Motorola Cliq Update Released, Update Now


Dearest Motorola Cliq users, Motorola has not forgotten about you.  With that in mind, Motorola is rolling out the 1.4.8 update to all Motorola Cliq users.  The end of March saw a trial run of this update presumably to get some feedback before releasing it en masse. Well, apparently enough time has passed and the bugs have hopefully been worked out as Motorola has released instructions for updating.  It is definitely not an Android update, but it’s a laundry list of bug fixes sure to hold you over until you get some 2.0+ love.

Instructions for installing software

  1. For a successful installation, we recommend installing these updates while the battery in your phone is fully charged.  Make sure you have an active SIM card installed in your phone.
  2. This software update will be accomplished in two steps.
  3. First Step: Select the Settings icon in the main menu.
  4. Select About phone and then select System Updates.
  5. Select Download; after the software is downloaded, select Install.
  6. After the software is installed, your phone will re-start automatically.
  7. Second Step: After your phone restarts, you will receive a prompt to download the second update. If you are not automatically prompted for the second software update, you should manually check for updates. From the main menu, select the Settings icon, select About phone, select System Updates.
  8. Select Download; after software is downloaded, select Install.
  9. After the software is installed, your phone will re-start automatically.
  10. Your phone is now updated with 1.4.8 software.

If you have difficulty with this update, visit us at

Hit the link for the full page:

Motorola Cliq Update

Via @T-Mobile

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  • damien

    NOt available yet..I have the Cliq, and it says I am up to date, no option to download…I still have the old version listed as well

    • Justin

      Same here.

    • Davidohio

      They are rolling it out in phases, not all at once. You will gets your soon. They do every update like this.

  • josh r

    Same here… nothing yet.

  • Randy

    Also says I’m up to date too…dang I’m a little disapointed not gunna lie haha

    • manus

      im disappointed you have a cliq.

      • ur0fficialboy

        haha true

  • Jordan

    same here maybe at 6 it will be there hopefully

  • josh r

    Still no update for me either.

  • angel

    Is this only for the cliq, or cliq xt as well?

  • Rashad

    Same here. Update not yet available. (CA. 10:48pm)

  • lemon

    I’m glad Motorola cares enough to keep updating

  • steven

    is anyone still running 1.1.4?

  • CarlB

    We need 2.1 motorola is putting more work into the f***** driod and is leaving the cliq out to dry u would have thought that their very first android phone would get the update first this sucks

  • urbanrio

    I tested the pre-release version and was able to update to the release version of 1.4.8. The software is a lot better overall for me. the UI improvements are subtle, but add greatly to the usability of the phone. Text messaging app is running like it should, like it did 2 releases ago.

    • urbanrio

      PS I notice the battery is lasting several hours longer in standby mode as well. All and all I am happy with this update.

  • Sarah

    I am disappointed. I saw what was to be expected by the update but when when I was all giddy, I went to update it……its not available yet. :( dammit.

  • Jamal

    I keep trying to update, but it says the same as everybody else. “Your device is up to to date. No update neccesary.”

  • andrew

    Same here. Anyone get it yet? I have been hating my Cliq’s software ever since I got it. Its retardedly slow and unstable.

  • I’m running System Version 1.3.18MB200.T-Mobile.en.US and my phone says I’m up to date when I check for an update.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    • Randy

      I’m guessing your one of those people that post before reading other peoples comments lol, anyways yea were all having this issue for some reason… sucks “(

  • Doctorpooper

    Usually you have to take the battery out and reboot and check for updates but its not working…

  • timmyjoe42

    Maybe they are rolling it out….where did this news story come from.

  • smb3rd

    There is an announcement on the Motorola Forum:

    -Mobile CLIQ users: the latest software update for CLIQ is now rolling out in phases. Watch for a notification on your device that will tell you when it’s ready for download. For information on enhancements included in the update, please visit:

  • still not available for me.

  • damien

    Exactly…It is Rolling out in phases, so it means that not all people will get it at once, but over the course of the next two weeks. I am betting I will be the last person to get it lol

  • roberto

    i just got a notification telling me that the update was available for download and when i go to download it it says that the update has been recalled and then i got to menu > setting > about phone > System updates and i click on it and then it says “Your device is up to date !” what is going on help me please !!

  • Jose

    I’m downloading the update right now…

  • roberto

    I’m downloading it right now i hope it works i will keep you posted

  • Jose

    I had to do it twice to get the latest updade…

  • roberto

    i am downloading it right noe i hope it works i will keep you posted

  • Jose

    I had to check for update twice to get the latest update…

    • Rashad

      Its a two step update. Just like the ones before. As clearly stated by Motorola, Tmobile USA and know your post please.

  • matb

    I got it in daytgon ohio.

    • So are they only releasing the update in fictional cities, then?

      • matb

        f u danny I mistyped u dick.

  • missjuliebaby

    look for the update now! i just got it! im in Indiana.

  • i got it in chicago

  • Doctorpooper

    Just got mine i took the battery and sim card out and restarted checked for updates and boom there it was

  • Farrizx

    Got it in LA

  • Emo_Phone

    My wife’s phone is actually running pretty damn good now. I use to hate the way it was. After the update it’s actually perfect sort of :p. She also mentioned it’s a lot faster too and responsive.

  • Doctorpooper

    My update is stuck on 24% wth

  • scott

    just got it in Orlando!

  • hott


  • JAKE

    not in CT YET

  • khardtank

    will this update be availible for the cliq Xt. ????

  • Boo


  • Adam G

    I wasn’t getting the update, turned phone off and removed battery. After turning back on and searching I got it and downloaded it fine.

    Northern New Jersey

  • Geo

    Waiting for 1.6 or 2.0 version of motoblur so I can run Google Gesture

  • critt0710

    Everything would be great if Swype didn’t stop working. I feel weird actually typing on my onscreen keyboard now:(

  • Mrjoe2you


  • Yupyupper

    I just checked and got the update myself.

  • charo

    i just got my update. im downloading it right now.

    j.c new jersey

  • Fapcannon

    I downloaded this at around 3 PM in Miami earlier today. And I have noticed a drastic response on the touchscreen as well as the battery life has lasted longer than usual. Great update now just roll-out 2.1 as it was promised…

  • Kenith

    Wow, I’ve been using update for nearly a full day now and its so much better now. I actually like my cliq again. Motorola really responded well to how the customers cursed out the last update. So far, NOTICEABLE benefits:
    – Battery life def increased, did have previous probs with that tho
    – Touch screen much improved, home screens are smoother as well as notification bar
    – Everything just seems smoother, especially txting

    Thanks Motorola, NOW GIVE ME 2.1! lol. . .seriously tho….gemme it

  • Hervey

    I got the download for the update, but it will not not let me update it.
    It gives me this response “The update could not be properly validated. Please try again.” What does this mean?? anyone know?

  • Eric

    Apparently this isnt for the xt. I haven’t seen any information saying its for it for the few that asked about it. It says for the cliq on the sites, not the cliq xt so i doubt we’ll be getting it.

  • Danny

    I spoke Tmobile and the update will not be coming to Cliq XT this time around.

  • misunderst00dib

    I got the update this AM!!!! San Diego, CA.

  • Tmoben

    1247 Houston Texas i have my update

  • Rex

    Day 3 and all is well with my Cliq!

  • mike

    Still no swipe? Wth?

    • mark

      just download the app shapewriter, i got it and its all i use now.

  • UzukiC

    Companies are adding Swype at an extra cost per phone (Remember that Swype only was added with the 3.5mm jack update). If you want Swype on a Cliq, get your hands on the XT, which benefits from the tech a lot more!

    • UzukiC

      update on the MyTouch, that is. Apologies for the lack of detail.

  • chris

    i just want 2.1

  • SlideorDieS14

    updated my phone successfully…works 10X’S NAY, 100X’S BETTER…a lot snappier and more responsive. calls are clearer, the end call button actually works! Nicely done MOTO! its about time…my phone had difficulty after the install of the second part. it got hung up at the “stick together” pink tmo screen. i just had to take the battery out (i was really nervous and thought to myself “here we go again”) and then put the batter back in and turned the phone back on. it works flawlessly. im actually proud and happy to own my phone again.

    Thank you Motorola, for real…lets get/keep our act together and roll out 2.1 faster than the end of June.

  • DEn

    update didnt do sh**. same crappy android market….all they did was move the end call button

    • USA-01

      SDFU troller

  • Avery Oree

    My phone isn’t on, paying bill later, and picked up the update through Wi-Fi. I have the update going now but it’s not doing anything. Will it update, and if it will, how long will it take?

  • Garyalvinartz

    just go to
    update from motorola.
    as long as you follow the steps correctly (VERY EASY)
    You will update your phone to android 2.2 (blur version)
    I did it successfully today. Now I get the updated market and can use google NAV.