BlackBerry 9700 Update Coming May 18th

Update: According to the official T-Mobile forums, this update will actually launch May 19th…not the 18th and certainly not the 11th. We swear, its launching tomorrow, honest injun!

For many of you the Blackberry 9700 has been a terrific device following the excellent tradition RIM has set forth. For some of you, the 3G-dropped call issue has plagued you from the very beginning but fear not, T-Mobile is working with RIM to bring resolution to some of your troubles. We previously mentioned the update and had hopes for its arrival May 11th but due to unknown difficulties it was pushed back, if only for 7 days. According to the official T-Mobile forums you can finally expect to get your hands on this update May 18th.

Refreshing what exactly will be covered in this update:

  • Increase general stability for the software
  • New separate icon for BES e-mail
  • Improvements to chat view SMS user interface
  • Improved BlackBerry Messenger client
  • General Visual Voicemail improvements
  • Resolve 3G dropped call issue
  • Mobile Backup support
  • Improvements to TrackPad performance

T-Mobile Forums

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  • ms syn

    Finally!!!! I’m so happy they didn’t have us wait for too long… Follow me @xosyn :)

    • Gary

      Well, as of 830am eastern, no update to be found!Grrrrrrrr!!!

      • bigb

        As of 12:15 MST the link has not yet been updated to reflect what it says on the main upgrade page. It says,”If the version is not, then please download and install the most recent Handheld software for your device”, but when I go to the upgrade screen, it still has .330 listed. Any help here would be nice.

  • Gina

    Just so everyone knows all new Bold’s sold since the end of April already have the new software which should be v .586

    T-Mobile took a long long time to give this to us almost as if RIM is very low priority for them. Thankfully it was already available from other sources.

  • S

    Get android

    • john

      I use android, and it’s great, however there’s no reason to bring that into a berry thread. There was no low priority treatment though, why would a company tell you to download something if there was an issue found while testing? Better to fix it before it breaks thousands of phones, anyone remember the issues with cliq software 1.3.8? That’s why tmo stopped this one, no sense in having that happen again.

  • Jose

    i hope dis days stays lol

  • boldUSER

    I found the unofficial .656 through crackberry and it fixed my drop call issues! I just couldn’t wait for the official release that is soon to come. It did prove the point to me that the drop issue was a software issue.. so hang tight and hopefully for you less daring BB users the official will provide the same fix!

    Further proof is that my friend that got his bold as soon as they were released has an older os that does not have the drop call issues..

    FYI ..if you didn’t know.. you can go to google and download google maps and google voice search apps AND google sync.. yes i suffered from google withdrawal after leaving my G1… its a love/hate relationship…but wow a day and a half on one charge.. cant beat the bold on that!

  • Dana White

    To whom it may concern,

    On May 18 I like BB again.

    Your fair-weather fan,

  • Wasabi

    Maybe a fix for the SMS bug that has made texts almost useless (no name from contacts showing)?

    • Ceddy Ced

      hey if your contacts phone number is not typed in like this 2813308004 then the name wont show up. just letting u know

  • batman26

    finally an update for the os. It was causing me so much trouble.

  • Jay

    So its still going to be .586??? If they delayed it and fixed whatever was wrong that means the those of us with the leaked 586 will have to upgrade to the new updated 586 correct?

  • Ed

    Hope it is 656. I downloaded 586 and it was a dog to the battery. Then I downloaded 656 and it is “sweet”. Everything runs great and battery is even better than 330. If their new release is 586, I’m sticking with 656!

  • derrickps3

    good news!!

  • What

    Does anyone know why this update will not be available via wireless update? The Forums post says you must tether the blackberry.

  • Mikey

    I downloaded the “early” update a couple of weeks ago, and since then my personalized notifications for SMS dont work anymore. Every message gives the same notification. Anybody else experience this? Is this fixed in the new update?

  • hello

    well where is it?????????

  • sbansal

    is it out yet,where can i download it…

  • sbansal

    is it out yet,where can i download it…

  • alf

    you are a liar

  • alf

    you are a liar….

    don’t promise anything…

  • keith

    What is the link?

  • alf

    don’t promise anything….

  • Uchenna

    Well there is no upgrade, i just spoke to tmobile lol

  • Dana White

    I hate BB again. No update as promised. They are dead to me. Android here I cometh.

    • X-MAN

      Couldn’t agree more

  • Uchenna

    Tell me about it lol, why do they keep delaying it?

  • What

    People need to settle down. T-Mobile has their principle place of business in Mountain View, so the business day only started 30 minutes before this message was written. It runs until 6:00 Pacific or 9:00 Eastern. It will be posted by then. I would bet on it.

  • Aston

    still no update… >:/

  • andman

    ia the update going to be OTA?

  • 3cents

    The ‘Do I need this software…’ link was updated. The ‘get software’ has not been just yet… We’re close!

    • bigbrothergenie

      So close, yet so very very far away… :( Waiting patiently is always the hardest part. I can’t imagine how bad the wait will be for 6.0. Ugh.

      • 3cents

        Good point. The test(s) of true patience…

  • Nate
    • Jopie

      it’s .586 and not .656

  • E

    I just spoke with a Blackberry specialist at T-Mobile. The update availability was pushed back to tomorrow (5/19). If you go to, and click “Do I need this software” for the 9700, it makes reference to the new .586 version. If you try to download it, though, only the .330 is available.

  • teh james

    656 is worlds better on batt life, and no dropped call issues to speak of… tmo is a step behind, here…

  • What

    T-Mobile Forums are now saying tomorrow. It is difficult to keep trusting them.

  • alf

    i don’t believe this rumor… Tmobile is bad. a big liar….

  • alf


  • 3cents

    Hopefully, it’ll be available tomorrow at 12:01a instead of 11:59p :] Nevertheless, I’m more concerned with the update being stable vs availability. I’ll keep an eye out for the PIN blast that was mentioned.

  • Nate
  • Uchenna

    I am doing the updates now, i got an email to tell me that its available, doing it through bb desktop manager

  • Uchenna

    I got the .586

  • will i am

    hell yea got my upgrade

  • Uchenna

    If you have desktop manager, click on updates and do your thing, its very easy to do, make sure you plug the phone to your computer

  • will i am

    dont wait for notification u wont get 1 just load up u desktop manager

  • Uchenna

    Hopefully dropped call issues will be resolved!!

  • will i am

    i never got call drop i do get ppl they told me they call me and dont pick up

  • Uchenna

    Does anyone know if the UMA handover and 3G issues have been fixed?

  • Nate

    That is NOT the official T-Mobile upgrade, you will screw up your UMA-3G-EDGE-GSM handshake. Good luck.. UMA is T-Mobile only.

  • ballhawk3

    At about 11pm pacific time (still may 18th), I checked the, and its finally up!

    So i’m guessing they released it at 12am, May 19th (eastern time?) on the dot?

  • ImaTmoFan

    Handheld Software (v5.0.0.586) is now available on the T-Mobile Blackberry update page

  • Biggie

    Ok got the update… last night.. it F***ed my contacts…. 1. it replicated my contacts with the wrong infomation 2. I now have at least 20 duplicates for each contact. WTF!!!! had to do a wipe and restore

    • Moni

      Did this work for yuo are did it still bug out afterwords??

  • Raul

    HEY, i downloaded it but i dont see the difference! Someone tell me whats the diference?

    Email me!

    • Neil

      Very minor noticeable differences, I did notice however that the trac pad is more accurate, and somehow the battery lasts even longer than before!!

  • chris c

    How come when I check for updates on my phone the new version update doesn’t come up and I get its a message saying “no available updates” I don’t have access to a computer.. Can someone help please, highly appreciated.