T-Mobile Beefs Up Their Lineup…Hopefully


The following is a guest post by a fellow blogger.  The opinions of the author are not necessarily the opinions of TmoNews.com

Our beloved Magenta had been suffering from a lack of good smart phones in their line-up. This summer could see some drastic changes and those changes could actually propel the company into the race and might even allow it to take the lead.

We start our journey with the T-Mobile G1, followed by the myTouch 3G, the Samsung Behold II and finally the HTC HD2.  Looking at the current line-up, we realize how T-Mobile has been playing a game of catch up with the other carriers.  The HTC Hero came out shortly after the G1 and almost immediately overshadowed the G1.  Then the myTouch was released and still the Hero grabbed all the glory.  Those awful D-list celebrity commercials didn’t help much either.  As we move ahead, we see that next came the Samsung Behold II, and, yet again, Sprint came out with a better phone, the Moment, an arguably superior device.  Last but not least was the perennial powerhouse, the HD2.  The screen and processor were developed to out do the  competition, but now the EVO is going to once again outpace T-Mobile.

Let’s be clear that this article really isn’t about how Sprint has one-upped T-Mobile in the phone release department, but how there is a consistent pattern of releases being overshadowed.   T-Mobile seems to grab the second best phone and act like its number one.  That has been an issue but we could see T-Mobile make a stand this summer and this could be the year they maybe, just maybe, begin to not only catch up, but move ahead of  the competition.  We look at the rumor mills and speculate (and definitely hope) that our beloved Magenta will make heads turn with a strong presence this summer and fall.

Your very own TmoNews staff has been able to find some very interesting phones that are expected to come out over the next couple of months.  Our journey starts with the myTouch Slide, as this phone is looking to make a huge impression with most of the Android fans out there, not to mention that it is the T-Mobile flagship phone for the summer.  It looks as if we will see the best of both worlds from the G1 and the myTouch come together into one device. If I told you I would give you the myTouch and add in the beloved keyboard from the G1, most Android fanatics would start forming a line to pick this up.  We finally will see a better processor with a reported 600MHz on board and will get a 5 MP camera that rivals both the Samsung and Motorola devices currently at T-Mobile.  When you add in a flash, this becomes HTC’s first flash camera on an Android device for Magenta (and it’s about time).  Read here to get the full details of this summer arrival.

There have also been rumors of the new Samsung Android device called the “Galaxy S”.  Now this may not actually come to T-Mobile, but if it does it could really begin to steamroll things this summer.  This device may make an appearance on all major carriers (a very rare occurrence for a device of this nature) this year but that is still an improvement over being passed up or watching Magenta pass on another device.  In my opinion, this was the type of Samsung Android device we were calling for when the Behold II came out and then we watched the Moment hit Sprint’s network.  As this phone is still rumored and details are sketchy, please take my word when I say that this phone could make a huge impact on a soft line up that has been making strides to improve its data devices.

Finally, we reach in the “Oh my, I would pee myself if T-Mobile gets this” category.  Yes, you know exactly where I am going with this one!  The iPhone has been and will be one of the most revolutionary smart phones in today’s smart phone industry.  Yes, I probably have a little bias in this department, but you really should stop and ask yourself if this improve T-Mobiles customer base.  The answer is clearly, YES IT WOULD!  Some Android fans might look at the iPhone moving to T-Mobile as a bad thing, but ,without the iPhone, it may have been years before we saw the Android power houses. The same can be said about Android, the iPhone would not be looking to make huge strides in their new phone this summer if it weren’t for Android.  Before either party totally dismisses this statement, check this out.

These are just three phones that could really make a lasting impression with today’s consumers.  With the ever- expanding lineups from competing carriers, T-Mobile would not only benefit from the addition of these phones, but could see a jump in both smart phone additions and additions of overall customers to their network.  After all, that is the name of the game.  Give the masses more of a variety of phones and they will come….knocking down the doors and stampeding into the stores wanting to get that newest device.  Just see how the HD2 is performing in sells.  Both the retail stores and customer care can’t keep them in stock.

These are but a few devices that you should keep an eye on this summer that may possibly come to T-Mobile.  Is there a particular phone that you think would improve our beloved Magenta’s line-up this year?  Weigh in and let us know!

To continue following the possible move of the iPhone to T-Mobile, be sure to check out our friends over at TodaysiPhone.

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  • Garet

    Honestly I will leave T-mobile if they get the Iphone I am not looking forward to dropped calls because of overuse of Iphone users on the network T-mobiles network already is one of the worst out there but I have no problems now with it unless it gets bombarded with Iphone users wanting cheaper rates.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Seconded. It’s a decent device that simplified things for people. It brought the AppStore which is basically a more organized XDA Developers without all the programs. Other than that, the specs aren’t that great, the phone can’t even do MMS for crying out loud. Oh yeah, look forward to that Limited Multitasking. Oh joy.

      Now I will admit that it will definitely boost Maggy’s customer base but other than that, the iPhone is not an “Oh my god, I would pee myself if T-Mobile get this” device. I’m a good OS fan, not just Android, Symbian, WinMo or whatever, I like to study ALL the OS’ and iPhone has a “Keep it simple” OS which nothing is wrong with but most people like to customize their stuff and that can’t be done as of now on the iPhone. Steve Jobs is too strict on the Developers for the AppStore as well.

      Now the Galaxy S is the device I’m looking forward to, either that, the N8 or the Dell Mini 5, 3 devices which the iPhone doesn’t even come close to matching up to. I would look forward to the Evo but as it stands, Sprint has One-upped Tmobile again.

      Also, I really don’t like how Apple broke into that Gizmodo Reviewer’s house AFTER they had already gotten their property back so off of that alone, I will not support Apple. Just my Opinion though.

      • Sweezy

        I also do not want an iPhone, but it DOES do MMS

      • reveillazn

        Apple didn’t break into the guys home. Police with a search warrant did. A crime may have been commited. I’m not a huge apple fan but you can’t hate them for everything.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        reveillazn… those on the Net criticizing the search of Chen’s house say it was law enforcement doing Apple’s bidding because Apple sits on the REACT steering committee which means law enforcement will pretty much do what Apple says in terms of searching homes, making arrests, etc.

        IMHO when Apple told the San Mateo County Sheriff and the District Attorney to jump, they asked “how high?”

        Apple supporters will differ, but we shall all see what really happened if the Attorney General investigates what went on.

        Personally, given that no arrests were made, the subject matter, how things went down (not only the phone, but also the issuance of the warrant, etc.) I suspect Apple is really dirty in all this.

    • The thing you have to remember is the rumored upgrade in data speed and connection. I feel that with this development of a stronger connection you will also see a more reliable connection for more users at one time. I don’t think that we will see the same issues as AT&T did with their loss of reception in a highly populated area such as New York.

      • Carl

        Agreed. The issue with AT&T was not the iPhone, it was the network. TMo has proven that they have a much better network and bringing in the extra users that the iPhone would entice I think would be great for us, even though I personally would only get the iPhone if it was the last smart phone on the market.

  • DM

    You forgot.. Dell Streak..

  • chh

    Er, none of the phones listed are really jumps ahead of the competition. I don’t get it.

    • ssdf

      agreed…..none of these phones puts tmo ahead….if galaxy s is coming to all carriers…mytouch slide does not compare to either the incredible nor evo…i think over the period of the last 6 months, we’ve learned we dont REALLY need a keyboard anymore…huge screens should suffice (3.7″+) because of swype and better touchscreen tech…iphone will def increase tmo users but its not something many (not all) of the more critical, spec-driven, open-promoting part of the the population are interested in…having more subscribers does not necessarily put u ahead of the competition (just look at ATT)

      • umaluver

        It’s just an article to try and drum up page views. Nothing in here will move them anywhere near the ‘lead’.

      • You think that just because most users want to have a touch screen that “all” customers want to have a touch screen only device. If you ask around, I am sure that you will find customers out there who do not feel comfortable with a touch screen. They rely on a full keyboard because of the way they feel in their hands.

        You say that having more subscribers does not necessarily put T-Mobile ahead of the competition. While this may not be totally true, just look at your example of AT&T. They have found themselves with deeper pockets and a larger customer base. With the combination of these two aspects put together, any carrier would be able to build up a lineup of devices that could put them in the next level of handsets.

  • Laz

    I hope you are right with the iPhone! Come June my family and I are looking at the Evil Empire (AT&T) for the iPhone if TMO does not come out with anything decent. I have passed on the iPhone since it first came out because of the carrier and will no longer pass up a phone that I really want. Are there other phone out now with better features, yes but Daddy wants the iPhone…

    • Laz

      Let me add, if TMO gets the rumored Motorola Shadow (Nexus 2) I will stick around. How can you pass up on a power house like this one?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I’ve been talking about the Shadow for ages and everybody looked at me like what? But when (Not if) it comes to Maggy, I will be jumping ship.

  • This guy

    The writing in this article is horrendous, case in point:
    “but now see how the EVO is going to once again outpace T-Mobile once again.”
    “the Moment, which is clearly more superior”

    once again out pace us once again?
    and more superior….it must be because they’re sales are more bigger.

    I’m kidding around but it was a HARD read. What I don’t undestand about bloggers and Tmo fan boys is that they dont understand the way the business should run. I am anticipating the MyTouch Slide in about a month, and i’ve been trying to follow the rumors about how the processor isnt a 1Ghz, so it MUST be a piece of crap.

    Really now? I guess the Iphone 3G must suck as a phone due to the slow processor….not really. It’s all about target markets, the low end users that need a phone first device but want to text message, get something like the gravity 2, for those new to smartphones, there is the nuron, blackberry lovers have the best BB available in the 9700(soon to be available in white…yumm), Android users get the highest share of phones than any carrier. For those of you who CRAVE performance and want the best of the best, you get what you pay for, order up a Nexus 1 for the $530 price tag.

    I digress though, because I do somewhat agree with the article about how tmo is always a half step behind, we launch a phone then get crushed by the competition, while I dont think the Hero or the Incredible necessarily earn their names…conceited much Mr.Incredible? The Garmin phone that will soon be in Tmo stores should put some people at ease, and the MTS will attract a large audience and get our phone selection back on track.

  • You forgot two very important phones: The Cliq and the Nexus 1. Currently the Nexus 1 is the top Android phone available for T-Mobile and only slightly outpaced by its cousin, the HTC Incredible. Sure, the N1 is only available through Google, but I assume that most of the smartphone users out there have some form of Everything More Plus plan. It seems to me that T-Mobile has been carrying top of the line phones for the better part of three years now.

  • Mike

    You forgot that 1 article I remember it said a “motorola data device” and the motoroi wa supposed to go to tmi so u forgot the motoroi

  • Santana

    The only phone i want to see is TMO’s HSPA+ Android phone, Right now the best phone is the EVO4g in my opinion. TMO will need a phone to promote their upgraded network once it becomes more mature. Hopefully this will be the rumored HTC SCORPION.

  • I don’t really see how the MyTouch Slide and Galaxy S would put T-Mobile ahead of the game. I have been waiting for a G1 version 2 for quite some time, and I don’t really see the MyTouch Slide as this phone. Sure, it is a slight upgrade from the original G1, but I (as well as other people who were anticipating a similar device) were looking for specs that were more like the Droid.

    As far as the iPhone is concerned, I’m not a huge iPhone fan (although there is no doubt about the abilities of the phone and the app market). If T-Mobile DID get the iPhone, then yes, that would definitely propel them ahead of other carriers. However, before getting the iPhone, T-Mobile would need to solidify their coverage (both calling and 3G) before doing so.

    I would like to see T-Mobile come out with some power packed phones this summer (i.e. Droid, iPhone, etc…) but going based on passed phones T-Mobile has offered, I don’t really see that as being too likely. I guess only time will tell..

    • Garet

      Performance of the Droid hmmmm 550 MhZ of the droid vs 600 MhZ of the mytouch slide it is way behind….With a better keyboard

      • Sorry, I meant a Droid like device with a snapdragon processor. Now THAT would be amazing…

      • joel

        You honestly think an ARM11 600 mhz processor can outperform a Cortex A8 550 mhz processor?


      • ermac

        umm the droid has a 800mhz processor.

      • @ermac nope it doesn’t

        Arm® Cortex™ A8 processor 550 mHz

        You can see the specs at the motorola website –> http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/ci.Motorola-DROID-US-EN.alt

      • Carl

        It really doesn’t matter, we are in the 1Ghz age now… Anything less in unacceptable!

      • rushmore

        Droid uses a 3430, which is about twice as fast as the Arm 11 in the Slide. One of the reasons they stuck to the 480X320 screen.

        The chip going in the Slide is bascially a refined 7201. In fact, it is the same 7000 series chipset family.

    • Garet

      yeah that would be great looks like motorola is making one just will it make its way to t-mobile or not.

  • Roger

    UMA phones. This is massive Tmobile differentiator yet the number of phones with it keeps dropping. Now you can only get it on some Blackberries.

    Separately from that I absolutely detest locking and unlocking phones which is why I only use flip phones. (My phone stays discretely in my pocket so holsters are out of the question.)

    The last phone Tmobile sold that met these needs was the BB8220 (Pearl Flip) which is a lemon of a phone partly due to manufacturing (Bluetooth will randomly die at the hardware level) and partly because Tmobile never approves firmware updates so bugs don’t get fixed, performance or stability improved (sample bugs: if you pause the media player on audio the battery is drained very quickly, phone will randomly lock up requiring a battery pull to get working again)


    I hope t-mobile gets the htc desire. Its extremely stylish, has a good sized screen, optical trackball, 1GZ snapdragon processor, and tops the mytouch slide in pretty much every catagory spec-wise. There were some rumors that t-mobile employees were being trained to use the device

    • Shannon

      Oh, wouldn’t that be nice! That’s an amazing phone. US Cell has it (or will) but haven’t heard much more about it.

  • Elias

    I sure hope T-Mobile doesn’t get the iPhone (and I don’t think they will). All the strain on the network. I’d probably pack-up for Sprint.

  • fort

    I hear the guy running the advertising department at T-mo has resined? If so, Thats great news. Hopefully they get someone who know’s how to advertise? If they could get a better map? those colors are why to close together to figure out who has what what it comes to data and cell service.

  • Ronald

    I’m an HD2 user, and it ain’t that good, Windows Mobile has too much lags, and it freezes a lot. I switched back to my Motorola Cliq, and I like how Android is. I’m eligible for full upgrade this Summer, and all I want is the iPhone 4th generation. I’ve seen the pictures from Gizmodo and so far it looks really nice. I think if T-Mobile releases an iPhone, it may even become the 3rd Carrier in the US. Can’t wait for Android 2.1 and Flash on my Cliq for now!

    • equisxx23

      SAD PART IS! that if tmobile drops and iphone it will be the 3g no way in the hell they will get the 4th.

      • Ronald

        I’m not talking about a 4G network, I’m talk about 4th generation meaning thats the 4th iPhone since it’s first lineup.

    • analog spirit

      I feel were you’re coming from about the HD2; I finally got an HD2 yesterday (the last one they had left in the T-Mo store), and took it back today. I took it back because it had some strange issues: the keyboard would keep popping up on the screen (sometimes it would do it when I didn’t even touch anything on the screen!). Sometimes the notifications screen would keep popping up too. I loved that big screen and the hardware, but overall, I found the WM 6.5 software very confusing and user-unfriendly. And to top it all off, there was some dust and debris underneath the glass on the screen, and this was immediately after I unwrapped it, so I know it was nothing I could’ve caused. If it would’ve been my old phone, that’d be understandable (and I could just disassemble it and clean it out), but for a brand-new $450 phone, that’s just unacceptable. So I took it back to T-Mo and got my money back.

      • Ronald

        Yeah, I sold it on Craigslist for $450. I just bought a new Cliq from Craigslist for $200, and save the extra cash til T-Mobile have another BIG release on smartphones!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Some people have problems with their phones, that’s the nature of anything more mechanical or electronic than a clothes hanger.

      Google complaints about the Motorola Cliq complaint and see how many hits come up. Here I will do it for you:




      The HD2 is a fine phone and mine works flawless. You must simply not know how to use a smartphone.

      And the iPhone might make T-Mobile #3? Oh please. For one, Jobs has sold as many iPhones as he is going to. There’s not that many people in blind love with the iphone like some in here are.

      Do people really think that but for the iPhone being hooked up with AT&T that the 1.3 billion handset purchasers would gravitate to the iPhone. LOL.

      Sorry to burst you bubble, but there’s millions of people who do NOT like the iPhone (or anything that has to do with Apple). E.g. I would never buy a cell phone where I cannot remove the battery or that does not have a microSD slot.

      I do give Apple credit in the brainwashing dept. though. Jobs could sell sand to an Arab. The iPhone is the only phone without an expansion slot, yet people still buy it.

      It is amusing to watch Apple fanboys, however.

      • mad dog

        You like to post links and speak as if your opinion is fact. You’re 1 of the cunts that is always bashing apple and android fanboys. Yet you are a winmo fanboy. Nobody cares about you or your hd2. Maybe the reason they can’t operate the phone properly is because it’s os is garbage.

      • analog spirit

        I’m with you on the expandability and removable battery (or should I say, lack thereof) on the iPhone; those are the main reasons why I still haven’t just caved in and gotten one. I like having the ability to replace my battery if it won’t hold a charge anymore. And that was why I went with the HD2, because it had both of those features plus a bigger screen. Maybe my HD2 was defective, besides the aforementioned debris under the screen. And I guess the major usability issues I had with WM 6.5 were mainly just a matter of personal preference and my own lack of experience with the OS… Even if I had wanted to do an even exchange for another HD2, I couldn’t have, as they were still sold out. So instead of waiting another month or so for it to become available again, I just decided to take it back and see what else T-Mo might be coming out with later on this year. I’m not in that big of a hurry, as my BB 8320 still works fine and does what I need it to do, for now.

  • T.P.

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for six years and I’m losing confidence in them. If they haven’t figured out that they need to increase their coverage to provide more powerful phones by now, I’m beginning to think they never will or it will be to late.

  • Tmo needs to release the HTC Desire! All other phone besides that and the iPhone are a waste

  • I wouldn’t wanna see a iphone at all

  • Armo

    How exactly is the Moment better than the Behold II? One advantage it has is that the processor is faster. The B2 on the other hand has a 5mp camera compared to the Moments 3.2mp. Also, T-Mobile’s device has TouchWiz whereas Sprint’s has stock Android. Each have their own advantages/disadvantages and everyone has their own biased opinion about them. The main advantage one would think the Moment has over the Behold II is the slide-out keyboard. Unfortunately, the QWERTY is below par and merely makes the phone a brick.

    Oh, you said the Hero launched “shortly” after the G1 and completely “overshadowed” it. I’m sorry but is this a JOKE? The European Hero was announced like 9 months after the G1 launched! Sprint’s Hero launched a YEAR after T-Mobile launched the G1. Get your facts straight.

    And have you forgotten about T-Mobile’s Motorola offerings? The original CLIQ launched around the same time as the Sprint’s Hero and Moment. In the QWERTY department the CLIQ was (and still is) miles better than the Moment. The Behold II and myTouch 3G together held their own against the Hero as well.

    In the end though, we are all looking forward to upcoming T-Mobile goodies. So we’re all winners.

  • P.K

    honestly this post was a waist of time there is 1 forsure device comming to tmobile this summer and it isnt a good 1, who cares about a mytouch slide a barely upgraded version to a g1 WoW… seriously i dnt understand how tmobile dropped the first android phone and havent had a good 1 since, wth type of stuff is tht… they need to really stop accepting these wack phones and get something like the motorola shadow and/or make the galaxy S actually come to tmobile these devices are something a tmobile customer like me could be proud of not no dang mytouch slide or tht dang iphone

    • jmts80

      My thoughts exactly

  • B

    Hope.. both our greatest strength and our greatest flaw

    • jmts80

      Hope for change should be T-mobile customers motto!

  • equisxx23


    the best phone tmo has os htc hd2 and yes over shadow by evo and nexus but come on really ? is a damn pain in the … and expensive to get. now lets see samsing ill be honest really dont care for it my mom has the moment and didnt like it at all. the slide yea im sure is not the g1 keyboard and no there will be no line for it now if u tell me G1 keyboard on a nexus exclusively for tmo YES! but with phones like evo,incredible,N1,moto droid,iphone3gs iphone 4….theres is really absolutly nothing tha tmo will bring in the next 6 months that is making me want to stay with magenta.

  • thomas

    Until T-mobile comes out with a phone that has at least a 1ghz processor, 2.1 android to start, and something close to a 4″ screen. forget it! The new line up sucks.

    • SirMac

      Who do you think you are?! Not every tmobile customer wants, needs, or likes android or a big screen… Its unnecessary to say what will suck, until the day you are in charge of the line-up tmobile gets dont be so judgmental! If you dont like it, maggy (surely) would no longer need your un-constructive criticism…

      • thomas

        true, some just love Clamshells after all these years! Some BUT, there is a small % out here who want power!!! We are ‘techies’! I sure as hell wouldn’t want to buy a lame ass 1st gen iPhone when they are getting ready to come out with 4g, I would settle for a 3g, BUT T-mobile is dishing out less then that. Yes, some people like yourself my not like my level of smartphone, but there are those like me who do. They dont need to come out with 20 high ends….. just one!

    • Motivated

      I definitely agree with you Thomas.. T-mobiles line up SUCKS! I get disgusted every time I see the Mytouch slide or a Cliq. I want a real phone.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Another great analysis, not.

  • Crimson Knight

    You know, all these people concerned about the iPhone coming and damaging our T-mobile service is a huge exaggeration. The only reason that AT&T has this problem is because they shoulder the responsibility of all the iPhone devices only on their network. They were not ready to handle this. Since then, they made billions of dollars of upgrades on their network with money that they made from the iPhone. Now their network is better as a result. They had a problem with switching technology as well, which is why they couldn’t handle the load. A T-mobile technician told me that they have been installing better switching technology to help avoid this happening on T-mobile’s network. Also, with the 3G HSPA+ upgrade, T-mobile will have the fastest data service in the USA, faster than Sprint’s 4G network! With increased bandwidth and better switching, the iPhone would be amazing on T-mobile. All Apple needs to do is put a chip that supports T-mobile’s GSM and AWS bands. With this, all of Apple’s features that they cannot have on AT&T could become available on T-mobile.

    The other error with your concerns is that you seem to forget that there is a huge base of customers with iPhone’s on T-mobile. Lowest estimates are that there are about 1 million iPhones on T-mobile. That may not be much compared to AT&T but it is still a huge portion of T-mobiles Smartphone customer base. Half of my friends who own an iPhone are on T-mobile. Many of them are looking to upgrade very soon and are hoping for the iPhone to come to T-mobile. I am not just looking forward to it, I am expecting it to happen. I have been a long-time customer, 9 years now, and have had a T-mobile Wing for 2 years, and an iPhone for almost as long. Can you imagine, I couldn’t stand the phones from T-mobile so I had to get a phone from somewhere else! Well, let’s hope they pick up their game. Hopefully their will be an HSPA+ version of the EVO on T-mobile. How can we get the HTC HD2 and not the EVO! That would be an excellent addition along with the iPhone.

    • analog spirit

      Yes! We need a GSM version of the EVO. And I’m praying that T-Mo will “officially” get the 4th generation iPhone this year, so we won’t have to keep unlocking it anymore.

  • chris

    I’am praying that Tmo gets the Galaxy S.

    • analog spirit

      That would be nice too.

  • bob

    The HTC EVO (WiMax calling/data & HDMI out), the Nokia N8 (ALL frequencies everywhere, HDMI out with Dolby 5.1), the Nokia N98 for you QWERTY freaks out there (if it is real), and maybe the iPhone 4G (assuming call quality doesn’t suck) are the phones to beat, period (read the specs).

    Come to think of it, I am surprised that NOBODY differentiates on call quality. ANY manufacturer/carrier that chose to concentrate on this would TROUNCE the iPhone (at least that’s been my experience on T-Mo…I stick to my MT3G).

    Oh, yeah…and battery life (Nokia E52 anybody?). I think the Nokia N8 would take this crown among the phones I listed (maybe?).

  • Julacho

    What TMobile needs is a phone like this one:

    HTC DROID Incredible, yes the one that Verizon is going to start selling.

    The new myTouch is not gona compete with the Incredible, whats the reason that T-Mobile cant sell phones as the incredible???

    Well, the bad thing is that I cant buy an unlock incredible and bring it to T-Mobile….



  • jmts80

    Am I the only one that feels like we are always waiting and hoping that phone selection will get better? We always here about phones that may end up at t-mobile but our selection remains mediocre at best. I for one am sick of waiting!

    • clocinnorcal

      Thank you, my thoughts exactly. Show us android users some high end love for gods sakes. I would be happy to have a N1 intro price, but since I switched from my old plan to one of the “even more” plans my upgrades magically disappeared. Even with my 2 yr contract up in a month it remains impossible for me to get this discounted price. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR
      Step it up Tmo, I mean you guys gave Android thier start, show us some SuperPhone love!

  • Davidohio

    T-mobile will not launch the RUMORED iphone unless their network is backhauled enough to handle the traffic without slowing speeds down. They saw what happened to at&t and will not make the same mistake. also there are a lot of whiners on here. i wish they would just grow up already. These are only smart phones and they can’t please everybody obviously.

  • James

    I am waiting for some nice HTC Windows Phone 7 or Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7 come to T-Mobile by end of this year.

    All those phones you mentioned in your post are boring or mostly look ugly.

    And I really don’t wanna see iPhone in T-Mobile network and if they decide to go with iPhone I have no choice other than leaving T-Mobile for Verizon or Sprint after 8 years being T-Mobile customer.

  • Randy

    All tmobile needs to do is HTC HD2 with Android OS.

    • analog spirit

      Now that would be nice. Or an GSM version of the EVO, or the Scorpion, whenever it comes out.

  • The Nokia N900 has T-Mobile 3G bands, but never appeared on T-Mobile’s roster. (I’m posting from mine right now.)
    Could the 5-band Nokia N8 appear in T-Mobile’s lineup soon? Could that be the anticipated ‘high-end Nseries device’ that was speculated by a Nokia insider back in Fall ’09?

  • I don’t think reception will be bad with iPhone if you live in big city areas, now I’ve been with T-Mo for 6 years and I’ve always stayed for their customer service and the fact that their a GSM network (I really dislike CDMA networks, sorry).

    Those were my reasons behind remaining with T-Mo but honestly they need to step it up! To be constantly beat by a company (Sprint) you should have bought out is absolutely ridiculous and flat out embarrassing.

  • mahogany1

    As I keep saying over and over again they still have the worse selection of phones period. TMobile should replace their phone buyer. I was in there the other day and there is not one truly exciting Android phone in the store. They were the first to release the “google phone” and have since been surpassed by all the other companies. Who needs a Garmin phone when you have an android phone? ever heard of googlemaps? I mean who is this buyer. I think I am ranting sorry.

  • htc android lova

    im already thinking of leaving tmobile. there phones all suck. they think the iphone, samsung galaxy and my touch slide is going to do anything. these phones are outdated and garbage. they need to come out with something more like the htc incredible or htc evo but better. tmobile is so behind the game.

  • MIKE

    you know how people are complaining about processing speeds etc.. but i dont care as long as i can do what i want with it and fast.i wouldnt be mad if the mytouch slide had a 400 mhz processor(not saying its possible)but if it ran well and did what it to and fast.what some people are saying is like this “OMG i need a 2Ghz phone so i can run doodle jump!” not saying snapdragon is useless but whats on the paper isnt what it is and how it performs.

    BTW:the mytouch slide has decent specs and can play raging thunder 2! a game meant for high end phone QWERTY+simplicity of mytouch slide+performance=HAPPY costumers

  • mike

    I just got a nexus one on Tmobile ill be set for a while: )

  • alex

    @Ronald lol same with me had HD2 went back to Cliq Xt,for the same reason tmobile needs a superphone like the Htc Desire or one with same or better specs than Evo 4g or Droid Incredible

  • Sam

    “If I told you I would give you the myTouch and add in the beloved keyboard from the G1, most Android fanatics would start forming a line to pick this up.”

    Uh, no, I don’t think so. The MyTouch was outdated even last year – 600Mhz processor? No, thanks. I know that there are plenty of unsophisticated users out there that will still shell out $ for the MyTouch slide, but most techie types (Android fanatics) have moved on and are holding out for at least a Snapdragon processor.
    It is for that reason (1 Ghz Snapdragon) that I am moving to Sprint as soon as the HTC Evo is out (not Verizon = plans are too expensive). A T-mobile rep laughably tried to convince me that the MyTouch was the same as the Nexus One, but without the Google brand. Sorry Tmo.

  • alex

    I think since tmobile is caught with the my touch they should make a My Touch 2 3g with/without keyboard and same or better specs than the Evo 4g/Droid Incredible listen to my ideas;
    My touch 2 3g
    *New Sense UI
    *8mp camera
    *1ghz snapdragon
    *Android 2.1/2.2
    *Comes in white,red, nd black
    *loads of accesories
    *3.7-4.0 screen
    *Different version of Motoblur
    *includes 8/16gb micro sd card expandable to 32gb
    and other specs,since verizon is with The Droid Series,sprint kind of Hero Series ,At&t with Iphone Series,so makes sense right ?

    • Carl

      Agreed! My Touch 2 is not a reason to use my upgrade from my G1. Still waiting…

  • AJ

    In my opinion, T-Mobile needs the following Android phones: the HTC Desire, HTC Legend, and the new myTouch Slide. The Legend could be the successor to the myTouch (as long as it still utilizes Sense UI, the myTouch Slide could be for the user that needs a keyboard, and the Desire could be for those that want a full-featured, snappy phone like the Nexus but don’t want to pay a premium for the phone (or get stuck with 3G issues).

  • alex

    I forgot also
    *optical tracKpad
    *comes in different colors later in the year,purple,blue,etc
    *promotes tmobiles Hspda+(correct me if I spelled it wrong)
    *3.5mm audio jack
    *camera/video takes 1080p/720p resolution
    *dual led flash
    *camera infront 5mp
    Hey I can dream .

  • Khan

    Wasn’t there some LG phones that were rumored for tmobile

  • xclntgig

    If, if, if, if…… I’ve grown weary of hoping T-Mobile will get a cool smart phone in the era of 3G. I still hold on to my BB Pearl on EDGE while I watch cool phones get announced and then released only in Europe, or on some other US carrier. Kudos for being first to the Android party but it was downhill from there. I mean, why is the G1 still even offered for sale?? That thing is ancient! It should have been replaced by another physical keyboard phone like the DROID a year ago. Many have questioned their choice of 3G technology. Is this why they can’t get better phones?? Anyway, my company is ditching their BES server so I have no choice but to switch now… I will be getting an iPhone 4.0 in June..

  • really all they have to do is talk htc into making android work for the hd2 i think it would become their best phone to date

  • Dinlasvegas

    I am tired of everybody whining about they don’t want the iPhone to come to the network. I have had a blackberry I had a jailbroken g1 and am currently using a jailbroken iPhone. Out of all 3 the iPhone is the best of the three. If you don’t like apple then that is your deal. Nobody will twist your arm into getting one. As for the network slowing down it’s not like AT&T is going to stop carrying it. They still have a wider network than our tmobile. I am crossing my fingers that we will see this in June cause I am tired of running on edge but I gotta cause I love my iPhone. The smartphones they have don’t offer any competition. Yeah it took apple 4 phones to get what the android system has but like there computers they are stable and dependable.

  • Johnny

    i want the HTC Desire now!!

  • rushmore

    Hey, is the guest blogger a Tmo marketing person?

    Sounds like marketing spin to stave off disgruntled investors. How can anyone in their right mind call the Slide a flagship device, or that Tmo may take lead this year? Sure, people would have jumped for the Slide- one year ago. Also, how is Tmo taking the lead with the weakest 3g coverage of the main providers? Tmo is losing a net of customers, not gaining. Live by the lower product end, die by it. Even the HD2 was a consolation offering from HTC. Tmo is losing customers due to weak coverage and weak device device selection in their portfolio.

    So now the flagship device for Tmo will be the lowest res and slowest speed and oil will be the only flagship without Flash 10.1, since the tech doesn’t meet Adobe hardware requirements. Wild.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You accept as gospel a guest blogger’s designation of the Slide as a flagship handset. That’s a leap. Just because someone in here says something does not make it so, especially a guest writer (whatever that means).

      No need to think that T-Mobile is treating the mySlide as a flagship device since T-Mobile has never said any such thing. In fact, many people in here say stuff and others assume it’s T-Mobile saying it. (Guess that’s how rumors start. One person makes it up, another falls for it, then it becomes the truth because “someone heard” or “they say.”)

      So attributing his flagship comment to T-Mobile is mistaken and your criticisms about T-Mobile on that basis are way off.

      The mySlide is a nice phone that fills a need (people who want a keyboard). Mark my words, T-Mobile won’t be treating it like some kind of great new phone.

      Sidenote: This article mentions some phones, but I don’t buy a word of it. Considering how secretive T-Mobile is with its handset debuts and devices in the hopper, I see some great phones coming out, a couple for the summer, one or two in August-Sept., then a few surprises for the Holidays.

      • David

        Actually Mike, the comment about it being a flagship device was my add in. I’ve got it on good word that this device is the flagship device for the foreseeable future and T-Mobile will be pouring marketing resources into its promotion. Its not a guarantee, but a good word to me is good enough.

      • rushmore

        Makes perfect sense that it would be the flagship device, due to the segment of consumers Tmo has decided to focus on. Slide could have been a legit flagship device, if it had a 3430 and 800X480 display. The 3430 is a mature chipset that would be perfect for the device and also work with Android 2.2 & Flash 10.1.

        Odd that Tmo chooses a device that will not even have a steady update path, due to slow hardware and lower res screen. If the Slide was out a year ago, it would make more sense.

      • mad dog

        Mikey you got checked by the editor, now go sit in the corner and cry to yourself. Or maybe you have a link to post that covers this. LMAO. Ha! Ha!

  • watbetch

    What’s going to happen in the next 6 months when HTC has the DROID Invincible sporting a 6″ SUPERAMOLED HD screen and 2Ghz dual core processor + 2GB of ram? Are all of you going to take out a loan to finance it just so you can have the latest and greatest?

    • Shayne

      well i couldn’t be happier with my phone..i feel
      sorry for all you whinners out there..
      make the switch to verizon and sprint already..
      you want a good android then stop being so
      cheap and pay for the nexus1..it want kill you…
      i could afford the touch pro2 for that same price as the nexus when i got my tp2..oh well sorry for ya..

      -Sent via my HTC HD2

      • watbetch

        That’s what I’m talking about.. we DO have the Nexus One, if you can’t afford it you shouldn’t be complaining or threatening to switch to a carrier that costs more per month like Verizon.

        The HTC Evo probably will fizzle quickly once people can’t get a WiMAX signal, anywhere, and when they do it’s no faster than 3G in some cases. Also when people realize it’s on Sprint, they’ll be further disenchanted with the phone. I guarantee you that.

  • DeeLirious

    Is this article for real? The mytouch slide already doesn’t compare to the android phones that are on the other 3 carriers. The galaxy s is going to att, and the iphone is an extreme rumor. I will probably get the slide sadly because it will be the best android phone with tmo so far. That’s not saying much. Tmo will never have the “best phone” on the market. We need to learn to except that.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Based on some comments in here it’s clear that those people don’t know how carriers operate.

    For example, all phones do NOT need to be superphones or high powered smartphones. If a customer does not need nor would never use all that power, why put the fastest processor or max RAM on a device. Because that makes the phone cool or acceptable in your eyes? I don’t think so.

    I said this before, assume T-Mobile will sell 5 million myTouch Slides. Since that is a mid-range Android phone you can assume that the typical user does not know squat about ROM, RAM, what the “SD” stands for in microSD, what “USB” means, what is the size of the audio port (3.5mm), or even how to measure a display to determine it is 3.5″ nor what TFT means (thin film transistor).

    And what about what comes in the box, and does not. Many of these buyers could care less that the purchase does NOT include a case, so T-Mobile may not include one (which then results in many stores selling a $20 case when buying the phone).

    Also, many phones do not include a microSD chip, and if they do, it’s a 2GB Class 2 (Class 2 means 2MB per second transfer speed, very slow).

    So if you were figuring out how to configure a phone which way would you go:

    A. Cut back on the more expensive ROMs, less RAM, the fat and unnecessary items, features, accessories, etc. so that on each unit T-Mobile is saving $20. (I do not know the price difference between ROMs, RAM, 5 million 2GB chips versus 4GB, etc. So I am just assuming $20 per unit savings.)

    So 5 million units X $20 = $100 million saved.

    Insert any numbers you want (including number of units sold) you still get the point. Saving here, shaving there equals saving BIG bucks.

    B. Don’t cut back, instead build in the fastest processor, max RAM, and all kinds of accessories. Why? Because geeks in here say so? Or to stop people in here calling T-Mobile employees names, bad mouthing the company. And because people in here know what’s best for DT, T-Mobile’s 154 million worldwide subscribers.

    In regards to this article’s premise, I don’t agree. While T-Mobile is not the largest U.S. carrier, they are doing many things right (which company would you invest in: Sprint who last quarter posted an $865 million LOSS and LOST about 75,000 subscribers; or T-Mobile USA who in one quarter ADDED 600,000 customers, realized $5 billion in revenues and $483 million in net profits.)

    Yeah rush over to Sprint and snap up the Evo. Maybe your purchase might help save the company. LOL.

    Conclusion: You see how ridiculous all this is. You criticize T-Mobile’s handset lineup and diss T-Mobile as being inept and incapable of making the right decisions. Yet Sprint, who is coming out with the Evo, is losing money and customers.

    The Evo caters to a very select group of users, users who are not going to save Sprint.

    In contrast, T-Mobile comes out with phones that its users want, users who can best be classed as bargain shoppers, looking for cheap plans and cool handsets. Cool handsets does not mean the latest, greatest, fastest and most advanced. It means handsets that make people feel good, are easy to use, and not complex.

    Bottom line, criticize all you want, T-Mobile is doing just fine with its current handset lineup. The Company’s handsets are a perfect fit for the kinds of users T-Mobile has.

    • Motivated

      As you can see from the many T-mobile forums, people done want these mediocre phones. Just because some people don’t know what processors, ROM, and RAM means doesn’t mean T-mobile has to settle for half ass phones. I bet Sprint will bring in many more customers just because of the HTC Evo, something the T-Mobile could’ve done.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well not sure what “done want” means ;) but assuming you meant “don’t want” I simply ask 1) what people?; 2) who says T-Mobile handsets are mediocre and half-ass phones?; 3) what do you mean T-Mobile “has to settle?” 4) Sprint will bring in many more customers (than T-Mobile) in comparison to what?; and 5) Are YOU going Sprint and buying the Evo?

        Lots of unfounded statements you posted there. For example, I have not heard anyone on the Net say that T-Mobile has mediocre and half-ass phones. By “anyone” I mean anyone in a position to know about these kinds of things, critics in the media, etc. I am not talking about people who would use terms like “half-ass” in a discussion about handsets.

        Again, the measurement of a carrier’s success is customer count and profit. But hey, if T-Mobile can make money selling mediocre and half-ass phones, that’s quite an achievement.

    • rushmore

      Exactly- lower end device users. Tmo has defined their strategic life on this. problem is they are bleeding more customers than gaining. In particular, the higher end customers who buy higher end data plans, etc.

      I wish Tmo the best.

    • mad dog

      If tmo was coming out with phones its customers wanted this article would not exist dumb ass.

  • soon2TMO

    ^^^ good point mike!!

    good point!!

  • soon2TMO

    im not on Tmo yet, but i will be soon.. im just waiting for a phone that ill like, ill wait until summer and i hope some highend phone comes to tmo by then.. if not, ill get the mytouch slide coz i dont think i can wait until the november or december to get be on Tmo..

    im alredy tempted now to get the HD2, but based on the reviews and that it wont be upgraded to windows mobile 7, i’d rather hold off…

    i wish samsung galaxy s comes to tmo this summer.. :)

    love this site by the way!

    • ReadingGood

      I totally get what you’re saying and respect your decisions, I just wanted to point out that I had the same trepidations about the HD2 & WinPho 7…. then I got the HD2 and I’ve totally forgotten about WinPho7. Seriously. I’ll deal with that issue when it finally comes, but for now… the HD2 made me FORGET about WinPho7. Nuts.

      Also, I’ve made mention of this before, but: If any of you are Android or iphone users who are obsessed over apps like people obsess over Facebook… then again, avoid the HD2. The HD2 is NOT for you. Just like I realized how much Android is NOT for me.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      In regards to your Galaxy S wish, IMHO that handset will be coming to T-Mobile. Some people will tell you otherwise, but from everything I have seen and read on the Net, it’s a safe bet that we will be seeing it in June, or maybe August 12-15 since T-Mobile always issues a “summer phone” in August.

      If it arrives in mid August expect to see “coming soon to T-Mobile ” ads in July.

      To replace our ancient G1 (that is still a fantastic phone, the thing is built like a tank) we will be debating whether to get the Slide (that has a physical keyboard, a big plus for my girlfriend) or the Galaxy S (that has amazing specs and will be a great multi-media phone).

  • Anthony Swift

    If T-Mobile was to pick up the iPhone sales would boom at the fastest pace they would have ever seen or had before… the iPhone sells itself, little or no advertisements are needed. AT&T does so well because of their wide range of devices and yes, they have the iPhone.

    It would be nice if Apple will “open” up their devices a little more to other carries, however, the chances of the iPhone going to T-Mobile is very, very slim to none, BUT then again Apple is really good at keeping their doors closed on any new product until its finally announced.

    T-Mobile is holding up just fine with their excellent & affordable phone plans…. plus the HD2 is one AWESOME device (although I do not like Windows Mobile) Windows Mobile 7 will be the solution to this.

    I am SO excited to see what Apple is announcing this year… I currently use an unlocked iPhone on our wonderful T-Mobile network… =}

    • mad dog

      Bad news buddy, windows 7 won’t solve the hd2’s problems because its not upgradable to windows 7. How can being the #4 carrier and not be gaining any ground on #3 be doing fine?

      • Shayne Carlos

        Actually it will be and has already been ported to the HD2 just like android will be ported also, so in a couple of months my HD2 wins cause it will hopefully run android and 7 and linux ubuntu..just because it want be done officially done doesnt mean our cooks at XDA wont have it done which im sure they will..

        Tmobile already have 2 top of the line phones HD2 and Nexus1
        if you want the Android then you gotta pay that Android price if not settle for the mytouch or whatever you choose

        -Sent via my HTC HD2

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I’ll tell you how…

        The #4 carrier (T-Mobile) made almost $500 million NET PROFIT in a quarter (that’s three months for those who don’t know).

        The #3 carrier (Sprint) LOST $865 BILLION in three months.

        Go ahead and interpret those numbers as Sprint doing fine and T-Mobile not doing fine. But don’t hand out investment advice, you will get sued for malpractice. ;)

      • mad dog

        ItsMichaelNotMike so it’s gone from me stalking your posts to you stalking mines. LMAO. You sacrificial poser.

  • GreenTea

    We need the EVO or the Incredible or something just as good. We need adult Android phones not kiddy ones like the Cliq. The Mytouch was OK at best.

    • *d.*

      I agree %100. Neither the MyTouch Slide, nor the Galaxy S is seriously considered a hot phone. These days even the Nexus One has been overshadowed. I was hopeful that T-Mo would get it’s arse in gear and give us the HTC Desire, but again I shouldn’t be surprised that the MT Slide is the best we’re getting.

      I’m saving up my money and getting the Nexus Two. T-mobile is NOT going to be getting any hot phones. Please stop posting articles like this; they’re false.

    • DeeLirious

      I agree. I have the MyTouch. And although I’m a huge Android fan, I’m not to stoked about T-Mo’s phones right now. Not even that excited for the MyTouch Slide, although I have seen and read many things that have spiked my interest. It’s still not the incredible, or Evo, or Galaxy S. Which by the way, is going to ATT. MichaelNotMike is a dreamer.

  • chris


    • randy

      no confirmed yet, and they just released the incrediable. tmo already has overseas rights to it and it is working out great.

    • David

      Says who??

  • gadgetguru

    I think it very possible Apple could just roll out iPhone to t-mobile casually this summer or by end of the year. They could technically announce during the upgrade release this summer that iphone will be coming to other carriers in near future with T-Mobile getting first by end of the year. Apple can give AT&T 4.0 phone as a short term lead and with others getting iPhone every 6-8 months time lag. I know T-Mobile across Europe has iphone and has better infrastructure than AT&T as T-Mobile is global company unlike AT&T. There support system is 100 times better with proven outstanding service globally. Not to say T-Mobile might also have some surprise phones popping up this summer.

  • jabombardier

    IMO what’s more important is the plans I get. I rather get a stellar rate plan at a lower price than pay for a paltry prate plan and pay the same price as what I am paying now. So when it comes to choosing a phone I will just pick what available android phone T-mobile has. Its time for an upgrade so, it will be between a cliq, a MyTouch Slide, or a Nexus One. Snapdragon processor doesn’t mean anything because it hasn’t done anything important but its required purpose which is to make the phone run the OS and apps. Yes its faster but a slower processor will not hinder my experiences with a phone. I don’t care for upcoming flash either because I know it will burn out the phone’s battery life to the point where I have to keep it charged all the time.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good post. You are exactly the customer I was referring to in my earlier post. You put it very well: “It’s faster (processor) but a slower processor will not hinder my experiences with a phone.”

      And you are right, many people don’t want flash and other bells/whistles because they instead want long battery life. For those people T-Mobile included a separate YouTube app if the user wants to on occasion (maybe once a month) see a video that a relative uploaded.

  • mikeeeee

    this is all a result of the marketing ‘genius’ t-mo hired from starbucks.

    now, that she’s gone the new guy will have to get his numbers up to keep his job.

    the collateral damage is………….

  • mikeeeee

    this is all a result of the marketing ‘genius’ t-mo hired from starbucks.

    now, that she’s gone the new guy will have to get his numbers up to keep his job.

    the collateral damage is………….

    we’re going to get some better, better hardware and i’m qualified for BOGO upgrade.

    • mikeeeee

      soory for the dupe

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      No argument there. T-Mobile’s marketing is one area where we are immensely qualified to review, rate and ultimately criticize since we are on the receiving end of the Company’s efforts.

      After they tossed Zeta-Jones T-Mobile’s marketing has been anything but memorable (IMHO people remembering an ad campaign is the measure of whether or not the campaign was a success. E.g., I bet that millions of people can recall Droid commercials. And many people recall the “Are you there?” campaign.)

      What did we get… some B grade personalities standing in front of a camera holding their myTouch phones with pleasant elevator music playing in the background.

      So we shall see if we remember the next round of T-Mobile ads. If we don’t then it’s back to the drawing board.

  • Noel

    Tmo should get the HTC Desire in stores pronto..though a look alike to the Nexus one which is sort of on Magenta…we need it to be in stores so customers can have a good feel of the phone. The HD2 which i think is an awesome device w/ all the goodies on it, is just a lil big in hand for me..don’t get me wrong thats not much of a problem..but after playing w/ it i decided to get the N1 which feels gr8 in hand and i wud say the right size for a phone. I know if Tmo gets the Desire in stores it will sell just as fast as the HD2. I have been badly in need to change phones..passed on the Mytouch cz the screen wasn’t big enuf and not enuf spec-wise..contemplated on the HD2, just wish Tmo had the Htc Desire..could not wait till the Desire

    • alex

      The HD2 grows on you fast (I guess it acutally shrinks). After a couple weeks with it you don’t realize how big the screen is until you use another phone. I had used the TP2 for a while before I got the HD2, but after using the HD2 for a week when I used my friends TP2 the screen looks tiny.

      • chris

        word. lol, can’t even go back on my g1… my gf’s using my g1 haha

  • alex

    I don’t understand the point of this whole article. First people complained that T-Mobile didn’t get good smartphones at all. Then when they did start getting good smartphones (TP2) people complained that shortly after all the other carriers got the same phone. Then when Tmobile gets the best phone available in the world exclusivley amoung US carriers (HD2) people complain becuase in three months later basically the same phone plus android and a few more megapixels on the camera is coming out (Evo).

    I think Tmobile is doing just fine in its smartphone offerings. The only screw up is letting the nexus1 be sold exclusively by google.

    • equisxx23

      the problem is that they do bring some good phone, but nothin to compete with the other company’s

    • ReadingGood

      To this day I’m STILL confused as to how some of you think T-mobile is responsible for anything to do w/ the Nexus One. That’s all google, and always will be.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      “The only screw up is letting the nexus1 be sold exclusively by google.”

      Huh? Do you have info that the rest of the world does not? LOL.

      Your statement lacks foundation and at best is backasswards. Google called the shots on everything, not T-Mobile.

      You do realize that the N1 is a phone that Google brought out. The handset is not a T-Mobile product. The Nexus One is a Google phone and T-Mobile had absolutely nothing to do with it except agree with Google that T-Mobile would be the exclusive carrier providing wireless services.

      Seeing how the N1 debut was a pretty big deal (as measured by fact that the nightly news covered the phone’s debut) T-Mobile being the carrier associated with the phone is actually an achievement, not a screwup.

      And as far as marketing, pricing and selling, T-Mobile had no say at all about that, except maybe some T-Mobile execs might have said Google’s experiment was risky.

      If anyone had a say about the N1 it was HTC. Before the N1 debuted HTC said that it would no longer make phones for companies like Google. (Can you say “Sorry Dell, we won’t be making your handsets.”)

      HTC said that the N1 was the last phone it would be making for third parties as it wanted to concentrate providing handsets ONLY to established carriers. That’s why you won’t see an HTC follow-up to the N1.

      • alex

        I didn’t say it was Tmobiles fault, I was just saying besides the Nexus1, I think that every highend smartphone relase Tmo has done was done acceptably.

    • rushmore

      alex, do you work for marketing at Tmo and trying to get promoted? ;)

      1. TP2 did not even get a 3.5 jack that Verizon got, just when people were (finally)becoming sensitive to it.

      2. HD2 was launched with a dead OS and even HD2 lovers are now complaining due to lag and trying to sell the HD2. Big business at least on eBay ;) The touch screen sensors on the device are older tech as well. EVO will have updated sensors and work with multi-touch as intended (well).

      HD2 is not even getting Flash, or WP7. It was outdated when released. EVO is getting Android 2.2, Flash 10.1, better touch technology. How is that basically the same? Kind of like saying a Pacer and Mustang are basically the same car ;)

      • rushmore

        And HDMI out and more robust 3D chipset. Yeah, it is basically the same phone- That’s the ticket ;)

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Don’t forget the Secondary Camera which is the main thing I’m upset about the HD2 not having. >:(

      • chris

        sorry to break your bubble. but that’s tech. these days, product launched today could be obsolete by tomorrow. no one really cares if T-mo released HD2 5 months later and with a “dead” OS.

        people still bought the HD2. and it did pretty well.

        was it really a bad thing that T-mo brought a phone with a “dead” os? you see, not everyone has to have the newest OS. some people wanted the old OS just fine. believe it or not, some people still prefer XPs than Vista and win7, and XPs are still sold by retailers. doesn’t mean that its bad? it just meant more selection. more demographics = more customers.

  • SEFan

    The HTC phone that became the MyTouch (blanking the name) was a known quantity for a while before it rolled on T-Mo. By then it was overshadowed by the Hero. The Samsung Galaxy was out for nearly a year before it morphed into the Behold II and surfaced. What looked like a decent device when it first became available was stale technology by the time T-Mo rolled it. Why does it take so long for T-Mo to get a device into the system? New and better devices are always going to come. You have to get them WHILE they’re new; if you wait too long you look slow and stale.

    The HD2 story is just sad. Having Microsquish roll out 7 Mobile (what DO they call it now??) just before the HD2 was launching sort of stole some of the thunder. And who knew that Microsquish would declare the HD2 a dead end because of the button issue? And face it; most of us would kill for an HD2 running Android. The MyTouch Slide is a start, but no more than mid-range in the current smartphone universe.

    I still have some hopes for T-Mo, but I’m beginning to lose patience. The MyTouch Slide has an audience out there, but I’m not part of it. I dislike the added thickness and weight of a physical keyboard (if not for that I’d be using an N900 right now). My current phone is starting to fail. I need a new cool phone or I need to migrate. Hurry up guys!!

  • Smith

    7 Mobile (what DO they call it now??) ?
    would kill for an HD2 running Android?

    Really!? I mean Really!?

    Your story is just sad. You are just Android fanboy and you can just troll and call names. And your post just show how much you know.

    You may have some hopes for T-Mobile but I have no hopes for you!

    • SEFan

      Android fanboy?! My seconds will call on you directly!

      Seriously, if I’m a “fanboy” for anything it’s the iPhone. Would have had one long ago if it didn’t mean migrating to AT&T. So apart from some name-calling, do you have anything useful to input here? A counterargument for the larger point I was making about T-Mo being slow to market with their new devices?

      As for the MS comments, you sound like a bit of a fanboy yourself. If the early looks at 7 Mobile (we’ll call it that for this discussion) are borne out by the final OS, Microsoft will be back in the mobile game. Maybe. The fact is they let WinMo coast for a long time, and they’ve paid for it in lost market share. I had a look at the HD2 – brilliant hardware, and HTC tried their best to overlay the base OS, but they can’t cover all the bad habits. The app market is sorely lacking, and not likely to get better since 6.5 is a dead end. And you gotta love the way MS waited until just after the launch of the best WinMo device around – just incidentally the flagship phone for T-Mobile – to announce that no, it wouldn’t be upgradable to 7 because of some stupid button issue. Not quite the chokehold on the platform that Apple has with iPhone World, but a close second.

      So yeah, I have a bit of a mad on at MS over mobile issues. And yes, I’d buy an HD2 running Android 2.1 in a second. Or a Nexus 1 if I could buy it from T-Mobile instead of Google. If you’re a true fan of all things WinMo, sorry. I really didn’t mean to offend. And thanks for the laugh.. Android fanboy; gotta love it.

  • Jayridius

    A phone that has HSPA+ support that looks like the HD2 and runs Android 2.1 or 2.2!

  • Tpavey

    I think if the Nexus One were available in T-mobile stores this discussion wouldn’t be happening. While hardware wise the Evo may overshadow it, the N1 is the device Google is likely testing all of their upgrades on. It will be the first to get Android 2.2 and likely future upgrades.

    To go along with this, T-mobile needs to treat current customers better to retain them. T-mobile has decent pricing for a single line with internet, but when you start to have multiple phones on the same account with web access they get just as expensive as the big two. Sprint has by far better pricing on their data plans. Sprint also has upgrades after one year available to customers. Their flagship phone is $100 less for NEW customers than it is for existing customers who are upgrade eligible AND you can’t put it on a family plan.

    The things that made T-mobile great, customer service and pricing, are no longer the best in the industry and their phones are lacking. Without some major overhaul to their busisness practices I don’t think a one or two phones will make a difference. I’m a T-mobile customer of 9 years… This is the first time I’ve ever contemplated switching.

    Back on topic… If the Dell lightning comes to T-mobile it will really help as well.

  • ET

    Please tell me one thing about any of those three phones that is better than either the Droid or the Incredible? The only reason that TMO isn’t the laughing stock of the android community now is the Nexus One (which is a whole different category of phone due to being sold directly by google). How am I supposed to get excited about the myTouch Slide’s 600Mhz processor when the competition has 800 or 1000? TMO is doing worse than playing catch up they are lagging behind. And don’t think I am some verizon troll, I have been a TMO customer since before they were T-Mobile. I just want a phone that has a competitive processor ~1Ghz and a physical keyboard on magenta. Is there one on the horizon? If all rumors are believed in their most optimistic varieties a not this year :(

    • rushmore

      Now now, at least the Slide will get Flash 10.1…… nevermind- aint happening ;)

    • Tpavey

      As I quickly mentioned above it is rumored that the Dell Lightning will hit T-mobile based on the frequency bands seen. It is a vertical slider with 1GHz processor. This won’t be until the holiday season though.

      You didn’t mention Android, but you did only list Android phones so I’m not sure if that excites you.

  • SiriousBlack

    I hope this info is true, I love being on Tmo but they do need a boost in phones. Just a correction, the mytouch slide will not be the first android phone tmo has with camera flash, the cliq xt has been out for a bit now and it has a flash.

  • trife

    Is anyone TRULY excited about the new MyTouch? Seriously, this being the flagship phone for TMO pretty much sums it up.

  • Kerry

    I bought a G1 the December after it came out. I had an iPod touch, but I fell in love with the Android OS (and I can’t stand AT&T). Each new SW updated just furthered my love of my phone and Android. Sure I saw other phones pop up but I had faith that TMO would keep getting us updates and eventually replace the G1 with something good.

    When the N1 rolled I was excited, but then you could only get it from Google and only if you paid full price or changed your calling plan… oh yeah, please do that phone unseen and just hope you like it. Oh, and BTW lots of people are having 3G issues, we don’t know why… and we tried a fix but you are now on your own if you are one of those folks. Spec-wise, and look and feel… the N1 looks great. But I don’t have a sense that N1 owners have “all that and a bag of chips”.

    So I keep looking and hoping. My tired old G1 is apparently being left for the recycling bin. Its outdated before my contract was even up. It was crippled by low storage space and memory the day we bought it. Moving around in my G1 isn’t as fun as it once was… I see people at work with Droids and think “why TMO? How could you let us Android pioneers down???”

    I feel let down… we were on the cutting edge a year and a half ago. Apple snubbed their nose at us. As Android got more popular Apple started thinking “maybe that upstart has something”… now the mighty Apple is putting features in their OS that have been lacking for years.

    If you could take an iphone OS and Android OS and shuffle in all the good parts and take out the bad stuff you would have a mighty powerful, efficient, fun phone to use. Maybe that’s what the iphone will become.

    If TMO were to get the iphone (that worked at 3G speeds) I’d seriously have to consider getting one. Its music player is superior to anything on Android (I’ve downloaded and tried most of them). Being able to install updates yourself would be nice. And since they are adding multitasking and other features I start to think “maybe, just maybe”.

  • Special K

    This article is a God send…I kid you not. There has definitely been an issue with T-Mobile grabbing the second rate phones, or not advertising them properly. If I worked in T-Mobile’s marketing department, I would have lots of ideas to bounce around. Consumers want an image, and a brief description of why it fits their lifestyle. They also want to know why T-Mobile is a better choice for them. Whether it be for individuals, young adults, families (which seems to be the current focus), they need to know that T-Mobile is the BEST option.

    The main problem with the handsets is that T-Mobile retail associates as well as customer care/tech support associates are paid to hype the devices up, and give consumers an idea as to what things can be accomplished; but with second rate specs and software, the experience never pans out. Also, releasing devices with out of date software has been a common trend on T-Mobile for quite some time.

    Do not get me wrong, the HD2 from a tech standpoint is an absolutely marvelous phone. However, the problem is once you get past the beautiful Sense UI on the device, you are met with the freezing/crashing/sluggish/internetdoesntconnect/icannotpowermyphoneon/whycantIunlockmyphone problems that Windows Mobile 6 series has experienced for years! The second Microsoft killed the notion that this device will be upgradable to Windows Mobile 7 series, I knew right there the HD2 will cause great dissatisfaction. If you fast forward probably 6 months from now when every other carrier (including T-Mobile) is coming out with Windows Mobile 7 series devices, those same customers who bought an out of date software on the HD2 will be asking if we can upgrade and the answer will definitely be no. You can’t be serious when a “flagship” device is out of date in a mere 6 months.

    Now, we have devices like the Garminfone coming out, where the audience is so narrow, the software is already out of date and based on what I have heard, there may not even be a software update for it. This to me is a problem. The Nokia Nuron a few weeks back also has software that has since been upgraded upon, and who knows if that will be upgraded.

    T-Mobile, if you are reading this; this is what consumers want. They want a phone with kick ass specs, and software that isn’t outdated the second they pick the device up. They want to then see commercials (minus the arm and a leg) that appeals to how they use their phones, how they stay in touch, and how T-Mobile’s offering is superior to the competition. They want to hear about how the network has been expanded. They want to hear about how you have increased the 3G network at a pace faster than anybody else. After seeing a commercial and a list of devices, you want consumers to feel, “Wow, these guys really stepped their game up.”

    Unfortunately, it has been the same cycle, and I am hoping that T-Mobile does step their game up because I really do like the company.

    • analog spirit

      Exactly. I had some bizarre issues with my HD2 so I took it right back to T-Mo the day after I got it, which was a shame ‘cos I really liked the hardware, just not the software… I really like the company too, and I have no intention of ever leaving T-Mo if I can help it, ‘cos I’m totally happy with my unlimited Even More Plus plan. But they need to get some better phones in their line-up, like, for example, that EVO 4G or rather, T-Mo’s own GSM/HSPA+ version of it… I don’t care much for Sprint, but whenever I see that EVO 4G, I have to admit, it’s kind-of tempting… That thing has all the functions I’ve ever wanted in a phone and then some. If T-Mo came out with their own version of that, I’d buy it right away.

  • Djkay

    I have been debating on leaving T-mobile for the Sprint EVO 4g or getting a Nexus one at full price. The my touch is a JOKE! Any advise?

    • Motivated

      I was thinking the same thing. I’ve had my G1 since the day it came out. Changing the ROM and hacking my phone is getting old. I need a RELIABLE phone! So I may just wait until August or September to see if T-Mobile comes out with something spectacular that will rival the HTC EVO.

  • newspeak

    the mytouch slide should not even be in the conversation ….its coming in june around the same time that the evo 4g is coming out ….if the galaxy s comes to att around the same time thats just one more nail in the coffin

    i love tmo’s prices but i don’t understand why i have to settle for a mytouch slide

    at this point i hear the term mytouch and cringe ….the brand to me means underpowered and out of date phones

  • Keenan

    What about the HTC Desire. Can you imagine it if we got the Desire?!?!? *Drooling* LOL

  • BronxBebe

    Ehh.. I’m just here cos the cats eyes caught my eye ;-p

  • kast

    What about the rumored “Motorola data device” that was supposed to arrive in July? Have we also forgotten about the Motoroi, or has that phone been killed? I’ve been a Tmo customer for 6+ years, but I’m tired of getting left behind in the smartphone race. If things don’t change soon, I think it’s Evo 4G for me.

  • jmcuevas50

    Right on straight to the point you are correct with your comments T-Mobile needs to step up theyre game.

  • Eldon

    You know your a Geek when instead of cheering at a sporting event, you cheer for your mobile phone provider..LMAO

    • analog spirit


  • aksnoopy

    I don’t care about ANOTHER MyTouch (slide or otherwise), nor HD2, nor IPhone moving to TMobile! I’d love to see a really high end Android phone like the Dell Thunder come to TMobile!

  • Bobert

    lamest article i have ever read. wow the galaxy s..no flash on the camera in the contact UI looks like it was created by a kindergartener.
    oh gee whiz the iphone is coming to t mobile wow. get this guy out of here don’t let him write articles again yawn.
    this lame article is yet another perfect example of how badly t mobile blows ass

  • John

    Where AT&T is the iPhone company Tmobile can be the Android company. But what’s wrong with microsoft’s new foray? Kin? Windows phone 7?

  • JT

    I’m not sure if myTouch slide or other phones with keyboard have much attraction to average people. T-Mobile and this site somehow believe that phones with keyboard are better phones but the facts point to different reality. HD2 doesn’t have keyboard and T-Mobile can’t keep up with supply. Everyone knows about iPhone. Hero didn’t have key pad and it kicked G1’s butt all over. And I bet only 100 people bought Touch Pro2 , Motorola clic and other slider phones.

    High power touch screen only phones like HD2, HTC EVO 4G and iPhone will sell like hot cakes and T-Mobile need to keep up by leading not following the market with new and best phones.

    I have been with T-Mobile on and off since 2002 and HD2 is the 2nd phone I bought from them. Always had to buy from ebay because T-Mobile had no phones worth spending a dime on it and even if they got one, it was a year after everyone else had it.

  • Reece

    meh @ iPhone speculation

    I’m dead to the idea of having an iPhone now, I mean it would’ve been awesome 3 years ago but Android surpassed it in many ways IMO.

    Again, the myTouch Slide is pretty cool, but it does NOTHING for folks who wants a 1ghz phone. Nexus One would of course kill alot of the bitching done on here (at least mines) by 100 fold if, you know.. it actually could be used with any current plan and not destroy Family Plans for the sub’d price.

    All in all, T-Mobile needs to bring in a “superphone” to ail the bitching of many users feeling left out with the Evo 4G, Incredible and the 1ghz LG android phone that Verizon will get on top of the Incredible (include their Motorola Droid and Verizon is pretty much have the best balanced roster of Android phones arguably with 3 out of their 4 being highend devices).

    What’s lost in all of this? The HTC Desire will be sold by US Cellular, US CELLULAR!! *sigh*

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I have a question about MobiTV. On the HD2, is Mobitv a seperate charge from the data plan?

  • Trace Elements

    HTC Incredible! Forget the iPhone, chart a course away from Apple!

  • Brandon from Cleveland………. UH Oh be careful Cavs!!

    Well I’m going to buy the Nexus one full price on May 29th so can keep my loyalty plan and if it has 3g connectivity problems ima send it back and get the incredible on Vzw. Don’t want to leave T-Mo but whateverits been fun since ’04. was going to get the MtSlide but after watching the preview video today ITS WACK and i want a snapdragon processor. Anyone know the return policy on the Nexus just in case on the 29th?

  • DeeLirious

    PLEASE T-MO at the very least give us Android OS 2.1, 4″ screen, snapdragon 1000 processor or better, Sense UI, and front facing camera for skype. Please? Please?? PLEASE???

  • mobileswitch

    im confused… how is it TMOnews and every commenter failed to mention the Dell Streak (MINI 5) …..? unless i am mistaken it has already been cleared through the FCC boasting Tmo’s AWS bands and the leaked Dell roadmap states a summer launch on TMO. this is a beast of a device and id make the move for it.

  • Floss

    Dude i’m going to be an asshole really fast. SHUT UP!

    Alright now this is personal opinion supported with experience and facts.

    When you’re attracting a smartphone crowd. You need smartphones that are lust worthy. The Droid isn’t the phone the MyTouch 3G Slide should be competiting with I say that because of the specs: a 600mhz processor, 512mb ram, and 512mb rom.
    Let’s compare: the myTouch 3G slide looks like a nexus one with a face change, and a keyboard. The motorola droid has a bigger screen, same specs (appx), and a subpar up keyboard. One difference, VERIZON MARKETS THE DROID.

    I have yet to see a myTouch3G Slide commercial. It seems as if T-Mobile takes all the tester phones that the companies want to experiment with (HTC, Samsung etc etc). The HTC HD2 was out one full year before we recieved it (now we see the Sprint EVO), the touch pro2 was out one full year before we recieved it (speaking world wide), the nexus one is a sex machine but now we have the Sprint EVO, HTC Incredible, etc. The myTouch 3G was and is a half assed phone; if HTC is pumping 1GHZ snapdragon processing powerhouses for android phones why can’t we get an T-Mo powerhouse variant. How about we get a Palm OS device, how about we release one of the first Windows Phone 7 Series phone (what i’m waiting for).

    Where’s the HSPA+ capable phones? Where’s the T-Mobile 3G map that looks a lot more like Verizon’s instead of a toddler splattering paint on the map of the USA.

    What I want as a t-mo user. I want a phone like the HTC EVO for sprint, I don’t want an updated HTC HD2 with a front facing camera I want to get the HTC HD3 before any other company in the world has it. I want the lowest spec’d phones to have an 800mhz processor instead of selling crap that’s underpowered like every android phone we have for sale.

    Why is it that the Touch Pro2 runs better than all other Android devices? The hardware was actually developed thoroughly. My girlfriend has the cliq, her phone stutters every once in a while and it does that no matter how much I kill the tasks via task manager. And when I run android 2.1 on my phone it makes her phone look like a parapelligic running track next to usain bolt. (Sense UI enabled or disabled).

    T-Mo needs a complete market remake. Drop the crap smart phones, they need to get atleast 6 really good smart phones and run with those.

    I would take the following line up and update accordingly:
    BlackBerry Bold and Curve (latest flavors), HTC HD2 and TouchPro2 (and then 2 WindowsPhone7 phones-all touch and then slider), 2 Android phones : 1 for business, 1 powerhouse (Nexus One), 1 Nokia meebo smartphone (when released), and 1 Palm OS device or wait for the next version.

    That will cover the whole range of smartphones. Everyone will be satisfied.
    The reason I take time to say Palm is because the Palm Pre is the BEST phone I’ve ever used compared to any other phone of its release date up to the Droid’s release. The software isn’t bad neither is the hardware, the advertising just wasn’t there. And this is an unbiased opinion across all mobile OS’s.

    I’m done, take it or leave it. T-Mo is taking half-assed steps to catching up. And it’s not hard to accomplish this. You could make a 2 year plan and actually progress like they did with their growing 3G network (which i’m actually pretty pleased with). It seems like a lot it really isn’t and this could be accomplished in a year but it’s pretty overwhelming so a 2 year plan would be considering the amount of money to be spent.