Quick Look At The T-Mobile Garminfone

You’ve already seen loads and loads of pics, and now its time for some video goodness, courtesy of your very own, TmoNews. We managed to get some exclusive footage of the Garminfone. It’s really nothing different from the pics we’ve already shown you, but hey, video footage always gives you a “better” feel for the device. We’ve queued up the video for you above. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Bigg

    Looks painful

    • Aston


    • RJ

      Agreedx2. The UI makes me cringe.

    • Neo7414


  • SKA

    The home screen bothers me. I like a clean what “I want on the screen” type of screen.

    • andrew

      just replace it with android home replacement

  • SKA

    The home screen bothers me. I like a clean “what I want on the screen” type of screen.

  • Aston

    the software looks very outdated…

  • Parrmani

    What did they DO to Android?!?!?! :(

  • Oce

    This phone is going to be a big flop for magenta. Compare it to what other carriers are offering for pretty much the same price; Incredible, Evo and it becomes very clear that it is a failure from the start. It doesn’t stand a chance.

  • matchstickmalone

    I don’t mind this phone yet. Although the video didn’t show at all what the gps can do, which I would like to have seen. The home screen isn’t a big deal because I don’t expect this phone to be like other android phones. It is not meant to be. Will be interesting.

  • somean

    Doesn’t look to bad to me, but I have never used an android phone before. HTC’s senseUI does look better, but I would say this UI is better than the stock one for android (like whats on G1 or mytouch).

    • Beanz0nToast

      Really? I disagree! This is ugly!

  • J

    No offense.. but come on ladies and gents..! The demo was very poor here…! YES it will flop if the retail location staff don’t know how to sell the product. However it does appeal to a particular demographic like myself. I am a 12 year user @ TM and want either the iPhone or this. My BB 9700 is OK, but I want more. This will suffice for now. Plus it is upgradeable in terms of OS. Give it a chance guys, but don’t decide based on that poor video above. That was lame to say the least…

  • Yeah, I’m pretty upset with the UI on this phone, not very appealing at all. It actually looks pretty outdated.

  • Joe blow

    If you don’t like the ui download fresh face or a home….i rt works just the same since after all its an android device.

  • g_willi

    That’s the worst demo I’ve seen in my life. The biggest feature of that phone is the Garmin Navigation. Don’t you think people would be interested in seeing that? Duh.

    Don’t quit your day job, fellas.

  • i dont like the phone


    I m still going to grab the Evo bye bye bye

    to T-mobile for me

    • :)

      Bye Bye….won’t miss ya

      • :)

        …or your ugly melon!

    • Matlock

      Oh quit your crying, im leaving to get the EVO, wha wha wha wha!!! Why dont you just leave quietly, no one cares.

    • Davidohio

      Boo hoo. enjoy sprint’s crappy network and customer service. I think it is so stupid when someone leaves a carrier just for a phone. i am loyal to t-mobile and will never leave. It has been 8 years.

    • TheInformer

      Man you talk a lotta caca


      Michael says:
      April 30, 2010 at 11:47 pm

      as a pre blackberry 9700 bold owner i would actually wanna grab this phone it looks nice i like it

      better than the always black they have

  • mad dog

    I can’t believe that there are those of you who believe that this phone will be anything but a flop. This is the worst implemented version of android to date. Tmobile just doesn’t have numbers to be able to move enough units to make this phone a success. I’ll be here saying I told you so a few weeks after its launch. This isn’t a gps centric phone, it’s a phone centric gps unit and therein lies the problem.

  • Matt_TX

    God that is a terrible phone. Who ever the TMO executive who keeps bringing 2 year old device to TMO in 2010 needs to be shot! WHERE IS OUR SNAPDRAGON ANDROID???????

    • Reece

      For a snapdragon Android phone on T-Mobile, I’ll kill so many puppies it’d make Mike Vick look like Dr. Dolittle

      • AJ

        lol! thats horrible…but really funny

  • jpb1972

    Looks like another JUNK phone for T-Mobile !!!

  • jpb1972

    Like Michael said; T-mobile needs something similar to EVO ! Thats what I want to see……..

  • Bobert

    yet another epic fail from t mobile. they seem rather determined to sell nothing but crap phones. unfortunately this is a result of the carrier being so low cost. oh well my contract is up in about a year and a half i’ll probably jump ship

  • Sasha

    Looks good, but the interface is a bit sluggish and unresponsive to the touch. Best bet is a HTC HD2 with Garmin Mobile XT installed. By the way Google Maps has a voice search on Windows Mobile now. As far as customization and visual effects Windows Mobile is the best OS today (no small thanks to XDA Developers). I like Android but visually it doesn’t look as good as WinMO with HTC Sense 2.5.

  • Bobert

    If you enjoy constantly having to REBOOTl your phone than the HD2 is for you!

  • Dave

    i rather wait for the wonderful Samsung Galaxy S this phone looks difficult and looks very cheap for some reason i rather wait for the galaxy

  • chris

    this phone is for a certain type of crowd. not all the young idiots in here crying about evo and incredible.

    on another note, t-mobile really needs to step up their game. the guy making all these decisions for t-mobile really needs to go. he is making all the wrong decisions. Ive been with t-mobile for a while now, and im ready to hit the road to Verizon, mainly because im tired of the lousy 3G network they are pushing in my area. i have the nexus one with t-mobile and that is whats keeping me from leaving, too bad Verizon canceled the nexus for that plasticky htc incredible. the nexus feels WAY better in the hand and a lot better built. and htc sense bogs down the phone.

  • Danl

    You’re kidding?!?!?! You couldn’t hit the “Where to” button?!?! It’s a GPS phone. WTF!! Horrible demo!!

  • Alex

    .I like the look of the phone, but that Ui is gross. Heres to hoping froyo pays a visit

  • badaphooko01


    • badaphooko01

      woops hit submit on accident. This phone looks like one of those cheap Samsung resistive touch phones. Not very sexy at all. I almost feel bad for Tmobile, I am a loyal 10yr customer with 2 family lines and Tmobile@Home. Sadly, and I mean sadly I too will be jumping ship when my contract ends this summer. I love Tmobile but every other carrier is coming out with elite phones while we are stuck with 10 different versions of the My Touch and the Garmin phone.

  • Matlock

    Ive played around with the phone for the past couple of days, and its not as bad as people make it out to be. Majority of the people on this forum, myself included, are cell phone geeks, but you have to understand that the cell phone market isn’t comprised primarily of power users, its just regular average Joe Schmoes who just want a phone that has nice features. I am an avid fan of Android, and think that this phone is a different approach to the whole idea of Android. It may not be a big success, but I will give it a fair chance. I have had a few customers come in to my store, to check it out, and they have been quite pleased with the phone.

    I am honestly sick and tired of hearing all of the bitching from this crowd in here. Honestly if your not satisfied with Tmo’s lineup of phones, then jump ship to Big Red, Death Star, and Sprint to get whatever they are offering that appeals to you. All the carriers have an upside and a downside, none is perfect.

    I’m an HD2 user, and absolutely love it. I have not found many faults with my phone, the one thing I do miss though is google integration, like Android has. I hear people on here all the time blasting the HD2, wihout merrit. I went from WinMo(T-Mo MDA), to Blackberry (8320) to Android (G1 & Cliq, love both), back to WinMo with my HD2 now, so ive used all of them, and can say I appreciate all of them. I wish people would stop crying about the fact that the HD2 doesnt have Android. As far as the MyTouch Slide goes, so what if it doesnt have a Snapdragon processor, it does just fine with what it comes with. It plenty fast and quite smooth. For those still using G1s that are bitching about not having a snapdragon on board, anything would be faster than your phone rooted or not. so wait til it comes out and you actually get to play with it before you pass judgment.

    Finally, I said it before and I’m going to say it again, if your not happy with your service, or the lineup of phones than just switch your service to another carrier so you can get the phone(s) that you want. Do remember though, that you will be paying the price of admission with the other carriers.

    • mad dog

      STFU, stop bitching about other peoples bitching. The same goes for “ItsMichaelNotMike”.

      • ryan

        HAHAHAHA I read this post and then 2 posts down ItsMichelleNotMike is already bitching about how he’s so smart and everyone is dumb. TOO FUNNY!

    • joiseyeric

      Matlock, if you are a T-Mobile employee, maybe it’s time you found another place to work. How can you tell people to switch to another carrier just because they express their opinions? From one T-Mobile employee to another, the HD2 has serious problems…why else do I see at least 3 a day coming back into the store with problems? Freezing is the #1 problem.

      In any event, stop taking things so personally….people are entiteld to thier opinions. Just because you think the HD2 is the greatest thing doesn’t mean I like it..I like my Moto Cliq just fine, thanks. Give it a rest dude!

    • Kati

      Thanks for your comment, I am deciding between the HD2 or the new Garmin, I am one of those Joe Schmos you speak of, I like the HD2 for the things it offers, and the Garmin for the GPS(I always get lost) I have the G1 but honestly I don’t think I will miss the Android, just really wanting a change

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I can’t believe the number of morons in here.

    Are you really comparing this phone with the Evo?

    Are you really debating which one to get?

    If you were thinking about the Evo or this, you have a marble sized brain.

    Comparing this phone to any of the superphones or smartphones out there, well what’s to say except you are a 100% USDA Grade A certified dumb sheet.

    Sidenote: And you clearly don’t understand how T-Mobile works if you think it considers this phone anything noteworthy. Ask yourself this, other than hearing about it on T-MoNews and other tech sites have you heard T-Mobile mention or advertise it.

    It’s just a NAV phone. Some people will want it because it fits their needs.

    Go get the Evo and STFU. Your comments are just a waste of space.

    Bonus Comment: I posted on the YouTube that yes, the video was lousy in the sense that he never pressed the “Where To?” icon. The phone is a NAV system and that’s the only thing he did not demo. LOL.

    What, did T-Mobile or Garmin say the police were going to search your house if you pressed that button?

    That aside, the video indicated this seems a very nice phone. And I think the UI is fine, since it’s a NAV device.

  • AJ

    the phone seems pretty snappy, but the UI they put over Android fails to impress me.

  • Special K

    Honestly, the phone isn’t 100% horrible. The big thing is the intended market for this phone is just far too narrow. This is for a customer looking for a GPS first, that can double as a cell phone. Again, it isn’t horrible…but clearly this is not the type of device that will cause people to run into the T-Mobile store, and I would definitely not recommend using an upgrade on unless you needed a GPS first device.

  • JBLmobileG1

    You know… this phone would have worked for me when I headed to Zion National Park in Utah. While I love Android and Google maps I lost my signal in a few spots (which thankfully I was only testing it to see how it worked because the driver knew where they were going). While I do believe this phone may satisfy some… most people will pass (except for people who do a whole lot of traveling and are willing to sign a 2 year contract for it.) To be honnest I think Tmobile should sell this phone as a pre-paid. Then it would sell like hotcakes! Think about it…. charge between $150 to $175 for it. (Which I am sure this GPS is nothing more than one of Garmins lower end $100 models). If this were a prepaid I could see it selling to travelers and people who want a phone for in the car. Plus where I live (Las Vegas) we get a lot of tourist from other countries who want a GPS while they are here as well as a prepaid phone. This would be perfect! Honnestly unless this phone is dirt cheap on a contract they should offer it up as a prepaid because I doubt many people will sign a contract for it. I think the only thing that crushes the idea about it being prepaid is the fact that it has Android on it. And Android requires data which unforunatly Tmobile prepaid currently doesn’t offer. Oh well… it was a good idea.

  • Steve

    I am thinking this phone will be appealing to “older” users looking to get into Android. Someone from their late 30’s on up could actually get along pretty well with this phone…IMHO.

  • BoomBoomBang

    Cute phone =]

  • anthony

    i LOLd when he typed a text message, he kept hitting the V button, then hit the L button then the last time he hit V and that was the icing on the cake hahaha

  • George.P

    I love t-mobile “AS A CARRIER” , as for the phones they carry not much,We have maybe 2 good phones to choose from on the network. T-mobile is like the kia of the cell phone world. Nothing flashy noone really seeks out to get one but they have great prices and excellent customer service, another analogy its like being hired to do a gangbang scene in a porno and while waiting on the line for your turn you notice your wang isnt the biggest although not the smallest but pretty damn close but you perform like a stallion, nothing to brag about but you can crack a “little” smile knowing you made some impact against those mandingos.

  • should i even bother asking is this POS will get android 2.anything? Lmao

  • Jshin

    LMAO @ George P.

  • Jshin

    Oh and this phone = fail.

  • joiseyeric

    This “unboxing” is stupid…could you at least show us what the GARMIN is best known for, AKA GPA? This device looks boxy and ugly, what else you got TMO?

    • David

      The only reason it wasn’t shown was because the tipster didn’t want to give away his location.

  • Umm


  • Patrick

    eh…..it’s alright. it’s not going to sell out…I can tell you that for sure lol. T-Mobile has 2 phones that make me want to jizz when I touch them: The Bold 9700 and the HD2. BUT…..no other carrier has anymore than 1 phone that I’d say “I’d leave T-Mobile for a chance to get my hands on that.” Sprint WILL have the evo…but currently, they have 0 phones that appeal to me anymore than the phones T-Mobile offers. When the Touch Pro 2 came out…that was the phone I wanted….I got it…I was satisfied. AT&T doesn’t have ANY phones I’d want…..not even the iphone(just personal preference). And Verizon now has the “Incredible”. The regualar droid wasn’t that hot to me.

    • APlayerfromtheHimalya

      AMEN! I’ve been saying that for a long time!!! I have compared. and can honestly say, T mobile has a sure fire lineup of Good Phones. The rest have 1 or 2 great phones…and blackberries.

      the big two cannot beat tmobile in pricing (I’m not counting sprint, because of the amalgamation of the networks they have, t mobile has more customers).

      ATT has the iPhone and a bagillion samsung phone with that piss poor touchwiz. The iPhone is the jewel there. Apple marketing is helping BUNCHES here. Verizon has the Droid line with the motorola and incredible being the king of the lineup. Funny Thing here is Google and android did most of the work here.

      Now let’s be real here. ALL OF THE “NEW and HOT” HTC PHONES ARE LOOKING THE SAME! PERIOD. The Only Phone that is different is (and I know Imma get slammed for this) the mytouch. Sad but true folks, sad but true.

      I have the HD2, and now love it. I have the N900 ( beast and plan on getting the n8), the blackberry 9700, the mistake behold II. REally thinking about getting the garmin phone, feels good in my hand (yes I touched it).

  • therealone

    600 msm7220 check
    256 mb ram check
    3.5 inch screen check
    i dont see why it wont succed as of htc legend have same processor…
    2.1 isnt big of a deal … is it?

    Sent fro, moto droid

  • Brutal-Force

    This phone can’t do anything that a CM Mod G1 can do. Its hardware was outdated before they started building it.

    If they were smart, T-mo would have come out with the HD2 in both Android and Win-mo and made the masses happy.

    The Evo will have a better camera, but IMHO, thats about it.

    The sad thing is that T-mo is resting on their laurels. I don’t think that the G1 was anywhere near as popular as the iPhone at the time it came out, but its GUI/OS is what made it a winner. Now that better hardware is on the market, the next logical step is to carry a phone with the newest hardware. ITS BEEN TWO YEARS T-MO!

    I have been with T-mo for almost 10 years, but I may give Sprint a try. A) I primarily use Data and Text over Voice. B) their plans are cheaper by about 10 dollars (yes, I realize only sprint to sprint is unlimited min.) C) T-mo has not been able to give any indication of a real rival to the Evo. (Yes I know the Nexus is close, but $560 dollars? I don’t think so.). D) Google’s Deal with T-mo and the Nexus One did no one any good and was almost a Flop according to the media.

    I have 3 months left on my 2-yr. sub. and it might be time to give another carrier my money. No disrespect to T-mobile I love them and recommend them to everyone We will see what the competition yields in the next 3 months, but if this Garmin Phone is a representation of what is in store for my next 2 yr. contract, then I will have to pass.

    • APlayerfromtheHimalya

      So explain to me what’s incredible about the EVO? WiMAX ( I got that at home, CLEAR). Voice over IP/Video Conferencing/Front Facing Camera…N900 baby and soon the n8…ALL DAY! Yes over T-mobile’s network, in any city that has 3g/Wifi. the HTC PHONES LOOK THE SAME. from the HD2 on down. IT’s time for HTC to do some more designing.

      I think T mobile had a point with the Windows Mobile Phone and the HD2. It’s the only one that will end up being windows mobile with this particular design. I’m an adroid fan, but not everyone wants android.
      Bad or good…it still is…

  • cwizzle

    half garmin GPS, half phone…
    All confusing

  • DavidinJax

    I don’t understand, if you mount it… how do you text and drive?

  • seth_thomas

    kool android fon with no muscle, the UI is unlike the “motoblur” and the themes are easily toggled, you want a simple awesome android phone with “GPS” (note: this phone is to capture users that dont already know most smart phones have GPS!!) you have to love android . . if this fon had the same pocessor as the HD 2!! wow
    recommended buy over the moto, but wait the my touch slide i sweeeet

  • carrie

    I am definitely going to get this phone, but I’m going to wait until I can upgrade. I would pay 200 for the phone right now– but not the 400 they’re asking before my upgrade.

    Here’s the thing. I am TERRIBLE with directions and so I need a gps. If I can have a gps with me all the time– that remembers where I parked (!?) It is worth any price. Well, not any price, but 200 bucks for sure.

    I think I’m the market for this phone. I don’t care what it looks like at. all.