Deutsche Telekom Remains Committed To T-Mobile USA


Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann spoke today at the annual shareholder meeting and reiterated their commitment to their US branch. While saying that he wasn’t “fully satisfied” with the company’s performance, he was clear by saying “it is still making us a great deal of money.” This is the second time in as many months that he has spoken out about the Deutsche Telekom commitment to T-Mobile USA and while rumors have been persistent of either a buyout or merger, there are no plans to sell the carrier. While its been said that the shareholder satisfaction with T-Mobile USA is waning, Deutsche Telekom might not be so willing to give up its stake in the US market. Time will tell.


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  • JP

    Magenta will get sold. He’s making it a point to publicly point out they’re still committed. Like an employer saying, “No. The business is good and we’re all secure.” Only to come to work the next day and find an Out of Business sign on the door.

    • BBSwany

      My sentiments exactly. Saying the business isn’t doing well would be terrible for stock. It’s all public perception.
      I just don’t understand DT’s problem though. Your US operation is in the black so who cares if your “not fully satisfied”. At what point does profit become greed…

      • TMoEmployee

        Listen, I found out that T-Mobile loses somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 accounts a day. They are on shaky grounds I feel solely because of devices. They seem to always want 2nd and 3rd tier phones. The HD2 is a boomerang at my store. I still feel the MyTouch is the most solid phone we have. We don’t get many returns on it. Being in the black means nothing if you’re consistently last. Especially to Sprint, who’s going to get that kick ass Evo! And if this new iphone is nearly as hot as they are hyping it up to be, shoot! I’m leaving T-Mobile!! People want a good variety of phones to choose from. And T-Mobile only has a few.

        • David

          Dude, have you even done the math with that? That’s 900,000 accounts in a 30 day period…in a quarter thats 2.7 million accounts a quarter. T-Mobile hasn’t suffered those kind of losses in recent memory, and as far as I know, the history of the company since it moved over from Voicestream. Perhaps I am wrong on that fact but 30,000 a day seems highly unlikely.

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          I have found that a number of people in here just make stuff up and/or they misunderstand what they have heard. (I can tell the morons and liars by their misspellings and poor grammar.)

          That post about losing 30,000 accounts per day is disconcerting because that person says he is a T-Mobile employee.

          It’s a shame that T-Mobile has employees like him, posting libelous comments, and calling himself a T-Mobile employee (which would to anyone else lend credibility to his comments because, after all, he is a T-Mobile employee).

          If I was T-Mobile I would find out who he is and fire him immediately. He obviously is disloyal (loves Sprint, will bolt for a handset). He has no business working for T-Mobile and I would question what he is doing in the store, having access to confidential information.

          Matter of fact, I am contacting T-Mobile corporate to make them aware of this person. This is serious, a person saying they are a T-Mobile employee posting that T-Mobile is losing 30,000 accounts a day. If that is false, it’s trade libel. While I am sure T-Mobile could care less about this piss ant, he can’t be posting disparaging comments under T-Mobile’s name.

          Anyway, here’s what actually went on last year:

          Q1 2009 – 415,000 new customers.

          Q2 2009 – 325,000 new customers.

          Q3 2009 – Decline 77,000 customers

          Q4 2009 – 371,000 new customers

          Those numbers are a far cry from TMoEmployee saying “Listen, I found out that T-Mobile loses somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 accounts a day.”

        • J

          The number, if accurate, is at the very least misleading. The number tells the number of people leaving but not the number of people signing up. Say if 30,000 people were leaving a day in Q4 that means that around 34,000 would have to be signing up per day to get the net 371,000.

        • mingkee

          If a company loses 30k a day, then the company goes 10 million in a year. There’s no way in the world a company loses like that, even Sprint.
          I stopped by several different corp stores few days a week and I always see new activations there; MetroPCS, on the other hand, I don’t see new activation like that, except a few months after launch.
          I am not employee and I don’t want to.

      • 2FR35H

        Looks like good time to invest in t-mobile’s stock then…

  • jg01

    Not surprised that “shareholder satisfaction is waning”. Mine has been since I started with T-Mobile. They need sell better devices that are more secure, less dropped calls (this will bring more customers), better train their Customer support team, be more exciting and more CUSTOMER FOCUSED. This is an American style service where they charge more and give less. T-mobile needs to make up its mind as to where it wants to be and go for it. It seems that they are satisfied with being number 4 on the leader board. Not 1st , but in last place. COME T-MOBILE, YOU CAN DO MUCH BETTER. T-MOBILE, if you believe in yourself, so will we!!

  • tmo dissatified

    I give T-Mob another year before it merges or is sold off….the rp’s are good and decent but the phones are always behind the times. They are too cautious with their phone line up. They do not want to take a risk until all the bugs are worked out. By that time has come the next big thing has already come and gone…I mean look the HD2 has come out and Sprint already has their version with their so-called 4G built into it. They shoot themselves in the foot for it.

    • reveillazn

      T-Mobile brought us THE FIRST ANDROID PHONE, then WENT FURTHER WITH THE EVEN MORE PLANS AND NEXUS ONE. If you think they are not willing to take risks and be first in line, then I am living on Mars. The only problem that I see with T-mobile is their network. Some places still don’t have 3G!

      • tmo dissatified

        yeah, and how do you like the G1 or nexus one? How many did they sell? And have you found the number for tech support for Google? It’s no longer about network. I live in ME and have a mytouch and it works well, but in terms of up to date and in the lead in terms of devices? No they don’t take risks, heck they had the option when the Razr first came out to be the carrier for that and they said no. I’m not talking rateplans, that is the only thing that saves them….

      • Reece

        They did NOT bring us the Nexus One, Google merely offered it to them with restrictions that pretty much makes it painfully obvious that it is NOT their phone as much as a G1, Mt3g or HD2 truely is. Thus the Nexus One’s poor sales since it’s in many ways better then a HD2 yet it’s not in stores, and most importantly it will kill your current plan to get it for $200 (family plans? forget it).

        3G coverage is part of the issue, phone selection giving users choices of running to a high end phone running lameduck Windows Mobile or another phone that you’d have to pay $530 for to keep your precious plan is going to put you below at least 2 other carriers who arguably have better phones in their lineup.

  • Viet

    My family and I have been loyal T-Mobile clients for years and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future, but T-Mobile needs to really get into gear and deliver the people some high powered Android phones. T-Mobile is always playing catch-up and not doing a very good job at that. If we get the Galaxy S then it’s a good start to capturing some much needed attention. I’m satisfied with the reliability of service where I live, the reasonable prices, and great customer service. Handsets are really the only area where I see T-Mobile having a deficiency.

  • Matt_TX

    And this is supposed to console long time TMO Customers waiting for a competitive smartphone how?

  • dethduck

    If you’re really committed, then get us some damn NON MOTOBLUR, NON TOUCHWIZ, Snapdragon Android phones!

    • mikeeeee

      after 18 months with my g-1, i bought a cliqXT on ebay just for giggles and i love it.

      i can wait cuz the BOGO promotion will linger and i’m qualified for full upgrade.

      • dethduck

        Get the myTouch Slide when it comes out this month, far better than a cliqXT

  • CSR_man

    1: T-mobile continues to grab the top spot in customer service
    2: T-mobile cares more about plans than phones

    • Matt_TX

      Tmo is the Third largest for these reasons.

  • enveed05

    T-Mobile US has to adopt the same business model that Hyundai has adopted, provide a good product with an incredible list of standard features for a very good price. This has to do not only with the phones, but also with the service and coverage options. They all need to be improved to really play with the big boys. Currently T-Mobile operates like the smallest national carrier, and incredibly enough…. they are.

  • nexus one u losers

    lol at ppl who want android highend phones but dont wanna buy the nexus one

    • 30014

      The majority of us have better sense than to buy something sight unseen. If they want us to buy the nexus one they will do like vodaphone and sell it in store.

      • davidohio

        Plus I remember the Nexus one having 3G problems that still continue to this day. Google has washed their hands of the issue. Not very reliable support for a $530 device. I don’t think it is a t-mobile issue. No other devices have this problem. The nexus one has great specs but was not sold by t-mobile or warrantied through them.

      • Reece

        For me it’s not even THAT,

        The main killer is this phone murdering my unlimited loyalty plan. I’d think anyone who knows of the Nexus One would’ve copped due to the great reviews ranking this as a helluva phone, but killing plans is def. a reason why the sales are dead (not that Google cares since they still broke into profit selling the few that was sold thus far)

    • Matt_TX

      LOL at ppl who thru away their grandfathered loyalty plan for 500min

    • 2FR35H

      Lol at people buying something before being able to test it out that for one is retarded not to mention the million issues with the nexus one. The main problem with nexus one is that its sold only online.. if people could try it out it would sell.

  • mikeeeee

    what he was really saying was……….

    ‘anybody out there got a checkbook?’

    if they’re goin’ to make it work, now is the time to get positioned for the next upturn in the economy and have products ready for younger hipper people.


    catch the wave and ride the hell out of it.

    out of the big 4 t-mo is the only one that won’t lose wired customers by converting them to wireless. DUH?

  • dsim91

    First all tmo’s towers need fiber hooked up, then flip the switch on hspa+ . Followed by a half a dozen highend smartphones that are hspa+ .

    • Brian

      Agreed. What’s the point of a good phone on a subpar network?

      #1. Increase the coverage!
      #2. Increase the 3G coverage and flip switch on HSPA+
      #3. Femtocell

      Should be a massive (and I mean massive!) T-Mobile tower push! Try to become #1.

      • jrperiod

        Says it all. If your Network doesn’t cover me where i’m at, what’s the point.

    • davidohio

      from what i hear they are working on that as we post here.

    • watbetch

      OMG OK

    • watbetch

      Oh yeah, they have HSPA+ they just haven’t “flipped the switch” because they like depraving their customers.
      And honestly if T-Mobile doesn’t have coverage where you live you’re really not a priority for coverage.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Oh yeah… I am gonna listen to a fool who does not know the difference between “depraved” and “deprived.”

        “Depraving” means to “corrupt morally.”

        Disregard this finger wag if you actually do mean to say that T-Mobile likes to morally corrupt its customers.

      • watbetch

        It was obviously a typo you dullard and if you didn’t get that I was being sarcastic you need take that stick out of your behind

      • mad dog

        Sic em watbetch

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    Why…Technically speaking, Tmobile has more customers than Sprint, However, Sprint has several MVNO operations. Looking at sprints quaterly numbers…and how they break down. How many customers are on Sprint’s network vs. Boost, and the other services…

    I think it comes down to service. T mobile is killing them…

    • watbetch

      Yeah Sprint has a lower overall number of customers under the actual Sprint name and not MVNO’s or low ARPU devices like the Kindle (which is now AT&T but used to be Sprint). T-Mobile has had far less wholesale activity going on.

  • Unless your a freak’n genius, let’s look at the fact that althought T-mo is behind other carriers as far as devices go, the average person does not fully use their minutes and or even know how to operate their “smart” phone?
    The whole “get some great devices in” only applies to a very small percent of the general public (i.e. us nerds) Their focus is on good service, which they have and GREAT customer care which they have proven time and time again. They should be in the top three at least for that reason. Every one jumps on the band wagon and are total victims of product placement. If you look at the spring consumer reports, T-mo come in 2nd to verizon in every catagory like signal strength, less dropped calls, overall customer satisfaction, you know “the important things”!
    I have and have had every android device from T-Mo including an unlocked iPhone and I choose my 9700 anyday of the week cuz it just WORKS! Let’s not loose sight of the fact this is a Mobile phone company and our devices need to be PHONES (MESSAGING DEVICES) first! Not the latest smudgged up touch screen w/ 200,000 apps that your never going to use! Been a Loyal T-Mobian for 9 years. Nor T-Mo or I are going anywhere. Keep up the great work magenta an flip the switch to hspa+ and kick some ***!

    • mad dog

      LOL. You choose the 9700 because it just works. Yeah after 2 or 3 daily battery pulls.

      • targa9932001

        Which is not a network issue, instead software, and the release on May 11 will remedy this. And no, not all phones are like that just a few.

        Next thing I’ll hear is it’s T-Mobile’s fault that Android users who get force close messages cause they don’t know how to use their phone, and have a zillion sms’s saved on their phone is because of t-mobiles network? LOL.

      • mad dog

        No software update is going to do away with battery pulls. That’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to bb. I had the 8320 for 2 years and tried official and unofficial updates, and the battery pull was always the 1constant. Don’t sell yourself dreams you’ll wake up disappointed.

    • dsim91

      Shows what you know, evreybody I know but my mom and dad have smart phones, and that is because they are 60+ years old . Everyone wants smart phones that’s why they are flying off the shelf, just look at the HTC INCREDIBLE on back order for over two weeks on what the first day of sales . Wake up people do want the latest and greatest .

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Great post Cheech. You gotta love how all these people in here, the ones with atrocious grammar and loads of misspellings in each comment, all seem to know better than T-Mobile. Of course the reality is that they don’t know even the most basics of the wireless industry.

      For example, I suspect most of them complaining about coverage don’t know how ALL carriers determine coverage numbers. There’s a very precise formula to figure that out and it has nothing to do with whether a poster in here can get a signal.

      They also don’t know carriers’ revenue totals, how net profit is calculated nor the trends in customer counts going up, down or remaining static.

      To them it does not matter that in three months Sprint (soon to be carrying the Evo) lost close to $1 billion and T-Mobile (who to them can’t do a thing right) made close to $500 million NET profit in three months.

      But why discuss reality (those pesky numbers) when it’s easier to deem Sprint the better company because, after all, it will have the Evo. And it’s super easy to declare T-Mobile #4 because it does not, in the commenters’ opinions, have handsets that are pleasing to them.

      Their business philosophy is to forget what the majority T-Mobile customers want and actually buy. To some people in here all that matters is having cool handsets, even if they sit unsold on store shelves because the majority of T-Mobile customers don’t want the handsets, don’t know how to use them or can’t afford to buy one.

      For some people in here it’s of no moment that T-Mobile has an obligation to provide handsets that its customers actually want, nor does it matter to them that to be successful T-Mobile has to provide value to the cost conscious customers, especially in these hard economic times.

      • watbetch

        Hey ItsMichaelNotMike, can we try “itisMichaelnotMike”? I wonder which one is wrong.. fool.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well actually I own the ItsMichaelNotMike domain name (one of about 120 I own).

        The naming conventions (rules) did not allow use of apostrophes in the domain name. So to remain consistent I don’t insert an apostrophe when I use it as a screen name.

        I forgive you. I would not expect a simpleton hurling insults to understand something as basic as domain naming conventions and restrictions (prohibition)on use of specified punctuation. ;)

      • watbetch

        Which is precisely why I said it IS and not it’s, that was a nice reach but you’ve failed.

      • Well said… well said

    • Well said Cheech! You pretty much nailed everything people should be paying attention to like what you said “T-mo come in 2nd to Verizon in every category like signal strength, less dropped calls, overall customer satisfaction, you know “the important things”!

      I really don’t understand people? It’s just proves you can sucker anyone with a clever marketing scheme with a so-so phone. It’s all about our phones being messaging devices first!

      Been a customer for 6 years and don’t plan on leaving any time soon especially to some annoying CDMA network because they make clever commercials. T-Mo flip the switch to HSPA and dominate!

  • JBLmobileG1

    I believe Tmobile should also improve its network in some places. Especially when HSPA+ rolls around. When that happens everyone should (at the VERY least) have 3G. On my way to Zion National Park in Utah I noticed many of the places I went through to get there only had Edge service. (In fact I think it was never more than Edge) At one point I even had just GSM which is “old school”. I also noticed that once I got there it said I was roaming on an edge network. All I can say it was Very slow especially when compared to T-Mobile’s 3G network. Hopefully Tmobile will continue to improve upon its Network and not rely so much on others. It would be nice to have service all the way to Dion (from Vegas) that way I could rely on Google maps more when traveling further than normal.

  • re: mad dog- Really jack ass (don’t take it personal). The 9700 is the smoothest operating device (looks classy too). No force closes or freezing! Never had that prob w/ any of my blackberry’s. But I did w/ my HD2 and that’s why I sold that on craig’s list. Had to battery pull like 4x a day.

  • mytouch

    u guys i dont think that they will give tmobile up they said it is still makin a great deal of money and just because they dont have the iphone or droid doesnt mean they have bad phones

  • Tarik

    If they’re losing 30k per day, with those numbers posted above, they must be gaining quite a few at the same time frame to be up 415k, 325k and 371k in their first, second and fourth quarter, respectively.

  • Ace

    Stop with the GD grammar lessons. Not all of us spend all day on the fanboy sites and have the time you seem to have.
    I’m glad you own 120 domain names. You proabably have an awesome collection of Yugi-oh cards too.
    You are truly the tallest midget. Congrats…..

    • 30014

      LMAO at the yugi oh diss. I agree 100%

  • I have to agree with the overall consensus here, it does seem as if Deutsche Telecom (not T-Mo USA) is totally satisfied with being in 4th place which is totally unacceptable. To be behind a company (Sprint) you should have possibly purchased is absolutely ridiculous and flat out embarrassing.

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    When it boils down to it, T mobile/DT makes a TON of money. They say perception is reality but the Facts are the Truth. Compare the number on the NYSE: DT with a market cap of 50 billion, Sprint + clearwire with a total market cap of 19 billion, verizon with a market cap of 80 billion and ATT with a market cap of 152 billion.

    If I’m getting a billion dollars a quarter, quarter over quarter, EVEN with a decline, with just a mobile phone service vs. the big three with wireline services…I’m not selling my prize cow for nada…

    I would be looking to buy however. I do believe a purchase of Sprint and a divestiture of it’s old wireline/Government business is inevitable. If I had 10 billion in cash, I know I would put it in front of them.

  • Joe

    I think T-Mobile’s main problem lies with their marketing: not enough and not focused on the right things.

    They already had the best rate plans of any national carrier, and the Even More / Even More Plus is an even better value. People like simplicity and hate contracts, why are they not playing these plans up more?

    What else do people hate about their wireless carrier? Customer service! Play up the long line of JD Power awards.

    T-Mobile’s phone line up is not bad, but until the HD2 the marketing was underwhelming. We had the first Android phones long before anyone else, but it was not marketed. When did Android’s market share really jump? When Verizon got the Droid and marketed the piss out of it as an iPhone killer. T-Mobile finally made a big push for the HD2 when it came out, and look what the hot phone is now that is still perpetually sold out a month after release.

    I really think the smaller network footprint is a non-issue. Yes, the overall footprint is smaller than Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, but we have it where it counts. How often do you not have coverage on T-Mobile in a semi-populated area? Sure, there are a bunch of dead areas out in the sticks, but T-Mobile’s target demographic is the younger crowd and that group tends to be concentrated in urban areas. Start focusing on the number of people covered, rather than the actual maps! Here’s another idea: jump on the femtocell bandwagon, but instead of charging extra for it target customers in areas of poor coverage, make the equipment free w/ contract, and give them a discount on their monthly bill since they are doing T-Mo a service by expanding their coverage!

    What this all boils down to is that the general public is ignorant and stupid when it comes to these things. No one does research on anything, they see a Verizon commercial with a map, or AT&T pimping the iPhone and it’s app store, or Sprint touting their “unlimited everything” plan. T-Mo is cheaper than Sprint for the same plan, has Android phones aplenty with comparable if not better features than the iPhone, and probably covers a very close number of potential subscribers (not square miles)as the other three carriers.

    The final thing I have to say is that T-Mobile also does not play up their strong points, the things that differentiate them from the other three. We had UMA years ago, but no one was aware of it and it was not explained clearly to the general public. Now UMA is quietly dying while femtocells are becoming the next big thing with the other carriers. The @Home landline replacement was a great value, but it was also not trumped up enough and was half-baked at that. There were too many kinks (no FlexPay option, can’t add to unlimited family plan, can’t add to an account already at 5 lines, etc) and too many hoops to jump through (needing a dry loop if you have DSL, needing new cordless phones, no alarm system or fax support, etc) for the average customer. The Cameo was doomed from the beginning with a price that was too high and absolutely no marketing. By the time they lowered the price it already had both feet in the grave.

    I am no expert and obviously T-Mo is not asking me to fix their problems, but these are my observations after being a customer for 6+ years, working for T-Mo for over a year, and following the tech industry and blogs in general.

  • Reece


    And that’s why T-Mobile UK have a true high-end Android option in the HTC Desire while the Nexus One for US customers is available if we murder our current plan or sell our 1st born for $530?

    Meanwhile US Cellular gets the friggin HTC Desire before your American company? Yea, I’m really feeling the love guys. Start making me a believer by continuing talks with Dell to ensure that the Streak 5 will be a true T-Mobile option (e.g. NO KILLING FAMILY PLANS TO GET IT FOR $200 DOLLARS) and I might enjoy the actual good that actually keeps me with your service

  • PT

    TMO has to be sold as it can never compete. The company has made too many strategic errors. It will always have 2nd rate phones because it will never be the most favored by manufactures to make them. Why?, because just as in the early days of 1900MHz they are the sole users of a bastard frequency band in 2100MHz. No one is rushing to make phones for a 4th place carrier in only one country. If it hadn’t been for AT&T converting to GSM, with enough clout to ensure that dual band 850/1900Mhz phones would be manufactured en mass, TMO would have died years ago as they would have only had a handful of models to sell. We are seeing this again with 3G. They have passed on 850 and 700 frequency bands, relying solely on 1900 and 2100 which have less range and poorer building penetration which results in higher cell densities leading to higher costs and smaller footprints. Vz and ATT can always supplement their coverage with the range of 850 and with Vz’s coming 700MHz LTE network, TMO will be toast. Economics and physics are against TMO, it’s just a matter of time.

  • mingkee

    I have a feeling that T-Mobile is going back to the old ways…with better 3G technology and much more decent devices.
    First of all, they lowered the price of webconnect as well as nixed out overages, which gives peace of mind for datacard users.
    Second, Even More Plus plans, these plans is specially designed for unlocked phones owners, they can purchase some unlocked 3G phones even though they’re only a few in the market (Pharos 137, N900, nokia 3710, SE X10i, nokia N8) and enjoy much lower price, especially 3 in 1 plans. Customers can enjoy up to $20 off with individual plans, or up to $60 with 2 lines family plans.
    In addition, T-Mobile offers $5 less on loyalty (preferred) web2go and smartphone internet.
    I heard a professor said that T-Mobile will go out of business in 2 years, but I strongly disagree with him, at least the company is financially healthy after 2003, from close to bankrupt Voicestream to a decent company.
    Other than Suncom, T-Mobile doesn’t gain customers through acquisition. From merely 10 million (2004) to 34.1 million this quarter.

  • mingkee

    I also have Sprint (through Boost CDMA), but I found the speed is painfully slow in Brooklyn college area. Tether your phone with netbook and you’ll see the truth.
    Who says T-Mobile doesn’t have decent phone??? Now I used up too much money to buy these phones and they’re high end phones (N900, TP2, HD2, and soon N8)!!!
    It never happened before 2008, even SE TM506, peroid.