it would not work on the Android version I had installed.
      The only solution was to root one’s phone which was a daunting process.

      I recall people saying “we should not have to root a phone to get apps to work or to use new ones.” Users were stuck though as developers often decided to make only one version of an app, either for an older one or the latest.

      Personally, I think it’s a big fail for Android to have suffered fragmentation, to where there’s so many different, incompatible versions of the OS. People should not have to wonder what apps will work on their phones.

      And if you have time, if Android is so perfect, consider this hard reset tutorial I made back in March 2009. (This hard reset is the same as reformatting a hard disk and reinstalling the OS, which is a radical procedure for someone to do. The users doing a hard reset are in a desperate situation.)


      Notice that to date I have had close to 90,000 views. How many calls to tech support have there been, regardless of carrier? Using the retail industry’s statistic that only 10% of people with complaints actually all customer service to complain, does that 90,000 view mean that there’s over 1 million people with G1 problems?

      Also notice the comments. Look at how many people call the G1 and Android a POS.

      And keep in mind this is just on the G1. How many other model Android users have had problems.

      Just saying, sure it’s easy to bash WinMo, but do some searching and you will see that Android has its millions of detractors too.

      Yes, WinMo has more, but WinMo in one iteration or another has been around for 12 years, compared to two years for Android. Ten years additional is a huge head start on accumulating complaints.

      • mad dog

        I see you are back with a vengeance posting your little links. You trashed tmo and threatened to go to sprint, but you tucked your tail between your legs and stayed. Your post remind me of winmo. Why you ask, well they’re both garbage. It’s all about android and the iphone, winmo is dead asswipe.

      • Riopato

        @maddog wow you are a dick and a half

      • Riopato

        @mad dog Nice asswipe comment Dick

    • Riopato

      For all the retards, including you, think that the update is for windows mobile. It’s not. It’s the heavy resource hog that is HTC sense UI that the update addresses. Usual updates regarding windows mobile are OTA.
      For those who have the HD2 and are having issues, turn off sense ui. If you don’t know how to do that, return the phone and join the other idiots who got an android.

      • jackhandy

        Riopato, are you serious?!? I have been a programmer for some years and the Android OS is amazing. Microsoft doesn’t even want to deal with it’s mobile 6.5 version anymore and has all but come out and stated that it rushed it to completion.
        I have an HD2 now and I couldn’t be less pleased. The hardware is fantastic, but the OS is buggy and clumsy. Get a clue before you post bashing an OS that allows the user to customize until their heart’s content. I use Microsoft for my PC and 7 is fairly well thought out; the mobile 6.5 on the other hand is garbage.
        If you don’t have a clue about or want customization, stay with your WinMo OS; just be certain to reboot regularly and expect a lot of problems…

      • Riopato

        @Jackhandy for some reason I couldn’t reply to your comment. To sum up my retort. As a programmer, let everyone who doesn’t want to learn your programs crap all over your code and those who appreciate what you compile offer ways to improve it. I myself will continue to use winmo the way I always do and know how to use it. Android is infact a very solid os, unfortunately it’s fan boys leaves a bad impression for me to ever appreciate the os for what it is. Just reading the rest of this posts turns me off to Android. I wouldn’t want to become so ignorant if I was to become an Android user. As a programmer, why is it neccesary to root your phone when you can easily rewrite the rom?

      • mad dog

        Riopato you talk about android fanboys leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Judging by your posts I would hazard a guess and say you are a winmo fanboy. The numbers don’t lie, android is where it’s at while your beloved winmo has bit the dust. You know it’s true even if you won’t admit it.

      • John

        @maddog Could you point out where I say that the android fanboys leaving a bad taste in my mouth? I am only pointing out the ignorance that these posts made by Android users trying to discredit windows mobile while the very issues that the HD2 is currently having is not even a windows mobile issue. It’s a sense UI issue. HTC’s own forum already has found a work around until they come out with a fix.
        As to the numbers, it says nothing about windows mobile nor Android os’s performance but to Android’s popularity. If you associate the numbers with performance your reasoning indicates that the wii is more powerful than a xbox 360 or PS3! That’s just ignorance. Also windows mobile’s demise is so prevalent that companies are no longer making them. Oh wait are we talking about one that just came out? Thank you for supporting my point with your own ignorance!

      • g4tro

        Riopato dont waste ure breath…Okay Okay people hold up let me give my 2cents first of all I was a loyal owner of the G1 and i thought it was a great phone however it was slow sometimes and it had it freezing problems as wel….Now i own aN HD2 and I gotta tell you I wont go back to android nomatter how much it freezes and it did alot at first I bought it the first week it came out and its frozen alot but Im gonna capitalize this so ya’ll can see it clear IF U TURN OFF URE SENSE UI URE PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OS ITS THE SENSE UI if u dont like the way the fone looks with out the sense ui go do what i did and download the spb mobile shell(youtube it) and u should be happy…and people stop buying things u dont knowhow to use go back to apple or that other no brainer os android…and as far as the apps are concern name me an app on android or apple and Ill name u 10 on winmo…Holla

    • Riopato

      Bought a G1, can’t upgrade FroYo. Went back to winmo. Able to install WinPhone 7 even though it’s not supported.

  • RCornelous

    The main issue that I’ve been experiencing after updating my HD2 is the touch screen is not as sensitive as it once was. It’s a bit frustrating, because the phone responded to touch alot better than it does after this update. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • papeshfoo

      yep! pis’d me off! i thought i was upgrading, feels like i downgraded….

    • trife

      Yes! Before I was able to barely tap the screen and it would respond. Now I have to literally press it like I’m pressing a button on my TV remote. Not cool at all. I’ve also had more freeze ups since I updated than I ever had prior.

      Kinda pissed I “upgraded” so soon b/c now I’ll lose all those apps yet again after the next update.

      I love the HD2, but some of the annoyances are great enough to make me consider giving it up.

    • ben

      Yes but it is very minor

  • pdxduckfan

    I have to say I’ve been disappointed with Winmo…and I’ve been using Winmo for 5 years….I guess my expectations were too lofty for 6.5 My next phone will probably be android…..I’m too anti apple to try the iphone…but dang….they’ve got an app for that! I get tired of seeing every website offering an iphone app with nothing for winmo…..that will probably change with the new windows phones….but I doubt most developers will pay attention to 6.5 much longer. :(

    • Riopato

      For someone who has been using windows mobile for 5 years should know by now this issue isn’t the os. You should be ashamed of yourself for this post or you’re just talking out of your ass. Turn off sense ui and then decide it’s the os or not.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Android is a great O/S and is expanding all the time with apps and awesome features. I would say the only downfall with an Android device is with every update to the O/S it makes your phone more and more obsolete. Why I say this? Because eventually the updates become too much that the phones hardware can’t handle it. (or maybe it can… just that they don’t want to spend enough time tweeking it). The G1 is the prime example. While it can handle 2.1 and probably even 2.2 to an extent… Google says no. This makes me wonder about the Slide because of the 600mhz processor instead of the 1Ghz thats in the Nexus One. My guess is that the Slide will be able to handle Android 2.2 fine… but 3.0 (which is rumored) might be the last update to the O/S that it may see… may even be 2.2. This is one reason why I am tempted to hold off and not get the Slide… but then again the phone will do everything I’ve been wanting a phone to do (and then some).. so really… the 1Ghz is more of just a power statement for me (basically giving me bragging rights saying… look I have a 1Ghz processor in my phone!) Really though…. do I or anyone else really even need that big of a processor? Until phones start to become hardcore portable gaming devices… only then I think the processing power will truly matter. I have a friend who is into computers… and he tells me now a days computers are so powerful that you don’t even need all that it offers. Its like an overkill. This could be true because I know a few years back computers were running into the 3Ghz range, etc. and I’ve noticed that computers today are lucky enough to be at 2.2Ghz Its like the processing power went down but the ram went up. Anyone else notice this? So as long as the Slide has 512mb of ram the 600mhz processor should be good for a while.

    • achal

      you are right, its all about the bells and whistles these companies add to a device and then first try to trap the people in the advertisement trap, if at very best, people escape that trap, they change the software to such an extent that original (very good quality) hardware looks obsolete.you are talking about the processors in the past touched 3ghz range and today they are back to 2.2 ghz but see, those old 3ghz processors were single core but used a higher clock speed so as to do high end processing. Technology today has given multi core, processors that divide the complex programs and execute them in parallel to do the job with a lesser clock speed but in an efficient manner by using lesser power.

  • Junior

    Microsoft Sucks when it comes to Phones. HTC HD2 is a waste of Money, Thanks God I Sold mines for $550. Hope The Person That Bought My Phone Is Enjoying It. Im Just Being Real People.

    • Riopato

      Yes microsoft sucks so bad with phones and they continue making phones for the past never. Microsoft doesn’t make phones! They make a phone os that was originally a pda os. They have been making this os for the past 15 years plus!
      It’s funny how so many companies make these hardwares and the first sign of issues with these hardware, people blame that it’s Microsoft’s fault. It’s like how batteries started imploding on notebooks and idiots started blaming Microsoft while the same batteries were installed on Macs, did they blame Apple? No of course not, they blamed sony who manufactured the batteries!

    • Tig

      If by Real you mean Real Stupid – why yes you are!

  • Mark

    There is also the reported/verified issue when you dial 611, the T-Mobile help quick assist app launches and then screws up the speakerphone until you soft reset the device.

    • ben


  • Bobert

    I just got fro yo today on my smokin kick ass nexus 1 U hd 2 losers can just kiss my feet

    • kai

      I bet your N1 has better grammar than you do.

    • Riopato

      Oh good for you! You finally have tethering built in! Something else that the HD2 and every windows mobile phone for the past 12 years been able to do. does your little N1 allow apps installed on sd yet? How’s that 3G issue working out for you? I’d kiss ur feet but it’s in your mouth and your head’s up your ass. I’d buy an N1 but Google will no longer sell it so what’s the point!

      • john

        I think all the winmo vs android is better for the forums than here. That having been said, I’ve been tethering android phones since the g1 with pdanet.

  • Futurvisionary

    Piece of crap phone!!!! A return was inevitable!!!!

  • JBLmobileG1

    As I was walking into a Tmobile corporate store today I noticed a Guy walking out with an HD2 in hand. Funny thing is I have a feeling he was having problems with it or was trying to return it. The reason why I say this was because of the way he was caring it. No bag just the phone box opened with the phone sitting on top all in one hand. Now maybe I am wrong but I work in the phone industry and most people don’t walk away with their phone in their hands the way he did. He was also walking out as if he was in a hurry with a blank expression on his face. Most of the time when I sell a phone the customer is looking and playing with the phone as they walk away. My guess is they said… I am sorry you are over your 14 days… so he left with the box open. While the HD2 is a really nice phone… I still say it would have been 100% better with Android instead of Windows.

    • jackhandy

      Maybe a move to California would help, sure it’s the land of fruits and nuts, but we have a 30 day buyer’s remorse period;)
      By the way, I have spoken with quite a few retention reps at T-Mobile and they have all told me that they are expecting a phone along the lines of the Evo with Android, but keep in mind, they are retention reps that want me to stay with T-Mobile.

      • Riopato

        Hey Jackhandy maybe you can program your way into getting that 30 day buyer’s remorse for everyone! And could you write something that can allow me to install FroYo into my sis’s G1? You’re so amazing with your knowlege of everything!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Born and raised in San Francisco I have to agree with your statement about fruits and nuts, especially my town. It’s so bad I am thinking of moving to the mountains and writing books. I digress, forgive me.

        Anyway, I suspect the retention reps are referring to the SGS (Samsung Galaxy S).


    everyone chill. xda and cooked ROMs are your friend. i flashed and have never looked back. a 2yr old could flash this thing. just flash and see how this beast is supposed to run

    • pdxduckfan

      Hey Bozo….ever occur to you that you shouldn’t have to flash a brand new phone?


        name calling is not needed go to the jesus phone fan boy section with that noise. in a imperfect world we are provided tools to sometimes bring things to near perfection and xda and the developers have done that for the HD2. your right we shouldn’t have to flash it but it is what it is so calm down and move on if you’re not smart enough to handle this. or better yet just go to the jesus phone and let jobs tell you what your phone can do with no input. or are the people who develop cydia bozos too???????(typed from a flashed HD2)

      • enved05

        And you don’t think any Android phone users immediately root their phones? The HD2 is great right out of the box. You can install a number of ui mods from the xda-dev’s or you can flash a new rom that has everything already cooked in… usually with a later version of windows mobile. You can always go back to stock. It’s cake. Nobody HAS to flash or do anything to the phone.

      • Riopato

        I can flash any winmo phone into any version I want and I still be under warranty. Can you root Android and do the same?

  • justsomedude

    I got my froyo this morning on my N1 thanks Google, im happy happy. the native tethering works very fast. Can Android get any better? Number 2 phone in the US, move over RIM, its your turn. And soon the world.

    • Riopato

      Can you tell me how to install FroYo on my sis’s G1?

    • soon2TMO

      wow.. i’d like the tethering feature!

      but is it free though? and no extra charge from tmobile whatsoever?
      we dont want any bloated charges come the bills…

      is it free on tmobile?

  • louie

    ok I tried to post two times on my hd2 and it freezes up on me to the point I have to remove my battery. I personally have never been so disappointed with a phone. it freezes constantly. and sometimes I have to remove the battery 3 or 4 times because it freezes on the yellow windows and does nothing more. I catch myself desperately controlling myself from throwing this phone across the room. Prior to this phone I had the g1 and the cliq. ok so the hd2 has a bigger screen. and is faster blah blah blah. all pointless if you ask me with the lack of apos. and the apps they offer at the windows market are all crap. god I miss my android phones. I am patiently waiting the next android phone for tmobile. this piece of metal and glass will make a good paper weight or door stopper. I learned my lesson you can onley fool me once. anything running windows I will avoid like the plague. damn I miss all my androids could do that this could not. omg! I made it through this post without it freezing again. although my email kept popping up to sign in. let me carefully press post before it goes haywire once more. advice to all thinking about picking this phone up. avoid it keep what you have any android is better than this piece of metal junk.

    • Riopato

      If you don’t know how to use it, go back to Android and it’s training wheels. Maybe some day you’ll be able to use a real smartphone when you’re good and ready.

      • 30014

        STFU, you are acting like a little bitch. If winmo is garbage and people with experience using the phone say so who are you to take offense to their comments?

      • Riopato

        STFU? if you can’t make a post through your own phone then you can’t possibly be an experienced user. WTF does Yellow window even mean? Exactly how lazy are you Android users that you need a central market place to install apps? If you can drive stick then get an automatic you little girl.

  • bsanto

    You people are a bunch of whiners…. all you do is bitch and complain about the phone i have had the phone since it came out and i will say this phone is beautiful if you know how to use all of people who bought it because it had a big screen or a 1ghz proc are dumb its not the phone but the user. Now the phone has its problems yes but tweaked this phone and i havent had one problem. android is great yes but who cares about tethering i have had that since last year on both OS’s. So if you dont like the phone sell it and leave the people who know how to use it alone you fandroid asses, you are worse then the apple fans i love how much you guys talk crap about them and do the same thing as they do, and to top it off, this was a posting abou the HD2 not about froyo.

    • Junior

      You probably work for Windows i bet… You think People just walk down the streets and find $450 to buy a phone… I dont think soooo, so meaning I work hard for my money and im expecting when i buy a phone i want it to work fine with out Flashing it. Listen The HTC HD2 SUCKS ok…. Go a head and enjoy your HTC-Freeze Phone HAHAA!!!

      • ben

        yep you got me im a secret employee for microsoft that visits websites to tell you how much windows is great.. Smart ass. Now i didnt say anything about people walking in down a street to buy a 450 dollar phone smart one, what I was saying is people most likely like yourself, go into a tmobile store or what ever major carrier and say wow there is a phone is 4+ in. screen and a 1ghz proc ooooo lets get that because it will be fast and fun. To realize later they didnt need one like that because it was either to advanced for them or you, and could really use so they go back to a mediocre phone and are satifised, understand or would you like it in spainsh, french maybe. And secondly i never SAID FLASH!!!!!!!! i said tweak it there is NO FLASHING INVOLVED!!!!!! my HD2 is a great phone you know why, because i research before i buy something, just like alot of people on this blog have, Nothings perfect just like your sweet android, looke how many phones Android has to put out before they actually get it right first it was the NExus one then the Incredible now the Damn EVO come on really, any way just waisting my breath and just some dude you are the same gentlemane that dogged the HD2 before it even came out in the US so i will take what you say with a grain of salt. ALL OF YOU PHANDROIDS GET OFF THIS BLOG IT IS FOR WM FANS AND HTC HD2 OWNERS TAKE YOUR NEXUS AND FROYO AND GO FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO BUG!!!!!!!!! JUNIOR…

      • justsomedude

        Ben I dogged the HD2 not because of the hardware but because of the OS, WM needs to go away. It is old, obsolete, slow inside any kind of hardware. Dont worry this time next year WM wont exist anymore.

      • Riopato

        Winmo is old but not obsolete. Hasn’t any Android fan got a clue as to what their precious os is based on yet? Everything it does. For everything it has to offer. It wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Windows Mobile!!! Just because it’s a retart proof os doesn’t make it a better os. All your rooting and updates can’t hold a stick to what Windows Mobile has to offer. Microsoft can’t applogize for developing an os before touch interfaces became common place. A simple touch GUI overlay and winmo is still being installed on phones is more than telling what a good os can do. You can’t even install the latest update on the G1! Meanwhile you can run 6.5 on the original dash no problem. That phone is freaking 10 years old people!

  • justsomedude

    I hear you, but this just shows you how much android rocks, People just cant stop talking about it. I mean lets face it will there even be a WM phone next year.

    And its not user error, thats the oldest excuse in the book. Its the WM OS that will never be usable, its just garbage.

    Android rules, and is taking ove_, well it pretty much took over one more phone platform to go. Look out RIM your next.

    • Riopato

      These very posts are proof that it is user error. Do you even know what user error means? Every post has recieved a response that points out each users issue and most of them are their own. The article itself points out that the issues have nothing to do with the os but the update itself. The update isn’t even related to the os but the GUI.


    I guess I have THE ONLY HD2 that hasn’t froze up!!! I’m tired of hearing the fandroid’s whining about this phone!!! When I’m using my HD2 I can actually tell when it is starting to slow down and it bugs me enough that I will check the Task Manager and that’s where I’ll see a list of programs the are still opened,imagine that!!! I guess I start closing out unused programs before it freezes up! What a concept! I have froze my G1 android phone and guess what I’m not going to complain about it because it was my own F***king Fault. Did anyone of you guys that are complaining check your task mananger? I do know that my HD2 sometimes seems like it is frozen when I type in a name, when I am going to send a text (I have more than 500 contacts in my Outlook) so it has taken up to 10 or 12 seconds before the name shows up. Now I can’t speak about the update I’m just glad I didn’t do it yet, sounds like there may be some major problems, so you fandroid guys can complain about that if you want to, seems like you all need something to do! Don’t get me wrong I think Android is fantastic I just need a Windows Phone it just works the best with my Outlook!

    • ben

      BRAVO THANK YOU IWANTHD2 well put, it is just another APPLE FAN BOYS Episode just with ANDROID FANS this time, nothing better to do then talk crap about a phone they really dont even know how to use.

    • justsomedude

      Sorry for your troubles IWANTHD2, my Nexus one with Android does not slow down like you said yours does nor does it take 10 seconds for me to search my contacts. As soon as i type the first letter of my contact it has pulled up a name already, But i have about 200 contacts. Maybe 500 contacts is the upper limit on a WM phone. And on the Task Manager, Android does this intelligently. It has a Task Switcher so i can switch thru my apps. So no, No Task manager the phone is smart enough to put the app in a suspended state when not being used and clear the memory, and when its needed again it comes right up. this all happens in the background. Its really an advanced Mobile OS. Not like the old WM style manual task managing. Can you imaging sitting there closing apps because your phome is slowing down, LOL.

    • J

      I have had my HD2 since about 2 weeks after it was released and I have had it freeze up maybe 2 or 3 times. I have also used several Android phones and had those freeze as well. I do clear out my task manager regularly because I do that on all of my phones. The only thing I don’t like about the phone is there aren’t a lot of free apps in the market, but there are a lot of sites to download apps for windows mobile. I think some of the phones may have bugs, just like computers, but that is going to happen with any smart phone. If you want a phone that isn’t going to freeze up get your basic $50 Nokia phone that allows you to make calls and text and……..wait, that’s it.

      • Riopato

        Great suggestion! Can’t wait for the Nokia E73 coming out in june!

    • Riopato

      Most of these fanboy doesn’t even know what you are talking about so don’t stress it. A lot of people who knew what they were buying when they picked up the HD2 are most likely not even looking at this article.

    • Mr Know It All

      Nope, you are NOT the only one.
      No problems before the update.
      No problems after the update.
      The Android and Apple fan nuts can say whatever they want, WinMo is NOT bad, it’s just different and not idiot proof like the other OS’s.
      If you take a person who can’t drive stick, has driven nothing but compact automatics their whole life, stick them in a Vette w/ manual transmission, no doubt they’ll tell you the Vette is sucky car just cause they can’t drive it.


    this is the worst phone ever people DONT BUY HD2 it is piece of crap… when i updated my phone is started acting crazy and some functions didnt work.. i called t mobile and all they said they will send me the used phone even tho i payed my phone for $300 brand new 3 days ago and now they wont to send me the used phone that works properly… uhhhh that’s bad people DONT BUY HD2 ITS PIECE OF CRAP PHONE dont get screwed

    • Riopato

      your brain is a piece of crap. useless posts get useless replies

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well the iPhone had its share of problems when it debuted.

    And recall the Nexus One? Lots of problems with it. And Google did not want to admit a thing so N1 owners were left flying in the wind.

    I think it’s commendable that T-Mobile and HTC came out with a patch/update and more commendable that they pulled the fix because of issues.

    Personally, my HD2 runs way better, but like others have said the touchscreen is acting like it’s a resistive screen. Very annoying. I too have to press firmly and accurately with my whole fingertip. While annoying I know that T-Mobile and HTC will come up with a fix and after that patch the HD2 will be an awesome phone.

    Sidenote: Since we all quickly discovered the touchscreen issue I have to wonder why no one at HTC and T-Mobile did not. That’s totally bizarre and if no one noticed it that borders on unacceptable negligence and/or incompetence.

    And if anyone sent out the update hoping we would not notice, well, that’s just plain stupid and maybe even malicious.

    Bonus comment: Those of you doing battery pulls shouldn’t. Get one of the many cab files (applications) that soft resets the phone. I put the icon for the reset as a Quicklink.

    I also placed the Task Manager icon on a Quicklink. Lastly, I placed cleanRAM(a RAM manager) as a Quicklink. Ever since doing this my HD2 runs trouble free, no lag, no freeze ups and it runs fast.

    See pic for my Today screen setup.


    Since these smartphone operating systems are the same as running Windows 95 or 98, you have to take steps to make them run smoothly, the same as we did back in those days. That’s just the way it goes. The more we demand our computers to do, excuse me, the phones, the more things we have to do to make them run smooth and fast.

    I am very surprised, for example, that people don’t perform a soft reset at least once a day. These phones really need that. And you have to run task manager maybe three to five times a day simply because many programs when closed are not really closed, they are still running in the background, hogging memory and sending out conflicting code.

    • yayankee

      Thanks for the tips, can you point me to the “reset” and “Clean ROM” files?

      • yayankee

        I meant RAM

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well you should go to the TMoNews Forums for that kind of stuff, but here… I put them on my server.

        Just download and place on your microSD card.

        Open File Explorer on your HD2, double click the file name and follow prompts. Make sure to reboot after installs.

        After rebooting set up quick links on your Today screen for reset, task manager and cleanRAM.



        On cleanRAM there will be two icons, one is to configure how you want the program to work.

        The other is to run cleanRAM, that is the one you will set up as a quick link.

    • justsomedude

      Ram managers and task killers, and task Managers. I love it. leave it to windows to make a Mobile OS thats as bloated as any other piece of crap they put together, LOL.

      What happened to just using you phone for making calls and surfing, and you know doing the things you want to do. I cant wait when the viruses start hitting the WM phones, that is if they are still around.

      Android rules.

      • chevyBoy

        so why does android have file managers and task killers and also ram managers in the market? trust me i know i have owned multiple android phones..

        oh and why have my cousin, her boyfriend, and my ex came too me asking why their phones are running slow?(im on the phone man too them lol) and taking for ever to launch programs? guess what i got on there phones and downloaded “task killer” and told them too make sure they use it to close apps they arent using anymore. My ex phone wasnt so lucky, the task killer didnt work for his droid..we had to do a hard rest..

      • Mr Know It All

        Yeah, I had to delete most of the useless apps from my G1 to make room for things like Overclock widget and TaskKiller. I can whip up full fandango.com on Opera on my Hd2 faster than the stupid Flixter app could load on my G1.

        What? What’s that you say? The G1 is indicative of hardware and not software? Well it doesn’t matter, if WinMo sucks cause of the HD2, then I’m using all your logic and will say Android sucks because of the G1. I can be a retard just like you all.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    For the Anroid supporters: When I got the G1 there were many problems with it. Granted, Android had just come out, but the OS had been in development for a long time, so we complained that there should not have been problems.

    The fact is that any phone has debut problems. Search Google for your favorite phone with the word complaints and notice how many results show up (e.g., “complaints Nexus One”).

    I remember when the BlackBerry Pearl debuted in September 2006. That was a hot phone but we suffered this and that problem for about six months.

    I recall us desperately getting ROMS from foreign carriers because T-Mobile was so slow bringing them out. Even so, within those six months T-Mobile had at least two updates and patches. And I recall many, many complaints about the Pearl and people making comments similar to the hate messages posted in here, four years later, except this time around it’s the HD2, WinMo and to a limited degree HTC.

    Sidenote: As I said before, I suspect the culprit this time around is NOT WinMo, it’s HTC Sense. There’s something going on with the code and drivers. Given HTC’s excellent products, how long HTC Sense has been around (publicly since July 2009, then called Manila 2.5 or Leo), and that Sense is a flagship HTC product, I don’t know why there’s all the problems with Sense on the TMOUS HD2.

    • justsomedude

      Yeah Michael when the first Android came out i do seem to recall it was only version 1.0, that is bound to have some issues. How long is WM around about 10 years, and they still cant make a nice OS. On the other hand Android is “ONLY” in version 2.2 and it has made it to number 2 spot in the US, beating out the iPhone in sales this year. That is pretty amazing, and this time next year it may beat RIM for the Number 1 platform spot, and then the world.

      • Riopato

        Sales does not indictate the ability an os but the popularity of one. The wii is the most popular gaming console. it doesn’t mean that the wii is more powerfull that a xbox 360 or ps3! Although winmo is 10 years old, again it has nothing to do with the os. The phone itself is only a couple of months old. the american version of the HD2 isn’t even the same hardware as the european version that’s been around for at least a year. I wonder if the unlocked version of the HD2 is having the same issues?

    • soon2TMO

      ummm , i’m just wondering , you mentioned that google has abandoned the nexus and wont be making any more handsets of this model.. If that is so, then why does tmobile has plans on selling it on the stores?

      and wasnt google the one that decided not to make them for sprint and verizon as they already have the evo and incredible?

      • soon2TMO

        *** i meant to state..
        “HTC has abandoned the nexus one..”


  • dan

    please i switched from android to a windows mobile you know why? cause entertainment sucks on android no real tv at least i got slingplayer on my windows mobile so i can watch REAL tv and control my dvr as well people on this comments are right if you dont know what your doing with these phone you will just be a regular consumer and say this phone is garbage! i would say more put i need to get to my psx emulator on my hd2 with my bluetooth controller eat that android!

  • daniel

    Well I find this all very interesting. I have carried the HD2 for a month and I have to agree with a lot of people here. I keep the task manager handy. I make sure my files are closed out. I have noticed the responsive touch issue as well, but it isn’t something that makes me want to throw my HD 2 out the window.

    I had the G1 when it first came out. It would crash if I had more than 100 messages in a conversation. So what did I do? I made sure I deleted my messages.

    I had the MyTouch when it first came out. Great product, but as Google decided to put 2.1 on other phones it made running programs impossible. I can’t download a new application without it crashing my phone. On my Mytouch I could never stay connected to Yahoo Messenger, even on 3G I would always get knocked off for no reason.

    The Nexus one came out and everyone was sooooo excited, then they started complaining about 3G and other software issues….

    Oh and guys we forgot about RIM. They developed their phone for email, but the applications are expensive. Most you can get for free on Windows Mobile or Andoid. It isn’t a fun phone at all. However it is UMA for those who live in a area where coverage isn’t the best. (I am happy to see UMA Android phones are coming soon….)

    The greatness of Android is also its weakest thing. It is open source, but it is not uniform. You have 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 out there. Which makes for a headache. Everyone wants to develop their applications to run on the newest version. Which is cool until you have an older version of the phone and download it and it crashes it over and over.

    Google needs to do one of two things…..

    1) Make a upgrade to software that goes out to every phone for ever carrier at the same time.

    2) Demand that people who make applications make them where they will work with older versions.

    Most windows phones made the last year are able to upgrade to 6.5. This makes it so if you have a phone you baught in the last year you can probably upgrade. (I don’t think the Original Dash can though and it was sold through June of last yr.)

    While the G1 was sold through March and April of this year and sorry about your luck, you are stuck in 1.6 land til you qualify for another upgrade.

    Hell the Moto Cliq and Cliq XT still runs 1.5 and you can’t even get the updated Google Maps for it.

    The fact is there is no perfect opperating system or phone. You are going to have some pluses and minus’ with both. You need to decide which phone and opperating system is going to give you more of the plusses you are looking for. And stop crying when someone’s red wagon does something yours doesn’t.

    The fact is next month something that people think is cooler and the best will come out. Only to have people complain about it as well….

    • Riopato

      Point 1) they can’t do it.
      point 2) they don’t want to do it.

      so much for open source. It’s interesting that there is always two versions of windows mobile. A touch version and a non touch one. Yet there is no fragmentation that Android seems to be struggling with.


    Name calling is not needed go to the jesus phone fan boy section with that noise. in a imperfect world we are provided tools to sometimes bring things to near perfection and xda and the developers have done that for the HD2. your right we shouldn’t have to flash it but it is what it is so calm down and move on if you’re not smart enough to handle this. or better yet just go to the jesus phone and let jobs tell you what your phone can do with no input. or are the people who develop cydia bozos too???????(typed from a flashed HD2)

  • Jshin

    love my hd2. If you completed the update then you can flash a custom rom. Make sure you hslp then flash away.

  • Jshin

    Can Android run apps from sd yet?

    • Kickstar13

      Android 2.2 (Froyo) has this new feature (apps2sd) but developers must update their apps to support it.

      • Riopato

        That’s wierd. Why is it so hard to install apps to sd? Most winmo phones didn’t have the space to install anything on the rom so it was a natural idea to have space on external disks. What’s the default size that Android can run on?

  • RayLebron

    Honestly I have experienced some issues with my HD2 that made me reconsider my purchase. In the other hand, my phone has become so important for my work that I dont think any other phone with any other OS was going to be able to be so versatile. Im enjoying my phone as it is and hope to see HTC,Microsoft and TM continue improving it and upgrading it.

  • DJB

    I am T-Mobile employee & have had CLIQ & now HD2. Had some serious slow down/lock up problems with HD2 when I 1st got it & did a master reset & it pretty much fixed everything. I have installed Cookie Home Tab & Editor from XDA & it has been running great.

    I just installed the update that was taken down last week & I don’t really notice any difference at all.

    Try the master reset & see how it does. Use active sync to back up your phone…free & easy to do.

    Not sure why the master reset improves things but has worked for several coworkers & customers. It also greatly improved my battery life.

    • Mark

      Horse poo!
      I have loaded the leaked version and done a hard rest after loading all of my apps.
      I have loaded the official release and done a hard reset after loading all of my apps.
      In all cases, the same screen sensitivity and 611/speakerphone issue remain EXACTLY the same.
      Hopefully TMO/MS/HTC come up with a good ROM for this thing. Third time is a charm?

      BTW, how many of these things have they sold? If it less than 100k, I’ll bet getting these issues resolved will be a pretty low priority.

      • Riopato

        This can’t possibly be a winmo issue. this os has been available for the better part of last year. It’s mostly a HTC issue especially the GUI part

  • longer

    For all you android fanboys and complainers, the new update has a new error message that may solve your problems:

    “User error, please replace user.”

    • John

      “you are too dumb to use this phone. Please return and replace for an Android phone”

  • kai

    The HD2 is really a great phone. I agree that ‘out of the box’ this phone will give you its fair share of trouble. On the other hand when u buy a phone thats 450$ dollars, you need to do some research on what you buy, before you buy. A quick google search query will show you how to get this phone running the way you want it to.

  • Jahmekyah876

    I ordered my HD2 the day it launched and I’ve been hacking and tweaking away ever since. My phone had freeze issues, boot issues, touch sensitivity issues and the list goes on. I have done so many factory resets I’ve become a pro at it and can get my phone back to full functionality with all 70 plus downloaded apps in under an hour.
    I say all of this to say that I’ve discovered that many of the issues the phone has might possibly be attributed to apps especially when as a consumer you have to be scouring the internet to find what you want since there is such a paucity of apps on marketplace. I had to systematically put each app I downloaded on my phone through the ringer to identify the ones that were creating havoc. Additionally, some of the customizations found on xda might not work well with T-MO HD2 because they were made for the Euro HD2 and those are two very different ROMs.
    My suggestion is to carefully research everything you add to your phone and hopefully like me you can have an enjoyable and now freeze free experience with your HD2.

  • wantspeedindc

    It’s funny why Android and Iphone fans come to a thread about the HD2….threatened much? Seriously, think about why you spend the time and effort to mouth breath and spam the forums about ANdwoid!!!oneone!! My Hd2 is great and needed a few applications that got it humming. No flashing of ROMs done at this point, though I’m quite capable of doing that if I want.

    • John

      I know! It’s amazing! Do they look for issues to reinforce that they chose the right phone for themselves? So many useless posts and hardly any work around to help out the freezing issue! I had to go to the HTC forum find it.

  • Riopato

    It’s amazing how the entire cellphone industry has turned into this huge backlash against Windows Mobile. Now that iPhone and Androids have captured the interests of regular people into the smartphone niche, we all see the issues of “user error” becoming the driving force of this backlash. Before the iphone and Android trend, all we had was palm vs windows mobile with blackberry and symbian focused on the corporate phone users. Obviously, these users had more of an interest in learning the os instead of just using it. The iPhone/ Android user are just too ignorant to do learn anything and will gladly use what’s in front of them as long as it works. Meanwhile the real smartphone user continue to use a real smartphone. Let just hope Windows phone 7 continues the latter rather than the former.

    • Ryan

      I was reading your posts and disagree with 90% of what you say; however, I agree with some of this one. There is definitely a backlash against winmo and palm, and SOME phones are being dumbed down for the masses. I think people like android because you can do it dummy style or you can hack it and tweak it. It has something for everyone. In addition, because it’s linux based, it’s open and stable.

      Windows 7 will be a super dumbed down version. I hear they’re not even supporting copy and paste out of the box. That should be nice. lol.

  • Henry

    has anyone got like this plasma circle on the screen ?

  • Henry

    has anyone got like this plasma sort of thing inside of the screen ?

    • longer

      I got one right in the middle of the screen. It looked like an oil slick, it happens when there is too much pressure on the screen.

  • hd 2 pwnz all

    guess what android homos my hd2 plays ps1 games can yours

    • John

      Whats the cab that lets you do this? where can I get the roms?

  • htcusr

    posting this message on hd2 winmo using swype and loving it. for those who have problems – hard reset to start over, take off sense tabs that you dont need, install cookie and bsbtweaks at minimum. For other apps, visit xda, search for apps under either hd2 forums.

    I’m using stock rom and have minimal problems, now using 20+ apps/games free from the web.

  • Riopato

    Here’s a link that explains the issue. Suprise! It isn’t windows mobile. Warning this maybe too much reading for Android users!


    Oddly the international version of the HTC HD2 doesn’t have any of these issues that the US version has.

  • Riopato
  • tecknotot

    The top right button is not responsive and T-Mobile REALLY needs to update and fix HTC Messages, there client for messaging is horrible, it has so many bugs like message count limitations, forwarding, and sending messages to a name with a parenthesis (ie Joe Smith (T-Mobile)) does not work in HTC Messages.

  • zim2323

    Guys, simple fix until the new ROM comes:

    Install CABs and then goto Settings\All Settings\System and run the Screen utility to calibrate screen.

  • jashk

    The beauty and selling points of the iPhone and Android OSs is the app store. Your everyday user is not going to go rummaging through the interwebs to find the apps they want. They want instant gratification, don’t you? WinMo does not provide a similar experience through their Marketplace and I’ve noticed that it hasn’t been receiving many updates anymore. But the bevy of apps that are available in the wild: you can’t beat it. Takes a bit of work but they’re there. And much more robust apps and no censorship as well!

    Stability has always been an issue with WinMo. I blame the full multitasking. Most everyday users that get introduced to the OS do not know how to manage resources. Your regular Apple user has been trained to press a button to go back to the home screen and dump whatever they were looking at. Very simple since it doesn’t multitask. But with WinMo/Android, that will leave the app open, hogging up precious resources. You don’t leave 50 applications running on your taskbar for your Windows/Linux machine do you? Yes, it’s more PC-like but isn’t that what a smartphone is supposed to be like? I always liked the fact that WinMo provides that ‘X’ to close the app and dump it from memory. That is the one gripe that I have about a lot of Android apps: you need to manually kill it in a task manager, adding an extra step to resouce management.

    Funny thing is, I am able to make my iPod Touch crash. Memory management is something that Apple or its devs don’t seem to take into account. Playing TMZero or browsing Safari endlessly has brought the device to its knees and its solution is to tell you to reboot to free up memory. Not everything about Apple is peachy. At the end of the day, it’s still a ‘computer’ per se.

    Been a WinMo user since PPC2002 and currently rocking a T-Mobile Touch Pro2 with NRG’s fine custom ROM with a 2nd gen iPod Touch piggybacking off the TP2’s Wifi sharing so I can get my iMobsters on!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Excellent post Jashk. You pretty much summarized what this whole pissing match between the geeks (and geek posers) is all about.

      Apple keeps its customers out of trouble by tightly controlling “the user experience.” If Apple let iPhone users have the freedom to customize and use their iPhones the same as WinMo users, complaints to Apple support would would crash Apple’s support lines.

      As for Android, that OS has fragmented, which is not a good thing. (For those who don’t know, “fragmentation” is when there’s multiple iterations of an OS and they are incompatible with each other, to where apps or programs won’t work, usually on the older versions of the OS. In other words, apps are not backward compatible.)

      Read about fragmentation here:


      That’s what makes Android fanboys so amusing. Incompatibility between the various Android versions is a serious flaw. And it’s a enormous fail when you consider that Android has been on the market for only a couple years and there’s been so many versions of the OS in 18 months.

      Of course the only reason fragmentation has not doomed Android is because 99.9% of smartphone users don’t know anything about platform and app compatibility. All they want is the phone to operate as CURRENTLY advertised (e.g. as all the carriers advertised during commercial breaks on the Lost series finale last night) and what is for the moment extremely cool.

      Let’s admit it folks, the coolness factor means that no one except the few geeks on here give a rat’s pitoot about what “normal people” would classify as nonsense.

      Just as much as 99.9% of car purchasers don’t care about or know what makes their $50,000 cars run, so too do they not give a rip about the technology behind devices that allows them to socialize, make phone calls, shoot video, receive and send e-mail/texts, play movies and music, etc., etc.

      This reality means that not only are the carriers not listening to us, but they also correctly care about one thing, will a phone get people to sign up for a data plan (aka the current “bottom line”).

      The way to get people to “sign up” is not to talk about a device’s complex technical attributes, but instead to focus on the coolness factor.

      The irrelevancy of what we talk about is evident by the fact that no carrier disses a competitor’s handset by talking about things similar to what’s discussed on these boards. Instead carriers instill the perception that its phone is cool, does cool things and you are uncool if you don’t have it, e.g., all this implied in the Droid spots that aired during the Lost finale.

  • Deke218

    Apps2SD is not new. It sucked when I ran it on my G1 and is the reason I got rid of it. 30 force closes a day. Everyday.

    Granted, the HD2 has a couple of bugs that will and can be worked out with a simple rom update but nothing bad enough to make me go back to Android. While Android is a nice OS, its designed for children – hence the amount of young heads posting here about how cool their idiot proof phones are. I beat that most of them were once iCrap fans and jumped over to Android. But different strokes for different folks.

    I have more experience than most on WM devices. While WM was never an out the box work like a charm device, its pretty easy getting it to work the way you want.

    Android 2.2 is still an incomplete OS. It may be worth my money in the future but as of now, Its still a beta OS.

  • Deke218

    “I dont think soooo, so meaning I work hard for my money and im expecting when i buy a phone i want it to work fine with out Flashing it. Listen The HTC HD2 SUCKS”

    Simple Person – what do you think all these Android updates are for? If the damn OS was good, you wouldn’t have to update it. Androids been out going on 2 years and its been updated how many times?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL Deke… So true, many of the updates that Android comes out with are fixes and patches to repair issues with the device.

      Android is a great OS (I used my G1 for about six months and really enjoyed the experience). But Android is nowhere near being the perfect OS that fanboys in here contend it is.

      Heck I remember rooting my G1 for the first time, back when one had to revert the G1 to the debut OS so one could exploit a security flaw. That reminded me, back then it was months before a patch/update was issued to close the security hole in the OS. Until then G1 users were exposed to threats and attacks.

      So Android fanboys should recall Android history before talking smack about this HD2 update. That’s why I said in an earlier post that it was commendable for HTC and T-Mobile to come out with a fix so soon after the TMOUS HD2 debut.

  • chicago081

    Guess I am one of the few who have no issued with the HD2, no freezing, nothing.
    The only thing I have is Tmo’s lousy celluar broadband, very hard to connect to the internet in some places. I will probably switch to Verizon when my contract is up.


    It boils down to this buy the DAMN PHONE THAT WORKS FOR YOU!!!! It would be nice to hear the real day to day experiences with each phone OS from a bunch of different users. I did do alot of research before I bought my HD2 (most of the decision was based on the need of work)the HD2 is by far the best phone to date to integrate with Outlook Exchange, Now Listen to me I DIDN’T SAY THE ONLY I SAID THE BEST WAY. Does the HD2 have apps it does, but it is not the strong point of this phone, personally I could give a rats ass about most of the apps I’ve seen (although I would almost buy an Iphone for the quadricopter drone,very cool! but useless) Why can’t you android guys just admit you just prefer the android phone instead of throwing rocks at the WM phone! I can say that there are features of all three OS systems I like, but guess what that OS that combines all three OS’s isn’t out there and never will be! I’ve said it before on one of my posts, if it wasn’t for work I would probably be rolling with an Android Phone (Hell I already have when I bought the G1, my wife has the phone now and I play with it from time to time) by I’m not leaving my HD2 anytime soon. I would much rather like to hear about cool things (like the drone for the iphone) you can do with the android phone, why don’t tell us that instead; earlier on this thread we learned that the HD2 plays ps1, that is much more more interesting to me even though I will never use it. Preparing to get blasted by Android guys (even though I like android OS)

  • thechemist

    I despise this phone. Switching to Sprint and an Evo 4g June 4th.


    I’m guessing you’re talking about the HD2. Make sure to keep us updated on the Evo, I really would like to hear about it even though I’m using my HD2. But please tell us the bad with the good, after all that is what this site is about, may not be appropriate in this particular thread but since it is here post it here (until the list nazi kills it :-)).


    Here’s a Post that will get some reaction!

    Iphone OS is for beginners
    Android OS is for Novice users
    WM OS is for people who know what they want.

    Michael & Deke you’re going to have to watch my back I think I’m going to need backup they’re going to be coming back at me with both barrels :-)

  • Riopato

    Guys I have to point out that recently there have been reports that the Verizon Droid incredible is having similar issues where the phone is freezing or locking up at the home screen! So I guess this is a Windows Mobile issue after all…wait a minute, isn’t the Droid Incredible an Android phone with exactly the same specs as the HD2!!!?!!!
    The thing that irks me about this is that I can’t find any actual reports of this except this one.



    I’ll have to add you to the list of people to watch my back :-). It is awfully quiet out there right now. But thanks for bringing up that issue that is the kind of info that should be shared on here, I will be the first to bring up issues with my HD2 when they arise I already have brought up my issue when texting that is somewhat frustrating but it is not worth giving up on the phone, I think it is my extensive contacts list, when I said I had over 500 contacts I was wrong I have closer to 700 contacts, I did a reset on my phone and just put in 50 contacts and my texting issue went away, after that test I resynced with Outlook and was back up and running with all my Contacts in about 18 minutes, that is the main reason I’m using a WM phone I can be back up and running very quickly and that is the most important thing to me keeping up to date with my business contacts, after all we are talking about a phone.

    • Riopato

      Both microsoft myphone and Tmobile’s own mybackup are a god send! Instead of syncing to my computer, I sync OTA. I always play around with cooked roms just to get a feel what winmo phones can do. Tmobile roms work just fine so far, though not using the sense ui makes the HD2 kind of boring but super fast phone!


    Update, when typing in a name it doesn’t take 10 seconds like I stated before it takes about 2 to 3 seconds just seems like 10 (boy we sure have gotten inpatient with new technology) and it only happens with names that I haven’t used in a while, people that I’ve already texted pop up immediately, still no freezing!!2 months and 1 day and still counting! Did I mention that SYWPE is awesome I didn’t text very much before this phone, but SYWPE is converting me. I still haven’t heard the status of the update is it still down? I not worried ‘cuz my phone is working just fine right now!

  • BigPappa

    Hi its seeems like the link still working cause i downloaded this morning than why tmobile still have the link working.

    • Riopato

      Tmobile claims the the link removal was due to too many customers downloading at the same time. They said that the servers have been ugraded/fixed so it’s available again. There is nothing new to the update.

  • I have to agree my phone is working just fine and I’m so happy I didn’t down load from that link. I’m not sure what’s going on with other people‘s HTC but mine is working just fine. There is no need for a down load for me.

  • Technology1

    6/27/2010 Ahead Of Time Always:

    *YES, TMOUSA HD2 MultiMedia SuperNoVa ROM UZard Ver.[3] With Built In “UZard” New Super Fast WEB Browser With Flash Support and has it’s own “MultiMedia Video/Player” Built INTO THE UZard Web browser that auto detects video on all websites that you visit….[ (IE) Internet Explorer Is Still The DeFault Web Browser]…..

    *NEW TMOUSA HD2 2.10 Base Stock MultiMedia SuperNoVa ROM UZard Ver. 3 DOWNLOAD LINKS is HERE: http://www.mobileunderground.info/showthread.php?t=704&page=1 located at the top of post # 1, just below the Tech1 UFO icon, “ToMorrows Technology Today”…….

    *All The MultiMedia APPS that were in the TMOUSA HD2 2.13 MultiMedia SuperNoVa ROM Ver [2] Are In this new TMOUSA HD2 2.10 Base Stock MultiMedia SuperNova ROM Ver. [3], the WP7 set up is in this ROM also….. One thing is for sure, this new 2.10 ROM release is better than the official T-Mobile USA made 2.13 HD2 ROM of last week…… Made by Technology1…..

  • thomas

    the tmobile wsebsite has the update back up!!….Anybody try this one yet??

    • SprintGuyOnAnotherNetwork

      Yes and I have to pull the battery 10 to 15 times a day to get the phone to work right again. I will be in the middle of a call and the phone will reboot and then several times after words. Lag time ontext and or email, and the phone just locks up and I have to run through reboot he(( to finally (15) trys later just to make a phone call. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • I’m a little concerned if I should install this update since ppl here have been confirming new issues with their phones after the installation. The link is back up on the T-mobile website, but before I install, I would like to hear *new* feedback on the new link. For some reason or another, I don’t think this update is the same as the old update.

    Any lab rats out there???

  • Jordan

    Just installed the update that was put back up last night. It’s the exact same update that was up before. The My Account app still messes up the speaker. Easy fix just don’t dial 611. The T-Mobile forums cites the reason for pulling the update as “Now that we have solved our server issues, we are happy to announce that the software update for the HTC HD2 is now available on the T-Mobile Web site for customers to download and install on their HTC HD2 smartphone.If you have already downloaded and installed the software update to their HTC HD2, please continue to use your device as normal. You do not need to reinstall the software.” In other words it’s the same update. I’ve noticed no improvments over the last update. Come on t-mobile. Fix the update then put it back out. WTF. Besides for the whole 611 My account app thing I like this update. No more lag and screen sensitivity is good. I can just lightly brush my finger across the screen. I don’t know. Everyone has a different story.

    • Riopato

      Doesn’t the update include a my account app that gives you direct access to customer service?

      • Jordan

        yeah, it’s included in the update but it’s messed up. If you dial 611 because say you wanna talk to them, it instead goes straight to the my account app and it tells you to “look at the screen if you can because many issues can now be dealt with right on your device” Only then does it give you the option to continue calling 611. But after this all your speakerphone no longer works and you have to do a soft reset to get any sound out of the speaker.

  • i’ve had my pure for per week now and that i nonetheless dont know what to do… like changing the message alert tone to whatever i need it not just the basic ones on the phone… all the pieces about this telephone is complicating.. i also needed to alter to that android software program as a result of windows is too sluggish and somebody please assist me how to do that