Vote For TmoNews!!


TmoNews needs your help! We’re looking for a win as the Best News Blog in the Wirefly Blog Awards where voting ends tomorrow. We have a somewhat comfortable lead right now over those nice boys at Intomobile but we’re looking for your help. You know we love our readers and now we’re looking for some love back. Its just a mouse click, but its a $250 winning pot that is surely going to show back up in the form of prizes and giveaways for the readers who helped get us there. So take a moment, a few mouse clicks and show some love for your favorite T-Mobile news site!

Vote. Now. Wirefly.


  • Aston

    i voted 3 times. you guys are the best. :D

  • Mike

    OMG nothing is more pathetic than begging for votes! This is the 3rd time you’ve done this. Post some damn news! This is exactly why I will NOT vote for this website!

    • Like you gonna find a better website, that delivers up to the minute T-Mobile news. lol

      • awashi

        Here you are again trolling websites Terry.

      • awashi

        Oh boy!! Good ol’ Terry!!!

    • David

      Then feel free to stop reading…nothing is more pathetic than making a baseless statement about not reading the site while posting a comment on said site.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        So true, and let me add a comment to a comment about comment to another comment.

        There, I have used up my daily ration of wasting time.

        Back to the salt mines.

      • Mike

        I didn’t post a comment about not reading the site; I posted a comment about not voting. Basic reading comprehension.

    • awashi

      I agree. Not only are they begging for votes, they never really seem to have any NEW news. The writers are not very literate when it comes to real writing. Just a bunch of kids trying to get their groove on.

      • David

        Never really have any new news? I’m pretty sure we break a number of stories every week nevermind on a regular basis. Another baseless statement with no real purpose than other to troll the blog and irritate the people who might actually care about what goes on around here. Hey you are right though, I’m just a kid trying to get my groove on. Good call.

      • David

        On another mention, the ONLY reason I want to win is because I want to take that $250 dollar prize and use it as a giveaway.

      • 30014

        David don’t bother responding to that clown. Just block his ass from the site.

      • tomato

        @ David : don’t waste your valuable time responding to that kind of comments.

      • NiiDiddy

        @David – You will find so many idiots wherever you go, and I know you know this. Disregard these stupid fools on here. No one is asking them to get on here. Leave the dissing to us, we got this!!

    • tato22

      @david you dont have to tell them what u going to do with that money

    • Why bother making this reponse, douche.

    • Aston

      are you asking him to make up news out of thin air?

    • BeerBellyBilly

      Like polititians don’t beg for votes? Charities don’t beg for money? Sure there are times when I feel voting in a Representative Democracy is a total farce (Presidential elections, 2008) with the consequential and pending political, social and economic disaters, but sometimes voting does serve a useful and mutually beneficial purpose and this case is one of them.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Only someone named BeerBellyBilly would know about:


        Are those “politicians” whose platform is to have breast implants covered under healthcare reform?

        Just askin.

  • Jay

    Good for you David!…..This site is strictly for T-Mobile news and anyone on T-Mobile must realize that T-Mobile never has the news we all want such as SnapDragon phones and exclusive devices……The price we pay to be with T-Mobile makes us all have to be more patient than being on a larger carrier….I wish you had more great T-Mobile news to report to us David but T-Mobile just doesn’t move at the pace of the bigger carriers…..Keep the TmoNews coming and see if you can’t uncover some more info, pics, or video on the Dell Lightning!….I think that is my next phone!

  • my remark was to mike

  • akawik

    no big news has come from this site in a while so stop your begging for votes and get some news on the latest and greatest tmobile phones

    • David

      Are you serious? You think I’m just holding onto news? Give me a break. Stop trolling.

    • T

      Oh hush! You’re acting like news just magically appears out of no where! Plus they’ve been publishing articles almost every day!! That’s pretty damn good considering the fact that you would think news would be pretty scarce for the 4th largest carrier in the US.
      Keep up the good work David and staff.

  • you are the best for cell news >>>>

  • tomato

    Sure thing, glad to help you guys out. I voted for PhoneDog, too, while I was at it.

    Personally, I don’t care if you take the money and buy yourselves a keg of beer. You probably need it after reading some of the retarded comments on here and you deserve it.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. BTW, even the guys at my local TMobile read your blog. Keep up the good work!

  • DannOfThurs

    Everyone here complaining misses a key point – he’s not TMOBILE. He’s not the phone decision maker, he’s not a shill for the company, nor is he somehow hoarding legit information. He’s just trying to pass out news he has access to, quite frankly at a nice pace, and doing something that some of us would love to do but don’t have the time to.

    I’m a Tmo fan and I prefer this site to anything official, because I know I won’t get a bunch of answers that don’t pass muster.

    Keep up the good work!

  • NiiDiddy

    …off to vote. TMONEWS is the bomb!!! So keep going…and you will blowup…bigger and better than you are now!!

  • jkspike3

    you guys got my vote!

  • wasup

    you also got my votes, love tmonews, keep up the great work

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Looks to me like this request for votes has worked, end of the day and TMoNews has widened the lead, substantially. IntoMobile is behind by about 500 votes.

  • Grey Ocelot

    Congrats You guys all but won. You deserve it.

  • smb3rd


  • maybe in the near future there would be natural breast implants that are based on stem cells or something”,: