BlackBerry 9700 Update Coming May 18th

Update: According to the official T-Mobile forums, this update will actually launch May 19th…not the 18th and certainly not the 11th. We swear, its launching tomorrow, honest injun!

For many of you the Blackberry 9700 has been a terrific device following the excellent tradition RIM has set forth. For some of you, the 3G-dropped call issue has plagued you from the very beginning but fear not, T-Mobile is working with RIM to bring resolution to some of your troubles. We previously mentioned the update and had hopes for its arrival May 11th but due to unknown difficulties it was pushed back, if only for 7 days. According to the official T-Mobile forums you can finally expect to get your hands on this update May 18th.

Refreshing what exactly will be covered in this update:

  • Increase general stability for the software
  • New separate icon for BES e-mail
  • Improvements to chat view SMS user interface
  • Improved BlackBerry Messenger client
  • General Visual Voicemail improvements
  • Resolve 3G dropped call issue
  • Mobile Backup support
  • Improvements to TrackPad performance

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