Mysterious Samsung Actually the Galaxy S?

I’m just going to get this out of the way.  This is a rumor.  Now, I’m not one to follow what analysts say, but this one might be right (shocker!).  According to analyst Mark McKechnie, the Samsung Galaxy S could be seen on all major U.S. carriers this year.  Interestingly, he says that AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint will have it by June, with Verizon to follow later in the year.  It isn’t often that a powerful phone like the Galaxy S finds its way to all four major carriers, but this could be an exception.  When asked why he thinks this, McKechnie said he “based the prediction on ‘industry checks’ that include, but are not limited to, conversations with employees at operator stores.”  I’ve heard that story before, so once again, take this with a grain of salt.  I am still hoping for a pleasant surprise with this Samsung.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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