Be The First To Own The MyTouch Slide

I’m really mixed about this sort of eBay sale as the seller came to me and asked that we help him out on getting attention to his auction.  We’ll help alright, we’ll help in expressing to you as we did already that your asking price is ridiculous. For the record, we were approached with the intent to purchase the device, we declined as as we’ve already learned buying phones can be bad for business. On the other hand, the asking price was astronomical and gave us a good laugh. However, under normal circumstances, I would say no to posting an ebay auction but tech blogs do tend to post auctions that exist with phones that are yet to be released. See this post and this one. The fact is that he is selling the MyTouch Slide, a phone that won’t be released for at least another 3 weeks, perhaps makes it worth a little attention.  What’s even more deserving of the attention is the price he is asking.   With a starting bid of $750 and a “Buy It Now” of $1200, believe me when I say that it’s less than the original price he told me he wanted for it.  Far less.  For the moment, however, he is sticking to his guns and asking what I still consider to be far too much for the device.  I suppose if you have plenty of free cash and a desire to own this phone before anyone else, it’s yours for the taking. Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?


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  • Asparagus

    No thanks….

  • Boney Starks!

    Whoever the seller is, he/she must not like their job @ TMobile. All the reps that got this phone early have their IMEIs tracked.


    -Boney Love From Up Above

    • TeXan

      Thats as much as they make in two months(for the buy it now) probably have a secure job somewhere else already. Just kidding tmo employees we all know your raking in the dough.

      • NokiaMan

        I was a store manager for T-Mobile for 4 years, I left last year to pursue a new interest, and I can personally guarantee they make more than $1200 in two months. I had a very successful location and I did not have a rep who made less than $3000 a month including commission, NOT including benefits. I had some reps make over five thousand dollars during Q4. Even the sales reps at lower volume locations were bringing in $2k.

        Now, with that in mind, it is obviously VERY foolish for someone who makes that kind of money to risk it for the sale of this device. It could be a stolen device, or a phone given out as gift to someone outside the retail store. Some vendors have a closet full of phones they can do what they like with. ;)

  • Nick

    Bid history: 0 bids

    ’nuff said

  • Ace

    The 1st Picture that is shown I thought it was The touch pro 2

  • Justin


    haha.. I guess we have different opinions about what “never used” means.

  • deke218

    Leave the drugs alone seller. whadjt do you think that is, the new iPhone?

  • mikeeeee

    one month after the slide hits the streets legit, they will be on ebay for 250 bucks in sealed boxes.

    i bought my cliqXT that way and if moto gives it ANDROID 2.1, i won’t need another phone for a while.

    • timmyjoe42

      Your patience shall be rewarded.

      • timmyjoe42

        Someday. :)

  • t-mizzle

    Not cool, extortion shouldn’t be promoted. Which is exactly what this is. I could understand asking $700 for a brand new cool phone (this one is not) but this is pure greed. He doesn’t deserve to find a buyer. Bad move by tmonews for promoting this considering the asking price. When can we expect the forum to be back up?

    • timmyjoe42

      I’m pretty sure this doesn’t qualify as extortion.

    • sorandkairi

      yep…not extortion

  • Nova504

    Is this guy really serious, dont he know this phone is a mid range phone, and who in there right mind, would pay 750 for this phone. I mean its nice and all, but never worth that much.

  • zomghats

    Definately employee issued.

  • tj

    phahahaha its almost out now. and look at the shipping charges. if youre gonna be making at least 750 off of it you could at least be reasonable with the shipping charges.

  • cj

    LOL. 750 for a low end android phone. Now that’s a laugh.

  • V

    Is he retarded? How do you say “A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable” then say “NEVER USED JUST OPENED AND PLAYED WITH”? Unless you know magic, wouldn’t you have to open it to play with it?

    • zmoboss

      he is NOT retarded ! The (would be) buyer MOST CERTAINLY IS !!!! :)

  • Jerry

    ITS A MYTOUCH>>LOL 1200..stupid

  • Bill48105

    So I’m only one with virus activity on this site or noticed the odd iframe at the end of most every page? (after the Super-Cache part.. to an odd domain that says the account is suspended supposedly if you go there directly.. Both of which makes it even more fishy) I posted details in the “[Updated] More myTouch Slide Goodness TmoNews” post but anyone can view source & see it added to the end like the server itself is infected & it’s appending itself to the generated cache files.. Anyhow figured that should be pointed out especially since the Forums say they are down which seems like a big coincidence..

    • Green Robot

      Yeah, I stopped coming to this site from a PC since SEP always comes up with some variant of Bloodhound trojan in a couple of files.

      • Bill48105

        Scary to visit this site & get virus alerts! But cool so I’m not crazy! Well.. hehe Thx for the response. Guess I need to figure a better way to visit than firefox with JavaScript off but you’d think they’d clean the server & files and better control ads if crap’s coming from those too.

    • Newcleus

      I stopped visiting this site from my PC for the same reason. I’m on my HD2 right now, but even that makes me nervous.

      • Bill48105

        Avast just alerted me of virus again but this time on the same url in the iframe so I’m pretty certain this site is infected or at least is hosting up links to infected files. Why doesn’t tmonews fix that? Quite irresponsible of them if you ask me..

    • Robert

      Yeah, my Symantec AV goes crazy and a warning page pops up on IE when I bring up the main home page. Hopefully you guys there get it fixed!!! Not cool to just let it be…

    • tonyjohns

      I got a virus on this site from my work computer last week! (PC) so now I only visit from my blackberry (which I’m on now) and my Mac, which is at home. I would think they would clean it up! Bad for tmo news!!

      • David

        Guys, we are working on the virus thing as we speak, we have tried a number of variables to determine what is causing the problem. I trust that you all recognize its not done intentionally as why on earth would I want to do that? Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon, like soon as in the next few hours!

      • Ryan

        I think it might be a java based exploit that sends a pdf which creates a buffer overflow that infects the machine.

        I use firefox and everything is set to “ask me what to do”. Your site tried to send me a random 16kb pdf doc. I’m assuming if I opened it I would have gotten a virus. I checked my java version 2 seconds later and found out I was behind by a few versions (6.17 instead of 6.20).

        Hope this helps you narrow down a solution.

      • justme

        ‘exploit neosploit’ is what the site just hit me with. just as an fyi; i know it’s not intentional.

      • timmyjoe42

        I’m still getting the pop-up.

      • Flgirll99

        I got one too on my work PC!! And for the life of me I couldn’t figure out from which site it was from. At first I thought it was Gizmodo and then Engadget. Nope, it was TmoNews.

        It’s taken care of now but it was still really annoying.

  • Johnny

    Haha wow… I really hope the Tmo eBay investigation dept buys the phone from this dim witted individual and cans his ass… What a moron

  • Green Robot

    Hey, maybe this is one of T-Mobile’s executives trying to make Slide look exclusive, hot, and desirable. Only TMO executives can be delusional enough to believe that Slide is a hot device.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    That’s an interesting and suspicious auction. I would not buy from him. Aside from the price, he has only two feedbacks, as buyer only.

    And take a look at what he buys. Guess he works at T-Mobile part time or knows someone who does and was able get a phone. Maybe his real job is tattoo artist?

  • Housetek

    Already got mine *dance*

    but yeah, hes prolly gettin ready to quit or somthing cuz there gona fire his ass.

    employees to get the phone early, are required to disclose their store id numbers and employee pins and sim card number.

    the minute another sim goes in it they’ll figure out who it belongs to. Unless some one “stole it” and sold it on ebay =P

  • another lost phone picked up in a bar?

  • shawn1224

    Been playing with the slide rom for about a week and a half now on my mytouch 1.2 and I have it almost optimized as an everyday driver. With that said, the features still aren’t worthy of coughing up $600+ even with the addition of a full qwerty board. The new sense espresso UI has some quality features like dragon dictation, genius button and theme selection but it’s still rather cumbersome and suited more as eye candy than actually being functional.

  • Gabe


    • Gabes Dad

      You’re an ultimate fag not only for spelling out your laugh but using the Spanish accent “J”, fag.

      • LMAO that was a good one gabe’s dad …

        gabe = fag … HaHaHa! hater.

  • Tim

    Lol @ anyone who buys it from the Ebay guy. Shoot, just wait til T-Mo is selling it in stores and save a lot of cash.

    Is “first” really worth that much money? Judging by the bids so far, looks like “No”.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Generally with this economy no one is buying.

      I noticed that a few weeks before each debut that eBay sellers of the Touch Pro2 and HD2 did not get any takers either.

      And no one is going to pay a premium for THIS phone.

      Add to that all the eBay warning signs on the auction (seller has only two FB, lousy pics, inconsistent statements) this will continue to show no bidders.

  • tomato


  • t-mizzle

    this guy does not deserve that kind of money. he probably read
    the iphone 4 story and thought he could cash in ina similar way.
    Hey douchebag, try selling it to gizmodo and see how much they pay

  • Myles

    This guy must be a T-Mobile employee who doesnt care about his job, because I have a mytouch slide as a program that T-Mobile is doing right now for employees where one rep per store gets one to show it off and get people excited about the device, but it strictly says selling the device is grounds for termination. When they gave me the device, they took down my SIM card number and IMEI and told me that not even the other numbers on my plan could use it. If this guy gets caught, he’s a goner. Hope he gets enough for it to counter his unemployment status lol

    • that guy

      It’s not a program “right now”, they do that with alot of phones.

    • joel

      Oh, you have one then? Could you do a favor and try out SNesoid and a good SNES game(like Seiken Densetsu 3 or Super Mario RPG) and let us know how the phone handles it? Audio stuttering, frameskipping, etc? Thanks :)

      • that guy

        im not that involved with the phone hahahah, i just keep it simple…sry

  • Aztech

    Why would anyone buy that when you could get a Nexus one for less? I doubt this slide’s specs aren’t much better then the mytouch 3g’s.

  • Davidohio

    I like how cj called it a low end android phone. Retard. anyone who pays the asking price is also retarded.

  • phonegeek


  • DannOfThurs

    This is so wrong it’s not even funny….wow…just WOW….this product doesn’t have the buzz, let alone “wow features” to even validate this type of things….gj on under-estimating your potential market, ebay seller!

  • tmoguy

    It is a great phone, but I can’t imagine anyone paying this to get this thing three weeks early.

    This has to be a rep who’s already left or someone who finaggled one from HTC somehow. 1200 isn’t worth losing a T-Mobile rep job for.

  • shawn1224

    LOL @ his/her ebay selling points



  • spongebob71

    wait wasn’t april fools day a while ago? what is this guy thinking?


    He/She Changed the price! Go look! LMAO!!
    Its worth it now!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Having been on eBay since 1998 I confess I do that to. I will list at a high price, see if there is any takers. I also look at watching totals to see if there is any interest.

      If none all the way around I lower the price within about ten hours of a listing.

      What I am trying to do is not sell something for too low (as indicated by someone snapping it up with Buy It Now within the first hour of a listing).

      In contrast to my strategy, this person appears desperate to make a quick sale. He wants the money.

      All the more reason to be suspicious of this. A person like that would have no problem taking your money and vanishing, never to be seen again. He has nothing to lose, no eBay reputation, no high FB rating to preserve, etc.

      I pity anyone who buys this, not only because he or she will be over paying, but this looks like a deal that will go bad.

      Sidenote: Anyone complaining about TMoNews covering this, come on, this is news, a “phantom” Slide showing up on eBay. Besides, if this was the new iPhone, for sale a month earlier than others might get it, you would all think how cool that is that your favorite site covered the event, it showing up on eBay. And you would complain if your favorite news site did not cover the story.

      Sheesh… the things some pussies in here find to complain about. You are like those losers who bounce from cause to cause because when one controversy is over they find another to occupy their time and justify their pitiful existence (save hirsute bipeds).

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Oops… I mean “do that too.”

  • $750??!??!??!?!

    Are you serious????

  • gtrmnr

    I played with both this phone and the garmin phone at the tmo store and it is nothing special next to my nexus It is a hybrid sense AKA esspresso and not worth the money just buy a nexus a dock and be done with it.

  • Someone quick call the President and turn this man in for price gouging. Who ever heard of such a capitalist technique.

  • Deke218

    Unless T-Mo News is getting half the proceeds from the sale of this kiddie phone, I can’t for the life of me figure out why they would ruin their good name to go in on this. Are we hard up for funds? Maybe have a fund drive. With all us good people here, I’m sure you can come up with enough bucks to last the year… or day.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Do you write letters to the editor of your local newspaper complaining why the newspaper has certain stories on page one or why the newspaper even has a page 2 through 150?

      This is news, it’s called TMoNews, deal with it. (And find something else more important to get your panties up in a bunch about.)

      • David

        Clearly he doesn’t know how to read, I didn’t in any way shape or form give the impression we were in on this. Only that we were approached by him to sell this.

    • David

      Dude, are you seriously thinking that I went into the deal? Since you clearly didn’t get the point of the article, I’ll explain it to you. He OFFERED TO SELL IT TO US FOR $2500! I don’t get the proceeds genius, I put the post up because its a phone that isn’t out for another few weeks and I thought it was laughable how much he was selling it. Save your money and buy a clue.

      • Bobert

        someone call that crappy writer alex back

  • Cubed Guru

    Looks like he dropped the price to 500 and BIN at 750.

  • Jelc

    The guy lowered the price to $500 as the starting bid and to $750 for buy it now. LOL. On a side note I found the guy on Twitter!

    • Bobert

      wow this douchebag is straight out of the trailer

    • Funnyman

      only took it out to play with it…he obviously posted from it…meaning he used it

  • JP

    What a douchebag. And even a bigger douchbag for the chump that plops down anything to by from this guy.

  • tomato

    I checked e-bay, and he/she dropped the price now.

  • eYe

    1 bid now… someone has to confess here!!! Which one of you placed a bid?

    • cj

      We all know it’s the T-mo supervisor looking to see who it is so they can fire him.

  • kh

    Its now at 500.00 with one bid and no buy it now price anymore. So obviously this guy woke up a little bit.

  • Deke218

    I be able to read very good nice thank you very much. This is TmoNews. One of the best sites on the net when it comes to mobile news. I only questioned why would you go along with this. Seems to put a bad light on the name of this site but its your site and you run it anyway you wish. Mike, my panties are unbunched.

    • David

      For the last time, we have NOTHING to do with this auction. I’m still not sure how you are inferring as such, we ONLY posted it because we’ve posted along with Engadget, Gizmodo and other gadget sites auctions that pop up weeks before a phones launch. That becomes news, there is NOTHING gained for this site from this auction, we don’t know this person and we don’t care.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Will be interesting to see if anyone bids since he lowered the price. It’s in a range now that there’s at least a few people who will pay $100 to $300 premium to get the phone now, not later.

    I’d love to find out who that is and how it came up for sale.

  • BronxBebe

    LMAO.. DAVE I’m on your side on this I read it and understood the article.. It’s about how crazy these Ebay punks try to sell something that isn’t even out yet! It’s not the 1st time I’ve seen something like this for any cell. You’re exposing the idiot for trying to get you to buy something that isn’t even out yet and if someone can’t figure that out oh well.. It’s a good article and laughable for this guy who’s trying to sell the newest toy of Tmobile.

    Hi there It’s Michael, thanks for the advice you left me on the prepaid thread very interesting.

  • Matt

    It’s up to $530 now and 3 bids, wow there are some dumb people in this world.

  • Brett

    Yeah, this guy worked for t-mobile. He was fired today.

    • David

      How do you know he was fired??

  • Deke218

    Item is no longer for sale: Bidding has ended on this item.

    Either he sold it or T-Mobile got wind of it and has taken its phone back.