T-Mobile Formally Announces New Prepaid Calling Plans

T-Mobile has formally announced the introduction of their new Prepaid offerings with a focus on “setting the benchmark for the best value for its customers.” Comparatively speaking, against the big 4 carriers and not including their own little MVNO’s these offerings are very competitive and may indeed be the best Prepaid offering available from a major carrier. Thankfully, we’ve had wind of these plans for some time and now that they are formally introduced those of you who had discussed your interest in them may not take advantage of them at will. Enjoy!


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  • Celtic

    Project emerald? its green

  • Timothy

    still can’t beat Virgin Mobile’s new plans… 300 min, unl. txt and data for $25! and you can even use a blackberry for only 10 dollars more. c’mon tmo, i really hoped that you would respond to those plans so i can use your phones.

    • TMoEmployee

      Are you serious… Virgin Mobile….??? Just stop it…!!!

    • TMoEmployee

      Are you serious… Virgin Mobile….??? Just stop it…!!!

    • God

      Well, the data is pretty useless since you MUST use a virginmobile phone, and those are all dumbphones. They threw that in because the phones are so bad they know noone will use it.
      As for the rest of the pricing, it all depends on what your voice needs are.

      • Mog

        Virgin Mobile has a smartphone — the BlackBerry Curve 8520. The first of many, I’m sure — Virgin Mobile is now Sprint’s premiere prepaid brand, above Boost and Common Cents. And it’s owned by Sprint, not an MVNO, so the article is incorrect.

  • @Celtic
    This Isn’t Project Emrald, Smart One. -_-

  • Prepaid Sidekick Data Plan Is $1/Day. $30/Month. Same Rate Per Minute. Now If You Could Only Use Data On Other Android Phones Without Any Complications…

    • Seamus

      I thought SK prepaid was $0.15/min talk and $0.25/picture message?

  • wondercoolguy

    So I’m just a wee bit confused what is that 50 dollar unlimited talk and text plan?

    • TMoEmployee

      It’s simple. Just start a Unlimited Talk & Text pre-paid plan with T-Mobile and purchase a $50 pre-paid card and you’re set. They will use the $50 you placed on your account as payment. Do that every month, if you like, to continue service. No extra fees. I’m an employee so, I hate this new plan but, for customers it’s highly recommended.

      • AnotherEmployee

        Yeah, so much for EMP! Hello 2 dollar commission credits!

  • Chris

    I got a message from my anti virus that said a script was blocked from your site. The area of the site that is infected was reported as the adds sections of the site. This is the first time it has ever happened to me and the first time my anti virus has ever reported anything. I think it might be coming from a rival blog group. Check it out.

    • ctk

      this has been happening to me for about a month, but only when i use internet explorer. it has not happened to me when i was using the various mobile browsers and opera on my laptop.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have many security programs running. One is Malwarebytes. Every time I log on to TMoNews Malwarebytes reports it has detected a malicious script and blocked it. Malwarebytes is NOT an anti-virus program, it looks for spyware, Trojans and other malicious script or applications that attempt to install on a computer.

      There’s some script or coding TMoNews is running on the website that anti virus and anti-malware programs interpret as an attack.

      I have not bothered to see what it is, but next time I will open my Malwarebytes program to see what it says about TMoNews.

      If you are interested in the program, here is a link:


  • TMoEmployee

    As an employee with quotas and commission, these plans SUCK!! Who in the hell with their right mind intact would sign a contract or get a non-contracted plan with these prices. Only way we will win, is if the customer is a phone junky and likes to get the discounted device. Or, if they truly need unlimited internet on their device. But, a good piece of customers I see will get the pre-paid plans. T-Mobiles cheapest plan for this is $59.99. With taxes and fees, you’ll pay about $75.00. So why not come with my own phone from craigslist and activate a pre-paid account and just pay $54.00, and that’s with taxes included. My biggest problem with this all is, T-Mobile hasn’t changed the commission structure on this. We will still only get $2.00 per pre-paid activation as apposed to 50% of a Regular Account activation. I QUIT!!!!

    • phresh

      yea i feel your pain :[ im holding out hope for the smartphone junkies that will need the web…

    • joe

      Yeah, T-Mo really kicked it’s employees in the sac on this. First the Project Dark build up and let down and now this. Special.

  • So how much w/unlimited data included? :-/ I don’t that included in any of the plans.

  • ermac

    Well it would be swell if t-mobile did offer web with the 50, but then who would they be like??? Metro. So what tmo needs to do to look out for themselves and also what google needs to work on is a partnership with the edge technology tmo knows so well and give prepaid customers web on the EDGE network, what google needs to focus on is Android’s consistency with EDGE, cause let’s be honest, it runs like crap on EDGE, and let’s be honest again, EDGE is pretty decent……when it wants to be. This technique will save tmo money, and prepaid users can be happy with web

  • jeff

    These plans are not as good as Straighttalk wireless. $30 per month gets you 1000 minutes, 1000 text/picture messages and 30 MB mobile web data (all with no contract). $45 per month gets you unlimited everything. They’ve got better coverage than Tmo as well.

    Get with it T-mobile!

  • getting tired of waiting 4 tmo

    Project emerald right there, bam.

  • FILA

    eh, these rates suck. Nobody shopping for prepaid cares what carrier there on. There going for the cheapest, cuz well they want to stay away from going contract. You can simply get a StraightTalk for $45/month, unlimited everything, or Virgin Mobile just rolled out great rather cheaper rates. The cheapest in the country actually for what you get.

  • rickb928

    Not yet less expensive than my MyFaves Family 700 plan, but if I could get two lines of data prepaid for $40, it would be very very close.

    Since most of my voice is to MyFaves, and I don’t text much, I’m fairly happy where I am. But if I wanted a phone to leave home, this is interesting.

  • Matty

    I think this is RIDICULOUS!!! I have the talk+text Even More Plus plan. I have to pay $59.99 + tax. I called TMO & they justify the $10 difference because post-pay customers have the *option* to finance phones & add insurance. Im sorry, but to have an *option* available to me is NOT worth $10 a month!!!

  • wow i am really starting to hate tmobile more and more. so now even pre paid people get better deals than contract people.

    • David

      Are you honestly not aware of the fact that prepaid offerings are almost ALWAYS better than contract offerings? Seriously, I think some of you are experiencing momentary lapses in reality. Contract plans have major benefits over prepaid hence why its more expensive, pretty cut and dry.

      • Housetek

        this comment made me laugh.

        But yeah, your getting a lot of benefits on a post account. Not having to pay up front or 2 months ahead for feature addons, phone discounts on some plans, and Equipment installment plans to get better phones, family plans, add a lines, bundled text plans, for familys that want 2 unlimited lines and then add 2 extra for their kids with unlimited text.

        I mean i can toss out tons of scenarios in which case contract plan is better.

        The prepaid plans are for the people who cant afford to get on a normal plan and like to shop around, and use lower budget phones.

  • Skittles

    Seriously, tmobile needs to give us cheaper data. I want my internet && my texting.
    && I want it on a droid. =]

    • soon2TMO


      they actually just changed their plans , they’ll be charging more!

      forget about it!

      so if i get a mytouch3G fender, they will charge me 80 bucks for it monthly, plus taxes?

      that’s ridiculous

    • jeff

      In the era of Google Voice, why would anyone pay for texting as a separate service from data?

    • jeff

      In the era of Google Voice, why would anyone pay for texting (if they already have a data plan)?

  • Sasquatch

    Am I really hearing people say T-Mobile is too expensive? Until just recently, unlimited everything cost $125…and it was the cheapest out of the major 4 carriers. $50 unlimited talk/text is a great deal if you don’t mind the pitfalls of prepaid.

  • tmorep

    tmo employees stop complaining and just adjust damn it!

    the plan sounds like a good deal and all but remember they still have to deal with our great overseas prepaid department, no upgrades on phones, no specials of any kind, phone only has 1 yr warranty and cant be insured, cant do a family plan to get a better rate….

    its not the end of the world but it is just giving people with horrible credit other options other than flex pay…. i rather have someone get a prepaid and not worry bout the deact 6 months from now.

    and reality is the economy and peoples credit are in bad shape so tmo as a company has to adjust to try and service as many people as possible and not limit themselves to just post paid otherwise there people are just going to end up at Metro POS!

    • extmolover

      you must not work in retail if you believe this won’t effect your pay…if you do then you must be horrible at what you do…this has nothing to do with who can be approved, that is why tmobile has flex pay for those who don’t want to be on contract or who cannot be approved.

  • android_user

    I have an unlocked quad-band GSM android phone and use it with my pay-as-you-go sim card & use wi-fi for data. It’s works great. I only wish t-mobile offered better data plans for prepaid. $1 a day for unlimited data or $1 per 100 MB.

  • Hurlamania

    No tmo 2 tmo calling on the $15 plan or n and w

  • paul

    I’m a happy tmo prepaid voice customer (very low volume usage but it does come in handy). I love prepaid and hate contracts. I am thinking of biting the bullet and getting Even More Plus because I’ve gotten a smartphone and want 3g internet. But tmo doesn’t seem to have any prepaid data.

    I had Virgin prepaid for several years and built up a huge rollover credit but eventually tossed it because I wasn’t using it. I wonder if there might have been any way to use that credit for their data offering. I guess it’s too late now.

    I also have a lot of Verizon rollover minutes that I don’t know what to do with, but I keep renewing because there’s so much credit that I hate to waste it. This is pretty dumb though.

    So, what can I do to get a prepaid data plan for a smartphone, preferably a Nokia N900? Thanks.

  • mariaclaire7

    ca i used my blackberry curve 8520 that i have for tmobile nd hack it for virginmobile?

  • Catfan

    sorry y’all but i just got t-mobile thru hsn! you get the android exhibit II for $129 plus $45 unlimited everything and no data restrictions at all and it includes taxes! and it even has wi-fi calling!  its a special only available for hsn customers, its alot cheaper than my current at&t contract service and matches straight talk