Bold 9700 Software Upgrade Coming May 11th


We’ve got good news T-Mobile Bold 9700 owners! Beginning May 11th, T-Mobile will be pushing out a new software upgrade to address some of the top issues Bold 9700 owners were experiencing. The new software upgrade will include several improvements along with some new features.

The new software upgrade will include:

  • Increased general OS stability (less battery pulls/lag etc.)
  • Improvements to the messaging experience such as, a separate icon for BES e-mail, improvements to chat view SMS interface, and an improved BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) client.
  • General Visual Voicemail improvements
  • Resolve 3G drop call issue
  • Mobile Backup Support
  • Improvements to TrackPad performance

Customers may receive devices with the new software as early as the week of April 26. So if you purchased a T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 on or after, Monday, April 26th, there’s a chance you might already be running the new software. For all other customers with the old software, the software upgrade will be made available via an Over-the-Air (OTA) Update and from the site on Tuesday, May 11th.

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  • Elias

    Well this probably explains the delay in releasing the white Bold 9700. Now David, can you figure out what the deal is with the $20 BB, Android, and $5 Web2Go plans?

    • nikb is officially available on tmo website

  • Johnny C

    I’m soppose to be getting my bb bold on friday by ups from tmo how can I tell if my phone already came with the update?

    • Tomato

      It’ll be in the settings somewhere. Call a TMO rep and have them walk you through it. Or just don’t worry about it. I had the previous version and it worked real well for me.

    • mmaxxsooner

      You will know it has the update if the software version does NOT end in. 330. I gave up after 3 different bolds would drop calls and had major 3g and uma issues get the update ASAP!

      • acctman

        turn off UMA. its a proven problem with uma drop calls. it does not work properly with all routers. yes you get free calls with uma but is it worth all the headache and stact? just get more mins or and turn uma off.

  • Chris

    I’ve been running the (unofficial) .593 update for a week now. It is significantly more stable than the .330 stock OS. Don’t know if that’s the T-Mobile update or not but anything is an improvement on the mess that we’ve been dealing with.

    • As far as I know, carrier released updates are the same as what comes from RIM, they just add their own customizations to it.

    • Andy

      where did u get the .593

  • Johnny C

    Ook cool tx guys…so glad I’m getting that bold2 can’t wait the 8900 any longer the edge was killin me I’m actually getting free bc I had issues with three different 8900 units so I did a phone exchange with tmo 9700 happen to be one of the options so of course I took

    • Jeff

      Me too!! 3 bad 8900’s and now a free 9700. Not a bad deal I guess. T-Mobile is great to deal with on warranty exchanges.

  • i was hopping it would be OS 6 LOL btu what ever

  • Michael

    I am told that the T-Mobile update will be My wife and I have been running this version for a few days, and it is a definite improvement over the stock .330. Some people will have to get used to the new locking system (top mute button simply mutes now), the new texting ‘features’ (cursor is always on first unread text received, so you must always scroll down before replying), the slight decrease in battery life, and the picture viewing (all pictures are pixelated until you press “1”)… but the improvements (overall system stability, speed, and improved picture selection highlighting) hopefully will outweigh it.

  • Bigg

    Ehhh, I’ve update mine to a new os a long time ago and had mobile backup support for a while now. Tmobile is too slow.

    • mmaxxsooner

      Agreed I would Not have jumped to android if that fix was there a month ago but now that I have learned to work with android, I dont think I will be going back. Maybe that sweet slider we keep seeing could bring me back, but I don’t think tmob will get that as they have not tasted either touch screen from blackberry

  • sikkboy

    Anyone know if this will fix the reception? Maybe fix the radio like in my old WinMo phones? My Bold will literally jump between 3G and EDGE while it’s sitting on my desk not moving at all. Or, is the reception issue a hardware specific issue? Thanks guys.

    • mmaxxsooner

      This update should fix that issue and more. Look at blackberries site all carriers had an update but tmobile, that’s because there were known issues and tmob was late do to the uma issue. That issue caused me to jump from edge to gprs then to 3g. Hope this update fixes tje issues cause the bold is a great phone it just had a crappy software build initially

  • Finally, I can’t take any more of the dropped calls.

  • Ann

    Wow sweet!!! Can’t wait for this. I’ve decided that even if OS6 becomes available for the 9700 I won’t get it. I’d rather have the next BB available on T-Mo that has the 512mb memory that allows the OS to run smoothly plus allows for a bunch of apps. If what I want doesn’t come out by Christmas, I may jump to an Android, provided there’s an awesome one out for T-Mo by then.

    I’m very satisfied w/ my 9700. For the most part, mine doesn’t have the issues that many have complained about, & I’m still on my first one. I’m just lucky, I guess.

  • Not to steal any of the author’s thunder here but you guys should keep up with and They’re pretty good about posting Blackberry firmware leaks as soon as they’re available so you don’t have to wait until T-Mo (or whoever your carrier may be) gets around to posting it. And (in case you’re wondering) most of their updates come directly from RIM so yes, they are quite official. I’ve been running OS for about a month now on my BB 9700, and I love it.

    It’s fast & stable. No complaints at all.

    • Ann

      I hear about the leaks, but I’d be more comfortable upgrading to an official OS for T-Mo, in case I do anything stupid during the upgrade process, T-Mo can help. I’m not comfortable w/ upgrading my OS yet.

  • Danny

    I’ve used BlackBerry’s for years. I’ve messed with Beta OS updates from the web.

    The problem with T-Mobile branded BlackBerry’s is that UMA does not perform well on all builds even if everything else holds up fine. That makes it harder to find a stable build out in the wild.

    I look forward to an official OS. This is long overdue from T-Mobile. I thought they forgot about BB OS updates all together.

  • I have been upgrading my blackberry using the official rim updates and my bold just keeps getting better. the latest official from rim is skip .586.

  • rinklighter

    Any word on which build–I’m assuming .593 or .586–T-Mobile is releasing?

  • Lance

    I have used every os between .330 and .593 and think .593 is the most stable. However my 3G>EDGE>GPRS problem while on a call persists. Does anyone know for sure if this “upgrade” fixes this issue or are they just adopting a leaked os and calling it their “Official” os?

  • Ken

    I hope it is .586 for those who haven’t upgraded already – I think it has the best uma performance, and is solid all around.

  • 3cents

    I’ve experienced the same switch between 3G-EDGE-GPRS, to include watching an incoming call switch from UMA to 3G or an UMA call to GPRS. Called TMo thinking that there was some type of network upgrading activity and they mentioned that the 9700 has too much internal technology thus gets confused causing fluctuation. I’ve tried all the leaks and official OS’ beyond .330 and WIND canada’s .400 was the only update that did not cause ‘digital choppiness’ while on a call; however, .400 would reboot randomly. I am now back to the stock OS and eagerly awaiting the new update for stable operation…

  • mdbanner

    I got the t-mobile update yesterday. It is .586 and has my the phone perform a lot better. It took about 30 min to do the update. I can’t wait to you guys get it too. Your bold will really do what it was meant to do after it.

  • ebb

    thank gawd. I have been through 3 and I was about to give up on BB. this is by far the worst bb I have owned yet.

  • bing bang

    Will I have to back up my apps and contacts for this OTA update?

  • ArmoredMBZ

    I’ve been a loyal BB fan for years, however after dealing with the dropped call issues on my new 9700 for a bit – I’m tempted to switch to an Android phone. Now, if there were only any good ones on TMO! Grrrr…

  • ruby

    has anyone heard of the official 5.0 os update for the 8900 to be released? its taking forever! =(

  • CrazyG

    Sorry, I wanted to stay with TMO, but had to switch to ATT. Could not get reception in certain areas of South Florida and the Keys! With ATT, no problem. Sorry TMO, I liked UMA but rather have reception while outside the office.

  • Alex

    Its about time. This phone is great, but has a lot of issues to be resolved


    I just went into my advanced settings on my 9700 and told it to check for updates and it found the .586 version was available. I downloaded and everything seems to be working fine. Might want to check it out if you want to get the update early.

  • Jesse

    The only problem I have with 9700 is pandora radio playing and it shuts off the phone……. other then that its a cool phone

  • tonka

    T-mo officially announced an indefinite delay to releasing this rom:

    It has been determined after full testing of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 upgrade software, there are several issues that will need to be resolved prior to making the software available to our customers. At this time, there is not a date set when the software will be available to our customers, but we are working to have it out as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and any confusion that this may have caused.

  • KaneHusky

    According to my T-Mobile rep, this release has been postponed due to “several issues.” Hopefully they’ll go with one of the newer/better releases such as .593.

  • Jun

    May 18th is the new release date for the upgrade..