Customer Care Smartphone BOGO Through April 19th

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T-Mobile has seemingly fallen in love with the Smartphone BOGO promotion lately as they have extended the offer to the Customer Care channel through April 19th.  This, of course, falls in line with the current retail Smartphone BOGO (includes Nokia Nuron) also going on through April 19th.  The Customer Care BOGO has a few limitations though:

  • Both lines have to be eligible for full discount pricing, meaning at least 22 months since you last signed a contract
  • Both have to be the same device as stated above
  • Both lines will sign a 2-year contract
  • Both lines will be assessed the upgrade free

Sound good? Ok, now if only T-Mobile can keep those slippery HTC HD2’s in stock!

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  • cooney

    The first bullet point says “grandfathered” family plan customers are covered, but that “some plans and programs are ineligible.” Any idea of which family plans/programs are grandfathered and which are on the ineligible list?

    • JethroGibbs

      its even more plus plans that are not covered because you gotta sign a contract to eligible for the bogo and EMP doesn’t have contracts


    I think this is exactly what i was waiting for no need to go to store to get the deal.

    no need to call any stores.


    They still won’t do HD2 for upgrade. ARGGGGGGGG

  • ateam201

    is this bogo good for upgrades in stores as well?

    • vin

      yes bogo works for any combination of activations and upgrades, as long as the upgrades are a full upgrade and the activations are for 2yr contracted plans


    Dang it now ill never get my phone

  • Moose

    @TMOTECH: My order shipped yesterday, so apparently we got a large shipment from htc. I also ordered mine half an hour before they were supposed to go on sale, so I suppose it depends how far back in line you are to get yours. Good luck!


      Thats awesome man i ordered mine before release date also hopefully its shipped soon

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I sure do wish the Bogo applied to the people that are Full Discount Qualified but bought the HD2 outright. I bought my hd2 outright so I wouldn’t be under contract but oh well. I don’t need 2 HD2’s anyway.

  • Carl

    so does this mean people who work at tmobile can use their tenure discount to get a phone and get one free

  • Steve

    @Carl…no, employees cannot use the BOGO offer to pick up new phones.

  • hoop

    im sorry but if you work at tmobile you should know your not eligible for any promotions like this. use your resources lol. i did get my tracking number though for my hd2 april 13th delivery date!!!! i ordered mine at 1 am on the 24th and since im an employee mine was delayed up to 30 days but its only like 15 yay yay finally no more TP2

  • pookie

    i took advantage of this i got a hd2 and its comming today they were gonna make me return it but since it such a high demand they didn’t. i could have got my dad a hd2 but since he has the curve 8900 i just got ahim a bold 9700 and he said he was happy

  • ateam201

    moose just tried that and customer care said their systems are down what did you say to get them to honor it I am on the same boat and the store reps are sold out for a while.

    • pookie

      i called coustomer loyalty and they did all the work i just told them what i wanted.

  • Jack

    After a month of trying to get a BOGO deal on an HD2 and a Fender MyTouch, and being told by the store and customer care that it would happen, and then when the phones were in stock being told they couldn’t do it for an upgrade I’m going to ATT for 2 iPhones. It was a good 6 year run with tmobile but their lack of concern for a longtime customer just pissed me off. Good luck to all.

  • justin

    so i could just activate another line of service and get 2 hds.sell one for 400 or so and jus cancel that line i added for 200 and profit 200 bux? nexus 1 here i come