HTC HD2 Update Now Available

Attention HTC HD2 fanatics, your update is now available. That’s right the update we leaked just a few days early is now available for your upgrading pleasure. With a list of things to read above we won’t bore with the details here so run, don’t walk, to the T-Mobile Windows Mobile Upgrade page linked below and score your update!

T-Mobile Windows Mobile Upgrade

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  • Mark

    Too bad they messed with the screen. Not sure it’s a sensitivity issue. Hard to describe. I’m using Duttys Task Manager and it almost seems like I have to touch to the left of where I used to touch on the home screen to get the list of running apps to come up.
    Also, if you paid for any of the pre-installed apps like, Ferrari GT Evolution, rumor is you will have to buy it again. Of course if we have to do that, we can always ask T-Mobile for a credit!!!!!!!!!

    • jwgizmo

      I thought it was me. it seems like the sensitivity is much harder, or just a bit off center.

      • jwgizmo

        Yeah, it’s official my touch screen really sucks. WE NEED ANOTHER UPDATE just for the touchscreen, oh and give me the option to delete these trial games. Never brought one before and not gonna now….

  • gargoyle999

    Well that rumor of having to repurchase those games is listed in the into above. WTF is that? Repurchase them at standard cost!! I don’t care about them so I didn’t purchase any but if I had I would not be too happy about that.

  • gargoyle999

    I downloaded it via the leaked link from here and it’s been running fine for me. Though I didn’t have any hang issues before. I did have some issues with the phone not being able to get a data connection after I got it. Had to just go and view the settings basically to get it to work. Not sure if that is fixed with this update.

    And my email settings disappeared a couple times and I had to re-enter all the info. Maybe that will be fixed too.

  • danny

    the update did mess up the sensitivity and in some areas of the phones animations… but my hd2 is acting a lot less glitchy so im happy.

  • TheMadHatter

    This has fixed the sensitivity for me greatly:

  • Ruufus

    Yep, the screen sensitivity is reduced. too bad they couldn’t have made it user adjustable.

  • JonnyB

    Uhm guys i need help, i downloaded it and i got this weird screen and asked me to boot it or something and then it took about 20 mins and then my phone showed the Windows 7 screen? its really choppy, and barely useable, help?

    • sikkboy

      Help guys, I downloaded and installed it, but now my phone shows a little green robot character and now says “Android”. Help guys please I have no idea whats going on. :(

      • JonnyB

        omgeee that is so weird, whats going up in T-Mobile HQ:o

  • tthomas

    this update sucks… phone went from great too… i want to give it back. The touch response is horriable. I hate to say it but now I would compare this thing to the bb storm!!! The original OS was much better. Id rather live with the freeze and sms issue…anybody else having trouble??

    • chris

      only sensitivity thing that was changed on mine was the scrolling on the start menu. other than that, phone runs fine, i can text the same way i did, this thing actually fixed a lot of bugs and stuff i had before. i wonder why you’re having some sensitivity issues.

  • Mista

    You guys tried to be funny about w7 and android

    • sikkboy

      Well yeah….

  • Kevin C

    The stock rom has problems of the screen being too sensitive. It was a good thing that there were many tweaks that fixed this issue, i.e., BsB Tweaks. However, after upgrading,some of you probably have encountered decreased screen sensitivity. Fortunately, I have found a fix that I’m sure most of you will be happy to use.
    Download a tweak program called “HD2 Tweak” it has many of the tweaks that other program already have but this one actually includes the option to INCREASE the screen sensitivity which I have gladly used. Enjoy folks! :)

  • joe

    well since the update i’ve had connection problems, and some aspects are still buggy, should have gotten an iphone

  • randy

    is it any different from the update from a few days ago/…???

  • Damia

    After reading the comments, my feelings of regret are gone. I’m happy I sold this damn phone.

  • Alex

    All you guys who are complaining about the bugs and performance issues of the stock ROM just need to do
    two things to resolve all your problems.

    1. Install HSPL
    2. Flash a Kumar ROM

    I’m currently using Kumar’s v2.0 Premium ROM and it totally enhances the HD2 experience. Here’s a few
    features of the ROM that you guys will probably like:

    – COOKIE HOME TAB. Allows you to edit the layout of your home screen (widgets).
    – Increased number of alotted quick links (you can have up to 5×5 instead of the stock ROM’s 3×3.
    – Multiple screens for the quick links (swipe side-ways like Android and iPhone).
    – Battery indicator in the notifications bar that shows the % of battery left.
    – Start button relocated to bottom left of screen like on a PC as opposed to the upper left position,
    which felt very unergonomic to reach for while holding the phone in right hand.
    – Increased stability and speed throughout.

    There’re a lot more, but these are the ones that I think a lot of people will be interested in. If you want
    a video review showing off these features, reply to this comment.

    • duh

      of course, flashing is what makes a phone better. My Touch Pro 2 has a Wifi Router, AND it can run Android 2.1

      XDA all the way

    • sikkboy

      It’s a good ROM, but IMHO the best ROM for the HD2 right now belongs to Dutty.


        eliganchia or however you spell it id the best ROM

  • chris

    some tips:

    1. please do not set ur fb contacts sync to automatic. if you have A LOT of contacts syncing at the same time with e-mail, calendar and other stuff. this will cause ur phone to freaking FREEZE.
    2. Don’t set ur weather update to every 15 mins. set it to 1 hr or so.
    3. Don’t set all ur e-mail account to update at the same time, just update it manually or set one e-mail for 1 hr, set 1 for 5 mins. and stuff like that.
    4. use a task manager.

    i find this newer rom to actually run faster and load faster than the previous one. yes there are bugs, but hey there is no perfect software. trust me, even iphones have problems.

  • HEMI 922

    I am stick to original stock, because I have no issues of freeze, lag, others at all.. no need for me to upgrade/update ROM.. :o)

  • Jennifer

    I had problems with it being really choppy and hard to use after the update, so I did a master reset using the hardware buttons, and now it is working fine. The start menu isn’t scrolling as nice as it was before, but I’m assuming that is part of the update. Everything else works great.

  • steverl22

    I just flashed to that elegance ROM (sp?) and loving it so far.

  • ben

    thanks kevin c for.the hd2 tweak idea worked great

  • TheMadHatter

    Some other tips to boost your HD2 peformance:

    Install Cookies Home Tab
    BsB Tweaks

    Then I changed some of the registry and installed the sensivitiy cab. This machine is a beast. You guys just lack the effort to try and bring this machine to its full potential.

    • KerryG

      Hi i see alot of tech savvy people posting what about the people that dont know all of that is there youtube videos showing how to use those tweaks correctly?
      also do you need to install the new rom in order to do those tweaks please advise?
      Install Cookies Home Tab
      BsB Tweaks

  • cgigate

    this is a junk update.
    no any improvement, I had to unload to reload my cooked rom

  • Chebus

    okay so if i update my hd2 will i still be able to install a cooked rom? if so how do i get a cooked rom on my phone, i’ve been to xda developers site and couldn’t figure it out? also what is a good cooked rom to install, and what are the risks? greatly appreciated if someone could respond! thanks

    • Alex

      there will be complications if you update to the new 2.13 official rom and then try to flash cooked roms. just install hspl and flash a cooked rom now. go to youtube and type in “t-mobile hd2 hspl” and watch gadgettechplus’s video on how to install hspl and flash a cooked rom. follow his video to the smallest detail and you will be successful in the process. a good cooked rom is kumar’s v2.0 premium. the only risks to doing this whole process is that you can brick your phone, rendering it useless, BUT, if you watch and follow that video i told you about EXACTLY, i guarantee you’ll be successful. hopes this helps.

  • rus

    how do I go back to the old rom this new one is giving me connection problems..

  • Aparich

    Anyone have an alternate download link? For some reason the tmobile link is not only going super slow (<50k a sec) but it seems to bomb out at certain points.

  • Mr. MultiMedia

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  • Can I flash the HTC HD into an Android phone?
    I love the phone but dont want the OS…I want to know before I buy it…somebody please help!

  • James

    OK heres what i found about the HTC HD2, People those who bought their HD2 1st or 2nd Week when it came out, according to a inside Tmobile Rep. Most of them shipped with hardware issues, I was one of them too. So if you are one of those people who still in their 14days return period and having issues with touch response when installing the new rom, Should Return it and Get a New Phone,

    I replaced my phone with a New Phone just came today. and it already come with Latest Rom, and am not having any issues with the touch response or any other problems. You can Tweak and Break all you want but if you system is having issues return it and get a new ONE.

    Downgrading to the old rom isnt gonna do much good to you anyway cause after you flash your new rom and go back to the old one the system reg files stays same and it affect the OLD ROM too.

    Trust me i tried everything with Tweaks and yada yada stuff none works. Some people got lucky by getting a 2nd Shippment phones which had the hard ware issue fixed.

    So Good Luck.

  • BBtech

    The software update has been pulled from T-Mobile’s website.