How Much Would You Really Pay For A MyTouch?


You know, I really don’t know what to say about this other than wtf is this seller thinking? I sincerely hope this was a typo and/or a joke. Look I like the MyTouch, it’s a great size and a lovely little Android phone but $1,000,000 dollars is a little more than my holiday fund will allow. What I really want to know is what’s with the 11 cents? Anyways, hit the link for the full eBay listing and leave your laughter in the comments.

P.S. at least its new and never opened. I’d hate to spend 1 million dollars on a phone that has some scratches.

Thanks Richard!


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  • arob

    2 thoughts… 1 – maybe they meant yen? 2 – there better be free shipping if i’m gonna pay 1,000,000 for it!

  • Todd

    Maybe for the HTC HD2….hahaha

  • Koloheboy

    Must be a mistake LOL who on earth would buy a phone that much? Must be out of your mind hahaha

  • NiiDiddy

    LMAO…Good one! I bet this seller will end up paying their eBay fees without getting to sell this phone. Whoa…daytime robbery, guys :).

    Funny!!! Thanks for sharing, David.

  • Koloheboy

    @NiiDiddy LOL!!! I forgot about the fees haahhaha

  • Koloheboy

    I found a cheaper one, $28,999.00 Open Bid


    BUY IT NOW $32,900.00

    Seller is Top Rated Seller too haha

  • dave

    My favorite part is that the shipping is free. What a great bonus!

    Also it is opened in the picture, yet it says never opened in the title.
    Despite this I’m thinking about placing a bid….


    the seller is a dumb ass

  • NiiDiddy


  • xStevenBradleyx

    Man, I really wish they had a reserve…imagine the fee on that! lol

  • JakeMG

    Is it really brand new and never opened? In the picture he used, it looks pretty opened to me.

    This guy’s in Bridgeview, a suburb of Chicago, just a few miles from where I live. Inconsequential, but still.

  • frank

    1,000,000 and not even a fender edition. I think I will go spend 500 on a n900

  • Bob

    That’s just some idiot ruining a perfectly good auction. REALLY annoying to have done to you on eBay.

  • TravMobile

    Slow news day? What does this have to do with anything. People post stupid overpriced things on ebay every day. This isn’t 1997 and funny ebay listings aren’t front page newsworthy.

  • Captain

    I don’t expect TMO NEWS posting such nonsense stuff……..we visit here to see some valuable info not the junk

    • David

      Sorry you feel that way, but everyone needs a little humor now and then!

  • Kershon

    Muhahahahaha. Best laugh I’ve had all day. This day has been hell anyway. Glad to see this. That seller has got to take first place for biggest and dumbest retard on ebay. Lmfao!!

  • 4ty-phive

    Don’t know what the problem is. This is totally worth it! Now, I just need to find my 1,000,000,000 bills

  • Rob

    Binary anyone?

    The number 100000011 represents:
    256 + 2 + 1
    So, the answer is: 259

  • Possibly, people overprice things on purpose on ebay because they change their mind on selling the object/product. I have never bought or sold anything from ebay but I kinda remember reading the User Agreement when I first signed up and I think it’s against policy to cancel a listing. So maybe they raised the price to have a way to avoid being in violation of ebay’s policy. I could be wrong but it’s just a different point of view.

  • TIM

    I don’t understand the people that have a problem with this posting. I mean you took the time to reply, so I am assuming it caught your eye. But anyways the seller gained me as a customer, just by that sense of humor. And hey I ended up bidding on a mytouch and got it for 250 :)

  • Lalo

    My offer for 10 us dollars. He will deny my offer. =[