T-Mobile To Introduce New Prepaid Options


We’ve been calling this one since the beginning of April after some leaked screenshots appeared courtesy of an online survey. T-Mobile is set to introduce on May 16th two new prepaid options that should do well against the ever increasing prepaid competition. With an unlimited talk/text option for $50 dollars and unlimited text + $0.10/minute for $15 a month T-Mobile is making moves. Throw in the ability to access the web “for the first time” with a new hour pass option at $0.99 an hour and you have a winner!

With a price break on the webConnect side and this upcoming revamp of prepaid options, it sure looks as though T-Mobile is looking to remind customers, current and future that it’s a low cost leader and capable of providing more for less. That wasn’t pretty fan-boyish of me wasn’t it?

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