Blackberry Bold 9700 Definitely Coming In White


Just this past Sunday we called for the White Blackberry 9700 to launch in early May. Low and behold a few days later we’re getting our first glance at a branded white T-Mobile Blackberry 9700. The exact same as the existing and ever popular Blackberry 9700, the white edition is sure to entice a few Blackberry customers who might enjoy its clean look. Seriously, for some reason I’d actually jump at the chance to buy a white phone over a black one, is there something wrong with that? Look for this May 5th likely at existing Blackberry 9700 pricing and considering the Smartphone BOGO was extended, buy two!

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  • frenchy99

    I am so getting one! selling my black one!

    • mpv

      Are you a “Life Syncer, age 28-48”?

      • MacGuy

        I would love to read the “Target Audience” on all their phones. I have a 8900, and I’m sure I’m not the target audience for that phone! hahaha.

  • Max-Andre


  • LMAO

    Wow, does anyone really care about blackberry or the 9700 anymore?? Not hating but i have started seeing alot of tmobile and cellular users switching over to android,windows mobile,palm & the iphone. I see a blackberry here and there but not like in 2009

    • mpv

      ha ha — sigh… those hazy days of 2009…

      The 9700’s a great phone, loads of people are into BB’s

    • jordannn

      this phone is sick…i might get it and i have a choice between any phone on tmo

    • mmaxxsooner

      Tmob releases a new color and they don’t fix the firmware first! I’m on my third and last 9700, love the planner but its a phone first and at that these phones FAIL, keep dropping calls like its going out of style. Have u noticed all other carriers I mean ALL here and abroad have a firmware update. Get on the fix now tmob and bb before u taint your brands any further.

      • Chris

        Indeed… this phone is a disaster. Massive complaints from customers about the dropped calls, incredibly slow internet, and a new feature of showing the caller id of the previous caller. Can’t believe that there isn’t more written about this horrible, horrible phone.

    • brunet115

      some ppl have switched to android n iphone bt those phones usually end up with problems and many ppl dont prefer touchscreen. especially now that this new white bold is coming out the ppl that left will most definitely be coming back to blackberry. this phone is one of the classiest ive seen in the blackberry world. either way blackberry will always be #1

  • mikeeeee

    rather have a white blackberry storm but, will settle for a black storm on t-mo.

  • nain

    i had the 9700 first day it launched..i never had to pull a batteyr out of a phone ssooo mucch ughh =/

  • Ryan

    We are fucked. Notice they call a 624 mhz cpu “next gen”. I would consider a 1ghz cpu “next gen” so to tmobile 1ghz isn’t even on the map. HAHAHAHA, ok i’m just going to spit up the $500 for the N1

    • mpv

      don’t do it — wait it out. dealing directly w/HTC on issues is a losing situation

  • Ahh Yo!

    Wow! This is some major tech news (sarcastic remark). The color of the phone doesn’t really cut it for me. It’s what it can do and for how long is the issue. i.e., battery life/multitasking/ and apps.

  • andrew

    sucks for the people who has a black one

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Yeah, unless they want a Black One. :P

  • John

    To me the BB 9700 is far superior to any other phone out there because of UMA.
    Being able to use any wifi signal anywhere to make phone calls is priceless for me. It automatically switches to UMA in the basement at work where no cell phones work. I get full strength signal! Did a lot of traveling overseas last month and also works abroad. And no, no long distance fees when calling a US number.

    • tortionist

      You’re basing the best cellphone out there off of signal strength. I’d recheck my priorities if I were you. There’s a lot of other important factors to consider over signal strength. How good is the GPS compared to the MT3G with 3.5 mm jack. I bet it sucks. I bet th4e OS( and i’ve had a couple of BB’s) isn’t nearly as good as even Android 1.6, there’s also the one processor in your BB’s and two processors in a lot of Android devices including the G1 and MT3g. I could go on for some time. It’s not that i’m a fan boy(even though I do love Android). It’s just that I do my research first, then I develop an opinion of a product. You should try that some time. It’s very enlightening.

      • John

        With all due respect but you sound kind of immature, first, this thing is a PHONE so that is my PRIORITY NUMBER ONE; if I can make a phone call even where there is no cell coverage, I’m sold. Can’t care less if it has a 3.5 jack or a back scratcher. I have a personal AT&T iphone btw. My BB 9700 is work issued.

      • LI-TmoRep

        this post reminds me of some apple fanboy playing down the suckness of the iphone in the ‘phone calling’ catergory. while research is all well and good, actual hands on experience is second to none. thats why we check tmonews, engadget, gizmodo, etc, for the ‘hands on’ of products we have known the stats on for months/ have just seen announced.

        try buying a car without getting in it. all that research you did might get you close, but until youre behind the wheel for a test drive, you havent a clue as to what it is truely like.

        im also impressed as to how you manage to both keep your nose in a book (clearly doing research) and stick it up at people.

  • Bigg

    Ehhh, any new blackberry on the horizon? Getting tired of my black 9700, give us a touch screen and keyboard bb, also update your os RIM. Getting very tired of this dated OS

    • tortionist

      They gave you the touch screen with the Storm and Storm II. Which I hear have issues. I wouldn’t know though. They just didn’t seem to be as well built, etc. as the HTC Android devices.

  • jmts80

    Looks nice. Anybody have a problem with echoing with their Bold? My girl has had to return hers 4 times because of echoing!

    • Matlock

      lowering volume may help!!

  • tmorep

    @ryan – have u even used a 9700? the processor numbers dont mean squat IMO because the bb ui is far superior than any android phone. I had this phone (lost it on a roller coaster) and never had any issues regarding lag or freezing…. the cliq and cliq xt are like kids phones… yea their apps are cool but they really dont perform as solid as a BB… Plus it has UMA…. HD2 has this “mass” processor yet it has all these freezing issues and people are constantly saying its slow… seriously a 1GHz processor is worthless is the UI sucks ass…. if the HD2 was android i might actually have some respect for it cuz windows mobile is crap…. i will actually be spending money for once as a tmo rep to replace my lost bold with a white bold so GO Tmo!

    • john

      Way to not bash your own product eh?

    • Matlock

      you just dont know how to use the HD2 my friend! mine runs just fine, and i also work for t-mo! if any phone is problematic its the 9700, our bold ambassador is on his 2nd bold with the same issues! random powering off, random freezing, etc…..

    • tortionist

      Really, BB’s can’t even multi task like most Android devices. You obviously haven’t tried the MT3G with 3.5 MM jack. It so out does any BB put out right now. Swype is a lot faster than qwerty. Android has a much better and more user friendly UI than Rim with their UI. Do some fact checking before making these crappy assumptions.

      • Jonstonson


    • 30014

      I gave up my curve 8320 for a g1 and have been android since. Blackberries are only good for email. Everything else sucks about them, especially the outdated os. As a former crackberry addict I speak from experience.

  • bsantos

    so for me i have been every where in the smart phone world android is good iphone sucks but ok, symbian great for buisness, winmo just got my hd2 love it and the so called tmo rep is an idiot to think otherwise this phone eats blackberrys alive, and blackberrys well i love blackberry but the dated OS and apps that are so sub par that they make the phone feel prehistoric not worth it but great phones to be honest im going to buy one because i miss my keyboard but im gonna keep my hd2 and flaunt it like a women

  • tortionist

    I also need to mention that Android phones have VOIP capabilities along with Skype and Google talk. Blackberries don’t really have any of those. It all means that you can talk on your Android phone for free without having to look for a wifi signal. Blackberries are good phones, but Android phones are much better, and not all android phones have problems. I’ve had the BB 8100 and 8120 as well as the Razor V3 and the G1 MT3g and MT3G 1.2. They were all good phones, but the new MT3G 1.2 has been the best by far(with no problems). ANDROID RULES!!!!

    • John

      wow you really don’t know what UMA is.. UMA is not a piece of add-on software like Skype or Google talk (which I also have by the way). UMA is T-Mobiles version of voip and it is already in the BB 9700’s firmware. The transition between 3G and wifi is seamless; it will usually hang on to the strongest (profiled) and it keeps using your T-mobile number not a silly skype or GT account number.

      • mmmmaxsooner

        Uma blah never had a consistant connection from square 1 and that includes a university open connection. This phone straight up needs a software upgrade before anyone tries to sell a new friggin color. 3g is spotty at best and wifi is a joke. Enjoy the uma connection if you can get/keep one my experience says otherwise. Stay away stay very far away!

    • Jonstonson

      blackberry has google talk. Do some fact checking before making these crappy assumptions.

  • frenchy99

    WOW! So many haters! First of all android sucks when it comes to emails. So if you rely on emails a lot then blackberry is the best. If your into streaming tv shows then go with android. The bold 9700 with UMA is actually is pretty good feature especially if you travel a lot or have poor service.

    • 30014

      We may be haters but you are the dumb ass that is going to buy the same phone twice just because of a new color.

      • frenchy99

        No you the dumb ass for making that comment! I’m going to give the black one to a family member and just get this one! So get a life! Before insulting anyone!

    • 30014

      I don’t care what you are going to do with the black one, you’re still a dumb ass.

      • Frenchy99

        Stfu then! With your ignorance!

  • Scott

    I have had my Blackberry for about 2 years now. Going to ditch this thing for a brand new ANDROID phone. Hopefully Tmo picks up a great SuperSmart Phone this summer. Hopefully the Samsung Galaxy.

  • Robert

    YES! I’m def going to buy the white bb bold. i’ve been waiting for the white one for awhile since the white 9000 came out.

  • Pororo

    Why couldn’t Tmo release the Black and white 9700 at the same time?

  • Mel

    i came from 3 android phones, one of them being the nexus one. i sold the nexus one and got an hd2. i gave the hd2 to my wife. i’ve also used the 1st gen iphone and currently have a iphone 3g here. I’m getting a blackberry bold 9700 in a couple days to use as my main phone. its funny how people dickride technology and all material stuff. out of all those phones and mobile os’s ive been through, i prefer android but also like iphone and winmo. they each have something to hate about. the nexus one was badass with that snapdragon and good amount of ram, but the design of that thing was like a girls make-up case. htc evo? cmon.. the htc hd2 is still the best looking phone out there(obviously my opinion) but they had to find somthing about it to make the evo more “kiddish” with that back cover. and who cares if somebody wants to get rid of their phone just to upgrade it to an exact same model but different color? really. who gives a damn what somebody else wants? lol

  • brunet115

    @frenchy99 – ppl arent haters they just have different opinions , bt i would definitely have to agree with youu android isnt that great, ive had a bb for 2 years now n im definitely not goin for android or iphone. i have never had any problems with my bb and i absolutely love it. im excited for this new bold to come out cuz i have the 8900 n i want to upgrade to the bold n the white gives it a really feminine classy touch which i really love :)

  • tmorep

    damn it this phone is delayed til end of may……

  • Dez

    I can not wait for them to come out with the update for the BB9700’s known issue for dropped calls over 3g.
    Just so that people are not confused, this is NOT a tmobile issue…mainly with the software on the handset.
    Just curious, my 3g SUCKS on this fact if I switch the phone to 2g it runs at the same speed. SHOULD have stuck with my 8900 then! Only difference seems to be the 5.0 os software and the track pad :[ this saddens me.
    And again, how is it on Tmobile’s end when the android 3g runs just fine.
    I’ve used the 8100, 8320, 8900…and now the 9700…so it’s not like I’m not used to these devices, just saddens me that I have had to spend a lot on an upgrade when I feel I’m in the same exact handset from before.

  • i own both Blackberry and iPhone, i would say that iPhone has great ergonomics:*’