T-Mobile Gets Their Prepaid On


We’ve been calling this new $50 Unlimited Talk/Text prepaid plan since early last month, and if you may recall, just last week we confirmed these new prepaid options. Scheduled for a May 16th launch, these new prepaid options should definitely do well against the increasing prepaid competition. Just to briefly summarize, the $50/month unlimited option will include, unlimited voice, unlimited text (including picture and video messages). And for those of you that don’t use that many minutes, you can get the $15/month option which will include $0.10/minute and unlimited texting (including picture and video messages). Additionally, while the prepaid options are changing, this image confirms to us that the refill denominations will not change.

So whose diggin’ these new prepaid options? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Ryan

    cheapens the company in my opinion. good to have great prices. but loses respect. much like metro and boost.

    • Cybersedan

      A company charges less for the same product / level of service and you find something bad about that? I wish my Electric, Gas, Water, Cable, etc etc companies would “Cheapen up” a bit.

      As long as you are getting the same service as before, I completely fail to see your point.

    • Aston

      :lol: :|

    • Matt

      Yes, that was a poorly thought out comment. T-Mobile is simply adapting to market conditions and the demand for prepaid is really strong. If revenue depends upon subscriber growth, a savvy company will follow a consumer trend rather than try to buck it. Prepaid is ideal for someone who wants voice/text only.

  • BronxBebe

    Throw in unlimited data I bite as a backup for me to use.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I bought some prepaid phones to have as backup accounts and throwaway phone numbers (just like the drug dealers. LOL).

      I give out the prepaid TracFone numbers to people who want a number, for whatever. If and when I get junk phone calls, I will cancel the phone and get a new number.

      I now only give my T-Mobile number to those in my business, family and friends. Online mail order and others get the TracFone number.

      It works out to about $20 every three months to keep the phone active. That gives me minutes that pencils out to less than 8 cents a minute to call.

      Prior to that I was using Skype as my throwaway phone number.

      You might consider that.

      Otherwise, if you want data, etc. on prepaid, Boost Mobile has an unlimited talk and a data plan that is nice, plus you can get a BlackBerry phone with it:



      Studies have shown that prepaid is becoming very popular. People like that there’s no chance at incurring overage charges and that one uses the phone within their financial ability to pay.

      And with unlimited data and talk for $50 monthly people are starting to ask why they are fooling with the carriers’ post paid plans.

  • LSxChevelle

    Im confused as to why this option? Why would anyone choose postpaid or flexpay if they are using talk/text?

    • GregP

      The prepaid solution is in direct competition of ATT Go Phones. It will be sold with low-end phones in a kit. Prepaid, like with all companies, comes with some serious considerations. Once the money is loaded, there is no way to refund it. With FlexPay, if a cancellation occurs, the balance is mailed back to the cancelling party or applied to the ETF. Also, prepaid is “tier 2” service meaning that there is limited support available via customer care. Also, roaming is limited as well as access to core towers (Think if there is 1 open spot on a tower, who gets it? The postpaid/flexpay customer or prepaid?).

      I would rather have quick access to a human for customer service, full network access and speed as well as the newest phones instead of prepaid. Maybe for a teen… The $15 text and $.10 per minute talk plan is a parent’s dream come true. No overages, limit their talk and let them text to the moon and back for CHEAP.

  • abel

    The 15/mo plan is good for people who use the phone more than about 15 days out of the month since at that point it would be less expensive than the pay by the day prepaid plan which costs at a minimum $1/day when you use the phone.

    The 50/mo plan is really not that attractive since for people that just want talk/text since you can probably get the same or better service less expensively with a mvno like mysimplemobile or boost or cricket.

    The reason you’d want to be on EM+ or another carrier’s plan over the $50/mo TM T+T prepaid option would be if you wanted to have the $10/mo or $25/mo data plans which are a lot less expensive than the $1/hour (ridiculous) prepaid data option. For any level of data use beyond 10 sporadic uses per month you’re way better off on EM+ or on another carrier or whatever. Flexpay + EM+ Talk+Data would be a good combination if you’re willing to spend well over $50 / month for the benefit of the data choice.

    Also the prepaid roaming access is not as good as on EM+ postpaid; and I’m not sure how flexpay voice/data coverage compares to ToGo prepaid options. I think customer service would be better in some cases on EM+ postpaid rather than ToGo prepaid or flexpay as well.

    Also you don’t have to deal with expiring or perishable funds in your account in all of the same ways with Flexpay or Postpaid as you would with prepaid. If you end up depositing $100 into your Togo prepaid account or whatever that money will disappear in some amount of time from 90 days to 1 year or whatever depending on your ToGo plan characteristics whether you use the phone at all or not. At least on postpaid or flexpay you have less need to prepay large (or smaller) sums into your account which could easily be just totally lost due to short expiration times.

    Of course you don’t get the equipment installment purchase plan or the option of a handset subsidy on prepaid whereas you can on the other postpaid or contract plans.

    There could be differences in international roaming / texting and such too that would weigh someone’s decision.

    I could see using the 15/mo option whenever I need a spare line for intermittent / low usage but the costs wouldn’t make sense to have that a permanent line on something like a 2 year contract or $40+/mo rate.

    I guess even the $50/mo prepaid rate would be something to consider from the standpoint of convenience if say you’re just visiting the US and only need the phone for a month or whatever; you’d be getting a worse deal than with flexpay EM+ or with mysimplemobile et. al. but you’d probably have an easier time finding a prepaid handset and refill card from tmobile or att or verizon or boost or net10 etc. at a mall than you would finding a tmobile store that could get you set up on flexpay EM+ since you can’t really do that other than at some in person dealer location.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here is Boost Mobile’s (Again, this is a Sprint company and it uses the Sprint network) unlimited plan that uses a BlackBerry Curve, for $60 monthly.

    Yes, the phone is not the latest and greatest, but think about it. Unlimited everything for $60. All the carriers will have to deal with that.

    It’s only a matter of time before the consumer wises up and says goodbye to $40 gives you 500 talk minutes and $35 for data. That’s $75 compared to $60 for unlimited everything. (And I don’t know about anyone else, but when I was on minute plans with T-Mobile there were a couple times each year where my girlfriend went over out plan minutes and I had to pay about $400 in overage charges.

    Prepaid eliminates that threat.

    • manus

      But have you tried boost it sucks ass

      • GregP

        I deal with Boost customers regularly, and they really don’t like 4+ hours text transmission times. One customer said it took 12 hours for a text she sent to a friend to get there. How did she know? By the time the text landed, she was with her friend. She was present for the text alert. Great value there!

        Good luck getting decent data speeds or customer service. Heck, they try to hide the account number from customers so they have a hard time porting a number out… real ethical.

  • tmorep

    just seems like another way to eliminate overhead and get cost of labor down since reps get paid crap for prepaids….

  • Ray

    hey they do Data for another ten and I’d take the money I’d saved and finally buy that nexus one!

  • Dia

    The only service I’m not familiar with, is Boost, but i know a lot of people who have it that are very happy with it. That’s here in NYC. I myself use T-Mobile w/android. My job gives me a BB with AT&T as provider, and I’m experimenting with metroPCS. I have to say for the money, metroPCS kicks ass. The only thing keeping me with T-Mobile at the moment is Android, and unlimited talk at home. Love the home phone for $10 a month. And I find myself using the metroPCS mobile more and more for sheer simplicity. Pick up phone, look through address book, send button, like we used to do in the old days (2 years ago). I’m at the point where I only use my Behold II for its android apps. I already have a T-Mobile prepaid (With a 212 area code :P), which now only costs me $10 a year to maintain since I’ve already put over $100 on it. All the things going on in the prepaid market begs the question, why have a postpaid? Aside from high speed data, what’s the difference? I have used both and never have any more problems with prepaid than I do post paid. People say metroPCS service isn’t as good, but I say it’s just as good as the rest. The only one with better reception in NYC is Verizon, but they’re very pricey, and the increase in price is not worth the tiny bit better they are than anyone else.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    i think its a god ing for tmo to do. they kmow the rules to the fame and they play fair. good luck with the new plans magenta

  • edd

    come on!! prepaid internet!! :D

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    How nice, a pleasant intelligent discussion by most in here.

    As to prepaid, yeah the customer service sucks. But that’s because in any service where prices are cut to the bone they have to sacrifice and save money somewhere, and that’s usually call centers.

    I had for a spell Virgin Mobile prepaid for my mom. I dreaded calling custo service because it was a one hour ordeal calling on anything. And of course it was someone who I could barely understand and they were always talking from a script.

    I had $90 on the account, but I was so fed up dealing with them I tore the phone in half and told them to keep the $90.

    I got her a TracFone and customer service has been great. And adding time is easy. They even provide a message on the phone (that you can turn off if you want) that says how many minutes you have in the account and by when you have to add more time to keep the phone active (it’s every three months you have to add $20 in time. And with TracFone’s double minutes for life plan, that works out to about 8 cents per minute on calls. Far less than he 20 cents per minute I was paying at Virgin).

    I recommend TracFone. Activating the phone is easy, you can add minutes on the web or from the phone and call quality is great. For $15, on sale, at Radio Shack I got a nice Motorola phone that looks like the RAZR. (W376g). When it first came out it was apparently an $80 phone.


  • Anthony

    This sounds cool, but what about DATA. I can careless about Talk time really. Allongs I have data and text i’m good. Why not just add the &10 and &25-$30 data plans to the prepaid section. IDK why this is so complicated to do. They give you the run arounds, Jeez! Even T-mobiles now 1day plan that includes unl mobile to mobile and free nights starting at 7pm is good, but would be better if data was included. The $15 month unl texing is great also with pay per min calls but if data was included, it would have been the icing on the cake!!!!

  • CORY B

    It’s very simple the $50 Unlimited Talk/Text Prepiad service is going to be a big hit regardless because it is cheaper in the individual users market. Now everyone knows that Even More or Even More + only would make sense to consider for a single line individual. Family Plans would still have obviously a better value depending on their usage needs. I can say for myself i will definately be switching my unlocked iPHONE to this $50 Unlimited Talk/Text prepaid service because it isnt like T-Mobile ever supported the iPHONE 3G with 3G data anyway so almost everyone that is using any type of unlocked phone is going to be very attracted to the price of $50 Unlimited Talk/Text especially since $50 will be $50 flat no Even More + Unlimited Talk $49.99 before tax and Flex Pay control charge making your bill $67 roughly with tax. the drug dealers and shady business men of the world are going to love this new $50 Unlimited Talk/Text Prepaid plan and i say thank you T-Mobile for lowering your prices and standards once again but how about you invest in actually using towers instead of outdated cellsites in order to allow subscribers actual better and more efficient wireless coverage.

  • Matt

    Hate to say it but TracFone is a pain in the ass to deal with. I have Straight Talk, a unit of TracFone, because it uses Verizon’s network and I get excellent coverage. However, whenever problems arise (and they happen frequently) it can be like pulling teeth to get it fixed. Once T-Mo rolls out their 50.00 prepaid deal, my number gets ported over to them and good riddance to the problems. T-Mo’s coverage is so much better because they don’t restrict roaming. The service appears to be the same whether or not you go contract, even more plus, or prepaid.

  • Spectratac

    ***News flash***
    Sprint, through their VirginMobile prepaid division, has officially announced the launch of a $25/month plan with unlimited text/e-mail/data + 300 minutes. This is an unprecedented price point by any US carrier and will put enormous price pressure on the other prepaid carriers, including our beloved TMO.

    More details: http://newsreleases.sprint.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=127149&p=irol-newsArticle_newsroom&ID=1423292

    • Matt

      Virgin Mobile is a rather poor option. Sprint seems committed to not allowing roaming with its prepaid product. TMo still has the best coverage of the prepaid … Check the coverage map. It is identical to the post paid/flex pay. Once the prepaid hits 50.00, it will be good riddance to Carlos Slim and TracFone. Sayonara.

  • Matt

    Looks like the primary difference between T-Mo prepaid and even more plus is the data ability. I can care less about data …. that is what a computer is for.

  • So, will I be able to use one of these plans with my current BlackBerry Curve 8900? Or will I need a new phone?

  • Matt

    Nope, you won’t be able to use a BB with it for anything but voice/text

  • Matt

    Well, it is May 16th and no announcement from T-Mobile about an enhanced prepaid option.

  • MT3g user

    Yea, where’s the announcement? If not for an announcement, tmobile website doesn’t have an update of this either. I’ve been waiting for this prepaid deal so I can move back to tmo.