T-Mobile To Launch $50 Talk/Text Plan?

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We can’t say we are 100% confident in this launching, but based in part on the screen shot above, a couple of tips we’ve received this week and our own ability to see the future,  we’re thinking it’s looking good.  What we’re picking up here is that T-Mobile will be launching a $50 talk/text plan that is a pre-paid, no contract, that allows you to choose from any device in the T-Mobile lineup.  Actually, this sounds like a Flex-Pay type plan where you pay in advance but this time it’s for unlimited minutes and unlimited text.  We can’t yet speak to any sort of data add-on but this sounds very much like the recently launched AT&T $60 go-phone plan which is a similar unlimited Talk/Text offering.

We’re shooting off emails looking for more info but what say you.  Would you jump on a $50 talk/text plan even if data weren’t an option?  What do you think?

Thanks Archangel52005!!

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tmo survey 1 (1)

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  • Broke

    This plan sounds wonderful and maybe five years ago I would have jumped on it. But now, Data is a necessity for me and its only getting better. I think this is great for those out there who aren’t a technology minded….No data = No Buy for me

  • SKA

    I am all for TMO and whatever it takes for them to get ahead.

  • Brent

    Installed and registered with Vonage. About the only use for the app is if you make international calls. Otherwise, calls are routed through T-Mobile as regular calls, going against your minutes, even if connected to wifi. Pretty useless if you ask me because most people that make routine international calls already have methods figured out to save money on those calls.

    It looked like a nice attempt from T-Mobile and Vonage to give us something special. Unless I missed something, it gives us nothing. Only Vonage becomes the winner in this one.

    • Brent

      I seriously do not know how this got posted on this thread. I hadn’t even read this post when I wrote about Vonage. Mods, please feel to delete. I apologize if I did something wrong.

  • John Doe

    It’s about hardware, not the cost of plans. The ridiculous iPhone has proven that people will pay whatever you’re charging to have the best hardware. Stop with the plans and invest more into R&D, and lucrative vendor contracts because everyone knows data plans are where the money is!

  • abe

    oh yea if this were true id be on it in a heart beat. GO TMO!!

  • This would be really nice. If only it was for family plans too :/

  • blkalleykat

    It’s only $10 less then their own even more plus plan for a single line. i’m fine with my 1000 mins because I barely reach 600 so no ty but great for ppl who don’t need data service.

  • ctk

    i would be all over this if this was unlimited text/data. i don’t really talk much.

  • me

    This is the same as the Even More Plus plan just $10 cheaper. Not sure that it would make that much of a difference than what is currently offered.

  • Roger

    If UMA also works with this and they allowed any device then I’d be all over it. I currently have a Blackberry Flip for UMA, and have absolutely no use for a data plan.

  • akil

    hell yeah, i’m pretty sure data probaly cost extra prob 20-25 cause it can’t be 30 other wise its just even more plus plan, but this sounds believable since cricket is now nationwide and coming after t-mobile (ha ha haaaaaa……aaa)

  • colby

    id just ad data on there….if i could. hopefully they will allow you to get phones at new customer price, unlike the new plans they have

  • Davidohio

    This sounds like a great plan for much younger people who don’t need/use data on their phones. They do their data on a home computer. Not as good as the Simple Mobile plan that uses t-mobile’s nationwide 3G network. No contract or credit check. $40 unlimited talk&text, $50 unlimited talk&text and 150mb of data. I heard soon the data will be unlimited. http://Www.mysimplemobile.com

  • Seamus

    sounds like our first Even More Plus promo-plan to me, which makes sense as any phone you buy without discount does not require internet (“allows you to choose from any device in the T-Mobile lineup”). I’m guessing data will still be the normal add-on price ($25)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    If only I could add data to this plan, I’d save around $15 but since it seems like talk and text only then oh well.

  • Ted C.

    Not too exciting this is just playing catchup. TMo need to throw in texting as part of their unlimited family plans instead of making it an add-on for their plans to start looking interesting. Right now their family plans are generally a worse deal than the previous MyFaves ones were.

  • BoomBoomBang

    Unlimited, Upgraded.

    I just think its sounds cool lol.

  • ali

    I don’t know why t-mobile fails at advertising stuff they already have. For instance, I have the prepaid flexpay plan [ not the regular flexpay that you get a bill]. I pay $60 for 500min/unlimited txt/ unlimited smartphone data. NO bill ever, no contract. Why don’t they advertise that . Heck, if i wanted a non-smartphone data plan i could get get the same for $50.

  • tmoguy89
  • shawn1224

    I can’t even imagine life without a data plan anymore. What is this talk/text which you speak of?

  • nforcer

    Screw that nondisclosure agreement, eh?

  • Joe

    NOtice they don’t mention roaming. If this is T-Mo’s native coverage only, I’d pass. Simple Mobile already has them beat. FYI Simple is an MVNO with T-Mobile’s coverage. If there is no roaming, you’d be better off paying the extra $10 to at&t for their unlimited option. WITH roaming though may be something I’d consider. It’s definitely worth paying a little more to be with one of the big 4.

  • UzukiC

    I see someone with a virtual phone company idea popping up… wouldn’t hold my breath on it though.

  • da9th_one

    yeah this is a standard plan at best…personally, i need data…ill keep my unlimited everything plan…sux its 100 bucks monthly but its unlimited…meh…

  • Krakenbound

    Good for me; I use my work BB for data, and leave that off my personal smartphone plan. This would save me $120 a year!