BlackBerry Bold 9700 Update Now Available

Well it is another day in the T-Mobile world and that means another day of updates. Yesterday the HTC HD2 faithful got their hands on a much-desired upgrade and today, BlackBerry BoldĀ 9700 users are receiving their day in the limelight. OS version with a list of fixes is now available from the official T-Mobile BB Upgrade site and you should be heading there right now. Why are you still here? Go!

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  • justlosefocus

    The update was released a few hours before midnight. I upgraded my software and so far no issues. Mobile Backup seems pretty cool. Only thing I hate is the new lock feature. Other than that seems stable.

  • BillB

    What is the new lock feature?

  • justlosefocus

    there is no more standby anymore(sorta), when you push the lock button on top, it only locks the keypad/keyboard, not lock it from the password you set up( if u set one up, it works depending on how long you set your password to timeout either between 1 to 30mins).

  • BD

    Just got a RED text message from T-Mobile that told me about the update. Can’t wait to give it a whirl.

  • BB9700

    Any word on an OTA update?


  • Uchenna

    So far u have not had dropped calls, i never had problems with the battery. I got enough battery to last all day on one charge

  • Konrad T

    Does anyone else have problems accessing your calendar after installing this OS update? Takes me 30 seconds to get into my calendar on the device, and even longer to make any changes.

    • Nate

      nope, mine opens immediately. everything seems faster, getting 3G and/or UMA all the time. loving it.

  • Tuanto

    the new lock function blows!

  • mark

    is anyone else having problems with txt messages
    i have to scroll down to get to the line where you insert the text
    its really frustrating

    • andman

      yeah man anything higher then .338 has it like that. its something little, but a inconveniences…i feel ya on that

  • 9700user

    Just hit ‘R’ to get back to the text input line.

  • shannon9700

    where is the mobile back-up located? i can’t find it on mines :-(

  • got2bbold13

    I had mobile back up once I rebooted the phone or did a battery pull I don’t see that option anymore = [

  • Brian

    I have had various problems. It doesn’t lock the keyboard using the shortcuts anymore(the AT&T versions do), and it won’t go into stand-by anymore if you press and hold the mute key.

    AND occasionally the screen goes “white” and I have to pull the battery to reset the whole phone NOW.

    I’m sorry I did the update. Tmobile has no news on the update or it’s “new features” and blackberry won’t support the new release because it was a t-mobile build and not an official blackberry version.

  • Susan

    Mine has all the trouble that Brian has had but sometimes it won’t unlock and the screen stays black. I have to do a battery pull then.

  • Uchenna

    Well i still drop calls

  • jonessida87

    Text messages won’t even open at time, I’m going back to previous OS until they can fix it.

  • Uchenna

    I have always had textmessage issues, just take the battery out and put it back in

  • cannon

    my screen turns off in the middle of running applications it also seems to be running a little slower. But overall ok i guess. Still I am trouble by this blackscreen issue. Phone still operates as the keypad will light up. It will do it for a few minutes then go back to normal. Also not sure what happened but my desktop manager quadruplicated some of my contacts even merged a few of them to other contacts. I haven’t gone that in-depth with contacts but i know for sure one them completely changed the last digit of that number. I was sending texts all day to the wrong person.

  • Hoppysport

    I downgraded after several problems. One huge problem was a java error message when I tried to access the native BB browser. When I clicked OK it just stayed. Had to remove the battery and reset.

    The phone also ran much slower. I downgraded to the previous OS and it was zippy again.

  • Moni

    Did the stupid update now all of my contacts are mixed up with other folks info or some contacts just plain missing. Been a real nightmare dealing with it. Seemed to work perfectly then 8 hours later all the bugs showed up and have taken to eating my phone contacts and my brains!!!!!!

  • Sweezy

    Won’t even dl on my mac…DUMB
    need to get android back

  • Moma

    If you are having dropped call problems with 3g switched on then simply switch the phone to 2G (edge)only and it will stop dropping the calls. Tmo’s 3g seems slower at times than edge anyway….(and I’m in a major city).

  • Neil

    Did the update today – took about 25 minutes. No problems to report, noticed some minor differences, track pad seems more accurate and I now have more memory – somehow the battery lasts even longer as well!!

  • Daniela

    I don’t like the new OS. Hate the new lock option and whats up with this screensaver that comes on? I’m not sure how to remove it. How to I go back to the old OS? Anyone….

  • Karla

    Won’t DlL on a mac, had to switch to a windows to get the update. New keypad lock blows!

  • Brian

    I totally hate saying this but I’ve been on the phone with Tmo tech support since I did this upgrade (for and hour and half) and I’m really just going to make the jump to AT&T. I’ve had too many dead zones besides all the blackberry issues!!!

  • lanee

    My text messages are not right it has all the message that I send together and the ones that was send to me together and not in a chat!!!!! Help!!!!!

  • watch movie on this mobile phone should be awsome~~~ i like this idea

  • Shopper

    Can the Bold (or any Blackberry for that matter) send or receive calls or texts during an update through Tmobile? I was told “it goes down for 2-4 hrs during an update.”

  • rob

    I was also hesitant to install the given all the complains. But I just checked the T-Mobile update link and it says the version is
    Does anybody know if that version is better? What are the improvements or fixes?

  • Shanitra

    I really hate the lock feature. I thought something was wrong w/ my phone, but I see that this is normal.. :(

  • nancy

    so, the top right button doesn’t do anything anymore?

  • I too thought that something was wrong with the standby button. Hey tmobile/blackberry — don’t “fix” it if it isn’t broken!

    Hopefully they address this disappointing aspect in the next “update”…

  • Dead-ghost

    my blackberry 9700 has os v5.0.0.602
    it doesnt upgrade to os v6