RIM Shows Off White BlackBerry 9700 In Promo Video

I have to say that the White BlackBerry Bold is a sharp sharp looking phone. As a white iPhone user, I’ve got a thing for the “clean” factor that comes with the ownership of a white cellular device. BlackBerry is doing its part to show off the upcoming release with a 60 second promo video that really just shows the phone twirling around. Either way, it’s a hot looking BlackBerry and those waiting around for it will appreciate all that this video has to offer.


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  • Danny

    Hi David: We’re you able to solidify the launch date yet on this hot looking BlackBerry?

    I’ve heard both the 11th and the 19th of May floating around the web.

  • v.rios

    Nice I’m a Blackberry guy myself so when is the release date and pricing?

  • tato22

    really nice

  • as a pre blackberry 9700 bold owner i would actually wanna grab this phone it looks nice i like it

    better than the always black they have

  • kai

    they couldn’t have made the trackpad white as well?

    • jmts80

      Would have been nice if they did

  • tmorep

    its looking like may 29th or end of may something like that…. im pissed i was looking forward to placing my order may 5th

    • Susely

      me too :(

    • Susely

      where did they say may 29th ?

  • Susely

    I thought it was May 5th :( I just left the store they told me June ! I called CS and they said it can be tomorrow next month they dont know