MyTouch 3G Update Details

We can all let out a collective “sigh” of relief.  Feels good, right?  The MyTouch 3G has been around for a while, and it’s about time that we hear some real talk about a software update.  According to T-Mobile’s VP of Production Innovation Andrew Sherrard, T-mobile is currently testing the new update internally, which is good for all those MyTouch users out there.  What will the update entail exactly?  Well, he also said that it will be Android 2.1 (YAY!) all dressed in Sense (double yay!), the same UI that is seen on the MyTouch 3G Slide.  He also said that it will have a “Genius Button” like feature, but it will be interesting to see how they handle that without a physical button.  Sounds great, right?  No word on the G1 front, sad.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Ace

    YAY!!! Still Getting the Slide

  • ferdinand dagdagan

    Oh hey I’m the one who submitted this! xD

    • mad dog

      What, do u want a cookie for sending it in?

      • ferdinand dagdagan

        Oh yeah most definitely xD

    • phonegeek

      heres your cookie eat up good job lol (hands chocolate chip cookie thru the screen ) still getting the slide tho

  • Danny

    At a certain point, you won’t be able to support every software or firmware update on old phones.

    2.1 is fair for the MT3G.

    I don’t expect 2.2 or anything else though on it.

    I suspect the G1 will be put to rest for good once the new MT3G Slider is launched.

  • This is good news for all of the people that have a MT3G. I’m still hoping/waiting for a snapdragon processor/Android/qwerty keyboard device to come out for T-Mobile..

    • nell_z

      AMEN! Hopefully this will come with Motorola, who will supposedly bring to us a 4.3 inch/qwerty board duo with snapdragon.

    • Nick

      Hell, I’d be happy with a 1ghz android sold by tmo…

  • Devin

    All I know is I love my mytouch slide, so it’ll be great that the regular mytouch will get the update, and the genius button which dragon dictation, so sweet.

    • jmts80

      U have one already???

      • Devin

        Yeah, I’ve already got one, I think its a sweet phone. I work for T-Mo and they chose one rep in every store to get one to be the specialist, I just got mine last week.

      • J.C.

        It’s still slow with the 528MHz processor. I can’t stand my MT3G for that reason.

        Dream’n here: I want 1GHz Snapdragon or 1.5GHz Moorsetown, 4″-4.3″ Amoled screen, 8 mp camera, 16g of internal memory, w/xenon flash and most important Android 2.2 Froyo. That’s it…that all I ask for being a customer since 2000!

    • RockTripod

      Dude! I’m my store’s champion/ambassador/whatever they are calling it this week. I haven’t gotten mine yet. You’ve had it since last week? You must be based in Washington.

      • Devin

        Yeah, I’m the mytouch champion for my store, and just wait till you get yours. I’m actually out of Utah, we tend to get special treatment seeing how Robert Dotson is from here, haha.

      • smylax

        Yup, I’m my store’s champion, and this phone is freaking awesome. Its so fast. Honestly, I like it way better than my HD2. Hell, I like the GarminFone better than the HD2. Everyone gets so worked up about it not having a 1GHz processor, but for 99% of phone users, they will never, ever need that kind of power. And I don’t blame T-Mobile for not trying to placate the 1%. The Slide runs smooth as hell.

  • Cybersedan

    This is good news to Mytouch Owners…

  • T Stark

    Still getting a slide. The optical track pad is slick.And it is much much faster than mt3g

  • Aston

    so does that mean it will get multi touch?

  • The Observer

    to be clear, this includes the older mt3g?

    and am i the only one that gets virus notifications from this site?

    • Aston

      i’m seeing alot of other ppl complain about this but i’m not getting any. :shock:

    • nell_z

      try google chrome. have yet to get a virus from it (unlike ie8….)

    • Johnny

      i use firefox and have never had a problem :)

      • sorandkairi

        FIREFOX is awesome

    • casey

      me 2

    • Dady

      i got that once

  • El

    Yeah, but for us that don’t have aren’t eligible for an upgrade right now and/or don’t have the money for the full price of a Slide this is great news.

  • Cody

    Hooray, about time!

  • johnmed3

    I’m already rooted. So doesn’t really matter any more.

  • Noooooooooooooo!!!!! Not Sense….. dang. Time to root.

    • phonegeek

      he said it comes with sense “double yay”

      • “Double yay” for some… steamy pile of **** for me. This news made me sad, but I’m now rooted and running Cyanogenmod 5.07 has helped me block the fact that TMO and HTC are pulling a bait and switch on me. Would have REALLY preferred a Vanilla 2.1 update… kind of why I bought the MyTouch and not a Hero or something.

  • Alex

    Good news indeed. Now Tmo, could you just announce the dell streak?

  • JBLmobileG1

    So much for the G1 users. All I really wanted was an apps2sd fix without rooting. While I plan to upgrade not sure if I will be eligible until sometime in August or September. I may get the MyTouch slide… but it stinks that I will need to wait another 3 months after it comes out. I hate getting something months after its out because I am always affraid the price will drop right after I get it or a newer model will come out. In the cellular world this is expected… but the question is when? At least getting it and having it at launch I feel that I am one of the first and get my moneys worth before it drops in price. This is the same reason I don’t get any games that have been out for months (unless its already on sale or I purchased it on launch) because it will probably end up as a Greatest Hits for $20-$30 right after I bought it for $60.

    • rst_ack

      I hear they are working on migrating the applications to be install directly to the SD.

  • JBLmobileG1

    On an added note… what IS up with the site? On my PC I get messages saying this site isn’t safe and was reported to Microsoft (or something along those lines). I have been coming here for over a year (maybe longer) and have never had any issues. Hopefully there isn’t any viruses… this is one of my favorite sites.

    • David

      We are aware of the problem and I am making sure everything that can be done to rectify the situation is being done. Please be patient!!!

  • Nick

    Finally glad to hear some word on this! I was just thinking of hacking my phone to do it but now I will just continue to patiently wait! YAY!

  • artcarney

    The original article also stated that only the original mt3g would get the update, it did not mention an update for us mt3g v1.2 users … :-(

    • ps

      A T-Mobile rep on the phone told me that only the v1.2 MyTouch phones were getting the update because the original did not have enough RAM or ROM to support 2.1. I hope this is not true b/c I am sure that there are a lot more original MyTouch users (that would be royally pissed) than v1.2

      • MT3G


  • chris

    when is the release date

  • frank

    I think they will probably release 2.1 when the Mytouch Slide goes on sale next month (crossing fingers)

  • dvd03

    i don’t want sense, i like the vanilla stock android, why do they have to update it with sense, this is bs

    • frank

      You can always root like me :)


      Because they want to try something new.

  • Coiler

    And I bought the Fender model, why??? ooo that’s right. Because the salesman said the 1st gen phones would be lucky to see the upgrade at all, that I should buy the Fender model because it’ll get the upgrade first… pwnd

    • RockTripod

      I am confused by your post. The Fender is the second gen of the myTouch, and will likely get the update. Your rep, while making a guess, made a good one. I honestly can’t tell if you were being sarcastic or not.

      • Coiler

        o, not entirely sarcastic. I am reading on a couple other sites that this update announcement applies only to the 1st gen mt3g’s. It didn’t make much sense to me either.

  • eYe

    I was under impression that MT3G was “With Google” device so why would it get Sense? I call this BS.

    • TMoEmployee

      Google is Android. HTC is Sense, and they manufacture a lot of the Android phones. HTC is behind the Sense on the HD2 & Evo, for example. It seems to be a partnership between the two companies.

      • 30014

        eYe is right, Google is responsible for updating all “with Google ” android devices. That’s why those phones are always updated 1st.

      • rst_ack

        Makes me wonder if the MyTouchSlide will have the standard Google apps.

  • gary

    Am get a root g1 on ebay for $65.00. Its coming


      LOL what a waste of money. You could do it yourself for free in less than an hour.

      • mad dog

        Maybe gary doesn’t want to risk bricking his phone. But I agree it is wasted money.

  • kilari

    I bought a Cliq XT cus I got tired of the vanilla android ui cus adding widgets was making my G1 unstable. Either way man it would be nice if the G1 got this upgrade too, I’d like to have Sense on my spare internet appliance.. Currently my G1 is sitting in a box it would be nice to have a reason to play with it again.

  • Steven G

    But I don’t want the bubbles…

  • MagentaMagic

    All I know is I work for TMo and I caved into the hype of “updates coming soon” and jumped on a Cliq. I even waited four months after release to get one. Well, now it’s friggen MAY 2010 and I’m still on Android 1.5 — I feel almost like I’m lying when I sell Cliq and XTs saying “Sure, 2.x is coming very, very soon! I’m anxiously awaiting it myself! See?” I get that TMo or Moto is testing 2.x with Blur, but c’mon already. If I had known it would have been this much of a delay, I would have kept my modded G1 and not worried about it.

    Not to mention I have to pay 75% full invoice… and I only get that discount twice a year. I am officially stuck paying full sticker for anything else until 2011. Gotta love it…

    • TMoEmployee

      The Motorola rep came into the store yesterday and told us that, it’s due to the MotoBlur that it hasn’t received an update. I don’t know how valid his answer is but, that was his answer. IDK…

    • smylax

      Motorola has been telling us (TMo reps) that their roadmap has the CLIQ set for a Q2 update. They have never communicated that it would be earlier than that. We’re only a little over 1 month into Q2. If its not out by end of June, then Motorola has been misinforming everyone, but for now they haven’t misinformed anyone yet.

  • hector

    Comment explained it perfectly.

    Original mytouch doesn’t have enough RAM for Sense and 2.1

    • Kyle

      You sir are a official IDIOT! It’s been said thousands of times on Android sites that ALL first generation phones would receive 2.1 in some way! It may not be PURE 2.1 as you see on the Droid, Nexus, etc. But it will have some version of it watered down or not. Look things up first before you post. N00b


    I think they should just go to xda-developers, pay them, and get all their phones SUPED UP!

  • A.Minor

    It would actually be a double yay if it came with the real Sense…. I don’t like the bubbles around the icons…. leave it to tmo to take something that was perfectly fine and change it up

  • Dia

    When will the Behold II get it’s update? I am sooo pissed w/ tmobile right now. (See, I’m not even capitlizing it’s name now). How is it the pioneer of Android doesn’t sell a single mobile with 2.0 or 2.1 yet, and almost all it’s rivals do? (Don’t say Nexus One, it’s not sold by tmobile). Tell the Head Sh*t, if I don’t get an update and a smooth running OS for my Behold soon, I’m dropping all 5 lines and 10 years of loyalty, and taking my marbles else where.

    • Black Kristos

      It’s up to Samsung to get the update to you if they feel the handset is worth the update. Stop your crying.

      • Dia

        It’s up to T-Mobile to make sure Samsung gets the update to me. Or maybe your right, It’s unfair for me to complain to tmobile about the products they sell. God forbid they sell products that they support. When something goes wrong with my Samsung, I shouldn’t complain to them either, I should complain to whoever provided them with the components. So, no tears here, just me possibly leaving for a company that makes sure I have at least middle of the road mobiles, not ones from the bottom rung. Ass wipe.

    • smylax

      Ah, yes, just the type of tool that REALLY makes me wish the whole system was like it is in Europe. Separate the devices from the services. Then it would prevent a$$hats like you from coming in my store. T-Mobile doesn’t make any phones and they don’t make any of the phone software. Complain to Samsung and get over it, you’re the one who chose the Behold II when there were better options out there…

  • rushmore

    Folks that but these devices with older hardware should not be surprised about delays. They need to tweak the OS to work properly with the 7201 and the lower ram. It would be fine if just the OS, but apps also take space.

    The real tiacked of posts will be when Flahs 10.1 is released and none of the 7000 series chipsets get it. This includes the outdated before release flagship: MyTouchSlide. All technology is outdated before release, but the MTS is ridiculous ;)

    • Dia

      I get that, but then how or why is that my G1 has 1.6, but nobody saw fit to update what is currently T-Mobiles best Android mobile to 1.6? Except for the terrible battery life, I was quite happy with my G1. I feel like I took a step back instead of forward, going with the Behold.

  • rushmore

    Folks that “buy” these devices.

    Does Tmo not know how close from a killer they could have had? MTS with higer res display and omap 3430 would have been huge.

  • jp0131

    2.1 MYTOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sorandkairi

    Tmobile just made alot ppl happy,…. whether they actually know it or not!

  • trmacdonal

    Just be patient about your site hosting viruses? Are you insane. If this isn’t false positives this site should shut down until its cleaned. How can you be so irresponsible. You are making money while your users are being infected with viruses. Many users don’t know how to deal with one, so it will cost them money. How can you be so unethical and just ask people to be patient. I hope you get sued.

    • Dia

      I don’t hope you get sued, I like you guys.

      • sorandkairi

        @ trmacdonal…….one word……….stupid

  • shmengie

    praise jeebus!

  • t-mizzle

    I would trade the mytouch slip and slide with all of it’s fender benders for having the forum back up.

  • claysu

    Sad that they are just leaving all of the G1 owners out there to dry. I hope they actually do something for it.

    • Ryuukei

      G1 owners can root, danger SPL, and flash cyan’s 2.1 or any of the other 2.1 roms out there.

  • Jonathan:Brazil

    Me and my MyTouch have been eagerly awaiting this =D. Android 2.1, sense UI, and more. I cannot wait! To bad there wasn’t a date mentioned for the update to be released. I just recently got my MyTouch so i can’t get a MyTouch slide, however this upgrade will basically give the normal MyTouch the same UI and stuff as the Slide. Without the Physical keyboard unfortunately. That’s good enough for me though =]

  • Tpavey

    This is why they need to have phones from manufacturers and service from providers without contract. I have a Curve 8900 and T-mobile dropped support for my phone very quickly as far as software updates goes. Can you imagine if Microsoft stopped releasing updates for the OS the day they stopped selling it? That said, it is logistically ridiculous for a service provider to provide two years of software support/updates on phones they do not sell.

    If there was a disconnect between the two and you bought a phone and then went elsewhere to buy contract free service I really feel the consumer would benefit greatly in the end… It won’t happen because both companies benefit this way as the phone manufacturers can charge top $ MSRP until end of life and the service providers lock you in for two years. If it were more of a “free market” it would better for the consumer.

    • nini

      three words…EVEN MORE PLUS you can buy your phone from where ever …n get your non contracted service from T-Mobile!!! This has been out since October 25th 2009!!!! annnnnd actually if u really wanted u could buy ur phone from anywhere even before that n do a no contract before even more plus… u only sign ur two years because u want discounts on handsets… before you sign ur next contract weigh your options ;)

  • Bruce

    I know everybody wants this to be true. But there has been no confirmation. Just one post from one person, which is echoing around the tech web. From reading other posts by the same guy, I don’t think he is deliberately misleading people just for the glory and the page views. I think he believes what he wrote. Still, that doesn’t mean that he’s right. Could be a misunderstanding, could be that plans will change. I would like to hear something more definitive. I’m still planning to root my mT3G late this summer. If this turns out to be true, I won’t have to.

  • Steve-o

    Just root your phones already….Cyanogen is in the process of stabilizing 2.1 for G1’s and MT3G’s..there are also open Eclair roms out for both phones too, so this is old news. Lol.

  • wow finally been waiting for this update it should hold me ove until the end of the year and see what they’ll have out.

  • Josh

    steve-o, CM5 is far from stable and doesn’t offer sense. I’ve tried more ROMs than I care to admit and would love to be able to rock sense with 2.1 and not have to worry about warranty issues.

    At least for a week or two anyways….

  • lulz

    This site has a virus apparently.

  • Cody

    What’s up with the viruses guys? It tried opening a “legit” .pdf file that apparently contained a virus.

  • yogs


  • Taylor

    uh.. YAYAY! very good! cant wait.

  • Ryuukei

    I’ve had 2.1 for a couple weeks already (thanks Cyan!), ’tis not bad at all for an experimental rom. Probably better than the other eclairs already out there.

    You guys don’t realize what you’re missing until you root.

  • Dubya504

    But the question is, When will it come out?

  • Janet

    Exactly, what is the actual date of sale?

  • xavier

    I heard it was when the MTSlide comes out, or shortly after. I hope we get it. I like th black notification pane better.


  • Om

    I am waiting for updates for Mytouch 3g…..anyone there who can please tell me when I would able to get those updates…..kind of tired with old stuff.

  • ben

    when will we get the update to 2.1? What is the hold up?

  • Dubya504

    We hear the same old stuff everyday. It’s coming out, it’s coming out! But everything else is getting froyo love but what about us. Soon or later the MT3g will be thrown out the same way they disposed the G1, you mark my words and see if that don’t happens I hope not!

  • cesar

    you can only wait so long before you change phones cmon get a move on t mobile I’ve been waiting forever

  • Jo

    Any news yet about the release??? Been eagerly waiting for months now… Come on T-Mobile!!!

  • josh

    you know i’m waitin for 2.2 myself i cant wait no more i want it

  • LED

    I have had the upgrade for the mytouch 3G for like two months already and im running 2.2.1 android it was kind of weird because i was at work and my phone suddenly asked me if i want to reboot to upgrade my phone. Now my phone’s UI looks totally different but the funny part is that I’m not even using T-mobile service I’m using Simple Mobile service. I guess the updates don’t come from the service provider but from Google its self.

  • MyTouchU$er

    They’re rolling updates now… My wife (mine is just starting to install part 2) just got her phone updated this morning… Thanks T-mobile!

  • dean

    i have been waiting to the update for mytouch 3G,
    and three days ago i buy mytouch 4G, the funny thing is today i received the update on my new phone :S

  • Alexei Ely

    when can we be expecting this 2.2 update on the mytouch 3g?

  • Alexei Ely

    when can we be expecting this 2.2 update on the mytouch 3g?

  • Alexei Ely

    when can we be expecting this 2.2 update on the mytouch 3g?