The Garminfone In The Wild, Take 2

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I have to say that I love the look of the Garminfone as more shots hit in my inbox and I bring them to you. We have already seen quite a few in the wild shots but it never hurts to get more as perhaps a few of you will be intrigued by the built-in navigation services and personalized Garmin interface. Rumor has it that the MyTouch Slide is the flagship device for T-Mobile for the coming months so we’re not sure where the Garmin will fit into the marketing scheme but I still hold out hope T-Mobile sells more units of this device than AT&T did of the first Garmin phone go around.

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  • I don’t know the phone looks weird to me and i dont like the icons so far as of now i m still going to leave t-mobile for the HTC Evo unless t-mobile shots out a phone like the Desire i really can’t just stick around my my touch doesn’t cut it for me anymore

    • ryan

      Are you trying to say the MyTouch Slide isn’t on par with the HTC Incredible or Desire?

      • zapote21

        Are you saying it is? MT Slide has a smaller screen and a slower processor…
        You really think the Slide is equal to the incredible????

    • Jesse813

      Same here, leaving T-Mobile once the Evo drops! Sorry T-Mobile but the HD2 just doesnt cut it, and you guys take WAY tooo long to update the highest selling phone on Android= MyTouch. This came out WAY before the Droid, and yet they have been updated to 2.1 and we are left here sitting, waiting… nope no longer am i taking that! see ya!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        What the hell does your post have to do with an article about the Garmin phone. You are the classic definition of a troll and thread crapper.

        Please do leave. No one cares about what you intend to do. T-Mobile does not care and we don’t care. And take the other Android trolls with you.

        What’s hilarious is that I give it about a week into your EVO and you will no doubt be complaining about something there too. What then, threaten to go to Metro PCS because you feel betrayed by Sprint?

      • Anthony

        Apparently Michael has some reading comprehension issues. How about you go back, re-read the article, and then APOLOGIZE for your stupidity?

        Better yet, since you were too stupid to pick up on it the first time, I’ll help you out. The post said in the 3rd sentence, “Rumor has it that the MyTouch Slide is the flagship device for T-Mobile for the coming months so we’re not sure where the Garmin will fit…” Ryan’s point was that if the rumor is saying that the MyTouch Slide is “the flagship device” for T-Mobile, then they’re in big trouble.

        Listen, I come on here because I’m interested in upgrading my, and my gf’s, T-Mobile phone. I have T-Mobile because the reception and 3G service in Chicago, combined with the price, is great. However, the fact remains that they miss out on A LOT of great phones. You can continue to slurp on T-Mobile and this blog all that you’d like, but the fact is that YOU are the classic definition of an uneducated “fan boy”.

        Get lost.

      • tmob

        @anthony. That itsmichaelnotmike or whatever, all he does is bag on people here and acts all superior. The funny thing he keeps on going on how every1 is trolling or a fanboy when he’s the one that sounds like a tmobile fanboy. Oh and if I made a grammer or comprehension error- FUK You, I don’t give a damn. Hahaha, sorry rant over :)

      • tmob

        Oh sorry, I meant @antony- thank you for putting itsmichaelnotmike in his place.

      • ryan

        @tmob and @Anthony… This guy just comes in to troll and then leaves. He never responds to defend his comments because he can’t.

        His last post was criticizing someone for “assuming they know what tmobile is doing” and now today he posts “T-Mobile does not care” and “I don’t think this will be promoted by T-Mobile”. He’s evidently an expert so he allowed to talk about Tmobile but we’re all just supposed to read his commentary and agree without saying anything.

        One time he got pissed at me for using the word “metric”. I guess he was pissed he had to pick up a dictionary.

    • nell_z

      Im not gonna hate, but after leaving CDMA for GSM, I can never look back. Go to Sprint if you want, just be prepared to get screwed royally. Id choose the T-Mobile HD2 over the Sprint EVO anyday, I just cant see how anyone would have a smartphone capable of multitasking running on a network that cant do the same…….

      • davidohio

        @nell_z i agree, gsm is better in my opinion. some people just post on here to hate on anyone who does not share their views and that is just dumb and childish. peace.

  • J

    Thanks T-Mobile,

    I am on it…!! I like what I see. For me it is great…! Looks like we will have 2.

    Good luck TM

  • Wilma Flintstone

    it looks similar to the N96. But the N96 still looks better than this

    • fred flintstone

      That’s a joke right? The N96 was pure garbage, I worked for Nokia so I know all bout it. It felt like a cheap piece of plastic. On the other hand the garminfone feels quite good, seeing as I’m posting right now from the garminfone

  • Housetek

    interface looks old and ugly

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The interface takes design cues from Google and NAV devices.

      Google’s search-box-only on the web page was a huge success, so much so they still have it. It proved that people like simplicity, to where functions/instructions are very clear and easy to use.

      That’s why on NAV systems you see just a few icons, asking simple questions such as “Where To?”

      Since this is primarily a NAV device and the phone/data is secondary that’s why you see what you call an “old and ugly” interface. That “old and ugly” UI is what people are used to on NAV devices. Look at all modern NAVS and you will see similarly style UIs.

      This phone will appeal to those who want a very, very simple NAV interface, in other words, the tech challenged. To be sure, the quickest way to have to the phone returned is if people can’t figure out how to use it.

      You will never see on these NAV phones anything like HTC’s Sense UI, for example. If the home screen is cluttered with what we might think is cool stuff, the tech challenged user (arguably the only people who will be buying this phone) would be scared off.

      Like I said before, this will appeal to a very small segment of prospective T-Mobile customers. But it’s no big deal for T-Mobile to add it to the lineup and if it gets 100,000 customers who otherwise would go with a carrier that has a NAV phone, then it makes sense to carry it.

      People should quit with the comparisons of this device against phones we use or desire. It’s a NAV device not a smartphone.

      • ORLY?

        Sorry guy I’m not buying it. People who want a very simple ‘NAV’ interface buy a stand alone GPS. Not a ‘NAV phone” as you want to call it. The number one OS in the US is the iPhone, basically that goes to show that the majority of people don’t want a outdated looking interface, that is over simplified. This is not 2006 where people hear smartphone and run the other way because they feel like it will be too complicated for them. And the people that do run the other way (tech challenged) will want a dumbphone and a GPS. Yeah this phone may appeal to a few people, but The interface does look old and ugly, so does the hardware. Nobody wants a touchscreen Jitterbug with GPS.

      • davidohio

        umm but when did android stop being a smartphone? It is a smartphone with nav. you should read what was said about you above! Nobody cares what you say. we all know you hate android and anyone that has or likes or comments on android. You love windows mobile and blow Bill Gates. We get it. You are the troll.

  • Davidohio

    Boy will you be sorry come August!

    • Max

      What do you know that we don’t?

    • PatTexas

      He is just talking out of his ass since he gets his face and ass mixed up. That is like saying “Boy, will you be sorry come Jan. 2011.” You know that saying about assuming. It makes an ASS of U and ME. Max my friend, If you don’t here it from an editor chances are you are having smoke blown up your butt. Not to talk down on the readers because they are a big reason I come to this site; very opinionated, but don’t you think if someone had an inside story they would share it anonymously?

      • J

        Not everyone would release confidential information. Many people on here are employees and a major source of information given here. I’ve got a prototype T-Mobile phone in front of me right now, but I wouldn’t risk getting canned to share information about it.

        With all that being said, it is pretty safe to say a good phone will be released in August 2011 since a major phone usually is released in August every year. It is the back to school rush that every phone company tries to have something released for.

    • Alex

      Why would any of us be sorry? How about giving a hint of whats to come if true?

      • Laz

        Even if J does list the phone he has, I will not believe it until an official statement is released.

  • hi!

    Looks like I too am out of here once the Evo hits the streets. Unbelievable amount of features for the same $ I am paying now plus essentially unlimited minutes (I haven’t called a landline since 86 (lol, jk)).

    I am thankful to tmobile though that I’m on even more plus so I have no contract and jumping ship will be a breeze.

  • t-m

    hey i will look into the updates on the my touch

  • Ryan

    Why would anyone leave for the Evo when the Galaxy S is going to be coming out?

    • J

      Probably because the Galaxy S is not confirmed to be coming to T-Mobile.

      • Max

        I’m gonna go ahead on a limb and said the phone you are referring to is the Galaxy S.At least give us a time frame so we can start saving?Or is the Motorola shadow???

      • J

        I wish. If you are going out on that limb, you just fell out of the tree.

      • Laz

        Is it a phone made by a fruit mfg?

  • Chris

    Wow!! A cell phone with GPS. This is groundbreaking!!

    When is T-Mobile going to have a 1GHz phone in the store running Android. Is that too much to ask. I guess I could get a MyTouch that runs about half the speed and has been around for what feels like forever.

    • NiiDiddy

      @Chris – what do you mean? 1Ghz RAM or 1Ghz in processing power? Because the HTC HD2 [WinMo 6.5] and the Google Nexus One [Android] both have 1Ghz Snapdragon processing power. Of course you said Android…so go for the Nexus One…

      • ryan

        NiiDiddy… Nexus One is a google phone that happens to be COMPATIBLE with Tmobile but it’s not actually FROM Tmobile. What I’m trying to say is most people do not qualify for the Nexus One if they have a Family Plan, Loyalty Plan, etc…

        Most people like their plans and are willing to pay $199 for a phone and extend the plan they have. Very few people are willing to pay $500+tax for a phone or pay $280 for a phone with one of the worst plans I have ever seen.

  • H-Town Freak

    Ya’lls a bunch a bitches!!

  • RockTripod

    To all those looking to jump ship as soon as the Evo comes out: Haven’t you ever noticed that every time a major phone launches, another, bigger and better handset is announced a week later? HD2 launches, and it is the most powerful and best received WinMo device ever, and within days, the Incredible and Evo are announced. Why do you think it will be any different? Don’t get me wrong, if you want the Evo and want to leave T-Mo, I’m not saying you shouldn’t. But just think about how this industry works for a minute.

    And the myTouch hasn’t been around forever. Its been out since last July. Christ, every 2 weeks the NEWEST, FASTEST, er… BESTEST device launches. Mindless consumerism has taken over, and disgustingly, its how I make a living. Just bear in mind that the myTouch doesn’t do less than it did when it first launched. In point of fact, it does more now. So go chasing the latest and greatest all you like. I bet in 10 years there will be GA- Gadgetaholics Anonymous. “Hi, I’m Jesse/Michael/Chris, and I’m a gadgetaholic. I spent all my rent money on cell phones that do things that I don’t need.”

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Great post, especially the last paragraph and the GA reference, despite including my name in your example ;)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    In regards to marketing, I don’t think this will be promoted by T-Mobile. IMHO it is just not that big a deal.

    It definitely is not newsworthy (meaning no one on the nightly news or tech shows will talk about it). It’s simply a non-event.

    Look at the Touch Pro2 last August. I bought that phone and we all remarked how before its debut date no one on the Net was talking about it. It was almost like the phone did not exist. And it had more of a silent roll-out than anything else (of course it was competing with the myTouch debut, the device that T-Mobile was heavily promoting).

    So this thing is just going to show up in a banner ad on T-Mobile’s site and that’s about it.

    I have three dedicated NAVS so this does not interest me. Moreover, I need a smart/super phone, not a NAV with a scaled down smartphone.

    My big debate is do I get the “mySlide” to replace my girlfriend’s aging G1, or do we get the Samsung Galaxy S (IMHO T-Mobile will be getting the SGS to respond to the EVO and Incredible).

    The Slide has a keyboard which is a big plus, but the SGS has the 4″ AMOLED display.

    And then the holiday phones debut which will really cause everyone (including me) to go bonkers. I really, really want a dual core Snapdragon/Scorpion chip, HD video output and an HDMI port. Sheesh… my HD2 will feel and be so outdated come November.

    • ryan

      I finally found a link to the FCC test for the 1700 MHZ Galaxy S coming to Tmobile. You were right Mike! I’ll never doubt you again!

      • davidohio

        LMFAO!!!!@Ryan!! that link was so funny. I would pay to see the look on Michael’s face!

  • AJ

    i would love it if the desire comes to t-mo. im not really diggin this phone

  • Dalton

    Since when did T-Mobile change its colors on the boxes to Black? Starting to look like Sprint.. ew.

  • Aa

    I’m willing to bet that the magenta is gonna have a 4.xx in. screen Android phone with snapdragon also maybe not soon enough though.

  • Aa

    I’m willing to bet that the magenta is gonna have a 4.xx in. screen Android phone with snapdragon also maybe not soon enough though.

    • Andrew

      replace the xx with 00, and you have the right idea

    • davidohio


  • mrgibbs

    So here is the deal with this phone. Anyone remember how AOL was the internet on training wheels back in the 90’s for those who weren’t internet savy? Well after getting to play with this phone for a bit, I can tell you that this phone is Android on training wheels. It takes all the android features such as NAV, movies time apps, POI apps and puts it all into one nice neat little packaged UI. Just like AOL provided a dumbed down interface to make learning the internet easier….the Garmin phone does the same for Android. It provides a dumbed down UI to make Android shown in plain language icons. This phone def is not for the power android user. Its more for those folks out their that dont feel comfortable with technology, this phone lets them get their feet wet with smart phone without feeling overwhlemed. One real nice personalizing touch Garmin tossed into the phone is that you can have friends or family read from a script to record their voice on your phone and then you hear their voice when the phone is giving you your turn by turn directions.

  • I just don’t get it. It’s an android phone with navigation. My Nexus one has been that for 5 months now with my swivel dash mount. So glad I ponied up for that phone as it means I’ll have the best T-mo phone until a better one comes out, which in my experience hasn’t been until a year later, and they usually just refresh a product rather than upgrade it substantially.

    Of course I payed full price as I don’t have a contract. I just pay month to month. That’s freedom.

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