BlackBerry Bold 9700 Update Delayed

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Software Upgrade Delayed
During testing for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 software upgrade, several issues were identified that need to be resolved before releasing the upgrade to customers. Based on this feedback, a decision was made to postpone releasing the software via OTA and on the
Stores may have recently received inventory of BlackBerry Bold 9700 devices with the latest software. These devices can be identified by a yellow dot on the POS label. The software on these devices is not impacted by the issues identified in testing, and should continue to be sold in stores.
If you sell through these pre-upgraded devices and need to sell devices with the old software, inform customers new software will be available to download in the future.
Well, we can’t say we saw this coming as BlackBerry updates tend to be plenty reliable. Unfortunately during the testing phase, this particular update was deemed not ready for consumer use and therefore ya’ll just gotta wait a bit longer. The good news is it seems worth the wait with a promised fix for the 3G dropped call issue, improvement to trackpad performance and a host of other fixes that promise to make your BlackBerry feel shiny and new again, maybe. We’re sure it won’t be to long before the fix comes to fruition and delivers itself to the masses. Until then.

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