Mysterious Samsung Actually the Galaxy S?

I’m just going to get this out of the way.  This is a rumor.  Now, I’m not one to follow what analysts say, but this one might be right (shocker!).  According to analyst Mark McKechnie, the Samsung Galaxy S could be seen on all major U.S. carriers this year.  Interestingly, he says that AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint will have it by June, with Verizon to follow later in the year.  It isn’t often that a powerful phone like the Galaxy S finds its way to all four major carriers, but this could be an exception.  When asked why he thinks this, McKechnie said he “based the prediction on ‘industry checks’ that include, but are not limited to, conversations with employees at operator stores.”  I’ve heard that story before, so once again, take this with a grain of salt.  I am still hoping for a pleasant surprise with this Samsung.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Ryan

    I heard from a tmobile store worker that tmobile was getting the HTC Desire. When I asked how they knew they said they heard it from a customer. I definitely trust minimum wage high school students to provide me with the most accurate information possible.

    • Youza

      Ryan, Just so you know T-mobile doesn’t pay minimum wadge to its employees, not even new hires. Also you must be 18 to work for T-Mobile (regardless of having a work permit) so there are not many high school students that work in the retail stores. Now don’t get me wrong, I would assume there are reps out there that provide false information to customers about upcoming handsets. Reps are not privy to that information until the launch of a device is near. Also if they did have any information that the rest of T-mobile employees didn’t know they would be under a NDA and hopefully wouldn’t be sharing that info. That being said there is not any internal T-mobile information about the launch of this device.

      • Ryan

        I stand corrected on my comment regarding minimum wage high school students.

      • More Than You

        And further more I’m a RSA (Retail Sales Associate) for T-Mobile Corp. My sales record is higher than average but I make $12/hr plus full benefits (medical, dental, vision, 401k, and more than you could imagine) and my commission checks are hefty because of my high sales. I made 80k last year. How much did you make? And I get 5 lines of service. And all the phones you buy, for free. Dick.

      • mel

        tis tru….not a word….this is the first im hearing it

      • Shannon

        Ryan, don’t even bother. They make $80,000 a year and get free phones. It’s obvious they’re better than everyone else.

    • Housetek

      Ryan whats that have to do with the Galaxy S? and ps, your a prick

      • Ryan

        I think you meant to say “you’re” a prick. You’re is a contraction of “you are” while “your” is a form of the possessive case of “you” typically used as an attributive adjective.

    • Davidohio

      Ryan you are an ignorant dumbass. i worked for T-mobile for 5 years in sales at a retail store, i was not in a major market and i made $49,000-$51,000 each year. they pay hourly (way more than min. wage) plus commission. you dont know what you are talking about and it is offensive. get a life. i am sure i made more than you make now. dumbass.

      • Ryan

        I already admitted I was wrong and apologize for my assumptions. The relevancy of my comment relates to the fact that the author of said rumors got his information from “conversations with employees at operator stores.” My point is that information garnered from these sources is dubious at best.

        PS: If you think 51,000 a year is enough money to assume you make more than someone else, you’re clearly very naive. Best of luck getting your career to the next level and realizing $51,000/mo is only the start. For the record, I’m not being sarcastic.

      • WXman

        Holy *hit man. I know a guy who runs a Papa Johns pizza joint in a small town nearby that makes $45-50K per year. Are you being serious?? You’re going to razz Ryan over things he said that are true? It’s one thing to razz a guy who is pulling crap out of his arse. But if a guy speaks the truth, dude seriously….

    • Davidohio

      whatever Ryan. You seem to be missing the point and instead focus on posters spelling errors. your statement is just wrong, period. pointing out spelling errors does not make anyone think you are smart. I liked working for T-mobile and made great money but that was a few years ago. I am now an RN and T-mobile was just a job I had while in school. Best of luck to you.

      Now for my comment on the post. If this rumor comes to life I might consider this device, but only if I can disable touchwiz. The specs are nice and it seems thin and packed with cool features.

      • black Sunshine

        i think that what you’re all missing is that different T-mobile stores in different cities / areas have DIFFERENT EMPLOYEES. it’s the reason that i won’t go to the T-Mobile in the mall here, instead driving out of my way to go to the one where the employees KNOW THEIR SHIT. Ryan’s blanket statement might have been wrong, but you have to remember that not everyone is as dedicated to their job as you guys. shoot, the very fact that you’re posting on this site shows that you actually are into it . . .

      • Ryan

        I think you mean to say “poster’s” spelling errors. Did you read my post? I clarified my comment and also defended its relevancy. Good thing reading comprehension isn’t required to become an RN.

      • Brown Sunshine

        Says the guys with rays shooting into his mouth. What a homosexual knuckle dragger!

    • JP

      I’ve seriously just met my hero!!!

      This is so off topic but you’re posts CRACK ME UP!!!!!!! Thanks for all the witty sarcasm… LOVING IT


    • Reece

      I totally forgot what I was gonna rant about in here after reading all the threaded replies in here – bwahahaha XD

  • Tony

    The Bluetooth SIG approval got me more excited then this article after i read it all. I would really love it if this came to Tmo.

  • Chebus

    all this talk about new phones just around the corner: htc desire, and galaxy x is making me second gues getting bogo for htc hd2, is it worth it? I should use bogo while they have it especialy if the galaxy s will not be subsidised.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You are right to be hesitent. Recall I said a few months ago to fasten your seatbelts because 2010 was going to be a wild and fun ride for the consumers.

      I think it fairly obvious that since the other carriers are slated to get Android superphones T-Mobile has one or two coming up (no, it’s not the myTouch Slide).

      Moreover, T-Mobile just like other carriers have a couple phones come out during the summer months. Since the HD2 was the last WinMo smartphone to come out, that is, until the Series 7 phones come out during the holidays, that leaves only a few devices that T-Mobile can possibly debut.

      Samsung has a great relationship with T-Mobile. So I can’t imagine that the GS will go to other carriers over T-Mobile. While Samsung does sell its phones to all carriers and the GS will eventually be sold by everyone, I am willing to bet that the GS goes to T-Mobile first.

      The Galaxy S is a pretty big deal and it will comfortably compete with the Incredible and EVO.

  • Joe Pa

    Why does it look just like the I-phone?

    • mpv

      Yeah, specs seem nice, but its looks are the pits. If I wanted a phone that looks like a cheap iPhone knockoff, I’d rather it knocked off the newly “revealed” forthcoming iPhone (at least I like that design)

    • Romedroid

      A 4 inch Super AMOLED is HARDLY anything like an iPhone.

      The only thing that concerns me is the lack of support for Samsung phones.

      The Behold II for example. It fell flat. I just hope this one won’t follow suit. Everyone is jumping behind HTC because they are easier to mod. Easier to mod=easier to sell.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL, why do many phones look like the iPhone. I was at a dinner last Saturday. The guy next to me had a phone in a case sitting on the table. I asked him what it was and he said it was an iPhone.

      I then asked if he was aware of the HD2. My phone too was on the table. When I started to show it to him he exclaimed “That’s an HD2! I thought that was an iPhone. I was wondering why the screen looked bigger than mine.”

      So my HD2 looked like an iPhone to an iPhone owner. :)

  • 2FR35H

    I’d buy it or the mytouch slide

    • AJ

      i think the galaxy S would be a much better buy, bro

      • AGay

        AJ your avatar looks gay. :)

  • 30014

    The article says the phone is possible on all 4 major carriers. That’s a bummer, tmo needs a phone of this caliber to be an exclusive. Maybe tmo will get that high end exclusive eventually.

  • Laz

    Thanks Andrew for posting this story!

  • jmts80

    I like Samsung phones and it sounds even better if its running Android but i have one question…Is it running TouchWiz because if it is i don’t want any part of it???

    • Romedroid

      Yes. TouchWiz 3.0. But you can turn it off.

      • Davidohio

        GOOD because i don’t like touchwiz plus it slows it down.

  • JR

    So an analyst at Forbes says that part of this information is based on STORE EMPLOYEES?! HAHA He’s kidding right? Boy have I got some land in Florida to sell you. Come on now, these guys no NOTHING. Let me tell you I asked an employee a few months back and asked him if T-Mobile would be getting a WebOS device (Palm) and he looked at me puzzled and asked what that was. That same story was mimicked with many employees.

    Trust me the vast majority are clueless, not offense to those on here that are cell fanatics.

    • GayR

      So because they have no clue what WebOS is that makes them stupid. They work at T-mobile not Best Buy Mobile. Knowledge of WebOS is not needed. Your gay ass would want to know about a phone named the “Pixie” fairy.

      • mmmaxheadroom

        oMG did dude just say bestbuy wow talk about clueless minimum wage u can get no worse than bestbuy!

  • laphoneuser

    I sure hope Tmo gets this sooner, rather than later, because as it stands right now, the only phone on the horizon is the MyTouch Slide, and while that’s a nice phone, it’s “mid-range”, and I’m looking for the upper end of the spectrum (larger screen and HD video capture, to be more specific).

  • toddj

    t-mo corporate stores are staffed with employees that are trained, make anywhere from $8-$12/hr plus commission. These arent mcdonalds workers, reps part or full time make anywhere from $25-$55k/year. As for privy information, depending on manufacturer reps (htc, nokia, motorola, samsung etc..) in the area of the store, they may get info early or not.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Anyone look at the picture of the phone and the city it displays? Its good old Las Vegas… and it also shows that its snowing and its below freezing. While I live in Vegas myself it doesn’t snow too often…. as for that temp. Not even sure if it was that cold when it did actually snow although I didn’t actually check the temp. I know its pointless to bring this up but I am just wondering who actually made this up? If you want to make the device look good why add false and off the wall info to the screen? (Might as well have added the moon and its temp. At least it would have fit the name Galaxy better)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You need to put your conspiracy and falsehoods hat away, it’s not serving you well.

      The pic is FROM Samsung. Look at the Samsung official press release pics, you will see this pic. And it was also used at CTIA during the keynote and the launch presentation.

      No one is lying, no one is being false, no one is making things up, at least not intentionally.

      I guess you can ding Samsung for not being too accurate on the display and maybe accuse that this is indicative that the company is a bunch of frauds. Whatever.

      Check it out here:

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Oh, it also could be that the person who did the mockup wanted to be a little silly, snowing in Las Vegas. Get it? It’s a joke.

    • nA


  • hotter then wasabi

    that’s no fun if all the carrier carry this phone that’s suppose to be the objective. one phone carrier have a phone that every other phone company would want but im guessing its a good thing for the maker samsung but hopefully each phone is different from each other.

  • Max

    I’ll believe it when i see it

  • D

    I don’t see Verizon putting up the Galaxy against the Incredible, Sprint putting this up against the EVO or AT&T putting this up against the iPhone……

    T-Mobile should shag this thing proper and get it out along with a huge marketing campaign.

    Sadly I see them marketing only the new myTouch Slide instead.

  • Woowoobear

    LOLOL Las Vegas, Snowing, but yet 21 & 9 Celcius to me thats just funny. Personally Samsungs are the last phone I would ever buy, but this one looks pretty decent, still wouldn’t buy it though, I am not a big fan of their touch screens at all.

  • JBLmobileG1

    BTW its info. for March 23…. ha! If it snowed then I think the end of the world would be near. Also… did Samsung really announce a device with Android 2.1 on that date or is that info false too? Hopefully if this device does show up it will have 2.1 because anything less would be out dated.

  • Noel

    Tmo don’t be left behind after all u were the first to carry Android u’ve got to grab the Galexy S and the Htc Desire..we need top of the line Android phones on magenta

  • alex

    Cellular is getting the desire this summer,hope it comeS to tmobile

  • alex

    Cellular is getting the desire this summer,hope it comeS to tmobile since it is in tmobile uk

  • alex

    Since it is on tmobile uk

  • Bfromtheblock

    Regarding the temp in Las Vegas….get it? Hell is freezing over!

  • chris

    @More Than You
    you are tripping buddy. if you made 80,000 last year, your commission checks must have been 3-4 times larger than your normal pay check. you are an i d i o t!!!! NO ONE in hell can make that much money selling phones and adding features to peolpes lines. especially on t-mobile payroll. i do the same thing for AT&T and calls are not always off the hook if you know what i mean. i imagin t-mobile is worse. and you sir, are a broke bag talking out of his A S S.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Chris its possible More is telling the truth. I know someone who has been in the industry for years and worked with Verizon and I believe he told me that he made more than that. Although that was years ago… but still I am sure it could be possible depending on your location and how good you are at what you do. And no offense but ever since AT&T started charging an extra $20 data fee to even own a desent phone not to mention its $9.99 to add a line right now where as Tmobile is offering the $5 add a line (which is 50% off). I could see Tmobiles phones ringing off the hook compaired to AT&T. If it wasn’t for the iphone AT&T would be in very bad shape. And don’t take my word for it but I heard that from many people some of which use AT&T themselves. All the more reason why Apple should make the move and either release the iphone to Tmobile or Verizon. Then again they owe it to AT&T so I don’t see it… if anything they will release the next iphone on all carriers (or atleast an iphone on all carriers).

    • More Than You

      I have friends that work at AT&T and I make more then them. With some simple math you could realize my com checks are around 5k/mo with my hrly salary coming in at about 22k/yr. That’s 80k, a cunt hair more actually. If you know what you’re doing and are a salesman not a douche ringing shit up and giving customers what they want instead of what puts money in your pocket (the reason you should have a job) maybe you wouldn’t be driving a 95 Sentra. And as far as the Verizon comment I have a friend that works there as well, went with him to do his taxes and his ytd earnings for a full calendar year was just above 90k. If you apply yourself at something you’re good at anything’s possible. Try harder, don’t be jealous.

      • tortionist

        I’m almost jealous, maybe I should go work for T-mo. Must be nice dude. The reason the Galaxy S looks similar(not like)to an I-Phone is because the i-phone was the first touchscreen phone in the U.S.(not the world) and to date has the most success in sales. In economics they teach that monopolies can’t last for any substantial time period, usually under 20 years. Why? because people see that there’s a market for the product and so they closely imitate it or make a good substitution. Most of the time substitutions are better than the original. These substitution take away market share from the original and eventually they all(original included) have to lower costs or they lose all of their economic profits and go under. Yes some of these smartphones look similar to the i-phone, but that’s how they get sold. If you have a better and different product like the mytouch or the Droid, then they don’t have to look similar to the i-phone, their difference will sell them along with the better hardware etc.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        tortionist… Don’t be giving Apple so much credit. Quit putting it on a pedestal.

        The iPhone was NOT even close to being, as you say, the first touchscreen phone in the world.

        Apple simply copied the concept from phones five years earlier, one with an “i” in the name, the Samsung i330. All Apple did was come up with a redesign, market the hell out of it and sold it to its guaranteed customer base, Apple fanboys, people who will buy anything Apple makes.

        Back in 2002 to 2003 I was using those touchscreen-only smartphones, where the dial pad was on screen and the PDA functions required touchscreen input.

        One was the Toshiba 2032 (Audiovox Thera)

        In 2003 I was using a “Samsung i330.” That’s right, Apple even ripped off the idea of putting an “i” in the name of the device.

        While Apple gambled with bringing back the touchscreen-only iPhone, it was not Apple’s idea.

  • Hurlamania

    Specs I seen on the Galaxy S don’t have 1700 as I said before I seen a tweet and was reading some stuff that puts the Galaxy S at AT&T. That being said I hope it isn’t true. I was with AT&T for almost 10 years if it wasn’t for me being on a Blue plan I would have left years ago. I had to change services 3 time to get away from sbc/cingular they kept buying up the provider or changed there plan and I had to go to a reseller to get a better deal until they took that away… They are crooks and ripoff specialist in my opinion and I hate the fact that people think it’s AT&T. its not it old ripoff SBC that bought a popular name. They can’t even think for themselves company policy, don’t make a change unless verizon does… that’s a good company policy for ya… I hate that I still have to use my Flaky AT&T 6102 prepay phone with my T-Mobile service, That I been moving people to ever since I went there At least people listen to me when I tell them what is the best cell service or anything like that… (I wish T-Mobile had better more frequent ad’s) you think someone would get me a decent phone for all the money Ive saved them…

  • Parrmani

    To Ryan and the others who are calling T-Mobile workers clueless and under-payed I hate to disappoint you, but I don’t know any 20-25 year olds you make 30-60 a year. I have co-workers who are married and their wifes are stay at home, they have kids, and are making enough to to live a VERY comfortable life and neither one of their spouses work. Since I started working at T-Mobile a year ago, my commission checks are much more then I made at Verizon. This is the perfect career to carry me through school and I don’t even need to get a student loan since T-mobile pays for your school, gives you the best benefits I have ever had, and I make enough to have no need to take out any student loans and buy pretty much whatever I want.

    In regards to knowledge of phones, I wouldn’t expect a regular T-Mobile employee know what WEBOS is because it’s not a product we sell. That doesn’t make them less knowledgable of our own products and services. Not everyone are obsessed with phones like you or I and spend their time reading sites about whats new and upcoming. I don’t even understand why anyone here would ask a rep from any carrier about upcoming phones, I worked for Verizon, AT&T and now T-Mobile and phones were annouced to us a couple weeks before release, sometimes we didn’t even know about getting phones until they showed up in the store.

    As far as the Galaxy S goes, I have heard of a upcoming Samsung smartphone from our Samsung rep, but I don’t know if it will actually be the Galaxy S, The Behold was the T919, the Behold 2 was T939 so the T959 could very well be the next step Behold 3 anyone? Rebranded Samsung Omnia anyone?

    • Max

      keeping my fingers crossed.I agreed with your point that not everybody’s interested in phone like some of us,but as college student, smartphones are a good way for me to stay connected cuz Iam always on the go.To each its own i guess…..

    • Anthony

      you dont know any 20-25 year olds that made 30-60 a year? uhhh.. i made 60k when i was 22 out of college.

      also i think the knowledge of employee to employee is going to depend on that employee. there are also tons of stores that look like they are tmobile kiosks but they really are a 3rd party seller.

  • Patrick

    im not 2nd guessing the HD2 at all. Because

    1 – My sister-in-law got me a discount being a T-Mobile Employee so I paid 280 for the phone.
    2 – Because my last upgrade was back in January so I’ll be up for a renew in January 2011 since I own a smartphone
    3 – This HD2 will last me a LONG time lol. They’re not going to make phones much faster/better than this. The only real complaint ppl have about the HD2 is WinMo which I must admit made me skeptical…but…after GETTING the device…I don’t mind 1 bit. I’d like Android on this device SOLELY for bragging rights just like I had on my TP2, “…Yea, well my phone has Windows Mobile AND Android :-)…” lol. Android is an amazing OS, but the powerhouse HD2 even makes windows mobile nice.
    4 – once you get it in your hands….you can’t let go(thats what she said lol)

    • tortionist

      I actually messed with a T-mo store reps HD2 and was not impressed at all. The thing was so sluggish(unresponsive). It was a lot less responsive than my old G1. I asked him if he knew about closing out of apps correctly and using a file manager, which he did. In my humble opinion, it’s dang near junk.

      • J

        I had the same experience with it. I was going to buy it so I borrowed one off a co-worker who had it for less than a week before growing tired of it. He uses an Iphone. We both had the same feelings about it after using it.

        The screen was extremely hard to see in sunlight.
        The phone freezes. I experienced it often while in the communication manager configuring wifi.
        The tasks are a pain to get closed and just eat up resources.
        It felt sluggish despite having excellent hardware.

        The one good thing I can say about it, it has an excellent camera. it took some extremely good pictures. This has been my last experience with windows mobile.

  • Patrick

    The above comment was supposed to be a reply to someone else…but oh well. My comment on the actual device is as follows:

    I hope T-Mobile gets it. Being the 1st and ONLY carrier with the HD2 was a HUGE selling point for T-Mobile. They gained SOOOOOO many customers off of that. In addition, if they can keep pulling phones like that down the pipeline(the Galaxy S) being one of them…their numbers can’t hELP but to go up

  • Alex

    Phones sell themselves. A huge marketing campaign or something on par to what the HD2 has recieved, if this phone came to TMO, will do big numbers for them. I will be helping, love Samsung products. Add in the Dell mini5, along with maybe the Desire(YES I’M DREAMING) TMO will be dropping bombs on ATT crooks and Sprint. Any truth to the rimoured $50 talk/text plan TMO reps?

    • AJ

      a retail sales associate at my local T-Mo store said that the Desire would be coming in the Fall. but who knows?

      • GayJ

        I spoke with a associate and he said that you must change your avatar because you look supper fucking atrocious. They lost several readers due to your hideous avatar.

  • Phani

    Can TMO get the Real Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 pls instead of these funny phones…

  • Green Robot

    I would buy that in a heartbeat, even if it means I would have to Touch Wiz every day.

  • khaltz

    We got to realize the Tmobile people at the corp stores get the same info as we do from As I was told by multiple people at the corporate store near.

  • Leroy

    – The Samsung Galaxy S should be picked up by T-Mobile they can make that the Behold III.
    – They also could have gone after the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini or even the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro, but they didn’t even try to get either of them.

    – Last year after all the hype of the Huawei U8230 aka T-Mobile Pulse and it supposedly passed the FCC it never came. If they would have gotten the T-Mobile Pulse they would have also gotten the T-Mobile Pulse Mini which would be more affordable because everybody looks at T-Mobile because of their great service and their low prices.

    – Also all the rumors of the HTC Hero coming to T-Mobile it never came either! Now their saying the HTC Legend passed as a GSM through the FCC so we might get the Hero’s successor but I don’t think T-mobile will get it and probably the bands were for AT&T or maybe a Sprint Legend will be knocking on the FCC’s door soon too and even if it had T-Mobile Bands T-Mobile will probably not even try to get it!

    -Also the two Motorola Devices which never came the Motorola Sholes (aka Droid) which was rumored that a Motorola worker had confirmed to a T-Mobile employee that it would arrive on T-Mobile and their were rumors that there was a version that had T-Mobile USA 3G bands on board and the Motorola Sholes Tablet was supposed to land on T-Mobile after it passed the FCC it was pictured and everything but nothing was released.

    -The Samsung Bigfoot which was supposed to come out as the T-Mobile G1 v2 it never came out it just sat there in the T-Mobile roadmap.

    -T-Mobile lowered the specs for the Samsung Galaxy to release the Behold II and they should have later on in the year have added it as the Samsung Behold IIv2. T-Mobile also could have at least gone after the Samsung Galaxy Lite (aka Samsung Galaxy Spica) to add to their Behold lineup too but nothing.

    -They could’ve gone after the HTC Tattoo which is a cool little phone which would be nice for the low-end phones but nothing.

    -Also they were rumored to have met with LG Executives and they were talking about releasing the first LG Android Phones but nothing has come up and the meeting excitement has died down and still no news on an LG android phone for T-Mobile.

    -Also the HTC Bravo (aka HTC Desire) better be around the corner because rumors all over the T-Mobile world is that T-Mobile stores have been testing a very speedy HTC phone (rumored to be the HTC Desire or maybe it could now be the HTC Incredible like said above) for at least 2 months already but whatever the name of this phone will be for T-Mobile they better release it because they need a better speced in store android phone.

    -Its ridiculous if they are satisfied that the two latest android phones they got were the Nexus One (which is a hassle to order if you are an existing T-Mobile customer) and the Motorola Cliq XT, (which is not a phone that really can compete with other android phone out there) well they better think again because if I were T-Mobile I would get my ass to work and instead of getting the MyTouch Slide which doesn’t even have a 1GHz Snapdragon processor on board they should be thinking of more sophisticated top tier android phones because all they got is the Nexus One, T-Mobile G1, MyTouch 3G, MyTouch 3Gv2, MyTouch LE, Motorla Cliq, Motorola XT, and the Behold II.

    If they are taking a while they better be talking HSPA+ android phones because if not they are taking to long to come out with a well rounded android phone or they better be signing a deal with Apple for their next Iphone which Apple will probably push to get the new Iphone for T-Mobile working on their HSPA+ speeds. SO COME ON T-MOBILE ITS YOUR MOVE IF YOU WANT TO PASS SPRINT YOU BETTER START HAULING ASS!

    • You Know How I Do

      U forgot the Dell Mini 5 but I don’t think they’ll release it till the HSDPA+ launches same thing as the Sholes Tablet that’s probably what their waiting for. U also forgot the MyTouch Slide 3G which I have an 80% feeling that it will launch now at the end of April or the beginning of May.

    • Ryan

      this is the best post i have read in a while.

    • DWAD3

      -The Samsung Galaxy S they have to get it they shouldn’t even hesitate to get it if it has T-Mobile 3G bands they should grab it and possibly secure exclusivity then make it the Behold III.

      -The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 still has a possibility of coming so don’t start doubting just yet and it will probably come out for AT&T because they have closer ties with AT&T than with T-Mobile. As for the Mini and the Mini Pro there is no excuse for them to not get it they will probably be cheaper to buy and sell like hotcakes.

      -The T-Mobile Pulse should have come to T-Mobile but they were dumbed and bailed out on it and it probably was ready for T-Mobile USA. The Mini ain’t coming if the Pulse ain’t coming so forget it.

      -The HTC Hero was first rumored to be on T-Mobile then AT&T, then they said Sprint, and then some guy photoshopped a picture and made it say T-Mobile was going to get the HTC Hero. But then eventually Sprint got it and then rumors were flying that AT&T was going to get it this January but it never came.

      -The Samsung Bigfoot was a very mysterious phone all the tracks of it were lost and nobody ever got leaked photos of it, but it might come out u never know and it might be the next Samsung Gravity 3.

      -The Galaxy specs were lowered for no reason that can come to my mine right now and true they could’ve came out with the Galaxy and made it the v2 like they did for the MyTouch and the Galaxy Lite or Galaxy Spica could’ve been like the Behold I 1/2 or something like that.

      -HTC Tattoo is a very nice phone that could’ve came cheap to the states probably for free and I have it as my phone when I go to Europe

      -LG phones will probably be released on AT&T first or Verizon LG doesn’t have any phones on T-Mobile right now but hopefully T-Mobile changed LG’s mind to add T-Mobile as one of their phone carriers in that very secretive meeting.

      -The HTC Bravo has to be coming out because if the HTC Desire comes out for US Cellular they probably will get the HTC Bravo not the HTC Desire they need a Snapdragon HTC phone with Sense UI. The HTC Bravo differs from the Desire because the Desire has a Trackpad and the Bravo has a trackball which will probably be T-Mobile’s preference.

      Current Phones
      – U have a very good point and they could’ve made that line up look nicer but they didn’t let HTC add Sense UI to the MyTouch 3G and T-Mobile could’ve just put the Vanilla home as Default on the Mytouch Devices but they chose not to.

      – I back u up and T-Mobile should really look at at ur comment and really take some of ur advice for their future phones and I think that’s a way that T-Mobile can really get Apple to make them an Iphone.

      • Scritz McGritz

        If the phone is called the Behold 3 instead of the Galaxy-s I will not be buying it. Just saying. They should discontinue the Behold name. They havn’t sold many Behold 2’s that is why they are still advertising it. After how many months?

    • Reece

      One thing to note, T-Mobile actually do have what seems to be a phone on par w/being a successor to the Hero & G1 which is the MyTouch Slide which is basically a Legend plus a keyboard. Of course the Hero and now the Legend & Mytouch Slide that supersedes it are all mid-range phones :\

      Otherwise you’re spot on with pretty much everything. I would definitely hope that the holdup with the Dell Mini 5 or Samsung Galaxy S(Pro?) would be HSDPA+ compatability or something. And for me the Nexus One really doesn’t count since it compromises current plans & a no-go for family plan holders who can’t buy unsub’d

  • Leroy

    Thanks Ryan and DWADE3! :) Miami Heat are beast especially with D-Wade.

  • Kerry

    I pinged the Samsung USA guy on Twitter just to see what they’d say. I got a response pretty quickly saying,

    “…no official word on carriers yet but there will be options and options are good:)”

    Seems to roll with the analyst and some links that were posted say… of course its cryptic so I’m taking it with a grain of salt.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    All indicators are that every carrier will be able to wet their beaks at the Samsung Galaxy S well.

    Usually, if an exclusive deal is in the works we hear the carrier and manufacturer trumpeting about it. I have not heard anyone say one carrier has the exclusive.

    Besides, in this economy Samsung wants to sell as many handsets as possible. Since this won’t be a newsworthy device (sorry, as awesome as this phone is and I will be buying it, it’s not going to make the evening news) the only way Samsung stays at the top of the handset manufacturer pile is to get this into every carrier’s inventory.

    My dilemma is what to do when I have both the HD2 and GS. I don’t know which one I will let my GF use. While I love my HD2 and WinMo, the specs of the GS (and that display) well I gotta have it. To be sure, no more ducking into a building alcove to see what is on the screen.

    Sidenote: You know how we are called leg, a*s, or t*t men. Well when it comes to mobile devices, I am a screen guy. I am a sucker for a beautiful display.

    • Kerry

      I was considering the ‘Slide until I got wind of the Galaxy S. The little I’ve seen is beautiful (youtube vids etc). I think I can live with TouchWiz 3.0 (though I know others hate it).

      I think you are right about the availability… why would Samsung limit their phone sales? A device like this will turn some heads, but I don’t think it will be the device that everyone covets. It should suit my needs and since its got the 1GHz processor it should run Flash as well ;) (if/when that comes out)

      I’m also a sucker for the display… I’ve got my fingers crossed :)

  • Wilco

    mmmaxheadroom says:
    April 20, 2010 at 10:58 pm
    oMG did dude just say bestbuy wow talk about clueless minimum wage u can get no worse than bestbuy!

    Dude, you’re a dick and you don’t know what you’re talking about. I work at Best Buy. I make $24k an hour, plus all the benefits you could ever imagine like free happy endings and as much guitar hero I can play. With my commission checks, I made $160k last year, selling cheap-ass TVs and sometimes blue-ray DVDs. Dudes in the mobile section make twice what I make! Career path. Dick.

  • wasup

    the Samsung Galaxy S 8gb ,for a whopping 689$, available for pre-order at esxpanysies, 3g frequency is “Dual-Band 900/2100MHz”, does that qualify for t-mo usa 3g ??

    here is the link:

    • Rick

      Those are European Bands

      • Rick

        Not T-Mobile USA! T-Mobile USA is 1700/2100

  • FaceSmasher


    Let me see if I understand this correctly. That’s 23K/year BEFORE taxes, health care deductions, etc. BUT you claim you made $80K… That would mean you got $50K in Bonuses. Sorry, but there’s no company on earth that would pay out that much to a $12/hr employee. You probably don’t even have a degree.