T-Mobile To Introduce New Prepaid Options


We’ve been calling this one since the beginning of April after some leaked screenshots appeared courtesy of an online survey. T-Mobile is set to introduce on May 16th two new prepaid options that should do well against the ever increasing prepaid competition. With an unlimited talk/text option for $50 dollars and unlimited text + $0.10/minute for $15 a month T-Mobile is making moves. Throw in the ability to access the web “for the first time” with a new hour pass option at $0.99 an hour and you have a winner!

With a price break on the webConnect side and this upcoming revamp of prepaid options, it sure looks as though T-Mobile is looking to remind customers, current and future that it’s a low cost leader and capable of providing more for less. That wasn’t pretty fan-boyish of me wasn’t it?

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  • T.P.

    Nice, but te focus needs to stay with upgrading the phone selection with better high performing options along with better marketing.

    • Joseph Singer

      With T-Mobile you can use *any* phone they carry. You may not get a break off MSRP but you can use any phone T-Mobile sells.

  • max

    Now bring out some phones for the power users cuz tmo phone selection is pathetic

    • Kevin

      yeah, we can only get phone like the HD2, touch pro2, mytouch, cliq, bb 9700. why can we get options like the att backflip or lg chocolat.


      • Davidohio

        Because the backflip and chocolatE are garbage. sorry, but they are.

      • GregP


        T-Mobile has the greatest selection of phones in America, hands down. I mean, what kind of power user really cares about the first Android phone (G1) or the first 1Ghz phone from a carrier (HD2), or no restrictions on tethering, or the first “basic” phone device to offer apps, maps and web (Nuron), or… I could keep going.

        Max, you need to go back to your Boost Mobile store.

    • barake

      Good thing you can’t buy a Nexus One.

      • Dalton

        David, I’m pretty sure that Kevin was using sarcasm…ha.

        • David

          Not sure who Kevin is…

  • RockTripod

    Why does this cost less than Even More Plus unlimited talk and text???!!!! Why is my own company trying to kill my commission?!

    • i agree…. u get nothing for prepay

    • 2FR35H

      Its not about you its about the consumers :p

      • RockTripod

        Yeah, that’s great. I don’t have an issue with being good to the consumer. But I’d like to be able to pay the mortgage.

    • paul

      Even More Plus also comes with 5gb of 3g data! There doesn’t seem to be any tmo prepaid plan that offers that.

  • FILA

    They need to throw out all the prepaid services they have and start from scratch starting with this. Even myself, a T-Mobile fanatic gets really confused and puzzled looking at there prepaid services. Dont kno what from what. THIS right here, this is a great idea, they need to compete with the Cricket and especially the Straight Talk. This is great, but I wish they did a cheaper line of $40 for unlimted everything, but then if they did that no one would have plans, but thats where you roll out certain phones to take advantage of that service. Were see, but this is a great start, if I wasnt such a Android feign I might go with something like this. With dumping the other prepaid services and a major advertising reach, this can really pop off.

    • Joseph Singer

      Providing options is key. Some people (myself among them) are just fine with the PAYG plan and paying the 10¢/minute for minutes. If I wanted a better deal than that there are other options but I find the current one fits *my* needs.

  • TMo Fan

    So is Even More Plus going away? This is a better deal than that.

    • David

      No, just a prepaid option. Pretty sure they are distinguishable.

  • cindy

    Sure would love to know how much the unlimited web is going to be???

    • David

      Its prepaid, there is no unlimited web option.

      • Jorge Savoff

        Actually with those prices it’s $30-$31 a month / simple math .99 x 30 to 31 ;-)

      • Jorge Savoff

        Who really needs more than an hr/day of internet on prepaid 8-)

      • 2FR35H


        Actually your math is wrong

        its say $0.99 an hour of which would be essentially $24 a DAY! that is if you use it every hour.

        Plus if you use it like that might as well get unlimited data plan it $24 a month anyways….

  • mad dog

    This offering seems a little better than EM+. Am I right or wrong?

    • andy

      em+ 2 line $140 thats $70 per line. i am happy with tmobile. just hope they score the iphone. cant wait june 7 the wwdc.

  • tomato

    This is great! As far as I know, TMo is the only one offering flexible / no contract plans out here and that is one of the main reasons I haven’t jumped ships yet. I really like a company that stays flexible with the needs of its consumer base, rather than the current bend-over and sign on the dotted line attitude from the other carriers. If I don’t get the new myTouch, I will definitely get the Nexus One and stay with Tmobile. I really like Tmobile as a company. (Nope, I don’t work for Tmobile)

  • yarirocks

    tmobile is really turning into a prepaid company..its not focusing on its post paid customers…lets see how their q2 earnings end up…

    • 2FR35H

      Thats not essentially a bad thing if the prepaid plan is good. :) Of which it seems like it is good

      $50 a month for basic features talk and text both unlimited? thats what I call a good deal not to mention you can control what your monthly cost for internet would be? You aren’t really going to be on the internet 24/7 any ways…. it rocks.

    • watbetch

      Even More Plus isn’t prepaid, it’s a common misconception. This is only $10 less than the EM+ plan and you have terrible data options.. T-Mobile is just trying to compete with Boost, which is giving away the farm for $50 (unlimited talk/text/data with Sprint CDMA is a terrible move IMHO, it will steal away postpaid customers for SURE..)

      • 2FR35H


        I never said it em+ was prepaid I simply said this is a good basic plan. and compete with boost? the where you at company?

  • Justen

    I wonder how much comission would employees would make off of this plan I hope not 2 bucks like a regular prepaid

  • akawik

    damn this is the most bias phone site on the web.

    • David

      Why do you say that??

    • Henrietta

      Hello: This is a T-Mobile News Enthusiast site. Did you forget that you were not on Sprintusers.com?

  • jmts80

    Tmobile the next Cricket??? :(

  • mad dog

    Not only does this plan help against the likes of metro pcs and leap, but it’s also $10 cheaper than att’s unlimited talk and text prepaid “go” phone offering.

  • podstolom


  • mingkee

    Hourly internet access?
    It sounds like HotSpots. How about $2 for daily access?

    • 2FR35H

      Ooo they should have you employed. thats a grand idea.

  • Meatty

    The point of all these “no contract” and “prepaid” pricing is, T-Mobile is pushing for a more open market for airtime usage. Like the European and Asian markets. Pay 110 percent retail price for the phone and next to nothing for usage. Like Google is pushing for the Nexus One, that’s why that phone was released on Tmo first. They still offer contracted discount prices for those that can’t afford to pay or don’t mind being chained to a company for a cheap phone. Which is a good thing with the way the American market has formed our beliefs. I for one wouldn’t mind paying 500.00 bucks for an unlocked phone and .10 a minute to use it on whatever carrier i want, no contract, no questions asked…

  • cj

    Yes it was fanboyish, you were a little to happy with the cost text/talk should have been $30, and 40 or 50 for unlimited with web. Nobody wants to make waves these days, T-Mobile could have undersold everybody. Boost is 60 for unlimited, so they should have tried harder.

  • Ryan

    Then they should get rid of even more + plans all together. If you want a smart phone, then you should just take the 2 year contract pricing. Other than that, Even more plus is obsolete.

    • sirphunkee

      But what if I already HAVE a smartphone I want to use on contract…why should I be forced to pay full subsidized-rate prices, when I’m not getting the subsidy??

      • Ryan

        Leaves you the option to upgrade in case your smartphone ever takes a dive, or if theres a new phone that catches your eye.

  • Alex

    This would be great on a contract.

  • Danny Thai

    How the hell does this compliment the Even More and Even More Plus rate plans? The way I see it, the target market for each rate plan is starting to overlap each other.

    I hope T-Mobile comes up with a better even better rate plans for Even More/Even More Plus. With this plan, the prepaid option looks way better than Even More/Even More Plus.

    T-Mobile really needs to relook their Even More family plan. I have a 5 lines with them on Even More.

    $79.99 for 1500 Minutes
    $20.00 for Unlimited Messaging Familes
    $29.99 Smartphone Data
    $29.99 Smartphone Data
    $29.99 Smartphone Data
    $29.99 Smartphone Data
    $29.99 Smartphone Data
    $ 4.99 Family Allowances
    $ 5.00 Add-A-Line
    $ 5.00 Add-A-Line
    $ 5.00 Add-A-Line
    $269.93 BEFORE TAXES
    $ 30.00 Taxes and Fees (Roughly)

    That is $300 dollars a month for 5 lines of phone service. It is simply outrageous! This is really the plan I have with them right now. Can anyone else see why they need to readjust their family plan pricing strategy?

    Even More Plus Family plans just erase about $35/month off those costs. That’s not much.

    • codered

      These new plans are prepaid which means you will use the prepaid network. Not the same network you are currently using for data. Seems like you have a pretty good deal seeing that you do have a fixed cost each month. Take a look at the competition and see how much you would spend with another carrier. Drop the smartphones and save yourself $150 per month or just be a man and suck it up. Funny thing is if your bill was only $150 per month you still would be slamming T-Mo for paying too much.

    • emp

      @Danny the EMP plan would actually save you close to 55.00 before taxes.. you would do the 1500 TTW for 119.99 + 15 (3 $5 add a line) + 5 (Fam allow) + 75 (3 smartphone data) = 214.99 before taxes.

      still though, there needs to be some family data plan for families with 5 lines.

  • RockTripod

    @Danny Thai

    Dude, it costs you that much because you have 5 lines with data on each one. That’s $150.00 right there. If you want smartphones, that’s the deal. Besides, go look at any other carrier. See if they cost less.

  • MagnumGourmet

    @Danny Thai
    What you complaining about? That’s $59.99 (after taxes) for a 300 Min/UNL Text/UNL Data plan. Seems reasonable to me.

  • ziggenzag

    …but can i upgrade to a new android phone, and give my aging g1 to my girlfriend to use with a prepaid tmo sim card? and can she then access the internet for 99 cents, without tmo automatically charging for a full data plan? if so then i’m in.

  • tc

    whats the cap for this unlimited plan? 5000?

  • Joe

    Meh. Still not going for it. at&t is only $10 more for far better coverage. Might as well go Boost which has unlimited 3G data too for the same price.

  • carlo

    this is stupid. Its competition against even more plus plans…….

  • carlo

    why would anyone sign up for even more plus talk and text for $59.99 when now u can do prepaid talk and text for $50. This is just going to piss people off who have emp or confuse people who are new customers. :/ sounds good as far as a deal but……

  • dag

    @ joe – att has far better coverage? thats a joke. t-mobile covers 96% of the us. att covers 97% thats not far better. Also T-mobile beat att in all the us markets in call quality by jd powers. Tmo also has the least dropped calls proven in a study. Also tmo is rolling out hspa+ 3g and currently at hspa 7.2. Att is currently trying to upgrade to hspa 7.2….i could keep going

  • GreenTea

    I want the HTC Incredible or the HTC EVO…when are we going to get Adult Android Phones…and not all the ones made for teens? I really hope we get one of those phones.

  • Michael

    If you just want unlimited talk and text go to Simple Mobile.com and they have it for $40.00 a month, plus they use the T-Mobile Network. Plus you don’t have to buy there phones, you can use any T-Mobile phone. Just purchase the sim card and Bingo!!!!

  • I prefer not to tell

    Geez, are you really taking pictures off streamline and posting on this unofficial site? I hope you lose your job this website pisses me off

  • Steve Eisenberg

    For years, my family has maintained several phones on their 1 year/1000 minutes cards that can be bought on Ebay, or elsewhere on the internet, for about $88 — which comes to around nine cents a minute with all taxes and fees included. Generally sturdy Nokia phones, for these cards, range in price from $19.99 lately to free after rebate in the past.

    If they really are going to charge $15 a month for the privilege of paying ten cents a minute for a call, this will be, for us, a big price increase that would make us look around for another company.

    TMobile has been a good provider of basic cell phone service at reasonable prices for people who are not heavy users. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Nick

    PagePlus does provide 1200 mins + 1200 texts + 50MB Data just for $29.95 (no tax). PagePlus uses Verizon network and works great. None of the TMobile prepaid or other plans offer anything similar for the cost of $29.95.

  • Matt

    The only way this will be a game changer is if its coverage is much better than its competitors. If it roams without extra charge, this will be hands down a much better option. It will positively kill Net10!! I hated dealing with the TracFone ilk anyway!

  • Bill

    The Even more plus plans include roaming so that’s why they are more than prepaid. You also have the option to add Unlimited Internet or Blackberry. Unlimited everything is $80,so only $30 more.

  • Matt

    And the maps indicate that it does roam!

  • TomDC

    It’s .99 per web visit up to an hour. That means each time you log on to your email online you’ll be hit for .99, each time you check weather .99, etc.

    Tricky and most won’t catch on until they deplete their balance fast.

    • emppa

      i agree me as a tmo employee. im worried about my commissionds. yes i worry about my customers too but my family needs to eat too

    • emppa

      i agree me as a tmo employee. im worried about my commissions. yes i worry about my customers too but my family needs to eat too

  • Jacqui

    So you can use any tmobile phone with the prepaid 50 unlimited plan?